Catch Me If You Can (2002) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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A seasoned FBI agent pursues Frank Abagnale Jr. who, before his 19th birthday, successfully forged millions of dollars' worth of checks while posing as a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, and a legal prosecutor.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks
Length: 141 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 60 out of 745 found boring (8.05%)

One-line Reviews (585)

This is another Steven Spielberg's great hit and the story line and screen play in this movie is really enjoyable.

The story was good, directly told, and this movie is just an enjoyable two hours you can watch again and again.

Stay Awake If You Can .

Martin Sheen and Jennifer Garner make delightful appearances in key scenes and John Williams' score is top notch, perfectly catching the snappy-cool kitsch of the 60's in every note.

The story is intriguing and the tempo of the movie is high.

Even though the film runs a little long and was slow in some parts, I think the fast-moving sequences were enough to make up for those few scenes.


Slick and enjoyable story telling .

A thoroughly absorbing and worthwhile picture.

Catch me if you can is an entertaining movie that give us more than it seems.

Fascinating story.

8 out of 10 To cut it short: This is a really good movie worth watching.

Based on a true story, "Catch Me If You Can" is an enjoyable film.

This movie makes up for his mediocre, butvisually stunning Minority Report, Hank's overly soggy Road to Perdition andDiCaprio's messy and self-indulgent Gangs of New York.

I rented it and I must say that I found it to be very entertaining.

This movie would be my first recommendation for movies based on real life because it's so suspenseful, entertaining, comedic, and fun to watch.

All the ingredients are there for an engaging flick.

Entertaining cat and mouse antics .

Very Entertaining.

Overall, this film was great and I highly recommend it.

When seen in context, their success secret may be offering the public a variety of entertainment, alternating the familiar with the unexpected.

Enjoyable, fascinating movie that absorbs you.

From the opening credits design we get in the mood of this very entertaining film.

Spielberg's movie is rich with fascinating details and memorable incidents, while the script by Jeff Nathanson moves backward and forward in time to tell the story in the most engrossing way possible.

This certainly wasn't a masterpiece, yet it was refreshing and enjoyable and it featured a few of today's best actors (Hanks, Walken).

The presentaion of the 60's is realistic and engaging.

)And Steven Spielberg, who inherited this film from other directors, took it and made it into a truly enjoyable experience.

'Catch Me If You Can (2002)' is well-made and enjoyable throughout, the kind of flick to put a smile on your face and keep it there.

It is richly entertaining and in its 140 minute running time, it doesn't get boring.

Catch Me If You Can: Once again Steven Spielberg manages to take an interesting story and turn it into a deeply boring movie.

It had some great comedic moments, and I felt that it was an entertaining flick all the way till the end.

Second, the story is engrossing, compelling, and will have you thinking about its multiple themes the whole way through.

"Beyond that: cute, breezy and worth seeing at least twice, so you can put it all together and admire some of the DP's camerawork (which alternates between the fancy and the mundane).

The title sequence to "Catch Me If You Can" is as repetitive and as annoying as any I've ever encountered.

An entertaining film .

Most intriguing is the fact that Spielberg spent very little time shooting `Catch Me If You Can' and in the course of one year managed to release two incredibly memorable films.

Still, it is a good, entertaining film, and the DVD is top quality, with a very interesting set of extras.

All in all, this film, while like most of Steve's brain children, is a bit too long but very engaging.

Captivating DiCaprio, engaging story .

For me this was kind of routine stuff from a director who made a distinction to himself of making movies or telling stories that are too very engrossing and make us move, be it a ET, Jurassic park or a Schindler's List.

It's an interesting story that is told in a very entertaining way.

This is the slowest movie I think I have ever seen.

Through this action packed comedy comes a story that is picture perfect and a cast that is unforgettable.

I decided to give it try, and I enjoyed it a lot actually.

Personally,I am a lover of Drama,Thriller,or Action but this ,though completely different Genre,that I stated above was equally entertaining.

It explores every facet of Abagnale's life while remaining wickedly entertaining and perfectly stylish (the costume design and set decoration are incredible).

It's really fun and unpredictable (except the ending); you don't know how Frank is going to conjure up his next scheme.

What an entertaining film for all to enjoy.

Jeff Nathanson's Adapted Screenplay is amazingly entertaining.

To tell the truth, I thought it was going to be pretty boring.


Nathanson began with incredible material from Abagnale and Stan Redding's same titled novel, and he, Spielberg, and the cast turned this unbelievable history into an engaging film enhanced by a convincing and laudable performance by DiCaprio.

highly entertaining crime thriller with fine artistic qualities .

The Steven Spielberg-directed Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC) is an enjoyable, funny movie with a great cast and plot.

Maybe this is the worst movie for Tom Hanks...

Bored with fraud, Frank decides to pretend he's a pilot.

Overall, this is a fun film and really enjoyable.

The acting is superb, but with an A-list cast such as DiCaprio (whose baby face fits the role of young Frank, Jr. perfectly by the way), Hanks (who gave excitement and life to a potentially bland character), and Christopher Walken (Frank, Sr.

The Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks pair are known for making one of the most entertaining movies on Earth.

Frank Abagnale Jr. is a smooth-talking con man who stays several steps ahead of the plodding FBI agent who pursues him.

It's fast paced, well acted and directed, and great fun.

Worth the watch.

But then it would not have been such a good story, one which is made more intriguing by the relationship between Frank and his father, an unsuccessful business man (nicely played by Christopher Walken).

Frank's story is very intriguing and exotic.

Outstanding, amazing and more thrilling.

Fascinating, joyful and thoughtful.

Hanks and DiCaprio are right on form in what must be Steven Spielberg's most enjoyable and entertaining movie since Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade in 1989.

A well developed, intriguing story.

Spielberg's direction is snappy and devoid of life.

This is one of the best, non-stop entertaining and deepfully touching movie of this year.

If you're not a self-appointed movie critic but like good movies for their own sake and aren't just looking to find fault, you can enjoy this story and leave the theater without feeling that you got taken.

Steven Spielberg created a light comedy - dramatic film and while watching it you fully immersed in the developing events and directly take part in them.

It is 140 minutes long so certain things are a bit drawn out and I can't say that every scene has a major purpose, but it's always fun and always entertaining.

I enjoyed it though, I give it 10 out of 10.

An engaging and touching tale about a boys wish to be part of a family.

"Catch Me If You Can" is a fast paced, fun, witty, and charming Holiday Film.

A brilliant story, with stunning acting, and a gripping plot .

I highly recommend it for the whole family.

It is meant to lighten your mood with a competent, straightforward telling of a truly engaging story.

Abagnale is a fascinating character.

Jennifer Garner's character, though nicely performed by the Alias star, seemed pointless in the overall effect of the film.

Reasonably entertaining and well crafted, this film runs a tad long and is smeared with comedic overtones making it difficult to take seriously.

Even though the movie may seem a little slow in the beginning, there's never a boring moment, and I have to say this is one of the most entertaining films I've ever come across.

In addition, it is fun, engaging, and well acted.

Overall: Highly Informative and Incredibly Life Changing, Yet Subtly Descriptive and Wildly Entertaining.

is enjoyable all the way through.

I found this to be a film that was very enjoyable to watch.

The rest of the two hours is convulated and contrived.

Movie is fast paced, grips your attention from start to finish, Leonardo Di Caprio almost redeems himself for Titanic, in any case he is brilliant here.

An engaging film that you are curious to see how it ends.

If there's a failing with the picture, it's the pacing during the opening sequences which establish the context of Frank Jr.'s situation - they seem to slow and weigh the movie down a little before it even kicks off proper with Frank Jr.'s first con.

And it is an exceptionally entertaining film.

Rather than telling this story as accurately as possible, Spielberg manages to spice it up with tons of little bits of humor and fascinating facts rather than just tell it as a straight story.

The two men find themselves locked into a deliciously suspenseful game of cat and mouse that frequently resembles Hitchcock's great caper films of the 50s.

This could've been a melodramatic crime thriller, but instead Spielberg twists the style and turns it into an exciting watchable chase that consistently put a smile on my face.

) But the combination of Speilberg, Tom Hanks and even Leonardo made this a very entertaining movie to watch.

A fast paced movie which is worth mentioning.

During some of the unnecessary scenes in the film I was so bored I realised I had taken better interest in the way the curtain was blowing in the wind, in contrast to the more interesting scenes where I would be literally on the edge my seat in frenetic anticipation.

The film takes way too long to get going, and when it does it's so slow it's hard to watch.

The surprising relationship that he develops with the rather dull and humourless Hanratty is also an enjoyable feature of the story and becomes quite credible because of the grudging admiration that the FBI man has for Frank and the common ground that they share (both having lost their highly valued family lives).

it doesn't stick to close to the book, but its still just as enjoyable.

Brilliant entertaining cinema .

It was rather enjoyable entertainment.

In the end, it's the character of Abagnale that makes the movie so entertaining.

Entertaining throughout .

He is the only man can let Frank willingly let Frank handcuffed himself;He is all the way from his illness and death on the edge of the foreign country home;He is on another lonely goes to the prison to see his Christmas;He is the man to Frank, a second life.

) This makes the movie 'easy' to watch, and at the same time entertaining, and not at all dull.

The plot is entertaining because you're asking yourself when he'll get caught.

When you have an all star A-list cast such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen, what you end up is a film that is a fun ride and very entertaining!

Mostly this is an entertaining film that the masses will enjoy and there is nothing wrong with that.

An Entertaining Period Piece Based On A True Story .

Good entertainment, but sometimes ends up moving quite slow.

Astonishingly exciting .

Sometimes, some scenes are boring and you want to get to the action.

Steven Spielberg has perceptively created a true story, a period piece full of life, a colorfully captured era, a touching story of broken bonds between parent and child (especially that special relationship between father and son), an amusing chase of cat and mouse, and alas a trip that was so unpredictable and intriguing it makes you stare in awe and wonder.

I also enjoyed watching the exciting game of cat and mouse.

For a change Catch Me If You Can is a relaxing and entertaining movie.

A tad over long, but Catch Me If You Can is a movie worth watching, and even owning.

Im sorry, but this movie was beyond boring and way too dumb to take seriously.

Jennifer Garner appearance was rather pointless.

A hugely enjoyable, masterfully handled minor Spielberg .

I have no idea how close this film is to the true story, but I sure enjoyed it.

Only a handful of scenes really shine (DiCaprio's clueless wooing of a high-price hooker, his first ride on a real jet, his deft escape from Hanks in a hotel room) - and these, as usual for Spielberg, hinge on an immature young man taking a scary, thrilling ride.

I highly recommend it.

Catch Me If You Can is far from other Spielberg's work, such as Trilogy ( forget the fourth film ) , Jurassic Park , Jaws , Munich ( yes I really like Munich , I greatly underestimated ) , Saving Private Ryan , even more so is a good movie , the cast has Leonardo DiCaprio , this great, the best performance of the film is it, besides funny tar in some time , Tom Hanks, that even not being performance in relation to level Filadelfia , cast Away , and especially Forrest Gump , plus it is very well , Christopher Walken , Martin Sheen , Amy Adams, Nathalie Baye , Jennifer Garner , James Brolin , etc., everyone is good, I found the last minute half dragged, take long in my opinion , and the script even being good level , has some problems , more Catch Me If You Can is a good movie with a great cast and a good direction of Spielberg master.

Easily one of the most entertaining movies of 2002...

This was an entertaining and fun piece of film making from the ever-reliable Steven Spielberg.

Catch Me If You Can is a high quality, entertaining film from the master of cinema, Steven Spielberg.

I have read the book by the same name at least three times and it is funny, dramatic, unnerving, entertaining, and a downright excellent work of art.

In terms of rating, the film gets points for craftmanship but is dragged down by the pacing and Hank's phoned-in performance to a straight average mark of 5/10

But after the first, second and third viewing it becomes clear that the creators, without even waiting for it, created a truly exciting and unique movie.

We see a very human transformation that is as touching as it is fascinating.

I felt that this movie was quite entertaining and intelligent, something different from what has been cast upon us in the movie department as of late.

The film is a funny, exciting, adventurous journey into the world of conman extraordinaire Frank Abagnale Jr. If you don't know who he is now, you will after seeing this movie.

Catch Me If You Can, the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. is compelling from the stylish opening credits to the very satisfying ending.

The film trivialized some of the most interesting parts of the book (the chapter on the French prison was easily the most captivating in my opinion), completely ignored others, and dragged insignificant details out to painful lengths.

Over exaggerated boring movie.

From the ads I had seen for it when it first came out, I figured it would be kind of shallow, boring, "family" entertainment.

The laughs were unexpected and quite enjoyed by the audience and me.

Light and entertaining, not well-crafted .

As fun as it is intriguing.

This fascinating story & fantastic cast are wasted in this sloppy self-indulgent slice of "Shpielberg.

I would recommend it though, because it's a pacy, fun film that is entertaining enough.

An entertaining movie with more depht that seems in the first view .

Such entertaining drama with humor, suspense, family ties, FBI stories, based on true events from the life and times of Frank Abagnale, Jr. Hollywood or not, it doesn't matter.

A slick, enjoyable chase film, based on a book by the real Abagnale, who acted as a technical consultant and has a cameo as a French cop.

Finally, if you are a fan of true-story movies and tangled storylines with an unexpected run-out, this movie has been created for you.

Whereas Frank is quick-witted and formidably intelligent, Hanratty seems slow and plodding.

An intelligent, fast-paced, and thoroughly engaging odyssey .

It's a trick every bit worthy of the subject of this engaging tale.

A Stunning Film, that doesn't lose your attention for even a minute.

Back in workaholic mode, Steven Spielberg offers up his surprising latest confection a mere six months after the masterful "Minority Report" - and it's not only the precise opposite of that film's bleak sci-fi dystopia, it's probably his most enjoyable and commercial film in years, which is not to mean it's a disposable lightweight offering.

I've found this the least thematically significant film he's directed since Jurassic Park, but that said it is very entertaining and the acting is excellent.

Not a typical spielberg movie, but enjoyable (Spoilers) .

Using the inheritance from his father – the "mice pray" and the empty bank checks, Frank, thanks to his cleverness, is gaining success, ensuring his physical and emotional survival.

However, I am pleased to say I found the film immensely enjoyable, and would class it as one of my favorite films of all Time.

I gave it a 10 because it showed the story of this guys life in an entertaining and comic way without completely leaving out how hard certain parts of his life must've been.

Spielberg delivers a very entertaining romp through the life of Frank Abagnale,jr.

The chemistry between both Leo and Hanks is very enjoyable, for although they are almost enemies with one chasing the other, in the end they turn out to be the best of friends.


Great film, with wonderful screenplay, skillful actors, ingenious director and stunning story.

The contrast to the brightness of the glamorous appears in a drab, dark palette when young Frank's life isn't heading where he would like.

It's a fascinating study of a brilliant mind who didn't plan to be on the FBI's most wanted list.

Fascinating Biography .

As well as being very dramatic and intense we also explore the emotional turmoil from frank's Jr sheltered life as on the way through all his scamming he really has no one around to love.

What makes this movie so enjoyable it that it has two stories in which two of Hollywoods greatest actors are the main characters, and it's impossible to get bored when we are jumping back and forth from a Hanks movie to a DiCaprio vehicle.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is one of my favorite Spielberg films, I found it to be absolutely intriguing to watch and have seen it three times.

Hanratty (Hanks) is his essential foil, as plodding as Frank is smooth.

That looked like a real clip of Dorothy Kilgallen asking a question, and it would have been cool if the film makers had used the rest of it to show the real Frank Abagnale, Jr. Instead, and I found this to be a fascinating piece of trivia, the real Frank Abagnale Jr. appeared in the movie as a French policeman taking DiCaprio into custody.

He is much more entertaining on his own than with these goofballs.

Neither true thriller nor credible comedy, but boasts an entertaining story .

The film's pacing was all wrong IMHO: far too slow at the beginning and between every major con; by the half-way point I was clock-watching, something I very, very rarely do in the movies.

This movie certainly entertains, but a viewer can find it as suspenseful as he does informative, touching, and powerful, given that such a con- artist, who deceived hospital administrators, airline pilots, and lawyers, and made the FBI look unprofessional and foolish, really did exist.

Hank's Worst Movie.

It was very entertaining and had some really funny scenes.

Definitively one of the most entertaining movies of all time, it never gets dull!

It was one of the most entertaining, progressive and thought provoking movies of that time - especially in an era where most Indian films still dealt with formula musicals with romantic themes or stories dealing with identical twins separated at birth - (one grows up to be a police officer and the other a dacoit pursued by the unwitting twin, the police officer, the movies usually culminating in tne "revelation" by the widowed mother who identifies her long lost son by the melanotic mole on his back and brings about a family reunion of sorts...

Entertaining .

This was a really entertaining and engrossing movie all the way through.

Mildly entertaining .

It's a highly entertaining movie, that I'm sure will stand the test of time.

Enjoyable Good Film .

extremely entertaining..a reminder of blake edwards and billy wilder movies...

A great, unexpected Christmas film, too.

agent-is fascinating and strangely inspirational.

--Artificial Intelligence" and "Minority Report", which were both minor disappointments) with this enjoyable little film that is a lot darker and more dramatic than it appears on the surface.

This leads to an entertaining cat and mouse type movie full of twists and turns.

All in all, this is a movie definitely worth watching.

This movie is long and drawn out.

On a more serious note, sometimes the scenes can feel detached from the Actors and it creates a feeling of confusion as some things feel less believable than others.

Though its a little old movie for now but its appreciably entertaining.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)Top 5 - 2002Spielberg's versatility is yet again proved with 'Catch Me If You Can' as supremely entertaining film with a mix of solid humour and drama.

Tom Hanks character Hanratty tries to be smart at all times, guessing and boring, tires with his pseudo-hero role.

From the charming animated title sequence (featuring John Williams's delightfully sneaky score) to the end, this is an enormously entertaining film from the gifted craftsman, Steven Spielberg, who is so damn good people take him for granted or resent his "manipulation," i.

I just found it a boring waste of time.

I saw it with some friends, who also enjoyed it quite a bit.

DiCaprio and Hanks were as good as ever, the pacing was quick and enjoyable, and the dialog was clever and quite funny.

The film is beautifully paced by Spielberg and absolutely fascinating as you wait and see what Abagnale is going to do next.

Boring and ridiculous .

but this one only made time strech out and slow down.

Although I might quibble a bit with some of the flashing forward and backward that makes the story a little confusing, this was an enjoyable film overall--nice cast, great score, good location filming, mostly accurate sixties period details.

bonus dvd is worth watching .

Interesting, enjoyable movie .

Instead of accompanying the more gripping moments with dramatic bursts of music, he instead goes for a quieter, sophisticated sound closer to the bland '60s sound of cocktail music.

Inevitably, Abagnale draws the attention of plodding, methodical FBI man Hanratty (Hanks), the FBI's one passionate believer in the importance of cheque fraud.

Poorly paced but in places enjoyable .

Humorous, exciting, and a good plot line.

Chris Walken gives a fascinating performance as Frank's dad, and Martin Sheen is excellent as Brenda's.

This was an entertaining and fun piece of film making from the ever-reliable Steven Spielberg.

"… the most enjoyable and fun film this holiday season.

Catch Me If You Can is also thoroughly enjoyable for its charming visual style.

This film is utterly entertaining and captivating, with very few slow parts and many funny moments.

In an effortless two hours and twenty minutes, Spielberg uses his considerable talents to weave an atmospheric and exciting tale of cat and mouse as DiCaprio always remains just one step ahead of the determined FBI agent pursuing him.

this film is entertaining, just knowing its based on a true story makes it more exciting, a fun adventure,its interesting watching franks criminal career, and seeing how its develops in to a very personal thing.

There are times when the plot seems repetitious and predictable, and therefore robs this film of becoming a first rate thrill ride.

Overall this film is a slick, stylish chase movie which should be enjoyed as such and is slightly more enjoyable for being a true story.

Catch Me If You Can hits all the right notes with its involved characters, fast paced story, and thrilling capture of history.

It's definitely an entertaining movie with all the decent elements that a good movie should have.

A fascinating plot, very good acting, and even though we know the ending, suspense.

The movie itself is light and fascinating with a good humour as well.

Suprisingly enjoyable .

One of the most entertaining movie of the year .

Also, as you should know by now if you've seen the trailer, "Catch Me If You Can" tells this intriguing, fast paced, fugitive life style of 'Skywayman' Frank Abagnale...

I highly recommend it.

A very interesting and entertaining film...

Quite Enjoyable - funny often times.

Sure there's some liberties taken with the adaptation from Abagnale Jr's own book, but regardless it's a fascinating story that transfers very well to the screen.

Moderately entertaining .

Anyway, the movie was quite boring.

To some extent some of the situations are repetitive and the film may be a trifle long, but I have to admit that there is a surge of interest in the end with an unpredictable aftermath of his life of crime.

Very Entertaining, Very good.. A

It's okay, it has very good things in it but it was too long (and that's why boring at times) and even though DiCaprio is a great actor he looked too young for this specific role.

While the movie keeps you at the edge of your seat with its humor and fast paced entertainment, it also manages to be touching with one of its most important themes being the father son relationship.

How this appealing young bunko artist is both brought to -and given a measure of - justice is the narrative thread of this absorbing fact based movie.

From the opening credits design we get in the mood of this very entertaining film.

all in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie for someone who is looking to have fun rather than critique.

Aside from those two goofs, the film is engrossing and enjoyable, although I'm certain that the real Frank Abagnale was not so skilled at all the fakery as the movie makes him out to be.

This is a typical Hollywood entertaining movie!

This movie simply combine all the factors of a successful movie, like talented actors, great directing, fascinating 60's scenes, catching story and happy ending.

This movie deserves to be nominated as one of the best movies of the year, but I don't think it will be nominated, only because it seems the Academy will go for a darker, more serious film (The Hours, About Schmidt), still Oscar or no oscar, this film was probably the most entertaining movie of the year and one of my favorites.

Incredible Story of a Fascinating Man .

The characters are intriguing.

Fun and entertaining.

And Steven Spielberg's direction and handling anything but messy: hot off science fiction thriller Minority Report, he has energy enough to create a thrilling, adventurous and amazing.

As I've already mentioned, the light-hearted and playful tone is the film's biggest asset and this is what ensures that the film remains entertaining and enjoyable.

Frank Abagnale Jr. is a fascinating character and Leonardo DiCaprio absolutely shines in this role as it fully exploits his ability to be charismatic and funny whilst also subtly hinting at the vulnerability and sadness that remain with Frank as a result of his parents' divorce.

Very entertaining in a way though of course, the depth of the story is that you better be a good forger because then you will have a beautiful career in the FBI.

After going through David Fincher and Gore Verbinski, Steven Spielberg took it on and delivered probably one of his best films from the 2000s, a fun and exciting caper that nonetheless knows when to tug the heartstrings.

Steven Spielberg's entertaining chase comedy/drama features a couple of very fine performances by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks as a forger who travels the world and the FBI agent determined to haul him in.

`Catch Me If You Can' is a perfect film for everyone and so entertaining that I found myself more excited than I had been earlier that day at a screening of the self-indulgent `Adaptation.

He made this engaging movie in a five-year period that included "A.

It's definitely his most lighthearted film to date, and for sure the most enjoyable and fun film this holiday season.

(as already said,he acts much better here than Gangs of New York)its a very enjoyable film and i recommend it.

Another scene I like is DiCaprio entertaining a high class model at a five star hotel and then we cut to Hanks doing his laundry at some cheap laundromat.

There are dozens and dozens of unanswered questions such as these, from start to finish, leaving a curiously empty, unsatisfying feeling, much like eating a frozen dessert made with artificial chemicals.

Catch this sexy entertaining light crime caper now!

CMIYC is watchable and has a few amusing moments, but overall I found it uninteresting and very superficial.


a cat mouse chase worth watching once .

This is quite an entertaining and interesting movie and also not the typical movie you would expect from Steven Spielberg.

) It is a good example of how a lot of talented people can get together and in a self-important moment design a mundane period piece that only artsy types would like.

The movie was a little long and you really notice it once (*spoiler*) they return from France, but it's really important to the story and I think Spielberg did an awesome job of entertaining us the entire way through.

Entertaining chase movie with all-star cast .

It is really entertaining, brilliantly filmed and well acted by the whole cast with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Catch me if you can is an enjoyable film that has a certain something that you cant put your finger on.

know in their hearts that they have created something worthwhile, a treasure of a movie, that was not only absolutely entertaining, but rich and deep and full of every virtue that a deliciously fascinating, joyous, touching, and great movie possesses.

It lacks the grandeur and stunning sights of 'Towers' and Gangs' and therefore relies on the basics of moviemaking...

Watching Frank Abagnale's antics throughout the story is so enjoyable to watch mostly to due DiCaprio's great performance and the rest of the cast, seen through Spielberg's signature dynamic camera.

Tom Hanks as the hapless FBI agent-in-charge is entertaining as well, and Christopher Walken also has a good part in this.

It's a great watch and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see an engaging crime story and have fun.

Brilliantly played & written, based on an utterly fascinating life.

It's entertaining, it's well performed and well directed (of course!

Bland stuff.

It's unique, exciting(especially its myriad amount of unique humorous scenes), original, and it's based on a true story.

I know, it's the same old story, "the book is better than the movie", but in this case I feel that the screenwritter left out the most exciting parts of the novel and added way too much stuff that was only brievely mentioned in the book.

That's what makes it so intriguing.

Excellent piece of entertainment from Spielberg, as I throughly enjoyed it, with an engrossing story, and amazing performances.

To conclude, "Catch Me If You Can" is another entertaining, effortlessly watchable Steven Spielberg film, that catches us in a lot of positive ways.

This was an entertaining movie about an incredible character.

Movie's excellence is provided by: -at first, talents of actors, especially, DiCaprio, Tom Hanks; -at second, extremely interesting and intriguing screenplay.

My preconceptions made CMIYK that much more enjoyable when the principals in this film actually broke their molds.

The plot is amazing and completely unpredictable.

This is just a great joy ride of a film, an incredibly compelling story, and possibly my favorite performance by DiCaprio.

entertaining, if minor, Spielberg .

Entertaining Drama/Comedy .

The plot is intriguing and had me to the very end.

The story of a charming fraud, a young man that starts his career in crime out of desperation and boredom and achieves everything a regular man or woman can only dream of without really hurting anyone.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is a very enjoyable film, it's a big risk of a film for Spielberg to return to comedy.

Entertaining indeed.

And in the end, all the action around the master of reincarnations simply leads to the thought that maybe exciting, fulfilling life doesn't need to be full of action and pursuits and God-knows-what.

At second viewing, three years later, I remembered only pieces, and was bored to death.

Far from interesting, cat-and-mouse story, based on fact, full of blatant, boring observations about broken homes and authoritarianism.

It was very entertaining, and I always am more satisfied with movies when they are based, at least in part, on something that really happened.

Leonardo DiCaprio shows for the second time in a small time (Gangs of NY) that he's a real good actor and together with just as good Tom Hanks in the role as FBI - detective this movie is just so entertaining and cool as it possibly gets!!

This is a funny and entertaining film, no matter what I've said about the principles.

The ending is dragged out ridiculously, and gives little satisfaction.

But for a caper/con movie, it's very slow.

then the grief that propels him onward, and a desperate loneliness that ultimately drives him to reach out to the FBI agent on his trail (played by Tom Hanks, who's been doing this for long enough that his character is automatically solid and enjoyable, even though he's technically the `bad guy').

Catch Me If You Can is a highly entertaining crime thriller with fine artistic qualities.

The plot of the film is a powerful and intriguing embodiment of a true story by means of cinematograph.

DeCaprio's first deceit -- as the substitute French teacher-- set the tone for this film -- great, entertaining with a touch of sadness for the troubled son of troubled parents.

This is an excellent piece of entertainment from Spielberg,as I throughly enjoyed it, with an engrossing story and amazing performances!.

The story is a highly entertaining one.

Highly entertaining.

I enjoyed this movie very much, it was entertain and suspenseful and had a very humanitarian message to it in the end.

As it is, we get all the ingredients of an acidic Wilder farce - a charming cad, a bumbling, upright nemesis, a wittily framed pursuit, the unexpected intrusion of true love, the irony of everybody's moral position, the eventual comeuppance, the final reversal (not to mention the retro title sequence!

It was funny, absorbing, and the characters were quite intriguing.

There are moments where things get a little dull.

Thus the portentous likes of AI and Minority Report have bored moviegoers worldwide.

However, after him ,Carl isn't so good luck, is a dull personality, career and marriage failure, middle-aged men.

Speilberg is having fun with his most joyously entertaining movie since Jurassic Park, possibly even Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I gave the movie 8 stars though, it was entertaining enough.

Spielberg's apparent decision to cut the book's heady mix of sex, cons and exotic locations in favor of a trite (and contrived) psychological subplot about Frank Jr.'s Oedipal problems, only succeeds in robbing the story of the precise reasons we go to see films about such a James Bond-like figure in the first place (the film's dashing title sequence hints at the movie that could have been).

Enjoyable caper .

All in all, this is an interesting film, albeit a curiously empty one.

I quite enjoyed it.

Yet again Steven Spielberg combines a good cast, well written and entertaining script along with the magnificent music created by the phenomenal John Williams to create an exciting adventure inspired by real events.

The film moves at a slow pace which I really didn't mind because it introduced you into his world which also mad one build bonds with the other characters which made the movie an emotional one to watch and sometimes painful for me personally through watching my parents having to struggle with their finical situation and how teen against can some times go right out of control.

Spielberg has crafted an enjoyable flick that brings back the feeling of the late sixties, and appropriately tells the story of a truly interesting man...

It's not quite the sort of thing you'd expect from Spielberg, but it's definitely worth watching!

However, the film has a surprising outcome; the perfect close to a movie that is enjoyable on many levels.

On the whole, an excellent movie which takes us back to simpler days when moviemakers found fascinating stories about interesting people and told them as entertainingly as they could.

Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, is an extremely entertaining film, and absolutely lovely to watch.

First of all the story is really interesting and really entertaining at the same time- something very rarely seen these days.

Extremely entertaining .

Oh, it looked entertaining enough when I first saw the trailor, and I heard many an excellent review.

Very well done, Entertaining and informative surprisingly heartfelt.

Spielberg's film combines an enjoyable ride, with wonderful performances and again a vibrant soundtrack from John Williams add to the whole rhythm of this superb film.

Also Frank pretended to be a lawyer, a pilot and a teacher,make some frauds and keep escaping These scenes are most exciting in this film.

A very entertaining film.

The book is so much more exciting and thrilling than the movie.

Tom Hanks was also fantastic in this film not only is he really funny but he had great scenes with DiCaprio, you really got the impression that these two were each others equals and it was riveting to watch.

However it is a perfectly enjoyable film, with great performances from the gorgeous Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks.

Very entertaining movie .

Enjoyable film.

A plain, good ole entertaining movie in the best spirit of Hollywood.

Tom Hanks shows up once again (*yawn*) with his typical 'martyr of purity' shtick; I would've preferred less of him and more of Christopher Walken's impassioned (and far more brief) performance as a long-suffering father.

After a promising turn towards artistry and adrenaline in Minority Report, Spielberg seems to have slid back to his comfort zone of shlocky emotionally manipulative made-for-tv crapolla.

A very fun, very entertaining film .

Very entertaining, and quite clever at the same time .

Entertaining and fast paced .

Very similar in nature to "The Thomas Crown Affair", this engrossing (if overlong) caper won Oscar nominations for Walken and composer John Williams.

In conclusion, I want to say that "Catch Me If You Can" is an exciting and dynamic film about financial scams that don't get bored during the rather long timeline and leave a wonderful mood with their bright and positive atmosphere.

From the opening titles to the costumes to the closing shots this movie was refreshingly original and riveting.

A well-cast, expertly directed film all the more intriguing since it's based on a true story.

The strange but enjoyable chemistry between these two characters goes a long way toward making this movie work.

Furthermore, the cast profits from some memorable scenes thanks in part due to Jeff Nathanson's (Speed 2: Cruise Control) sporadically enjoyable script.

So I'd have to vote this one a good 7 out of ten, although I must admit that I'm stumped on how they could have made it any better to watch, anymore entertaining, anymore accurate in terms of characterisation and period detail.

Can we reward Spielberg with `Chicago's' Oscar for releasing two purely entertaining films in the same year.

Catch Me If You Can is truly an entertaining film.

A really enjoyable film.

An enjoyable film .

Mostly, however, the film loses impact because of Spielberg's apparent determination to weave boringly quintessential themes into his story; instead of an epic tale of derring-do, at times it unfolds like a dull tale of a kid who loves his family trying to live the American dream.

Even though the pace of the film slows a bit during the last third, it is still a witty and immensely entertaining film.

7 out of 10post scriptum reminder to self: post more comments on unusual, emotionally gripping and / or meaningful films (Amélie, The Royal Tenenbaums, Donnie Darko, Finding Forrester) than on successful mainstream Hollywood entertainment

How can you drag out something as pointless as running around writing bad checks?

This is Speilberg's most enjoyable film for years, and acts as a kind of redemption from the downbeat work he's presented us with over the last ten years.

Pitting the plodding, joyless purposefulness of a rigidly moral FBI agent (Tom Hank's character) against the capricious cunning of a light hearted con gives a nice edge to this story.

As the headlines says, in my opinion Catch Me If You Can is a stunning film about a con man and his life.

Really enjoyable watch for young and old, with a romantic interlude with the very young Amy Adams.

Above all the most intriguing thing about this movie was that it was true.

This fascinating watch wonderfully captures the late 1960's and your imagination.

That said; `Catch Me If You Can' has got to be one of the most thoroughly entertaining feature films since, `Moonstruck.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and, unlike most critics, I thought Tom Hanks did a great job in his role.

After watching it myself, I understand why: they were expecting a comedy with unexpected send-ups and goofy turn of events.

The unpredictable kid with a plethora of numerous alter-egos meets her as he's seen as an E.


And the script is surprisingly bad, adorned as it is with every predictable device, and relying as it does on a series of emotional "gotchas" that bounce off with no discernable impact.

Overall, it is an exciting movie to watch that kept me engrossed throughout the movie.

With a trendy wave to non-linear narrative Spielberg also guts the movie of any adrenaline value by revealing the outcome of the story in the first three minutes of film.

Brilliant piece of cinema and wonderfully entertaining story.

At other times, I found it intense and emotional in representing the struggle of Frank's father to emerge from his low social condition out into the "little club" of those "who have everything".

140 minutes of boredom.

Along with the fast pace, great songs from 1950/60's, the atmosphere of that time gone by, a hell of a cast (including brief performances by Martin Sheen and Jennifer Garner), Catch Me If You Can is highly entertaining.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

DiCaprio's treatment of 'Frank' is neither condescending or trite - something many actors today could learn when playing teenagers.

I found this film really enjoyable.

Somehow this deadens the impact or seriousness of the crimes being depicted and gives the whole movie a bland quality that is out of place.

Based on true story of con artist Frank Abagnale, Jr. (played here by Leonardo DiCaprio) and the detective (Tom Hanks) in pursuit of him, "Catch Me If You Can" proved to be a fun-filled, fascinating movie.

Knowing that this movie is based on real life events of Frank Abagnale Jr. makes it all the more enjoyable to watch, while I cannot stop myself from wondering how on earth he was able to pull it all off--as pilot, doctor, and lawyer.

This interesting moral nuance is thus completely lost in the movie, rendering the scene pointless.

It is truly a fascinating story on its own, especially the areas regarding Abadnale's high level of intelligence, and it is a story told very well here.

An Amazing and Entertaining Film!.

The movie was extremely slow and the story was just boring.

I'm sorry but when you spend so much time on very depressing parts, why do you apply shortcuts on the most exciting ones?

But from start to finish it manages to retain a feeling of witty intelligence that stays smart and intelligible, but also entertaining and fun.

That scene is one of my favorite initial confrontation scenes since Pacino and Williams in "Insomnia".

As it is, this is a charming often funny crime drama that is an enjoyable ride of a true story.

A very good movie, enjoyable to the common viewer.

Ultimately, this is an entertaining, if lightweight film.

Fun and Exciting with Heart to Spare .

Very entertaining and fun, with excellent acting from DiCaprio, Walken, and Hanks.

Catch Me If You Can is a very entertaining film.

After a slow first 30 minutes, the film kicks into high gear as we follow the cat and mouse game between DiCaprio and Hanks.

If you can get through what I thought was an agonizingly boring animated sequence that runs during the opening credits (which seemed to go on forever) you'll enjoy this.

This is an excellent piece of entertainment from Spielberg, as I throughly enjoyed it, with an engrossing story and amazing performances, and I say it's a must see for everyone!.

This is a very enjoyable Spielberg film.

He is so damn bland!

The movie was fast paced and there were a lot of laughs throughout.

The film may not have the moral worthiness of some of Spielberg's Big Subject movies, but it is witty, stylish, fast-moving and often amusing.

hot on his tail, it is thrilling to watch over and again how Abagnale is able to escape their reach and play with them as long as he can.

Overall it is somewhat enjoyable...

Hanks plays a very bland uninteresting cop.

A fascinating story made more so by the fact that it is based on actual events in the life of an actual person.

This made the film exceptionally long and slow.

Although I found some parts of ‘Catch Me if you Can' enjoyable, I did find it a bit slow and the story-telling flawed.

Amusing and entertaining .

Numerous surprising developments follow before Frank is eventually given an opportunity to rehabilitate himself in a most unexpected way.

Totally entertaining film (one of the better of the year) featuring amazing performances from all involved (including Walken).

agent who stayed on Abagnale's trail, in a thrilling game of cat and mouse.

Indeed I find most of his movies are either boring feel good movies (ET, Close Encounters) or simply movies demonstrating how wonderful he thinks he is.

The excellent script and Spielberg's direction keeps the movie going at a good clip and definitely keeps us on the edge of our seat as we see Frank artfully keep one step ahead of the dogged Handratty.

Tom Hanks delivered a stunning performance, and all in all, I'm fond of his movies, as he's a great actor.

Before he became the KING of Gollywood his stuff was sentimental and boring.

This is one of those movies that is so fascinating and clever to watch, you can't believe it's based on a man's real-life memoirs.

it's fun, it's unpredictable, and most of all, it's unbelievable!

I, like many proud Jews, find Speilberg to be a total hyporctie and totop that off, I always get bored in his movies save for private ryan.

The latest film from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks is much more than a vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio, who is granted the most screen time by far, it is a massively entertaining film about the true life adventures (and I should think that the word ‘adventures' should apply here in all possible meanings) of Frank Abagnale Jr., a brilliant young man who's con artist abilities are revealed in a thrilling early scene where he impersonates a substitute teacher, going so far as to turn away the real substitute when she shows up to teach class.

Very enjoyable, even for non-Leonardo fans!

When it came to playing a smart kid who knew how to con everyone, Leo brought the chops and put on a very engaging performance.

8/10 - despite there being some glaring differences from the real life account, this movie starring two great actors is very entertaining and one of Spielberg's best

The Jennifer Garner cameo's pretty weak, pointless, and forced, and by and large, this is a film you'll be seeing 8 million times on cable eight months from now.

Every event and clue has a satisfying albeit predictable payoff, and the continuous scheming of Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) keeps the viewer constantly wondering what will happen next.

Although, after seeing this film, I'd have to admit that I enjoyed it.

agent trying to catch him in this wonderfully entertaining film.

And it is not only me, but everybody in the screening were bored to death!

Steven Spielberg's unpredictable story idea together with Tom Hanks raw talent make an Oscar worthy combination.

He could have made this a more intense thriller.

The most intriguing and unique relationship in the film though has to go to Leo and his father Frank Abagnale Sr.

Frank Abagnale has a fascinating story and Leonardo DiCaprio played the role perfectly.

Engaging .

'Catch Me If You Can' is as fun as it is intriguing.

It is a very alluring story about tricking your way into succes and the constant chase between Di Caprio and Tom Hanks makes for a suspenseful game of cat and mouse.

Fun, entertaining .

It may seem a bit shallow, since it is basically just one man conning the system in creative ways, but it is very entertaining.

It was brilliantly put together and wildly engaging.

His story is a fascinating one and ideal for a very entertaining film.

Catch me if you can is one of the best movies in 2002 and if it wouldn't be a little slow paced at the end, it would sure win the title - a classic movie.

It it s wonderful light and entertaining ride.

what a dull movie .

An entertaining film .

`Catch Me if You Can,' though it is a very entertaining film, ultimately feels a trifle incomplete, as if it were lacking just that touch of depth that would make it truly outstanding.

Refreshing, enjoyable movie .

The material on paper looks like it would have difficulty sustaining a two and a half hour movie but truth be told there are no such troubles, with Spielberg behind camera and the grade A cast all on top form it's simply engrossing and movie making magic.

And near the end, Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) gradually warms to his query Abegnale, despite all the trials and frustrations he has been put through - an unexpected and much appreciated reversal of character.

Frank Abagnale Jr. is a fascinating, intelligent man with a true story that is both funny and full of real emotion, and these actors and director take it into their hands in the most perfect way.

Now, Spielberg has managed to succeed in making a enjoyable comedy film.

The movie was entertaining from start to finish.

Worth Watching .

I highly recommend 'Catch Me If You Can' as it is refreshing, well made and absorbing.

I have just seen this movie and it was a very entertaining experience.

I think that Steven Spielberg succeeded finally creating an entertaining cat and mouse romantic thriller after his flops AI and MR. The best thing is that all is based on a true story.

Boring Fluff .

Steven Spielberg brings up a rather interesting story but makes it his own slow paced drama that is less interesting than it really is.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

As it is, it's just too boring to care about.

The one thing that was still in my mind as I left the theater, though, was John Williams' score.

Intriguing, perceptive, touching, and funny.

There's no real plot to go into, as I have already given it to you.

The movie feels like it's in a hurry (hardy har har) and is afraid of boring its audience.

But for a fantasy escape, there is some real drama infused into the story, especially with the strange yet fascinating relationship between Abegnale Jr. and Sr, and Frank Jr. realizing that he can't just settle down to marry his girlfriend Brenda (Amy Adams) who knows him under a different identity, since he is being constantly hunted by the authorities.

The cinematography and direction were near perfect, and the witty dialog and characters make this film one of the most entertaining Spielberg films of all time.

Fun and entertaining .

" A hack script, Halmark-inspired score and sloppy editing render this potentially gripping movie slightly below average even as brainless entertainment.

Fun, fascinating film .

Fun and entertaining!

While DiCaprio's Abangale is clever, free-spirited, charming, sexy and charismatic, Hanratty is a lonely divorced father, dull, sour and doggedly determined to catch his thief.

Spielberg offers us a light and entertaining comedy.

I enjoyed it .

terrifically entertaining lite hearted fare from Steven Spielberg .

'Catch Me if You Can' has such a talented cast, the true story is a fascinating one and while Steven Spielberg is an inconsistent director he was a big childhood influence and he has proved several times that he is capable of masterpieces of iconic status.

ZZZzzzzzzzzz .

Go see it, it is entertaining.

the movie is though enjoyable and captivating in the beginning, it loses its charm eventually and ends up as a bore.

Their tenuous and unusual relationship is one of the most interesting aspects of this fascinating movie - made all the more fascinating by the fact that it's all based on a true story.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

This movie keeps you going over and over and over again it is so intense watching two best actors beat each other out on the screen for being amazing actor's especially Leonardo DiCaprio w his amazing role of catch me if you can.

While Leo DiCaprio does a fair job in a now bland part and Tom Hanks saves the film with his performance, people that have read the book will be sorely disappointed.

I'm sure Spielburg grabbed that artistic license and ran a marathon with the Frank Abaganale story, but the result is a funny, exciting, sweet, and thoroughly charming tale.

This is a film that is extreme well written, entertaining and funny all in one I loved this movie.

Enjoyable .

This is one intriguing movie about a very fascinating real life sociopath, that, fittingly, works for the feds nowadays.

From 1963 to 1969 Frank Abignale Jr made the FBI ten most wanted list by performing awe inspiring confidence scams and stealing millions of dollars by forging cheques.

Also, thank you to the screenwriter(s) for a sophisticated and engaging story.

" It is a breeze of a film - thoroughly enjoyable.

Granted, Catch Me If You Can is one of those films where the plot from beginning to end is revealed in the preview (kind of like Pleasantville), but it is still a thrilling ride, which is a testament to the talent involved with it.

It's that element of daring that makes Frank's crimes entertaining rather than despicable.

This movie is just long and drawn out and there is no climax, no build-up...

I loved the opening credits and thought the musical score by John Williams was original and snappy.

Spoiler HereinThe movie "Catch Me If You Can" was very entertaining.

The film is certainly a great diversion from the usual dramatic films offered by Spielberg but Catch Me really seems slow and flat in certain areas of the film.

Walken was deservedly Oscar-nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance which is really quite fascinating.

A very entertaining movie....

All the characters are extremely likable, and it's often very suspenseful and hilarious, plus Martin Sheen cracked me up as Brenda's dad!.

The movie is brilliant, at times entertaining in showing how our reality is partly made of paperwork and false perceptions.

The famous director, Steven Spielberg worked hard to do this film unpredictable and to create very interesting plot twists.

And, oh, what was that awful boring, long, pastiche of a title sequence at the front?

The characters are simplistic, one dimensional and worse dull.

But strong performances, a fascinating storyline with both comical and sad undertones, and a fulfilling ending make Catch Me If You Can worth the trip to the cinema.

Very Entertaining .

The real turning point of the movie that will keep viewers on the edge of your seat is the exciting battle of wits between the slick con-artist as he escapes going to jail while hard-nosed FBI agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Ranks) is hot on his trail.

"Catch Me If You Can" takes us on the exciting and extremely funny cat and mouse chase between the two men.

Runs a bit long but very fun and enjoyable.

I gave it 9/10 because I do think it runs a bit long, and the flashbacks sort of take away a bit of the suspense, but the film is exciting and certainly makes up for it in other areas.

It's an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Entertaining cineplex that's artful.

This is still a very good movie, and it is worth watching.

it has great characters, delightful performances that one would expect from the actors in these movies, and an enjoyable plot that never gets too fast or too slow.

Thank You Steven Spielberg for making a wonderfully entertaining light breath of air of a film after the darkness that prevailed AI and Minority Report Steven Spielberg lightens the mood with Catch Me if you can he entertains and really thrills you with the most sexy crime caper I have ever seen!

While stories of con men are plentiful, this film is absorbing, convincing, light and touching.

But other than that, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is a very enjoyable and entertaining film.

Their movies are generally long in duration, very narrative, simple and most importantly very entertaining.

Hanks portrayal of Hanratty with the Boston accent and the combination of the clumsy actions yet intelligent mind makes the Hanratty character the most enjoyable federal agent since Tommy Lee Jones Sam Gerrad in THE FUGITIVE.

This is a movie that made me really leave the theater in a good mood.

This is such an all-around exciting, fun movie that you could watch over and over again and never tire of.

On the whole this film is an interesting chase movie which should be enjoyed as such and is slightly more enjoyable for being a true story.

One of the most entertaining and best heist movie I've seen.

The only problem with it however is the fact that it takes way too long to come to any real conclusion.

CATCH is an engaging film to say the least.

Steven Spielberg turns in another hit, with help from a strong performance by Leonardo DiCaprio, in this stylish, breezily entertaining, and surprisingly sweet story of real-life wunderkind con artist Frank Abagnale.

**MILD SPOILERS** I was dragged to see this with the family on Christmas, and it was definitely my least favorite "present" of the day.

fairly entertaining .

and everyone should see this movie its fun intense adventurous and full of close calls.

Instead we see our director taking a different approach in his career by exploring the undoubtedly entertaining scenarios that sees our lovable character go over the edge into sadness and fear.

oh, i especially enjoyed the relationship hanks and LdC developed in the movie--kudo's to spielberg on this movie and john williams for an enjoyable stray from his other movie music.

Well acted and developed, Catch Me If You Can is a largely entertaining movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good drama or crime film.

Supremely entertaining.

But Spielberg and his cast manage to present an interesting and entertaining story that never lags and keeps us wrapped up in its twists and turns from start to finish.

Morality aside, it's fascinating adventure for dreamers and those who don't want to spend the effort required to enter glamorous professions.

The Great Imposter with its accent on entertaining never allowed Tony Curtis to develop Demara's character as DiCaprio did with Abegnale.

This is easily the most entertaining and purely enjoyable effort from Steven in at least a decade and a real comeback for a director whose work, while still respectable, was beginning to wear.

Even though most movies don't compare to the book(not this one either), I still found the movie entertaining(especially Christopher Walken who has such presence.

Really entertaining.

Just an enjoyable movie that I would probably pay to see again.

Although it is important to remember (as with any such film) that this is only 'inspired' by a true story and not told word for word from one, the plot is fascinating and keeps you laughing, crying and wondering until the end.

What makes this movie as compelling as it is must be that it's based on a true story.

But of course, if you never felt that you would like to do something else and more important, this film must be a bore.

Entertaining Crime Story in Good Ol' Days Fashion .

I'm aware that Frank Abagnale Jr.'s back-story carries many serious undertones, but come on; the guy is a con artist, and the premise is so entertaining, why should we care for the whole torment inhabiting his heart?

many laughable moments unexpected i.

Just watch this movie as an entertaining story, it's a pretty good film.

this is just a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

I watched 'Catch me if you can' and I really enjoyed it.

See this movie now, its an entertaining popcorn flick with some great performances and directing.

Fun movie, but way too long .

The movie is pretty predictable as it gives you the whole story in the opening shot of the film.

And so I come to this conclusion: it was entertaining and enjoyable, just overproduced.

Polished, highly entertaining - and cleverer than it seems .

The story itself is fascinating.

The Camera work, is awesome, the angles are fantastic and he kept the film at a very engrossing pace.

"Catch me if you can" is a very enjoyable film that you can watch over and over again.

Top grade performances from DiCaprio and Hanks made it CMIYC a wonderfully exciting journey through the life of Frank Abagnale.

In reality, Frank's criminality stemmed from his father's own predicaments at the hands of the state (his inability to "turn cream into butter", as he says in the film), predicaments which led to real-life Frank noticing the disparity between America's economic reality and its empty promises of success through "unceasing hard work".

This was a great story that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Overall this film is a slick, stylish chase movie which should be enjoyed as such and is more enjoyable for being a true story.

Very entertaining film .

However, that was the ONLY boring thing about 'Catch Me if You Can'!

To this I credit Spielberg, who once again creates an exciting and fun movie, that families can get excited about seeing come holiday season.

Overall Catch Me If You Can was an enjoyable experience with a lack of my on screen time for Christopher Walken, but made up for that with it's easy to follow and engaging plot.

Top-notch, brilliantly crafted entertainment, rich with fascinating details, memorable incidents and engaging performances .

Steven Spielberg's account of the truly fascinating story of Frank Abagnale, Jr., an impostor and con artist who waltzed from one side of the country to the other in the 1960s, ripping off just about everyone along the way.

But these are just minor "I've-read-the-book-neener-neener" points, the movie absolutely stands on it's own as a totally enjoyable movie.

There's something so inherently fascinating about the way he manipulates people through ingeniously subtle psychology and the way it works seamlessly, most of the time at least.

I have read the book, and find the movie delightfully entertaining.

But he's energized by the engrossing lead performances that dominate everything around them: as people consumed by the actions of escaping and capturing, DiCaprio and Hanks lock into each other and the relationship they form subtlety invites the viewer into their game; Spielberg wisely allows the actors to interpret the material directly and keeps the pressure off the audience by making everything clear and digestible.

Spielberg has portrayed a story that has viewers connecting with the characters, with a well-paced narrative that is bound to both impress and shock the audience, alongside spectacular acting, and a simple yet intriguing musical score to couple the most tense scenes.

Interesting, entertaining...

A really fun, enjoyable ride with a lot more under the surface than it seems to have.

For starters the opening titles were way too long which made me bored before i even started watching the actual film.

entertaining .

His story is a fascinating study of how naïve the world was then and how easy it was for an intelligent man to convince people that he was genuine.

Oh no, I enjoyed it for what it was: A few hours of light, fun entertainment.

I don't think this is a great movie, but it is a very entertaining one, carried by three great performances.

It's a Speilberg film that tells a great story, minus the special effects, running ontime, with just enough humor and worth watching.

My husband and I just returned from watching "Catch Me If You Can" and we enjoyed it very much.

A pure definition of entertaining movie.

A couple slow moments that are well made up for with the intrigue of the characters.

This film is one of the most boring i have ever seen.

Very Enjoyable .

Spielberg shows in this film that he is more than capable of creating an entertaining film without the use of expensive special effects.

He is able to carry a whole movie on his shoulders with such ease it is so enjoyable to watch.

My low expectations were blown out of the water, however, as I found this film very engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Bottom line: Catch Me If You Can is exciting, enjoyable, and superbly put together for a sly and breezy film that one can watch over and over again.

While the moral ambiguity and basic plot are nonetheless interesting, seeing the stellar performances by Christopher Walken, Tom Hanks, and Leonardo DiCaprio (--who, despite a slight air of inappropriate cynicism seems to have finally recovered from his Titanic fame and returned to his roots as an emotionally gripping actor--) and the absolutely fascinating true story of Frank Abagnale Jr. rendered into 24 carat shlock is a truly unforgivable con-job.

Partly this is due to the casting of the dull Leonardo di Caprio in the leading role; and partly because the careful reconstruction of the 1960s is too familiar from countless other movies to be interesting in itself.