Cats (2019) - Comedy, Drama, Family

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A tribe of cats called the Jellicles must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new Jellicle life.

IMDB: 2.8
Director: Tom Hooper
Stars: Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 198 out of 1024 found boring (19.33%)

One-line Reviews (464)

It is pointless, drab, silly, seemingly endless and is thus a perfect coda to "Cats".

This movie is the biggest waste of time and money.

Don't waste your money on this.

Worst Movie of the Year

And the songs are really really long and repetitive.

Worst movie ever even Micheal Bay movies are better

+ Grizabella's singing was absolutely stunning !

If people cannot handle lyrics/poetic language, slow stories where the focus lies more on character and to draw them, then on action and obvious plaine story lines...

it's boring and the cgi is just pathetic.

I don't really have a problem with the way the cats look, but production design as a whole falls a bit flat, all locals are generic, and cinematography is generally about slow pans for minutes on end, which just boosts the boredom further.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

Please use the money you'd potentially waste on this movie to a more deserving charity, children in Africa deserve your money more than the excuse of producers who created this movie.

The plot was complicated and hard to follow.

Bad CGI but if you can bear it, the film is actually enjoyable .

If not don't force yourself to, you'll want to leave and regret spending money on an overpriced theatre ticket.

The costumes were fantastic, the cat mannerisms captured were spot on, and the emotion evoked in song was stunning.

Worst movie .

Entertaining .

It was entertaining to see something familiar repacked in a weird setting that would fit well in an incoherent dream that I can only describe in this probably incoherent review.

But if I'm going to enjoy something like that, I want something entertaining or unbelievably bad.

This movie is so boring and meaningless.

The first half somehow manages to be extremely disturbing, nightmarish and tedious all at once.

This was a waste of time.

Film difficult to follow & downright boring.

Empty knowing that there are people starving in Kraaifontein and I had just thrown money away on this film.

While these did take me out of the film, the film's biggest problem is that it's boring.

The song they added for the movie was far too simple compared to the other songs, and felt very cliche.

It was actually enjoyable, if you accept it for what it is .

Jennifer Hudson is superb and commanding as always; the newbie playing Victoria was beautiful both with her stunning ballet moves and her delicate soft voice singing Ms Swift's new song; Judy Dench was fabulous and stately as Old Deuteronomy.

I can't describe in words what I witnessed, but all i can tell you is that I left the theater a happy guy.

Rise of the skywalker "im the worst movie of 2019"Cats "hold my coat"

I watched the movie yesterday walked out of after 40 mins my eyes were hurbing cant believe that they actually made this big load of crap to be honest I am traumatized for life what a load of trash and waste of money and that movie belongs in the dustbins right at the bottom and must never come back to the top wow what garbage this movie was such a shame

Then, I'd strongly recommend buying tickets for a session you know is going to be completely empty and going with some friends.

The comic relief provided by various cast members was uneven, some good, some "meh" but these short scenes do make Cats more entertaining and give audience members a chance to catch their collective breath.

" So it has *no plot.

MUSIC was spectacular and exciting.

Whimsical & Entertaining .

This is definitely the worst movie I've seen in a very very long time.

As a musical, some of the songs like "Rum Tum Tugger", "Bustopher Jones" and "Jellicle Songs for Jellecle Cats" are entertaining.

Bad things were the slow pace and the doubling of all the musical numbers making it really tedious.

The 'lyrics are boring and uninspiring and tbh half the time I could not make them out anyway.

I enjoyed it and didnt regret paying to see it.

Most of the 2nd act was extremely boring and had me checking my watch, and I think impatient viewers will leave the theatre if they go to see it because of how boring it is.

No plot, low budget, same songs sung over and over.

The DVD's (as there were two) that I used to watch are now so scratched from how frequently I would want to see Cats that the second disc is basically unwatchable past 10 minutes.

In the moment, I was kinda bored.

Normally when I fall asleep during a movie I'm gutting and have to try to figure out what I missed.

I really enjoyed it and will happily watch it again.

After reading so many bad reviews on this film I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

I was excited to see this film given the cast, seeing the stage show and how much I like Tom Hoopers workIt started off ok but I quickly became bored, then found another scene would then catch my interest again, found this was the theme throughout the film.

The lead actress Francesca Hayward's ballet background shone through well and was very enjoyable to watch.

Seriously don't waste your money on this atrocity of a movie, the money spent on two tickets to cats you could instead be used to get a month of the regal unlimited movie pass, where you get to watch as many movies as you like.

I enjoyed it because of the wonderful dancing.

It was long and drawn out at the start and then amounted to nothing.

Then imagine that this was also incredibly boring.

Get immersed.

It also fails to follow Todorov's narrative theory - the villain does not get his comeuppance and therefore there is no real cathartic ending, instead in my opinion, the film leaves you empty, confused and angry that 2 hours and high expectations have been wasted.

Critics can unfortunately ruin a films prospects at the box office I hate the phrase some friends use " oh I didn't go and see it because it got rotten reviews " I always say make up your own mind I've seen so many enjoyable movies that the critics have panned and I've seen some very average films that some critics wax lyrically about.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

I thought the movie was quite entertaining and a fun watch for the whole family.

Found myself a bit bored at times.

I don't normally walk out of movies but this I had to, it's very confusing and the storyline is not clear what so ever.

worst movie i've ever watched .

If you go see this in theatres with an open mind and a fun crowd (and some booze) prepare for a very entertaining movie.

We went with the family (12 of us) > 3 generations > kids age 5 to 10 and everybody enjoyed it.


and fell asleep!

There were some bizarre sexual undertones and extremely dull moments that just made the whole thing annoying.

Boring .

The story goes fine until we have seen about 40% of it and goes down, turning too slow, then it manages to recover to have a decent second part.

And then, well, as far as I could see, there was no plot.

There is no storyline .

Yes, but the boring songs are the exact same ones as in the musical.

Critics can unfortunately ruin a films prospects at the box office I hate the phrase some friends use " oh I didn't go and see it because it got rotten reviews " I always say make up your own mind I've seen so many enjoyable movies that the critics have panned and I've seen some very average films that some critics wax lyrically about.

Definitely worth watching.

This movie has characters so poor and so pointless that it would leave you to believe that actual cats themselves wrote the screenplay.

I for one think that the movie is a masterpiece, it's unique and entertaining.

But I left the theater after watching Ian Mckellan, one of my favorite actors in the world say "Meow" to the camera.

At worst, I was expecting to find it as obnoxious and pointless as actual cats and, at best, I was hoping for *so bad it's good.

Kinda boring.

I fell asleep....

Really enjoyable for a Cats fan.

This version made a few changes to the play, but it's still enjoyable.

This is so terrible and boring.

This was completely boring the entire time and is only interesting in its appalling imagery.

It was thoroughly entertaining.

In theater this will work because you'll have the gorgeous ballet which will stun you, so you wont miss that there is actually no story.

CatsMy advise, if you were a fan of the stage show then this may be for you but for everyone else it's a total bore.

Sure, it might have the jazziest plots or the most creative settings and camera angels, BUT if you're someone who understands and appreciates musical theatre, then this movie will be enjoyable for you.

But i do have to say the lead character was very bland for me and was overshadowed by better singing and acting performances.

The show had pace this movie dragged and it just did not have the pop pop pop of the original.

A waste of an hour of my life haha

I've seen the first scene of the movie in my nightmare beforeit was bad and boring and i paid fifteen dollars plus popcorn and i think it was the first movie i watched in theatre all year

Highly enjoyable and well made .

A Tedious Bore Just About Everyone Walked Out .

Hands down, worst movie of the decade.

When someone tells you not to see a film, don't waste your time going!

Quirky, but we enjoyed it .

Disjointed, dull and just generally horrific I felt like it would never end.

The different cat characters were individually delightful and entertaining.

On the first 10 minutes, people started to leave the cinema, until me and my friends have decided to leave as well.

The only reason to see this movie is to say you saw the worst movie of the decade that managed to come out only 7 days before that new decade

Worst movie I have ever seen .

It's a shame this movie has been so badly slated across the board as people who would have enjoyed it have been put off.

Worst movie ever.

save your money and your soul

But no story came, just dance and song after dance and song.

Yeah, the plot was somewhat bland and distasteful, and lacking punch or finesse.

I left the theater with many other good samaritans who are also traumatized.

It may not have the wow factor that The Greatest Showman had, but Cats is an enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours - just don't think about it too hard.

However, I was sufficiently entertained by the movie itself and the other items (noted above) are beneficial addons to make the movie even more enjoyable.

Cats was an mind blowing and amazing experience.

All the celebrities were highly enjoyable to watch.

I ignored the overwhelmingly bad reviews and found it weird and very enjoyable.

Smoke a little weed, put the mind in neutral, and forget that the collars around the kitties' necks have a tendency to move just slightly slower than the necks themselves.

Speaking of which, the comic relief section, Rebel Wilson and James Corden were good, they had the most boring songs of them all, and made them work.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

This movie, for me, was enjoyable.

But it came across slightly bland.

I've seen some reviews claiming there is no plot.

To use clichés like "Look what the cat dragged in!

I on the other hand enjoyed it very much I had read a little of the bollocking this movie is receiving and also a review yesterday from a friend who also knows the musical stage and film genre so I was so pleasantly surprised to be in the minority camp of people who praise this innovative reworking of a stage musical .

I on the other hand enjoyed it very much I had read a little of the bollocking this movie is receiving and also a review yesterday from a friend who also knows the musical stage and film genre so I was so pleasantly surprised to be in the minority camp of people who praise this innovative reworking of a stage musical .

The stage play had very little plot and was carried by the music and dancing.

This limited the movie to just being a bunch of entertaining musical numbers and nothing more, so sadly the film dragged its plot as much as they could to fill in the time but they desperately needed something a bit more exciting for the film.

It's hard to say, because the characters still wouldn't be more than one-dimensional, the story would still have been almost non-existent, and the backdrops and locations would have still been empty, eerie, and even almost post-apocalyptic with their static lack of life besides the sometimes tiny sometimes not so tiny (the scale is WACK) titular cats.

There is literally no story.

I go to the movies to be entertained, and I was, so yeah, I enjoyed it.

If you haven't seen that musical then possibly, like me, you will find this film version empty, baseless and only vaguely entertaining.

As a family we enjoyed it & the kids are still listening to the soundtrack

" The hands down undisputed worst movie of all time.

It was the worst movie ever.

Yes it's weird, and at times boring because the songs just keep bleeding into each other, but overall its an entertaining spectacle that kids will like.

The constant at of different songs and moods can be overwhelming at times but once you submit yourself to the fever dream it's absolutely compelling.

"No plot".

I mildly enjoyed the scenes because I'm a fan of the original musical, but a non-fan is probably going to be bored and confused.

Visually stunning and a beautiful interpretation is definitely achieved.

The dancing in this is stunning as well!

The dancing was great and to us was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I've seen worse (I'd still say worst of the year Holmes and Watson has it beat) and this movie didn't inspire anger when I watched it, mainly just boredom.

This movie is a waste of time .

Have just been to an afternoon screening and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The film has hardly any lines, it's just boring song after boring song.

Were they bored by the dancing scenes without songs?

Which led to some very interesting and entertaining scenes involving many props from the cats perspectives.

It's entertaining to watch with a dose of good humor and captivating performances by Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Judi Dench and Jason Derulo.

Waste of money .

I just really enjoyed it!

Fell asleep on & off throughout the first half & then sat with my head in my hands laughing & gibbering for the rest of the time.

Lets face it the film had practically no plot, aside from getting to know the different cats and there being a ball where one cat is chosen and thats it.

The film was way too long even for a good film so the fact it was absolutely awful made it unbearable.

It could have been so much more, but they chose to make it boring as hell.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!

No plot, rubbish CGI rather like watching cats on your lawn

I knew what to expect, so I enjoyed it a lot.

The first 10 or so songs were cats introducing themselves, no storyline whatsoever.

Some more enjoyable than others.

Was surprised that was enjoyable, cgi cats bit weird ( you get used to it) and at times the music drowns out singing.

My friend and I both really enjoyed it!

It was unbearable.

Dull and boring .

Even the music with all the celebrity voices and talent behind it, is bland at best.

Just got back from seeing Cats and both my wife and I really enjoyed it.

My girlfriend wanted to leave the theatre after this song, and it was her first time wanting to leave during movie.

This is the worst movie of all time.

Better don't waste a money and time.

It was a total YAWN-fest of boredom!

In particular the harmonies of Old Deuteronomy were a joyous thing to listen to, a stark comparison to the musical version which I considered downright boring.

A total waste of money and Judi Dench' time!

Horrible CGI , terrible performances by actors , weak storyline , total waste of money and time.

Save your money for some other movie.

But for an entertaining evening it's excellent some of the performances are excellent Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Francesca Hayward were wonderful.

" The rest of the songs sounded bland and boring because they restricted the vocal talents of the singers who can actual sing.

I understand the concept that they were going for and that the dancers were talented but everything else about this movie was horrible, the dry and repetitive jokes from Rebel Wilson and the near zero dialogue makes this movie painful to watch.

It's fun and entertaining and well worth a watch.

The singing was okay, some of the actors really did try their best, but no, you can't stick human faces on CGI-contorted cat/human hybrid bodies, have virtually no plot, and call that a good film.

However, I did enjoy it at the time, and the music is still entertaining.

The pace of the film was lively and snappy, no long dull moments.

While I think the movie did miss a few marks and had areas of improvements, there are several shining moments and IS entertaining.

Between the truly enjoyable music and the film's ability to bring me to tears (with laughter), I can't say that I hate it or that I don't intend to watch it multiple times throughout my life.

If you saw the play and enjoyed it or if you love good music and dancing disregard what people or the critics are saying and go see it!

Breathtaking and sparkling fun and dazzling and also magical.

Waste of Money and Talent .

whe went with my aunt the both enjoyed it immensely.

So bad it was entertaining .

And I didn't think it was fair that many walked out after 30 mins or 1 hour and still felt within their rights to leave a review.

Just confusing .

Waste of money.

During one song, I started off a little disappointed, but by the end of the song, enjoyed it very much.

Wouldn't waste your time or money on it.

I really REALLY enjoyed it!

(I definitely noticed that Old Deuteronomy's fur and ensemble bore a most striking resemblance to Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love, which I'm sure was totally intentional, and I'm reasonably sure I've seen Gus's "human" in a similar outfit for a different role as well.

Francesca Hayward was absolutely stunning!

Writer/director Tom Hooper's visuals capture the languid London of the story while the actors cannily imitate the sensuous personas of the notoriously enigmatic and elusive animal.

Unwatchable .

Beautiful ghosts was just.. beautifulGus was more entertaining in this than the stage show.

This is hands down the worst movie that I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

You really have to watch this movie multiple times to understand how truly enjoyable and entertaining it is-I agreed with you guys before I watched it a second time, and just trust me, it's actually not that bad.

Entertaining trainwrecks are hard to come by, and at the end of the day, this movie doesn't make me angry and doesn't make me feel like I wasted my money on it, despite the fact that just about every creative decision was wrong and that one day it may well give me nightmares.

Worst movie of the decade .

The worst movie on earth .

It's boring.

What was even the point, this was extremely boring, offensive even.

I enjoyed it as a manifestation of the theatre show in an experimental format on-screen.

Lastly, I could mention that some of the camera shots were a bit static and boring...

There was some moments and musical items which dragged on and ruined the pacing of the movie to a degree.

An engaging family musical .

) that it created a fascinating somewhat creepy attractiveness.

The worst movie i have ever seen.

Well I'm going to give this a moderately positive score, because I enjoyed it for what it is - a movie version of a stage musical which is based loosely on T.

I left the theater halfway through even though I had already see enough in the first five minutes.

Its really boring....

I don't know and actually not really care, because the stunning performances take all the attention.

It's a bad plodding reimagined version of Cats made by people who have no idea what they are doing.

Worst and boring movie ever

I really enjoyed it s as md would go see it again.

A horrible waste of money and time.

In fact, I enjoyed it more than LA LA LAND and The GREATEST SHOWMAN, to name a few.

The other actors either were very boring and uninspiring, or simply lack the talent or training for singing.

I went to watch this film with my 11 year old daughter who really enjoyed it and gave it 8 out of 10 stars.

I think if you've seen the Cats show then you will understand the sporadic and, at times, disjointed narrative and will be rather impressed with the translation to the cinematic screens.

That would at least be more entertaining and a better way to get rid of your hard earned cash.

" Hard to believe that so many people have lost their ability to imagine something beyond their narrow, dull lives.

The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes, The yellow smoke that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes, Licked its tongue into the corners of the evening, Lingered upon the pools that stand in drains, Let fall upon its back the soot that falls from chimneys, Slipped by the terrace, made a sudden leap, And seeing that it was a soft October night, Curled once about the house, and fell asleep.

Unwatchable, and this is coming from someone who liked Manos: The Hands Of Fate .

There is no plot.

Dull, boring, pointless.

The songs remained in my head even if the movie was, like most music videos, unique, trying hard and fleetingly entertaining.

I personally thought it was enjoyable and fun.

There's no real plot and making the cats still look human is kind of disturbing to say the least.

How bad is this movie on every level, there is little to no story or character building.

The gimmick, of everyone being a cat, becomes pointless already a few minutes in, and while the actors themselves look quite impressive most of the time, there are (quite many, honestly) bad looking CGIs (a CGI water scene in particular completely got me off guard with its badness).

Watching a two hour long theatre bit from a screen is deadly boring.

It's so fascinating to learn about all the different ones- and much of it is quite funny.

No storyline!

Boring and weird .

Fell asleep twice.

I'm more than happy to go see something weird while everyone else is pushing out formulaic "safe" stuff.

But oh my GOD was this a pointless movie.

I actually really enjoyed it.

Today I went to watch Cats and I enjoyed it very much.

It is an unusual show that's for sure and I understand why it wouldn't appeal to everyone however I enjoyed it enough to think about going to see the live show.

The dancing was entertaining, especially Skimbleshanks' scene.

I've seen a lot of people call it boring and I have no idea why.

I cannot say I was bored at any point in the movie.

There was little plot, most of the songs sucked and I was bored.

Non-existent plot, painfully long and distasteful songs.

Worst Movie of All Time .

And not just that, but honestly worth watching.

It's just a waste of time.

Despite how unwatchable it is, the movie was weirdly hypnotizing.

This movie that has no plot, it's just a bunch of random cats introducing themselves.

She's the same all the time and I'm bored of her now.

I'll tell you, I watched possibly the most boring trip of a film ever!

Don't waste your time like I did.

Anyway, I'm already bored about talking about this complete and utter junk, I'm off now to watch the far superior "Howling VII: New Moon Rising".

It has some decent production design, some bright spots in the acting and choreography but that can't compensate for a lacking story, uninteresting music, weird CGI and poor characterization.

Other than that, the film really captures the musical, and I LOVED that they added in Victorias storyline, since it gave the film a bit more structure than the original show (the show can be a bit confusing).

but I enjoyed it much more than I thought...

"Dreary, emotionally-lacking and abominable would be a kind way of describing this miserable wreck of a 3D-animators' kaleidoscope of disaster.

This is the worst movie i've ever seen.

Slow songs went on for far too long (or so it felt) and I honestly struggled to stay awake.

So I enjoyed it, as did my other family members, one of whom is a Broadway "Cats" fan and the other was her daughter who knew almost nothing about Cats.


The way this film has been put together is stunning.

It's incredible to believe that if we were to hold a 'WORST MOVIES OF THE 2010's AWARDS', the movie that came out at the very last minute would probably win.

An enjoyable musical, showcasing really skilled dancers and some good enough singing.

It's a waste of your time.

A boring musical theatre experience has been turned into a laughable movie.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

I read the negative user reviews with confusion and then decided perhaps it is a generational thing.

This movie was so boring from the opening scene to the (never ending) closing scene that I forgot why I love musicals.

I've seen Cats on Broadway, at a casino, a relatively large auditorium, a local theater group, and a London Thereafter recorded stage performance filmed in the 80s or 90s, and I would rate this movie as the 2nd or 3rd most enjoyable.

Entertaining film .

If I could rate minus stars I would, absolutely shocking movie such a shame total let down walked out after 20mins !

Even so, it was overall enjoyable.

Bland cinematography more insulting than the animation .

Bluntly put, the movie was dreadfull and a waste of time.

Result: an enjoyable film with great characters and song.

But I am also encouraging you to go out and see this movie, because it is unquestionably entertaining.

The casting, albeit including the ever-underwhelming James Corden, were fantastic; Dame Judi Dench was phenomenal, Sir Ian McKellen played Gus superbly and what a turn for Francesca Hayward who was simply stunning as Victoria, leading us, through the evening of wonder with the Jellicle cats.

Im currently typing this while im watching cats,man this movie is so bad that i want to leave the theater so bad!!!

Very enjoyable, attention capturing and entertaining.

I had seen the theatre production of it on dvd and my mum had seen it in theatre twice and we both enjoyed it so much.

As I say save your money let somebody else rent it when it's on dollar sale.

It's a couple of hours of lighthearted entertainment with some really entertaining music, a charismatic cast (many of whom you will recognize, let that be part of the fun), weirdly attractive cats, and nothing at all to take so damned seriously.

Never have I seen something as bad , Don't waste money or time

I thoroughly enjoyed it .

We wore literally so bored that we almost fell asleep in the cinema and had to leave.

To state an unpopular opinion, I quite enjoyed it.

' My reply: 'only the worst movie ever.

Hudson's performance alone is worth watching.

Film is dying a slow horrible death.

Yes, it is what it is, and it's incredibly campy and pointless.

Genuinely a horrific film full of questionable directorial choices, but it makes for such an entertaining night at the cinema.

We could only take about 20 mins of this before we walked out, demanded and got back our ticket prices...

I don't see the problem with this movie, and I thought it was charming and really enjoyable.

One of the most boring songs in all of musical theatre, "Moments of Happiness," is thankfully cut to about 30 seconds.

I fell asleep after 30 minutes and woke up just in time for the escape scene on the boat.

Watching it was a blast, and I think I'll probably watch it again at some point, because it's that bizarrely compelling.

This is fun, entertaining and something to celebrate yourself.

Rebel Wilson's song caused me anguish: I was terrified to fall asleep upon our return home.

Storyline was slow and I'm still confused what exactly the story is.

Please don't waste your money.

Reviewers who said it had no story or plot, wrong.

Luckily I fell asleep.

I fell asleep for 10 min and they were still in the same scene singing the same song.

I thought the lighting and cinematography was breathtaking; and the dance numbers ranged from "just ok" to "pretty cool".

This made it in my opinion even more entertaining.

Should have stayed home and watch paint dry .

My mother was ready to leave before the movie ended.

Worst movie ever.

I thoroughly enjoyed it in spite of what the so-called expert film critics had to say!

Please please please do not put yourself through it, ofcourse Jennifer Hudson's singing is stunning but by the time her scene comes on you want to leave the cinema!

My husband gave up after ten minutes but me and my daughter enjoyed it.

Don't get me wrong the costume, props were amazing but establishment of characters, sound editing and mixes for me are out of tune and coincidentally I'm tired before watching the movie and eventually fell asleep almost throughout, a rare for me as a movie fan as a whole!

While it wasn't perfect, it was entertaining and beautifully performed!

The film is boring, the acting is bad and the cgi is some of the worst I've ever seen.

I enjoyed it and I loved all the musical numbers, I am a huge fan of the musical and have seen it numerous times, it was fun to see in a different way with a bit of a twist.

1/10 for being overtly pretentious.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, it's great to see a movie which presents such an on-screen spectacle.

I know there was no story.

Very funny and entertaining movie .

Don't waste your money .

There is no plot, the songs were instantly forgettable with distinctly average performances and the whole thing was just weird.

Otherwise, there is nothing of interest is this giant,boring, inept, disaster.

The worst movie I've ever watched .

Great singing and dance numbers; very entertaining.

Some bits were quite entertaining especially the Mungo Jerry and Rumpleteazer, and Bustopher Jones scenes.

Judi Dench's casting is also pretty bizarre, Old Deuteronomy usually played by a man, fair enough if she had an amazing voice but seems pretty pointless otherwise.

So much bad singing and terrible cgi also so boring

I enjoyed it and even found myself singing along.

Worst Movie I"ve Ever Seen .

Let me tell you this, above all - this movie is BORING!

It's easy to simply say this is one of the worst movies in a long time.

The worst movie of the year, truly awful.

No plot.

Aside from the unnerving visuals, there is an entertaining story that you can waste a couple hours of your life watching.

Look, I have to admit that I haven't even seen this movie, nor will I (I actually walked out of the stage show.

The sets, dancing, and cats themselves are visually stunning - not to mention personable, beautiful and obviously dedicated to giving extremely heartfelt performances.

I think the target of this movie is to save The Room from being #1 worst movie in history .

I enjoyed it so much that I could sit through it again and again!!

That didn't bother me as much as the jokes they're saying (while bad) are supposed to enhance the campy, cliche, over the top nature of the musical.

I can't understand why this has had bad reviews, it's thoroughly entertaining and a unique story and spectacle.

It is not that bad, just a bit tedious .

However, there's no real plot, the villain is weak, and the ending is lame.

Such an insanely weird, why-would-you-do-this fever dream of a movie with no plot, sense, or logic.

My kids enjoyed it and, although I generally avoid Lloyd Webber musicals, I tapped my toes, smiled and wondered if the world just needs a little more love and fewer critics.

Which is fascinating.

However, power through that weirdness and you get to the second half which is really enjoyable.

Well, I'm glad to say my friend and I actually got a kick out of the movie and enjoyed it for its originality of presentation, the seamless insertions of song-appropriate scenery, and the typical cat behaviors performed by both young and old felines.

The last line of the film is pointless and almost makes you roll your eyes.

No story, the songs sucked, and too many Black guys dressed in cat suits.

Mind blowing spectacular .

For those people who say there's no plot I ask what were you expecting?

I found the cast performances riveting, the story engaging, and the music delightful.

Probably the worst pretentious movie ever made.

There appears to be no plot and the show seems to be just a series of mostly nonsensical songs about cats.

It's a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

It doesn't even matter, considering the movie has like, no story.

It's outstandingly boring.

I tried to enjoy it as a so-bad-it's-good cringefest, but the lack of plot and the terrible effects make it impossible.

We all enjoyed it very much!

Eliot Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats , then you will know even Andrew Lloyd Weber turned it into a story just about cats with incredible music and stunning visuals.

the new emoji movie the old sonic animation the worst movie of the century

Wow what an aweful film i actually walked out of the cinema after 40 mins i just could not force myself to watch till the end ......!!!!

Entertaining from start to finish.

Worst movie I've seen in 2019 so far and I watched Good Boys.

A unique and entertaining musical .

I walked away saying that was weird but enjoyable.

The CGI "fur" wasn't creepy at all, I found it fascinating and innovative.

The dancing is excellent, the songs entertaining and I thought Francesca Hayward made an outstanding first performance reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.

My husband's favorite part was when they all blew up in the end, but then he realized that he dreamed that when he fell asleep during the movie and that was an even better ending than what we just watched.

I throughly enjoyed it and am glad I ignored critics!

the songs are bad, the plot is confusing and the characters....

Now I know what is officially the worst movie ever created.

Very entertaining.

Boring .

When it finally did, I walked out of the cinema in a daze, I was ready to dump my entire movie collection into the garbage and to never watch another movie again, I was angry, I was sad, but mostly I just felt empty.

But I enjoyed myself after the slow start and if people who don't mind a sung through musical can forget comparisons with the stage version and just take this on its own, I believe they can find enjoyment here.


Since I was familiar with the songs, I did note that some songs were not what they could of been, but overall they were very entertaining and even moving.

Waste of Time & Money .

Its very entertaining and is filled with great performances and fantastic musical numbers.

I enjoyed it anyway!

Taken together, ultimately, it just looks ridiculous and the context for the emotional number is dubious and confusing so the number sticks out in a bad way.

This will go down in history as one of the most painfully unwatchable movies ever released by a major studio.

But "Cats" is an artless, plotless, pointless show, with one half decent song and lots of hideous synthesizers that betrays its 80's inception.

I've just watched it in my local cinema, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and so it appeared did did everyone else at this viewing.

weird, fun, exciting and insultingly UNDERRATED.


I found it entertaining and moving and it gave those familiar with Cats a different angle on the work.

It's entertaining!

I also still don't know what a jelicul cat is, waste of money dont see under any circumstance

After reading the reviews was expecting to hate this film, but in fact I, my husband & elderly mum may all be in the minority but we all really enjoyed it.

It is such a confusing, trippy, fundamentally wrong train-wreck on just about every level, but it's oddly compelling and if you're in the right frame of mind, a lot of fun.

It is an entertaining adaptation of a Broadway MUSICAL- something that most seem to be forgetting.

When I left the theater I cried more out of shear terror than I did as a kid when my dog got hit after it escaped its leash and ran onto an active airplane landing strip.

It's very funny and entertaining.

Monotone works for rapping, not for this.

lets talk about this thing and waste even more of my time with writing this and yours by riding it,but since i wasted part of my life by watching it lets go,cats is one of biggest failures of entire year and that means in every single way possible,lets admit it what can we espect from a film that doesnt have plot,and entire cgi and visual effects are really hard and disturbing to look at,hell i felt sorry for actors like dench and mckellen to be in this but it was their decision they choose for whatever reason probably money,cats is proof that stage musicals dont work in films and it is wasting everyone time and patience with its existance

While I agree that the storyline is a bit thin, I found the movie very entertaining.

Yes, I really did appreciate the film, it was far more entertaining than the Wizard of Oz and the endless repeats on TV, this was a breath of fresh air.

Cats, sceptical after mixed reviews but we really enjoyed it .

I wouldn't recommend this, it's a total waste of time and money.

A plot-less, painful and embarrassingly bad big budget extravaganza that will live long in echelons of epic Hollywood failures.

I quite enjoyed it .

In summary I feel the CGI deserves a lot of the hate it has received however I walked out of the cinema thoroughly entertained and would likely watch the movie again in the future.

I was dragged to it by my theater friends of friends and have no black ballad them from all entertainment decisions for our group....

The play is a interminably ponderous, oh so precious, pretentious piece of dross that somehow was elevated to high art making it unfilm able.

A waste of time and money making it and seeing it.

Dont waste your time and money.

Daft comments about lack of plot (it's simple enough) and scary appearances are hard to fathom.

Worst Movie i have ever watched I want a refund after watching it, I don't know what those cats for, why are they singing that song, what is the storyline and ended...

Bored me .

This doesn't need to exist, the play has little to no plot at the best of times.

It was very entertaining and enjoyable.

No, but definitely enjoyable.

I found that as long as I just evaluated it on its own and not in comparison to the original, I could find it enjoyable.

Just aweful, don't go and see it because 'it'll be historically bad', it's just boring .

The stage show is up-lifting and this was beyond dreary it was so tough to stick it out to the end when it was finished I just felt so relieved it was over, a feeling echoed by my mum and sister.

There's no plot, characters and explanations on how their world works; especially when we see "only one" human throw away Victoria.

The music isn't that great, with no story to speak of, so I think many people's fondness for the show is as much misty water-colored moments of nostalgia as it is praise for the show.

I give this movie 10 stars because it's more funny and entertaining than I was expecting.

I watch bad movies as a hobby and this is among the worst movies I've ever seen.

One of the worst movies of the decade.

WORST movie ever.

I still found it enjoyable despite its many downsides.

We really enjoyed it from start to finish.

If one was expecting a 'normal' film, there could be some confusion.

They pumped them full of drugs and forced them to stay awake for days until they lost their mind.

This would've helped create more of a narrative momentum and made the film as a whole more engaging.

The dancing, the sets, the cat "acting" and the weird story line - it was entertaining and visually impressive.

The rest was difficult to endure: long, drawn-out production numbers of very cheesy Broadway tunes, Jason Derulo's horrible singing, Taylor Swift's even worse singing (and getting A-list billing,) James Corden's unfunny performance and Rebel Wilson inability to keep her legs closed.


Also the way that multiple cats contribute to each character's song was very enjoyable.

don t waste your money on this.

Please save your money and sanity.

And for me far more enjoyable.

The film itself was largely devoid of storyline and frankly quite boring.

It has maybe two decent musical numbers and whole lot of bland ones (and you know a movie's going wrong when Taylor Swift's solo is one of the good ones).

I cried more or of shear horror when I left the theater than when my dog died in my childhood.

I saw this film on the evening of Wednesday, January 15, 2020, and while I'd originally assumed that one or two songs would inevitably linger in my head long after I'd left the theater, it was actually the slurping coming from the mouth of Magneto/Gandalf/Richard III that has haunted me for the past 48 hours and counting.

There was little to no plot, and where there was plot, it was lost in chaos and disgust.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it !.

Boring .

I had read all of the bad reviews so was expecting a terrible experience, however to my surprise I actually quite enjoyed it.

Worst movie of the decade.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

I'm not entirely sure, but perhaps there was just too much dancing which didn't move the story on, which can make it drag, but I have to say when the intensity of the dancing backed off and the story and drama picked up, it was quite superb and I came out of the cinema having thoroughly enjoyed it.

" Still, it had some nice moments (that lasted maybe a few seconds apiece) and some intriguing ideas (that lasted even shorter time).

It's lively and enjoyable which is what you want in a light hearted musical.

Cats is a Huge Misfire, Boring and Dumb Are the Words That Come to Mind .

I thought the casting was great, the music and dancing was engaging, and the film had fun and heart.

Wonderful original songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and a stunning song co written with Taylor Swift.

There is no plot to be seen, and I can't believe the cast list signed up to this film because they didn't make it anymore watchable.

If you've seen the stage version you might agree that both are fairly slow in pace.

Cats is based upon a Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber which has no plot, and never intended to have one.

The colors and sets were breathtaking, the music sounded like heaven, and the actors were brilliant.

Worst Movie Ever!!.

I really enjoyed it.

Also there is absolutely no plot and we never learn any of the cats names.

Don't waste your money at the cinema.

The main problem is that the format of the original musical does not upscale to the movie screen due to its lack of story.