Chain Letter (2009) - Horror

Hohum Score



A maniac murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mail.

IMDB: 4.1
Director: Deon Taylor
Stars: Nikki Reed, Keith David
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 52 found boring (32.69%)

One-line Reviews (42)

It do has a few gory moments but for a torture porn too less to become a classic.

Hilariously Bad for Half, Boring for the Other .

Likewise, there's also a pretty weak and overall lousy suspense scene in that section where he stalks the friend in the gym in a really protracted sequence that forever and really weakens it's suspenseful attempts here.

Do not waste your time on this straight to video mess, the acting is horrible, no story whatsoever and it is truly disgusting.

In at least one scene I got this specific creepy feeling I get while watching a horror film that usually causes me to classify it as 'torture-porn': getting an icky feeling during a drawn-out torture scene that someone involved in the making of the movie got off on it.

Here is a film so boring, unimaginative and down right stupid that it almost doesn't qualify as a horror film.

The end was rather predictable and sort of redundant.

If this all sounds routinely boring or low budget – think again.

The movie starts out very well and the whole movie has the golden rules for horror, which most of us have gotten tired of since it makes movies too predictable, and this movie is no exception.

I actually cheered when the lame and uninteresting heroine was ripped in two by who I assumed were her parents as they drove in different directions only to discover that their daughter had been 'chained' between the vehicles.

This unfortunate cinematic waste of time and money is basically an extremely embarrassing collection of contemporary horror film clichés.

This is completely pointless movie, one of those where you watch it to see what happens and then it just ends suddenly and you think WTF?

They both have decided to park outside of the perfectly empty garage.

But in the grand scheme of things they are entirely pointless.

I know what mindless, fun, entertaining horror movies look like; I grew up in the 80s, so trust me, I know mindless horror fun when I see it.

Slightly entertaining in a dry way, this movie is frustrating overall and never catches a rhythm due to its inconsistency.

Sadly the film is too boring to even remember characters enough to hate.

Boring, predictable teen-slasher .

A couple of the 'highschoolers' did their best, but you can only go so far with a boring, sloppily-written script.

Mean-spirited, Boring Mess of an Excuse for a Horror Movie .

The best aspect of the movie is the initial scene of a girl being dragged away in chains.

The film is full of gore and macabre murders, but this is not enough to make a good movie because there is no real plot behind, giving coherence to all work.

The ending was very weak, very predictable and didn't leave you in awe as Secret Window or Identity did.

Overall, the shock moments were cheap and predictable, and didn't make me jump once.

the plot was an exciting one or at least could have been made an exciting one if more thought had gone into it.

There are serious problems with the logical choices made by the characters in this film and that ultimately result in their untimely demise, but personally, I was so uninterested in the underdeveloped and uninteresting characters I didn't really find it worthwhile to attempt to find out why they'd become victims anyway.

The moment with all those chains reminded me of "Hellraiser" and gave me the hope for an entertaining horror.

Some of the kills are pretty suspenseful and definitely creepy, and the action presented in the set-ups are rather fun, from the film's opening where a chained victim to different cars driving away from the same driveway, the football player who gets his face ripped apart by the steel in the high-school gym or the garage encounter in front of the visiting friend.

Still worth watching though.

Overall it was a pretty intense 90 min in the theater.

This movie was really boring and was suffering from a rather silly storyline.

It's a confusing mess, so much that we get to see the title sequence TWICE.


It's entertaining and a little shocking at the start but then it just becomes a formulaic by numbers horror/thriller where you just have to leave your brain by the door.

Even though it was a gorefest, I enjoyed it up until then.

That also helps out here with the stalking scenes throughout here as this one generates some really tense and thrilling scenes which makes for a surprisingly suspenseful time, as the walk-through of the abandoned pant with the dangling chains makes for a really comic feel, the big encounter in the bathroom where he traps her girlfriend inside and has to hold him off from breaking in is a particularly chilling highlight sequence and the stalking of the brother is really creepy with the continuous chain letters popping up driving him insane before getting to the big ambush kill in fine fashion are all really fun suspense scenes that make for a really great time here.

Blood and guts with very little plot.

Poor and pointless .

A truly painful melange of inappropriate clichés, boring characters, senseless plot additions and obvious mistakes .

A Torture Film Where the Real Victim is the Viewer .

This movie makes it because it does manage to remain entertaining.

Some kills were quick and some were slower.