Chained (2012) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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A young man held prisoner by a cab-driving serial killer must make a life or death choice between following in his captor's footsteps or breaking free.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jennifer Lynch
Stars: Vincent D'Onofrio, Eamon Farren
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 75 found boring (18.66%)

One-line Reviews (71)

Bereavement meets Perkins' 14 somewhat meets Hostel, the result is definitely worth watching .

D'Onofrio's performance at Bob is both terrifying yet gripping.

This movie was unpredictable...

Sheltered from the world, the boy grows up immersed in the unspeakable acts committed by his new father figure, learning about life through the twisted eyes of the killer.

You soon forget that Rabbit has been though such a terrible ordeal, and you begin to see them as Father and Son, and this makes the film more interesting and more intense, because then when Bob flips, you are bought back to the films story, rather than the narrative, which is a genius move by Lynch.

'Chained' starts out pretty good, but soon after things things get boring, with only here and there a good bit.

This film differs from the rest of the serial kille films, as it doesn't rely on showing bloody and ultra violent murders, but rather shows a steady paced storyline with intense psychological trauma.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat and the turn at the end is unexpected.

I liked Surveillance, another Lynch movie, yet my friends did not like it, but I found the twists and turns intriguing.

But its the ending that is surprising and also unexpected the twist will shock you..With gore and suspense in the right places and a decent plot its un missable for horror and non horror fans alike

It's worth the watch.

I am fairly certain most ten year olds could watch this movie and be bored to death as well.

As far as watchability, this movie was so dull I had to skip ahead several times because I couldn't bare to watch it any longer.

This movie is flat, boring and not at all inventive.

Other than this, it is a good, but slow ride.

If you like your horror quirky, cerebral and unexpected, Chained is for you.

Trying to gauge his character is tough -- smart, stupid, slow?

The same thing keeps happening over and over again with no plot.

As well as all of the above, the script kept me on the edge of my seat by throwing in a few twists and turns at the end.

The plot had very good twists, they just were a little slow coming, with the best twist at the end, don't blink or you miss it and the entire explanation.

Other than being original and compelling in its own way, "Chained" features a combination of concepts and ideas from films that have already been made in the past decade or two.

If you take the twist ending out the rest of the movie is as dull and predictable as they come.

I thought a little more insight into his mental state could have helped things as the entire plot gets dragged out a bit too much.

The place is marvelously Lynch-esque, a bland suburban one-story house in the middle of flat fields that drown the screams.

Intense and certainly nightmare inducing.

After all that the plot actually becomes more intriguing with superb character development and it is very disturbing and comes up with some very unexpected moments and the final half is what raises this film above many others in the same genre.

And for being so utterly boring except for a few boring clichés.

Inevitably it doesn't work very well, leaving this a bland disappointment lacking in vision and character.

Will keep you on the edge most of the movie.

The rapes and murders are simply backdrop, often implied, while Lynch focuses on the evolving relationship between Rabbit and the killer, Bob, which is fascinating and no less horrific.

With deliberately unpredictable movements and strange speech impediments make his character more realistic than you'd ever want him to be and Eamon Farren does a great job putting him-self in an unspeakably horrible situation in a role that had to be difficult to play.

However, the writers here do their best to maximise the potential they're given by not only keeping everything tight and suspenseful, but also in creating a villain who is multi-layered and utterly fascinating.

Luckily I had fast forward on this boring movie.

intriguing and wonderfully abnormal .

The film sees D'Onofrio's killer taking on a disturbed young apprentice but there are some highly predictable twists in store which you'll see coming a mile off.

Another thing that was breathtaking was the ending.

You grow bored of films that use copious amounts of blood, violence and nudity to pad out weak plot lines and characters, to satisfy a certain type of person (I note a few people have commented on the lack of these things in previous reviews).

Its actually tedious, which would be the best word to describe this movie.

There is some method to the madness because they are exploring what makes a person like Bob so sadistic which is strangely fascinating.

Otherwise, Chained just plods along following a very boring killer and his silent sidekick.

Don't waste your time!

One boring "arthouse" film .

" It's a gripping psychological thriller that throws in a few twists here and there to keep the viewer on their toes.

Hell, even The Room was more enjoyable.

Slow and Boring and completely predictable with an end that does not tie in .

It took every once of energy in me just to stay awake during this movie.


The performances were powerfully tense and keeps you glued to the screen and on the edge of you seat.

This film was wonderful, definitely worth watching.

In fact, this is one of most boring and uninteresting films I've seen this year, even thought I am usually tolerant with underground horror pictures.

The parts are played well, and the movie is intriguing from start to finish.

The cabbie killer(Bob)had a life boring beyond belief and was so one dimensional he could exist on a petri dish.

Dull and a Waste of Time .

This movie is just plain boring from start to finish.

We here screaming, and a short time later the boy is dragged in and told that he is there to stay.

One of the more intense and disturbing scenes is a flashback that uncovers Bob's sadistic father and rejection by his mother.

Excellent Storyline, But too slow in the middle .

The movie is a fascinating portrait of an ersatz father-son relationship.

It's unpleasant without being too graphic, and in the end the mindless screaming and killing bored me senseless.

Unpredictable, incredible acting...

Slow and Boring and completely predictable with an end that does not tie in If you are like me who has seen all the big name popular thrillers and are now looking for indie hidden gems , you can skip this one coz it is not one of them.

Intriguing and disturbing, worth the watch .

Conversations are all uninteresting and I couldn't care less about what would happen next, given that nothing made any sense.

So he makes his decision, with unexpected consequences.

Pointless doesn't begin to describe it.

But I give it only a 6 because it was a little too slow moving and because they left out an important detail.

This is a solid flick well worth the watch.

Horrible, yet entertaining .

You will be on the edge of your seat anticipating the next scene the entire time.

All in all, Chained managed to put together some unoriginal ideas and turn them into a compelling, sometimes terrifying and sometimes touching story.

I also mentioned in the title of this review that the movie started to become too slow towards the middle.