Chambers (2019) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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A woman survives a heart transplant and begins to develop different personality traits.

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: Sivan Alyra Rose, Griffin Powell-Arcand
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 60 out of 174 found boring (34.48%)

One-line Reviews (124)

Okay show, boring ending .

Rather slow sequence of events.

My advise stick it out if you feel it's slow.

It was such a mess and a boring one at that.


Hands down one of the slowest, most boring, pointless shows ever.

It is slow , more than it need it to be.


I actually fell asleep not 15 min into the last episode and didn't even bother to attempt to go back and watch.

This show was too slow and very anticlimactic.

Painfully slow .

It's SUUUPER slow with a lot of build up with NO PAY OFF at the end!

The show is far too drawn out and goes off on a tangent towards the end, obviously aiming to set up another season.

Except that, movie actually is boring, another strange Netflix series.

It is boring and very slow.

All the reviews for This show seem to say how slow it is!

People complaining that its a slow burner, guys it takes some time to build a story.

I just couldn't go on after the first episode, just bland.

It is very entertaining show and much better than hounted house on the hill or something.

The characters are wholly unlikable and in an uninteresting way.

Too often people wanted to see some actions or scare jump, but this series managed to make it so suspenseful without the typical horror elements.

Boring and dull .

Plot is intriguing and moves along without slowly dragging the story out.

I am a fan of slow burners, which generally don't get green lit so I had no issues starting this one up and seeing where it led.

Over pretentious wannabe fusion of stranger things and 13 reasons why .

Overall, I think this show has a strong promise and story worth watching.

It's worth the watch.

It's slow with well thought out sound design and cinematography, none of which adds to (or detracts from) the plot.

Boring .

For slow burn horror to work, the atmosphere and tension need to be relentless, slowly creeping under your skin and gradually building to a climax whilst scattering moments of interest throughout to keep viewers invested; Chambers does none of this, instead resorting to predictable and underwhelming scares within a central mystery that loves to just spout exposition instead of showing audiences - after all, it's a horror series rated Adult so it shouldn't need to skimp on the grisly details.

I really enjoyed it because it was nothing like I expected it to be.

Confusing (not in a good way), weird dialogue, strange vibe and a lot of questionable overreactions by characters that make zero sense.

But seriously, it is so boring and I don't like any of the characters, especially the main character.

It was suspenseful and had a good story line.

And on top of all that, the show is thrilling and beautifully shot.

The narrative of the show is disjointed which adds to the idea of the shared heart of Sasha and Becky.

Don't waste your time.. .


Don't waste your time...

Uma Thurman played her part well and is what got me through the boring parts.

Slow boring mess .

Highly recommend it

Too slow than the story itself .

There were too many times during the first season where I found myself losing focus due to her monotone acting.

Whilst this movie was a slow burn from the start, it seemed quite original and kept my interest.

So I see all these great reviews and I feel like it's some overly pretentious person who walks into an art gallery and sees an elaborately painted scene and dismisses it as mediocre, then strolls over to a plain white canvas with a single red dot in the center, then raves how brilliant it is!!

Slow but good, watched it in two evenings, very enjoyable, and at some moments, maybe 5 times my hair on the arms stood straight up with delightful horror.

Don't waste ur will not get that time back EVER!

My wife and I both enjoyed it.

An engaging first few episodes quickly slides into moody, melodramatic, nauseating supernatural-murder-by-numbers.

That's what is so great about mystery, it's intriguing.

Some of the plot was obvious, some over done tropes, but there was a sense of having no idea what exactly happened to Becky, and who did it (although most of my guesses ended up being correct), so it kept me guessing, and there was enough original material to make it worth the watch.

Slow.. pretty boring.. .

There is a massive difference between "slow burn" and "bland", and this latest Netflox series is certainly the latter.

Boring .

Boring .

At the beginning is good but then is slow, boring and confusing.

It's a bit slow and characters are a bit all over the place.

The story is well built up, lots of cliche horror movie hints, which i enjoy.

I enjoyed it .

I was bored the first 3rd, then things go nuts and the show ends in a fascinating way.

Very slow, heavy to watch.

The show is interesting, albeit a bit slow.

The end of every episode had me wanting more, with thrilling/scary bits at the end of every episode.

Worth the watch .

The OA is another great slow burn adventure.

I found the last couple of episodes very boring and uninteresting, and only watched them to find out what happens in the end- I wish I hadn't bothered.

Nice horror series with this new idea, but, the sequence of events was rather slow.

The leading actress is so dull and monotone.

I get slow burn shows, I love slow burn shows, but this is so slow, it went backwards.

I absolutely love the slow pace and intensity.

Just long , messy and boring .

This oversight is indicative of the disjointed nature of the show!

The premise of the show is intriguing and the horror elements are used well to build tension and develop the characters.

Definitely worth the watch, can't wait for Season 2!

The plot is droll, inventive, thrilling, psychedelic, creepy, cathartic, mysterious and has an ambiguous ending.

Boring even when it's not predictable.

Entertaining at best .

Engrossing .

I love slow paced unique stories.

it is slow and subtle, building up what is intended to be a complex character study post traumatic experience.

And a bit confusing at time.

It's a slow burner.

The twists are unpredictable and keeps your attention drawn in.

Uma was the standout performance and also her character was the most intriguing.

Show started out good, kept my interest, then slowly, but surely, got silly and boring.

The first episodes was good, then I got bored for a few episodes and thought that I should watch the two remaning episodes when I suffered through the 6 boring ones.

" But it's kind of boring.

Really bad and predictable story telling and had no clue what they were trying to convey in the last 2 episodes.

This one dragged hard in the beginning.

The story is thrilling and entertaining.

I loved Bloodline, which is an extremely slow burn thriller.

This was definitely a "slow burn.

The characters are also bland and lifeless.

Bingeable slow burner .

Good chance for a lot of new actors to shine, but it was uninspiring and misinterpreted, and even a big name like Uma Thurman couldn't wake up the slumber this one went into.

At points you start to loose interest because it gets really slow and makes no sense.

It goes pretty slow and actually nothing happens there.

When I saw that Uma Thurman was in this series, The first thing I thought about was the movie "Pulp Fiction" uma And Travolta We're the stars of that, Ok this series is pretty slow.....

Disappointed and bored .

That said it's entertaining and constantly changing works of nuttiness.

They could have done a lot more with the intense storyline they created.

The plot seemed interesting - as the writers threw in everything that could make it as thrilling and tense as possible.

Total waste of time.

Once the boring girl somehow completely turned back into the blonde girl, I knew I was done.

Slow and boring .

Some will feel the pacing of the show is slow at times, which will inevitably hinder the show's overall ratings.

The ending seemed very last minute and contrived.

Boring as hell.

Engaging thriller that holds all the way through .

Slower than an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping.

Smart and intense thriller with an amazing cast .

This was so painfully slow, and to get away with this pace the characters need to be likeable and have depth.

The long wait is worth the conclusion and the acting shines even against a plot with some tough spots and repetitive ideas.

As a 3 episode mini series Chambers would h as ve been great but as a 10 episode season it's just dull with flashes of style and horror and tension.

The main actress is as boring to watch as it is to watch pain dry, and her acting ability is as deep as a shallow pond.

Interesting but slow .

Excellent show, a bit slow to start though.

Overall, if you like suspenseful, supernatural and mystery themes in television, I recommend giving this show a try.

If you like good, slow, psychological horror and suspense, with some supernatural elements, I must recommend Chambers.

Enjoyable show!

Good acting, good story telling - steady speed throughout, stays gripping and good suspense throughout.

This should have been a 5-6 episodes story, big waste of time !

The contrived storyline does not help either, despite having some cool production values.