Chance (2016) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A forensic neuro-psychiatrist reluctantly enters a dangerous and violent world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness.

IMDB: 7.7
Stars: Hugh Laurie, Ethan Suplee
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 7 out of 74 found boring (9.45%)

One-line Reviews (38)

Could there be any story line more confusing?

The show is so gripping and so mysterious and spooky, you feel at any moment anything could happen and it really keeps you on your toes, its a fantastic thriller.

If your looking for some cerebral, intriguing and mystifying entertainment then this is it...

The story is great the actors are very good, the guy who plays the cop is really good but this bring me to the main point, the lead actress Gretchen Mol does a really good job and Hugh Laurie is absolutely amazing, he has really killed it but for me the main guy who steals the show here is Ethan Suplee as D, this character is absolutely stunning, the delivery the confidence, this guy has taken this role to another level and I really really hope he wins an award for this, he's the show for me along with Hugh.

Definitely one to watch but be warned it's a bit slow.

This is either a depressingly bad, incredibly slow show or it is a depressingly slow, incredibly bad show.

you must be patient as the first three episodes are slow to build the characters and story line.

intriguing characters and gripping plot albeit predictable at times .

Hugh Laurie is very engaging as Doctor Chance.

So many twists and turns and about 8/10 episodes keep you white knuckled on the edge of your seat.

Slow start, engaging middle, satisfying ending (first season) .

What a completely fascinating and original storyline.

This noir-esque mystery thriller has grabbed me with it's unpredictable plot and brilliant acting.

Chance is a psychological thriller that is both intriguing and intelligent.

the first episode is a slow teaser of an introduction to himself, his friends and his ex-wife and daughter.

Every shot is well crafted, and the way that light is used to help enhance the story being told is just stunning.

The descent into dissipation and amoral dissolution encapsulate the characters, whose lack of awareness -- notwithstanding their superficial rationalizations -- is stunning.

This is the most intriguing thing I've seen on television in many years!

However, the combo of good acting and enough tension made it enjoyable even tough you can easily guess how it ends.

Very good, but just a bit drawn out.

With each episode I get on the edge of my chair.

However as a TV series it seems drawn out, confusing and hard to follow in parts.

Gretchen Mol is terrific as the fragile damsel, and Ethan Suplee is riveting as D.

For examples, the "we are all pilgrims" uttered by Hugh Laurie's character is the most melodramatic, confusing nonsense ever.

Engrossing and Intelligent .

It is so compelling, my husband and I have been binge watching it.

It is true that it has a dark tone throughout, which can sometimes wear on you, but the plot turns are unexpected and manage to keep you engaged at all times.

Final point: the idea that people "enjoy" watching & rate highly such a depressingly bad, incredibly slow show (I decided on one) shows just how degenerate US society is today.

The pace is really slow, and the episodes are filled with meaningless dialogues that add nothing to the story.

Confusing, hard to follow or care .

What a waste of time.

If you're not, don't waste your time, as your reaction will be the same as mine.

The pilot is intriguing and certainly captivating.

) The cinematography of Chance is fantastic, the screenplay intelligent and mesmerizing, the acting superb by both Hugh Laurie and and the rest of the cast, the suspense is gripping as it's built up gradually when Dr. Eldon Chance finds himself in pulled into an strange and dark underworld thick of secrets and lies.

Chance keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The whole thing is very intense.

Thrilling through out all episodes.

This compelling series-noir follows Hugh Laurie as a neuropsychiatrist who plays white knight for a femme fatale in distress, assisted by a helpful tough guy.