Changing Lanes (2002) - Drama, Thriller

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The story of what happens one day in New York City, when a young lawyer and a businessman share a small automobile accident on F.D.R. Drive, and their mutual road rage escalates into a feud.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Roger Michell
Stars: Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 76 out of 350 found boring (21.71%)

One-line Reviews (261)

evil which was superficial to the point of being banal.

She is very intriguing and displays a wide array of emotion with seemingly very little effort.

They made a heartfull point in an exciting way.

Preposterous and Contrived .

Over all, "Changing Lanes" is a fast paced exciting movie that is pretty enjoyable.

Affleck is, in a way, just a big lug, an overgrown baby, a boyish bully, but there's a confusion and vulnerability about him that for the first time in one of his big roles invites genuine sympathy.

'Changing Lanes' has all the ingredients of a clever gripping thriller.

---SOME SPOILERS IN THIS SUMMARY---This was an enjoyable enough cinema trip.

It was a waste of my money and a waste of my damn time.

This might make for a sprightly comedy, but unfortunately, this movie is deadly serious, and both men come across as pompous and dull on a journey that leads to a very predictable form of reconciliation and personal discovery.

Perhas this is one of the reasons why some people might find the pace slow and boring.

Nevertheless Changing Lanes is an good entertaining thriller with very good acting (especially Samuel L.

The movie couldn't make up its mind where it wanted to take you, so you end up going nowhere.

Excess still prevails and incidents provoke viewer laughter when they aim for riveting belief.

High enough on that subterranean level so it's at least worth watching.

Jackson and Toni Collette) , the rest of them are simple dull (Ben Affleck once again plays a stupid character and we can't see an interesting expression in his face).

The score made me think very much of Insomnia (2002), and to a certain degree, Pi.

We finally walked out which I have only done 4 times in 4 thousand movies

" worth watching many times.

The movie was suspenseful and actually made us care about the characters.

Very entertaining and unpredictable .

The story is original in most aspects and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I mean, I had difficulty staying awake and my girlfriend admitted to almost falling asleep 3 times...

The acting was poor, the story ridiculous and the ending trite.

I want to start off by saying I can completely understand how viewers felt this movie was dull and lifeless.

One word: BORING.

Really enjoyed it.

"Changing Lanes" is a ponderous, largely superficial movie that is motivated by charcters who routinely behave in the most irrational and unbelievable of manners.

Their performances are the heart and soul of this stunning and fast-paced film.

While Changing Lanes won't probably make it to my personal top-something favorite movies list, it was nevertheless a solid film, sufficiently different from the Hollywood cliche majority of the genre to be remembered.


Toni Collette, usually so effective, is the weakest linchpin of all, while Amanda Peet surprises with her brief but compelling major scene.

Bad films are one thing--boring ones are another.

This is entertaining if full of holes.

Propogate this waste of time across the entire screenplay and you know what you get??

It's held together by strong performances from two actors we already know always live up to their potential, and is often suspenseful thanks to the way the plot allows each character pretty much equal screen time.

Jackson & Affleck are both fine actors, but their ongoing feud through what was supposed to be the day from hell became very tiresome very quickly.

They all added up to the same principle though, this was a good, enjoyable movie to partake.

An intriguing look at modern-day morality .

It came so unexpected and it was so brilliantly orchestrated, you wanted to join in a standing ovation.

Okay, let's face it, this movie is trite.

Should be a contender for 'worst movie ever.

This has got to be one of the worst movie I've seen.

Fast-moving and quick-minded, "Changing Lanes" kept me interested until a somewhat contrived ending that really seemed to not fit in with the rest of the picture.

Jackson is compelling as an unstable father who makes one last chance effort to redeem his past mistakes and stop his fed-up ex-wife from taking away his children; Affleck is equally good as an ambitious attorney who has his morale put to the test when he learns more than he wanted to know about his mendacious senior partners.

Well made, great delivery, worth watching .

Changing Lanes is a fairly engaging movie.

That people can be bored by a film like this, intelligent, well written, splendidly acted by all concerned (note also the supporting players, Sydney Pollack and Australia's finest acing export, Toni Collette), with something of genuine interest hanging on the outcome of each scene, and on top of it all worthwhile things to say, is as incomprehensible to me as it is that people can manage NOT to be bored by something as clumsy, as monotonously bloodthirsty and as empty as, say, "The Two Towers".

I loved the first half of the film and then I got so annoyed I walked out in the middle.

But it's slow, tired and worn.

Nothing Oscar-worthy or surprising, but entertaining and watchable.

cool and fast paced .

My date and I both left the theater this evening completely enraged that we just wasted two hours of our lives (not to mention $20 of our money) on this horrible movie that was grossly false-advertised.

I think the plot for the movie is interesting but the movie left me with an empty feeling.

) Also on the bad side is the fact that the movie is a tad drawn out and a bit slow in some parts.

It is by far the most boring movie I have ever seen in the last few years.

Although not always perfect, it's enjoyable .

"If you want to live on the edge with me", blah blah blah.


An engrossing and intriguing character study .

Well done, thrilling .

then the ending is a little slow.

It made me laugh, it made me feel worried sympathy, and it also managed to keep me on the edge of my seat- and didn't attempt to achieve the last by direct physical conflict between the characters.

Save Your Money.

In the end it just suffers from boredom.

Intense stuff, even if the action in the film is limited.

What a waste of time and money.

Tedious battle of minds affair .

Save your money and take a pass on this piece of dreck.

But the psychological road trip this took me on was not only impressive, but entertaining.

Great acting by Jackson and Affleck has no bearing on a plot that leaves the viewer cold, bored, and cringing the next highly dubious event.

And the Hollywood ending reduces this potentially good film to a trite disappointment.

Now, the two men have everything to lose, but instead of helping each return to the normal course of their lives, they end up hurting each other again and again in what turns into a personal, breathtaking vendetta.

In the confusion of the accident, Banek does not realize that he has accidentally left a crucial folder in Gibson's possession.

As if he didn't have enough strong talent to portray on screen with Jackson and Affleck occupying it, Michell works to make the film riveting in terms of camera shots and tension creation, while writers Chap Taylor and Michael Tolkin work on giving the film a realistic tone to the project.

There's a neat conceit behind Roger Michell's film 'Changing Lanes', but unfortunately, the end result is somewhat tedious.

Aside from the characters,the movie also ends in an unexpected and very peculiar way.

Indeed the movie was filled with clichés and typically mundane `parlor games' which have become all too common in Roger Michell's movies.

Save your money.

It's a compelling dramatic thriller; it's not a thriller where you're wondering when the ax-weilding maniac is going to jump out, it's the thriller where you don't know what's going to happen next.

Worth watching

What follows is an example of how something as mundane as this can spiral out of control into a tit for tat game of cat and mouse.

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** This film is boring, pointless and irritating.

This was actually quite entertaining.

Riveting, shockingly realistic drama thriller.

But at the end it is so wierd cause a lot of confusing words are told and i don't get the meaning of the movie.

I have never walked out of a movie, or stopped watching it half way through.

Next to being rather predictable from time to time, it is also a bit far-fetched in my opinion.

At the same time, Gavin is showing his wife the old house he planned to buy, empty except for a picture of the `Sacred Heart of Jesus' left in the closet.

Predictable, and wholly disappointing...

It's sheer brilliance the way in which everything gradually falls apart, which made me sit on the edge of my seat, telling the characters, "No!

The two seem to feed off of one another, and that makes each character that much more entertaining.

I specially liked the film editing; it delivers the stressful, fast paced, crowded feeling the movie needed.

I was very hyped-up for Changing Lanes, and was given one of the worst, most gruelingly boring experiences of my entire life.

Roger Mitchell is a director worth watching.

I fell asleep in the middle!

oooooh, too exciting!

(As for those IMDb posters who considered that boring: it wasn't.

Way too long.


The vengeance set-pieces are clever(ish), but nothing particularly exciting either, and the film comes to a predictable and sloppy end before it ever really gets going.

The premise of the story deserved a better portrait of trying to survive and do well in an often hostile and confusing world.

The story is simple enough and very intriguing (in theory.

The movie is very slow and dry, and there is just way too much exposition and drama.

I'm really sorry for you guys, if you really need to be bombarded with adrenaline to enjoy a film.

A good story with solid acting, slow moving, and way overrated.

Waste of Time (Spoiler?

Affleck is enjoyable as a bad guy turned good…and Jackson is just plain good either way.

Not only does this film happen to be a character-driven thriller, it's also an intriguing look at societal pressures on the human individual, delivering in a manner that is intense, edgy, and perhaps even quite frightening.

The premise had promise but the execution, dialogue and plot stank, and the movie darted from boring to tedious and back with a tiresome, predictable regularity.

8 stars for a witty, very entertaining and exiting picture where ingeniously interwove characters arose from a fortuitous incident.

well, what others found too contrived or neat, I found compelling.

The pace is fine, well maybe it is a touch slow if all you care about is the action.

I can't comment on the whole movie because I left after after an hour out of sheer boredom.

Overall, Changing Lanes is overall an entertaining movie with some minor flaws.

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERSI rented this movie thinking that it was going to be some kind of adventure about a vendetta between two tough characters, when (for me, at least), it ended up being a compelling portrayal of how two seemingly very different people (wealthy white man, working-class black man) can both end up ruining their lives because of fatal flaws in their character.

All the good acting Jackson did to create a complex character is thrown out the window as the foes suddenly and boringly settle their differences, Affleck makes a little speech, and then he even solves Jackson's familial drama - all in two minutes.

`Changing Lanes' is a success for Roger Michell that shows us that a movie can have major stars, be entertaining, glossy, substantial, and pensive all-at-once.

The movie even hits the mark by providing both our heroes with minor victories along the way - imagine, a contemporary film structured in a way that thinks outside the box, and actually moves with a certain rhythm, as opposed to the predictable narratives that usually pop up in modern cinema.

Though it may suffer from predictability, Changing Lanes is still an enjoyable ride that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good drama or thriller, just do not go out of your way to see it.

In one we have a successful young law partner (Ben Affleck), working for his father-in-law, they always operate on the edge of morality and legality, sometimes crossing over, while doing good within the community.

Engrossing ethical drama centers around a young attorney and a divorced father whose mild traffic accident erupts into a violent and life-altering test of wills.

This movie was a complete waste of time.

too boring .

Boring plot, unrealistic character actions .

Well-acted but slow-moving and disappointing .

Jackson and Ben Affleck light up the screen in the throughly engrossing Changing Lanes.

This film is worth watching if only to see Jackson's performance, which is never overdone and quite poignant.

We feel his long-held anger beginning to burst into rage, as well as his deep confusion and despair.

The acting is good, the story is entertaining, and at the end of the movie- there is a nice lesson and all is well.

Directed with flare and acted with style, this is an original and enjoyable movie.

Changing Lanes is a very enjoyable melodrama that keeps the viewer hooked until the last fifteen minutes.

The proverbial horse gets beaten over and over again and just when you think this tedious film is finally over, they whip out the stick and beat it three or four more times.

This movie was the equivalent of watching paint dry.

Entertaining flick .

Every scene is contrived; a waste of some fairly decent acting by Toni Collete and Samuel L.

I didnt go see this in the theaters because i expected this to just be another crappy Ben Affleck movie, but my brother saw it and enjoyed it, so I decided to get the DVD, im VERY glad i did!

After an hour of nothing happening...

This movie could have been a 30 minute short, but instead it was dragged out an extra hour.

CHANGING LANES is one of those new movies that try to give us a new plot with the suspenseful climax that "totally blows you away".

I struggled to keep myself from falling asleep, and my date literally couldn't even look at the screen.

It is compelling with multiple twists all the way through that actually make sense (a rarity these days), and actually requires Ben Affleck to act for the first time since "Good Will Hunting.

Boring or distracting (those hand-held cameras made me sea-sick, although I can understand they where intended to induce life, nervousness, stress.

It is certainly an enjoyable thriller, as we follow two men, Ben Affleck and Samuel L.

Spy,' or `Tom & Jerry: The Next Generation,' as it transcends the typical, vengeance-meets-street justice theme that characteristically makes films like this so unbearable.

It was a really exciting film from start to finish and not to mention some really great acting as well.

Anyway thinking of becoming a Lawyer should watch this film to realise that know day in their life will be exciting (not even their most 'exciting' one).

To say much more is to waste my time all over again.

Changing Lanes is always entertaining, thanks to Roger Mitchell's well-paced and sure-handed direction, and the script never falters when it comes to both story and thematic material, mixing both together without ever coming off as preachy.

I make it a rule to only sign on to IMDB and add comments to movies I feel are worthy of praise, this however was such a horrible movie I feel the need to warn the public before they waste their time.

Apart from a contrived and implausible ending, there is no evidence that Banek has ever done any more good than his father-in-law.

For being one of Roger Mitchell's first, it's really a fascinating movie.

The movie goes on and they start to screw each other up but it is very entertaining.

What a waste of time.

The movie revolves around Affleck who accidentally crashes his car with the car driven by Jackson and which led to sequence of events which involves ego clashes and try to make each other's life miserable by engaging in unethical practices.

"Changing Lanes" offers an intriguing look at modern-day morality, with Sam Jackson and Ben Affleck as two fundamentally decent guys pushed into terrible moral compromises by fate.


Roger Michell directs a movie that is gripping, thought-provoking, thrilling and cleverly written.

A lot of twists and turns make this film impossible to predict, so it's a very enjoyable movie.

Superb acting makes this a compelling drama .

There are far too many slow moments with heavy dialogue, it needed more car chase's and suspenseful parts, it never truly delivers on its potential.

The acting is well done, but the characters that they play are one-dimensional and predictable.

Slow paced, no adrenaline rush at all.

It wasn't bad, but after all the positive reviews and word-of-mouth, I was expecting something unpredictable to come out of the ending.

One Word: Boring .

At the start he is such a real character that I was sad to think he would become a `normal guy pushed to the edge' cliché.

The movie attempts to explore characters' psyche, but wastes too much time on contrived plot machinations and hackneyed "cat and mouse" games to really achieve dramatic credibility.

The pair collides---on the FDR---and the test, gripping, paced, pressured from both sides, begins.

Unfortunately they have a minor collision on a New York freeway and during the confusion Banek loses a vital file, while Gipson misses his child custody appearance.

Tedious bore .

The direction offers us loads of intense close-ups, but despite this rather obvious tactic manages to sustain a suspenseful atmosphere right to the finish.

Ho hum.

Nothing happens here.

You could see that both characters were good people and that's what made the movie so compelling.

Jackson was more than engrossing in his role as the man losing everything in his life and fighting alcoholism at the same time.......

Thats what is gripping about this movie.

For those who haven't seen it, it's a gripping experience; one that makes you reach deep within yourself and ponder - how would you react if you were one the wrong side of the accident?

Overall an enjoyable movie.

The movie is fast paced, full of twists and turns and moral themes that are challenging.

In fact the film plays out like a classic morality play, with each man engaging in an internal struggle with his conscience as well as with the other person.

I fell asleep - thank god.

You go see it and it leaves the average person feeling empty, and undecided and impartial about the whole experience and you probably forget you even saw it by dinner time.

Instead of the uninspiring ending, it would have been interesting to see more of a duel between the two protagonists, in which their rage and anger and their desire to do good all come into play.

Despite some of the ridiculous contrivances mentioned above where the film does come good is in its representation of the two main characters; both men (in their own ways) are fairly self-obsessed individuals who fail to look at the bigger picture and predictably this comes to the fore in the closing stages creating a rather safe and predictable end.

I actually, honestly fell asleep during what has to be one of the most insipid, drawn out, mind-numbing scenes in recent film history.

The ending is trite, which detracts from the whole, and according to Michell is what the studio wanted.

Although I liked this movie overall, I really felt that the pacing was extremely slow and drawn out.

Very enjoyable film.

And second the movie is BORING!!!!!!

So, yes, the plot is fast paced.

all neatly wrapped up in an otherwise unobtrusive,apparently formulaic story of "men getting even".

what a yawner...

Still overall this was an absorbing, fast paced look at a slice of human life and into the human psyche.

The trailer was far more exciting than the actual movie .

Well case in point, the film was boring, If you want to see a movie that will AT LEAST keep you entertained with a "no where to be found plot" go see Scorpian King.

Finally, Gavin wanders into a church to collect himself, and sees a processional of the cross; finding the only empty seat is in the confessional, he asks the priest to help him find some meaning in life.

the worst movie ever .

Changing Lanes is certainly an enjoyable gripping drama.

But questions like why there would be only one copy of that `power of instrument,' as well as the big one as to why the two men would both try such desperate measures against each other, are kept at bay by quirky photography and constant, well timed cuts that keep the scenes continually so interesting that I was on the edge of my seat from first scene to last.

One character's next move to destroy the other makes compelling viewing, and we can actually feel some sympathy for them, as we see both their emotional and compassionate side.

The rest of the movie was pointless and very improbable.

Ironically, the document Gavin must file in court is inadvertently in the confusion of the accident left behind on the expressway, and is now in Doyle's hands.

Although the premise is great --- rare for most films coming out of Hollywood these days --- and the movie starts out with promise, it gets more boring and mundane as the film progresses.

This movie was way too drawn out for it's lack of plot and substance.

It was fascinating to see how much courage is needed to break with the trance of vengeance, anger, greed etc. I love movies which brings these kind of human issues without being cheesy.

It starts out fine but gets boring from there.

Contrived .

Despite nice camera work, good performances and good lines this movie s spoiled by being too long, too slow and has a bad ending.

To anyone thinking of seeing this movie, I say, don't waste your time, banish the thought, and you're better off spending your money on a toothbrush for your goldfish.

Although flawed at places, still a gripping and thought-provoking film .

But as a whole, I'd say save your money, and if you cant sleep one night, watch it on cable.

The engaging story is a good payoff for the moments of boredom.

Reading through the comments here the one that surprises me most is the claim that the film is boring.

Memorable and engrossing .

This is where I found it enjoyable – it never allows itself to be solely about the war becoming increasingly violent.

You know unexpected, down from the sky, and not the least because of the hunch that you had.

The `you scratch my back' motto is what goes along with the film and if you know to much about the plot, then you'll probably be bored for the first or so.

It's of course a drama, but it is very suspenseful too.

It is one of those rare things, a compelling morality tale that does not feel overly didactic or preachy.

This is what makes it an entertaining and gripping movie that proved a winner for myself, and should do for many other film fans.

Boring is a word that can describe this film, along with predictable.

this has got to be the worst movie i have ever seen in my life.

Possibly the worst movie i've seen in a long time.

"Changing Lanes", as already mentioned, is a stunning film that deserves to be nominated for several Oscars.

There are many successful and enjoyable movies with silly plot twists.

And for those who feel that good films only show the ugly realities of life, this film delivers, that is, if you can stay awake long enough to see it all the way through.

Changing Lanes is a fascinating thriller, all the more because it constantly makes you question what would've happened if a character said something in a different way, executed a plan differently, or if a character wasn't at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Changing Lanes was very entertaining and very unpredictable in its depiction of the lengths that both characters go to in order to strike back at the other.

<Spoiler> Though popcorn entertaining as it was, I had a very slight beef with the morality.

Jackson's wonderful charisma sheds light on a semi-dull, and unenergetic character.

Save your money and look forward to all of the good movies that are coming out in May.

However, it's enjoyable enough and I do recommend it to anyone curious.

A morality tale that, be advised, does not take too kindly to lawyers, `Changing Lanes' is an engrossing film that delivers much than what is promised, even, by the trailers; a worthwhile cinematic experience.


The script was a little one-dimensional and rather predictable and although there were clear signs of moral issues and dilemma's being addressed the film seemed too jaded and lacklustre.

The ending drags on way too long and so do several of the 'character building' scenes throughout.

The remaining time is riveting.

I'm really sorry to say this but I found it to be boring and I found myself not even caring what happened to the characters at the ending.

After the adrenaline-pumping portrait of road rage that the marketing department projected for this movie in its previews, it does fall completely short of expectations.

More often than not, the movie tends to drag, and it fails to deliver on the trailer's promise of being an exciting thriller.

Director Roger Michell, whose last project was the entertaining romantic comedy NOTTING HILL, does a complete turn-around here, giving the viewer a harsh, overcast look to the city (albeit effectively photographed by Salvatore Totino) and keeping the audience fully involved for the nearly hour and forty minute running time.

Formulaic Hollywood flicks are beginning to really irritate me.

The ways they insisted on getting back at each other became old and predictable.

Gripping .

He is painful and trite to watch.

Otherwise, it's predictable, quite ugly looking, and with a musical score that's so out of place that it's horrifying.

Since there really are two stark worlds in NYC, though one isn't good and the other evil, this film is visually entertaining if bankrupt morally and intellectually.

Finally, the ending is terribly flat and uninspiring after the long build-up of tension.

The movie proceeds slower than an old man eating soup.

This side of it I get and I can fully believe that this type of thing is believable which makes the foundation of the film work, but there are other events in this film that don't make much sense, are hard to believe or are just plain contrived....

Save your money or go see ANYTHING else.

In all honesty the film was below average and on times was quite boring.

Due to the lack of depth Michell and Taylor integrate into the film's suspense, intrigue, humanity, and drama, they needn't have bothered making this a full length feature since most of the picture is rather empty.

pretty exciting .

Well, emotionally it's not my elements, but the way the film is set, directed, filmed is truly gripping.

A really good film worth the watch .

Somewhat trite, the film does deal with matters of principal, is stylish with a good cast (Affleck excepted), and moves along quick enough that its many departures from the real world are easily overlooked.

His soon-to-be or already ex-wife (this was a little confusing in the movie.

The story flows smoothly making it a thoroughly entertaining movie.

Most every event was predictable and/or implausible.

The movie was just plain boring, the climax, dialouge, plot and acting was all just boring.