Chaos (2005) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Two cops, a rookie and a grizzled vet, pursue an accomplished bank robber.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Tony Giglio
Stars: Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 110 found boring (21.81%)

One-line Reviews (92)

Perhaps I wasn't in the mood for this type of file, but this was pretty uninspiring, makes me think I could have done something else with that 100 minutes.

Smarter than it looks, but still rather bland and dull and not what it looks like .

It was really entertaining me.

But it is the character developments and the surprising plot elements that make "Chaos" a fast-paced film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Chaos is an enjoyable flick though.

slow moving police drama .

This is a reasonably brisk paced and entertaining action thriller.

The big twist at the end was predictable and should have been for the oh so smart Ryan Phillippe character as well.

This theory attempts to explain the fact that a series of initial minor events apparently not interconnected can trigger a sequence of significant occurrences, producing unpredictable and complex result.

But it's boring and mundane.

The way Statham gets summoned is very 'Die Hard With a Vengeance', but more boring.

"Chaos" has a few intense shoot em up scenes and a high speed car/motorbike chase scene, it has the mystery/crime aspect and the thriller part of trying to catch the killer/killers.

One of the worst movie I saw .

Mundane .

This was actually very entertaining with all the twists and turns.

One single event triggers Dekker to re-think everything, which unfortunately results in boring and unnecessary flashbacks.

That being said, it is fun to watch and the film does present and intriguing mystery with a few surprising twists along the way.

I enjoyed it for the script, which, when it isn't theorising or springing twists on the viewer, is actually fairly entertaining.

Wesley Snipes portrayed the antagonist also very well, engaging the viewers focus on the character as the blame point, until the very last twist.

The movie made me want to fall asleep 20 mins into it.

The most memorable part of the movie is the movie has surprised twist which gives you unexpected shock!

I would have walked out had I not fallen asleep.

Predictable, crappy dialog.

The pacing is too slow, something that any eventual action-packed interlude can make up for.

This movie reminded me of inside man, and the cast was worth the watch.

a pretty darn enjoyable way to spend 106 minutes.....


Chaos had some good action and was pretty suspenseful are various times.

The actors (with the exception of Phillipe, who was the only believable character) are all incredible dull and some are just reading their lines.

Instead, we have a bland, dull looking film with a very TV movie feel to it.

Although the staging is good, the fight scenes come across as contrived and fake.

Then, add to this a lot of twists, totally unpredictable, great acting.

Despite they are so very much predictable, the twists are appreciable enough when they arrive considering that many of the twists are being build just as the movie comes to a half time duration or so.

enjoyed it .

It's always the worst crime for an action/thriller to be boring, especially with its promise of non-stop thrills and breakneck pace.

Overall it is a barely watchable misfire of confusing elements and lackluster detective work and gun-play with way too many endings and a sophomoric script passed off as a Masters Thesis.

After that, however, the movie crawls to a very slow speed when Statham and Phillipe try to work out what has happened.

Yawning in the desert .

I do get the plot, still it's confusing.

It's just pointless -Why would Statham's character point out the change in camera position in the footage reviewed from the bank.

There are a few good chase scenes, including an early car chase (following an overlong and mostly tedious hostage situation) and a decent shootout between Snipes and Philippe near the end, and a few good revelations.

and there were some questionable parts but still enjoyable (2 viewings)

Wesley Snipes has probably never had a less interesting role in a film, and Statham is a thoroughly dull actor.

However, the fact's are that this is a confusing, poorly written, self-indulgent mess by director Tony Giglio, and while it aspires towards the originality of films like 'Seven' and 'The Usual Suspects' it's probably on the wet side of 'Lucky Number Slevin'.

In essence, everyone gets the same - a huge disappointment and a waste of time and money.

An enjoyable action-crime caper .

The script is a typical late 20th century potboiler good cop/bad cop with a ridiculously predictable plot and dialogue lifted out of 1970s TV cop shows, such as "The Streets of San Francisco.

You'd think a movie with this many plot turns might actually be interesting, but around every bend is yet more cliché.

Bottom line: Don't waste your time.

This is another good Jason Statham movie that is worth watching for its interesting plot development, twists and characters.

Well, at the first approach, there is not much of a new thing – a police detective story, a very thrilling bank-raid story, hostage and all.

This story line was absolutely fascinating!

The only reason I'm giving this a 4/10 is because despite how dumb the movie actually is, it's still reasonably entertaining throughout.

Although the movie does not offer much of a new thing, it still is very interesting to watch and very exciting as the plot goes on.

I fully can understand why some cheesy films get a poor release, BUT I never was able to figure out why some good, exciting well made & acted films get lost in the shuffle.

Chaos was actually very different from the usual run of the mill *yawn yawn* action movies.

People who loved "HEAT" might find this enjoyable as well.

A predictable and pretty dumb movie that actually believes itself to be clever...

Great movie, solid cast, truly entertaining!

Then the things that happen in the bank are strange and pointless.

But this is a smooth, well-done work of good crew and great actors; it will be a good evening watch, if you take it as an impeccably executed entertaining thriller.

much more similar in some ways to his turn in the Bank Job than his over-the-top stuff…..excellent casting, cool dialogue, good performances (especially by Statham, Phillipe and Waddell) and moody neo-noir sets/cinematography all wrapped up in an intriguing if somewhat implausible storyline.....

Boring action sequences.

I really enjoy movies with twists, this one had it all, even though predictable, none the less it was fun.

How could (at least) hundreds of thousands (and probably millions) of dollars have been thrown away on what can only be considered a waste of time for everyone except those who took home money from the film?

Chaos starts as a simple crime mystery film, then towards the last 45 mins (around 70 mins), the film gets more interesting and becomes more entertaining with its plot detail and twists.

All in all a very enjoyable movie, some fun and smart plot-twists, decent acting and overall pretty good script.

SPOILER FOLLOWS: The double twist at the end is a fascinating one in which it is revealed the the criminal involved in the bank heist was York, the former partner of Conners.

After the setup and opening scenes, we are at a bank robbery hostage situation; the bank blows up, and all the hostages and robbers escape in the confusion.

more cliché .

Nevertheless, it could made some viewers bored if they didn't realize about the strange point or they watch this movie for the first time.

Being more of a detective crime movie than an action, this movie sure was able to bend the viewers expectation from wanting a heavy set action packed flick, to one of intricate story of well-spun web of lies.

Predictable movie that thinks itself more clever than it actually is .

Enjoyable little action thriller with lots of twist's.

The first thirty odd minutes of Chaos are the most action packed, from the opening car crash to the bank heist it's a nicely paced mystery but then it does slow down for an exposition heavy plot although if you pay attention & get into the film then surely the effort will be worth it with all the satisfying twist's that keep you guessing & go against expectation.

Well, don't be a tool and stay away from this mess of a film, instead, spend your time on something more exciting, like taking a crap or washing dishes.

So all in all, I think this movie is worth watching especially for those who like thrillers.

My Take: Wrongfully substitutes thrills with boring so-called mystery and endless talking.

Cool movie with an interesting story and relatively suspenseful.

The writing alternates between expected clichés and slow prodding work.

But for a popcorn thriller, this was quite entertaining.

It gets better as the movie builds up its story right after the opening in a fast paced fashion.

The only real "fast paced" action scene was a unintentionally comical waste of 4 minutes in which the director felt it necessary to have the suspect smash into an old man's Huge TV across an alley as he was carrying it inside, for no reason whatsoever.

We are never given enough information to get the bottom of the plot ourselves, but sometimes we're given barely anything at all; and it is at these moments where Chaos is at its worst as it fails to be intriguing.

The main problem (among many other smaller ones) of this movie was the dreadfully predictable and clichéd story line.

there's enough action for those who need that and the slower, darker scenes are generally more interesting and entertaining.....

If they didn't really want Statham to take center stage, they could have at least got a better man for the job than Philippe's straight-faced but nearly empty portrayal.

Statham has little range as an actor (although he's Meryl Streep compared to his co-star Wesley Snipes), and he's clearly always playing an idealized version of his off-screen self; however, when a script properly exploits his well-above average physical capabilities, his above average intelligence, but his significantly below average emotional sensitivity to its advantage, the result can be very entertaining.

Sometimes it complicates itself, sometimes its just too uninteresting to pay attention.

throw in a few unexpected plot twists and some Chaos Theory & Buddhist philosophy....

Well Worth Watching .

Unfortunately it is a little too predictable.