Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

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A young boy wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world, led by the world's most unusual candy maker.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Tim Burton
Stars: Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 177 out of 1000 found boring (17.7%)

One-line Reviews (533)

(2) Visuals are stunning!

That said, I thought the film was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

There are some - the whole world is wonderfully realised, exciting and imaginative and some of the special effects are genuinely special and Burton's trademark direction is there helping to create a film that is, at least, a visual treat.

Directed by Tim Burton (Batman, Ed Wood, Planet of the Apes "2001") made an entertaining updated version of the classic 1971 film, which the original film was titled "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" for some reason.

There are some bits that made me smile, but it was neither as entertaining nor as charming as the original movie.

While I can't say if that's closer to the book, it is such an intriguing journey that audiences really don't seem to mind.

I think Tim Burton tried too hard to make it entertaining.

The whole film was visually stunning, and every actor and actress was perfectly cast, especially Johnny Depp.

The colours of the chocolate factory are stunning, and you can feel that you've entered a world of imagination and left the, literally, grey outside world far behind.

It was like watch a colorful but boring play.

With a lot of black humor and jokes makes the movie more than enjoyable experience.

After seeing that, the book's ending seems kinda dull.

I find it pointless that this project was even attempted at all.

By changing the story, by spicing and sweetening it up at the same time, you get a confusing mix of craziness and morals, of fun and seriousness.

The mood among those gathered turns, as they watch his slow progress, from jubilant to--what?

It was dull and uninspired.

As for the plot, it was entertaining up to Charlie and the winners standing in front of Wonka's gate.

Pointless remake of a grand classic .

soon my 2 will be the average, the original, don't waste you time on this big money and hype offering.

Aside from the negatives, this does prove to be an enjoyable popcorn movie for children, and if you take you kids to see this at the cinema, they will probably thoroughly enjoy it.

It's very entertaining and your children would love it.

Tim Burton may not be the right choice to direct, but his amazing visuals, use of quirky surrealism and interesting colour palette make the film unique and fascinating, if overly dark at times.

The book was quirky and fun, this film is dark and dull and even the storyline varies from the original source.

The pace was so slow I was almost asleep, and I kept waiting for the magical moments to happen.

I would have given this a 7/10, but I have to subtract 1 for the slow start without Johnny Depp.

waste of time .

The first part of it is boring as heck as the Golden Tickets are s-l-o-w-l-y found, including the bogus ones.

The imaginary world inside the factory is stunning and looks delicious.

At one point, one of his child-victims asks, "Why is everything so pointless?

And, i did think before watching this movie that i would get a bit bored as i already know what happens from the first one and it would just have a bit more polish to it.

Given the dreary and disturbingly creepy book source, this movie was adequately entertaining.

The story and acting that take place outside the factory are top-notch and very entertaining.

The question then is whether this remake is worth watching for those who liked the original?

Watch the original version, read the book, but whatever you do, don't waste good money on this film.

My inner child rather enjoyed it, which is ironic, because I'm only thirteen-years-old.

The actor who plays all of the Oompa-Loompas is funny for about one minute, then that joke grows increasingly tiresome.

The Oompa Loompas' several songs celebrating the riddance of each child were annoying, seemed to be added simply to kill time, and only drew your notice more sharply to the cyclical, repetitive nature of the plot.

The sets were stunning (I read that the 'chocolate river' was really made of a toothpaste base with bean paste thickener - ugh)and the oompa-loompas....

Willy Wonka, leads them all through his wondrous factory and along the way they discover how bizarre Willy Wonka is himself and of course something unexpected awaits the kids further along in the factory.

It had far more class, charm, better performances, and vibrant energy from its cast with rousing, memorable songs.

The biographical material on Wonka not only eliminated some of the mystery surrounding the character, but it was tired and predictable to suggest that his eccentricities were the result of his troubled relationship with his father.

Just a word on Johnny Depp, who appears at times bored with playing the character of Wonka.

The effects and acting were stunning, none more so than Wilder.

actually pretty fun and entertaining .

The only real weakness in this movie is that its kinda too dark and Charlie is very boring, he barely shows emotion, that messes it up.

Certain scenes lacked the the brilliance brought to the original by Gene Wilder, especially when gene got spooky and intense.

But it was entertaining and fun to watch, a great example of a classic family movie.

Locked in a tedious monotony, the plot essentially consists of Wonka, the children, and their respective parents moving from room to room where each of the four brats meets up with his or her well-deserved comeuppance in the form of a bizarre factory accident, until only sweet little Charlie is left.

And the random pointless back story and alternate ending?

Delaying it with an out-of-place subplot is completely pointless and unnecessary.

Though the Depp's Wonka is a little different then the original book one, he's still a great and intriguing character, and the film even has insights about his past and such to give him a reason to be so odd and to have his quirks.

Movie Flow: The beginning starts out slow...

Save yourself from this dull, heartless movie and see the old 70s one instead.

And, when you leave the theater, you will be craving chocolate...

This is the worst movie EVER!!!!!

Unnecessary, redundant, pointless.

He tried to make his stories fun, entertaining and full of excitement, which this film does not lack.

Also, this film adds a great new story that is both touching and fascinating, the story of Willy Wonka's dad (Christopher Lee), the dentist who drove him to rebel and create a chocolate factory.

This wasn't contained in the book and, to me, felt either contrived because there must be some reason Wonka is the way is (can't he just be what he is without explanation) or, I suspect, to add a moral lesson to the movie, i.

I'll tell you why it doesn't deserve praise: Most of the time, it's just plain boring.

It was heavily predictable for one thing; Burton casts Depp in everything and as usual Depp comes off as a creepy freak who would be better as a pedophilic mime in a back-alley somewhere waiting to pop out from behind a dumpster, than a lovable and eccentric factory owner.

Don't waste your time .

The new movie has a boat scene full of special effects that is dull dull dull.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Actually, apart from the grandparents, I found all acting rather dull.

Funny and entertaining movie indeed.

Dreary, hollow and unsatisfying.

One of the very worst movies I've ever seen!!!.

Don't waste your time.

Beyond that, I honestly don't care how faithfully Burton recreated the original book because what I saw on the screen was captivating, satisfying, and definitely enjoyable.

At times, Depp felt unsettling: while the darker aspects of his Wonka were a refreshing body added to empty shell which was Dahl's original Wonka without compromising the allure of the eccentric, the childish insecurities he displayed were more difficult to accept.

I have never seen such insane jokes in a film before (The cannibal comment, hair cream comment, etc.).The songs were funny and enjoyable too, although I wasn't fond of Vecura Salt's song.

The Oompa Loompas (or should I say Oompa Loompa) are just plain boring, no green hair or orange faces or brilliant songs this time.

Like any Burton production, the visuals are stunning, weird, and just straight-up pleasant.

My other gripes with the film were the musical numbers which came across as somewhat contrived, cheesy and unnecessary, if anything they could have been shortened to a minute at most.

Honestly, I was bored in the middle of the movie.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

The amazing contrast between the drab city and the vibrant factory is one of the many stunning visual effects.

Wonka was much more acceptable and identifiable, the little ditties were more enjoyable and relatable, the inserted quotes fitted, the strangeness of Wonka did not make him so scary, the special effects budget didn't exist so some parts they had to make do (I am assuming that is why squirrels and geese were interchanged) and the flashbacks only detract from the story.

From the visual part, there are stunning colors throughout Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Charlie of course is bland, as is the nature of the character, while the other characters live up to the book.

It's a bit too long as well, with an unnecessary epilogue which deviates from the source material as well as a dull flashback subplot which not even the great Christopher Lee can make interesting.

The end of the movie is goofy and contrived, and a complete departure from the book.

Very entertaining although it has a slightly different ending that is a bit more family orientated.

a dull ride through a great story .

This movie for every sense was beautiful and stunning.

In general, the film brings the book to life is visually stunning and quirky fashion, and Roald Dahl would probably like this version more as it's closer to the book.

What I really wanted to add my ha'penneth about was the sheer cinematic intelligence on display: from the moment the young Wonka steps out of the 'hall of flags', we have some v witty visual jokes about cinematic cliché.

The way the factory looks inside is breathtaking.

Tim Burton has done a good job and given us a very entertaining family film and pulled another excellent performance from Depp.

Complete and utterly boring.

Drab and uninspired, messy and full of some poor special effects, (especially Violet's demise); with a glass elevator sequence taken straight from the equally bad Hitchhiker's Guide film.

First off, major props to Tim Burton for creating such a mesmerizing and lingering yet entertaining film.

They changed her a little bit for the new movie, but she still was quite enjoyable.

The bland pastel colours (both inside and outside the factory) can't really be criticised for they are of it's time.

With all the usual visual dazzle of a Burton movie and a typically quirky Depp performance it's very entertaining.

The other kids were boring and not very realistic.

Enjoyable work of an old story .

surprisingly fun and entertaining .

The story was a little different to the original with lots of twists and turns along the way like a very exciting roller-coaster.

The colour pallet is such eye candy, making the film so bright stunning, juxtaposing those darker undertones of the story.

The Movie was Really Funny and i enjoyed it.

I am just truly embarrassed at how sad this film was and how very boring!

Don't waste your money, or your sanity, seeing it.

I thought that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a highly enjoyable candy fun film.

Overall it's a decent film; it's not magnificent, but it's fun and entertaining.

This is an extremely entertaining film and one of the best of 2005!

I must say, the beginning is a bit too slow to my taste.

And the most exciting thing in this movie was OOMPA LOOMPA'S.

There is something confusing about Tim Burton's films.

About an enjoyable eccentric chap named Willy Wonka played wondrously by Johnny Depp.

the movie was funny in all the right places and had touch of sadness, it was just one Fantastic movie .. and i HIGHLY recommend it !!

In contrast, in this new rendition it was simply a boat cruising somewhat out of control down a chocolate river - nothing more, apart from a couple of attempts towards cleverness, one being a highly confusing riddle....

Much more modern and still amazing, and definitely worth watching.

Having watched this film a few times before, I still find it inspirational and intriguing.

The set design and everything were as they should be, but the script is what fell behind and dragged these marvelous actors with it.

I've just sat and read through the posts concerning both movies, that in itself has been highly entertaining!

"Charlie" is so warm, sweet, and enjoyable, I do believe Tim Burton is my favorite movie director ever.

The acting was top notch, and of course, Depp delivered a stunning and whimsical performance as Willy Wonka.

this has to be one of the worst movies i have seen this year (maybe ever).

It feels a little disjointed.

Only the gloriously overrated Tim Burton, who has managed to pull the wool over many people's eyes for over a decade now, could make a rich concept such as this a forgettable bore and a candidate for PND (Permanent Negative Destruction).

This is even more impressive considering that, prior to his introduction, the film is so enjoyable he almost seems unnecessary.

I thought that was pointless and confusing.

You cant tell me you want to watch a movie with the same characterisation, BORING.

Entertaining, and stays true to the book.

He's a brilliant artist, he has a skill for making his movies visually and auditorily stunning...

It was breathtaking, each set piece a glittering jewel.

If I am ever to watch a version of this movie again, I shall be opting for the older, brighter and altogether more enjoyable version!

He was truly stellar and swashbuckling, fun, delirious, and exciting.

here, the computer imagery and confusion with the Oompaloompas is just a bit too much.

It detracted from the main storyline and that reel time could've been better spent on more stunning vistas of Wonka's amazing factory.

The oompa loompas were very entertaining.

2) Script very boring.

As you'd expect from Burton, it's visually stunning and Willy and Charlie both have the look of the original line drawings from the book.

Even talented Johnny Depp looked like he was bored and was overacting.

To sum up, all three are good entertainment and well worth a look or two, but like all confections, they quickly melt away leaving a pleasant but empty memory.

Deep Roy's comedy makes us very very boring and embarrassing after some time..I wasted nearly 2 hours by seeing this.........

but I have to say this is one of the most entertaining films i have seen in a long time.

There must be thousands of pretentious pre-teen moppets who could play pretentious pre-teen moppets, but the girl cast as Veruca Salt is flat and lifeless.

Very enjoyable exeprience, enjoyed the new perspective, and the new take on all the characters and actions.

It's just entertaining as the original.

His performance in "Charlie" was forced, bland, and dry.

Grandpa Joe's role as well was pathetically played and i found myself just getting more and more irritated by his presence as the film dragged on.

dull, clumsy remake .

Mr. Salt as well; They next board The Great Glass Elevator takes the remainders to a fascinating room containing Mr. Wonka's other latest work of art: Television Chocolate.

It perhaps is a little long for a kids film but is certainly well worth watching if you are a fan of the original book or find the Gene Wilder version a little too twee.

Very enjoyable and interesting .

But I was just bored.

His Willy Wonka is a mix of Michael Jackson and a Barbie doll, and grows more unnecessarily confusing as the movie goes on.

It certainly makes the film all the more entertaining for adults and I am sure any fan of the original will be delighted to see a more mature update.

We have an incredibly shallow and pointless film, and surely Roald Dahl deserves more.

I went into an afternoon showing of this film with a group of friends whose ages ranged from 16 to 10, we were in a cinema packed to bursting with small children (think 5 or 6 years old) who had dragged along their parents.

Flat, plodding, awful adaptation .

Looking at the board, sycophantic Burton fans, and people who think Rhoald wrote the bible, my comments seem mundane and out of place.

The only ray of hope in Charlie's life is the dream of one day entering Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, the monstrous industrial-cathedral that towers over the dreary town, visible to his yearning eyes each night as he tries to sleep with the snowflakes blowing into his face.

Weird and wonderful and boring .

An unexpected delight .

I almost walked out when I saw that.

What they came up with is worth looking at, but it's all empty calories.

For others it is worth watching just to try to figure out where the $150 Million budget went.

Fascinating .

The visuals are breathtaking and take you back to those days when you were reading the book and made up your pictures of the inside of the factory.

" But to anyone with a brain, I hope you will see it for the tedious, pointless and stupid pile of rubbish it is and say "Forget Corpse Bride Burton!

Tim Burton does it again in this clever and visually stunning adaptation to Roald Dahls' classic children book.

I took my four year old daughter and she was bored stiff.

Still "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a wonderfully entertaining movie to watch.

The thinks I didn't like: I don't like musical, make me sleepy or nervous when the really action will start...

The score chosen for the film is wacky and seems like it was contrived overnight.

Another pointless Tim Burton remake.

Dreadfully Dull .

I went to watch this film last Thursday, and I admit having high expectations seeing that the trailer very enjoyable (The Willy Wonka song!

Up to this point the movie is very enjoyable.

They have made another entertaining film packed with humor.

An enjoyable eccentric story .

i enjoyed it heaps

Now this made me think that the film would be a bit better, but it looked like one of these stupid kiddie films that would bore me to bits.

And to bring it to a conclusion, a throughly enjoyable movie, aimed for all ages and well done the cast and crew for working together to create this marvellous movie.

Other than that, they were all uninspiring, dull, cheesy and sounded cheap.

And as for the dialogue, it's dull and full of out of place expressions, (what are the grandpas doing talking about candy and pants?

They were all in the most "amazing place on earth" and they looked bored except for Augustus Gloop.

A horrific waste of time; extremely poorly executed...

Any ideas of comparison between the two are totally pointless; this film really is a different kettle of fish entirely.

This pointless remake is a clichéd, glitzy abomination which offers cheesy jokes, sentimental pap and a ridiculous voice-over.

Throughout most of the film he seems rather expressionless and bored, unlike the genuine and honest boy played by Peter Ostrum in the original movie.

I have to say, the Burton-Depp combination has proved to be quite enjoyable!

The visuals are absolutely stunning, so stunning that you could almost watch the movie with the sound down and still be entertained.

The children vary from boring to annoying.

The first had heart, however contrived it may have been.

The produced and modernized and urbanized songs were ho hum at most, I think it was supposed to be cool or cute or something.

The flashbacks were charming and pointless in equal measure.

I could go on and on about all the disappointments of this movie, but it really just seems like a waste of time.

On the whole, the film is very entertaining, with some nice moments.

First 30 minutes and last 30 minutes of this film are very uninteresting and really boring.

waste of time, film and effort.

Overall, I found this movie very entertaining and can't wait to see it again on DVD.

A waste of time and talent.

Comparing the boat scenes for a moment, the original is moving, scary, thrilling, full of intrigue and panic, and all this with a simple slide show and Wilder's voice over.

The worst movie EVER!!.

"Planet of the Apes" and this one are his worst movies that I've seen so far.

The book was good and the original movie was entertaining as a child, though incredibly dated visually.

Despite my comments above, the film, in general, had charm and was enjoyable.

Tim Burton's direction, as usual, is visually stunning.

I choose to believe that none of this is really Burton's fault, that the studio, concerned about a slow first act, made him cut the movie down.

I thought this movie was very enjoyable and well worth the admission.

Scenes designed to explain Willy Wonka's immense interest in the manufacture of sweet consumables slow the story to a crawl, in spite of masterful performances by Christopher Lee.

I enjoyed it even more than the Wilder's version.

All he did was butcher the more endearing aspects of the original film, whilst packing it with his ego and dull sense of righteousness.

While the other children's parents besides James Fox are just plain bland and have wavering accents, Johnny Depp is simply unappealing, from his voice and body language to his make-up, and not just because he's creepily like Michael Jackson.

Burton's style, beloved from such masterpieces as Beetle Juice and Edward Scissorhands, is becoming more cartoonish and predictable as I felt this lands in the same seam as Sleepy Hollow.

the squirrels beating the rich girl up as she left nail marks in the ground where they dragged her away, and the melting singing puppets were a bit disturbing.

They're so fascinating and so brilliant.

But let me just say for the record I was rather enjoying the film until the end when Tim Burton wussed out and made the story go where no story should ever go.

That said, Christopher Lee and Deep Roy are decent, and Johnny Depp tries his best to breathe some life into into his character (which is quirky and at times funny), but this dull, thudding remake of the original is so full of sneering, boring, sullen, plodding, snotty performances from the dregs of a supporting cast...

Am I the only one who thought the music really dragged the movie down?

The original children's book by Roald Dahl and classic film adaptation starring Gene Wilder are both incredibly charming, funny, and entertaining tellings of this story.

The only flaw were the singing and dancing scenes with the Oompa-Loompas, which got a bit boring after the third time.

There were stunning moments and cringe worthy moments.

One need only watch the scene in which a shrunken Mike Teavee is nearly stabbed by a vicious-faced Oompa-Loompa, or the one in which Veruca Salt is dragged screaming into the garbage chute while Wonka pretends he cannot find the right key to let Mr. Salt into save his daughter, to understand Wonka's cruelty.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

After suffering through the incredibly boring and 'bad-taste' version of this '70s classic only one good thing came out of it: I decided to join this movie review site and check every movie BEFORE I bring my kids to the theater.

The visuals are stunning and will leave you wanting more.

In the original, Wonka seemed merely disappointed and bored during the children's accidents, and he always kept his head; he knew no harm would befall the young troublemakers.

A great waste of both time and talent.

Tim Burton's movie is not perfect, but it is enjoyable, and it actually sticks to the original material.

It's pretty entertaining.

At first i was a little thrown off because Johnny Depp's version was so different but i watched it a 2nd time and have enjoyed it ever since and so does my 6 year old son.

It is not because of the acting as such, but the songs they play are very annoying and they take you right out of the enjoyable film experience.

Once again the vision is stunning,the humour-high quality(...

The worst movie ever!.

Charlie and the Chocolate was so enjoyable, that by the end of the movie my mouth was in cramps.

The script on the whole is awful, falling on clichés and uninspired, dull dialogue and focusing too much on Wonka.

Just a dark & dull remake of a great film.

This movie was weird and boring.

I left the theater less than 45 minutes into the film...

I liked nightmare before Christmas and believe Tim burton has talent, but watching the repetitious motifs/moods/tones of his movies is like watching George Lucas futilely churn out Star Wars episodes 1 and 2, and wondering how episode 4 ever came from the same formulaic mind.

It destroys the mystery created in the book, where the lack of background information about Wonka made him more ominous, more exciting.

This was undoubtedly the worst movie I've ever seen in my life!

The atmosphere was intense when Charlie's grandparent sent him to buy one more bar with his own last coin.

I loved the music, but I would have enjoyed it much more if the music didn't overpower the words so you couldn't hear.

Even if it's a bit slow during the first part, this has to be one of my favourite movies of the year.

We endured Big Fish, we even managed to swallow Planet of the Apes, however, a man who was once a king amongst directors (back in the good old days of Batman, Beetlejuice, Scissorhands) has sadly passed away and resorted to making pointless tripe that is little more than a step up from the Teletubbies!!!!

Perhaps the idealistic wonder of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" that was present in the 70's version is subdued by the subtle darkness that comes with Burton's vision; but all round this is still a creative, faithful and most importantly enjoyable adaptation of an iconic classic.

this part just dragged the movie to a screeching halt any time it came up) I was simply wishing for more of the children.

The process that sends chocolate to cities worldwide is fascinating just as it is mysterious.

But on the other, this film is so disjointed and strange, I'm not sure how anyone could follow it if they hadn't seen the first film.

However that wasn't in the book either but in the end they both give us the same result,Charlie is a kind-hearted young boy who deserves the factory and Christopher Lee is always worth watching.

The film itself is visually stunning and the cast is great.

His occasional tart jibes show refreshing flashes of spirit that make the rest of his performance just that much more dull.

oh, and now we're down to one - yawn.

All of the members of the Bucket family were enjoyable and well played.

It is very funny, colourful, exciting, you really want to love and hate the characters which are casted brilliantly.

The main character, Charlie, is not "tested" on his morals, like in the 71' version, except on one moment near the end of the film, except he does not change and become a hero, he just stays the same throughout which is boring, dramatically speaking.

Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Director: Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow) Cast: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Freddy Highmore, Deep Roy, Christopher Lee Review: Tim Burton the master of the Gothic and the dark, the bizarre and the fascinating takes on Roald Dahls children's book which if you ask me was tailor made to be adapted into film by Tim Burton.

As it is, the film is good, cheerful and enjoyable.

I walked out of the theater smiling in excitement.

But all in all, this film is very eye catching, entertaining and humorous.

This is Willy Wonka with a new and thrilling twist, and it's Tim Burton and Johnny Depp in all their celebrated creative glory.

However, the musical sequences were trite and awkward.

The riddle of a peculiar adult is endlessly fascinating to a child.

The Oompa Loompa songs are also very enjoyable, because both Burton and Elfman know how to present them in a tongue-and-cheek manner that keeps them from being corny.

What A Waste of Time .

A very dim film, and having been a big fan of the book and the original film I can only say that it is a complete waste of time and money to see it.

It's as repetitive as Torgo's lines in Manos.

Aside from his too silly emotionless face, that was so BORING.

Most of all, it just wasn't fun; to me, it was bland and personality-less.

very boring and poorly directed!

But the children are bland and don't lend anything new to the story other than to fuel the debate over the very purpose of remakes.

Pretty enjoyable in itself .

Even though it was different from Gene Wilder's portrayal in the 1971 version (titled Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), Depp ends up giving one of the most enjoyable and funny performances of his career.

Next to: Lady in the water, Cat in the hat, and Wild Wild west, this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

While I can't say if that's closer to the book, it is such an intriguing journey that audiences really don't seem to mind.

Luckily this movie focuses on the family and on mostly positive things in the end, whereas Lemony Snicket was pretty much drab and negative throughout.

They did put a "one more candy" to trick us when Charlie gets the card, but still, everything is so predictable, I don't see a good reason to watch this one if you've seen the original version.

While there were a few twists in the movie, and some additional scenes in comparison to the older 'Willy Wonka and the Cholcolate Factory', the movie was quite boring.

When I am bored, I usually play this on Netflix.

Indeed, he made the only solid point of the movie in saying, "Why is everything here so pointless?

Sure, there were some funny bits n pieces here and there, but in whole, the movie was rather boring.

Tim Burton had a vision to Roald Dahl's tale that he wanted the world to see, and he made a highly imaginative and entertaining film.

In fact, you would think their parents dragged them to the set every morning against their will.

Mr. Burton may need to go back to making the kind of small, quirky films that he cut his directorial teeth on and leave these empty, bloated big screen extravaganzas to others.

Depp is horribly boring in this part and even the lavish sets can't save this disaster.

It is amazing the level of achievement in this movie is mind blowing.

This is the second time I've seen this movie, and I enjoyed it just as much as my first viewing.

The songs that were performed were also very dry and lacked imagination.

The rousing instrumental number over which the opening credits ran was simply brilliant.

The kids are boring.

I was expecting to warm to Johnny Depp playing the eccentric candy maker but i thought his role was at times bland and at times just plain weird.

His transitions are boring and uneventful.

It's very silly, but visually stunning and I enjoyed a hell lot of it.

With the spectacular blend of music, characters, and creativity this movie is an enjoyment that is worth watching again and again.

All in all a very dull movie with no danger or tension at any turn.

It has its faults but it's still imaginative, bright and very entertaining.

Somehow Burton manages to take a playful and dreamy movie and makes it into a contrived, dreadful and sinister mockery of one of the great children's films.

So, unless you enjoy stupid jokes, children in despair and nauseating songs, don't waste any money on this soulless, emotionally disturbing piece of filth.

Very disappointed -- flat performance, dull script, important points missing ...

I went to see this movie with two adult friends and we enjoyed it as much as all the children in the audience.

Whereas the original had wit, charm, and every frame was infused with magic, this version is stale, cold, and boring.

It kept having annoying visions of him as a child, which was completely pointless.

It lacks the charm of the original, and the sense that the unexpected could happen at any moment.

),who's even more boring than in the book,the only character you really hope will get in trouble.

There's also the obligatory script faux pas to make it more palatable to that small yet powerful lobby of movie-going Americans who find it confusing and disturbing to hear unfamiliar English terms for things; you find me an old English man who refers to trousers as pants and sweets/chocolate as candy - it can't be done (oh and we don't use dollars either).

The child actors, especially Freddie Highmore, are actually good for once and it's an entertaining, unique screenplay as well.

Not being a huge Johnny Depp fan like 95% of the world, I did find his performance as the enigmatic Willy Wonka rather enjoyable.

This version is a delightfully engaging, vivid, chocolaty dream.

When i watched this movie, I was bored and found the experience as bad as it would be to watch TROY, War of the Worlds, and BEWITCHED in a row.

Visually, the style and pace were stunning.

of the cliché ending with Wonka's father and the back-story relating to this (also NOT IN THE BOOK).

This version we felt was such unadulterated rubbish that we walked out after an hour.

Burton, who expressed nothing but contempt for the previous version, does borrow pieces from that film, improving upon some areas (such as Veruca Salt's exit, with squirrels instead of geese) but falling far short on others (when Grandpa Joe and Charlie secretly unwrap a Wonka bar at night and come up empty, there's no camaraderie between the two, and no embracing of the familial theme).

It was funny, entertaining, satisfying, heart-warming (sounds like an apple pie).

Also, the Oompla Loompa's singing and dancing routines were pretty dull as compared to the original.

But besides that, it's a very enjoyable family movie that has truly humorous scenes for both kids and adults.

We also have Tim Burton's stunning vision to bring the quirky tale to life.

The music was highly amusing and very entertaining - another Elfman masterpiece!

Regardless, I read the mediocre reviews, got dragged to the movies, and generally enjoyed watching it – for the most part.

The songs sung by the aforementioned mini men were pure disaster zones: I only found one of the tunes mildly engaging and that was the number which played out after the 'spoilt' little 'rich girl' fell into the garbage shoot.

Each room was uneventful and it was obvious that very little imagination was put into the set design.

Add to this bland, unimaginative mix a few ghastly changes from the earlier movie: Charlie has a father now, his family magically gets "unpoor" at the end by the dint of their own optimism, and Willy Wonka learns -- get ready for this one -- that families are not a bad thing.

The movie moves fast and it's generally entertaining.

These little people fail to convince and especially their morality-songs are overlong and pointless.

I find this film enchanting so enjoyable - I could watch it a million times and still get those darn cramps in my mouth from smiling over and over again.

I for one found it as enjoyable as the 1971 version.

It was satisfactory however still entertaining and humorous.

It all makes for a long, slow tour through the factory.

The story starts out well enough but the agonizing slow and unspectacular way Charlie finds the golden ticket is reflective to the rest of the movie.

The recent was way too dark, Willy Wonka (Johnny Deep) played his character as way too confusing, complex and a intimidated negative role model.

You will have trouble staying awake, especially during the musical scenes.

The scenery is breathtaking and brings the factory to life.

Flawed but Still Worth Watching .

There songs were bland and rubbish, like something out of a spice girls concert.

Since entertainment is what the business is called, and this movie is extremely entertaining, then I have no complaints.

Here, everything—the other actors, the scenery, the music—everything is second string to Depp's compelling, and brilliant performance—among the best he's ever done.

The original movie is entertaining, fun, and loving.

But, flawed as it might, CHARLIE is a lot of fun, and in yet another season of excessive potboilers, this one stands out as an imaginative and simply entertaining achievement.

Instead, all we got was long-drawn out scenes, bad dialogue and a faintly embarrassed Johnny Depp.

Despite a characteristic, mostly enjoyable performance by Johnny Depp as the eccentric and brilliant Willy Wonka, all in all Tim Burton's new adaptation of the original lacks much of what made Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory so memorably enchanting.

The remarkable thing about this 'Factory' is how visually stunning it is.

Though this movie was occasionally slightly humorous, it mostly just dragged and was creepy.

Johnny Depp, with his sinister look every now and then at the unlovable traits of "sophisticated" children, built up an unpredictable and secretive atmosphere around him.

On its own it's a overblown waste of time and money.

The songs in the film are entertaining.

I went into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory half expecting to be bored after the first half an hour.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sweeps you away with a magic and poetry whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat for the next development.

This is the story of Charlie Bucket, who lived with his family in a small wooden house on the edge of town.

boring, choppy, slow, really poor acting by grandpa and Bonham-carter .

Yes it was childish and funny, but it was enjoyable in all types of ways.

Enjoyable as these characters were, it detracted from the fact that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is supposed to revolve around the characters of the children and revealing why Charlie is indeed the moral superior to the others.

Flat, plodding, awful adaptation of Roald Dahl's extraordinary novel.

Burton already has the equally mediocre and equally pointless "Planet of the Apes" remake on his resume.

the final credits - as this was the sign that i could finally leave the theater.

Wilder's wild, eccentric, poetic, unpredictable style was superior to Depp's reclusive, socially-moronic, mumbling, flashbacking attempt.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable film and just plain good fun.

And with regards to "look into the future" the scenery is stunning.

People say I am crazy about the movie but I find this masterpiece, this work of art to be both entertaining and educational.

The bad performances are also bred by the utterly silly screenplay that may contain good laughs for pre-school kids, however, is oftentimes boring and really cheaply written.

I mean, it seemed for a minute that he might come back, as he was enjoyable as a secondary character in the first 3 pirates films (until the series got it wrong by making him the main character in the terrible fourth one that nobody liked).

Gene Wilder led a great cast in a movie that continues to be very enjoyable up to the present day.

I expected him to basically be the only enjoyable part of the movie.

After that, we were bored, and my sister suggested "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Dreary to look at and utterly devoid of the charm and warmth that made the 1971 film an enduring classic.

Mike was WAY too intense.

Where, why did Burton cook up these pace slowing flashbacks with the warped daddy, drawn out decision making of Charlie and that ludicrous ending?

There was a thrill in seeing something new, exciting, peculiar, humorous....

It was boring & so over the top, I just couldn't get into it.

Boring, shallow and Depp's Wonka was very, very weird to coin a phrase.

The musical numbers are embarrassingly silly with lyrics that are as predictable as they are stupid.

That scene blew my mind as a kid.. way scarier than anything Tim Burton has managed to pull off.. The Umpa-Lumpas are CGI banality personified.. they are copy and paste versions of the same person scaled down to a 3rd normal height in Photoshop.. no character or humour, just stupid.

I know that Tim Burton's movies are creepy which in my opinion make them spectacular, well this movie had its own hint of weirdness which gave it the little extra spice that made it more enjoyable.

Wonka's back-story is pointless - inserted to provide a horrid, syrup drenched ending which kills the sequel and turns the whole escapade into a dreary 'importance of family' chronicle.

There's also plenty of funny moments here and there and the film is, overall, pretty entertaining.

The Dickens-Beckett atmosphere that you find in Charlie's house is not,paradoxically,gripping,haunting and depressing-it has something nice,happy,full of light.

Burton portrayed the same classic story with better supporting characters, but in a confusing manner.

Overall, it was entertaining .

For the most part, the story is very entertaining as well, even if the ending could have been a bit better thought out.

Burton provides a visually stunning fantasy world inside the Chocolate Factory, even if there are two too many Oompa Loompa numbers.

The film is badly constructed and badly edited throughout - the whole opening sequence is cliché and uninspired.

The original with Gene Wilder is more exciting, colorful and enjoyable.

The family was very poor; Located in the middle of this dull town: the largest, most popular chocolate factory in the world: Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

The factory is very interesting and exciting place.

Then there's this pointless sub-plot with Wonka and his father.

The enhanced realism of the sets in Stuart's film made that factory more engaging.

Interspersed throughout are a series of inane song-and-dance sequences a la Busby Berkeley and uninteresting and undramatic flashbacks to Wonka's deprived and unhappy childhood that are somehow supposed to explain why he has become the creepy character we find at the center of the story.

Dated though it is (and with a few tedious songs you could fast forward through), it has a few crucial things that this film lacked: wisdom, heart and a clear sense of the difference between right and wrong -- the wicked got their just desserts, and the good were rewarded.

Flashbacks provide us with a fascinating insight into why Willy became a reclusive sweet maker, because of a troubled relationship with his father.

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a great film but i think it is pointless.

I think the movie is a light entertaining movie to me.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

Also, the songs performed by The Oompa Loompas (Deep Roy) were fun to watch the first couple of times, but after that, they became somewhat boring and predictable.

What a waste of time and resources.

However if you don't like Tim Burtons aesthetics don't go, if you don't have an open mind avoid watching it, you could find it disturbing and controversial for your taste, but just don't miss one of the most, if not the most, interesting "family" films I've seen this year and let this warm, deep, visually stunning, plain fun flick seduce you and take you into the "factory".

Depp's complete submersion into a character is always fascinating, and I would have to come to see this movie just for that.

All in all, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a thoroughly entertaining, extremely funny and delightfully magical movie.

The five children also made the movie extremely enjoyable with there amazing ability to get across the characteristics of each character.

don't waste your money.

Sleepy Hollow, Edward ScissorhandsEd Wood (we'll forget the dull Big Fish And flawed Planet Of The Apes) and starring the charismatic and talented Johnny Depp filled me with high expectations.

You could tell there was a lot of computer animation by the dull or bored looks on the actors' faces when there should have been great emotion of some sort.

Their songs were a rubbishy trip-hop flavour without any of the original's quirkiness ..and within the context of Tim Burton's otherwise song-less film, just pointless.

Besides he even had a key ingredient, which was in the book, and this ingredient is the fact that he was trying to show how intelligent he was and he was a little more because he thought Wonka was an idiot and that everything in the factory was pointless and stupid.

This movie will be quickly forgotten due to the slow, boring and unexciting script and storyline.

The kids are phenomenal, giving off snappy one-liners like they've been professional comedians for years, and this includes Depp, who is just like a kid in this one.

The flashbacks scenes are uninspiring and pointless.

For me, Charlie is bland.

Adequately charming and entertaining.

He is even given a trite back story which is so from the mischief and wicked glee of Dahl that I couldn't believe how Burton could kid himself that this was true to the book, either its plot or tone, or that his film was more about Charlie than Wonka.

The hodgepodge of styles, English/American accents, architecture, and the fragmentation/confusion of (virtual) space effectively brings the story to the hodgepodge 21st century and shows the novels near-universality in terms of time and space.

We ended up fast forwarding through a lot of it-- that's how boring it was.

I will give it this, it was a stunning visual masterpiece.

I have enjoyed it just as much every time since and I still smile when the Oompa Loompa's sing and when Willy Wonka presents to the children his chocolate room.

The reason for this is that Dahl's style, while never varying from children's stories, would always balance somewhat on the edge of maliciousness; he was prone to premises that somehow involved slightly sadistic, even if inadvertently so, punishment of young children, such as the abusive aunts in "James and the Giant Peach", or the recollection of his school-day beatings in his autobiography "Boy".

My filings did rattle in fear round their cavities however, I enjoyed it immensely.

The creepy grey skin, luminous teeth, puppy dog eyes and hushed voice all add up to a character that I was bored of in the first 5 minutes after seeing him.

It looked promising at the beginning, but the script was terrible and the plot was just stupid and contrived.

I love Deep Roy multiplied by 1000 and the scenes were pretty creative and entertaining.

Johnny Depp is a truly talented actor and made this movie totally enjoyable!!

But us older folks might leave the theater disappointed, noticing Hollywood's greedy hands as they stick their hands in our pockets while trying to distract us with 'amazing' CGI.

He might just as well have played the candy mogul of Roald Dahl's classic books himself, if all he expected of Willy Wonka was a self-indulgent man-child with no joy or maturity of heart and soul.

Also all the kids and parents chosen are bland, forced and uninteresting in there characterizations.

Don't waste your money or your time with this remake.

To top it all off, the pace of this movie is slow, which is odd for a story that has so much going on.

I believe if he had been alive he would have enjoyed it, as I did, and I hope you do too.

enjoyable, entertaining, colourful and slightly sinister the way wonka so easily allows the brats to become croppers in their various ways.....

Comparisions between this and the other version are pointless.

The movie is mostly entertaining and because of this the movie its message and moral simply don't work out in the sequences toward the ending.

This movie was a total waste of my time.

The new Oompa-Loompas (all of them played by Deep Roy) are boring (their songs suck!

To my way of thinking, if you're going to remake a movie, especially one where the original was already good and remains very enjoyable even until today, then the remake must or should justify the reason for its creation by improving on what came before.

Stop with the drab colors already, You've DONE THAT, MOVE ON.

Johnny Depp did a great job of acting, but the character that he portrayed I found to be dull and not funny at all.

Young Charlie Bucket lives with his impoverished parents and four bed-ridden grandparents in a little crooked storybook house in the center of an empty lot; Charlie's a radiantly happy kid despite being forced to sleep under a huge hole in the roof, and having to settle for a single candy bar as a birthday present every year.

Burton has done another stunning job, visually.

Johnny Depp is marvelously enjoyable as a man who never grew up.

It is unique, exciting and unpredictable.

It's very entertaining.

It's visual flair and big, big heart is irresistible and hugely entertaining.

my six year old nephew cried as he said that mans scary, (johhny depp), my son said it was boring.

The similarities will make you expect the same warm feelings, but for some reason, you might leave the theater cold, and maybe angry.

" The dance sequences were atrocious, and the entire movie was slow.

I thought the scenes where the Oompa Loompas were singing were too long and drawn out, and kind of goofy.

This will be in the top 10 list of all time worst movies I've ever seen.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the new film entertaining, though no more faithful to the source material than the original.

Wooden acting, inane dialog, dull simplification, an ugly cloned Umpa-Lumpa, awful songs, and the use of boring sets instead of a lovely German village combine with a nastily freaky(as opposed to Wilder's Wonderfully Freaky) Willy Wonka, fake Grandpa Joe, stage-like Ma propel this thankfully rushed and short lifeless sham version toward it's dumb ending.

I thought the movie was palpably slow and plodding.

Johnny Depp did a tremendous job playing the quirky, yet incredibly entertaining candy-maker, Willy Wonka.

Depp is superb as Willy Wonka, and reveals just enough mystery about his own past to keep you on the edge of your seat as he mesmerizes the ticket winners (and the children in the audience)with the wonders of the factory.

You can see in the supporting cast the effects of parents that spoil their children and make them so empty.

The musical numbers are more annoying than entertaining, and none are memorable in the slightest.

Imaginative, Charming, Creepy And Entertaining .

the movie was so DULL.

I fell asleep during 'The Rum Diary' and 'Public Enemies' (his best movie since Sweeney Todd) was a missed opportunity, Although I liked Depp's performance.

This is by far the most entertaining aspect of the film.

I think that movie is great and entertaining.

No, Mr. Depp, your weirdo is a bore.

I believe that those extreme efforts which were put in to make this movie thoroughly unpredictable from the very beginning actually spoiled what could have been a brilliant tale.

Visually Beautiful and Reasonably Entertaining .

If you want to know what happens next, put your hands on a rental quick – this entertaining ride feels like a lucid dream and is at times more satisfying then the endless amounts of chocolate displayed on screen.

A fun filled journey with enjoyable twists and turns.

Nevertheless, he was entertaining.

When we got to see the factory rooms from the Elevator, it was just stunning.

I've also seen the 1971 version of the story and enjoyed it.

Gene Wilders enjoyable romp has been improved upon by Tim Burton who stays more faithful to the source material while creating the world of Dahl's creation with no expense spared.

The recreation of the Oompa Loompa's (all played by Deep Roy) will have everyone laughing, especially at their very entertaining songs.

Johnny Depp looks absolutely ridiculous as Willy Wonka not to mention girlie, he looks like he's a drag queen here and Veruca Salt lacks the attitude of a spoilt, bratty, I-Want-It-Right-Now kind of girl, she seems extremely rational, her voice is very dull, the boat-ride in the factory is totally unexciting, the factory-tour is dull, Grandpa Joe's performance irritates me and if there is any comedy all I can say is that it's unfunny and completely ridiculous.

Closing this comment I should mention the overall good performances and characterizations, thanks to the effective but not outstanding script, happily supported by a nice cast where both Christopher 'Count' Lee, "Grandpa Joe", "Mike TeeVee" should be recognized alongside Depp (the best here) and "Charlie" (close second); they all offer convincing and engaging acting.

He's funny,intense,dark,passionate...

But if you are just looking for a new version with revamped visuals, don't waste your money.

The movie is a delight to watch, it is entertaining, sweet, stylish, funny in spots and a little creepy because just like the original we get the suspicion that Wonka is planning all of this and knows something we don't.

This whole film just annoyed me, made me feel uncomfortable, and I just felt empty after it.

Witty and wildly entertaining .

don't waste your time!

This is a kid s movie and the members of the target audience I saw the film with evidently enjoyed it.

I thought the pace was very slow, and the oompa loompa concept was just lame.

As a lukewarm fan of the original Gene Wilder film and knowing Tim Burton's track record for films with great production but no substance, I went into this with low expectations but I was very pleasantly surprised of how enjoyable this was.

it is a dark comedy that is brutally entertaining.

Seeing various versions of the same point was somewhat boring.

The pace was quite predictable and tempered, clearly so kiddies won't lose track of what's going on; Johnny Depp, who is capable of performing quite amazing characters just didn't seem to really be in there.. as though he just grabbed together some elements of former roles - a bit of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas here, a bit of Finding Neverland there, with the typical 'what on earth are you babbling about?

Tim Burton's direction is is exciting as any of his other films.


The adorable oompa loompas that I remembered from the previous version were substituted by boring, unattractive copies of mechanical dancers.

Johnny Depp was suitably eccentric as Willy Wonka, altogether different from what I had imagined, but nonetheless enjoyable.

The film was also entertaining and a fun movie that both adults and kids will enjoy.

Read the book, watch the 1971 film, but don't waste your time on this film.

First of all, this movie is breathtaking.

It is an exciting movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat during each song, line, and pretty much the whole thing.

And speaking of dull, why don't the characters show at least a little wonder at rivers of chocolate and fantastical machines?

We enjoyed it.

Mike Teavee is in the company of his dad, a bland geography teacher.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Sure it's a bit quirky, but that's what makes it so enjoyable!


2005's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is unsurprisingly weaker than 1971's "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory", and I know many fans of the first adaptation have shown great disdain for this remake, but personally, I think both of them are highly entertaining family movies, though I can understand how Johnny Depp's portrayal of the reclusive factory owner could put many viewers off.

Entertaining, mesmerizing and lingering - in a fabulous way .

Having the same Oompa Loompa is repetitive and annoying- some variety would've been nice.

In this version, if you blink twice, you miss it, and it is rendered completely boring and besides the point.

Very nice but also very boring.

I'm guessing Director Tim Burton may have put some personal touches on the film that are unique to his dark, but intriguing style.

"3) Burton did a good job at interpreting Dahl's critical candyfied-Marx discourse on the social classes, particularly "the mass", the factory worker, the repetitive oppressive job, a person as just one part of an enormous money machine, the evil alienation qualities of money, the rich being snotty, greedy, self-centered…etc.

i had a very enjoyable afternoon watching this and will most probably buy the DVD of it to add to my Tim Burton collection

The film set also relies on the depressing stark and drab image of the Bucket household, factory exterior, and cold winter scenes to bring out the vivid colours of the Wonka factory.

This was the biggest surprise and enjoyable ride of a film I have ever seen.

The performances are great, the special effects very real like and original and the music good, apart from the oomp loompa songs that are cheesy and sometimes boring.

The plot is all too predictable.

But also this new version bored me.

The entire movie SEEMS like the people who made the movie were just trying to make fun of MJ, but it was actually quite funny and i actually enjoyed it.

All in all Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an unexpected, delicious surprise.

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a film worth watching for a number of reasons.

And Johnny Depp's character was just plain boring.

Depp is a creepy and unlikable Wonka as opposed to the quirky one played by Wilder and the all to predictable CGI fest drowns you with special effects instead of trying to create a new and interesting story.

While trying to be faithful to the original story, Burton adds a fascinating look at Wonka's background.

The songs were boring and showed to excitement.

The chocolate landscape was exquisite, the machines exciting, the use of colour sensational (although the greys and browns that were used in the scenes with Charlie's poor family were a little bit clichéd).

They were 2-dimensional and boring.

The most exciting event comes when he finds a golden ticket (one of the five in the world) in the chocolate which enables him to visit the chocolate factory and eventually gain the special price.

Overall given that we could only bear to watch the first hour, I would say, don't waste your money - go and rent the 1971 version from the local video store.

Visually stunning and brilliantly made .

The sets are stunning, from the chocolate river to the squirrels' QC lab, and this allows one to forget how annoying Depp's Wonka is.

It's an important film, as well as very entertaining Unfairly dismissed by some as confusing.

The Oompa Loompas songs were simply unbearable....

I personally don't like Tim Burton as a director; and I know many people do for the same fact, because he is too weird and eccentrically boring to my taste.

Ho hum.

Energetic, thrilling and always can make me smile.

The visual effects were stunning, and Depp's Wonka was suitably eccentric.

I loved all three of their previous movies together, and the thought of another was so exciting - it became my most anticipated movie for ages - I was not disappointed.

He's boring, too, because he's a "weirdo" who knows he's a weirdo and wants everybody else to know it, too.

Aside from that minor complaint, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an entertaining and enjoyable romp that is worth checking out.

I was pleased that they made this movie comical and enjoyable, without ruining Roald Dahl's original story.

I wish Tim Burton would take them out and put more different people in rather than a few because some might end up getting bored.

Worst movie ever .

And as usual, Burton never passes up a chance to slip his wife, Helena Carter, into a role, also very predictable and obvious.

Some nice kaleidoscopic set-pieces do little to offset the general feeling of boredom that comes on after the first 20-25 minutes or so of the movie, which are actually okay.

Director Tim Burton does create a compelling Wonka World but he did have his "rocky road" in direction by sinking too much into Wonka's mundane childhood.

logo,the camera moving inside the factory,which reminds of the opening sequences of Batman and Edward Scissorhands,the thrilling music...

A stunning remake that is more faithful to Roald Dahl's book than the original .