Charlie's Angels (2000) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Three women, detectives with a mysterious boss, retrieve stolen voice-ID software, using martial arts, tech skills, and sex appeal.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: McG
Stars: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 113 out of 624 found boring (18.1%)

One-line Reviews (371)

As a fan of the series, I found the spoof aspect of the film less appealing than others might, but the fun and interesting plot and exciting action made this a film well worth seeing for me.

it may not the be the best movie of the year and it may not win any awards (unless the mtv awards have the sexiest movie of the year) but it is fun, entertaining, and its worth the time!

The girls were apparently put through several months of intense strength, martial arts and wire training, and it shows.

Gratituous hair-flipping (pert-plus style), a moronic and predictable storyline, and pitiful fight sequences accentuate this sorry excuse for an action movie.

I thought the whole movie was entertaining and just plain fun.

The only reason I even give this movie a 1 is because of the opening scene, which is by far the most original and exciting scene in the movie.

" I guess the rationale (not that there has to be any) for making a movie like "Charlie's Angels" would be, "It's entertaining.

The story was gripping and dramatic, especially when the Angels discover that Eric Knox's kidnapping was a set-up and have to get their Bosley back.

Kind of like watching a really intense cartoon.

I found the movie totally boring and not in the least bit funny.

At least a bonfire is entertaining!

The film is great on DVD, especially if you own the two disc superbit edition where the picture and the audio are twice superior than the original single disc making this movie the more the enjoyable.

Other than that, the plot was monotonous, predictable, lifeless and boring, and the action sequences, although somewhat entertaining, heavily ripped off other movies, especially the Matrix.

I felt strangled by the film, because everything happens so fast or so slow that you can't register the image...

Charlie's Angels — See them in a modern action packed format .

Anyway, leaving aside the tiresome invisible Charlie and a slow first reel, the movie is an enjoyable romp.

In short, if you're not in the right mood, you will be bored like I was.

Interesting fun plot, exciting action - definite 'see it!

It's not funny, it has no plot, the action scenes leave you with the feeling that you've already seen them somewhere else and the acting is below average.

The action sequences are boring and shot using everything that made The Matrix original.

* end spoiler *Aside from the above mentioned quibbles the film is entertaining mostly.

Go watch the TV-series and don't waste your time on this turd.

This entertaining confection possesses the substance of the TV show, the pacing of a Hong Kong action movie and the production values of a James Bond thriller.


" Having suffered through countless (and usually pointless) silver-screen updates of some of television's bigger hits, I was extremely skeptical.

Add (or subtract) to this the lame humour, the low believability in what is virtually no plot, and the complete lack of charm of the ladies, and what you have is a film that is a complete insult to the original show.

But the movie is a brilliant pop-corn affair – highly entertaining, visually pleasing, matrix/crouching tiger style action and brilliant corny, campy comedy.

Deliberately corny, but lively and entertaining action-comedy works well if you don't ask a lot of questions.

The humor, the style, the players all made it a great entertaining film.

Available in a cinema near you in lobotomyscope and lycravision, Charlie's Angels kung-fu there way through this enjoyable spoof without wasting time on subtlety.

Sam Rockewell is VERY bland as one of the the main villains and he annoyed the heck out of me.

It is funny, action packed and great to look at.

Are we, as thinking people, supposed to find these silly, boring scenes entertaining?

This Impossible-Mission-wannabe has an awful plot, stupid argument, bad jokes, predictable outcomes, etc. In short, the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

This movie had to be one of the worst movies I saw of 2000, next to the sci-fi flick "Battlefield Earth.

But a highly entertaining and well-done movie besides.

The plot stinks, the villain is a snooze, the dialogue is bad, the humor falls flat and by the end the action sequences are repetitive and interminable.

There was never a moment that was dull, or dragged, or wasn't just plain cool.

"Waste of time" "Poorly Written" etc. Where is their sense of humor.

Waste of money.

But all this said, it is a highly enjoyable, high octane performance directed by McG who is more famous for his music video forays and delivered with a marketing managers absolute joy, a killer soundtrack.

Incredibly stupid, yet very entertaining, Charlie's Angels succeeds in providing 90 minutes of pure eye-candy.

Pointless stupidity .

The plot is so slight and silly as not to bear mentioning, but the whole thing is done with such speed and panache as to make it immensely entertaining, borrowing scenes from `Mission Impossible', `The Matrix' and almost every Bond film.

I must say that this film is so off-the-wall, it's unbelieveable, but it's still very enjoyable.

But with a somewhat predictable plot turn, everything gets flipped upside down, and soon the Angels are fighting for their own lives, as well as the lives of Bosley and Charlie.

A great movie it is not, but it is fun, the trio of Angels are engaging, and it is non-stop action from beginning to end.

Briefly - it was a load of hokum, but I really enjoyed it.

Overall a lot of enjoyable fun!

But it was bad, uninteresting and not that sexy.

Also, the movie has an enjoyable, diverse soundtrack that includes 'The Flying Lizards', Sir Mix-a-lot, 'Blink 182', and Rod Stewart.

But I thought Charlie's Angels (the movie) was entertaining.

The hilarious Bill Murray keeps this film from becoming nothing more than a bikini advert, and the enjoyable Tim Curry helps Murray a lighten the mood a bit in one of the scenes.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

Adrenaline-pumping action scenes.

Much of my praise go to the three leads, who make us forget how Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson, and after that Cheryl Ladd and others, were so sexy-but-bland.

It's funny, hip, sexy, cool, classy, and totally freaking hot with high octane action fueled by adrenaline pumping music led by a super hot trio of ridiculously hot super hot gorgeous girls in Lucy, Drew and Cameron.

CA is a boring trip through brainless action sequences, and explosions for the hell of it.

Every single second of this movie is predictable, and the big "surprise twist" about halfway through the film could be spotted a mile away by anyone who isn't already asleep by this point.

The action is dull and powerfully overdone.

The plot is about a kidnapping with a twist (as expected) accompanied by a number of irrelevant, boring and totally stupid scenes.

Enjoy absolute torture?

Sure, romantic interludes figure in the plot, but these staples of the television show take a backseat to the stunning action sequences that overshadow the Angels in their peripheral roles as girlfriends.

Silly but also exciting .

But it is enjoyable and not a complete waste!

The women were sexy, there was no plot to get in the way and even the makeup was appropriately cute after the explosions – just the right amount of shadow in exactly the right places to accentuate the actresses' faces.

While I don't ever think this will be on anyone's Oscar list or even ten best list, it succeeds at what it is supposed to be-a wildly entertaining ride.

Ok, I admit that I don't know the end because after an hour or so I gave up and started watching the 4 o'clock news which was much more entertaining.

This is a stylish and entertaining action film, albeit a stupid one mentality-wise.

I thought that this movie might be a bomb but is is very entertaining.

Enjoyable Farce .

Save your money for a pack or gum, or something that would bring slightly more intelligence to your life.

Even so, it's incredibly entertaining.

That it was downright entertaining was a great surprise!

Waste of time .

Action packed fun and laughs.

a thoroughly enjoyable guilty pleasure .

However the 2 main villains are weak and were very bland.

The action was simply amazing with all that wire-work slow-mo freeze-frame Matrix style camera work and the plot actually works though it was a bit predictable.

I must confess I enjoyed it immensely.

Overall, this is an amazing girlie action flick that features memorable dialogue, stunning stunts, fantastic special effects and a superb soundtrack.

I found it very entertaining.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen .

The adrenaline soundtrack and pop-culture references that pervade the movie means that the movie itself also bleeds the same hipper-than-thou attitude.

Impromptu but predictable slow motion, restarting, reslowing, in EVERY single action sequence.. it gets very distracting and takes away any sense of reality.

Take three of the most attractive female actresses around, give them the slenderest reed of a plot and a load of exciting special effects...

This movie was just so unbearable for me to watch, and I found it more unbearable thinking of how much money these producers wasted redundantly on these mindless action sequences.

Charlies Angels is actually an extremely enjoyable movie from beginning to end.

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, I enjoyed it a lot.

If you want a day-glo cross between Mystery Men, Austin Powers and any James Bond movie you care to mention, all wrapped up in a stunning soundtrack (NOT replicated on the CD, sadly) and very modern effects, go see Charlie's Angels.

And you leave the theater smiling, because it was worth the money that you paid to get in.

The best things about this movie, besides the fact that it is fast paced and that the length is just perfect, are probably, that there are a lot of action, a lot of jokes and three women who tease the male audience.

Secondly, it's fast paced, with great action scenes, and a couple of good laughs thrown in there too.

It's really simple, so just get relaxed, put your feet up, and let yourself entertained by some fabulous stunts and breathtaking action.

Never a fan or much of a viewer of the original television program, I found the film version of "Charlie's Angels" wildly entertaining and sufficiently campy.

The film reaches the point where it becomes tedious and boring if you are not seduced by the wild action scenes.

It feels disjointed.

Visually stunning Matrix-style action sequences are peppered throughout the fast-paced script and these are well worth watching, even if only to marvel at how efficiently the fabulous trio of Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz dispatch with the baddies whilst wearing designer clothing and high heels.

Entertaining bad film .

OK, being an action fan, I'll admit that I've watched and enjoyed a good a few movies with just as paper thin a plot, and true, this could be overlooked if the movie itself was entertaining.

Easily one of the worst movies ever made, and I've seen hundreds.

Add to this a completely pointless spot by Tom Green, a waste of Bill Murray's talent, and dumb closeups of Angel butts the whole way through.....

In this scene, they drive through heavy traffic and a green Ford Taurus moving at slow speed swerves out of the way to avoid them.

" Overall, "Charlie's Angels" is the epitome of fluff, but it's enjoyable fluff and not all that dissimilar from a 1960s Flint or Matt Helm movie.

Well I am not impressed with this film, maybe because the one-word joke that this film was clearly sold on ran out within the first half an hour, maybe because it clearly had no script or any comedy writers contributing to an entertaining film - maybe because actors such as Bill Murray have nothing to do and struggles with the empty script he has.

All in all, it played like movies that I had already seen before, but the signs of the so called McG being good at shot composition, the 3 long tracking shots, and the "Overpolished" look of the movie hints at a skill untapped by this entertaining film showing that maybe he isn't as overly populist a director as this movie tries to make him.

Two dimensional, insultingly dumb, predictable, derivative, bland, banal ...

Dull,outdated idea rehashed for today with the typical formula of 'invincible women' to appeal to the ladies,and enough skin shots to appeal to prepubescent males who love to oogle Playboy for hours on end.

It's impressive fight scene's make it enjoyable and defiantly is worth a look.

The oriental lady looks like she's slow, Drew Barrymore is fat, and Cameron Diaz is no one's martial artist.

For one the action scenes are fast paced and a lot of fun.

Corny, fluffy, brainless, and infinitely entertaining!

Don't waste your time - at least the series gave us some fun things.

The director seems to want to make a movie satire about movies based on television shows but ends up with a movie that is just as empty, tired and frivolous as any that have come before.

It is not easy to make a film this shallow, this entertaining.

Indeed,the action and slow camera visuals here are also great fun.

The film is a mixture, from my point of view, of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (because the superagent-thrilling action), THE MATRIX (because of all the fight scenes, the camera rotations, the japanese manga style in the fighting) and AUSTIN POWERS (because of the '60s atmosphere, the pop music and the retro-ambience).

This is full of adrenaline.

"Charlie´s Angels" is an enjoyable experience, if you can forget about the plot, that is.

This movie, surprisingly enough, is WAY more enjoyable than this year's earlier action film, Mission:Impossible 2.

entertaining and pretty funny with goofy action.

Action packed from start to finish, the girls play Dylan, Natalie and Alex, secret agents who's boss Charlie assign them to find a young man kidnapped and rescue his high-tech computer software.


The dialog is also rather simplistic, and cliché ridden, there are many times when it is easy to anticipate what will be said and done.

Save your money .

The worst movies try to be something they aren't and fail miserably, or are bland with no other merits, i.

It's entertaining, sexy, thrilling, and even heart-warming in a three-gorgeous-girls-making-you-want-to-die kind of way.

Charlie's Angels is a sweet, insubstantial and highly entertaining dose of girl power.

It is style, enjoyability, and, in some cases (though admittedly not all), originality that make these films enjoyable.

Somehow it manages to be entertaining at the same time.

and the formula is boring.

I hope that the inevitable sequel will have the style, action, pace and lack of plot this film had – I anticipate it eagerly.

Yes, the seventies are easy and fun to make jokes about, but why ruin beloved shows with pointless mockery.

Not the sort of film that's is going to trouble the Academy, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Bill Murray does his laid-back "thing" but he looks pretty bored doing it.

in some places it seems like one of those exaggerated films that are supposed to cast a satirical view of the original, but that's not cartoony enough, for a good adaptation of the original it's not serious enough, for an action comedy writer it's neither exciting nor funny enough for a Guilty Pleasure, the movie is not erotic enough for a Guilty Pleasure, the movie is not over the top and embarrassing enough and for a good movie, the movie is not good enough.

All the Angels' disguises, poses and dances help give us a very entertaining film.

Needless to say the film is quite tiresome.

" We see the angels dance in pointless nightclub scenes (Diaz), dress as belly dancers (Barrymore and Liu), deliver telegrams dressed as school-girls while their pal Bosley (Murray) plays the tuba, and lecture software employees about new ideas in the style of Nazi Gestapo (Liu).

This movie has good action a little hoky at times but enjoyable.

add in the expertise of Hollywood's cinematographers, and you have one enjoyable way to spend two hours.

Entertaining Fluff .

really entertaining and makes you wanting a sequel.

Worst movie ever made .

I went to this movie because I had a free pass and almost walked out!

The fight scenes are some of the pointless, cheapest, worse one ever made...

Where the actresses and the great costumes can be seen in the film nothing happens except that a character in a provocative disguise rips somewhere the other two are in the background we are turned on for a few minutes then it goes to the next place and the whole thing happens again with one of the other three women characters.

Entertaining Movie .

This movie is really really boring .

But who hasn't gone to and Schwarzinegger flick just to see some macho action, and no plot.

Charlie's Angels benefits from the flash and visual talent of McG from music video fame, and somehow an entertaining film has emerged that should be one of the top grossing titles this season and possibly the year.

If you're looking for an action-packed thriller with a gripping storyline and a twist you never saw coming...

Fun, exciting, thrills every moment .

Her breathtaking smile is out of this world - as always - and her portrayed naivete is too much to handle for this man at least.

So, all in all, it's dull, predictable, and one more thing - just because a film knows it's bad doesn't suddenly make it good.

It's a diverting forgettable piece that's enjoyable on some level if you've nothing better to do.

Charlie's Angels has a lot of ideas like that, and that is why it is one of the most enjoyable bad movies I've seen since "Big Trouble in Little China".

In the end, `Charlie's Angels' is an entertaining, feel-good movie that should satisfy a new, younger audience, as well as those with fond memories of the show that started it all a generation ago.

After one of many in-jokes (the movie being shown on the plane is based on an old TV series) the African pushes the other man out of the plane and we see an exciting free fall involving three characters which finally ends with a safe landing in a boat with the bikini-clad Cameron Diaz.

I didn't expect much out of this movie, that's probably why I enjoyed it.

Overall well worth the watch for a night of brainless fun.

Yes, it bored, then irritated, then angered me and twenty minutes into this puerile mess I was contemplating never watching another movie in my life and taking up a hobby like making corn dollies.

Largely aimless, plotless and pointless, the film does earn extra points (I gave it 6) for being quite bizarre in places and at least not being a bland remake of a series episode.

But the bright and sometimes grating colours drag the audience into the pacing, since they are so forcefully vivid and jarring that they unconsciously keep the audience on the edge of its collective seat.

Charlie's Angels was, without a doubt, the most entertaining film of 2000.

One protracted section shows pointless scenes of the angels at play with their de facto boyfriends; no significant plot movement happens.

This is hands-down the worst movie I have ever seen.

A movie adaptation of an old TV program that actually bore some resemblance to its source material, a TV show that never took itself the slightest bit seriously, which was the charm and success of it.

NOTE TO BARRYMORE: Don't waste your money on Bill Murray as Bosley.

It was the film's attitude that won me over: "Let's grab every action movie cliché we can get hold of and try to have a little fun with it.

In fact, everyone that left the theater seemed to really like it.

The Matrix, Die Hard etc are great, but this is pointless.

Whether it's one of the many martial arts sequences, or a car chase, or provactaavly sexy shot's of the Angels, this film is always entertaining.

Waste of time .

The fantastic sets, the relatively original stunt choreography, the light but entertaining plot and the delightful camp feel all contribute to extremely fun film.

very enjoyable.

no story.

In the adaptation of the old sitcom of the same name, director Joseph McGinty Nichol fabricates an effective glossy style, a jayvee soundtrack, alluring costumes, convincing make-up and set designs, intriguing dialogue, cool cinematography, and a lively mood of comic adventure.

What a waste of time, money, and special effects knowledge.

" CHARLIE'S ANGELS really kept me on the edge of my seat.

Boring if you are not seduced by the fight scenes .

And you have something more entertaining and interesting to do...

The usual film from the Hollywood dull factory.

Comic Book Adventure That's Very Entertaining .

I only sat through this flick to watch the action scenes, the cheese and cliche-ridden plot would've made me walk out otherwise!!.

If you want a good laugh and watch a good entertaining movie, go see "Charlie's Angels".

Although the film is dumb and silly, it is irresistible and entertaining all at the same time.

She has the "I'm kicking your ass" facial expressions down, but when in motion, she is gangly, awkward and humorously slow, even during her disco-dancing scene (seeing her strike those Kung Fu poses like a flamingo-monkey Traffic cop are the only thing about the film that is UNINTENTIONALLY hilarious).

Casting of the title roles is perfect, and the design work is stunning.

I can think a few reasons to see this movie: if you are attracted to any of the three female leads; if you like stupid action movies with no plot, no story, and an over-reliance on unoriginal and boring special effects; if you have ADD; and if you want to see good and generally funny actors like Tim Curry and Bill Murray soldiering their way through impossible material.

This movie is bad from A to Z, skipping the letter M which stands for Bill Murray, an entertaining actor in a bad role.

However -- the acting is uninspired, the characters are dull, the fight scenes are uninspirationally showy and have no meat, the plot is predictable down to every stupid piece of dialogue and scene change in the script (written, of course, by multiple writers)....

It's a steady sucession of boring action and poor jokes.

Those who say that this film is bad and boring are greatly mistaken.

Conclusion: This movie is fun to watch , but also predictable.

The worst movie I have seen in a long time .

Sure, enjoyable.

" But by the time I had reached the rubbish bin eagerly awaiting my medium cherry coke, I had come around on the film forgetting the horrid acting, un-compelling plot and characters, and appalling plot line, and remembered the majesty that is Cameron in a bathing suit, Drew naked and falling out of a window, and Lucy baking muffins.

All said and done.. great kung fu scenes.. very "Hong Kong" like.. nice dancing.. entertaining at best.

An entertaining popcorn movie .

Boring, Predictable, Put Me to Sleep .

There's no story, no characters just an hour and half of Drew and the girls looking good.

Fun, But Predictable .

This has to go into one of the top ten worst movies ever made!

Whereas before the male audience would only really want to go as far as to admire them on exterior value,it's uniquely riveting here to see them kicking ass and stopping crime.

An enjoyable piece of fluff .


Worth watching with a brainless 8-15 year old.

Totally stupid moments hamper the fun of it, but still entertaining .

I enjoyed it due to all the action the girls had.

Probably nothing groundbreaking here, but still enjoyable.

From beginning to end, the action is intense and the comedy is hilarious.

This unbelievable story is unbelievably enjoyable.

Even Cameron Diaz, which showed that if you give her a good script, a good director and a good partner(A Life Less Ordinary) she will be a good actress, proves that if you give her no script, a bad director which seems to have graduated from the "MTV school of directing" and a bad cast to interact with, she can be absolutely awful.

I HIGHLY recommend it!

I can't believe that there are these garbage, boring movies that are considered classics like Blade Runner, The Great Escape.

It's sexy, funny, action packed fun, that doesn't allow boredom to even enter within a 10 mile radius of the audience.

This is all but a clothesline for a series of gravity-defying (or at least every form of science imaginable) stunts (an extremely enjoyable array of fight sequences and a slam-bang helicopter finale).

STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All CostsIt's not just the sister's are doing it for themselves theme that makes the movie adaptation of Charlie's Angels such a funky fun frolic,but there's also a carefully and successfully balanced combination of modern fast paced techno music from the likes of The Prodigy and Leo Sayer rhythms that were about at around the time the show was originally released.

The worst movie ever .

Enjoyable Fun that doesn't mean to be serious.

Some parts were impressive, and some, like when -(mild spoiler)- Drew Barrymore is in a scene where she dodges a bullet, were just so Cliché'd-Matrix style.

I recommend it to anyone who is in a mood to see a fast-moving, funny movie.

The movie is pointless, underwritten, obvious and does not require the work of a single brain for you to watch.

This is so because my children enjoyed it.

What makes this movie so entertaining, you ask?


There was NO plot (it was like watching a bunch of bad skits), atrocious acting and extremely annoying special effects.

It was a complete waste of time.

The Matrix-esque action sequences are stunning to watch and the 3 leads add a distinct brand of humour to each scene.

That is a very good question, because I have walked out of bad movies before, or fell asleep half way through them.

it really had no plot.

The movie version of `Charlie's Angels' turns out to be every bit as inane, cutesy, cloying and boring as the original series.

it is as dull as it was expensive.

Popping microwave popcorn is more exciting .

It's not meant to be taken seriously at all, so anyone who prefers this shouldn't waste their time.

Saturday morning cartoon writers put more thought into their work than whoever wrote the script as even small children would question the validity of what takes place during this snooze fest.

The plot moves along apace; the sets are very good looking; there are some clever effects; and the martial arts, and other action sequences, are vigorous and exciting.

the movie is boring .

Too many cult music, should put something more enjoyable.

It was really enjoyable.

don't waste your time watching dumb movie .

Mindless, yes -- entertaining, no .

Entertaining, that's all .

Most recently, we were all subjected to the absolutely dull "Mission Impossible 2" which was so far removed from reality it actually hurt to watch.

Once I got bored with it, I began playing "Count the Matrix Rip-Offs" with my sister, who was equally bored.

This film won't win any awards or save the world, but it will save you from a boring weekend.

Some of the gags were a bit overused, but all in all, this was an extremely entertaining and completely pointless entertainment piece -- which is exactly what it was trying to be.

This is a highly enjoyable film, which you can't believe is already over at the end, because you don't remember time passing that quickly in a cinema....

boring .

It was really suspenseful, too.

Sexist, stupid and boring .

Sound exciting?

Don't waste your time with this movie.

Want to watch an action packed movie full of girl power?

The explosions and many other death scenes are done in entertaining, clever and creative ways while the characters are all likeable (apart from the baddies).

This isn't a GOOD movie, but it's probably about what John Woo wishes that snoozer MI2 had turned out like.

If you are under 10 years old, you shouldn't go and see it and waste your time.

It was not hilarious, it was not interesting, it was not fun, it was just plain boring.

Most of the reviews claim there is no plot.

This movie is not a favourite, but it is entertaining.

Possibly the worst movie i've ever had the misfortune to see .

Constantly fresh and always exciting.

There is no real plot to talk of, and what little there is is mostly poorly thought out.

To my surprise, it turned out to be an entertaining movie, if you don't take it too seriously.

The movie also has a very cheesy and predictable script with terrible special effects to boot.

Silly, but quite enjoyable if you're in the mood.

Enjoy the movie, go along for the ride: it's fast paced, and the three stars are sufficiently airheaded (to give them credit, they manage to communicate being modern without playing up sex) that they gain our sympathy.

Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui are nice to watch, but the story and contrived situations are *beyond* stupid.

It just an entertaining spoof of the show following the trend originated by the Scream series, and followed by I know what you did last summer and Scary Movies.

Despite the fact that this film was meant to be tongue in cheek, the acting was too farcical, the plot ultra contrived, the music unimaginative - well, I am almost lost for words.

Because, this film is a waste of time, in anyway you look at it.

, etc.) but this film was so cheesy and predictable.

I highly recommend it as fun weekend entertainment.

I think that this movie was meant to showcase powerful women doing extraordinary and fascinating moves.

This top-flight but formulaic feminist empowerment fantasy about three gender-bending babes clones surefire elements from the "Mission Impossible" movies, the James Bond franchise, martial arts actioneers like "Romeo Must Die," and the kitschy, self-depreciating humor of the "Austin Powers" escapades.

The main problem with this movie, besides the banal dialogue("Flip...

'This film is fantastic… It has an extremely good plot, with enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing the outcome right until the film is finished.

Fantastic special effects and easy and predictable but entertaining plot.

Basically a mysterious guy named Charles Townsend, or just Charlie (who we only hear the voice of, by Dynasty's John Forsythe) runs a private investigation company, and he has three female agents working for him, Natalie Cook (gorgeous Cameron Diaz), Dylan Sanders (the beautiful Drew Barrymore, also producing the film) and Alex Munday (stunning Lucy Liu).

And it's a lot of martial arts and snappy one-liners and high-tech gizmos that are just plain eye candy, all the way up to about mid-point in the film.

"This film tries to be a parody on action films, and in some sequences, yes it is successful but it struggles in the formulaic comedy and sketches that are tied up together.

This one has no storyline to speak of, no character development, no second thoughts.

It is enough to state that it is a ridiculous, boring movie.

The plot is dull and the story uninspired, as with the action scenes.

Drew Barrymore is hot, Cameron Diaz needs to get over her fascination with own butt, Bill Murray goes crazy, Luke Wilson remains the dull Wilson, and Tom Green should be shot.

Fast paced...

Tom Green is in it because his girlfriend felt sorry for him and wanted him to be in a film that got shown in a cinema outside of the US, however his character is stupid and pointless.

Slow First half, better last half.

At least with the movie, they had a bigger budget to make the action sequences a lot more enjoyable and Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu do a fine job as the three newest Charlie's angels.

The ending was unexpected and creative- not got it!

But that's asking a lot from an industry that sucks dry everything likable about something classic and reworks and remolds it into something of total banality.

First off, the villains in this picture were dull.

This movie was a waste of my time, not only was the acting poor, the film was totally unbelievable.

The action was intense all the way up to the first dialogue.

This film was pretty entertaining and funny, and action-packed can't wait for the DVD/VHS to come out!

Good looking production, but pointless, mindless, and thoughtless.

I'm not really sure what the plot was, because there really is no plot per say.

I enjoyed it.

Like many a movie, this one manages to be very entertaining while being far from perfect.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I just saw it with 3 friends (2 female, 1 male) and all of us thought it was one of the WORST movies we've ever seen.

I watched this movie at a party, and it was so boring and ditzy that we actually switched it off...

Major Problems: No plot.

I am especially impressed by Cameron Diaz who is stunning and has a wildly impressive dream dance sequence.

No such high-brow pretentiousness in this film - from the opening scene, which slots in a barely-audible conciously self-mocking one-liner, all the way through every clever reference and spoofed scene, through every pointless chase and exaggerated fight-scene, through every nodding innuendo, predictable plot twist and traditional baddie, McG and his cast have made a film which acknowledges all the tongue-in-cheek sass and cheesiness present in the original.

The story was dull and practically non-existent.

Plot is what it is: a fun, easy and enjoyable to watch summer flick.

I tell you this because when you go to see this movie the first thing you say when you walk out of the theater will begin with: "I love the scene where...

Great brainless fun with enjoyable performances.

As for the entertaining aspect, allow me to retort.

I really enjoyed it.

Contrived and silly, just like the TV show .

Charlie's Angles was entertaining.

If a worthless waste of time is what you're craving, get your fix with Charlie's Angels.

Do yourself a favour - SAVE YOUR MONEY for something more entertaining like "Hannibal the Musical" or something.

This movie simply put is one long boring music video movie fans.

Again, for watching Diaz, Liu and Barrymore because they are beautiful or to see the fun performers can have 'Charlie's Angels' is worth watching.

Second worst movie I have ever seen .

We all know that Lucy Lu is the only one with martial arts experience which made it unbearable to see Drew Barrymore and Camron Diaz fighting.

And this movie, with its stunning leading ladies, amazing stunts and special effects, and funny lines and outrageous situations was just...

) you may just find this flick enjoyable!

" Tons of hot chicks, yet unbearable to watch.

Kelly Lynch is also rather weak and bland.

Enjoyable movie that is also a little silly .

A throw away , entertaining , box office smash.

In the second case, the plot was boring.

Action packed and funny plus the bonus of 3 sexy ladies.

Such a waste of time...

Maybe a bit whacky at times, but nevertheless entertaining and fun, regardless of some flaws.

Sure Bri and the gang weren't able to do karate kicks and Matrix-like moves back then, but at least the TV show was entertaining.

Possibly the worst movie I've seen.

Stupid, But Enjoyable .

And I think I enjoyed it so much because all I expected was FUN.

On the whole I found the film enjoyable.

It's enjoyable in a popcorn sort of way, just don't sit there thinking you'll even get a glimpse of the original Jill, Kelly or Sabrina.

Toss that in with the witless plot and the action sequences stolen straight out of `The Matrix' and the entire Jet Li film catalog, and the result is a whole exciting lot of nothing.

There was several laugh-out loud scenes, some very boring scenes and a lot of things that go boom for those impressed with that.

The action sequences are well done and the choreography (by Cheung-Yan Yuen) is exciting; the influences of John Woo and `The Matrix' are obvious, and the less experienced McG was wise to draw from the best, for it adds to the success of his film.

Unfortunately, every film that's coming out is just as shallow and empty-beyond-the-surface as this film.

I thought the writing was fun, the plot was amazingly well developed and the fight scenes were just stunning.

The three angels are stunning, the fight scenes are incredible, special effects are awesome, and there's never a dull moment.


Kids will be bored and even adults will tire of the endless and tasteless t&a jokes.

The slow-motion sequences were repetitive and were trying to make a Jet-Li like film...

Other times it is quite tedious and silly and well, you get the picture.

The action was as gripping as any John Woo film....

Vapid fluff, but entertaining fluff .

Over the top, boring, we've seen them all before.

" cliche for good measure).

Save your money and time for something a little more worthwhile.


Awesome action sequences with high-flying explosions, high-speed chases, fascinating and beautifully choreographed martial art sequences, and excellent special effects all directed with flash and style.

It is entertaining and it serves it's purpose.

Ye gods, what a waste of time and money.

I guess it's supposed to be entertaining for the prepubescent crowd and campy for the older folks...

Overall it's enjoyable if you're in the mood for silly popcorn trash.

The new Bosely, Bernie Mac, does an excellent job and the writer does an entertaining job of telling us how this new Bosely comes to inhabit the role previously played by Bill Murray.

one of the worst movies EVER)..There was no plot in Charlie's Angels..and what was up with all the shirt-removing/dumb blonde bits?

Luckily the filmmakers knew very well that they were making a dumb, action packed jiggle fest, and because of that it works.

Humour that is pathetic and falls flat on it's arse + a plot that is unoriginal and formulaic + acting talent that is wasted + action that is flabby + not an ounce of realism + a lot of money = 1 out of 10.

It's kitschy, but it's fast-paced, often genuinely exciting, and filled with moments to treasure...

The film is predictable and barely makes sense.

Strange sort of mix this, action, karate type fight scenes, women in various states of undress and enough slow mo to make John Woo drool.

Isn't there supposed to be something funny, amusing, enjoyable, worthy of emotion in an "entertaining" movie?

CHARLIE'S ANGELS is pretty good: it has some hilarious lines, very funny scenes, great fight sequences, a fun soundtrack, sexy and gorgeous three leads, it's charming and colorful, and there's even a place for an unexpected plot twist.

The story line was disjointed, poorly written and all around terrible.

It's a bad music video filled with obvious and cheap process shots, lots of blue screen stuff, slow motion signifying nothing, no plot, no background as to the characters or their relationship or who any of them are, no characterizations, no acting, not even a discernible era.

I think putting them in smart roles (Erin Brokovich) or action roles (Point of No Return) is just fine,but this was far too cheesy and predictable.

They put some BORING jokes just to justify the "Comedy" classification...

The two race cars end up coming at each other head on on an empty bridge.