Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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The Angels investigate a series of murders which occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: McG
Stars: Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 126 out of 558 found boring (22.58%)

One-line Reviews (359)

Also in the insane comic book cliché finale the angels turn into clones on Spider-man and sling onto a moving car with the help of wires!

Does a stupid moto-cross sequence that goes on way too long with obvious SFX flaws.

Take it from me save your money for T3...

The plot obviously lacked any real cohesion, with too many characters and scenes that were disjointed, unconnected and simply unworthy of being put on the big screen.

The editing is flawless, the soundtrack brilliant, the girls beautiful and the action intense.

The first "Charlie's Angels" movie was a bit of brainless fun, but "Full Throttle" went nowhere fast.

Though you cant help but think what did 'Charlie' beef the angels up with to be able to do all of those stunts :o)The script is corny and predictable!

I just watched Full Throttle for the first time and I think it was one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

The plot was slow-paced and dreary and the acting was campy.

Fully a waste of time .

Hence it becomes boring.

You remember the previous film, three female agents, Natalie Cook (gorgeous Razzie nominated Cameron Diaz), Dylan Sanders (the beautiful Razzie nominated Drew Barrymore, also producing the film) and Alex Munday (stunning Lucy Liu) work for mysterious Charles Townsend, or just Charlie (who we only hear the voice of, by Dynasty's John Forsythe).

All the dumb blonde jokes made about her character or her acting like a dumb blonde gets tiresome very quickly.

In many ways, "Full Throttle" is the exact opposite of the ponderous "Hulk," which was more interested in giving a psychology lecture than entertainment.

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Bernie Mac and the original 'voice in a box' John Forsythe have the bad guys (Bruce Willis) and girls (Demi Moore) seeing 'pink' in this action packed sometimes comical and sometimes satirical (a la Matrix action especially) film.

It is just such an entertaining film.

The sexy agent triplets are back again and in rip-roarin' form this time out to thwart a former Angel gone bad (the unbelievably buff Moore) with a nefarious (and superfluous) plot to steal the secret encoded titanium rings baring the real identities to the Witness Protection Agency while facing some unexpected turns (namely Barrymore's lethal ex, Theroux doing a mean Max Cady cum Colin Farrell turn) and the ever elusive nemesis The Thin Man (a game Glover reprising his villainous role).

Yeah, yeah, yeah: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is predictable, dull, filled with tits and buts, blaablaablaa.

I Enjoyed It .

In this sequel the enjoyable aspects of the first movie were taken and overblown making the movie clichéd and one dimensional.

There's some fine dialogue and one liners on offer here as well,complimented by a brilliant soundtrack and a lot of explosive,exciting action sequences.

This was an awesome, action packed, funny, kick-ass movie.

My husband and I went to this movie together and it was the first one we've walked out on in many years.

Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu are very sexy and kick bum well and Cameron Diaz is just adorable, they nearly have the charm to save this movie from being totally unwatchable.

It's action packed with lots of great funny humor.

By artistic standards (if there are any) this work should be to total disaster: no plot, crazy one-liners, bunch of clichés and complete remaking of them.

It was this ever-present "giddiness" that made the first film so enjoyable.

It is a completely plotless and pointless waste of time and money.

But unlike the other so-called "summer movies" so far, this one is actually entertaining.

Normally, I can keep track of a movie as it moves along, but this film had so little plot, one loses sight of what happens due to the fact all the music videos and random skin action are meant to avert one's attention to the fact there is no plot.

It's simply unreal, unoriginal, boring and above all, one big mistake.

There's even more confusion as the Creepy Thin Man enters again and by the end, the viewer still has no idea where he stands on the good/evil spectrum.

Lesson to up and coming film-makers: if you're going to make an action movie with no plot, you better make sure it's good fun.

The stunts, where well executed in the first movie, were rather tedious to put it kindly.

There are lots of examples of movies/shows that boast an action thrill ride and compelling drama while not taking themselves too seriously--Buffy, for example, or Spider-Man.

The only parts of this movie worth watching were the Thin Man, and there were not many parts with him in it, that really disappointed me.

There's bugger all plot, bugger all acting and pointless cameos from actors who really should know better.

Don't waste your talent (if you've got any), money and time making this piece of s***.

The entertaining value of the film was superb and who could resist watching cameron diaz in The Treasure Chest Club.

My theory on why this movie in particular seems exceptionally plotless is because of the countless, spoofs, cameos, and blatant rip-offs (Which I have laughably heard as being described as "influences").

We also never find out why a former enemy is now helping the Angels, rather than trying to kill them, but those are only a few flaws in the very contrived storyline.

See it once, then waste no further time or money on it .

03 - (Charlie's Angels II: Full Throttle - 2003): Despite some good directing sometimes, (Liu) is unbearable, the fun is between trivial and sick, and (Demi Moore) flies in the sky by the power of her dress ??

The storyline is disjointed, and the action sequences are so far overdone it's laughable.

However the finely executed stunt sequences and action packed rock'em sock'em nonsense galore the so-1999 `Matrix'-style slo-mo histrionics run the fine-line of cartoon borders and Mac as Bill Murray's Bosley brother from another mother is sadly underused as his smart-alec sibling was in the first jaunt.

Oh, did I mention the fight was so intense that it caused a huge earthquake that swallowed the entire production staff.

This movie however is just plain boring.

Please save your money!!!

It's a waste of time and I urge people never to waste any time watching this insult to the original series.

Action-packed, just as silly and corny as its predecessor so interested fans should be entertained, others may be turned off by lack of story and ridiculous plot devices.

Hot as hell, sexy as hell, pointless .

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and yes, I have sat through Manos, Girl in Golden Boots, and Daredevil (all with the aid of MST3k, of course...

But once I was inclined to it, it was a riveting experience.

Don't waste your time, money, intelligence, will to live and whatever else you risk by watching this crap.

Entertaining Movie - not brain fodder .

A miserable, amateurishly directed waste of time.

Quite possibly, the worst movie in the recent decade.

I haven´t seen the first one but i think the second one is the worst movie i ever seen.

The script is bad, the acting is worse, the gags are predictable, the effects are ugly.

The actors act, but they do it like children, and the script they've been given is infinitely predictable and entirely unfunny.

I saw a free sneak preview of "Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle" at USC tonight and I walked out that theater with another letdown.

After having said that, those who considered the first `Charlie's Angles' a gripping piece of blockbuster fun, will undoubtedly enjoy this feeble piece.

The plot is so disjointed that it really does feel very episodic and I struggled sometimes to see the narrative flow – mainly because for large sections of the film there wasn't one.

the angels are - as always - stunning: in looks, comedy and action.

The worst movie ever since the history of movies.

When the spies return to Charlie's office, a predictable moment sets in; the ring was for a more important purpose then a wedding.

One of the worst movies EVER .

This instalment ups the hip quotient, taking all the elements that worked well in the previous one and amplifying them – the actions scenes are louder, the kicks (and the skirts) a little higher, Cameron Diaz has not one, but two dance sequences and story is even more confusing than the first – jamming maximum eye candy into every frame.

I thought it was a fun, fast paced movie...

It's not a movie, it's just one unrelated, stupid scene blurring into the next, one song being mimed after another or a pointless dance routine (Cameron Diaz probably insisted on that, she dances in every movie she's in).

stupidly fun and entertaining.

it's the worst movie i've seen since striptease (hmm...

Plain and simple: it just gets boring and ridiculous.

Rating: 7.7/10 (Entertaining)

Don't waste your money.

This is the worst movie of the year .

Fun, Action Packed Girl Power Movie .

Increased the campiness, forgot to add a compelling villain .

This film has no script and no acting to talk about, just an overwhelming budget and tendency to throw in pathetic cameos by last year's washed out actors.

Sure it repeats itself from the first part, but hey, who can ever be bored of the James Bond style opening scene as the threesome save a man from intimidating rouges sport six foot rapiers in the Mongolian mountains?

The first film was flawed, but that was a lot more enjoyable than this.

Boring, corny, stupid and a waste of time.

im sure the only people who enjoyed it were males, lesbians, or anyone brainless.

OK so the plot is a bit "strange" (in YOUR opinion, not mine) but, if you wanted to see a deep, intense film then I don't know why you went to see this one.

This is the worst movie of the year.

The plot is empty and the film's just stylish action scenes, incomplete without the famous slow-motion shots.

The only movie I almost walked out on in 2003 .

This movie is just ridiculous stunts with no story at all and just boring performances.

Overall I thought this movie was boring and I did not have a fun time like I thought I would have.

How while the first one had more substance to it this one is just empty.

Weak Points The film sometimes was boring.

Incredibly entertaining from beginning to end.

We have Lucy (no diamonds here), who is a fascinating character.

Nevertheless remains a complete waste of time and money and at the end of the day that is justification enough for me.

Yes, it's campy and silly, but entertaining.

Packed with intense action scenes, 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' explodes on the screen, while managing to distinguish each character perfectly.

The action scenes were beyond ridiculous, the jokes were unbareably corny, and the story was as crappy and unpredictable as could ever be imagined.

I have yet to see a film developed from a former TV show that was really worth watching.

making all the ridiculous action much more entertaining than, say, in "2 Fast 2 Furious.


..This movie was cool and quite entertaining although the plot was utterly confusing.

From the absolutely stunning Burlesque show at the "Treasure Chest" to seeing the angels in just about every skimpy outfit you can fathom, to seeing *both* Cam and Demi in absolutely saliva-inducing bikinis to the stunning Justin Theroux and Matt LeBlanc (yum!

Cameron's character was given a boring storyline about her relationship.

There should be something sensational and breathtaking about the action and it would be better than the first CA...

ONe of the most FUN,ENJOYABLE and POPCORN HOLLYWOOD films I have seen in a long time!!!.

Charlie's Angels II definitely won't win any Oscars for substance or drama, but it's an enjoyable flick just the same.

This movie has so many flaws: a confusing narrative, a non-existent story, gratuitous and grotesque images and the biggest sin of all?

Teaming up with the original film's director McG (who,to date,has yet to helm any film aside from these two),the original cast return also for a sequel which manages to be just as loud,colourful,sexy,fun and exciting as it's predecessor.

But it was thoroughly entertaining (especially for a hetero guy who enjoys gratuitous booty shots).

The stunts are mind blowing and its worth watching just for that!

If you just want mindless escapist fun, this movie is well worth the watch, just don't try to take it seriously or look for intelligent farce because it's none of that.

One of the worst movies ever made .

It didn't explain anything, in fact, it made it confusing.

This movie caught me at just the right time, I'd had a pretty intense day with 8 episodes of "The Walking Dead", when I caught it just starting on TV, and this ridiculous bit of fun was perfect to lighten the mood.

I really don't know why there are so many people out there in the land of IMDB, who have a negative perspective of Full Throttle, because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Save your money, rent it when it comes out on DVD and watch it in its entirety using the mute button.

So if you want a light hearted visually exciting movie without much of anything else enjoy and escape.

Aside from a seemingly endless array of celebrity cameos,there are some exciting new additions to the credited cast list as well.

This movie as I said before hot, sexy and pointless.

At times the feature seems to slow and at other times it is too fast with all the action sequences.

But I would say that it is throughly enjoyable, and in the sequels which are bound to come, providing the three leads stay attractive, I hope to finally see old charlie's face.

But, when a movie is this entertaining, so what if the story just doesn't click.

This movie is, on the whole an entertaining one.

But Charlie's Angels without a doubt comes at you just like the title reads, a full throttle adrenaline rush that'll keep your eyes glued to the screen wanting more.

The movie had a predictable storyline but was still entertaining.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The three women are GREAT to look at, there's lots of "action" with very little acting and very little plot.

Don´t go there it´s a total waste of money and time, please go see a movie that is somewhat better then this one (shouldn´t be hard to find).

This has to be the worst movie i have seen in a long time.

Its like MCG the director just went all out to make this as thrilling as possible.

This is crap, but entertaining high-budget crap.

Further, the superficial but exciting screenplay by John August and co-writers Wormac and Marianne Wibberley develops the Angels characters while at the same they foreshadow events in the story.

Truthfully, he was the only part of the movie that actually got me to see it, however I'll forgive them this time since the rest of the film was so entertaining.

He was pretty pointless in this film.

But then following an overlong re-introduction of the characters we fall into a soon very tedious cycle that continues throughout the film.

Waste of time and money .

Charlies Angels is one flashy, loud and really entertaining movie.

Having already enjoyed the breathtaking original, I wanted to see this sequel as soon as it was publicised.

Entertaining, Tries to Please Almost Everybody .

But those are the elements that my make the movie exciting for a few to watch.

Yet, some of the intense action scenes lacked credibility.

It just jumps all around, from cameo to pointless dance sequence to fake action scene to cameo to another cameo to spoof to stupid make up to cameo to bad cgi etc. etc. etc.The final verdict is that this movie is bad and McG is the worst director in the world.

Waste of Money .


The plot was slow, predictable and uninteresting.

I enjoyed it, it was a simple piece of fluff meant to lighten your day.

It has so much ridiculous action that it becomes boring beyond belief .

Scenes that were enjoyable in the first film were just not quite as funny the second time round.

come on nobody goes to the movies for Cameos so let's just have any stupid pointless Cameos in this one!

This also extends to the cinematic universe where the makers of a movie are deluded that their baby is funny and cool while the rest of the planet scratch their head wondering how a film studio could waste so much money on a projectCHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE is a case in point .

Rather than going for a smooth flowing film, he goes for disjointed set-pieces which are in essence taken from other films.

As the fan of the Angel I'm so exciting about this and of course my expectation is sky high.

Three beautiful actress overly acting with the help of stunts was quite enjoyable.

However,the sequel {I hope there will no more,though sadly the film has done fairly well}is a terrible film,a soulless,boring mess which will probably be an ordeal to sit through if you're not a 12 year old boy.

I found this part to be very predictable, because the line where the man explains about his wedding ring seemed to stick out from the crowd of dialogue.

Unfortunately, the series this movie is most reminiscent of is McG's own "Fastlane," which though enjoyable enough was hardly a model for a great movie.

Save your money and go see the Hulk .

It's horribly contrived.

It's perhaps the only action movie I've ever seen that came out boring.

) storyline make for a solidly entertaining summer flick, and the introduction of the girls' respective pasts adds to the franchise, if that's what it has become.

Ienjoy looking at beautiful women as much as the next guy but atleast let it be in an entertaining way.

The plot was as gripping and engaging as that of the original.

There is absolutely no story line in this one and all that it is there for is to show off the angels' bodies.

Demi Moore spouts cliché after cliché and Crispin Glover is unbelievably outrageous as a psychotic, mute hitman who likes to rip out women's hair and smell it.

The special effects were overdone, the plot was so weak as to be non-existent and the dialog was dull dull dull, lacking the wit of the original.

True, I didn't rate it a 10, because the story was a bit hard to follow.

Lets face it - unless your a moron, a film hater or an anal retentively pretentious fool there can't be many reasons to hate this film.

) This movie wasn't the greatest, but it was definately entertaining and more big hearted then most.

Alex's father (John Cleese) steals the show with his unexpected arrival.

As a result, the structure of the story seems incoherent and disjointed and it feels like a really bad music video (or perhaps a collection of professionally bad music videos), which serves no other purposes other than giving male viewers some wet dreams.

B+ Vapid but entertaining.

This has to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

) Seriously, don't waste your time watching this.

Drew, Lucy, Cameron, and Demi all look breathtaking and quite provocative, things blow up left and right, and let's not forget those horrifyingly cheesy action sequences.

This was such an empty, unfunny and unrealistic "movie", and just like the first one (which actually wasn't as bad this) it owes nothing to the original, classy and non superficial TV series.

This movie has been enlisted in my Worst Movies Ever Shot list.

Crispin Glover was pointless.

1.5/10 Good: Plot twists, some OK humor, male audiences may be delighted by the dance scene in the middle Bad: Ridiculous action scenes, perfectionist main characters, pointless introduction, seems too silly to be a spy movie at times, predictable moments, story seems to have been made only to include action sequencesFeel free to send me a Private Message regarding this comment.

I Think Charlie's Angels 2 could be a funny, entertaining flick if it is not considered beyond its simple nature.

The story is very confusing, and most of the plot points make no sense.

The film constantly dragged on and felt like the storyline had been created in five minutes.

I went to see this movie expecting to see a vapid yet entertaining movie.

It´s no story at all and bad act.

Be prepared to hate: all of the action scenes, Bernie Mac as Bosley, the pointless cameos from Pink, Bruce Willis, and the Olsen twins, the meandering senseless plot, Luke Wilson and Matt LeBlanc as Diaz and Liu's love interests, John Cleese's embarrassingly unfunny turn as Liu father, and Shia LaBeouf as an obnoxious, curly-haired brat.

It was offensive, loud, obnoxious, and, worst of all, really boring.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

One of the most entertaining, funnest, and enjoyable films in years.

Easily, this is one of the worst blockbusters ever made, and one of the most unbearable pieces of garbage released by a major Hollywood studio.

The action is more exciting, the fight sequences grittier, I was actually able to follow along with the plot, and the acting was a HUGE improvement.

Pointless, forgettable and beyond my ability to suspend disbelief.

The merits (or apparent lack thereof) of "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" have been amply cataloged elsewhere; this dismal failure of a movie has no plot, characters who inexplicably magically defy all laws of physics, and a series of scenes loosely strewn together to create opportunities for leering at a) scanty outfits, b) girls dancing or c) both, for the three leads, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.

I enjoyed it .

Overall, enjoyable brainless fun, and even John Cleese manages to be reasonably funny again, after all those years of frowns.

it's as light as a feather, as enjoyable as popcorn, sweet as an ice cream...

Once you get passed that, it's a mindless romp because of the heavy handed but entertaining easter eggs (embedded references) to movie & TV pop culture old and new - like the fact that Diaz's character gets a reunion invite to Rydell High School (Grease), the Sound of Music references at the orphanage etc etc. Everyone in the movie looks like they are having a ton of fun just being silly.

My wife and I enjoyed it very much.

Charlie's Angels is a Fun, Action Packed Girl Power movie, not a submission of fine film for the Actor's Studio.

All in all, I thought the film was awful, too many wardrobe changes, faults in the script, tedious stunts, and unconvincing villains.

Waste of Money and Time .

The plot, the whole movie is pretty much pointless.

This must be one of the worst movies of all time, especially considering the considerable budget and the (presumed) talent of the impressive cast.

The bike racing scene and the climax on the rooftop were the highly enjoyable moments in the movie.

I personally think this sequel is much alive than the first, with the same stunning trio (Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore & Lucy Liu).

The costumers make-up artists (Kimberly Greene and Charyl Beasley Blackwell) the angels go incognito throughout their whole mission even to point of looking stunning like they're painting the town red.

Also once we know the movie is going to be a complete waste of our time and so they try to trust and get us to like the movie by dressing in skanky outfits and to try to addict the male audience.

Charlie's Angels is fun and enjoyable.

The constant use of slow motion and linger shots of the girls' asses or blowing hair also gets quite tiresome in the end.

and demi moore looked stunning for her age.

This film was really good it was really colourful and really exciting the girls all looked really hot and those other two guys were really funny and demi moore looked really hot and shes a great actress and there were lots of really funny jokes about other films and there were some people I recognised from other films and they were talking about all the names for butts which was really funny and there were car chases and helicopters and lots of dancing some of which was really naughty and the music was really good and the angels had the same phone as I have which was really good and the director named himself after a Mcg although I've never eaten one of those and there was lots of fire and I liked the way the film was really helpful at reminding you about what just happened like the time when the bad guy who was hot was threatening drew barrymore said he'd hurt her friends and then we saw her with the other angels which was good as I didn't understand who he meant then and I liked it that the story was so confusing because that shows how clever and complicated the story was ....

Yep, I'd say ‘unpredictable' as I'm sure none, in the audience, would ever imagine three real-life pretty girls would ever attempt such over-the-top gimmicks.

FULL THROTTLE is not fun for more than the run time, but it's enjoyable for most of the time.

On the good side, I enjoyed the soundtrack, the cameos were entertaining, the costumes were colourful and the parody's of everything else were amusing - although very out of place.

I have never walked out of a movie because I have nothing better to do, but I walked out and did nothing until my friends came out.

There has been not even an attempt to make art, everything is just supposed to be funny and entertaining.

So to finish, the movie is stylish, funny and very entertaining.

I rather enjoyed it.

But suddenly a man with a cigarette and a cane arrives and the movie gets some unpredictable action and excitement in it.

Is there a dark and dreary place within Drew Barrymore (who produced the original) that manifests itself as this piece of garbage?

Her scene was one of my favorites in the whole movie, and she looked stunning.

The angels made the movie cheeky but cute and sweet, and Demi made it raw and entertaining!

> The ridiculous stunts and fight sequences made for exciting action (hey now, calm down, this isn't Woo).

The celebrity cameos are tedious and unnessescary, and even Matt LeBlanc looks embarassed to be there, if you can believe THAT!

Utterly pointless.

One of the worst movies ever .

It was fresh in "Crouching Dragon" and fun in a couple of other films and "yawn" in a few more and is now OLD.

What a waste of time.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

No plot at all and all that skin is supposed to make us be distracted from the overly unrealistic storyline and action.

Overall I'm aware that to make these points is a waste of my time as many fans of this film will acknowledge them and say `so what?

I could fill three pages of things like idiotic editing and , not funny jokes, and stale unimaginative skits and rampant abuse of every worn out cliche in the books,...

This movie should be classed as one of the worst movies ever made.

Enjoyed it and accepted the movie for what it was, silly, stupid and fun.

Second, there was no real plot.

Utter crap and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is all for them..just like the TV show, just like the boring movie before it.

Sure, we know its not supposed to be realistic, but why must idiot filmmakers like McG (who must think he is really cool or something) bore and insult our intelligence with cartoonish and ridiculous action sequences that makes you want to laugh because it is so inherently stupid.

"Sillywood" is completely bankrupt as far as producing anything like original or fresh or for that matter remotely entertaining fare!

I too moderately enjoyed the first Charlie's Angel, even if off beat and over the top, not conscribing with the original series, it had some good laughs and enjoyable moments.

All the cartoon violence, the idiotic costumes, the non-existent plot, the obviously fake nudity, it is a complete waste of time.

Unfortunately, "Full Throttle" tries way too hard to recapture the magic of the first, and in the process destroys the delicate balance that made the original so enjoyable.

Another problem is the humor-it's tired and predictable.

Dollar for dollar, the worst movie ever made.

Now it's boring.


this is one of the worst movies ive ever seen.

Unwatchable, Worst Ever film.

But now to this one, Full Throttle, this is perhaps the worst movie, ever created.

It has it's entertaining moments, especially those provided by Bernie Mac, playing the Angels immediate supervisor/assistant, Bosley.

NO plot, NO pathos, NO acting, NO story, NO intelligence, NO cohesion between scenes, and dodgy effects.

' Personally, I really enjoyed it.

The nods to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cape Fear and Taxi Driver are hilarious, and the fun romp through the story is quite enjoyable.

OK so there's some over the top moments but over all i thought it was a very enjoyable movie with good action moments and a great soundtrack.

Overall this superb girlie action comedy was well worth the watch, much better than the original and undoubtedly the best live-action film to come out in the last decade alongside the first two Harry Potter films.

Also, the stunts weren't very impressive, and the script was dull and had no laughs.

So sure, go ahead and see it, waste your money and allow your brain to die due to the lack of oxygen you'll be sucking up while watching this movie.

It's a good movie, good actors etc and really worth watching it.

Funny, fast-paced, exciting, colorful, and with a soundtrack that just won't quit throwing great, classic songs at you, this is a hell of a fun movie.

They're back, only this time they are more ridiculous than ever before; the over the top action and fight scenes from the first film have over stepped the mark from being entertaining into being totally ludicrous, oh and they've lost Bill Murray in this outing too.

The first movie was cute and entertaining.

it was completely unrealistic, the plot was boring and trite and full of holes, there were innumerable scenes leading us aside that were pointless at the end, and it seemed the only thing we were being shown was ass-shots and way more skin than we needed.

"Full Throttle" keeps its tongue planted firmly in cheek, never once even attempting realism, and is massively entertaining.

No plot, no humor, no acting, no interesting special effects, no good music.

Cameos can be funny and entertaining, see Austin Powers Goldmember.

Me and a few mates decided to go to the movies and watch a brainless, mindless, fun movie but HEY this was just plain boring.

That Brazilian guy was absolutely pointless!

Add a banal plot, and you've got yourself by far the worst movie of 2003.

The latest and hopefully last installment of Charlie's Angels is just another example of the crap movies Hollywood feeds us today, all special effects and no story.

I wanted to leave almost from the very beginning.


Couldn't wait for it to end, the plot was so boring, the only good part was when the angels was shot, was hoping it was over for good.

Normally I am always up for a laid back, silly, and predictable comedy/action flick.

The three leads were much better around this time and I'm so glad that the producers decide to focus on a action packed script than to have those goofy girls give boring dialogue like in the first film.

I can't really explain what I mean, but this movie is easily one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

I walked out of this film able to admit that I had enjoyed it.

This is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

My thoughts as I walked out of the theater were "I don't know why they bother to call it Charlie's Angels; the appropriate name would be Charlie's Sluts.

It's a slightly entertaining movie that misses getting a vote of two only by virtue of its not pretending to be more than it is; dumb entertainment.

One of my favourite things about Charlies Angel's is that the film mixes Comedy with Action and Suspense well and is always constantly exciting to watch and see what happens next, there are lots of funny one liners and cameo appearances from other celebrities.

its funny, exciting and take your breath away in every single scene.

It sure made me forget about my boring life for a while.

It's a waste of time and money.

The dialogue is stilted, the action scenes are so amateurishly contrived as to be laughable, the acting is painfully stiff and the cutting often seems to put the audience (assuming arguendo that there is an audience) in the uncomfortable position of watching the cast wait to be cued.

McG, why make a sequel with no plot that has a grip on itself.

That said, it was an extremely entertaining movie.

I just think that this movie was a waste of time and it did not pass the sequel test.

A l-o-n-g and tedious dirt-bike sequence has so many patently absurd 'movements' that you start to wonder if they even bothered to employ any stuntmen or just went straight from actors to sprites.

Don't waste your time...

It's an unbelievably moronic and tedious mix of pointless, sloppily-shot action scenes, and acting so bad it makes you wonder how Estella Warren didn't find her way in somehow.

How predictable, how old situation.

Strong contender for worst movie ever made .

I went in hoping for more of the satirical flair that made the first one enjoyable.

This movie is waste of time and money.

Much like the first one, this movie is pointless, plotless and utterly stupid.

If your looking for a light comedy with thrilling action scenes then this is film.

a complete waste of time and money.

My List Of The Worst Movies Based On TV Shows (1997: 2007) .

What a waste of time and a waste of money and resources where got direction could be doing something decent in stead of makeing this piece of S##T.

Either way, it was VERY entertaining.

Once again I noticed a generation of films that have been wasted and fed into the minds of people who are simply satisfied of seeing, no story, three unconvincing pretty girls that are failing in the quest for humor, and un-thrilling over done action.

There are quite a few cameos, some are good, like John Cleese's appearance as Alex's father, and some pointless, such as Bruce Willis's very brief appearance.

It goes far enough past corn that it is funny and entertaining.

A terrible waste of time .

Demi Moore was impressive, but overly serious, and Crispin Glover was wasted in just a few confusing appearances.

2000's "Charlie's Angels" was a perfect emulation of the 1970's television show on which it was based: stylish, adventurous, exciting, and without a brain in its pretty celluloid head.

If I hadn't seen it in my own lounge room, I would have walked out after the title sequence.

Yep, this is the film to see after a dreary, uneventful and moody day of work!

It's just about fun, enjoyable and uplifting girl power at it's best!

This was an awesome, action packed, funny, kick-ass movie.

That's pretty much the tone that's maintained until Demi Moore shows up in full vamp mode (just after a pointless, cliche-ridden cameo by Jacklyn Smith).

Seeing that August was the only writer from the original and the Wibberley's wrote for The 6th Day (2000) before this, the story is overly drawn out.

But I gotta admit beneath the uninteresting plot, I found some satisfaction watching the angels kick some butt.

In fact, I found this sequel a bit more entertaining.

The women were boring even when they took off their clothes, which was often.

Don't waste your time watching this movie, there are much better action movies or make fun of action movies out there.

As it turns out, it's easily the most entertaining movie I've seen in the first half of 2003.

It is entertaining, spectacular, and full off effects.

No storyline to speak of.

It's just empty eye-candy, passing in front of our face.

Entertaining nonsense .

The script is just a bunch of action sequences and some predictable moments.

Charlie's Angels is a film that will be, and is, hated by critics and other pretentious zealots.

Full Throttle is boring because the storyline fails.

This movie was terrible, single-handedly reached a new height for the commericialization and banality of corporate-produced tripe.

I was dragged to see this last weekend by the missues.....

Great fun returns in unoriginal but enjoyable and funny sequel.

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu are very fascinating and very sexy.

An extravagant waste of time and money went into the production of this movie all they forgot was that the 3(4) leads are all staunch non-actors.

I'm sure it'll be a huge hit at the box office since people want excitement, unlike Matrix Reloaded or The Hulk, huge disappointments showcasing only 30 minutes of action and 2 hours of boring chit chat.


This takes silly and plotless to a place that no movie should go.

Words like peurile, pointless, ridiculous, inane and so on spring immediately to mind.

I mean, it's not just a thin plot, this movie has absolutely NO plot.

The plot is too ridiculous to care about and most of the fight scenes are such a mess that they're more boring than they are impressive.

In the last 10 years, we've had some of the worst turkeys and dogs which were richly dull, willfully imprudent, and unbelievably disappointing.

Charlies Angels: Full Throttle is very entertaining and funny.

To still insist they fight as if the girls were in "The Matrix" is old and boring.

Now I understand that having fun with the movies these days is frowned upon; it's considered immature, easy and pointless.

The material is too bland and cliché to make anything special out of it.

The chase scenes are breathtaking, the escapes even more so and each one is filled with flames and splashy extravagance.

09 - (Starsky & Hutch - 2007): Mostly nothing is funny, or thrilling, or entertaining !

Is this the worst movie $ for $ ever made?

It was fun fresh and adrenaline pumped.

I do understand the concept of a brain dead popcorn movie, but this is just embarrassing and was full of cliché's and stereotypes.

candidate worst movie all time .

The dialogue is good, but the innuendos are tedious, and the scene where Alex' dad mistakes her for a stripper, I was NOT laughing.

)ass, blah, blah, blah, the movie is predictable, the action scenes are rather boring then exciting, the only thing that saves them is the music.

Is it just me, or was it the fast/slow/fast/slow overused special effects that actually caused pain in my head?

Bruce Willis, in a pointless cameo, gets killed (along with scores of government agents protecting him); then we cut to our three girls bustin' a move to MC Hammer.

It therefore had to rely on action and special effects which I found boring (and I like action films).

Still, in a summer filled with dull superheroes ("The Hulk"), excessively violent spectacles ("T3" and "Bad Boys II") and general action-film ineptitude ("LXG"), this film is an exciting and invigorating entry into summer movie escapism.

To call Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle plotless would be kind.

This in my opinion is more of a masculine movie, skimpy garments on the ladies, lots of action and two beautiful looking desert eagles held in the beautiful hands of the stunning Demi Moore.

Full Throttle distinguishes itself as the film that takes the concept of over-the-top over-the top: there is nothing subtle about anything in this film - the dialogue sounds like it was spit out by a computer, the plot is predictable, and the jokes are juvenile.

Not a half bad plot, if you can call it that; some dubious CGI effects; a strange but compelling soundtrack (I especially liked the Pink Panther section!

Like somebody else said about The Long Kiss Goodnight:Criticizing this movie for a lack of plot is like saying that a rollercoaster has no use because it does not go anywhere!

Anyone who has to say the stuff these girls say in this film should know they're in trouble, and should mutter the lines with utter chaos, but it's unbearable how corny the things they say are.

If you want an exciting action flick realize the action is just too over the top to be at all believable or exciting just fun to watch.

The film is too fast paced most of the time, while the first Charlie's angels had a more realistic and appropriate flow that made the film more interesting in a way.

"Plan 9 From Outer Space" just got bumped out of the coveted Worst Movie Of All Time position.