Charlotte's Web (1973) - Animation, Family, Musical

Hohum Score



A gentle and wise grey spider with a flair for promotion pledges to save a young pig from slaughter for dinner food.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Charles A. Nichols
Stars: Debbie Reynolds, Henry Gibson
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 1 out of 79 found boring (1.26%)

One-line Reviews (16)

Nichols and Iwao Takamoto did a very nice job directing, providing us with a movie that is happy and sad, but uplifting and entertaining.

The thing that is lost in the movie version is that, since we can't hear his thoughts, the scene where he learns to speak comes off as contrived and ridiculous.

Worth watching!

While the visual work is anything but exciting, the film is based on one of the all time greatest children's books.

Then, there was the fact that some of the characters give dull robotic emotional, when they should been more life-like.

All in all, this is a thoroughly enjoyable film, overflowing with the voices of some of the best talent of its time, some of the best animation Hanna Barbera ever did, and a story that never gets old.

'Charlotte's Web' is considered a classic masterpiece of children's literature, enjoyable to adults as well as children.

It's faithful to the book, has a great vocal cast, enjoyable songs, quaint animation and has me in tears every time.

there is really nothing offensive at all here,though like i said the movie does deal with the issue of death and it might be a bit too intense for the really young.

The animation is not brilliant because this film was done long before computers but it still holds up to the story and it always worth watching with young ones and even old ones.

First off, I really didn't like, the author allowed the farmer's daughter, Fern Arable to semi understand, what the animals were saying to each other, as it was confusing.

From the studio that made very bad 1970's TV animation, came this unexpected surprise hit of 1972.

This film teaches all about life, in other words, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Features the famed voice of Debbie Reynolds, who can hold her own when singin' a tune, and an enjoyable Henry Gibson.

The songs seem a little out of place at times, but on the whole, I still find this movie very enjoyable.

But the very first part, sung in A Cappella by a men's quartet, is enjoyable for adults too.