Chasing Amy (1997) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Holden and Banky are comic book artists. Everything's going good for them until they meet Alyssa, also a comic book artist. Holden falls for her, but his hopes are crushed when he finds out she's a lesbian.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Kevin Smith
Stars: Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 55 out of 499 found boring (11.02%)

One-line Reviews (177)

This film is absolutely a personal favorite; the dialogue is sharp, the story is gripping and the acting is amazing!

While making a movie "actor" based makes it easy for the performers, it makes it a humdrum yawn for the audience.

Everyone was great in it but Dwight Ewell's Hooper was riveting and very funny.

You are just going to waste your time, or if you see it with someone open minded, you gonna end up talking for hours without reaching to a conclusion!!!

This Movie Is A Truthfully Great Romance But As A Comedy Is Awful I Decided 9 For A Rating Because It Can Be Entertaining For Those Who See It As A Romance Not A Comedy This Movie Is Like Howard The Duck You Have To See It Right To Say That Was Entertaining.

People see movies to be entertained and he was the most entertaining actor in this flick.

Smith's screenplay offers many intriguing and challenging ideas, and his direction is very much on-target.

Kevin Smith belongs to a group of directors that value honesty and individuality over big budgets, explosions, and the same old formulaic plots forced down the throats of the public over and over.

Especially when one considers it's budget, and today, its datedness, "Amy" is an achievement worth the watch, as are others of Smith's works.

After making one uproariously entertaining film, `Clerks', and one absolute bomb, `Mallrats', writer-director Kevin Smith has come back and shown us what he's really made of.

It was emotional, gripping, funny, sad, heartwarming, and had some great jokes.

and Affleck's sexual proposal at the end is pointless and crude.

It was too slow, but luckily Banky Edwards (Lee) kept the film afloat during some of it's lulls.

Even if we haven't fallen in love with a lesbian or written a successful comic book, we all want to know what it might be like - and the former, would be, for most of us, confusing; the latter would be less glamorous.

It really moved quite slowly or just that I never really got that involved with these characters, they were nowhere near as compelling as the ones from Clerks, so I really had no desire to follow the story.

The celebrated "lesbianism" is just a gimmick, as the tedious romance could have been played entirely without it -- what really drives the romantical difficulties is Alyssa's former promiscuity, so the whole thing is a feature film about one of those guys who can't deal with the fact that his girlfriend once had other boyfriends.

people get bored of same endings...

I enjoyed about the first 2/3 of the film, but the climax seemed contrived.

While it does have some funny moments, especially with Jay and Silent Bob's appearance, it tries to depart from the typical dick and fart joke, but fails to reach the level of a compelling drama.

For overgrown nerds and "suburban people" (by which I mean, 34 year old males that still ride skateboards, hang out at parties till really late, work only a few days a week in a comic book shop and still live in the boring, drab town they grew up in.

In short, you'll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining, and realistic love story than Chasing Amy.

While the two leads are perhaps the weakest elements of the the film, their relationship and its effect on the film's characters is fascinating, ranking with some of Smith's best work.

I haven't see that many Kevin Smith movies, and the ones I have seen were a mixed bag, but Chasing Amy is a genuinely entertaining and thoughtful movie.

Engaging indie .

Credit must be given where it is due – Smith is an expert at snappy one-liners and good dialogue.

"Once again, Smith has patronized us all with another trite script that sounds laboriously rehearsed, and the only different thing is ignorant topicality.

If you haven't seen this yet, I highly recommend it!

I must admit the first part is funny, but it quickly degenerated into some boring and uninteresting love story.

" The smarmy, self-indulgent just plain unfunny stuff in this movie seems like someone making a crude parody of the Smith who made "Clerks.

Mostly fascinating and humorous meander through the recent romantic comedy with bite territory.

Amy remains the only movie I have ever walked out of in my entire long life.

"He used sexual confusion which lets face it is a highly touchy issue with most people so when viewers realized Holden was chasing after a lesbian thats all the film became known as.

Other than the bits of philosophy that were attempted to be persuasively thrown into the film, it was an incredible drag of a story that was quite arrogant and boring.

This film goes way beyond the 'acceptance of sexual preference' cliche, and instead concentrates on the insecurities that all human beings are born with - gay or straight!

Great dialogue, well written, and thoroughly enjoyable

This movie is sickly funny and intriguing.

Clerks was good, but each line was joke after joke, & as anyone will tell you jokes can become tiresome (especially after 200 hearings, which seemed to happen between me & my friends after watching the film at every party), Mallrats was much the same, all the time it was joke after joke.

Pretentious and overrated waste of celluloid .

Kevin Smith's worst movie ever.

Ben, as usual, is flat, boring and awful.

It is popular with people who want to be boring obnoxious, pretentious nobs.

I mean, this is one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

The other thing to appreciate about this movie, is that it is unpredictable, we do not know where it will lead.

An engaging and humorous edition to the Jersey trilogy, Brilliant.

Chasing Amy is a self indulgent folly.

The characters are weird and whacky, which might wrong-foot some viewers but we found all the performances compelling.

watching this incredibly tedious film more than once is almost as foolish...

The "friendship" between Holden and Alyssa seems contrived, to keep the plot moving.

It is unpredictable, raw and real.

A truly enjoyable film, at least from a man who like these type of movies.

chasing amy is a entertaining,and funny movie.

I always notice that bored look in their eyes".

Tonight I watched Chasing Amy for the first time in about 4 or 5 years and realized that it's really a cheesy, cliché, predictable movie.

Quite possibly the worst movie EVER made .

unbearable .

With the exception of the opening scene this movie is a real snoozer.

Very enjoyable .

Even ignoring its ambivalent mood, many of the scenes intended to address truly important problems in relationships were ineffective, either being unconvincing as a result of bad acting, overly drawn-out as a result of bad directing, or just plain sappy.

The screenplay becomes even more tiresome as the characters then discuss human sexuality in a very crude manner .

It strikes me that this movie was written by someone who was trying to be very hip and cool, but he comes up with something contrived and phony.

But in this movie I found even the dramatic scenes to be entertaining and intriguing.

After the extremely entertaining comedy of the first half of the film Kevin Smith takes his film into more serious territory as Holden's (Ben Affleck) relationship with Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) develops.

Unfortunately, his comedic potential was muted and replaced by intense (although also fairly amusing, at times) anger.

Sometimes gems can be found in the most unexpected places.

Overall,it is a great and entertaining film that explores gender roles, sexual mores, and the limits of friendship with a mixture of sensitivity, raw honesty mixed with raunchy humor.

The two most obvious themes that run throughout all his movies are J&SB and his compelling dialog.

It is Kevin Smith's WORST movie.

Still, it makes for a dull ride for the audience member who is not part of their family.

) give new meaning to the word boring.

A very enjoyable movie.

But the love story gets pretty intense in the 2nd half, and humor is downplayed.

It is funny, romantic, well written and thoroughly entertaining.

It is an entertaining ride and one that leaves a nice ambigious ending.

It's funny, surprising, unexpected, touching, and affecting.

His conflict over the relationship is contrived and rings false.

The only cliche I spotted was the scene where Ben reveals his love for Joey.

I cannot recommend it at any level and the only unpredictable scene was the one in which 'Silent Bob' had something to say!

The story is so engaging, the characters so well made, and most of all, it's put together in such away that while watching it you believe it all.

What I saw was a very entertaining and well acted movie.

The incredibly understated, sometimes unspoken way that they navigate the boundaries of their friendship is stunning.

The story must have been one of the writer's adolescent fantasies and is about as entertaining as one for any adult.

Like most of his films his stereotypical male perspective is such a cliché...

The combination of sophisticated dialog, unique plot, and acting talent make a spectacular movie that is thoroughly enjoyable no matter who you are.

i know we have all had the questions come up at one point in our lives, but to see how these characters deal with it, darkly humorous, but still so emotional, it's rather intense.

Stunning in every way, it is.

Chasing Amy works great as a small-scale character study, and it makes a compelling case for the Kevin Smith Indie's humble corner in film history.

They can also be dull, frightening, shocking or if all else fails, just a pretty picture to look at.

Most independent films have this sort of, arrogant pretentious "I'm so artistic" feel about them.......

This isn't the usual Kevin Smith View Askew film, but it's still highly enjoyable.

I found it dull and boring.

Overall a stunning, emotionally complex movie for example the scene in the car which shows a genius is at work.

When he starts finding out about her past, he tries to put up a roadblock to slow things down.

What starts off as an intriguing, charming, compelling, and hilarious example of cinema goes suicide lovers on its audience.

It's very unpredictable, and doesn't contain the ending many would probably suspect.

It boasts fun and witty dialogue, great performances, and what ends up being a really fascinating view on modern relationships.

It was good though and really worth the watch.

There were a lot of good ones, that I think were able to make this pretty enjoyable.

Banky's intense jealousy of Holden's new girlfriend is no evidence at all that he's gay - what's more, I suspect that Smith isn't convinced on this point either, and that he only went along with the Freudian hogwash about all jealousy being sexual jealousy in order not to appear naïve.

It seems to drown out even the poor acting of people who seem either too high or too disinterested to make even half of an effort at being believable real-life humans in that ocean of pointless profanity.

Pretty Enjoyable .

Great dialogue, well written, and thoroughly enjoyable.

i simply just fell a sleep, this movie is so boring, it has absolutely no meaning, or message, other then just being dump, and rood attitude.

It's also enjoyable to see the actors from all the films popping up in extra roles.

It was a complete waste of my time.

It moved me too: to weep that I had sat through such trite pap.

I have yet to see another love story that I thought was more enjoyable.

But generally I liked it a lot, and I'm just thankful that Kevin Smith is producing such fine work like this, it is truly a refreshing escape from Hollywood's formulaic sap.

Every character has to have a snappy comeback or a clever line of dialogue, it kind of gets annoying after the first half an hour.

Engaging Comedy-drama .

But these are minor nitpicks in an otherwise enjoyable, and refreshing take on a romantic comedy.

Of Smith's films though it is right with Dogma as the most enjoyable.

The characters of the film are supposed to explore the issue/theme and that I was directly told what I should think about this film was insulting and contrived.

The movie is long,slow paced,but manages to be mildly entertaining.

Jay and Silent Bob make a brief appearance, which was definitely the high point of the movie for me, after which it promptly fell back into the lull and stupor that typified my interest level in this movie.

Put simply, this film is the most pretentious piece of rubbish it's ever been my misfortune to encounter.

I was mostly bored to tears watching this movie.

Too Boring .

The characters seem to see problems for the sake of filling their boring lives with some excitement.

And the scenes were PAINFULLY cliché attempts at being romantic.

It happens okay, it's confusing and hard and then people try to act like you don't count or something or you're a fantasy.

Gripping from start to end, this is a movie you can watch over and over again, and never tire of...

It has sharp humor and unexpected depth that is well worth seeing.

I believe it is this film, and the equally as intriguing Dogma, that will catapult Smith into the non-View Askew movie universe as a highly versatile writer and director.

Of all the enjoyable romantic films I have seen, this film is the most human and true to the heart.

Then some really boring relationship crap ensues about feelings and thoughts and identity and blah-f**king-blah...

Chasing Amy comes off as one of the most entertaining and heartwarming movies I've seen in a long time, outscoring both Clerks and Mallrats.

Speaking of intriguing, there's an outstanding cast.

One thing - everyone should watch Dwight Ewell's scene near the start where he explains to a comic book convention why Star Wars is a piece of racist propaganda against the black man - classic!

Chasing Amy follows the intense connection between people that sometimes crosses assumed boundaries into erotic attachment.

This one was not good at EITHER of them, sooooooooooo boring to watch I was waiting for it to end so I can watch dogma already and then clerks 2.

But the boring and unnecessary complicated storyline and the role of the "female problem" - Amy, really made me angry for about the whole length of this movie.

This is a must see for any Kevin Smith fan, and I highly recommend it for anyone else too.

And its DEFINATELY worth watching.

Tiresome, Trite, and Endlessly Talkative .

They share snappy diatribes and dialogue, and spend most of their waking hours dissecting their station in life and wondering to themselves (like so many comic book creators before or since) whether or not they are truly "artists.

It was too long, too boring, too gay, and too politically correct for my tastes.

And it's quite enjoyable.

Despite all this, or perhaps because of it, this makes the experience of watching Chasing Amy all the more enjoyable.

The characters in this movie are all people you can genuinely care about, which makes the whole thing pretty compelling.

Ben Affleck is thoroughly engaging as Holden, who falls for Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams) without knowing about her "alternative lifestyle.

This film is a profane, boring, uninsightful piece of garbage.

Affleck is typical Affleck, boring.

But instead of using the typical plot line the usually goes something like: "boy meets girl, boy likes girl - girl likes boy,girl and/or boy have some deep dark cliché skeleton in their closet that isn't leaked out till the last 45 minutes of the film so then boy and girl break up , boy and girl whine and pout till the last 10 minutes where boy and girl reunite ,resolve conflict and live happily ever after(cue sappy love song).

The script was so ordinary and dull!

"Chasing Amy" is a clever and engaging urban love story that just exudes with Kevin Smith's gritty humour.

But without a basic story, as in Mallrats, things can get a little boring at times.

The central love story is honest and touching, two characteristics that are evident in the realistic dialogue and acting: Adams, who hasn't managed to find a decent role ever since, portrays Alyssa as a human being, not a stereotype, and that's what makes her scenes with Affleck, always at his best when working with Smith, compelling and almost painful to watch.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and from there I considered myself a minor Kevin Smith fan.

I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did.

The subplots are entertaining and the climatic scene involving the three main characters has great dialog.

Clerks was Boring.

In short, this is everything great that independent cinema is capable of being: entertaining, edgy, thought-provoking, and almost too personal to not shine with the loving care and dedication of its creator.

) His movies, all set in the backdrop of Jersey, were each filled with witty dialogue, well-drawn out characters, and humor.

This shows a Director's coming of age.

His third movie, "Chasing Amy", was a surprisingly mature departure, as he merged the profanity-laced humor of his first two efforts with an unexpected emotional storyline.

"There are moments of confusion for Holden, as his absorbed ideas about homosexuality are challenged by reality, and his feelings when confronted with open sexuality in an undisguised, un-Hollywood young hotty, in Alyssa.

Overall, an embarrassing waste of time.

A very entertaining film, another good one from Kevin Smith.

the ending on this one was just too contrived, and really destroyed what i thought was a perfectly good movie.

Enjoyable .

While J&SB's appearance in this flick is crucial (and of course hands down one of the funniest in the entire film), it is Smith's ability to write dialog that keeps this movie riveting and thought provoking.

Interesting storyline, too bad main characters are boring (bad casting, bad screenplay) as are most conversations.

The movie has very little in the way of excitement and it's even slow at times, but if you like his material, his perspective and are willing to look past the occasional dull spot, you find another Kevin Smith patterned masterpiece.

I don't know quite how he did it, but Chasing Amy feels real and unpredictable.

But I've caught up with some of them now with "Clerks" and "Dogma" which I found entertaining though a little rough with the language.


For the most part, it does an excellent job exploring life, love and sexual confusion.

Real, unpredictable and full of emotion.

Unique and unpredictable romance .

It sounds exactly the way you would expect people to talk and it is very engaging.

Just a waste of time .

By the way: How could a smart-ass like the role of Affleck fell in love witch such an super-boring, super-catchy girl like Amy?

Obviously not as marvellous as Clerks, nor as blatantly funny as Mallrats, but still a film worth watching 50 times or more.

An intriguing and surprising look at mature themes .

This really keeps the movie interesting on both levels and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Long-winded, painfully air-headed social commentaries make Chasing Amy extremely tedious.

Joey Lauren Adam's performance in three scenes is particularly gripping (no spoilers for which these are).