Chasing Sleep (2000) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A college professor wakes up to find his wife has not returned home, then struggles to understand her disappearance.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Michael Walker
Stars: Jeff Daniels, Molly Price
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 56 found boring (35.71%)

One-line Reviews (44)

"The film grew tiresome as I was waiting for another twist, or some cinematic feature to grab me.

it is just confusing.

It's not a must-see, but grabbing and intense.

If you have insomnia and are wary about taking prescription medications, then this CLUNKER of film should do the trick!

oh boy, what a bore!

it moves slower than a snail in the winter time.

The movie is extremely slow moving which adds to the husbands sense of despair as his world comes crashing down.

The slow disintigration of the house represents the character's disintigration of mind, his paranoia and conscience are eating away at him, because he is not a murderer or malicious man.

Remember that Eve comments in her diary that Ed has been acting strangely for quite a while - this is clearly due to the unbearable burden of his plumbing problems which he is not able to handle, and which eventually drive him crazy.

The whole film is suspenseful and creepy-- and the ending is just simply shocking.

chasing sleep is a deftly made albeit extremely slow paced movie about an insomniac coming to grips with his wife's infidelity and consequent disappearance.

I felt that the ending made the movie a total waste of time for me.

This movie stands on it's own, and Jeff Daniels gives a very believable intense performance.

And if you're just looking for a nice, dark little film with more atmosphere than gore, and a lot different from the usual cop-chases-killer cliché, this is your film!

But this movie was really sooooo slow.

Jeff Daniels is the star, if not the only character we really notice, as the plot sucks us into his mind's confusion and indifference.

And on the other, he lacks the charisma, which sure made undertone, yet felt, bore; especially in a one-man-show like this.

But for the people who need an explanation, because that explanation would give the movie a reason to exist, it's a pretentious fail.

Gripping Psychological Thriller .

Insomnia drives him crazy, by seeing, hearing things that never happened, or totally unreal.

With a little insomnia.

And then nothing happens and frankly who cares if he killed his wife or not.

Jeff Daniels, an ordinarily fine actor, is totally wasted is this plotless melodrama which was apparently written by someone who couldn't sleep.

Then everything will become boring.

A cure for insomnia suffers .

The average audience would find this film pointless and boring, though if one were to be open minded to its abstract ideas, they would find a deeply disturbing and interesting exploration into a character, and the study there of.

points docked for slow pace and absolute lack of accessibility for the average viewer.

I liked the way his insomnia was shown with the hallucinations and his reality falling apart, and the little sidestory of the pretty schoolgirl who is in love with him, the teacher.

I really enjoyed it from the first second until the end credits.

As for movies that are considerably more puzzling than Chasing Sleep: -Memento (=good, watch it twice just like The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects) -Donnie Darko (=interesting, but very weird) and -2001: A Space Odissey (=horribly overrated, slow, boring pile of pretentious crap i.

The unpredictable cops and sexy female student make for more plot twists.

The script is fascinating and definitely makes you think, without using any tired plot devices and clichés.

* This depravity escalates into a state of insomnia, which in turn causes severe mental illness, spurred on by immense guilt.

It has that slow rhythm and it isn't interesting in all parts.

This film is fantastic for insomnia suffers, anyone watching it will soon find their eyelids giving up on them.

The overlapping of the dream, the awakening, the nightmarish daydream together embodied the lead's unbalanced condition, while being vague and intellectually exciting (we didn't know till the very end was the sheriff's phone call about the assurance of the wife's murder, or the psychiatrist, are true or just other hallucinations ?

"Chasing Sleep" is a disjointed, dark, off kilter claustrophobic narrative about the mental and emotional deterioration of an insomniac whose wife is suspiciously among the missing.

Aside from looking repellent the always-yellow cinematography dyed the whole movie with one constant color; which is another factor of bore.

the movie's slightly clever, some intriguing shots, still haven't figured out about the baby...

It was slow it was boring and I really really hate it when you can't tell if what you are watching is really happening for if the character is hallucinating!!!

In the mean time - if you are bored, pick this up for a little mind puzzle.

7/10, especially worth watching if you are not married.

The young college girl was a pointless part of the story that did not even begin to seem like a subplot.

fantasy that keeps you on the edge of your seat.