Chef (2014) - Adventure, Comedy, Drama

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A head chef quits his restaurant job and buys a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Jon Favreau
Stars: Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr.
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 86 out of 390 found boring (22.05%)

One-line Reviews (280)

It is most importantly lacking in impact and at times seems rather pointless, only to add to Chef's two hour runtime which could have easily lost some fat.

I made the severe crime of watching this movie on an empty stomach.

This is e men that takes raw ingredients from nature end by application of his imagination end sheer willpower, he is able to create something extraordinary in the kitchen: he mixes, meshes, pounds, and prunes the earthy nutritional materials into various visually appealing culinary masterpieces (they make you went to leave the theater to dine.

It's bland, a slice of life light drama.

Chef's Offering is Bland .

Finally, it is a very entertaining film and I would recommend this to everybody.

More than likely to go down as one of the year's most breezy, enjoyable and often quite funny films, Chef is a purely unadulterated joy of a movie that while at times contrived and more sugary than a box of freshly baked donuts is a movie that should appeal to everyone no matter how cynically minded they may be.

Total rubbish and mind blowing dull.

The worst movie experience ever.

) it remains a movie that wizzes past while entertaining at every stop.

What a boring movie.

Formulaic But Enjoyable .

Bottomline: The movie serves to be quite entertaining, and fills you with optimism.

But, despite the obvious flaws, Chef is still a generally enjoyable film that is well performed for the most part with an enjoyable gathering of Favreau's friends.

The movie has no plot, the jokes are weak, and the only things worth mentioning are stunning Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson (what's with the hair?

It's one of the worst movie I've ever seen.

I would rate it a 10 but want to leave a little room there.

Make wholesome and thoughtful entertaining movies for the people.

Save your money!

This is not by any means a bad movie, it just suffers mostly from wasted potential and the feeling that it is going nowhere.

I just thought "Bore off Max!

This movie was long and boring.

Remarkably cliché-free.

The acting is over the top, the "jokes" are fairly predictable and the plot is non-sensical.

Really really entertaining !!!.

Yes , this is a movie about happiness and if you are expecting some twisted plot endings or some unexpected tragedy to occur in Jon Favreau's sandwich selling rampage, you are going home with a disappointed heart and stomach.

We truly enjoyed it and would see it again.

Self-indulgent rubbish .

Food on screen is unlikely to look more appealing in 2014 than it does here in Jon Favreau's small scale dramedy but it's a good thing that the movie itself is quite the entertaining feast to.

The movie's got a "decent" scenario, it's just a little boring.

Its almost as if the write (Favreau) lost interest in the plot halfway and decides to self-dissolve the film into a mushy, self-indulgent emotional flat-line.

Jon Fraveau sure knows how to make an enjoyable flick .

You do laugh, and it is engaging.

"Chef" is formulaic film making with an indie vibe.

The story deals with talented Carl Casper who works at a rather fancy restaurant in California who has grown tired of cooking the same repetitive dishes they have been on the menu for a long time and wants the passion and creativity that he once had as a chef.

It is a very poor attempt of Hollywood to make a European style feel-good movietotal waste of time

It didn't seem to want to commit to the bonding with the family narrative, the redemption of a fallen chef story, or the cross country travel mischief, leaving me feeling slightly empty about each of the under-explored and underdeveloped themes presented.

This movie really goes to show how the media industry is filled with manipulation and propaganda.

However there is something very endearing about this story and matter of fact engaging as well.

The story follows a predictable arc and the dialogues are nothing great.

If you are interested more in a human interest story and how one can find their way out of a setback from an unexpected direction, this is worth taking a chance.

Unlike the tasty, wholesome foods displayed, Chef the movie is chock full of fillers, such as unnecessarily lengthy musical interludes and other scenes that just go on way too long.

Chef is a knockout bore.

Salubrious and entertaining.

Was quite predictable and monotonous.

Art of cutting the vegetables and cooking the food is absolutely stunning with humor smeared over it and bond between father and son adding extra spice to it.

With encouragement from his ex-wife Inez Chef Casper decides to purchase a beat up old mobile food truck from his ex-wife's first husband the rich Marvin played by Robert Downey Jr. With the assistance of one of his cooks and good friend Martin, played with great excitement to embark on a road trip by the character actor John Leguizamo they get the assistance from an unexpected source.

The story is just so very dull all the way through the movie, you just keep waiting and waiting for something, ANYTHING, to happen.

Although he desires to bring his creative vision to prominence again, his efforts are stymied by the restaurants owner (Hoffman) who prefers the predictable returns of the old menu that has been accepted by the local population, liking it to a music concert where the band plays their greatest hits instead of their "new stuff".

Even Robert Downey Jr., though showing up in a very small part, was well worth watching.

Totally enjoyed it.

While it is a common story, it was enjoyable to be on the journey.

Very predictable story with boring twists .

If you like watching endless scenes of food being shopped for, prepped, cooked and served - wrapped up in a trite, stale and so obvious storyline - then you might just enjoy it!

Definitely worth watching once.

I'm not sure what others who rated this movie negatively are looking for, but this was an enjoyable movie.

Enjoyable movie.

An enjoyable, market-tested contrivance .

The film remains thoroughly pleasant and diverting, even if it's a rather predictable flavor of the month.

However the film never delivers: the relationships are utterly superficial, the gourmet cooking scenes disconnected with the rest of the film, the character of Scarlet Johannson is confusing and unnecessary, the road trip boring and dull.

With a busy but enjoyable soundtrack of soul and salsa in the background, nice realistic acting by all the leads right down to son Percy and of course lots of scrumptious shots of freshly made food, this movie certainly mixed its ingredients together well, delivering in the end a most palatable dish.

The worst movie I have seen in a very long time.

It was mundane.

An OK cast and OK directing but a pointless plot !!

Unexpected plot twists and moving family scenes.

The always intriguing Amy Sedaris also makes a too brief appearance as Vegara's agent.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time...

yeah, cliché.

A Somewhat Empty Plate .

It's really quite boring for viewers who don't live out their lives on the internet.

Didn't expect much from this movie, clearly low budget and not an awful lot of plot to hang its hat on, but actually this is a very enjoyable movie.

A tighter setup, some scenes cut (Downey Jr. is wasted and pointless), and a quicker end would make for a much better film.

The script is simple and predictable but entertaining.

Chef isn't highly memorable, but it's entertaining .

You know the end of the movie just minutes from the start but the journey along the story is very interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Yet the parts with all the cooking practice are done greatly that they become very enjoyable, and they lift this movie's score for me.

"Chef" explores potentially engaging and emotional themes of reconnecting with family and the quest for contentment and fulfillment in one's vocation.

Overall a very thoughtful, and inspiring feel good movie that is funny and highly entertaining.

It's simply enjoyable to watch.

And it does get a tad bit boring when there ain't no cooking happening on screen.

Somewhat cliché as it might seem, this movie emphasized the importance of supportive family and friends when one is in a rough patch plus reiterated the vitals in cooking - great food and real heart (re: scene when it was proposed that a burnt sandwich could pass at a giveaway).

A trite infomercial for Twitter .

But far from being leaden and stodgy, Chef trundles along pleasantly; it just takes a very long time about it.

But there were editing/story issues with character intro/back stories, and the middle of the movie was extremely slow.

This creates a falling out, Casper quits instead of continuing to prepare boring menus.

His two "Iron Man"s were bloated, rather boring effects fests that were also fairly soulless.

It was boring as you can guess what the movie contained .

I guess some people thought this movie was long and boring.

And then there is the confusing matter of the scathing critic in the first place.

 Round-Up: It's good to see that Jon Favreau, who plays the main character and also wrote and directed the movie, can also make a good drama/comedy, after directing the action packed Iron Man franchise.

Same old storyline of man has access to child with ex wife - who since remarried and divorced again - and through child sharing they get back together and remarry (yawn/barf).

Predictable plot with little character development.

The pairing of sumptuous shots of food preparation with Latin beats is hard to resist for most audiences, and the food shots in Chef are so luscious and evocative that you can almost smell what's cooking.

Totally predictable, boring, pointless film .

There are plenty of other big and semi-big names in the film, but it's Favreau who makes it worth watching.

Altogether pathetic, bland and...

Story wise : It a predictable and feel good story line, it includes the main character who dreams to try different recipes and to enjoy himself.

Boring Boring Boring.

However, forgetting the formulaic parts, there's something that I consider a real plot weakness.

The characters flat, predictable and mostly unbelievable.

While Fading Gigolo succeeded in engaging me enough to actually care about characters that I knew nothing about and had no perceivable mean of relating to, Chef simply failed that test.

There's not much more to the story than that and I feared for all the anticipated parental-bonding scenes I would see the second I clapped eyes on his flop-haired 10 year old son but I was very pleasantly surprised to be engaged by this lighthearted, fast-moving, feel-good movie, right up to the predictable happy ending for all concerned.

Chef is a fun small budget film that does what it wants to do, even if it's entirely formulaic.

For those of you out there who are sick of seeing the same old formulaic bull that is churned out on a regular basis, this light hearted comedy is the right recipe for a night of fun and laughs.

But these are minor issues that are mostly neglected in this stunning craft titled Chef that is perfectly cooked and thoroughly appetizing that makes you want to reorder it.

I must prevent you that this movie it is a waste of money and time , after the movie the entire cinema ( who rezisted until the end , because half of them went until the end ) started to regret the choice of the movie , i do not get how such as big actors accepted to play in this movie .

This would have been a really good "family film" on several levels if the unimaginative, repetitive, "action-film" language hadn't been used when it just wasn't necessary.

However, it wasn't a great masterpiece, or terribly exciting.

That brief synopsis badly undersells this quirky and very enjoyable good-humoured light dramedy.

Sofia Vergara as Carl's ex- wife is, as usual, capable and stunning.

There's a whiff of the self-indulgent to Favreau's passion project - one gets the sense at times that he couldn't bear to tighten or edit his final cut, which winds up clocking in at just under two hours long.

Every plot point from then on seemed unnatural, purely manipulative and largely predictable.

And then it flagged for a good half hour or more when nothing much happened, I had a hard time staying awake through this part or was I just trying to avoid the "noise" of the soundtrack and dialogue?

Slow, poorly motivated .

Jon Favreau wrote, directed, and acted in a delightfully entertaining film with a great cast.

The bland and straightforward story line and only one substantial scene for 60-70 minutes (as I said I walked after this), made me wonder how on earth actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson and Rober D.

When Casper addresses the staff about the night's menu, there is a clear sense of boredom in the air, and Casper himself seems disinterested.

It is just that this particular journey is a little more enjoyable earlier in the movie than most.

The movie Is excellent,and the idea of a cooking movie Is always welcomed because you can expect something unexpected.

Mrs. Shullivan and I were in the mood to watch a film that did not include any heavy gunfire, lengthy action scenes peppered with overdone computer graphic images (CGI) and repetitive loud bangs!

Chef always plays it safe, following the formulaic recipe for film success and never venturing into real gourmet cuisine or creative filmmaking.

Scarlett Johansson is always fascinating, although she vanishes from the movie about a third of the way through.

The ritual that is food: the conception, preparation, and serving is at once the most sensuous as well as labor-intensive brush with sweaty human frailty (Murphy's Law?

At the end of the film, after the credits, Arclight theater, where we saw it, played a 7 minute short on the making of the film, which was both entertaining and informative.

The ending was surprisingly bland apart from being predictable.

I really enjoyed it.

But Chef was still an enjoyable movie that got me to care about its characters and their journey - in most part due to the really great setup and Favreau's character writing and performance of the Chef, particularly in the first 1/3 of the movie.

Leave aside everything else, this is an entertaining, clever, feel good movie that draws you in from the start and takes you along for an enjoyable ride of redemption.

An enjoyable and optimistic film .

At times this actually feels like a far better version of Over The Top, with sandwiches instead of arm wrestling and a kid who wants to know his dad rather than an Army brat and an overweight, slightly boring dad rather than Sly.

Really felt bored because stories, acting wasn't really something which make you feel good .

Favs also includes the right mix of verbal ingredients with his engaging screenplay of the movie.

Despite its worn-out formula and pre-fabricated situations, Chef is an entertaining film, and I consider it worthy of a moderate recommendation.

As a true to life story the ending may have worked, but as a dramatic piece it's slightly boring, and too easy.

While I love me a good action movie' this was entertaining.

The most exciting aspect of the film is the relationship between Favreau's character and his son.

The former is predictable while the latter is alright with a lot funny moments.

Surprisingly boring, pointless, and long .

a sweet and enjoyable flick .

The relationship of the main character to his ex-wife and to their son was confusing at best.


"Chef" is, above all, a smooth flick and very, I repeat,very enjoyable to watch.

Even the supposedly cordon bleu dishes he cooks seem uninspiring, full of cloying sauces designed to obscure rather than bring out the taste of his basic ingredients.

It was so predictable that I felt like I have watched the movie before.

the only explanation i can think of for this trite mishmash of lifeless clichés is that somehow it's a brilliant parody that went right over my head.

A really fun and enjoyable ride, if you let yourself into it

Unbelievabley boring!

However, just because it's predictable doesn't mean it isn't worth watching.

Very entertaining story of a chef who rebels.

What Favreau (as writer, actor and director) serves up, however, is long drawn out meal with little substance that devours an evening.

All of the supporting cast was just in proportion to create a moving and enjoyable piece of film work.

The story is clever, engaging, and funny and it truly works even if it does not tread new ground.

The hunger game I am referring to is the immensely entertaining independent movie "Chef", which was mustered up by the great Jon Favreau.

Fairly predictable along the way with a cast of well known actors, Chef is the story of middle-aged chef who is stifled creatively at work and doesn't get to spend as much time with his son as he'd like.

Surprisingly boring .

Working at a well-known, yet predictable outfit ran by his content boss, Dustin Hoffman, he yearns to re-establish himself with the critics and prove to those around him - a colorful cast of characters featuring John Leguizamo, Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johannson, and Oliver Platt - that he can still surprise his audience with something fresh.

Too much time spent on tedious close-ups of the chef in action, slicing and dicing and frying.

Please don't waste your money going to see this movie wait until they are giving it away on DVD hopefully free with your box of corn flakes, as its corny and flaky.

Waste of time !!

The movie is engrossing and engaging right from the beginning and is a treat for all the food- mad people.

it's just that I found this little movie made me laugh and smile, and despite the formulaic approach (it plays like a sports movie) it made me care what happened to the characters (even though there was never any real doubt).

The music is great and gives the movie a pleasant pace which is enjoyable and lite.

The result of that personal whim is an entertaining film, despite the seasoning of clichés from the kinda indigestible screenplay (ugh...

It was (at parts) a little predictable, disappointing, and contrived.

Favreau actually did the same thing with "Swingers" in taking a benign subject matter and turning it into an extremely entertaining experience for the viewer.

I loved all those scenes in which he cooks delicious foods :) Its funny Its emotional Its thrilling and packed with good actors.

This would have made a perfect Disney movie with the cliché happy ending.

Other than that, it was fun and entertaining.

A highly entertaining movie that you should eat at a great restaurant because you will have many cravings when it is done .

But it turned out to be the worst movie i have seen in 2014.

You feel like the movie had no script at all, that's how natural the writing was.

It's funny, romantic and entertaining.

It is a totally wasted opportunity because the ingredients were there for a good indy film: a chef that is tired of cooking boring food leaves his well-paid job to pursue his real passion, while juggling a challenging relationship with his son and ex-wife.

This is a pretty good made-for-TV movie where nothing happens.

The empty meal ends with the "chef" proving that he still has *it* - simply because the critic held up a *still-wrapped* food truck sandwich and promises chef his own restaurant, with creative control.

Vegara was without doubt perfect for the role, hysterical, and entertaining.

Looks like a boring dream of a fat man in which he opens his restaurant, has a son, who only wants to admire his father (that's all he needs, poor little robot)and divorce a super model that suffers of his infidelity with Scarlett Johansson.

In short, a light and mostly entertaining idyll with a feel-good story about a father and son bonding over cuban sandwiches and panini's.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen lately.

While Chef starts off slow, which is the only reason I didn't give it a 10/10, it really shines in the third act, which I will not spoil.

I like it, it was entertaining, well acted although it did have a few slightly cringe worthy moments....

Back to the movie.. I wished It was longer because I enjoyed It, the truth Is that with all this automotive technology around us seeing a Taco truck in a movie almost made me cry haha.

The trailer and cast seemed promising and I was expecting to watch an interpretive movie with plethora of character developments, and probably a very exciting plot.

Second week in a row I'm tricked into watching a "high" rated movie and this time walked out of the theater after an hour of torture.

Heartfelt and riveting from the first frame to the last.

Story was pretty much predictable, I knew he is going to get a food truck and that it will be a successful business.

In a good way, it made the movie really entertaining.

I've read many of the bad reviews and other than some confusion over the genre I'm not sure I understand their points.

But that's when then story starts to hiccup and slow down.

It's full of energy with entertaining montages, killer soundtrack, genuine sense of humour and likable bit parts from A-listers and chums of Favreau.

Worth watching .

I kept on waiting until the end for something to happen but it was just another ordinary movie mostly boring.

The interactions between Favreau and Dustin Hoffman are believable and compelling.

An extensive cameo from starlet Scarlett Johansson adds little to the plot in addition some of the shopping/cooking scenes could have been omitted to deleted scenes on a DVD package, while the set-up is brilliant, it takes far too long and there's far too much here to digest for the real story to begin.

Jon Favreau chews a sample of slow cooked pork.

However, the Twitter topic, and the whole purpose of the movie, is immensely boring.

Enjoyed it with reservations.

With a skilled supporting cast including Oliver Platt, Scarlett Johansson, Bobby Cannavale, and John Leguizamo, Chef is always entertaining.

Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) is, or rather was, the next big thing in the kitchen, an exciting up and coming young chef, an unknown Miami chef able to be creative and daring in his own demesne.

A really enjoyable film, heartwarming, feel good fun, one of the best films of 2014.

Now as most of the famous chefs have their uniqueness our chef Casper's passion for cooking is sometimes overwhelmed by his intense pride and so he engages in a war of words in an unfamiliar form (to him) of on-line communication called twitter.

This is a well-told and entertaining tale of the journey of an artist stumbling his way back to inspiration to do what he loves and well as the story of a father and son finding each other.

Entertaining .

But count these out, you've got a well made entertaining movie.

Overall, this one just bore the heck out of me.

The star studded cast, well timed quips, and intriguing story line make this film what I would consider to just be good cinema.

He has this internal desire to break the monotony and mundane routine of cooking same food and to evolve and showcase his talent and creatively.

The movie is full of comedy, heart and is so entertaining and enjoyable to watch that the movie moves along almost too fast and you wish there was more.

Again, bland, not funny, a slice of life that normal people live most of the time.

It was funny, sweet and totally entertaining.

Engaging, Entertaining and Feel Good plot.

Although a fair share of decent humour arises at times within this comedy, I personally couldn't give more than a two-star rating because the plot as a whole is so simplistic and very predictable.

I enjoyed it very much.

advertisement, soulless, boring movie .

This is an underline message of the movie that translates into enjoyable joyride of a movie.

Well the first 15 minutes was promising something interesting and funny then it became a very long boring and pointless twitter advertisement !!

He was as boring as a character(acting) & in his re invention of foods (haven't seen much really) there is no real struggle .

This whole movie, and all the characters are pretentious, which would describes the whole movie.

The scene with Carl and Percy at breakfast was particularly enjoyable.

From scene to scene of delicious food, from the Cubano sandwiches (which, if you have had them, you know are fantastic or, if you haven't had one, your life is empty) to the slow cooked brisket, you want to reach in and grab the food.

Boring flick .

Utterly self-indulgent vanity-project rubbish.

it was contrived and coupled with the script, it made for a lousy night out.

Waste of time .

The script, directing and acting of Chef are all very tight and entertaining.

Finally, the soundtrack is very enjoyable and varied, and the directing is great making you want to visit some of the cities the main characters go through.

This allows the audience to focus on the relationship at the heart of the story, but it is also somewhat boring to watch since the second act of this film does not hit us hard with huge conflicts.

Those browned butter filled Cuban grill sandwiches were so painfully slow prepped, it was almost a torture.

I really enjoyed it.

Having said all that, my wife really enjoyed it, although she too thought it over long.

At some point I thought that the movie has some boring twists to make it long.

But halfway through, as the main plot ushers in… of a once great restaurant chef running his own food truck… it's all sunshine viewed through rose-colored glasses, deleting the edgy banter that made SWINGERS, and even the flawed follow-up, MADE, so engaging.

Carl succumbs to his wife's idea of obtaining a food truck which causes him to bond with his son and other formulaic ideas to the point of nausea.

Well it was a boring twitter advertisement for me !!

Engaging, Entertaining, Feel Good treat one must not miss.

A mildly entertaining film.

This is a light, entertaining movie and an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a bit.

It's about not giving in to what's expected of you, but striving to continually create something new and exciting - whatever your passion.

The movie seemed to be quite promising but turned out to be extremely drab.

The film loses its momentum and becomes bogged down in a long and tedious study of the relationships between our chef and his son and ex wife.

Enjoyable, definite go see.

Entertaining 'Feel Good' Movie.

While this can have the potential to be boring, it bodes well for the film: we know we're in safe hands, and we're going to come out of this feeling satisfied.

Final Verdict: It is engaging, entertaining feel good treat no one must miss.

I found myself smiling throughout the movie and really enjoyed it.

The Spanish sounds grant it a very light-hearted vibe and make it very enjoyable to watch.

Entertaining meme to watch anywhere on the go, and a good doggo is a good memeo.

Favreau's pet project is like listening to someone telling you about about their dream last night, which is usually boring.

It is therefore understandable that many reviews advise moviegoers against seeing this one with an empty stomach.

I know it is sexist to use the expression 'chick flick' but it seems most apt for this rather boring examination of feelings and emotions.

Low budget movie but thoroughly engaging .

Please don't waste your time, I am pretty sure you know the story already.

That's the first of three dilemmas: His boss doesn't want any original menu items, making Carl's work a dull template, eventually beleaguered by a top food critic who, going viral on Twitter, shares an awful review that turns into an online feud, eventually making our put-upon hero look ridiculous.

And it also simultaneously tries to end with that family feel-good 6 months later cliché.

I didn't heard a good joke entire movie , i do not know how it obtain such a big note , not even a smile on my face , i must say this is the one of the worst movie ever witch i saw and i saw until the end because i was with my girlfriend at the cinema .

Take the Road Trip with Chef and enjoy a film that lets you leave the theater feeling full of love, life and in pursuit of the nearest Franklin's BBQ.

Predictable but Entertaining .

I don't mean nice in the way ex-dates told me their time was me was "nice" before I never heard from them again, I mean nice as in, it's a slightly comedic, slightly inspirational film that is enjoyable to watch.

But just because it's formulaic doesn't mean there aren't things in it to enjoy.

The movie is too long partly because of all that comes before the anticipated food truck.

A common criticism is the initial half is far more compelling than the later.

I enjoyed it and think you would too.

On the contrary, the film starts somewhat promising but degenerates into a predictable, lousy story.

Possessing an almost pathological need to please, 'Chef' jauntily lumbers along for most of its bloated 2 hour running time, checking off nearly every cliché box along the way while never even pretending to create any doubt about its happy outcome.


Jon Favreau directed "Iron Man" (2008), a then unexpected success that set the tone for the whole Marvel cinematic universe.

No story, bad acting, about as interesting as watching paint dry on a prison fence.

Casper is the Head Chef of an LA Restaurant, who, bored with his normal menu, wants to change it up to impress a visiting top food critic, played by Oliver Pratt.

What makes this film so bland and forgettable is that it offers you nothing to view as conflict.

But it is the chemistry between Percy and Casper that makes the movie entertaining.

This Movie is a torture .

Ironically, writer/director/star Jon Favreau's return to smaller, "Independent" filmmaking is every bit as shallow and formulaic as the big-budget popcorn movies he's been making for the better part of the last decade.

What results is a pleasing, if somewhat formulaic, stew of character, comedy and cuisine.

The movie has its virtues, but I found it noisy, formulaic, and predictable.

The drawn out pacing also lends to the feeling of insouciance towards weightier drama as a prolonged setup gives way to an even lengthier denouement that features almost exclusively playful nonchalance.

It's only a seemingly small aspect, but adds to the feel-good tone of the film and helps to really make it exactly that, a very enjoyable film, that if it wasn't for the strong language, would probably be a great movie to enjoy as a whole family.

The pace is extremely slow and the story, try as it might, just doesn't pull the viewer into "that guy is willing to sacrifice it all for his family" ...

It's just predictable and narrow movie that doesn't have any surprise to it.

It held my attention comprehensively; in short it is very entertaining.

It's always so fascinating.