Children of the Corn (1984) - Horror, Thriller

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A young couple is trapped in a remote town where a dangerous religious cult of children believe everyone over the age of 18 must be killed.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Fritz Kiersch
Stars: Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 231 found boring (18.18%)

One-line Reviews (131)

Children of the Corn also falls under ever single horror cliche to the point it became boring and noticeable.

DVD also has fascinating featurette with interviews by the director & two cast members, original theatrical trailer, poster & still gallery and more.

She fell asleep REALLY fast after she was left alone while Burt went go investigate.

The movie tends to really drag out in the middle, an inevitable results in turning a short story in a feature film.

In the original story King managed to create tension and draw personality of his characters, however all of that has been zapped from the production and all that is left is a repetitive bore which is far too predictable to be all that suspenseful.

The most suspenseful scene is when the boy stumbles out onto the highway clutching his sliced throat.

Children of the Corn is definitely worth viewing, it's funny and creepy and eerie all at the same time, and the ending, although very cheaply done, was suspenseful.

The editing and sound was uniquely done, using odd shots, grittier images and fast paced filming techniques.

"Children of the Corn" is an enjoyable horror film with a few creepy scenes and some good shocks.

The driving around the open roads and then when they get to the empty town of Gatlin.

It takes King's magnificent short story and stretches it impossibly, to end as a long idiotic bore, with actors either wooden or hammy, moronic script, preposterous plot, lame effects and brainless directing.

I found this movie rather intriguing, the idea of killer children is rather fun and can be terrifying, I do quite enjoy these types of movies, like (The Children & Village of the Damned).

An few years has passed, when a traveling couple Burton (Peter Horton) and Vicky (Linda Hamilton) are stopping in this seemingly empty town.

Though the core concept is rather intriguing, the execution here leaves a lot to be desired, and while Children Of The Corn isn't awful, it also isn't good.

It was a pretty intriguing movie about a demonic cult formed of children whose goal is to kill people over 18, and plans on sacrificing a couple who stumbled onto their town, Burt (Peter Horton) and Vicky (Linda Hamilton), to the devil.

There is a scene where she sings "School is out" and it is pretty much the only bit of this movie that is worth watching.

Mildly entertaining idiocy .

It may be more compelling to not to know too much about the kids or the town until later.

In many ways this film is stupid and slow in places.

Low budget entertaining tosh.

I love the whole isolation and wiped out apocalyptic feel and they do a good job with small shots of empty stores and such.

Hamilton and Horton are as bland as ever and even the special FX are about what you'd expect.

The light-hearted treatment of quite disturbing material proved to actually be quite engaging, and the fact that not ALL of its characters took their fanaticism seriously proved to help sedate the movie.

He steals all of his scenes and makes the film far more entertaining than it would been otherwise.

Linda Hamilton was very good in her leading role, very enjoyable!!

Oh, the plot works well enough, but it is simple and, dare I say it, filled with cliché.

The whole movie was very suspenseful and interesting to watch.

Let's just forget the annoying, pointless narration he offers us.

Just like the classic films "Village of the Dammed" or "The Lord of the Flies" the children form their own society and things get pretty intense.

To make a long complicated as well as confusing story short Burt & Vicky run smack into this gang of underage killers who are preparing that evening, "The Night of the Harvest Moon", a human sacrifice to the "One Behind the Rows" conducted by non-other the Isaac, who else, himself.

The last good part to this is the finale which is highly exciting due to the rather frenetic paces, fully exciting moments and non-stop spectacle that's a lot better ending than a movie like this deserves.

Sure the actual plot has some good ideas- the use of empty space.

Dressing children up in adults clothing and getting them to speak all spooky-like is already going to do a somewhat decent job of entertaining me.

The first half of the film is gripping and contains one truly heart stopping shock moment and is worth watching just for that, the second half of the film frankly is pretty poor and unsatisfying.

This is driven by a good score and intense performances by John Franklin and Courtney Gains respectively as cult leader Issac and heavy henchman Malachi.

I first saw this movie, about Seven years ago, at the time, I found the movie boring and found Isaac real annoying and it was putting me off!

Entertaining slasher .

well, mighty confusing, disappointing and all-round timid considering it's supposed to be a horror film.

The movie is a bit slow for the first half hour with the exception of the beginning.

a story in few levels, inspired atmosphere, creepy crumbs, an ambiguous monster, Fiona and Charming Prince, bad kids and good kids, refuge, fights, night, a phantom city, religion, corn, cruel law, empty universe and sacrifices, music and Linda Hamilton in dramatic role.

Children of the Corn sees a good looking and paralysingly dull couple (one of whom happens to be Sarah Connor) caught up in the corn fields of Nebraska among youth with some unusual views.

It's far from a compelling movie that just never succeeds at becoming an interesting one.

Also the whole plot and premise of the whole thing was very scary and intriguing.

It does tend to slow down a bit in the first and second acts and I was left wishing something would happen to advance the story.

Other then that if you can catch this late night on cable or it's free on one of the many streaming platforms then it's worth the watch.

That aside this is an enjoyable and occasionally scary horror film with two really evil characters.

It's not perfect and surely has it's flaws, but all things considered, it's pretty entertaining and has some good things to offer for the genre.

Suspenseful, good story, and acting.

For non horror fans, this is still an enjoyable and scary movie.

2/4Even though it doesn't live up to its marketing as a scary movie, it still has it moments of suspense, and was also quite entertaining.

King made it a SHORT story, so a long-feature film handling about the same matter is likely to be tedious!

Children Of The Corn is a somewhat dated, but still enjoyable Steven King adaptation delivered on a low budget.

I enjoyed it very much, and I do not like horror movies!

Graveyard Shift, Silver Bullet, it and the Stand where flawed but at least mildly entertaining.

A traveling couple (Horton and Hamilton)stumble onto the town of Gatlin, where kids have slaughtered the adults and are always eager to slaughter more, along the way they're separated and Peter Horton of course must save his wife from these tiresome, er terrible tykes in this very bad adaption of one of King's best short stories.

Yes, it could have been better, and yes, Stephen King's short story was better, but contrary to his public assaults on this film, it is much much more interesting and entertaining than his own feeble attempts at adapting his own work.

Scary sometimes too (The ending kept me on the edge of my seat!

Lots of slow and dull moments.

But, regretfully enough, there are too many clichés and predictable twists that ruin everything!

This film also takes far too long to get going (ala Dreamcatcher).

Aside from Hamilton and her co-star Peter Horton (who has long since been forgotten), the children deserve credit for giving mature and compelling performances.

I found the second half of the film more engaging than the first.

It's not a good film by any means, and it remains clichéd, but I enjoyed it and that's what counts.

One pointless - and often silly - escapade after another eventually leads to a happy ending.

Shamefully bland and empty shell of a movie - hopefully none of the next 28 are as bad.

The first time I watched it I remember being scared at every corner while walking my dog for quite a while, my imagination making the worst out of my actually very peaceful and somewhat boring village!

The name is full of promise, the mayhem and creepiness are pretty much guaranteed, yet the end product is incredibly dull.

Children of the corn is entertaining, a cult classic, memorable, and still one of my favorite horror films.

It's a bland often tedious tale of a couple who comes into contact of a wacko children's cult who worship a nameless demon that dwells in an isolated Nebraska corn field.

This movie is low, boring and crap.

Stephen King's Children of the Yawn .

It's very exciting and creepy up to a point (usually just about half way through the movie).

There's some incredibly tense chases through town as the kids pile on after the duo in all the different back-alleys and buildings, which are quite exciting for the most part.

Even though this movie has been unfairly dragged through the mud over the years, the film is actually kind of creepy, with the seemly abandoned town covered with tons of corn stalks at every turn, decaying infrastructure, and Isaac.

To my horror i found that they WERE serious and my laughter turned into muddled confusion.

A couple downfalls with the film include situational scenes cliché in horror and a subpar ending.

Being that this is the original cult classic I expected so much more but instead found a disjointed lifeless effort that failed to impress.

An eerie soundtrack, slow and gentle, sung in the delicate voices of a children's choir, adds to the tension, and underlines the eery macabre of scythe wielding 10 year olds.

Isaac is the most entertaining as the zaniest, as pointed out by the Nostalgia Critic.

The two adult leads, are also pretty bland as well.

Entertaining Stephen King film adaptation.

They find themselves directed to the tiny town of Gatlin with its empty streets and corn stalk filled cars and stores.

Ok that's how i explain the title in my review i 50% dislike it because, It was so boring at the start so i risked my life watching the boring scenes i didnt wanna fast forward cuz i didnt wanna miss anything the acting here is very corny well thats explains why it's children of the CORN, and the plot here was so..i dont really know but the plot is kinda bad...

I prepared myself to dislike this film, but I enjoyed it more and more as it progressed.

It would eventually turn out to be a thrilling adventure.

The start of the film is gripping and it builds you up to expecting an awesome, thrilling movie.

This is one of those movies with a very exciting title and a great poster.

Children of the Yawn .

It is so not scary, although the first time you see it, it's really suspenseful.

The movie has far too many slow moments in it and really not a lot is ever happening in this movie.

But I think it's an entertaining atmospheric film with a nice score and some memorable moments and characters.

One wasted opportunity is that we follow this rather uninteresting couple trying to solve this mystery, which we as a viewer already know from the very beginning.

This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The film moves at a very slow pace and just reaches 90 minutes.

It's an intense scene, with a closeup of the kid rolling under the tires, and you can almost feel their sense of panic and confusion.

This probably ranks among the top five worst movies I have ever seen.

I enjoy it and it is a slow burn movie and like I said before I don't mind slow burn movies because some could be good.

First of all the empty town...

He's obviously dead, so they put him in the trunk and after trying to find a larger city, they resort to the empty ghost town of Gatlin for help.

They mostly pointless, nor make any sense.

I feel the thing that most offended me about this poorly acted, cheaply filmed, hideously directed piece of garbage is that they had the audacity to COMPLETELY change the ending Don't waste your time or money on this amazing bow-wow of a movie!!

It's not a masterpiece, but it's more than just entertaining.

This is predictable, boring and uneventful.

There is some atmosphere and stylish directing but no plot to back any of it up.

The audio and visual effects of this film are absolutely breathtaking.

In the end it did have some clever shocks and it stayed true to the Stephen King short story, but it felt dragged along at points.

At leading endlessly its main characters around cornfields and then through the deserted town (direct effect of superficially expanding a short story to feature film length), the movie ends up suffering from its slow pace ("Things just aren't happening fast enough" even says Horton at some point) with the characters taking what seems like an improbable amount of time to realise what is afoot.

With little gore and few of the cliché's that riddle the genre, this is an intelligent and intense thriller of a movie.

The premise contains many good aspects, like the isolated filming location, the compelling musical score, the appellation of the supernatural 'evil' character (He Who Walks Behind The Rows) and the casting of the town's two main freak-boys Isaac (John Franklin) and Malachai (redhead Courtney Gains in his debut).

This film has a few creepy moments, but it can be extremely boring.

The plot was fairly fast-paced from start to finish, from the attention-grabbing introduction to the thrilling climax; the concept of a cult with children, them chanting fearlessly and leaving a murderous path in the town, was pretty creepy.

It just gave me a empty feeling inside my stomach.

It is corny, boring, and cheap.

Having said all that, I still found it entertaining, and I would watch it again.

The other big flaw in this one is the fact that the opening to this is so incredibly dull and boring that it really takes a lot of effort to get interesting in what's going on in this and is incredibly boring to sit and wait for something to happen.

I give Children of the Corn an 7 out of 10 because while it had an intriguing story line, the special effects were pathetic.

I'm really not sure why that is because I've always found this first entry to be rather boring, bland and at times rather laughably bad.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

Quite enjoyable all the same.

The director shows no skill at all, and seemed to want to make a film that went for 90 minutes (the whole thing was just rushed through), rather than a film worth watching - that said, it was saved by an interesting story, and 'some' decent casting.

So this has the smalltown setting in its favor, empty streets and houses.

In the story, Burt is killed by this thing a few hours after he finds his wife crucified, her eyes plucked out and the empty sockets filled with corn husks.

Even though this movie wasn't scary at all, it is suspenseful the first time you see it.

Enjoyable and occasionally scary horror .

This was the most thrilling scene.

No plot to speak of.

The empty streets of Gatlin, Nebraska are effective in creating much of the mood in this film.

There is a decidedly grim opening in which the children of the town kill all the adults, and a scene where one of the kids tries to escape through the corn fields only to have his throat cut up, but pretty much from then on in (20 mins and onwards) the film goes from being dull, to boring, to stupid, to laughable and then starts all over again.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

), it is entertaining.

Anyways, their action scenes, together, barely counts as thrilling.