Child's Play (1988) - Horror, Thriller

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A single mother gives her son a much sought-after doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Tom Holland
Stars: Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 319 found boring (5.95%)

One-line Reviews (143)

Excellent special effects highlight this riveting and demented slice of horror.

Very silly, but entertaining in a weird way .

Where its sequels grows stupid, theres a sort of discipline to the original and because of that its a more suspenseful horror as a result.

Even along these other scenes, there's plenty of other fun to be had here in the film's fun action which are highly enjoyable and make for quite a thrilling time here, from the opening stalking scenes in the toy-store before finally getting to the transfer ceremony as the lightning bolt destroys the store in a giant fireball, a alter stalking scene at the friends' house where he sets the explosive trap that blows up the building and the absolutely fun car chase as another trap inside the car provides some thrills while making a fine set-up for the stalking within the flipped car at the end getting some fine suspense in.

If you do buy it, then the humor of seeing one of them fly backwards through the air in slow mo after getting shot, or suddenly scrunching up his face in a fit of fury and charging forward to attack someone might be lost on you.

It's astonishing that Chucky has become such a cult icon since the making of this film and it is worth watching this movie just to see if you can guess why?

For a genre that was full at the time with masked killers , ghosts and zombies child's play shows that with the right aesthetic and pacing a killer doll can actually be a fun and intriguing concept .

It was easy to predict the next move of the doll, and I think I would have found it more enjoyable when I was twelve years old and I was still into Goosebumps.

I did really enjoy the climax, which reduces things to the classic situation of 'characters trapped and hunted by killer' and manages to be pretty exciting.

This movie starts out pretty slow with a killer named Charles Lee Ray doing voodoo magic to put his soul into a kid's doll.

Granted, the kid deserves a lot of credit for performing reasonably well in a horror film at the age of 7, which is certainly more than I could have done at that age, but for every time that he effectively portrayed a scared little kid, which happened often, there were at least as many times when he spoke with the wooden monotone generally associated with reading a cue card.

I find it difficult to find it scary or menacing due to the cliched shots and humour but its definitely entertaining to watch as Chucky becomes the terminator towards the end.

I find the idea of a killer doll so intriguing that i don't think I couldn't like it.

The movie moves at a very good pace, despite its slow start; it has that 80s feeling and it is surprisingly violent for its time (it was released when rules were turning a bit stricter).

It gets tedious not seeing Chucky.

After that it starts to get slow and generic even with the killer doll with things not making much sense (and I am not talking about the Chucky doll thing either).

Director Tom Holland, working from a clever and witty script that he co-wrote with Don Mancini and John Lafia, treats the frankly silly story with admirable seriousness, keeps the pace brisk and unflagging throughout, and builds a good deal of tension which culminates in a lively and exciting conclusion.

With an intriguing plot and premise, acting that would be suitable for more than just horror, solid suspense, and an excellent villain, this is for horror fans and movie fans alike who like to see something different.

I also thought that the kills were great,I appreciate that they're not just for the body count,their part of the story and they're very suspenseful.

Good original thrilling horror .

The murder scenes often come off cheap, forced, and pointless.

Acting as Charles Lee Ray at the start of the film and voicing the supernaturally possessed doll throughout, Brad Dourif gives an intense, unforgettable performance.

Scary, suspenseful and funny.

The directing for some of the scenes are actually suspenseful in places, and the argument can be made that when something inanimate is trying to kill a character of course nobody is going to believe them and therefore nobody will help them.

I have watched this movie a couple of times but i cant really watch it anymore than that because its kind of boring when you know whats going to happen in every scene.

But I was basically pretty bored--and I'm a big horror movie fan.

Childs play (1988) starring Catherine Hicks from 7th Heaven is actually a pretty entertaining classic horror film.

Only chucky movie worth watching .

This is quite suspenseful for the first half while Chucky just sits there and only kills by sneak attacks.

Not very scary, but entertaining nonetheless .

It has some carefully orchestrated suspense with a slow build to it, which works very well.

I give this movie a 9 out of 10 rating because this movie is very entertaining

Co-starring are Dinah Manoff ('Empty Nest', "Grease") as the unfortunate friend / babysitter, Tommy Swerdlow ("Howard the Duck") as Mikes' colleague, Jack Colvin ('The Incredible Hulk') as a psychiatrist, Raymond Oliver ("Forbidden World") as a voodoo master, and Neil Giuntoli ("Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Part II") as a criminal lowlife.

) & the first two kills are suspenseful.

If you really need to see this movie, don't bother renting, wait for it to come on TV until you decide if you truly think it's worth watching again for entertainment.

Weirdly, the last 15 minutes and the part that dragged, was the memorable bit of this movie.

It's so thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Child's Play is a very entertaining horror film, with a bit more originality than you might expect.

Tom Holland did direct this movie well, a number of scenes stay in the mind after viewing including the final moments which are some of the more exciting scenes in horror for films of the late Eighties, but occasionally Holland's judgement seemed to slip and the viewer is left with overly repetitive and eventually dull moments.

A entertaining scary movie that is smart and suspenseful .

At under 90 minutes, it isn't a long film at all, but it is a pretty entertaining one and maybe a bit on the underseen side still.

It goes from being a legitimately suspenseful and bizarre horror film to being a rather tasteless and by-the-numbers slasher flick.

Filled with kitschy cheese and some surprisingly well-done suspenseful moments, Child's Play is a thrill ride all the way through - just check out the kickass car scene toward the middle, or the part where she "figures out the truth" about Chucky for some of my favorite moments.

The first half brilliantly emanating dread with Holland's signature slow panning and tempered camera movement.

Mike keeps stepping on the gas and the whole scene just gets intense.

I saw the commercials of the very first Child's play Movie and I remember them completely - the stunning special effects of the doll creeping with the mechanical head turning right around and the isolated kid, was later called Andy hollering for his Mother.

Director Tom Holland does quite a good job scaring us with this cliche-ridden, unoriginal story of a serial killer transferring his soul to a toy store doll.

He might have tried to hurt me, or even worse, possess me, which is exactly what happens here in this neatly packaged and entertaining, albeit clichéd little horror film from "Fright Night" director Tom Holland.

But for what it is, Child's Play is kind of entertaining with some good scenes albethem illogical.

Fun, but often dull, horror movie.

But it's also good when you are bored because it's a bit funny too.

The sequels may at times be more entertaining and I love them and I say "bring on more Chucky!

This is ultimately a minor complaint, and taken as a whole Child's Play is a thoroughly enjoyable thriller.

Child's Play contains the predictable horror and suspense that one would expect for this type of film.

Horror films aren't me favorite genre but I'd watch this one again-it's simultaneously funny, creepy and entertaining-even if it's not the world's best movie it's a bit more then just another stupid horror.

Good the first time, boring the second.

Worth watching!

I would recommend this movie for anyone who loves scary and suspenseful horror films with a great storyline, villain, and setting.

The most exciting moments and also the moments that most fill the excitement of the audience is the firsttime Chucky's first seen active, non-POV that is, and very active indeed!

Chucky hangs out at his pad until he gets bored.

Naturally, the authorities are slow to believe that "Chucky" is alive and evil.

Brad Dourif whom I known from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest, Blue Velvet, Fatal Beauty, Dune and many countless films as I got older- he is one of the most finest performers I have ever seen, with his magnetic charisma and those huge wildly intense blue eyes to match, he is crazy handsome in this movie, and his outburst rage that even real life Serial Murderers exhibit is brilliant.

The freckle-faced doll Chucky is quite an engaging horror villain, made legendary by Brad Dourif's raw voice, and thanks to some really impressive visual effects it looks even more menacing than most fully-grown and anatomically correct serial killers from other 80's horror movies.

Holland keeps the plot moving at all times, managing to create a few genuinely thrilling & exciting moments, even if many of the scenes are laughable or appear severely dated today.

even though there isn't much to say about this movie in my point of view, i definitely recommend it because it is very entertaining.

Joe Renzetti's music score blends in well with the movie and the cinematography was good, especially letting the dreary Chicago streets match the dark mood of the film.

Entertaining for the most part, good effects, and o.

"Child's Play" is a bit preposterous in some scenes, but it's so entertaining that I was involved with what was going on.

This ignorance is best highlighted by Maggie (Manoff), a friend of Andy's mother who is fast paced, outlandish and just too confident when it comes to looking for the next gimmick and best way to purchase it – it comes as no surprise that her encounter with the doll results, in the sense it gets the better of her and, quite literally as well as ironically, 'sneaks' up on her.

Unlike it's sequels, especially ‘Bride of Chucky' (1998), ‘Child's Play' is generally a more `serious' horror film, lacking much gore despite a few grisly scenes, the movie tries to rely more on suspense and tension but it's attempts often lead to rather dull and uneventful moments.

I do have to say that Chuckie has become an icon and is a very entertaining character to watch.

Still its pretty entertaining, goes fairly quickly and at least its not boring.

This film is amazingly entertaining, maybe it is one of the most entertaining films I have seen and Chucky is truly a memorable character, extremely famous, a unique doll that can be more than just a headache, a doll that simply can kill you if he wants.

acting, but slow in parts, and a somewhat mediocre plot.

It's entertaining and wicked on it's own way.

I found the second half of the film a bit silly and contrived.

Exciting and stylish supernatural horror thriller that gave birth to one of horror cinema's most infamous villains Chucky.

Holland's direction is truly excellent, allowing Child's Play to transcend it's admittedly slender plot, into a gripping, suspenseful horror show.

Its all entertaining stuff though, Andy is back with a good performance and the foster home theme works well even if the Chucky reconstruction is another stupid and rushed idea.

All in all, the film is definitely worth watching if you're into the genre.

Don Mancini's script injects just the right amount of fun into proceedings, Holland's direction is slick and classy, successfully wringing tension and scares from material that might easily have ended up as laughable, Dourif gives a brilliant vocal performance as the doll, Chucky, and the special effects are all top notch; it all adds up to one hell of an entertaining movie.

What annoyed me was the bad acting, unoriginal and highly cheesy plot and boring soundtrack.

"Child's Play" is one of the cleverest and most entertaining horror movies of the 80s.

However, if you're looking for a horror film that is creepier than most, more original than most, more entertaining than most and has Brad Dourif on top form, then you should definitely check this one out.

DVD also includes two entertaining commentary track by the cast & filmmakers.

The dialog is very obviously 80's at some points, and the acting could definitely improve, particularly with some of the minor characters, but the film manages to create a good deal of unpredictable scenes and the music is so neutral that you couldn't possibly tell from the soundtrack that it's an 80's film.

It stays intense from that point and certainly keeps your attention.

It's very woodenly written and slow.

Highly Entertaining Horror Film .

But thanks to Tom Holland's confident direction and the taut editing, what we have instead is a very effective horror film, not to mention satisfying because the sheer amount of enjoyment to be had is so unexpected.

It's scary, and thrilling.

Tom Holland has directed a suspenseful horror film.

This film standalone is entertaining, scary, and importantly sadistically funny.

Brad Dourif ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") appears briefly as the killer who works up some voodoo magic to get the movie moving in motion, and Dinah Manoff ("Empty Nest") provides a little comic relief as Hicks' best friend.

When I first thought of Child's Play, I thought it was too childish and boring.

Overall this one turned out to be quite impressive and truly enjoyable effort her.

In conclusion, to all you horror film lovers that have not seen this excellent horror film you'll love which will leave you feeling good, I highly recommend it!

If you can get past the charmingly silly proposition of a serial killer transferring his soul into a doll to perpetuate his murderous ways, Tom Holland's Child's Play offers up a tremendously entertaining mix of humor and horror and puts a novel twist on the relatively uncrowded "toys gone bad" sub-genre.

But after you see it once, it gets VERY boring.

The pacing of Child's Play for the most part is suspenseful and direct.

exciting & thrilling, and scary.

In this exciting thriller, a mom(catherine hicks) buys a doll, named Chucky, for her son.

Then, I heard from a friend that Dolly has a younger brother named "Chucky"Chucky is as scary as his sister, and Child's Play is a fun movie to watch, I enjoyed it myself!

Despite the film's disarming title, this is an intense, gripping thriller with plenty of scares, suspense, and violence, as well as impressive and utterly convincing special effects.

Very clever, highly suspenseful chiller with a boy's doll inhabited by the spirit of a dead man.

Certainly far ahead of its time as far as the dolls effects go, and it is rather entertaining.

The ending felt a bit contrived.

I saw the commercials of the very first Child's play Movie and I remember them completely - the stunning special effects of the doll creeping with the mechanical head turning right around and the isolated kid, was later called Andy hollering for his Mother.

I rate this movie a 9 out of 10, with 10 being the best, because I enjoyed it a lot and couldn't bring myself to not repeatedly watch it over and over again.

Brad Dourif gave a sinister, dark, yet sometimes sarcastic portrayal of Chucky; Catherine Hicks gave a fine performance as the mom; and Chris Sarandon was a little emotionless and mundane at times as the cop, Mike Norris.

I highly recommend it.

While the revelation sequence is truly legendary here as the earlier investigations give it some intriguing possibilities about what's going on, the battery discovery of all kinds of chilling, the initial reaction is priceless and then the ensuing attack after being threatened makes for a superb, stand-out sequence.

I enjoyed it a lot.

My biggest complaint is that the first half of this flick is far too slow.

And, the only thing better than the doll itself, is the voice of Brad Dourif who flits from evil to darkly entertaining in the blink of an eye - and has naturally been kept on as the continued voice of Chucky throughout every genre change, reboot and sequel.

Now despite all that, the film was just entertaining though.

It does start out a little slow as a whodunit, Andy or the doll, since all the evidence is cleverly set up to frame the boy.

It all builds to a suspenseful climax with Chucky being slowly destroyed before he can possess Andy.

Child's play does have a nice feeling of suspense and the killer is really entertaining to watch.

It's very suspenseful, entertaining, and just a well made chiller.

It was more suspenseful than I thought.

This film is very predictable, and the ideas sound laughable.

But it still is entertaining.

Brad Dourif whom I known from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest, Blue Velvet, Fatal Beauty, Dune and many countless films - he is one of the most finest performers I have ever seen, with his magnetic charisma and those huge wildly intense blue eyes to match.

Actually what could and should have been a cheesy, goofy and formula slasher as the premise indicated turned out to be a hugely entertaining, surprisingly creative and genuinely scary film, important in introducing one to as said one of horror's most famous and iconic characters.

Good plot, some dated 80's acting, and some damn fine SFX/puppetry make this an enjoyable horror film.

Add to this some earnest acting from CatherineHicks, Chris Sarandon, and especially Alex Vincent playing a six-year old, and you have a pretty entertaining feature.

This movie is a great scare because it's so unpredictable and the acting is very convincing.

All in all, this is definitely an enjoyable movie.

The foul-mouthed little murderer is in some ways kind of loveable and his occasional one-line jokes in this film do offer an enjoyable source of comic relief.

This plot device becomes really drawn out in the sequels to the point, it seems like Chucky has no sense of time.

But things kick into a much higher gear once we get to see Chucky in action, and he's damn entertaining to watch.

How do they keep you on the edge of your seat?

Still, even though the second half diminished the technical prowess and tension from the first half, it remained entertaining throughout.

Granted it was entertaining, but more in the funny way than the suspenseful horror way.

I was on the edge of my seat when Andy's lookin out the barred window to see Chucky methodically making his way towards the cell...

At times this can be pretty effective, even scary, even when they add to it with predictable, cheap scares.

It takes a director with a very deft touch and steel-like confidence to pull something like this off, but Tom Holland does it, and he manages to make it creepy and scary and funny and wildly entertaining all at once.

intense and well-made .

Plus, there are a couple of parts in the movie that are boring.

That was entertaining.

It was exciting, thrilling, and occasionally scary.

Child's Play turned out to be a positive surprise and the weirdest thing is that all characters are indeed brainless and uninteresting.