Child's Play (2019) - Horror

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A mother gives her 13-year-old son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature, he also kills people who disobeyed Andy.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Lars Klevberg
Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 70 out of 527 found boring (13.28%)

One-line Reviews (257)

Gripping & Gory .

Plenty of gore and certainly nor for the squeamish,also the pacing is a bit off at times but director Lars Klevberg has delivered an enjoyable horror film with elements of humour and satire.

A bit rushed, but quite enjoyable .

For people who are not interested in the Chucky film series, this new film can come across as entertaining.

And the crummy boyfriend's dialogue was so bad I chuckledOverall I felt the movie was boring.

Every other performance feels forced and bland.

This was entertaining.

Child's Play is a fun and entertaining horror movie that blends the elements of horror and a little bit of comedy very well together.

he also was responsible for making the nearly unwatchable sequels.

However it falls short in areas, probably due to run time issues, meaning unfortunately some characters don't get enough screen time or investment but never the less for what it is, it's an enjoyable movie.

If you need something to sit down with and kill a few hours of your time with, this is pretty entertaining.

Sadly, most of the actors don't seem quite interested in the movie, with many again presenting uninteresting characters that just do little for me.

Pugg and Falyn are pointless.

As a huge fan of the original series this is a massive slap in the face don't waste your time

Waste of Money .

I haven't seen originals, but I thought this was kind of funny and entertaining.

You knew he had a history, and his interactions with other characters he met, was entertaining.

you should probably leave the theater.

I really enjoyed it.

The first and last ten minutes should've been tidier, but t'was an enjoyable time nonetheless.

However the film did have a fair few predictable jumpscares.

This movie isn't your typical chucky movie obviously, but this movie is actually enjoyable.

Enjoyed it a lot.

The Kaslan Corporation has just launched Buddi: a high-tech doll which can connect to the Cloud, control the internet of things in your house, become your digital assistant and it can also also imprint on a child, becoming their BFF, entertaining them, even tutoring them.

Don't waste your time

This movie was so good that I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end!

Hilarious and entertaining .

Congratulations you just ruined a classic with a pointless remake.

Also, while the overused cliche of the "son up against the mom's boyfriend" is used to create a central conflict, I wish it were fleshed out more .

A very fascinating concept film.

While the writers took a new turn from the source material, it's still incredibly entertaining.

I didn't think this remake was gonna be any good at all but I was pleasently surprised, plenty of gore and plenty of 90,s type slashering, slowly builded the new modernised chucky to a fun but predictable ending.

As things progress with this updated technologically focused story, things start getting intense and downright brutal.

The reason why the original Child's play is a good slasher horror or at least an entertaining one it's Chucky itself, he's fun, extremely charismatic and damn evil while the new Chucky version is just boring, he has no charisma at all, he's predictable and ugly (so damn ugly!

Enjoyable Movie, Give It A go.

Don't waste your time like I did.

It's enjoyable and a new creative take on Chucky!

This movie was very entertaining and, dare I say, better than the original.

Haha what a waste of time .

it feels really disjointed.

Oh, I will say there is a scene involving a wrapped up "watermelon" that had me on the edge of my seat, as if it was Christmas.

Nothing to see here, honestly dont waste your time.

However, there are some moments of almost 'splat-stick' comedy that don't quite land - though, they may provoke a bemused chuckle - and it adheres to quite a few tropes, a couple of which are somewhat tiresome (if at home).

Other than some decent moments, it's pretty boring.

I left the theater only disappointed that there was not more time to develop the characters and the plot.

And the gore scenes didn't really work, all too long and drawn out just for the sake of "tension" and gory for the sake of gore.

I was never a fan of the original film or the franchise, so maybe I missed something, but I did think it was a fun, entertaining horror film with a freshly contemporary message.

The good news is that it's a rare remake that is both enjoyable and separates itself enough to make it it's own thing.

Has enough gore and violence, and was enjoyable.

There are scenes that were suspenseful and the kills were pretty imaginative my favorite one being when Chucky makes mince meat out of Karen's boyfriend (who had a family already mind you) with a lawnmower, and then wraps his head around a watermelon and gives it to Andy as a present.

I honestly think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how witty and enjoyable this movie is, and you might just find yourself feeling a touch sorry for Chucky in certain parts of the movie too, despite him being a notorious killer.

And finally the deaths in the film despite sometimes being very gory were very entertaining and unique.

the chemistry between andy and her mom, the relationship between him and chucky (which we never saw in the original) their all fleshed out great, at some points you really feel sorry for the doll because all he does though sadistic at times is to make andy happy and mark hamill did a fairly good job at making the dull sound innocent enough.

Screenwriter Tyler Burton Smith tries to present audiences with a fresh, updated horror film with funny, engaging, likable characters.


Unnecessary remake but was still enjoyable .

Saying this Child's Play 2019 is fun, gory, fast paced and extremely tongue in cheek.

Sounds exciting.

The murdering scenes were just too euphoric and dull.

Very predictable!

The ending was definitely better and more suspenseful in the original as well.

This version of chucky made him more innocent and sympathetic but with an intense love for his "buddi" Andy and would go extreme lengths to secure his friendship from anything he deems threating.

Wildly Entertaining.

So here lies the premise which is FAR more compelling than some "voodoo" idea of a soul of a convicted killer transferring itself into a doll.

Was good wasent the best chuck but entertaining and funny and worth the watch.....

The kills were brutal, the music was intense, and (most) of the jump scares were played out the way the way they should be.

Let's talk about the cinematography a little bit, director Lars Klevberg and cinematographer Brendan Eugama delivered a nicely shot, visually stunning horror film that had no right to look as good as it did.

I will admit, I rolled my eyes and gritted my teeth at the talk of a new entry in the Childs Play series, considering the long drawn out titles that have descended as the years went on.

Why was this a waste of time watching it?!


Don't waste your money.

I definitely recommend this movie, it's not a masterpiece of filmmaking, but it is an enjoyable horror film that you'll probably have fun with.

Predictable and boring .

Only people without reference of the original story, that like predictable jump scares, would enjoy this film.

The film seemed too rushed, the characters were flat, and the plot was a mess and felt empty.

Child's Bore .

It's definitely different and nothing like the originals, but that's what makes it cool, intriguing, fun, and interesting.

It was entertaining the whole time and I never felt bored for a second.

There's a batch of Stranger Things kids who are tacked on, underdeveloped and uninteresting so I'm not going to dabble on them too much.

A solid and entertaining remake, with some fresh differences to keep it from being an exact copy.

Bateman's Andy is an interesting and relatable character, with compelling struggles and flaws, while the original Andy was just a cute kid.

It is both formulaic and disappointing when compared to the ferocious, psychotic personality of the original.

And it seemed like this movie had so many unnecessary and boring characters, including Andy's friends and that creepy stalker landlord.

The ending was predictable SHOCK Chucky has morphed into another doll or was he using other dolls all along?

This was a very enjoyable movie.

Was really suspenseful, gory, violent and creepy

A waste of time dont ever watch it, the story is stupid

The other friends joining in also dragged things down even further with bad performances.

Overall, this was an enjoyable movie even though it had some flaws.

Besides that the movie kinda works well, intense and creative gory deaths, a lot of well landed jokes.

You're better off rewatching the original with the mom from 7th heave; save your money and time, don't go see this movie.

Mark Hamill delivers an enjoyable voice performance.

And so is the movie, boring from the start to the end.

This movie was really entertaining, I went to go see it in theaters with a friend, and it was a blast.

Stunning work guys.

Worst movie.

Enjoyable movie from start to end, perfect for slasher-horror fans out there.

However most of the other characters are bland, like Andy's friends.

Dont waste your time with this absolute shambles of a "movie".

I honestly was bored throughout good chunks of this movie.

Doll looks messed up and nothing like chucky, boring....

Might be ok for a the new generation but if your an old school Chucky fan just watch it on DVD and save your money you won't enjoy it.

I enjoyed it.

so the movie has a few laughs and last 30 minutes were good but in first hour u get bored.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

If they killed off detective Mike this movie would have totally sucked The kids character arc plays out quite nicely, and i liked that they shied away from certain cliche movie tropes.

This movie should have made it to 1 billion 💵 it is actually scary and entertaining to watch.

The original 1988 movie is worth watching, the second is okay, the third is terrible, Bride of Chucky is good fun, Seed of Chucky is alright, Curse of Chucky is good, and Cult of Chucky is reasonable.

The plot was very predictable and bland.

It was different but I really enjoyed it!

Great summer slasher and worth the watch as me and my friends laughed and enjoyed it together, and I went twice with two different groups of friends!...

That was intense.

Worst movie ever .

But I was surprised at how entertaining this was.

It's pacy, well-written and entertaining.

Does it a good job entertaining you as a viewer?

I found the first half-hour very intriguing.

All hell breaks loose, and Andy has to save his mother etc etc.Overall, I enjoyed it.

Summary- Mundane with a lack of real scares and a boring story, this re-boot doesn't add anything fresh to the Child's Play ethos.

It was funny, had a great story line, enjoyable characters AND gave a modern twist to Chucky.

It is entertaining, and it keeps you gripped throughout.

This Chucky's bland!

My Breakdown Of A Fascinating Concept Film!

Yes, it's actually that confusing with the cops mother dying.

Save your money or go see something worth the money you work hard for, because this sure wasn't it.

but this Chucky's just kinda bland.

Fresh storyline combined with witty dialogues and good acting makes for an really entertaining movie.

The mother from the 1988 version was much more compelling.

Predictable story, horrible attempts to be funny which just fell flat, some awkward acting, absolutely cringe inducing scary moments, a plain weird looking doll with 0 scary aspects.

One of the worst movie I've ever seen.

Dont waste your money .

Waste of money this movie and it's why I refuse anymore to pay to go to the cinema cos of these low rent directors and low rent writers and this never ending parade of appalling actors and actresses lately.

This 2019 version of Child's Play, was way to predictable.

Very enjoyable flick!

That are generic, and still inconsistent, and pointless.

The story I found very intriguing and definitely brought the chucky character to modern day perfectly.

It's certainly entertaining - any movie where the adulturous villain is scalped by a tiller in a watermelon patch while taking down Christmas lights and his face is skinned off and passed around as a gift or a child is sprayed right in the face by a store manager's blood is going to be a winner in my book.

Overall it was a very enjoyable movie that flew by too fast.

Acting and script is first class - sympathy, anxiety, non predictable surprise scares...

The first act felt like i was watching the film in fast forward which is quite jarring in comparison to the slow burn of the original.

An enjoyable tale, more humour than horror, I don't recall once being nervous or the slightest bit tense.

The result is a surprisingly entertaining, gory delight.

When the finale hits it's just so incredibly extravagant and violent and it's thoroughly intense.

Good film entertaining funny also .

The end of the film is very intense.

The murders a graphic and intense ,the acting is very well maintained and you start getting behind Andy on what would you do in this position.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

An enjoyable remake that fits nicely in the contemporary era .

The beginning of the film was very slow and clunky in places this was mostly due to the film exploring Andys relationship with chucky and his relationship with his mum.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

But the film couldn't continue its good drama, and the movie's thrilling moments were a bit stereotypical.

The movie starts out good and gets really intense at some points.

Dont watch this movie i almost walked out of the movie theater.

Don't waste your money seeing this one in theaters, just wait for it in RedBox unless you love mundane "horror" flicks.

I was kind of nervous about this one but when I saw I completely forgot that I ever was this was fun exciting and shocking!

This movie was actually entertaining.

Don't expect something really deep and meaningful, it's just a fun horror movie that is truely entertaining

Boring .

Please save your money and watch the original one from 1988!

Overall, it's a fun, compelling and thematically complete experience that may just be the best remake of recent years.

Well done, I enjoyed it!

Genuinely entertaining and unexpectedly better than the average remake =)

The characters are all flat, the story is not entertaining or engaging, the jump scares are really basic and so predictable and the direction has no personality.

It's up to you if you find them creatively entertaining or tacky and lame.

Nevertheless, it's worth watching once if only for the Hamill and the FX.

Worth the watch.

He's unpredictable, and I like that it's partially Andy's fault in this; being a modern day kid, this Andy is way less innocent than the 1988 Andy.

And the climax is so crazy I was on the edge of my seat.

Boring ones.

Save your money.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

The movie limps along in a very predicatble and boring way.

Psychotic dolls possessed by a serial killer's spirit is much creepier and more entertaining.

This makes for an intriguing and entertaining story.

Another Pointless Horror Movie .

Thrilling, edge of the seat suspense, great story, great acting and Mark Hammill (Luke Skywalker) as the voice of Chucky is genuinely scary!

Another boring predictable horror movie.

Unfortunately, It was very predictable and not as scary as i would have hoped.

It's also super predictable and you can see everything coming a mile away.

Without delving into the story too much, and running the "spoiler alert" risk, what I will say is this movie is smart, clever and really engrossing from start to finish, which will please most horror fans with gory deaths popping up in a timely fashion.

Save your money.

AI is too bland.

It was funny and entertaining.

Enjoyable .

Chucky, now immersed in this environment, is a product of its external factors.

Few scences were predictable.

And the 15 minute climax was suspenseful, unruly, and well crafted.

Finally a child's play movie worth watching .

Highly recommend it!

First off its predictable.

Don't waste your money if you want to watch chucky, go watch the originals plus there is one more that will come out ending the chucky series which was the takeoff from the last film cult where he got a body finally and rode off with Tiffany in her car with her body since she got another one in seed of chucky.

I enjoyed it for what it was.

Some of the scenes were cliche and overall it wasn't for me.

A too predictable horror (with comedy).

The last thirty minutes are very intense and this franchise with a big imagination and creativity has limited opportunities for growth into something bigger.

But this movie was great and entertaining!

and it gives Chucky a sense of power over his prey and actually lets us have a very thrilling climax.

Waste of any Chucky fans time .

Intense, at times.

The premise is great, and it's creepy, suspenseful and sad.

Enjoyable slasher .

The movie itself it's quite entertaining and interesting, my biggest issue as a fan was the desperate attempt to connect it to chucky and attract his fans.

Movie itself is entertaining enough, and the gore is there...

There is a couple in theater I was at who had walked out due to the gruesome nature of this film...

However the story was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Well I went into this one hoping to be another lame remake but I enjoyed it the story was so good for today's technology and the kills brutal Mark Hamil's voice acting is charming playful and scary he just wanted Andy as his only friend unlike the original chucky was pretending to be his friend just to get what he wants and try to put his soul into him.

Don't waste your time with this and just go watch the original Child's Play, a classic.

This is a very bad movie, the plot is horrible: a worker puts a modified chip into a doll and that dolls starts to copy the actions it sees in a horror movie, very boring and predictable, I do not recommend it.

Boring from start to finish.

I waste my money on it 💔 I wish I paid for aladdin it's much more fun

But the movie was such a joke that the kids enjoyed it, non cried out once, some even sang along to Buddies creepy song.

An enjoyable watch.

Save your money and time.

It's scary, creepy, suspenseful and funny on purpose.

The performances were dull and just going through the motions.

The movie was slow in the horror action and it was no near the original Chucky that we know.

Very little contrived moments which really irks me.

Boring piece of drivel .

I thought it was slow, awkward and generally poorly acted.

They find dead bodies and just move on like nothing happened.

I think what made chucky the most scary was his voice it was disturbingly well done by mark hamill the way he manipulated all the characters and the way he treated everyone as his toys really added for a entertaining film and chucky was the thing that held this film togethet.

The bond that Mark Hamill's Chucky had with Gabriel Bateman's 'Andy' was so Wholesome and I just found It very intriguing and likeable.

But it was a great film with great characters and very funny and enjoyable.

Over the top, immaculate kills are part of that nostalgic campiness, but at times they are a little dragged out in the torture department, leading to cringe worth moments of disturbing death.

Absolutely enjoyable flick!

I believe the biggest things that made this movie so enjoyable was that they modernized it, did not keep solely to the original script, and lots of killings that was believable and in Chucky's realm of killing.

Overall, I loved this remake, and highly recommend it.

Mark Hamill as the voice of Buddi Chucky did a phenomenal job, there's inventive and gory brutal kills, dark humor (of course) , some truly suspenseful scenes and even some really cute endearing moments between Andy and Chucky...

OG Chucky is near and dear to my heart but this was still a very entertaining movie!

It is a new generation film but has few scares as it's very predictable.

It wasn't suspenseful and Andy realized Chucky's full nature and motivation too quickly, whereas in the original, the development was slow and steady.

It was boring.

Another bad remake Don't waste your time .

The second and third half thankfully are better paced and definitely get more entertaining with the kills that are pretty fun and gory.

After a very intriguing new origin intro the film takes us to a familiar plot set up with Andy and his Mother getting a hold of the buddi doll.

The story is engaging, the characters are realistic, and the pacing is just right.

The movies that came after it all declined in quality, but have all been entertaining.

Andy and his friends are very enjoyable characters.

Worth it, enjoyable solid reboot .

The set pieces are exciting and well executed and the music score is fairly catchy as well.

The original is one of my favourite movies of all time and a cult classic, this was barely entertaining to say the least.

Chucky is now a really boring doll with no wit or personality to him.

Blood, gore, and action packed!!

I think it's entertaining enough for the average horror fan.

However, while this is a good overall entertaining movie, it doesn't even compare to the original.

Entertaining and well put together film .

Disjointed and lame dialogue and plots points, censored violence, and an untimely remake.

And that's what movies are for, entertaining the viewer and this movie does that.

he's uncharismatic, he's uninteresting outside of tech aspects and ultimately you can kill him incredibly easily.

Worst Movie Ever.

Child's Play is pure entertaining fun for the horror fan.

Worst movie I've seen all year.

They're just so enjoyable in their parts.

Very funny and engaging!

There is no plot here and poor Andy has practically no role models.

An enjoyable slasher .

This was the only, and most logical, route to go down and shockingly it made for an enjoyable slasher.