Chinatown (1974) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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A private detective hired to expose an adulterer finds himself caught up in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Roman Polanski
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 498 found boring (8.43%)

One-line Reviews (277)

He slowly begins to uncover one lie after another, and that is what makes Chinatown such an entertaining and masterful thriller.

Terrible Ending Made the Movie a Waste of Time .

Uniformly, the film is hailed as one of the finest productions out of Hollywood, Robert Towne's Oscar-winning script delineates a conspiracy theory based on the true story which grants the story a tangible relevance, but also dives into a more personal matter of shocking taboo, to establish cinema is really a voyeuristic projector of all the dirty corners in our universe, A minor bellyaching is that, Gittes' function in the plot feels somewhat contrived, if Noah is so intent on locating what he is looking for, why on earth he would leave Evelyn out of his sight?

It was really riveting.

We get dragged out performances with out any spice.

It's violent and it's loving, it's suspenseful and heartbreaking.

Despite that flaw, I found a few aspects of the film (cinematography, acting, musical score, etc.) to be fascinating and impressive.

The movie is worth watching once, not ten times!

In addition, Polanski's masterpiece is intense as it's cynical, and full of intelligent twists that keep us always guessing and trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

With a renowned script, an infamous director, and an unexpected ending, Chinatown's earned its place at the head of the whodunit genre.

Faye Dunaway is equally as impressive as Mrs Mulwray and these two characters with strong personalities and agendas create tense and engaging situations, justifying the genre beautifully.

Roman Polanski directed this complex but fascinating story of corruption that stars Jack Nicholson as private detective J.

It's a rare thriller, one that addresses itself to serious moral and public policy issues while remaining gripping, exciting and finally heartbreaking.

Jake would've probably thought of old Hollis to be the most fascinating tail he's ever tracked in years, following him to public meetings, beaches, and even a mistress that finishes it all.

Polanski manages to not only capture the spirit and feel, to say nothing of the look, of film noir movies, but also to make a film noir movie that is riveting and exciting in its own right, about thirty years after the Golden Age of that particular genre.

The story truly is very intelligent, suspenseful and emotionally devastating and has won many awards.

Slow paced and languid .

It's always compelling.

The script is slow but somehow Towne makes it exciting in a way and lets you watch with an air of what's next around the corner, just a top job from a top writer.

Renowned for its stylised performances, artful direction and riveting story telling technique, Roman Polanski's Chinatown captures a bygone era of crime drama.

It's a very slow paced film that, for me, got a little bit too pedestrian towards the middle.

The only exception to this being a really great film was the most typical Hollywood cliche that has placed films like James Cameron's "TITANIC" into the category of pure absurdity and stupidity.

The film is assured and entertaining; it pulls the viewer in without giving out enough information concerning the milieu, though this lack of knowledge for our sake doesn't hurt the returns.

The support these two leads get form John Huston (a most enjoyable turn), Perry Lopez and Burt Young is also most commendable.

There are so many memorable lines in the film, and every twist in the plot is completely unpredictable.

What is considered "superb structure" can just as easily feel like a ton of events that pile up and further sinks the film into a delirium of enduring boredom where instead of being uneventful, it is full of stuff happening, but all of which are dull and typical.

Interesting and thrilling script by Robert Towne who wrote the screenplay with Jack Nicholson in mind and deservedly won Oscar for the best original screenplay .

Visually stunning (as an auteur's films should be) "Chinatown" is also a period-piece which would make the BBC proud: it reeks of purity.

' Masterful direction by Polanski, with a captivating and intelligent Oscar winning original screenplay by Robert Towne, stunning cinematography by John A, Alonzo, and an evocative, dynamic score by the late great Jerry Goldsmith.

It was just so damn contrived and out of nowhere that I found myself laughing a little and with a small smile on my face.

Dunaway's stunning performance in particular fills every scene with an aura of mystery as you are trying to find out what her motives are.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

Wrapping up this entertaining fare are some striking sets and dapper costumes that bring 30's LA effectively and affectively to life, while Jerry Goldsmith's score is a memorable one.

I fell asleep - and I was the projectionist!

Robert Towne's labyrinthine script keeps the proceedings thrilling, humorous and disturbing at the same time, pepped up greatly by the crackling dialogues.

Truly, one of the most entertaining films ever.

Slow and dragged out, a real yawner.

The set pieces are beautiful, the score is compelling; and camera-work and editing could not be any better.

Not only does his attempt fail, but he himself is left feeling empty and helpless in the face of these powerful men, who he made the mistake of labeling as just human and subject to law like every other citizen.

Notoriously bleak, yet utterly compelling, Chinatown remains a magnificent dissection of corruption right up to its enigmatic finale.

Gittes and his assistants waste no time in wrapping up the case.

The soundtrack was perfect, mixing some suspenseful music with some jazz that fits the Era.

Over all it's a really compelling detective story with quite a few twists and turns in it.

The screenplay was fine, but I felt like I was going to drown in my own saliva from falling asleep in this boring movie.

Images so pure and intense that I can see them by just mentioning the name "Chinatown".

It also creates a perfectly realized and fascinating world through its cinematography and set design.

Mixing humor, and also dark and thrilling moments to the history.

What wound up being the single most appropriate adjective for describing this film, was the cogently riveting one of POWERFUL!!

Jerry Goldsmith's musical score echoes loss and tragedy as everything comes to a rousing, murderous halt in CHINATOWN.

Two hours of the most excruciating boredom watching male chauvinistic pigs who think there is nothing wrong in raping, beating or in general any other form of abusing women, sprinkle in some under-age sex with your own daughter (how ironic that three years later the film's director will be charged with such an offence – was he planning his own future?

The plot is highly absorbing and Robert Towne deservedly won an Oscar for his screen writing.

are forgotten about, and then some contrived soap opera story line takes center stage.

Slightly better than watching paint dry .

Instead of this, it is tense, suspenseful and entertaining.

He takes an obscure subject and makes it fascinating.

And keeping all of this fascinating material well in hand is Roman Polanski, himself a player in the film as the hood who slashes Nicholson's nose.

Even the muted color cinematography (normally antithetical to the tenets of noir) is evocative and apppropriate.

But it is incredibly slow getting anywhere and were are times when I had to force myself to keep watching.

One being that I thought that the movie was very drawn out and quite frankly I thought it was a little long.

And the way that they weave real history into it as well makes the story that much more intriguing.

Maybe it's just a little too slow for my taste.

Doesn't sound all that exciting, but it's one of the film's strengths to take an ostensibly boring topic and make it fascinating.

As coolly intense and exceptionally-staged as any detective story/film-noir of the 40's & 50's .

I felt that this movie was slow and boring at times.

A very classy, consistently engaging and dark detective story .

Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway are perfectly cast, the background score is sublime and the dark detective story is consistently engaging and very, very classy.

"And I must also mention Jerry Goldsmith's stunning combination of Cowell/Cage avant guard piano techniques and Gershwin in the score.

Complex but Slow .

All though, that was the only brief amount of enjoyment I got out of it, because the rest was just so slow.

This is easily one of the greatest, most intriguing film noirs ever made.

It's so slow, that I lost the gist of the what story is even about.

On the surface it's a compelling detective film, while it's also about the corrupt power of big business.

That was more than 10 years ago, and when they showed it on TV again, in 1999, I tried to watch it once again with a more mature mind, but I still thought it was very dull and un-appealing.

In late career, Polanski has made some pretty ropey thrillers: but here his direction is taut throughout, and the film is compelling and atmospheric.

There are sequences that are really intense and exciting.

I think the fact that this a very well written, potted movie is why mostfilm-goers find it entertaining.

Sexy and scintillating, dark and devasting the story line is absolutely absorbing.

Although I cannot say this movie is bad and although I really love both Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, watching this movie bored me to death.

Once relocated, I quickly discovered the historically interesting side to the story and then appreciated the movie from yet another compelling angle.

What kept me from really enjoying the movie is that director Roman Polanski chose the pace to be slow as maple syrup.

Sometimes the movie does move too slow and loses its proper pace.

Pretentious and over-rated .

As each week goes by we are seeing his legend grow, and it's really thrilling.

The plot is gripping and riveting; so seeing this film is definitely an interesting way to spend an evening.

I just love that music and way it interweaves with the ongoing theme - it's perfectly united with the faithful and compelling use of the film-noir style.

Many riveting scenes and confrontations play out while everything gets lovingly and beautifully lit and photographed; period recreation is also strong.

I highly recommend it to anybody that has never seen it or to anybody that has only seen it once.

thrilling, exciting masterpiece .

the story is certainly a work of art, it's very complex and unpredictable, and that's really what i liked about it.

Enjoyable .

But if you ever get bored, you could always feast your eyes on the gorgeous backgrounds and style.

It's got terrible problems with PACING and is much too SLOW.

It's fascinating.

Very boring .

A clever, slow-burning thriller from director Roman Polanski.

The film remains incredibly absorbing right up until the devastating finale.

I watched it clear through to the end and just felt empty afterward.

All in all, the movie comes together quite well, and as much as you are kept on the edge of your seat with the suspense of the mystery, you are left with the powerful feeling that maybe capitalism isn't the way to go.

The cast, the locations, the script, the direction, the dialogue, the photography and that evocative score are all pretty much perfect.

Alonzo (Scarface) is breathtaking.

If anything, this story arc, as intertwined as it is with the grand one, is the more intriguing and ultimately more memorable one.

A very thrilling and compelling story that starts off a little slow and then picks up.

i thought this movie was very interesting; it had a very complicated and interesting murder mystery, and a lot of sudden unexpected plot twists.

A more concise, compact telling of the tale would have made that description more apt instead of this long, rambling story with its engineering background and slow revelations.

Director Roman Polanski was nominated for best director for his ability to create a movie that is able to involve a real life problem and incorporate it into a mysterious and gripping story.

But Jack Nicholson did a breathtaking performance that went down in history.

John Huston, screen legend, is intensely engaging in his role as land baron Noah Cross.

This exciting movie packs mystery, tension, nail-biting scenes, strikingly suspense and colorful images .

I think it was beautifully shot, casted, and scripted, but the story was a bit of a slow burner.

Slow At Times, But Worth The Watch .

Last but not least, the score is simply haunting and instantly evocative.

There are many scumbags scattered throughout the film and while I wouldn't call the film confusing the director does manage to make you you can follow it from start to finish and he also makes sure that everything is laid out pretty well.

The only real flaw in the film is its occasionally extremely slow pace.

Suffice it to say that it is brilliant, and is even more enjoyable on a second viewing so that it is easier to follow.

Stylish and intriguing.

Above all, the great fast paced story with an ending that hits you right in the stomach has as much power today as ever.

A stylish thriller, well worth watching, especially if you love film noir.

Roman Polanski's Caustic Neo-Noir is So Compelling that "You Can't Forget It".

Dark and suspenseful film noir with Jack Nicholson at his best as PI Gittes finding out that he bit off far more the he can chew in taking on the powerful and at the same time degenerate Noah Cross.

This detective's movie is an engaging watch.

Slow-paced, tacky, outdated, boring.

However I found the story hard to follow, even in the two hours it took to explain it.

This murder mystery was intriguing and was always a few steps ahead of me.

Roman Polanski's Direction, like the film itself, is Unpredictable & Engrossing.

It's a dramatic film, and a predictable dramatic score is fitting.

Utterly enjoyable!

My problem is that the story is slow moving and nothing that exciting happens.

And as long as there are ten or eleven of those, contrived as they all are, you seem to love it.

Doesn't sound all that exciting, but it's one of the film's strengths to take an ostensibly boring topic and make it fascinating.

It's a great reminder of how utterly engaging cinema can be without the special effects, flimsy plots and outrageous stunts of many major studio productions now, not evening mentioning the obvious marketing tie-ins.

The movie explains nothing and writing this style of movie won't get a blockbuster, audiences and just bore someone to tears.

A youthful Jack Nicholson is at his very best and most plausible in the role of Jake Gittes, featuring in a continuously engaging story, which can be appreciated as a timelessly sophisticated tribute and homage to Chandler.

I thought it was just an interesting period piece about a wise guy gumshoe who stumbled onto a confusing scheme to steal water in 1930s L.

You see, the cliché in film noir was to create a character totally at ease in the sleazy world he lives and operates in.

Usually in the hands of any other director or writer, this could've turned into a run-of-the-mill whodunit, but Towne's scripts adds so many unexpected twists and turns throughout the story, leading the audience to unexpected places.

While it is interesting and very intriguing, it didn't necessarily "grip" me the way that a mystery/crime drama/thriller would be expected to.

The story to the movie is very strange,and there will be times when you'll get confused,and its filled with unexpected twists that you wont see coming.

But it was all silly, contrived, out of the blue, and a great plot twist that makes no sense, so I'm sure all of you were breathless when it was all said and done.

Robert Towne was deserving of his Oscar win for Best Screenplay, delivering a complex story, real characters and combined with the acting and subtle direction makes for a very compelling thriller.

He added to the mystery of the film by his unusual and sometimes suspenseful camera angles that are in the league of a Hitchcock film.

All this other stuff keeps the movie, and Nicholson, going, and it's snappy and well done.

Tedious, cliché, wildly overrated, cold, and trite .

As for the film it was such a grim, fascinating and intricate story.

The story here is both predictable as it is suspenseful and without the big screen presence of jack Nicholson may have not been anything more of a Roman Polanski diversion.

It's Unpredictable, Engrossing, Detailed & Shocking.

When you look at lists of best movies written by most critics you are bound to run into some that may be classics but are just plain boring, this isn't one of those.

IMO, it's breathtaking, with pacing so tight that I sit straight up thru the whole movie and my nerves become completely raw every time I watch, listen and FEEL it again.

I really liked the slow, drawn out plot.

Slow paced and languid .

Though the conspiracy itself is intricate and intriguing, and the characters are very compelling, the real draw of the plot is in its themes.

Fascinating mystery thriller in the Dashiell Hammet-Raymond Chandler style about an eye private who becomes involved into a complex criminal intrigue centering municipal corruption, and uncovering corruption , land sell , incest and murder .

Watching Jake shift from an uncaring and distant detective to a detective so personally involved in the case not only makes him a thrilling character, it makes the ending so much more intense and tragic.

I fell asleep on consecutive nights while trying to get through it and finally finished it on the third try.

It's a really entertaining movie that also keeps you enthralled, not knowing what's going to happen next.

With a gritty opening and a fascinating and dramatic climax, Chinatown has established itself as one of the best written crime dramas of the 70's and deserved Oscar winner for best writing original screenplay with excellent dialogue, no cheesy clichés or anything like that, a true realistic approach to the crime world, which is helped along by an excellent cast and brilliant direction.

One of the most entertaining films ever!.

This movie was phenomenal and I would highly recommend it to others.

Nicholson's Gittes, who appears so competent and sharp-witted most of the time, conceals the star's smug persona and conveys a engaging commitment of the happening as the plot thickens, one of my personal favourite performance from him, simply because one literally sympathises for his vulnerability and powerlessness when he is held to face the bleak music; Dunaway, whose inscrutable mien reveals a little bit of something, each time her Evelyn comes under the spotlight, is she a femme fatale?

Slow paced and languid .

This can be boring and exasperating when handled badly; it feels like the movie has left you by the wayside.

But just like in life, nothing is ever what it seems, and just like life, Chinatown is as unpredictable as the English weather, as from that moment in the office, we suddenly swept up in a whirlwind of excitement, tensions, laughs and shocks; as we find ourselves in a ever engulfing circle, consisting of millionaire corruption, murder, sheep, farmers.

Polanski is worth watching no matter what he does.

Is the plot that exciting, isn't it just a typical crime story with a slight twist in the end?

I will allow that the film is set against a dark and slightly horrific background and that some people find that type of movie compelling.

There are one or two lines which are directly evocative of Chandler at his best.

Robert Towne's script is a compelling study of human depravity and the lonely struggle some people make to at least stem its effects.

The movie is an absorbing 2 hour experience as you get completely lost as the plot unravels and more of the mystery unfolds.

Nicholson shows a bunch of acting skills that make his act very believable and entertaining.

It's his fascinating take on the corruption, greed and violence that lead people to become inhumane and brutal towards one another.

Every scene here is a work of art, every nuance is thrilling, nothing is neglected.

And the film was definitely interesting and exciting.

The highlights of this film are the Chinaman joke (easily Nicholson's best and funniest monologues), Dunaway's stunning daughter/sister revelation, Roman Polanski's knife-wielding thug that provides one of Hollywood's most memorable props and the film's surprising conclusion.

Really intense.

A very engaging story, doesn't let up, and there is not a single wasted moment!

The story line was brilliant, it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole entire time.

Robert Towne has produced a screenplay thats is superbly written, fast paced for its 140 minutes length and becomes more interesting till the last frame, dialogues are written so well, that they are mystique when we hear and are so self explanatory when it happens in the film.

Flawless storytelling accompanied by snappy dialogue, and a climax that cuts deeper than that of documentary reality.

What's more, in all this crazy, dizzying mess Gittes meets a very fascinating and troubled woman, with a difficult mystery attached to herself.

I've read some comments here by people who are afraid that today's generation will find this movie slow-moving or boring; I have to disagree with this assertion, as I, at the age of 18, was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Roman Polanski's landmark, marvelously complex, classic film noir masterpiece, which is a fascinating mystery which is set in 1930s Los Angeles.

But overall just too bland and boring.

I am a man who is having an opinion on the kind of films worth watching should be social oriented clubbed with cinematic marvels.

Her mysterious character draws you in with her unexpected reactions to the events, and when the truth is revealed, you will be shocked whether it be the secret or the disturbing nature of the secret.

The plot subtle and enjoyable (if you cant work it out - see, 'The Big Sleep'), the performances are very good, the script is quick and witty (in many ways).

The slow, lonely horn evokes a dark and brooding mood totally in sync with the classy cinematography.

Roman Polanski's direction perfectly unravels this beautiful, fascinating, and disturbing story.

I felt the score that is in line with the neo-noir style is a fine one and the late Jerry Goldsmith does a magnificent job in making quite bland and ordinary scenes seem yet again, exciting and also gives a lovely air of mystery even in the music.

The movie's drab and macabre feeling resonates long after the movie ends.

A bit boring, I did not find this film very engaging at all .

It is unexpected and it is sad.

Want to wonder watch the same actor who scared you in the Shining bore you to death?

4/10 (Slow paced and languid).

Dark, gripping, and enthralling .

Jerry Goldsmith contributes a haunting and evocative score.

Well, Chinatown is his masterpiece and in spite of its initial controversy in the 1970s, I find it to be one of the 'safer' and more enjoyable films he has directed.

This is a thoroughly well-made, interesting, entertaining movie.

before WW2 and follows the unpredictable trail that private eye Jake Gittes (Jake Nicholson) takes and eventually caught up in a mess over water.

OK I am going to be honest, the movie was made with skill and the actors was good, but the whole movie is extremely dull and moves very slowly.

Overall, an always-fascinating film no matter how many times you watch it or how well you understand it.

Other examples include Michael Winner's remake of "The Big Sleep", "Body Heat", "Gorky Park", "No Mercy", "Tequila Sunrise", "LA Confidential" and the more recent "Insomnia".

Somewhat hard to follow when compared to most films, you really must pay attention during this one.

When the movie started on a slow pace, I was having my doubts whether I would like it.

) Occasionally has cliche 'detective movie moments' (Although, that could be viewed as part of the homage to detective fiction - hence the '(?

Visually, it's a masterpiece--and while the story gets a little slow once in awhile in uncovering a convoluted plot involving land rights and water control, it leads to a highly suspenseful ending.

The bulk of the film is composed in drab browns and greys, which evoke the era, as well as the theme of drought.

John Huston matches any screen villain before or since and the convoluted plot is evocative of Chandler.

The story would still be fascinating and shocking.

It's for many reasons a fascinating movie that shows very well what a talented director Roman Polanski actually is.

Majestic on the outside.. empty on the inside .

A thrilling homage to the classic Hollywood detective noir films.

Faye Dunaway's performance is a fascinating study in duality, as her character seems self-consciously aware of her position as both femme fatale and damsel in distress throughout this film and then vacillates between them as though she is still trying to make up her own mind about who she is, which of course she is.

It would be unusual nowadays to have so many great talents collaborating on such a pessimistic story; fortunately, in 1974, the makers of "Chinatown" pooled their efforts and created a tragic, engaging, and outstanding movie.

Chinatown seemed a bit slow and long to me.

I loved this film, the story line was brilliant, it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole entire time, and the end was a genuine surprise.

an exciting, thrilling 9!

Riveting and gorgeous classic film with evocative settings , wonderful cinematography and rousing soundtrack .

*Music/Sound: Mysterious and intriguing sound design combined with the score make this an audio pleasure of a film.

Oh, sorry I forget 15 is too old for him) and add a cherry on top for being absolutely pointless and you have Chinatown.

It gets too confusing and not thrilling enough.

I personally enjoyed it quite well and think it's an excellent film.

Having said that, however, 'Chinatown' cannot but be characterized as representative of neo noir at its tightest and most gripping, with a celebrated screenplay that does not relax its hold on you till the unforgettable final scene - 'Forget it, Jake ...

The movie is all made so enjoyable because of a fantastic performance from Jack Nicholson.

Though its excellent screenplay features the requisite snappy dialogue and tight, twisty plotting, its deeply cynical view of human nature takes the film beyond simple entertainment into near-tragedy.

Stylish and intriguing .

Though one plot deals with individuals and the other plot deals with society at large, they're both equally fascinating, and tie together in surprising ways.

The ending is a stunning payoff to what has transpired.

Besides telling a gripping story involving incest and political graft, CHINATOWN recaptures the atmosphere of Los Angeles, 1937--the cars, clothes, and buildings, right down to the barber chairs (kudos to production designer Richard Sylbert and costumer Anthea Sylbert).

The family history, their relationships current and past, is what makes this detective story such a compelling one.

conclusion: it's a very good movie, just be prepared for some unexpected stuff.

The stunning finale still packs an emotional wallop.

And typical of movies that feature gumshoe detectives, the stories of both "The Big Sleep" and "Chinatown" are confusing and convoluted.

Boring for a Jack Nicholson film .

Strong screen writing makes this movie fast-paced, intriguing and humorous.

It's all great fun to watch and confusing as hell at times.

I won't give the finish away, but it does end in Chinatown in an unexpected and tragic way.

Instead, Roman Polanski directs this in a very bland fashion.

"Chinatown" combines power and corruption with sex and murder into a needlessly complex plot, written perhaps deliberately to confound viewers, in keeping with traditional noir doctrine, which espouses that confusion equals arty sophistication.

It's exceptionally well written by Oscar winning Robert Towne who times the various developments to perfection and the technique of putting the audience in Gittes' shoes makes the whole journey a riveting experience.

) The pacing is slow at the beginning, but then gets absorbing.

What he does so brilliantly in Chinatown is import the soul-sick paranoia of 1930s Los Angeles into its depiction: the eponymous Chinatown is less of a physical presence than a state of mind - it's a lurid fantasy, an idea that hovers constantly around the fringes of the movie making it an ultimately intangible maelstrom of deceit, regret and confusion in which the only thing you can be sure of is that everything you know is - to one degree or another - wrong.

This has to be one of the SLOWEST movies I've ever watched and I can't understand for the life of me why anyone thinks it's such a classic or why it's considered to be a "perfect" screenplay.

Fast enough to keep a person's interest, but slow enough to show the lush locations and buildings.

Everything is over done to the point of being contrived.

With a great photo, extremely clear and brings new york life together with an assembly that joins the script to bring a great rhythm to the film, and a soundtrack that combines but is not marked in technical parts, the film has no much to criticize, is not perfect, but is not far behind the artistic part of the film, part that brings jack nicholson who is incredibly in a centered role, and alias, doing a great performance, and the stunning Faye Dunaway, who we love and hate her throughout the film, and she makes the whole story run around her, and she succeeds in behaving like the guiding thread of the script, interpreting many facets.

Really though, top accolades must go to director Polanski (who also made a cameo appearance) and screenwriter Towne (academy award winner for this) for fashioning such an intriguing yarn.

The character of Mrs.Mullway is intriguing and lends the story an unpredictable touch that it needs every now and then.

The pace of the film is admittedly slow, but if you allow yourself to be immersed in John A.

It's also intriguing how there are three levels of crime in the film; the major crime of the land grab and the rape of the valley; the personal crime committed by Noah Cross on his daughter; and a third level, which is in a sense a 'crime' committed by Jake Gittes.

I found myself falling asleep at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Robert Towne's brilliant script is the baseline for this fascinating story of the Los Angeles and environs of the 1930s, a time when power was wedded to corruption, greed, family secrets of aberrant stature, and manipulation of resources (here the Department of Water and Power, the police, and entrepreneurs).

Depressing but complex and riveting .

Eventough whole movie is full of slow moments, the story itself is not slow.

Scenery of 1930's Los Angeles was fascinating, especially the cars.

Great directing, thrilling storyline and many detailed puzzles hidden in it account for a most memorable experience.

A film about LA and water set in the l930's during a drought with a dark incestuous subplot and some stunning performances by Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson, and superb cinematography that seemed to capture the essence of LA.

I decided to give this movie a second viewing and thoroughly enjoyed it this time round.

Polanski keeps the jagged script on the edge throughout the course and it is that awareness of the hidden Trump card that makes you bleed and sweat.

Towne's script is full of great dialogue and intriguing situations.

"Chinatown" does not have that, so for me it just becomes another uninteresting story, although a fictional one, about bad people getting their way.

*Dull sorta film overall.

Jack Nicholson (One flew over the cuckoo's nest) stars alongside Faye Dunaway (Bonnie and Clyde) in Roman Polanski's (The Pianist) compelling crime drama Chinatown where Jake Gittes is hired to investigate an affair, which ultimately leads into a political and deadly investigation surrounding the town's water supply.

It's also very funny to see John Huston in such a great role(one of the best directors ever)You follows the detective and this gangster/film-noir is truly one of the most entertaining films ever.

I find it fascinating to analyze the characters and their makeup.

The action builds in a crescendo to one of the most unexpected and memorable endings in cinematic history.

A Bit Confusing But Always Fascinating .

But it takes more than isolated elements to make a memorable movie, one worth watching more than once.

roman polanski's chinatown is a thrilling masterpiece, meticulously building up the terror and jack nicholson plays a typical noir detective to perfection, with his dry humour and the lines are great for any fan of raymond chandler.

Overall, this is an Oscar-caliber film that is worth watching.

My Rating : 9/10Roman Polanski's Chinatown is a slow, brooding film-noir reminiscent of the 40's.

Faye Dunaway is fascinating and powerful as the doomed Mrs. Mulwray.

Nicholson is pre-'Satanic'-eyebrows, and 'La Faye' simply stunning.

Reading many user reviews, it seems that many give it bonus points for having an unexpected, and dark, ending.

Exciting, captivating, and harrowing-one of the greatest films ever made.

It honestly felt like this was Chinatown 2 and I missed the far superior, more exciting Chinatown 1.

This is one of the most fascinating, engrossing, and disturbing films ever made.

The Oscar winning script is extremely engaging.

The man trying to unravel the whole caper, as they say, is Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson), a private dick who usually specializes in smaller and more mundane cases, like marital infidelity.