Choked (2020) - Drama

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A bank employee weighed down by her jobless husband's debts - and her own broken dreams - finds a secret source of seemingly unlimited cash in her home.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Stars: Saiyami Kher, Roshan Mathew
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 69 out of 210 found boring (32.85%)

One-line Reviews (125)

Expected the movie to gain momentum after a slow start just didn't take off .

I love the cracks that Choked takes on the demonetization event that rocked India in 2016 while in that backdrop also painting a true picture of the struggles of a middle-class nuclear family reeling under the pressure of unemployment and inflation that is enhanced by the Saiyami Kher and Roshan Mathew's performances, idiosyncratic characters (chiefly that played by Amrutha Subhash), and a breezy narration but is let down by its whimper of an ending (and a bit off choice for that drum-based soundtrack a la Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014) that somehow left me asking for more.

Its dull and boring and will leave you wondering why was it even made and what message did the storyteller even wanted to convey.

Waste .. completely waste of TIME .

An engaging film .

it is by far the worst movie from anurag kashyap.

it is very slow...

Waste of time.

Truly waste of time

just another attempt to spread propaganda .

Not much strength in storyline, no message, the worst music.

Absolute waste of time .

Overall Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai is an engaging film.

Dull and slow .

Anurag kashyap should stop feeding his political propaganda in the name of art.

Worst movie ever created by the liberandu AK.

So boring ......

Do not waste your time of almost 2 hours, because i will say it has no story, means you can describe this type of script in 10 minutes.

But it is absolutely unbearable.

Choked was one of the first mainstream films that dealt with demonetization, a concept so intriguing that if someone plans on writing a thriller on it should have no problem dealing with so many engaging themes that are a part of this spectacle.

This is boring movie.

This movie is so boring and uninteresting that I felt like I should get paid just for clicking on it.

No story.

Just don't waste your time.

Waste of time .

The movie is light hearted, fun and engaging, and the story revolves around the topic that actually happened in the finance system.

The premise is intriguing, and the possibilities are plenty.

It's Better to sleep or watch anything than this movie, i wasted 2 hours of my weekend , one of the worst movie i seen of this year.

Slow paced story with a predictable writing.

Boring at the best.

All of his recent offerings have been dull and disappointing.

an absolute waste of time.

There is no story to start or tell as a result screenplay and synchronisation lack the connect to hold the audience.

This ride is dull, boring and goes nowhere.

Felt like i wasted my time then i start focusing on story, by the end i was convinced it's completely waste of time.

This movie has everything from a unique and interesting concept to some amazing performances to an engaging background score and also a good dose of humour.

So please don't waste ur time.

I have wasted my Sunday for this boring movie....


This is one of the worst movies I have accidentally watched.

The script is slow, meanders a lot in the middle, and takes too long to deliver the punch.

'Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai' has an intriguing trailer and an interesting plot so much that I couldn't wait even a single day before watching the film.

This movie is amazing at every turn really enjoyed the ever second of this movie totally worth watching this movie anurags visual and story and actor's did an fantastic job really talented

A borefest!

Climax is dull and makes you realize that you have been fooled to watch this entire film.. and for what .. for this.

Else it is a waste of time.

Even if I leave the propaganda part side, the movie on face value itself is dull and meh!

To compund matters beginning and middle are so slow, and then the ending is wrapped up in 15 minutes.

Such a waste of time.

The moment a director becomes predictable he should stop making films.

And there's more non-subtle propaganda.

Chaotic and confusing narrative .

All in all, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Entertaining .

If u have to waste your time .

Complete waste of time .

Pretty confusing ...

A lead character who's as dull as a doorknob.

As a result, the main storyline got into an abyss of confusion and dilemmas too many times and certainly lost the charm while finding a way to designated conclusion.

Only thing good was acting otherwise was a complete waste of their talent and my time!

Not the Best Kashyap Film, but an engaging movie with interesting premise.

Political propaganda movie told in uninteresting way.

The sequences are either dull or plain silly.

Poor script, weak direction and very boring .

Despite some faults, the film is successful in entertaining you, so you can give your time to watch it.

Terribly dull story, unexplained scenes, annoying characters, rudderless direction.

I mean, who else would abruptly cut from a tense scene of the lead character to a long drawn-out scene of her singing in a reality show.

It's an engaging movie and the characters are so real.

after so much thrill watching the trailer It appears a lame story much confusing.

Dull,boring and disappointing movie.

A damn great story and acting anurag's direction gave it an amazing visuals this movie is the best example of talented people working together to create an amazing piece of art a total worth watching this movie

Totally waste of Time.


Slow Tempo Fazul Scenes Story Bhi Bakwas eas dont waste ur 2 Hours.

Choked is dull & unbearable.

And AK is very predictable, same art direction, same middle class chawl, same paint on the wall, same music, same cinematography, same nonsense dialogues and conversations.

the plot was uninteresting & hazy - i couldn't make heads or tails of it!

The character of Rajshri Deshpande is worth watching.

Lowest point of Anurag Kashyap - Waste of time .

Waste of time..Don't watch the dumb.. .

Don't waste your time watching this movie!!

waste of time...


This is an extremely boring and pointless movie.

There are enough twists and turns in this movie that makes it an entertaining one.

In the acting department Saiyami Kher and Amruta Subhash start well but as the movie progresses become they become very repetitive.

Left wing motivated propoganda based purely fictional movie, but still its very very slow and completely useless story.

Propaganda in the garb of movie.

Dull movie .


Please don't waste valuable 2 hours of your life watching this movie which has no thrills,no story and goes no where.

The movie starts off well with an intriguing portrayal of a middle class family in Mumbai who live with their son and are fighting their past when wife had choked infront of a life audience ruining their promising music career coupled with this mysterious neighbour who wraps the currency notes in plastic and hides them in the drain, giving you hope that this might be a good ride.


Engaging film with some faults .

Waste of time .

Dull boring and some scenes are unexplained, End was something I was not expecting.

The story drags too much, and maybe it was only hard to follow for me because as a foreigner i didnt understand the setting of the story and this whole money demonitization.


no story line and horrible direction .

Waste of time .

I watched only the half part as it boring asaf.

It's Uninteresting And Waste of Time.. .

Here's my take: I was expecting a movie full of anti-govt propaganda.

Very slow.

Complete waste of time

Kudos to him and the team on a really engrossing movie.

Such a waste of time .

Simple and highly enjoyable!.

this film is straightforward film with already predictable story.

This is another disjointed, slow, confused mess and makes the viewer as tired as the protagonist bank cashier.

Most amazing movie of this year this is the best example of great director and actor's the movie's story is marvelous it is so thrilling I just loved Anurag Kashyap is the one who could direct such an amazing piece of art a total worth watching it

The movie becomes predictable, uninteresting after interval.

No story.

No storyline, waste of time, it gave me headache.

In the entire movie i was like ki ab kuch interesting hoga bt from the very next scene movie become dull and sometimes make no sense...

The movie was going nowhere from start till end and it's an utter waste of time.

Don't waste your precious time in watching such useless movies.

The movie has a lot of engaging plots.

Waste of time .

Fully propaganda...

Worst movie from Anurag Kashyap .

Waste of time .

Waste of time .

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai could have been a tad shorter and probably a lot sharper, but it does make for an entertaining couple of hours.

Ho-hum .