Chuck & Buck (2000) - Comedy, Drama

Hohum Score



An oddly naive man-child stalks his childhood best friend and tries to reconnect with their past.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Miguel Arteta
Stars: Mike White, Chris Weitz
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 135 found boring (13.33%)

One-line Reviews (67)

Although the film has its moments they're few and far between simply because the story is so boring.

An absolutely wonderful film, intriguing and revealing.

It will be exciting to see where his career goes from here.

Overall, it's a genre-bending film that, while bizarre and creepy in its story and character development, keeps you watching because it's strangely intriguing.

That entire subplot was a completely unexpected miracle for Buck and for me as the viewer.

It certainly was interesting and different; enjoyable to my artistic senses.

" Rarely have I experienced a movie that makes me feel so uncomfortable watching - horror movies have the typical shock value, thrillers will give you the suspenseful moments...

This alone makes the film worth watching.

Stalking isn't funny, slow(-), not amusing(-), very creepy(+), amateurish(-) .

Highly enjoyable, terrific look at the sometimes difficult transition between childhood and adulthood.

Entertaining look at the stages of life .

Instead we get treated to a very boring and redundant story that doesn't go anywhere after the first 15 minutes of the movie.

Because of his special circumstances, his progress in life is anything but predictable or formulaic.

This is one of the most boring, dull, and worthless movies I've ever seen.

hollywood usually bores me.

fascinating movie that avoids predictability .

One of the worst movies ever made.

Especially enjoyable was Lupe Oniveros as the theater manager who befriends Buck (she is given some of the best lines).

Chuck's wife seemed nice but boring; and Chuck and Buck were just boring.

Perhaps some might find him/her clever for the "social statement" made in such a reproduction, or comment on the artist's "bravery" in engaging the subject matter so "honestly.

Compelling, with obvious flaws.

The story was quite entertaining and I enjoyed not knowing what the hell it was about before watching it.

I'd put off seeing it for quite a while, but I'd highly recommend it...

an odd and compelling gem of a movie.

But if he keeps making these small, intriguing films, it'll be O.

It deals with a character who has been emotionally stunted from a very early age and has to deal with his confusion over sexual identity.

This is a thrilling tale, and it is difficult to see it as the comedy that IMDb has labeled.

Chuck and Buck is also a fascinating study about how differently and at what paces people develop and mature.

He is a mundane Charlie Kaufman- a surreal screenwriter who focuses on the depravity of lower castes in American society.

Either way, a waste of talent, time, actors, and videotape.

Boring, depressing, predictable .

Uncomfortable, disturbing, riveting, not for all tastes.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The movie creeps along kind of slowly at times, but its worth watching the friends new relationship develop.

To this day I still find it fascinating how "Chuck & Buck" made me feel.

I rented this on Christmas Eve because I was bored and wanted to see an interesting movie.

But highly entertaining.

I thought it was pretty good but a little boring.

White is a master of the slowly paced, peculiar worlds of slow peculiar characters.

It is a waste of time and money.

I can see why people might think that this movie is long and boring and dull.

Up until that point, however, the story was very intriguing and the characters incredibly well-fleshed out.

And for the most part the film is highly entertaining – it's never really as funny or as disturbing as it could be, but it's still highly enjoyable.

Entertaining Study of the Human Psyche.

Its fun, its at many times really funny, and its entertaining.

However, Buck is a lot creepier than Rupert Pupkin is, and probably would benefit from intense psychiatric counseling.

Just be thankful Mike White produced such a uniquely original script with a bevy of intriguing characters that make this film entertaining and thought-provoking -- no matter what those thoughts may be.

If you find it boring or shocking, or objectionable, then all I can say is go rent Forrest Gump - you'll find it much more "on your level" and less intellectually challenging.

The plot is predictable, the main characters extremely unlikable, the situations uncomfortable and depressing and it has a totally unbelievable ending.

This film immediately is intriguing.

This is Arteta's second film, his first being the oddly compelling "Star Maps".

The acting is oddly compelling, and the story line is very funny.

With the exception of its totally artsy-fartsy resolution, nowhere else in this flick does it hit a false note when presenting the two lead characters, warts and all.

Much of the set and production design has been contrived to reinforce the idea of Buck's pathological arrested development.

i've seen college films better done and more entertaining than this!

Well-shot, well-edited (I was on the edge of my seat for the entire picture).

" Don't waste your time on this.

As I was watching "Chuck & Buck" for the first time, I had NO idea that I would come to care about the theater-owner as much as I would, and it was fascinating to see how Buck's play would play such a positive role in her life.

Intriguing characters and a carefully crafted sound track make "Chuck and Buck" a memorable film.

Very sad, not at all funny, and pointless .

One of the worst movies .

Unsettling, but Worth the Watch.....

-------- Oh and, Lupe deserves a supporting actress nod -- she was stunning.

Very good films have been made on quite small budgets- "Following" by Christopher Nolan was made on $6000 and was thoroughly enjoyable, and some classics immediately spring to mind, such as Godard's "Breathless" or Lynch's "Eraserhead.

It's the kind of film that wasn't necessarily entertaining for me, but undoubtedly intriguing and thought-provoking.

I genuinely shocked me in a couple of moments but it was more about the use of language in an unexpected way which was in itself something I hadn't experienced for a while in a film.

Using what often what appears to be a hand held video camera to shoot this enactment, the makers have done an engrossing job of expressing some very mature observations on the human condition.