C.H.U.D. (1984) - Horror, Sci-Fi

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A bizarre series of sudden disappearances on the streets of New York City seems to point toward something unsavory living in the sewers.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Douglas Cheek
Stars: John Heard, Daniel Stern
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 25 out of 94 found boring (26.59%)

One-line Reviews (78)

There is a funny scene where some guys are trying to contact someone while the guy near the other line is yawning in your face.

No doubt you will get a few unintentional laughs out of it, as it is pretty cheesy, but it's still entertaining enough in a b-grade way.

About the 25 minute mark it starts to pick up a little bit with boring scenes in-between.

If you know of another horror movie to rent, save your money.

It's not bad, but it's talky and boring in parts.

Enjoyable b-grade trash.

It's boring for long stretches, incredibly cheap horror, humor that falls flat and couldn't live past its creepy opening kill.

Based on a screwball script with little intent of ever being self-indulgent, "C.

The cop, Bosch and Stern team up to get the truth, where there is some corruption, from forces high above, with a ending concerning the major party, predictable.

manages to stay effective, interesting and entertaining for the duration.

Another battle in the apartment complex is great, as the continual escapes into hiding offer up some really tense cat-and- mouse stalking scenes that are easily some of the best atmosphere in the film and the final chase to get out of the sewers away from the creatures before they get loose as the race to get out with the gas coming after them is pretty great as well making it really enjoyable.

D" is a full-on shot of a truck banner reading "Slow Moving Vehicle.

Clichéd, predictable, poorly-made monster movie with some redeeming humor.

This was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

entertaining flick is downright grim and quite gory at times it has a witty script good acting a cool ending and a nice little twist that you don't see coming it has decent humor hardly any logic lapses and is just fun to watch and in the final scene John Goodman shows up!!!!!!!!!

Slow, dull horror flick with poor special effects, a perfectly awful script, and a director who seems to not know how to set up scare sequences.

Fun all the way through, some actual suspenseful scenes, perfect ending, this film well-deserves a healthy cult status/following!

They don't fully redeem the movie, but help the viewer forget how much this story dragged during the first hour.

the script is littered with snappy one liners, a soundtrack slightly reminiscent of Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" which is no bad thing, also present we have a number of really good performances, from the likes of Daniel Stern, looking like a real junior hairball, My personal favourite John Heard[a serious highlight as the bartender in "After Hours"] also on show albeit in minor roles, the likes of Sam McMurray, Lee Richardson and also encoring at the beginning we catch a brief glimpse of the late great Jan Saint, you know who he is!

monsters were created, boring politics & arguing between different Government agencies & lots of little various sub-plots which amount to nothing & as the end credits roll on reflection feel like padding.

Regardless of any faults though I still have a big soft spot for this flick and enjoy sitting through it from time to time, it's a well acted compelling and straightforward good old fashioned piece of work and a solid low key classic in its own right with a tone and idea that sets it apart from being just another forgotten monster movie.

To recite another cliché: You have been warned.

" takes a formula familiar to anybody who's seen a '50s 'Big Bug' flick: Evil Guys In Suits are dumping toxic waste where it doesn't belong (in this case, the sewers below Manhattan), thus inspiring some unexpected and unpleasant side effects in the homeless people living under the city--they transform into C.

Pointless side characters and story.

Throughout the feature are short, but enjoyable comic cameos in the likes of John Goodman, Jon Polito and John Bedford Lloyd to name a few.

The monsters, sorry, disintegrating humans, look effectively good too, where the film does have a few suspenseful "Oh no" moments, plus a "familiar car wheel blocking a manhole "Alligator film" exit, it's driver being a cop for god's sake, where the whole street is full of cop cars, fire trucks.

Dragging and slow, and that doesn't even describe the actions of the underground dwellers or the overground characters.

The acting was bland so no one seems to care and the delivery of dialog was either exaggerated or emotionless.

I haven't seen the DVD of this one yet, which I believe has some amusing commentaries by the cast, but as a stand alone movie it's enjoyable trash and worth a rental.

John Heard and, in particular, Daniel Stern, give excellent performances in the lead roles and manage to keep the film entertaining for its duration.

All that matters is how damn entertaining it is!

The plot seemed slow, and the characters bland.

D" is a hugely entertaining monster film with a couple of atmospheric set pieces and several comical dialogues.

Warning: Don't waste your time or money.

Too bad there were just two of those and the rest, sadly was either discounted "from around the corner" effects or just plain boring.

Films that were so obviously produced within cliche as to almost gaurentee a particular audience that it makes you smile.

If you are a fan of this film, I strongly suggest you pick up the DVD, as this new version is even more enjoyable.

Tedious horror flick .

" is a tedious horror movie with an undeserved cult following.

This dull and utterly unscary horror film is cruddy in every department and I simply can't believe that some genre fans actually liked it.

By no means, is this film even remotely entertaining.

The film utilizes a great concept, some very nifty creatures, solid performances from everyone in the cast, and series of wholly believable plot developments to shape an entertaining flick that embraces its roots in the old-school creature feature canon.

We also have a policeman who is now a police captain with lots of boring police stuff happening.

A very suspenseful movie.

) fun, and truly full-length movie, entertaining and funny.

Recommended for those that can handle its slow, methodical pace.

entertaining .

The script by Parnall Hall & it's two stars Daniel Hall & Christopher Curry uncredited had potentially the making of a great horror film but the pace is so slow it's untrue, there just isn't enough dramatic incident to maintain ones interest.

The plot is somewhat convoluted and draggy given the large number of characters present, and the level of development given to each, but I enjoyed it nonetheless as there felt more attention to substantial details than what one might normally get in a movie like this.

Unfortunately, when I finally caught up with the film on UK home video, I was extremely disappointed: not only was most of the juicy gore absent—which, at the time, I put down to the scissor-happy attitude of the British censors—but the film's pacing was weak and the narrative disjointed.

But the rest of the film is entertaining enough so that it's still not a deal-breaker, especially with the great acting from this stellar cast.

The film starts out a real bore-fest.

This was and WILL ALWAYS BE the most boring movie I've ever had the misfortune of sitting through.

Future HOME ALONE stars Heard and Stern are both entertaining here and you'll want to keep you eyes open for a young John Goodman.

I only gave it a "4" though, maybe because the middle of the movie dragged, and I was expecting better special effects than the movie could deliver.

The creatures are meant to horrify but merely look like inept Halloween window displays, while the unbearable synthesized score sounds like a seven-year-old toying with a department-store display organ.

still feels like it could do with more work, the film devoting far too much screen-time to dull chit-chat when it should be delivering monster mayhem.

I'm not saying the movie is any kind of masterpiece or anything, and it has its share of the '80s cheese, but it was a big surprise how entertaining it was.

Just a good cast and some funny, scary, and exciting cinema.

-- The movie drags a bit, and is somewhat mundane in its approach and execution, but is worth watching none the less.

many a time have i watched it since and greatly enjoyed it.

Enjoyable '80s horror flick about mutated humans living underneath the streets of New York City.

Sewer creatures rising up in the big city is not a bad concept, but not only does the film fail to do anything with it, we get a lot of inert moments where people trade cliché-ridden dialogue like: "Keep a lid on it.

But no, apparently nobody, er, thought of this, so Nothing Happens.

And as always the extras here are many worth watching as opposed to the usual making of extras new films get with stars sitting and repeating the same lines about how great their movie is before it gets released.

has its creepy moments, and is thoroughly enjoyable throughout its running time.

Those scenes are SO BORING.

It's fair to say that some of the actors drift through the movie as if they're bored and are only there to pad their resumes while waiting for some high brow project to call their names.

d & his part is excellent here as he's recently lost his wife she's disappeared too so he fully investigates into the disappearances happening in his city & his performance is great he shows depth he gets angry he's intense & he works well with A.

Decent (mostly boring) Horror with a great RAW finalé .

But whatever the editing, the product on screen is deadly dull, and surprisingly unfunny given its enduring cult reputation.

Yea the getting to know the characters for about the first 25 minutes of the film is really boring.

So it ends up being a slow moving horror film with a few good scenes here and there to make you think about how much potential the film had and how good the premise was.

You heard me, the first movie is kind of weak in story and is kind of predictable.

It also had one of those kinds of VHS covers that was very memorable and caught the eye and was fascinating along with the title.

Who knows, perhaps if the movie featured some more gore and it would had been a better and also more entertaining one to watch.

Slow moving with not much happening in the entire movie.

Iconic, creepy, inhuman enough to be alien while still anthropic enough to tickle the uncanny valley, with their clawed hands and glowing eyes, fast-moving, scrabbling, loaded with a sense of manic desperation and cumbrous menace.