Cinderella (2015) - Drama, Family, Fantasy

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When her father unexpectedly dies, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her scheming stepsisters. Never one to give up hope, Ella's fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Stars: Lily James, Cate Blanchett
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 51 out of 398 found boring (12.81%)

One-line Reviews (234)

Most intriguing is Cate Blanchett's evil Stepmother character.

This is a movie that could be watched many times over and always be entertaining.

"I knew it was going to be disappointing when they went with the cliché "you have more kindness in your tiny finger than anybody blah blah blah blah" towards the beginning of the film.

An entertaining film for the family .


I found the Prince bland and uninteresting and the ugly sisters could have been so much more horrible.

)Anyone new to the story of Cinderella will find Branagh's film entertaining, sweet and even enlightening in parts.

Well cast and wonderfully acted, with stunning visual effects and a clever script, director Kenneth Branagh delivers a faithful adaption of the animated Disney movie.

Besides Lily James being absolutely stunning both in beauty and talent, a really surprising performance that I didn't expect, the whole cast is so brilliant I can't simply pin point who was the best, everybody was just so busy stealing the scene to everybody else: be it Cate Blanchett in all of her majestic screen power, be it Grainger or McShera hilarious sisters, Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy or Derek Jacobi as the wise king.

) No plot twists, no kungfu fighting, no turning the baddie into the fairy godmother (*cough* Maleficent *cough* I hated the fact they "updated" the story by not really telling the story and in fact telling another completely different one).

Our boy (age ten) was a bit reluctant to go see this, a girls movie, but he liked the action and effects and really had a great time after all :)It is a good movie, entertaining all the way and very interesting for all ages, it is not just a film for kids or for girls, everyone can enjoy this fairytale.

The screenplay, although based off an old fairy tale, still managed to be original and entertaining.

For acting lovers this movie can be good, but for story lovers or i well say some unexpected twist or sudden climax lovers will be disappointed by this classical touch of story.

To my enormous surprise, I found Cinderella to be really charming and rather enjoyable.

The goose was especially entertaining.

Therefore, we will feel boring of the movie.

Visually stunning and emotionally-charged, Cinderella hits home in delivering this universally loved story.

Regretfully it was kind of boring.

Far more timeless and enjoyable than most 21st century attempts at fairy-tales, "Cinderella" is a more than worthy addition to the Disney canon, and one that I hope will be appreciated by generations to come.

Surprisingly enjoyable!

I think the reason people feel boring is that the story is famous.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the Cinderella movie is colourful, elegant and full of emotional play with an exciting touch of magic.

I just found it really bland, at some points boring and brought nothing new to the table.

Helena Botham Carter as Fairy Godmother is a rather predictable cast.

My husband even blurted out, "hurry for Pete's sake, get down there before it's too late," during a suspenseful moment when it seemed certain that Cinderella would miss her chance to try on the glass slipper!

But the character of Cinderella is still as bland as the cartoon.

I appreciate that Hollywood is trying to cast non-stunning women as leads, I truly do.

Although, at least you get to see the short film "Frozen Fever", which was possibly more enjoyable than the feature film I actually went to watch!

Helena Bonham Carter's (also the Fairy Godmother) lovely narration makes the story more appealing and I loved her engaging narration style with just the right amount of voice modulation to elicit the right emotions from the viewers.

It is such a boring and uninteresting movie with nothing new.

Richard Madden is suitably scrubbed and bland as her Prince Charming, while Cate Blanchett, Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger score as her cruel and boorish stepmother and stepsisters, respectively.

The beautiful cinematography and visual effects made the film enjoyable, though, I could have done without some of the characters in the film including the Prince's right-hand man, and wished the stepsisters were given more screen time.


One unexpected thing I found to be great about the movie was Lily James as Ella.

I would have expected to see the acting being at least as intensive as in The Wizard of Oz or Cinderfella.

Usually when we already know the story it gets boring.

It really is a boring film, where I found myself trying to find anything decent about the movie.

Stunning movie .

The best of the movie: Cate Blanchet, even in this dull character, this wasn't a challenge for her, she acts wonderfully without sweating.

Even Maleficent, which is as far from a masterpiece as it could be, was much much better and more enjoyable.

It is in the simplistic ideas of true love, kindness, and courage in even the smaller moments of life, that makes these fairy tales still so enjoyable and life affirming centuries after they were first told.

Maybe it was just too bland.

The special effects were equally breathtaking, with the dress transformation and the carriage-to-pumpkin scenes being two of my favourite visual highlights.

We found the movie whimsically entertaining in the most joyous of ways with a smile on our faces much of the time unless peril for Cinderella seemed imminent.

There have been many mediocre or disastrous results when the filmmakers took creative license with fantasy fairy tales to make it more 'exciting' or action-packed.

Lily James did a good job of portraying Cinderella, best part is Cate Blanchett in which she delivered a stunning performance and at the same time, can do scene stealing too.

The movie is nicely entertaining even for me who found it to be very much predictable and with no surprise.

Now this film is heavily loaded with CGI and special effects, there are moments where it looks gorgeous and they weren't too distracting, only because the narrative is engaging here and there.

This Cinderella movie is a triumph, thrilling children and the young at heart of all ages, boy or girl.

I went in with mediocre expectations, and that also probably has something to do with the fact that I enjoyed it.

In the 50s, Disney made an animated Cinderella who was painfully bland, a cardboard princess who meets a cardboard prince.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing, as this movie proves much more enjoyable than similar recent rehashes of old glory like Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland, which were quite bland and forgetful despite making the female protagonists tough and independent.

It wants to be a square, not a rebel without a cause, ultimately feeling safe, predictable, and long (a characteristic most likely heightened due to the fact that the original was a mere hour).

Another surprise is Helena Bonaham Carter who looks stunning as the fairy godmother.

She just won an Oscar a few years ago, and now she plays such a dull villain who can only gaze, smirk, and laugh (sort of) to portray "evil.

The production design is strikingly stunning.

While I appreciate the use of giving some context, I found these early scenes a bit slow.

The weakness of this film if compared to the previous sequels it would simply appear as a cliché.

I thought she was very talented and entertaining - a fresh new take on an old character.

Did I mention boring?

Just way too dull and it felt like an eternity.

I highly recommend it if you're even remotely interested.

I had only previously seen Lily James in one film, that cheesy and cliché-ridden sporting drama, "Fast Girls".

The only part I found interesting and enjoyable on film is when the fairy godmother (played by Helena Carter) shows up and does her thing.

In the exact words of my two younger sisters "that was boring, I like the animated one better," proving that I was not the only one upset....

Nothing new added to the original story, vague plot, and BORING!

Watching it again, now, as an adult, in a live-action version, just seems like a waste of time.

Emotionally powerful and sweetly entertaining, Cinderella is refreshingly pure Disney-magic.

Lily James embodies the very image of a breathless, exhaustingly optimistic idiot with her constant empty smiles and flighty gestures.

If that was the aim than they did a remarkable job, seriously it was very well made, but I found that the lack of originality made it kind of boring, and although I know cheesy dialogue kind of comes with the territory I found some of the lines in this film corny as f**k.

The camera movements tend to be predictable, though.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The prince especially seems pretty dull, and doesn't have much princely charm.

I enjoyed it .

The Yawn Machine .

Cinderella's home was so stately and tasteful as to be boring.

The dialogues are engaging as they are delivered with confident, they sound very poise and high class without being too cheesy.

I enjoyed it and I would probably buy it on DVD.


All in all, I'd say that Cinderella was an enjoyable watch.

Kenneth Branagh directs the film well and visually the film is pretty stunning.

Branagh is known for adapting well known literary works (specifically from Shakespeare) and once again he delivers through breathtaking and colorful visuals and surprisingly engaging characters.

This was the most boring thing I ever sat through and I think that everyone in the small audience I was in (on discount day) thought the same.

It's a little uninteresting, pretty faithful to the animated film.

and quite a bland adaption

Cinderella is the worst movie and a cliché remake by Walt Disney Studios.

And the score (by other Branagh regular Patrick Doyle) is rousing.

The costumes are stunning, and the entire production design is awesome.

I actually really enjoy watching fairly tale they are fascinating and amusing and Cinderella is one of them.

Very entertaining.

i have only just watched it yet I find it a struggle to think of something memorable other than those beautiful glass slippers and that stunning carriage which I have been lucky enough to see in person.

Bland and boring.

'Cinderella' represents everything that a modern Hollywood reboot should be, with an engaging and ever so likable cast, an immense blossoming romance with enough impact to make you feel sweet sixteen again, jaw dropping cinematography, magical music and the highest order of Directing on offer.

I love the unexpected twists and how Cinderella saves herself.

It is beautifully shot, excellently acted, true to it's source, magical and entertaining.

Cinderella's back-story is further fleshed out, gaining investment for her character as we learn of her parents and their uneventful passing.

I'm not the biggest fan of fairytale movies, but I must say this movie was a fun and enjoyable ride for all ages.

well it was really boring.

At one point in the film Cinderella expresses to her fairy godmother (the ever-enjoyable Helena Bonham-Carter, for the first time brandishing a wand with a zaniness that isn't homicidal) that she wishes to continue wearing her mother's beautiful, tattered old dress; Bellatrix...

The movie was so boring.

Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)Rating: 1.5/5 starsKenneth Branagh, who boasts quite an impressive directorial repertoire, shockingly wields the camera like a quill pen in his latest offering, mannered and dull, seeking Shakespeare where he isn't.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and I might buy the film when it's released on Blu Ray.

For kids I thought the tone of the film was a little too bleak, it was pretty boring and would have done nothing to feed the imagination.

After that though, the story really takes off in more ways than one and just about makes up for the rather bland lead-up to it.

Call it nostalgia or just call it a pretty darned good, entertaining movie.

This is not a new creative movie, but rather a dull copy of Cinderella's fairytale.

I was so bored I wanted to get up and leave.

It's just weird and pointless.

Worst part: A bit boring here and there and the trailer ruins it.

You still have to give people fun, and this rather dull little flick leaves nothing for people to grasp who aren't addicted to expressing on the surface of the joke how funny the author finds the actual joke.

Yes it is predictable, and doesn't quite capture the fun the animated film did.

The pair actually share a scene together before the ball that is really engaging and helps sell the love story.

The story of Cinderella is a great story,but the acting is simply terrible and the movie is so boring.

This movie was as boring as boring could be.

I advise you to save your money and time and to avoid this film.

What a boring film packed with clichés, performances that practically showed the actors were only in it for the money, and so many pauses or beats that made the film seem overly long for such a simple story.

This film might be a good one for the others, but for me, it's kind of unwatchable.

The real stars of the movie are the set and costume design which, with the exception of Cinders' rather drab ballgown, are sadly the only hint of magic on show here.

Throw in some top class CGI to the fairy tale, and voila you have a stunning movie, and yes the movie was stunning, be it the palace, which i believe was CGI, the performances by the artists and above all the screenplay had been extremely well written all over the movie.

The 'rousing' score that's the other side of other 'rousing' John Williams and Hans Zimmer scores, almost like a collection of trailer scores, completely/blatantly/unapologetically manipulative with every strum.

A Stunning, Wonderful Movie .

This movie was gorgeous; I'd even go as far to say stunning.

The film is visually stunning.

It doesn't do anything completely new, but it's a well crafted and can be entertaining here and there.

A children fairy tale that is uplifting and enjoyable for all ages, that's what matters most.

Enjoyable retelling of the fairy tale I'm sure we're all familiar with.

The production designs for the film are stunning to say the least.

I'm not saying that Cinderella fairy tail is bad, but this movie was a bit shallow in my opinion, i would find boring even for children.

I felt the pace in the beginning was a bit slow though, and these folks talking about "oh, I saw the trailer so I knew what was going to happen", are idiotic.

The dance scene was breathtaking.

However, the cast and crew have recreated the world and added a few twists to revive the drab Disney tale.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is really bad a pointless WORSE remake.

Visually stunning, both for the bright costumes and for the rich environments.

The other movies style "happily ever after" as some sort of lie that is fed to us that can never be achieved, whereas this version of Cinderella shows that happily ever after can be exciting again.

The beautiful principles, the compelling story, cinematography, and acting (I could go on and on) ...

I didn't get a chance to watch this one in theaters, but I did rent it and enjoyed it.

They took out the BEST elements of the cartoon, and REPLACED what was left with boring stuff.

Please save your money and time.

Though this movie is pretty much faultless, I would have enjoyed it much more if I was completely unfamiliar with Cinderella.

Was it enjoyable?


Ella now played by an extremely talented and stunning (in terms of acting and beauty) Lily James who greets her stepmother and two stepsisters with a warm and welcome heart.

In 2015 however, it's just boring, uninspired, and every single bit uninteresting.

I mean, Cate Blanchett is a stunning woman even in tatters, and the actress picked for the role of Cinderella can't reach her toe (Not even after the transformation given by the stepmother).

Despite removing original elements such as the (character of the) mice & songs, Cinderella manages to ground itself as a thoroughly enjoyable remake.

Most kids including my children hated this film and found it boring and uninteresting.

Director Kenneth Branagh creates a beautiful compelling interpretation of the classic tale.

I was surprised at enjoyable it was.

Disney's Cinderella live action turned into something unwatchable.

One might think that a story that has been told countless times would start to become boring.

But it was such a high expectation, she never rages, says something mean, it was boring (and unbelievable- she only asks the reason for their actions).

It was boring and sometimes really awkward.

I have to admit I enjoyed it.

It's about being pulled in to an absolutely stunning fairy tale world where your ideas of what's possible or "real" will absolutely collide with the power of imagination.

The kids really enjoyed it, the central characters are all very well-cast in my opinion.

The screenplay, although based off an old fairytale, still managed to be original and entertaining.

Boring .

It sparkles, but in a familiar fashion - it entertains, but in a mostly predictable way.

Why would the producers of Walt Disney Studios make a very boring film which even kids might hate because of the absence of creativity.

Nothing new, Relying Good casting is not enough, you need compelling story .

That being said, this year's live-action take on the classic fairy tale is neither an improvement nor a disappointment; it is faithful to its animated predecessor, retaining that same Disney magic while adding lavish decor and stunning costume design.

Lily James as Cinderella is perfectly sweet, pretty, lovely and bland.

James is a simpering and uninspiring protagonist - it takes more than adversity for a viewer to warm to a character, and the scriptwriter should know that - while Kenneth Branagh contributes zero style to his direction.

Like it's protagonist, Kenneth Branagh's live-action adaptation of the Disney animated classic Cinderella proves to be little more than a dull, vapid mess covered up by a sparkly blue dress, and no amount of computer-generated mice, slapstick pumpkins, or good old fashioned Bonham Carter charm can save it.

It is an "old school" fairy tale portrayed in a genuine fashion, that will most likely be very entertaining for young audiences and your own kids.

Even my child got bored seeing this movie as all they saw was they already enjoyed in previous versions of Cinderella.

During the watching, my friends and I both felt a little boring.

The movie runs pretty much predictable all the way through.

Bland and beautiful .

Pacing of this movie excellent, at running time 1 h 39 min this movie barely drags and is entertaining from start till finish.

The entire transformation scene was breathtaking.

I could connect with Cinderella and the design was absolutely stunning.

I'm not in show business but I certainly know the difference between a boring film and a good ,fun and entertaining one.

Disney failed to make a masterpiece from this cliché.

It's not a scene-by-scene translation of the original, and some renditions of iconic, memorable scenes are very entertaining and well-executed (such as the midnight escapade).

In papers it shouldn't work, but surprisingly I found it way more engaging than Snow White and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland, and even Maleficent (which I actually ended up enjoying), all films which were told through new perspectives.

Lame and boring .

Worst movie and a cliché remake.

I genuinely hope Sandy will be nominated for an Oscar next year for those stunning costumes.

I have to say I very much enjoyed seeing this film, Lily James looked absolutely stunning and has the resemblance of Grace Kelly when she was wearing the blue dress.

The faithful adaption does mean it is very predictable and there is a level of campiness to expect.

Stunning Remake, haters are ignorant .

Carter fills the screen with her presence and certainly woke this critic out of his near-catatonic state of boredom, even making Weitz's trite, wooden dialogue feel clever.

I can barely watch so much visual boredom lacking real props.

Sometimes, we parents only enjoy the popcorn; sometimes we snore; or sometimes we actually enjoy the movie.

And there was something confusing, at least in my head: There is a scene in which Ella (yep) clearly wishes to go to the ball in her mom's dress, that she re-knitted, and while her 1-scene fairy godmother agrees, she changes it anyway, with the new one not looking like the old one at all.

All in all, it's an entertaining movie that is visually stunning.


It is beautiful and exciting movie.

Literally nothing happens besides a young girl going to dance at some fancy house, leaving her clothes on the front lawn, and some dude returning those clothes, then marrying her.

The story was told in a very sensitive way, even mad me reach for my handkerchief every now and then ;-) It is a nice alternative to some of the empty, noisy movies our children watch nowadays.

Richard Madden is handsome as the prince and thank god he has a personality here than the 1950s version who was so boring and bland.

Ultimately, because this film uses a magnificent combination of outstanding performance, stunning visual effects, and elaborate settings to incorporate all the original elements of the story, it is a fully revamped adaptation that embodies all the profound themes of love in all its forms and is sure to leave a lasting impression on people from all walks of life.

I enjoyed watching "Cinderella", and it is an entertaining film for the family.

I found myself to be very bored by it.

But when her father dies suddenly, her step-mother and sisters waste no time in turning her into their personal servant, rechristening her "Cinderella", as she is always covered in ashes after cleaning.

Yet, the final straw in the haystack of humiliation came after the movie had finished and to my astonishment found out that I had enjoyed it more than my wife did.

Visually its stunning, with detail and colour that kept me enthralled all of the way through.

In a nutshell, the movie has a lot of charm, and some moral lessons for the younger viewers, and though not outstanding, enjoyable.

A glittering, stirring surprise, Cinderella is a sophisticated and engrossing retelling of the age-old fairy tale.

How Cinderella deals with the irony of her situation in comparison to what her parents were like, is part of what makes the story line so entertaining.

It might have been the script too that made the film seem pretty boring.

It's all predictable stuff, lifted right out of the animated film and liberally sprinkled with extra sequins and gold dust.

We saw this last night and enjoyed it just as much as the kids and (guess what?

Here is the good: Lily James as Cinderella was spot on and the visuals are stunning.

Also, there is something that happens near the end of the film, which I will not reveal in case you haven't seen the movie, but it's something major that comes completely out of left field and doesn't move the plot forward in any way, so it's completely pointless!

As everybody wants to know all about the intriguing woman aka Cinderella.

Add to that the actors/actresses who bring to this film humor,entertaining characters and a sense of charm that elevates this film from average to above average.

It was a date night with my girlfriend and usually i'm bored by these kinds of movies.

Branagh's film portrays an outdated Disney princess from a time before Ariel and Belle redefined femininity in enjoyable animated retellings.

It is a thoughtful, lovely, and effortlessly enjoyable piece of work.

Overall, I found this movie quite stunning and it most definitely left an impression on me.

I found it entertaining, at first, but once the film got to about the midway point, I found myself to be very bored by it.

Stunning and Heartwarming .

I think it's basically a well made film but it's also lacking any originality, whatsoever, and is kind of pointless.

However, it seems a little pointless to update the story to live-action when it mostly boasts over-elaborate CGI effects, to the point where some of it may as well be something like Gravity where half of it is made on a computer.

A stunning take on a timeless story.

The actors did beautiful justice to their roles, the sets were stunning, the costuming delicious, the story line - perfect.

Then, you have Cate Blanchett who has a stunning physique that entraps me into her gaze...

Elsa and company are throwing a surprise party for Anna, but Elsa's unexpected cold (get it?

What was with the confusing close-ups to Ben Chaplin's facade, at 2 important plot-points?

It seems pointless to summarize the story, seeing as it's one everybody knows, so I'll just get right to talking about where the film falls flat.

Within all of the grandeur and beauty, there seemed to be some confusion defining the target audience.

So yeah, this might be boring for people that already know the complete story.

From the unbelievably beautiful music from Patrick Doyle and the incredibly remarkable directing skills of Kenneth Branagh to the most often and typically judged acting and/or story, I was totally immersed in this monumental work of art.

However, it does feel at times that your watching a cartoon with the fast paced cringey dialogue being used.

But that doesn't matter, the point is, is that this dazzling Disney remake is wildly entertaining, the costumes are stunning, the sets ate probably the best sets I've ever seen, and every single actor portrayed their role absolutely perfectly!!

That familiarity renders its wholesome approach somewhat tedious.

Younger viewers will likely find it boring.

The film looks superb – it is lush, lavish and wonderfully staged, and the engaging effects are unobtrusively integrated into the spectacular live action, sets and scenery.

This film was light heart-ed, whimsical, fun, entertaining and mimicked the original feature, which is great.

It is the amazing magical moments between the lead characters, Cinderella and the Prince that the true inspirational fireworks explode into a compelling experience.

As a family film it was entertaining to watch for pretty much the entire time.