Circle of Iron (1978) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Hohum Score



A young martial artist embarks on an adventure, encountering other martial artists in battle until one day he meets an aging blind man who will show him the true meaning of martial arts and life.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Richard Moore
Stars: David Carradine, Jeff Cooper
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 8 out of 51 found boring (15.68%)

One-line Reviews (26)

'The Silent Flute' is a very strange movie, both bizarre and dull.

It has a good flow and is entertaining; with a little something for everybody.

It is kind of boring to watch, actually.

Erica Creer's stunning beauty scorches up the screen and teases your mammaries in showing off her left backside, and she won't stick around for long.

Listening to Lee philosophize was as dull as watching him perform was exciting.

An extremely intriguing story, curious zen koans, and interesting characters would have made for a 10 film, had there not been several horrid things which marred this otherwise perfect film.

However, if you watch the movie and *listen* to what it's trying to tell, it's extremely engrossing, as it addresses questions and concepts that all of us wonder about at some time or another.

A dreadfully pretentious martial-arts adventure started by Bruce Lee and finished (in more ways than one) by David Carradine.

Be the empty vessel .

Don't waste your time or money on this dog of a film.

By the time the film was released, the final version bore little resemblance to what Bruce Lee and company had envisioned.

Evocative and glimmer photography by Ronny Taylor , a prestigious cinematographer who photographed hits as Star Wars , Gandhi , Chorus Line , Sea of love , Cry Feedom and many others .

Cooper is one of the dullest and least charismatic individuals I've ever seen in a martial arts movie, and almost single handedly sinks the movie.

" The film is pretentious to a laughable degree.

Far from your average beat-em-up or chop socky outing, I would strongly recommend Circle of Iron for the discerning action movie fan, or anyone who wants a different, intelligent, engaging movie.

Stunning brunette Erica Creer contributes a memorably sultry portrayal of lovely and enticing seductress Tara.

The landscapes and backdrops are at times breathtaking, just out of place.

I found Cord's persistent curiosity and inquisitiveness about things very entertaining and engaging; Davis Carridine plays off of this perfectly.

An intriguing one-of-a-kind oddity.

Director Richard Moore, working from a quirky and thoughtful script by Stanley Mann and Stirling Silliphant, relates the compellingly peculiar story at a steady pace, vividly evokes a colorful fantasy world, and stages the exciting occasional martial arts fights with a good deal of flair and skill.

this type of setting coupled with the compelling music make this a landscape monument for the uniquely inclined deeper striver of zen/buddhism and enlightenment.

Ronnie Taylor's striking cinematography sharply captures the breathtaking beauty of the Israel locations.

Based on an idea by Bruce Lee, this is a really enjoyable flick that is as entertaining as it is outlandish.

The look of the film saves it from becoming a totally boring affair, largely because Moore, who has had ample experience with cinematography on films of varying genres, makes the most out of a minimalist setting.

Good old boring days, rampant with clichés.

This luxurious martial arts film was marvelously filmed with good production design , nice costumes , luxurious cinematography , breathtaking scenes and enjoyable musical score by Bruce Smeaton .