City Island (2009) - Comedy, Drama

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The Rizzos, a family who doesn't share their habits, aspirations, and careers with one another, find their delicate web of lies disturbed by the arrival of a young ex-con (Strait) brought ...

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Raymond De Felitta
Stars: Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 7 out of 102 found boring (6.86%)

One-line Reviews (57)

Its almost as though someone has tried to emulate all the facets of "The Royal Tenenbaums", but here the quirky characters are somehow stale and contrived.

OK for that kind of thing, but it was a jarring jolt from interesting to tedious for me.

It is a shame that many of these secrets that form the major plot points and climaxes of the picture are revealed in City Island's trailer because it makes for a far more predictable and less surprising adventure.

Good after work film, funny, entertaining and you won't have nightmares.

City Island is entertaining, comedic, touching, and should not be missed.

Only the ending is contrived.

Their son is a brainiac who is too bored to finish high school, and who becomes fascinated with a heavyset neighbor who operates a website showing her cooking.

The movie deals with Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia), a prison guard whose life seems stagnant and uneventful.

Yet there are still enough laughs and moments of poignancy to make this one of the more thoughtful and engaging American comedies so far this year.

If "City Island" has one major flaw, it's that the filmmaker uses a hoary TV sitcom trope, in which the wife thinks her husband is having an affair through some contrived misunderstanding.

The script is funny and emotionally engaging, and I really couldn't have asked for a better ending.

'City Island' is charming, funny and entertaining enough to make for a worthy viewing.

The exact reason I go to the art house is to see filmmakers take risks that Hollywood wouldn't, and when you take that dynamic away, you're left with bland, marginally distinct stories that have little to no reason to be told.

Well yeah, sure, its not the greatest film ever, but it's very entertaining and I recommend it to everyone seeking a nice non-Hollywood-ish film to have fun with.

Writer-Director Raymond De Fellita's engaging & entertainment gem has been transported to my fantastical island of quality film-fare.

Since we know everyone's stories and hangups, there are no big surprises at the end, but the way the story lines come together is entertaining.

This leads to many entertaining moments, while not loosing its momentum.

Nevertheless it's a good romp worth seeing for a fairly snappy script.

Everyone has their secrets, and as they are disclosed there is unexpected forgiveness.

My only complaint was that Vince's acting lessons and try-out for a part in a movie were dragged out longer than needed.

Although the acting is a little cheesy and stagy and the story a little contrived, this is an entertaining movie.

Also, Raymond de Felitta's wonderful script helped teach real situations, and try using comedy and drama to make it entertaining.

There is too much contrived plot for the amount of dramatic geography, and the actors are really better than this.

The script is bitingly sharp, cinematography excellent, directing relaxed, and characters engaging because all of them are so darned fallible.

All this Rizzo secret madness is wrapped up into a convoluted, but yet, engaging narrative that you will most certainly adore.

This movie will take you down several paths, the individual lives of each member of this crazy, dramatic, dysfunctional family, where at first you think the ends of those paths are obvious, then twists and turns into something completely unexpected.

Very enjoyable thought provoking movie .

So if you're looking to cool off on a hot day and you're a pre-empty nester or empty nester, then you will probably like something about this movie's abbreviated time frame.

Best entertaining movie i have watched in many years i started to feel human again after watching it so human...

The comedy aspect is enjoyable with flying dialogues, good quid pro quos and pretty funny scenes.

Joyce (Juliana Margulies) suspects her husband Vince (Andy Garcia) of having an affair, while the real reason behind his "poker nights" is quite fascinating.

I didn't quite know what to expect when I sat down to watch this, but suffice to say I enjoyed it.

However most of them tend to be pseudo-intellectual, clichéd, badly written and boring films that desperately try to look special.

I knew pretty early into it that things were going to be conflicting and confusing.

Attending acting lessons, nervously joining the seemingly endless queue of other actors hoping for the part and his stilted, clumsy first audition attempt were more tedious than amusing, especially when compared to all the other funny and fast- paced subplots.

Plot: A father who wants to be an actor, a mother who feels like her marriage is close to an end, a stripper daughter and her BBW obsessed brother and finally an unexpected "guest".

The series of improbable coincidences are just too many and contrived to make this a movie to recommend for anyone unless she/he is looking for pure escape.

But other than that the movie holds up and delivers with some snappy dialogue.

I think this is one of the best movies that I've seen in which the lines makes it funnier than ever, and I enjoyed it all.

The sub-plots involving his daughter being a stripper and his son having a fetish for overweight women are admittedly a little bizarre, but Andy Garcia's performance as the gentle soul just trying to do right in the world keeps this WoodyAllenesque soap opera entertaining as all hell.

The film has its flaws: for one, it's slightly uneventful and (apart from Garcia's and Marguiles' characters) many of the characters achieve a rapid and unsatisfactory catharsis.

A truly enjoyable movie that might have been even better with some footage left on the cutting room floor.

As we leave the Rizzos around the dining table, we realize that finally, the family has come together in unexpected ways.

But that doesn't really matter too much because the proceedings are nonstop fun and sometimes even a little suspenseful.

I left bored and disappointed in the entire story as there was perhaps 15 minutes of non-yawn time, while the rest was a sleeper.

Highly entertaining .

The issues the family faces are many, but they are original and entertaining.

Boasting the same underlying strengths by way of actors and writing, both are perplexingly entertaining for movies with such a humble story arc and could easily be dismissed as pompous Oscar bait.

I thought the characters were stereotypes; so the storyline was rather predictable except perhaps the likes of the young son in the family.

Well played, worth watching .

What elevates this dark comedy to something compelling and infinitely memorable are the universally strong performances, confident direction and most importantly -- one of the best scripts in years.

To save himself from utter boredom from his dysfunctional family, Vince moonlights as an actor, taking classes from a politically incorrect teacher (Alan Arkin) and trying to audition for his first role on a Martin Scorsese film alongside with Robert De Niro.

What's going on in "City Island" works, to an extent, from a directorial standpoint, a visual standpoint, and a performance standpoint—but from a screen writing standpoint, you should be able to generate a compelling list of reasons why someone would want to sit through your movie.

I found it to be quite predictable with nobody in the family listening to anybody else and a whole lot of shouting (maybe the director has been watching too many soaps where shouting seems to be the equivalent of good acting).

What really bugged me was the degeneration of the movie into the most obvious, predictable, sappy shtick during the last 20 minutes.

This was so enjoyable.

But the drama aspect is bland and unfolds badly.