Clash of the Titans (2010) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Perseus demigod, son of Zeus, battles the minions of the underworld to stop them from conquering heaven and earth.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Louis Leterrier
Stars: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 194 out of 657 found boring (29.52%)

One-line Reviews (621)

This film is enjoyable and it did create just the right amount of hype i think.

Terrific special effects; rushed story and action; waste of money watching it in 3D.

Don't waste your time and money.

Overwhelming fantasy based on Greek legends with breathtaking special effects in computer generator and 3D .

Instead of improving on the stop-motion classic, Leterrier has created a boring, plodding film despite of the talent at his disposal.

A bunch of Djinn and a couple of weird hunters are thoroughly pointless and redundant characters, obviously thrown in to try to jazz up an old concept.

But it is enjoyable enough, and could have been so much worse.

Sure, there are some intense action moments such the first encounter with evil Acrisius, the visit to the evil witches, and the fight against Medusa.

The outcome is shallow, boring and absolutely disappointing.

You will probably love this movie if you enjoy cheesy lines that attempt to pass themselves off as comedy, ridiculous stunts, plot-holes that you could fall down and break your leg on, and absolutely pointless sub-plots that make a mockery of one of the greatest Greek legends.

The lines are boring and not funny, there's one scene where Perseus tells, I think it was a joke although it wasn't funny at all, and he observes a warrior not laughing and he asks him how come he never smiles.

Clash is a Thrilling Adventure .

The story was predictable, the acting was awful, like Sam Worthington (whose was so wooden I felt like I had splinters), which is sad as I liked him in Terminator Salvation and he was very good as the lead in Avatar, Ralph Fiennes got on my nerves as he sounded like he had a parched sore throat and Gemma Atterton though pretty spoke like a posh girl shopping for shoes!

The fighting scenes, which should be the pillar of the film, are boring and confusing.

Unfortunately, to get to these bits, the viewer has to wade through a tiresome "quest" plot, struggle to make sense out of badly-edited CGI combat, and suffer through endless stoic scowling by Sam Worthington.

Splash bland action and unimpressive effects on that cinematic identity crisis, and even Joe Moviegoer will agree you've failed.

I was looking for an entertaining popcorn flick with action sequences similar to those of The Incredible Hulk 2008 (same director) and that is what I got.

And it was like that throughout the entire movie, lots of cool details in mundane settings.

The story bored me so much as did the characters, it felt like the actors was bored doing their roles sometimes.

The special effects are murky, the acting boring, and the plot about as uneven as Nicolas Cage's recent acting record as compared to ten years ago.

Cue the release of the Kraken, a cliché chase scene (of I think what are supposed to be wraiths or winged demons), the retrieval of the Medusa head, and the destruction of the Kraken and a "happily ever after" ending.

The Kraken is boring.

Boring, uninvolving and rubbish dribble that crashes and collapses into garbage.

This movie may be the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

The plot of this remake is very weak; uses a black Pegasus; forgets the delightful mechanical golden owl Bubo that makes a cameo only; and creates a diversion to the viewers with gorgeous actresses and stunning special effects.

It strived to be rousing, energetic and bombastic, something you would find with Erich Korngold and Bernard Hermann, but sadly it came across as generic and boring.

I honestly do not know how people can compare this to the original 1981 film as if that were a classic - neither film is, and so the updated version should be taken for what it is: an enjoyable romp with monsters and mythical beings.

It's worth noting that the original is far from a masterpiece, but the insecurities and petty vengeances of Zeus and his kin are among the more entertaining ideas it puts forth.

While the special effects for the movie were superb, the plot line was horrible and predictable, and the only reason I found it enjoyable was because I was with a group of friends, where we spent a good 2 hours laughing at the "chick who knows stuff" who pops up randomly like a zombie, comes up, tells random pertinent information, then suddenly vanishes, attempting to add mystique to the whole thing.

With Calibos you assume he's off to a slow start.

It's an easy film to watch, light-hearted and unpredictable in places in regards to the fate of certain characters.

I could not tell you a thing about the picture, either before or after I walked out, because I am trying to block the memories out.

In summary, Clash of the Titans (2010) is a tedious film experience (specially, during the action sequences...

In short, this movie is terrible, it's mostly slow passed, boring and delivered poorly.


Truthfully, I don't know if it's Sam Worthington's acting, Leterrier's directing or just the material; but Perseus is just a flat, boring character for most of the movie.

The characters were boring.

The scene with the scorpions is action packed and thrilling.

While I always found it kind of fun and exciting, it's nothing I rush out to see.

The only drawback is that at some scenes this film really turns slow.

Entertaining Popcorn Flick .

Every actor failed to deliver a good strong performance, I'm surprised at Liam Neeson, dull and robotic are the words to describe him.

Simple, yet somehow very entertaining while one watches it in 3D.

First of I would like to state that I have not seen the original in the 80's im a sixteen your old so I did not grow up with it, I found this movie one of the most entertaining films I have scene in 2010 so far and I watch a lot of movies, I've seen every big release so far this year of all genre's, (alice in wonderland, cop out, shutter island) and this is probably movie of the year for me right now, the CGI was amazing, the acting was decent (no Oscar winners), I don't understand why everyone is complaining about this remake.

On the whole the dialogue is awful and very banal, and there were some scenes where it came across as cheesy or forced.

With the right expectations, CLASH OF THE TITANS is a pretty enjoyable update of the 1981 minor fantasy classic if you can forgive some of the absurdities of the script.


Lame, uneventful and uninspired .

The battles and action scenes are occasionally fun, but mostly feel too much like they'd belong in every other dull Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Entertaining enough for a throwaway laugh or gasp .

Entertaining None The Less .

The rest of the story is either 100% predictable or 100% illogic.

And that is the reason why I became very bored with this movie.

Most notable is the score for Hades, where Ramin employs a typical repetitive tune that just oozes homage to the antagonists of cinema.

I went into it , expecting what I got; pure adrenaline and entertainment.

The 3D wasn't so great either, for those who haven't seen it yet, you might as well save your money and go and see the non-3D version because if you're expecting something as good, visually, as Avatar, you will be sadly disappointed.

The dialog is lame as hell as there are lots of standard / cliché phrases thrown at your head.

There is always something happening to keep you on the Edge.

The movie was still enjoyable---the old better.

The characters can't be related to, the supporting characters aren't explained and die very quickly, the whole movie feels rushed and incoherent, the action is cliché and predicable, the climax is 2d and involves no engaging plot twist, and the ending is just as silly as the rest of the film.

Sam Worthington is reasonably relatable and dynamic as Perseus, and Gemma Arterton claims her crown as the queen of unnecessary, bland, emotionless characters as Io (the movie would have been better off cutting her out, and having the other Gods taking her screen time- perhaps an actual God should have guided Perseus?

So grab your popcorn, Jujubes, sodas and hot dogs and sit down for a rousing and action-packed movie.

Such a bad and boring movie...

I left the theater with goosebumps and still have them as I write this review and think about the film.

Medusa's design is disappointing, but the scene leading up to her beheading is thrilling and satisfying.

ZERO points to everyone concerned -- a complete waste of time and money.

Fiennes, the flamboyant character awaiting to sacrifice the girl to the Kraken), I was kind of bored.

)the action is often so confusing that the characters have to tell us what's going on such as when the winged demons snatch the bag, Perseus yells that they stole it because we clearly couldn't see what was going on.

Its far more entertaining, the plot is more dynamic.

It is a giant waste of money.

Louis does a good job behind the camera and the action is exciting, there are just a few story problems.

Started yawning towards the end...

The characters were quite boring and you didn't care for any of them at all.

This is a mostly very bland and dull remake.

Flemyng is OK under all that makeup while Atherton is pretty but pointless.

The Gods are boring, and their shinny armor looks cheesy.

The draw of the film is fast paced, adrenaline pumping action, a lot of tough guys & gals who never smile, and really cool monsters and special effects for 2010.

A bad and tedious movie .

This is the most wretched waste of time I have seen in many, many years.

third, this was imperfect way for Sam Worthington, as you know , avatar was impressively stunning, incredible one, ever!

The newly introduced love interest makes no sense, their dialog (like most of the lines in the movie) is bland, uninspired & uninspiring, and full of clichés.

This new one is bland and one-dimensional; it also is just a cameo in this video-gamey story.

An entertaining fare for the weekend .

While the action sequences are enjoyable you can't feel the suspense of the fight because the characters just aren't that likable.

Anyway, I'm sure some people enjoyed this movie, and that cool, but if you ask me this was one waste of time and money (and half the theater agreed with me, I just saw them leave one by one).

I don't think Sam Worthington is an inspiring actor and frankly, had I not been with friends, I would have left early.

The characters were SO boring and stereotypical.

Extra comments Basically the whole movie was pointless, but probably worth watching for its extreme badness and like a smart fat kid its fun to laugh at cause it takes itself so seriously.

Story lines have been very predictable that the excitement to the story is gone.

This movies has excellent and very good actors, a rather dull scenario, very predictable plot, excellent directing , not so good fighting scenes and some of the most amazing effects.

Although, there are sufficient fiery, exciting scenes, filled with arching volcanoes and incredible CGI created creatures (I liked the BLACK Pegasus), director Louis Letterier allowed the story to be filmed too close to Hades instead of glorious Olympus.

A fisherman comes up with empty catch, so declares war on Gods.


It's Boring and the 3D is useless .

The script is awful, and the overblown spectacle of the entire thing is so self-indulgent that I was bored within the first 15 minutes.


However, in this case, the task of reviewing this movie is difficult as from the very first scene to the last scene this movie is one unbearable, soul-less, boring, ugly and horrible disaster.

It drags the boring plot on about some guy who we don't even care, who is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Finally though the scene with the Medusa - in the original it was scary, suspenseful and very exciting.

All I got was: simplistic, archetypal story; flat and plain boring characters; over exaggerated action scenes and poor acting.

Clash of the Titans has some minor confusing parts that seem to add up and create more confusion than intended.

The acting is dull.

The amazing visual effects will distract you from the clumsy dialogue and contrived storyline.

It moves relatively quickly, has a few honestly funny lines and its action scenes are both reasonably exciting and comprehensible.

Entertaining Greek mythology.

From here on it's the basic and boring hero's tale in which the god awful (pun not intended) Sam Worthington fights some monsters, gets with a sexy lady (Gemma Arterton) and saves the day.

They had sort of mini-fights.. Where they kept on switching, between the groups, it was hard to follow, who was dead, who was still fighting, where they are...

The list is way too long.

(One of the unexpected events is that somewhere during his quest Perseus picks up an Australian accent.

It does become a little tedious to watch Perseus hurl himself from one exotic/mysterious locale to another, and we hardly get to know any of his companions before they're impaled, dismembered, or turned to stone.

3D is just a pointless fad in general and seeing Clash of the Titans in 2D saves you a lot of money......

The new CGI effects are very good and often thrilling.

But after it is done being slow and eventless, the plot ends up moving too fast, skipping most of the good parts.

The action starts off with the God of the underworld sending his personal fighter (How cliché) out to kill the group of adventurers.

The plot is super predictable and there is no doubt about what will happen in any given situation.

I can watch these kind of movies without the need to pick them apart or be over critical and because of that i found Clash enjoyable.

Big, brash and boring .

Whether the fighters are fending off other human attackers, human sized creatures or giant monstrosities, the action is lively and engaging.

On the whole, if you threw out your memories of the first film, this was quite enjoyable escapism.

The only thing missing was the "walking away unaffected by the huge explosion behind you" cliché.

But i eventually got bored and decided to go see Clash Of The Titans and well...

Entertaining bad film .

it was just boring and disturbing.

But at the end at the final scene with the king of the god .. Than you let's out a big huge noisy sight and you walk out of the theater and regret those 15.00 buck wasted .

I was so bored by the story I couldn't even enjoy the action sequences.

Probably it is one of the worst movies of Liam Neeson.

worst movie ever .

waste of time.

~Great CGI effects, very enjoyable, worth your money~ .

I don't remember everything about the original, but I do know that it is more entertaining then this forgettable swords and sandals 'epic'.

They're always so much more gripping and atmospheric.

The gigantic scorpions are frightening and the glowing hall of the gods was particularly stunning.

A lot of money and effort was spent creating this painfully heartless waste of time.

The movie was visually dark (probably a byproduct of the Real-D projection technique), and it was hard to follow the action sequences due to all the quick cutting between viewpoints.

The scorpion battle is quite exciting, though is broken up as its really four fights with different scorpions simultaneously.

What follows is an endless string of battles, explosions of pent up anger and overly predictable near misses, rescues and what else.

It's big, brash and boring.

The CGI was outstanding but the sequences themselves surprisingly boring.

One battle scene was decent if a little hard to follow, and some of the acting was good too.

The 3D didn't work enough in this film as it was used only during post production, thanks to the stunning box office success of Avatar.

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief is a much more entertaining and put together story about the Greek gods.

It's nothing that makes you go wow, but it is quite entertaining.

Even the magical special effects for the "Gods" were boring.

In fact watching the video game "God of War" is more entertaining than this.

) Plus this film got really weak dialogue and completely uninspiring lines.

Don't waste your hard earned money on this crap.

The characters and acting The main character was a douche and all i heard when he was speaking was I'm from new Zealand I'm from new Zealand thats how pointless what he had to say was.

They were rubbish, totally pointless; looked awful, and unintentionally hilarious every time they "spoke".

I enjoyed the necessary amount of violence, gore, and exciting chasing (Perseus running after Acrisius was neat!

if you are into Greek mythology like I am then don't waste your money, wait for it to come out on fx.

The plot is mundane.

Director Louis Leterrier said that he wanted to remake the 1981 film because he enjoyed it so much in his youth.

Sam Worthington, and the always repetitive cockiness of Liam Neeson, the movie is good!.

What a waste of time, of money, of good actors, of everything.

There is no storyline.

I get the attempt to make a stand alone movie, but this remake is pointless.

It is after all a whole new vision of the story and an exciting one at that.

In fact, the most entertaining aspect of this film is its one sly reference to one of the silliest parts of the original version—that ridiculous mechanical owl.

very nice...! good effects, and exciting plot.

There had been too much concentration on the special effects extravaganza, such that a lot of the all-important story was lost in the adrenaline rush.

The original was a coming of age story of a young Hero, Perseus, trying to save his love, Andromeda, from the Kraken by journeying to find the head of the Medusa to kill the Kraken.

The action scenes were epic and very enjoyable to watch.

Actually, from the whole movie the only scene that I was really able to call enjoyable, was the one, where Perseus's entourage had to fight with the nasty Medusa, and one by one got turned into stones.

So all in all the movie was great and definitely worth watching !

What has been conceived,however, is one of the dullest fight scenes ever put to film.

)I appreciate that an action movie requires 'action' to work but the urgency of this movie to cram as much action into the ninety minutes as possible creates a frenetic mess leaving its audience disorientated as to what has happened or care as to what is happening, which mixed in with the revised plot and poor acting leaves you with an empty soulless shell of a movie.

The movie is still watchable because the action scenes are exciting and awesome.

As technically smooth as it is, the remake of "Clash of the Titans" is regrettably just a forgettable bore.

It was predictable, boring and not worth the time.

Perseus motivational speech before reaching to Medusa's place was cool and prepared the audience for an exciting climax.

In 2D this is a standard and uninteresting CGI-filled blockbuster which is leagues behind the top tier examples of the other Hollywood blockbusters of the past few years.

Great action, enjoyable, watchable.

A remake of the 1981 film of the same name, itself loosely based on the Greek myth of Perseus, 'Clash Of The Titans' is a dull fare.

Worst movie of 2010?

If you can suspend your disbelief this film is fairly entertaining and as the action is fairly constant that isn't too hard.

I found it hilariously transparent at how the hero got bored with walking with a group, wandered off by himself, an lo and behold, encountered the rarely seen Pegasus!

)So do yourself a favor, save your money to see Robin Hood instead.

The same goes for it being engaging and fun.

Now for the negatives: The dialogue is corny, unlovable, embarrassing to watch at times and so contrived that it actually makes you uncomfortable, the exact same can be said of Sam Worthington and pretty much every other character in this tripe.

The movie starts very promising with strong and symbolic action scenes and stays interesting and action packed until the end.

It was one of my favorite adventures, it was exciting and just a blast to watch.

If I could I would give one star for a good story and nice setting, two stars for beautiful special effects and great action, and two and a half stars for characters being boring and not likable.

He looks like some cabbage head that just hangs around, no emotion, no pain, now anger on his face just that dull expression.

Outside of Ray's creatures, the movies were sometimes dull, predictable and the acting mediocre.

Calibos shows up a couple of times but is pretty pointless as Hades is the main villain.

Entertaining Epic .

Its an enjoyable flick.

Even with 3-D, the film still feels dimensionless and contrived most of the time.

I went in to the movie expecting little more than simply an entertaining popcorn movie, and that was exactly what I got.

Entertaining Film!!.

The fights were predictable, Medusa looked cartoonish and phony, and the story was completely butchered.

About half way through the movie, I realized nothing was even in 3D anymore, so, I just removed my glasses and held back the urge to leave the theater.

But in the end, I enjoyed it and didn't regret seeing it on the big screen.

To summarize, Clash of the Titans is a waste of time and an insult to every thinking human being.

Great quality CGI and set design makes for some breathtaking set pieces and scenery- particular favourites being the fight with Medusa in her lair, and the desert home of the scorpions.

Thus, having read several critics on the new milling of Clash of the Titans and remembering quite well the awful Second Avenue-second hand budget of the 1981 rendition with its stop motion animated puppets, I dragged myself to the theater…with it in mind that I would once again have to hear Liam Neeson shout, "Release the Kraken," after wincing from a dozen or so trailers that followed my favorite news programs on TV.

I watched the movie in a theater and have to say that I enjoyed it.

And, while the dialog may occasionally slip into the region of corn and cheesiness, the story flows in an entertaining manner and doesn't leave the viewer wanting for much.

I just laughed at it and the action sequences were boring and lacked excitement not to mention the camera swung so fast for some of it I couldn't see what was happening (Michael Bay, grrr!

Its hard to follow action when it looks like someone is running around the fight with a camcorder.

From a lobotomized point of view, I suppose the action scenes make up for the total lack of story and the frustration generated by the pointless use of characters and bad acting.

The new Clash of the Titans is enjoyable at times, but most of the time, it is boring and tiresome.

Waste of money and time .

Even a ridiculously impromptu romance with the monotone Io (A heavily sedated Gemma Arteton) fails to bring another dimension out of Worthington.

New in thing Sam Worthington stars in what turns out to be a effects heavy and ultimately boring film.

The majority of the cast are wasted and the fight scenes quite frankly are too long and boring after a while.

The biggest most entertaining part of the film was the art direction.

It's just a random collection of scenes picked from the 1981 version sewn together with a dull and heavy needle, interconnected by a few embarrassing "comic" inlays and CG effects which, strangely, though the original is almost 30 years older, are not more awe-inspiring than the original ones.

Only good thing about this movie was that I was able to sleep through most of it, only going back to skim and see if anything worth watching developed (it didn't); if I had been totally conscious, it would have been turned off after a half hour, at MOST.

Very Entertaining Film...

Well, I still find the original uneven at best but it's also more enjoyable, memorable and far sexier too.

Even the monster, Cracken is boring.

it's all just so incredibly messy and feels totally disjointed.

The film, even at its worst, still manages to be entertaining enough for a throwaway laugh or gasp.

Now, I will forgive the 1981 version for its misinterpretation of the original myth, based on the fact that it tried to make a myth exciting, which it did.

This is hardly the worst film of the year, but it is in a word, bland.

I went to the most expensive cinema in town to watch this movie.. What I saw there was not even close to what I had imagined.. Poor character development, no emotions, poor animation, a worse cinematography and above all extremely predictable movie.. Percy Jackson the lightning thief was a much much better version of this storyline.. Above all sound and animation/special effects were so poor that I had to play a video game on my cell phone during the movie, to avoid more embarrassment.. The worse animation and action scene was of the attack of scorpions.. it was totally UN-realistic.. Not for even a second I enjoyed the actions or so called effects.. I will not recommend this movie to anyone and i will rate this 3/10..

A terrible and entirely pointless film.

I wont bore you rewriting things that have been told by other 100 times.

To put it simply, the movie felt cheap and was boring; definitely not worth the $9.75 I paid to see the movie.

Rating : Good , well worth watching .

The 3D was absolutely pointless.

The directing and cinematography are boring.

Add to that the effect that most of the events are boring and you get what is best described as "one huge waste of tape".

Most of the plot points are pretty contrived and it sort of feels less like a journey and more like random events strung together.

The original version of "Clash of the Titans" was an infinitely entertaining - and still fondly remembered - piece of early '80s kitsch comprised of one part corn to two parts cheese.

Yet, Enjoyable!!.

I'm not much of a Greek mythology fan so if the story differs from fact then I don't really care, what I do care about is that this film was great fun, fast paced with great action sequences and really cool special effects.

The only expression I saw on his face was anger and dull surprise.

The story is lame (to call it shallow even would be some kind of compliment), the actors are everything but inspired (Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are a total disaster)and the special effects somewhere between boring and so confusing that you can hardly watch it.

Exciting fantasy derived from Greek mythology about a valiant and handsome hero (Sam Worthington as Perseo , role formerly played by Harry Hamlin ), the mortal son of God Zeus (Liam Neeson whose character was interpreted by Laurence Olivier) who must face a variety of extraordinary challenges in pursuit threatening Medusa and kill Kraken.

Reasons why this movie is better than the original -It has a real, deeper & more exciting & convincing plot.

Entertaining flick about Greek mythology .

Overall, very entertaining.

waste of money.

The scenery is breathtaking and the larger-than-life heroics are exciting.

I can tell you that there is nothing that will stand out in 3D, don't waste your money.

Hollow yet entertaining .

One of the worst movies I've watched in the last few months: don't bother with it.

This movie has: - Horrible writing, full of plot holes, missing info, stupid contrived devices, you name it.

The team should have worked hard and instead of GOD peoples should have fought with some other powers so this movie can be digested a little bit but this movie is just a waste of time.

While people will tell you it is one of those films that are so bad it slowly becomes good, I actually found the film to be quite entertaining.

Waste of time character.

CGI-heavy but exciting action.

Too much CGI gets boring pretty quick.

On the lagging side, as I have mentioned earlier, "Boring ancient dialog's","Unmatched dialog sync with movie pace" and very bad acting throughout by many important characters (Including our Hero).

With a heavyweight cast and a dizzying $125m budget, director Louis Letterier has created what is essentially a rushed looking collection of overblown set pieces assembled around chunks of dull exposition.

Good old swashbuckling Greek myth adventure films of the past always had likable and entertaining stories to make up for their laughable special effects.

Boredom eventually led me to watch it.

I felt the plot was a little over complicated, there were lots of sub-plots going on and I could feel it getting a little confusing at times.

Utterly pointless and a shameful cash in.

It's fun and entertaining.

Save the money for other 3D movie.

Great film, very entertaining.

Good costume design allows characters to shine (literally in Zeus' case, and figuratively in the case of the tree-man; I forget his name), and most of the characters are truly compelling and interesting to be around.

Clahs of the titans is the worst movie I've seen this year so far.

Then the fall of the Kraken was rather uneventful.

CLASH OF THE TITANS was perhaps more entertaining as a 3D movie in theaters than it is on the small screen of the home television where the CGI effects are less impressive and at times downright silly.

The movie's uneven pacing is responsible for why it is so boring sometimes.

It is simply too bland.

If they had any integrity they'd feel sorry for hiding this waste of time behind false 3D and Sam's Avatar momentum.

Save your money or go watch "How to train your dragon" again.

Rent the DVD, save your money, it doesn't deserve it.

Sam Worthington's dull acting lends no help to the movie's problems or the audience's interest.

it was just vacuous and boring!

You might wanna download it one day, but make sure you don't waste your money on it.

I actually thought Prince Of Persia was slightly better which had it's share of flaws but I found it to be more entertaining than this remake.

And that may be my biggest gripe with this tripe; That a Hollywood studio, in the eternally pointless quest to find the next big thrill, has managed to take one of the greatest stories ever told and mash it down into the baby food equivalent of entertainment.

This film is only good for filling in a boring Sunday afternoon

The three aforementioned actors though are the most entertaining, with Fiennes' Hades and Neeson's Zeus demonstrating a good bit of their acing finesse.

Strangely 90 minutes goes pretty quickly while you are watching - but you'll ended up confused and slightly bored.

And sure enough, Clash delivers about what you'd expect: a fairly entertaining affair that probably won't be remember far beyond the theater.

The direction wasn't bad but I can't say the same for the script, as that was terribly boring.

Maybe thats the main reason why people will find this movie really boring.

And even then, because i was already bored and didn't care for the story or the characters, it just didn't impress me that much.

It is 99% predictable and nothing make you to wait the next scene.

The mediocre and predictable plot line would be more forgivable if the action sequences still delivered.

Medusa was intense with her death stare.

It's a real shame that the visually stunning effects of the 3D genre weren't put to more use and a more grown up film perhaps lasting 2 - 2 1/2 hours wasn't put out.

There were views from mountain tops overlooking a sea of clouds, barren inactive volcanoes to jutting cliff sides, visually stunning.

Duplicate films are redundant and pointless while variants of the same story creates variety - and variety is the spice of life.

His performance is so wooden and his character is so bland, that I was more interested in Medusa, who has no lines and is only in fifteen minutes of the movie, than his character, Perseus.

But it was a really enjoyable mythological movie.

It's fast paced and full of effects.

actually, the whole film was pointless, the whole film was a cop out and the whole film was absolutely awful.

enjoyable action effects romp .

But, it's so slow!


Why did they omit the wonderful and creepily suspenseful scenes in the marsh, when Calibos set his impossible riddles for Andromedas suitors.

It is instead dizzying and uninspiring, mirroring the contrived nature of the plot.

there are a number of "worst movies of the year" potential still.

What I experienced was stunning production values crowned by brilliant Homeric design and art work even to the minutest detail in both sets and costume.

The only positive thing I can say about this movie is the battles, which were quite entertaining and were executed quite well.

Overall this film was littered with CGI sequences but was somewhat enjoyable in cases.

As well as the predictable acting, both the plot and script could have been made much better.

Formulaic, cookie-cutter turd with unmotivated action, weak dialogue, awful writing, leaning wholly on CGI.

Andromeda is boring although I did enjoy her drunk father and drag queen like mother.

I mean, Terminator Salvation, Avatar and now this snooze fest, Clash Of the Titans.

Not to say that their good, in fact they are actually very bland and uninteresting.

It was very boring.


The re-make had such promise with the all-star cast ensemble, the foundations of the original film and the intriguing Greek mythology that can fuel the plot.

The action scenes are thrown haphazardly together and sometimes you can't even tell what's going on because the director made the awful choice of using shaky-cam while filming the intense action sequences.

An exciting adventure!

On top of that I found myself not caring at all if the island gets destroyed at the end by the Kraken, as both Perseus and Andromeda are so bland and shallow as characters that I felt no connection with them whatsoever.

In the end, at least with the original, it wasn't the best sure, but it was entertaining none-the-less.

Sadly this was one of those movies where they had too much of a story to fit into a short running time, so pack it full of special effects, and hope that compensates for the lack of story.

If anything else, the three of us enjoyed it because it was so easy to tear it apart and mock it for its campy feel.

Save your money and don't go see it or buy the DVD.

The direction was terrible and the story was incredibly boring, leaving some moviegoers asleep as the end credits rolled.

While this is the inferior version - and I'll always plump for stop motion effects over CGI - it remains an engaging, entertaining piece of modern cinema.

Joe fight for whatever propaganda - trying to take the watchers for fools.

Gemma Arterton looks nice but does little else and Liam Neeson looks as bored as he did in The Phantom Menace.

If you go expecting to see an action packed, easy watch blockbuster you will not be disappointed.

It's boring and i fall asleep in the middle of the final battle, had to see the rest of the movie in the morning....

The action scenes were so fast paced and everything was a close up that zipped across the screen and the scenes changed every half second that you couldn't see what was going on.

or more accurately: no story at all.

The scenes with the gods are silly and trite, with the likes of Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson looking like they're dressing up at the local panto.

And for non glasses wearer who aren't use to them, it makes your field of vision blocked off and the whole point of going to the big screen pointless.

Worthington seems to be making a point to play overly bland characters.

That the story would be extremely thin came as no surprise, but what I had hoped for was a entertaining adventure movie that one could just lean back for 2h and enjoy the action.

Director Louis Leterrier ("The Incredible Hulk" and "Transporter 2") knows how to make a kick-ass, fast paced action flick.

Her lair was just a confusing craggy locale with a pit of fire somewhere inside.

Way overdone, and predictable action.

Acrisius feared a prophecy that stipulated his death if his daughter bore a child.

This movie is just so boring...

Mythology and fast paced action .

Hated among the audiences in my country it was featured as the worst movie selections for you to see.

And when these weapons are first found and tested by Perseus, we see their true godly powers and the feeling of confusion and excitement of when Perseus first finds and tries them.

The special effects work and the action sequences are entertaining.

3D is an immensely enjoyable experience when done right.

Save your money and don't bother seeing this film.

This is predictable since the idea of "fighting Gods as a man" seems to be as effective as moths trying to extinguish a fire.

The CGI effects and action sets were very well done, intense, and epic.

The first boring and unmemorable action film of 2010.

The original was a love story, this one is just a dumb revenge tail, because certainly people don't want human characters, they want mindless action and characters who have no plot or purpose.

The action sequences are quite exciting, even without the use of distracting 3-D.

the you can only come to the conclusion that it is boring/funny/boring again/ terrible at some points/ and boring.

A waste of money .

However, this film is still entertaining and visually spectacular, and the plot has been tightened up a lot more.

On top of that, the 96 minute film also felt slow.

Its action is really good, its story is bland, its dialogue is weak........

Even the battle between Perseus and Medusa (Natalia Vodianova) is fairly entertaining even though it won't ever top the original.

Otherwise, save your money for something better.

The film has very exciting action scenes and the CGI effects are top of the range.

"All in all, this movie was boring and lifeless and just your average run of the mill CGI saturated action film that is no different from any other one we've seen in the past 10 years.

Liam Neeson, who usually brings such gravitas to his roles, is left unusually bland and for once, he fails to fill the screen.

It seemed like a total waste because it obviously took so much money to build this creature in a computer and to only show the Kraken for a few minutes was a big disappointment.

I have seen many incarnations of Medusa, and this was one of the better ones I've seen- a very threatening and intimidating presence for such a well recognised and cliché monster.

The 3D effects felt like a pain in the eyes and they just felt pointless.

Sam Worthington goes from great Avatar, to Titan sized bland.

The action scenes are as boring and predictable as you could possibly imagine, the giant scorpions in particular had me yawning.

Waste of time .

Quite frankly, I was expecting a rich story with engaging, dynamic characters, with realistic and yet thrilling action sequences.

Producer/writers/directors decide to cheapen the project by turning it into another Hollywood action pack block-buster with no plot and wooden actors...

Characterisation, again as is the norm, is slim, with the dialogue wooden and pretentious by turns.

When watching the action I felt bored, when watching the characters interact I felt bored, when magic and monsters were flying about the place I felt...

not gonna find it here.. The fights weren't that amazing, they were predictable, short, and slightly frustrating and confusing to watch.

then hopefully it should prove to be entertaining enough.

Those too are predictable.

The characters were dull, the action tame and the plot was annoying.

Though, some of the action sequences were pretty nice and exciting.

they were exciting enough to keep me from getting too comfortable with the back of my seat.

To those who expecting the epic adventure love story of the original Clash of the Titans, please save your money and just wait for the DVD release to rent.

Though fairly entertaining, this movie simply features too much digital creature fights to make any of them memorable, except maybe for the final Kraken battle.

bland and boring .

People walked in, walked out and died throughout the story and you never care about any of them.

All this taken into consideration, I still thought the movie was very worth while and entertaining.

-The obvious: the special effects make the action scenes more exciting.

Lame, boring, uneventful and dull film-making.

) Gemma Arterton looks stunning...

It is a typical action blockbuster that is very enjoyable to watch.

Visuals are impressive and the action is exciting.

I liked the additions because it made the movie entertaining and unique.

But the supporting cast was pointless!

But to top it all off, this movie really boasted the dullest writing in 2010.

Everything in the movie was down right predictable and anti-climatic, which can be said for just about every battle scene.

That was a big fat waste of money and headache inducing experience.

"), a pointless cameo by the infamous mechanical owl Bubo and a plain ridiculous epilogue that - rumor has it - was added at the last minute to leave the road open for potential sequels (what a surprise...

The only reason I watched it was because my friend said 'It's my favourite movie of all time' but after making all his mates watch it (who all thought it was rubbish and dull) It is no longer his favourite movie anymore The Avengers is now.

The CGI was stunning especially in the Medusa scenes.

I must say that this movie was entertaining for the fight scenes and hades.

The cgi looked bad especially Medusa and the fights were confusing and hard to follow, like the crabs.

Waste of time .

Great classic, boring remake .

This film will be entertaining your grandchildren long after your criticisms have, like the Kraken, turned to dust.

The story for Clash of The Titans exists but barely matters and is only a surface story because this film thrives on absolutely mind blowing special effects, brutal and impressive battles and red blooded male heroes.

Percy Jackson was better but aimed at too young an audience for me but I still enjoyed it allot more.

Animated flicks made the start a few years ago, then Avatar dragged it to the top and now a bunch of wanna be 3D movies use this hype.

CGI Bore .

However, I did not like this film at all, mainly because of its very weak screenplay and its confusing action scenes, which are boring instead of exciting.

Don't waste your time and money.

It's hard to follow at times, filled with senseless characters and a set that feels about as real as a bad Six Flags ride from the 80s.

epic waste of time, millions of dollars wasted to 'create' this?

Nowadays, it's grand and enormous, but it fails to really be rousing and draw us into the story because there's no one to really care about.

I think I will go and paint the back bedroom as watching paint dry will be more exiting.

but I bought the book.. and as a kid I enjoyed it immensely.

Overall I highly recommend it.

It ends in both a predictable and abrupt manner, and the closing scene wraps everything up in what can only be described as a cliché ending that can unfortunately be found in most films of this nature today.

My son went with me to see it (he's as much of a movie junky as I am) and we both nearly fell asleep for lack of anything approaching a viable understanding of who was carrying the storyline.

Some things this movie fell flat on:1)Storyline - Boring.

It never tried to be anything it's not (it's far from being the next Lord of the Rings), but instead it revelled in ever visceral fight scene and breathtaking set piece.

Trailer is beyond exciting.

Pointless .

Even Worthington was much more enjoyable on this viewing.


That is to be expected in a fast paced film.

The thing that matters here is whether the movie was entertaining.

quite bored with the whole "I'll do it as a man" thing.

Shamefully, this turned out to be a waste of money.

That right there is the problem, you will simply be bored almost the entire way except for the occasionally unintentionally funny line.

It was entertaining and since I do not have a drama degree I won't judge the acting which seemed fine to me.

Do I, particularly, find the movie enjoyable?

If you want to see a real "Clash" rent the original and save your money.

The comment I've heard/read most often is people expect the new movie to be all special effects and no real plot.

Save Your Money .


Cutting bits and pieces of real myths they mold it into a pretentious story about a demigod Perseus, who loves man more than god and will do anything to destroy the gods, including his own father.

But besides my finding faults with the mythological side of the movie, it was entertaining and well done.

Also somewhat a little confusing to follow.

If it were, it'd be plain boring.

The remake had great special effects (but, agreeing with an earlier reviewer, you want to take the glasses off at times, but this makes the picture almost impossible to watch, go and see the 2D version), good acting and an engaging story line.

All the joy I had in the hokey first film, disappeared as I watched this plodding, endless remake.

Other times, it's just dull as hell.

But in this he was dry, uneventful, and even at a point of where he was supposed to express great emotion, I found myself laughing instead of being moved.

There were scenes where the fights just dragged on and on.

My suggestion: watch the original for fun and rent this one if you have insomnia.

The majority of performers are lifeless, and emotionally banal.


and by the way, the visual effects were amazingly dull, especially those scorpions, they just look like unfinished 3D animation assignment of a 1st grader of high school student!

I felt the movie was very slow paced and very much so dragged on and was just hoping it was closer to the end than it was.

This movie has some scenes of action but its still boring I mean come on!

I watched the original when I was a kid and have watched it several times over the years and have always enjoyed it.

These, along with a few other inconsistencies just make the story a little confusing.

Few words to describe it: predictable, uninspiring, straight forward.

I thought that Sam Worthington was decent in Avatar, but here he's bland and dull as Perseus.

All the action sequences were of the confusing CGI fast- paced, nonsensical variety - people rubbing up on each other, falling 60 feet, getting up like nothing happened, etc. And the whole thing was filmed in a kind of amber hue that sucked out any color.

The characters are just plainly boring and not likable at all, end of story.

I've watched this about seven times so far, and I've enjoyed it each time.

"Slow zoom on the desert, there's flags evil guy-CUT!

To people who say there's no story, I would say instead that there's a simple one.

Let me start by repeating what others had said: this movie has no story, the bad CGI has no charm, the acting, my god!!!

As a disciple of director Luc Besson, he made The Transporter and its first sequel, which were ridiculous but entertaining and with good touches of humor.

The thrilling line "Release the Kraken!

The new one simply wanted to make bank by taking an awesome, epic story and stripping it of its soul and replacing it with with empty bravado and run of the mill cgi.

Confusing from the start to finish .

Watch the original if you want a story rather than a string of contrived action sequences .

Film does not flow as it is supposed to, the connection between scenes are absurd and the lines are are so lame, short and boring.

Totally dull.

The acting is mostly unremarkable, with Worthington being particularly bland (though Perseus was bland in the original), and Fiennes and Neeson seeming to be in a competition to see who can overact the most-Fiennes wins, but just barely.

Extremely dull.

Perseus (Sam Worthington), mortal son of Zeus, it asked to defeat the Kraken, resulting in exciting adventures as Perseus and his fellow warriors battle the creatures of the underworld left and right while on a journey to retrieve the head of the stone-turning goron, Medusa (Natalia Vodianova), to use against the Kraken.

This modern 'update' and remake of the 1981 movie is one huge mess to watch and only entertaining to watch, in some parts.

No story behind him, he's just an ugly troll who is sent by Hades to kill Perseus and is killed too fast.

But it turns slow quite sometimes which i feel could have been done better.

The plot is dull, things occur without understanding, and the special effects are mostly ho-hum.

Everyone sounds so bored.

'Clash Of The Titans' has a tepid start, a fair second, but a bland end spoils the fun.

Fast paced action movie without solid sequence .

As we were leaving the theater, some guy said to his buddies, "Well, that was a waste of money.

I've seen it since as an adult, and know that it isn't a masterpiece, but I'd still recommend it over this new thoughtless, boring action by numbers remake.

There's slow and slow, but man, that beast is constipated.

Clash of the titans is getting my recommendation, mainly do to the great cast, improvement of special effects, and because I found it entertaining.

Gone are most of the Olympians, since this has to be only a bland good vs.

Nothing too challenging, and certainly not the best of its kind, if entertaining.

He seemed pointless.

The story is slim and the dialogue slimmer, filled with predictable characters and stereotypes (Gemma Arterton's walking exposition-type character is particularly ill served).

The visual effects look so much better at home that I found them quite enjoyable this time around.

I recall the 1981 version of this film being rather entertaining as a teenager when HBO was new and there was nothing better on...

I can only recommend this film if you are intoxicated in some shape or form, then this would probably be fun to see, but even they I'm sure you could just stay home and save the money.

What you are left with is a thin contrived plot where the actions of the characters make little sense.

It seems nonsensical and confusing.

Granted, some of the slower and more breathtaking environmental scenes were perfect for 3D, the battle scenes were so fast paced, loaded with so many different elements and fast motion, and truly epic battle scenes that it was inundated by the 3D technology.

Travesty of ancient mythology clothed in entertaining action .

The result is a total waste of time for the audience and waste of talents in the lights of the actors, even for the gifted director, Louis Leterrier (who previously directed THE INCREDIBLE HULK which was good).

The character is fairly nonsensical and the film really assigns little time for anything that resembles romance, so the infatuation that develops between the characters is fairly mundane.

That being said, the special effects were truly magnificent, and definitely worth watching even in 2d.

The story line is predictable, so what is there to like?

The plot was boring and way too predictable from the beginning till the end.

I'm a big fan of the original, and really wanted to see what they'd do with it, but I haven't been this disappointed in a movie since I walked out after suffering through the first half of "Alone in the Dark" (Tara Reid as the "brainy" scientist - need I say more?

Waste of my time.

Oh sure, the dialogue was canned, as was the dark feel of the film (a thing I didn't like), but it was entertaining.

They deal with a very mundane script and poor editing.

The color in the film is very nice looking, however, to try to bring intensity into the film, they used shaky cam and rapid editing shots in all the action scenes, making them hard to follow.

Perhaps this is why I enjoyed it.

So I wonder why did they even bother to sell us the story anyway, they could have put more action sequences instead, perhaps it wouldn't be so boring.

It actually felt entertaining to watch the humans get punished by the Olympians.

The effects are undeniably good, but to have the 3D element is rather pointless, as none of the film appears 3D when you watch it in the theatres.

But for me as an adult it was deadening: seeing some of the best actors this side of the Atlantic (British, Irish & Dane) all spewing lines in a way that didn't fit their style at all, and the beauty of Greek mythology reduced to a couple of sentences and two or three massive set scenes replacing any need for film with Transformer style action left us dull and deadened.

I just wanted an exciting entertaining thing to watch,...

No matter what happens in the film you feel no attachment to any character, the film is repetitive in the way it is presented and at some points seems to be a very weak and i mean weak Lord of the rings adventure.

there are certainly some exciting moment in this one.

In the old days of Hollywood, the spectacle was a grand, rousing story filled with enormous battles, a dastardly villain and a hero that everyone could get behind.

I love the original film, i've seen it many times, i saw it for the first time as a kid and i've enjoyed it a lot.

Enjoyable .

Worthington as Perseus is dull, he plays the protagonist with little emotion and makes the character bland.

Sure the film is exciting, but it lacks the pulse that made the original so enjoyable.

CGI Borefest .

Soundtrack is dull and uninspired.

Thor was definitely much more enjoyable than this.

It was enjoyable junk.

They were all just bland boring vacant wooden actors and most weren't in the movie long enough to even know or care what they were all about.

Gemma Arterton's performance was boring and emotionless as usual and even though Liam Neeson tried his best to fit in with the role as Zeus, his talent was utterly wasted.

The film boring, insipid.

Is is exciting and a lot of fun to watch...

entertaining for the most part .

Sure it has much better production and special effects (by far) but at some serious lack of plot/character development/suspense.

On the other hand, for the majority of average citizens, 'Clash of the Titans' is cemented full of stunning CGI imagery and cinematography.

bore fest.

It just felt empty.

I think I'll wait another ten years when James Cameron decides to make Avatar 2 – until then I think I'll fore-go any more '3D' movies and save the money to buy the blue-ray of Avatar when it comes out.

What follows is basically a quest type of film that is action packed .

On a positive note the cinematography is sweeping and the costume and production design and value are top- notch, pulling you into the past and getting immersed in the setting.

The 11-year-old boy in me, who had wriggled with boredom through the clunky first movie, was glued to the screen for this one (the TV screen, I mean: he and I watched it on DVD), and as far as he was concerned it blew its predecessor out of the water.

My Kracken is Sore watching this Bore .

The main character Perseus was also unbearable to watch.

The designs were dull as well, the sets were unimpressive, the costumes lame, and the Gods' armor looked like cheap plastic Knights of the Zodiac costumes.

If you are a lover of deep emotions, intriguing plots and dialogues you can pass on this Clash.

this is a very good film: very good action scenes, good acting, nice music, great production design, CGI for a 60 - 80 million film (stunning).

Clash of the titans is indeed an action packed adventure and it definitely has its moments.

Nice effort but a bit confusing .

Add to this a painful comic relief axe-wielding blatant Gimli ripoff and his equally annoying friend, who leave halfway through much to my delight because things are getting too serious for them, only to have them appear in the midst of the climax in a horribly gratuitous act of formulaic 'heroism' we've seen dozens of times before, which never really works any more and as a result worked even less here.

Out of thousands of films I've seen in my lifetime, I can honestly count on one hand the number I walked out of.

It's just simple, dull, boring and so obvious.

There are some things to nitpick like certain characters that are either a little bland or annoying as well as are particular bits of dialog.

This recent remake features stunning, state of the art CGI special effects and an equally star-studded cast, but little effort seems to have gone into improving the script, which is just as pompous and dull as before; furthermore, in Sam Worthington they have somehow managed to find a pretty-boy actor every bit as wooden as Hamlin—which in itself is a feat almost as impressive as slaying a Kraken!

His interaction with the humans who accompany him on his journey is probably the most entertaining part of the film.

The adventure was boring, uninspired, a faraway reminiscence of Conan adventures.

Too slow to start, fighting scenes were too fast to see anything of interest.. and absolutely no depth to it.

A plot line to save family is whittled into a boring revenge movie because a guy can't get some fish in his boat.

The plot is as you would expect from such a movie, as it does not delve too far into the mythos, yet gives you enough information, along with stunning visuals , to be clearly entertained for the entire 1.5 hours.

The CGI is pretty decent, the giant scorpions looked good as did most other monsters even if the rest of the monsters did look a bit boring, particularly you Kraken.

It's fast paced, and never loses interest.

All though it was action packed, and fairly exciting, the concept was a bit "out there" and somewhat confusing.

I enjoyed it, and I'll be sure to check out the sequel (WRATH OF THE TITANS) in due course...

The ending or confrontation between the Kraken and Perseus is ridiculously drawn out, extended by having those winged demons snatch the bag with the head of the Medusa (how did they know what was in the bag?

an engaging action flick with more spunk than Bubo the Owl.

This is by no means a great movie, but if you're "really" bored, I might recommend it.

His remake is showing in both 2D and 3D but it is impossible to recommend the film in either format because the adventure here takes so few chances and is so insignificant and dull that it is not even worth seeing for the visuals.

The only other god of note is Hades, played by a tiresome hissing Ralph Fiennes.

God, you better just make another super hero movie -_-" second, they story was so-so, well, truly boring actually...

I love action movies, but this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Pros - This is a good action flick and even for my rant above I would watch it again, it was enjoyable.

He looks bored as he hovers around in a black cloud.

If you enjoy mindless (if uninspiring) action or burley men with big swords; this is for you.

Sam Worthington is a good actor and really made his character engaging and fun to watch and I felt he really fit the role well.

And if an action movie is boring, it simply is a failure.

Action is great and the Kraken at the end was VERY unpredictable.

I was bored as much as when i went to see "Disaster Movie".


What follows is a lot of action scenes which aren't half bad, but are pretty worthless because they slow down the story.

Now that the remake has been created and aired for a new generation, it's only fair to offer a perspective (perhaps in the cliché of 'old vs.

Gemma Arterton is lovely, but her role is ill-defined and ultimately pointless.

Instead of having a bunch of dazzling visuals thrown at us, we're forced to sit through some of the most pretentious, ludicrous, pathetic destiny-driven aspects that bore us to tears.

This is a very successful update of the 1981 original and provides it's audience with a highly enjoyable night out.

Such is the problem with the mundane "Clash of the Titans.

Unpredictable--not your typical story .

A few funny scenes, sometimes a nice scenery and plenty of opportunities for action, but in the end this movie was a waste of time and money.

The director/writer(s) just dumped a few (imho important) parts and characters off the classic myth, then filled the empty space with stuff they made probably during/after a really hard drinking night.

It must be one of the worst movies I have seen, not worth the money at all, in fact not worth any money.

Enjoyable b-movie .

Perseus's relationship to Andromeda is nothing more than casual, the 3-D and slow motion are pointless and there is no giant vulture.

I tell them that the glory of that slow dial is that you could change your mind about asking out the girl (in order to avoid embarrassment when she OBVIOUSLY says no) and she would never know it was you calling because there was no caller I.

Boring Felt Very Sleepy .

But the real pain is that the characters were hollow and pointless, and their lines were just included to fill space between two special effects.

Hollywood has done it yet again by making another pointless remake.

Bland challenge to save Argos .

He always delivers plenty of awesome, exciting and effective action, and this is no exception.

The remake is a more serious and action packed romp.

It's absorbing and exciting--The Scorpion King done like Lord of the Rings--with the most awesome flying horse ever, giant scorpions to make you check under your bed, a Medusa that's both gorgeous and creepy, and classy English actors giving heaps of panache to stirring swashbuckler and Biblical-movie lines.

Don't waste your money on the extra bit.

The plot moved in a steady paste and it got somewhat exciting although not too exciting.

Worthington,Arterton are worth watching.

worth watching for fantasy fans .

though very entertaining.

The "new" stories they created with these characters, while not to be taken seriously or as a replacement of their correct myths, were still enjoyable.

Far from a classic however an occasionally enjoyable mythological romp nonetheless.

Oh and it wasn't shot in 3D, so don't waste your money seeing it this way.

Do yourself a favor and save your money for Iron Man 2 next month.

His boring quest was to kill the great Kraken.

This movie is entertaining period action.

The story was a little confusing in the beginning with flashbacks.

Also, the numerous battle scenes are exciting and well-filmed.

It ended up such a big dull dud?

This is a total waste of your money .

This being stated, the action scenes in this film are very confusing, especially a scene involving giant scorpions.

The CGI was good but a distinct lack of pacing stops this from being enjoyable.

I was actually falling asleep while watching this...

Some of the fight scenes were too quick and it was hard to follow the action at times, but all in all, if you want to leave your brain at the door and be entertained, this does a pretty good job of it.

The action is the primary reason to see this, and it is quite exciting.

You can almost picture Liam Neesan saying, "Release the Crrrahhken so I can get out of this really hot armor," or "Release the Crrrahhken because Ralph Fiennes is SOOOOO boring.

The fight scenes are always dragged out and takes up the majority of the movie.

Sure, the old Harryhausen version is limited to stop-motion special effects and a woefully miscast Harry Hamlin as Perseus, but it was thoroughly entertaining, cleverly written, and had a engrossing plot (and Judi Bowker as Andromeda was a turn-on).

Clash of the Titans was an interesting experience with some pretty cool visuals, but the direction, acting, screenplay, and characters were so badly conceived that the film ends up leaving no impression of any kind on the audience, except, perhaps, that this was a complete waste of time.

Yes, we all loved the original movie and it is interesting that it is still so intriguing.

worth it only for Mads Mikkelson, who was also the best thing in 'casino royal' save your money and wait for the DVD

The first forty minutes, I liked it, plenty of action, special effects, etc. But then it is so annoying, one action, it's just get bored.

The adventure was well worth the watch.

In two words: Bland.

So long as you understand and accept this, the films are very enjoyable rides.

My rating: rated R for fantasy action/violence throughout including some intense images, and brief language.

the cgi used for Medusa was absolutely awful, the Scorpiok battle was a cop out and the harpies were utterly pointless.

Fast paced action movie without solid sequence, you feel that they just produced it for box-office, they relied on visual effects to hit the box-office and they did, the best thing in the movie is these ugly faces creatures, they designed them perfectly.

There was only maybe 5 minutes where I was bored.

Overall a superbly annoying waste of time!!!!!

Some of the scenes, like the scene with the discussion about mechanical bird, was, in some ways, pointless.

Boring, not even a shadow of the original .

Despite this, I enjoyed this movie for what it was, ridiculous mythical action set to a backdrop of a fairly intense rock soundtrack.

The final scene with the Kraken is better than the original though the flying Cyclops is uninteresting themselves is getting on my nerves.

Film opens with overblown pretentious sounding backstory about Greek mythology.

Overall, a decent cool-looking action movie with no plot substance.

The movie has no story or flow.

The special effects were certainly professional, especially the creatures, but I felt disconnected and even bored more than once.

There is no innovation, the creatures' looks seem contrived - the riders on the scorpions remind me of the Haradrim of LOTR, and the Kraken's face looks remarkably like a cave troll.

definitely worth watching .

yeah ofc, but it is still entertaining while watching it and has decent visual effects with passable action scenes.

Hollow and shallow are also good words to describe it - no plot twists, no sophistication.

The remake drops most of these characters and fits Zeus with a stoic (re: boring) gravitas, and a ridiculous set of digitally glistening armor.

To start with, this remake makes the mistake of putting more emphasis in the images than in the narrative, and in the leading role, we have Sam Worthington bringing a bland performance, because he never generates enough credibility with his character.

Graphics were set out pretty nicely but some of the costumes were a bit corny and dull.

None of these movies were close to an Academy Award and neither was the original Clash of the Titans, it was entertaining and thats what this film was.