Cleanskin (2012) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A British secret service agent is faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a British-born suicide bomber and his terrorist cell.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Hadi Hajaig
Stars: Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 17 out of 116 found boring (14.65%)

One-line Reviews (78)

Why oh why do film do this,saw no need in the Bourne films which although not really the same genre as this,it was a story of secret agents etc. so to sum up, Confusing,a shame.

The plot is fast paced and full of great action and the script is intelligent and realistic, much more true to life than many of the pieces of trash I've suffered through from Hollywood that are nothing more than government propaganda so a population can feel good about being at war with innocent people while decrying their resistance as the reason for invasion.

"Clearskin" is an entertaining film about a burnt out secret agent (Sean Bean) tracking down Islamic terrorists who are responsible for a series of bombings in London.

This is a film that stirs many elements into its brew but in the end it came out a bit boring.

The plot is reasonably unpredictable and the film takes pains to flesh out the terrorists characters so that they are not just cardboard fodder to be blown away by the troubled anti-hero.

, worth watching for this bit alone.

Waste of Time, Rubbish .

Want a film that is fast paced , clever , and well thought out well this is one to watch.

After some patience getting through the beginning scenes, I thought it had a great story line and plot build up, combined with some very engaging and captivating actors.

What I will say though, is to expect the unexpected with this film.

enjoyable movie .

His partner's character came across as quite confusing, and I still have no idea why he did some of the things he did, or why they had a wind up toy.

) and it turned out to be an enjoyable watch.

Throughout the movie we are constantly feed with long propaganda talks and justifications for why this guy became a terrorist in the first place.

The way the story evolved, the relationship between Ash and his girlfriend, and many more details that can be added, they were all unexpected performances.

There are some really gritty confrontations and this works even though it is such a touchy and topical subject given a thoughtful and exciting ride through some very dark recesses of the Mind and Spirit.

While ultimately enjoyable to view, the movie is ultimately less action and more drama, and the more realistic for that reason.

The weakest point in the film for me is that there are too many plot leaps that the viewer must make, gaps that are simply not dealt with or which are unexplained, making things at certain times seem either confusing or unbelievably convenient.

Surprisingly interesting, thoughtful and enjoyable .

It's a great, slow burning chase.

Overall, a slow moving movie that had an interesting aspect to the un-original idea.

The action, in itself, is gritty and intense and certainly not glamorised with all the special effects which suits the style of the film.

fast paced action thriller .

The violence is very intense and brutal, there is an air of brutality that pervades this film.

There wasn't too much publicity and it certainly wasn't shown in my local cinema, but I picked up the DVD on the hunch that a film with Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling must be worth watching, surely!

I also found the music suitably rousing/poignant, too.

This is a pretty good entertaining movie, it never gets to slow and keeps your attention.

At the start I thought it pretty boring with the same genre repeated -> Muslims as the villains and others as the better part, and I was about to give 6 for this movie until the last 2-3 minutes which turned my rating,view and perspective about this movie.

We had to shut our eyes on one scene, which you will probably do yourselves upon watching, but the whole film kept us on the edge of our seats

The movie is intriguing and leaves you wondering about the depth of actions behind such attacks and the actions taken by your government.

Cardboard characters, unnecessarily disjointed storyline, (understandably) passionless acting in the light of directionless directing...

Turned out to be enjoyable watch .

It was slow, confusing, lacked suspense or mystery and really just got more and more boring when it shouldn't have been.

An exciting, action packed thriller, with deep, heavy themes at it's heart that we all live in the midst of today, Cleanskin provides both thrills for cash and food for thought.

Solid and gritty British thriller that feels a bit slow compared to your typical non-stop Hollywood action movie due to its many stops and starts and flashbacks.

It delivers a host of unexpected emotions, as attempts to give some kind of insight into the interactions and physiology that might be the seed to such things.

The story was compelling, interesting, and had great twist and turns right to the end.

confusing .

Most gripping film laced with edgy undertones that I have seen in a while - daring, exciting and compelling viewing.

When watching this movie I could not help but feel that this was just a, mildly concealed, political propaganda movie and that the killing of a few of the terrorists in the end was just to get it to pass as politically correct in the Western world.

I enjoyed it, it's a fun genre movie.

I seldom like like British movie because most of the time the plot is always so slow and the action is so lame.

Fast paced action packed .

Gripping , Fast paced , Great storyline .

propaganda piece had similarly lost friends or family (or both as some of my friends have in addition to me) you'd look a little differently at it instead of the offensive and insensitive and dishonest piece of conspiracy theorist drivel.

They are star-crossed lovers and a compelling tragic love affair.

That aspect was interesting, however the movie was so slow moving that I found it very hard to stay interested in.

The plotting is lean and fast paced.

Boring mishmash .

Too much time spent on relatively boring meetings between loosely connected characters which fail to make a convincing push for the plot as a whole.

The audience needs to have some empathy with the characters for the movie to be entertaining.

I give this movie two stars, not one, because it is well made thinly veiled propaganda.

His compelling, if fairly obvious, tale is counterpointed against the gradual awakening of the British assassin sent to track him down, operating well outside the rules of police work or even espionage.

I was actually expecting something very different from the what was on offer from the front cover, but I wasn't disappointed, actually enjoyed it more than was expecting to.

Cleanskin is insightful and thrilling.

On the plus side, the film features an engaging and well developed villain with strong acting from Abhin Galeya.

An agent (Sean Bean, as quietly intense as ever, with a character that is solemn after all he's been through in the war against terror, while infinitely loyal to his government and country), with an ax to grind against terrorists (his wife was killed by a terrorist suicide bombing), is told by his superior (played by Charlotte Rampling) to go off the grid and take out a terrorist cell led by a radical extremist teacher using a London university to recruit English Muslims, Nabil (Peter Polycarpou).

Propaganda piece that blames Muslim Terrorism solely on UK Govt.

You can make great entertaining commercially viable movies and still make a point, honest!

Why do film- makers think a "meaningful" movie has to be boring and plod along while they bang the point into your brain over and over with all the subtlety of a cartoon sledge-hammer wielded by Baby Hughey.

It's very different from the usual action movie, the kind we've become accustomed to over the years, in which the heroes are the same and the villains differ in nationality or religion only as the Zeitgeist demands -- first Germans, then Soviets, then after a bit of confusion (the Mafia and the drug lords) some kind of swarthy terrorists of uncertain ancestry.

Still worth watching as it is both honest and controversial.

While the opening of the movie was very predictable (I could tell what was going to happen exactly and I'm sure a lot of other people could too), the movie itself is somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

Thrilling Thriller .

The process of pursuing the capture and the perpetration of the terrorist activity is full of surprising twists and turns and the resolution is entirely unexpected.

Okay cool if a bit slow for that type of movie, about 20 mins in and me and my mates are like "what the .

An exclusive action packed thriller depicting in deeper upon the new world order, how nasty and dirty the mind and wit of large agencies controlling democracy are and the creation of barriers between mankind.

While exciting and thought provoking it is equally tragic for all the characters on both sides who are always pawns being manipulated in the greater plans of puppet masters.

Anyway, the various twists and turns keep the viewer on the edge of their seat and in an apparent 'suicide' by Charlotte at the end (once Sean survives numerous attempts on his life), was this a nod to a famous story about Dr Kelly?

Thinly Veiled Propaganda .

And why do some viewers think a movie has to be boring to be a "good meaningful movie" so they give it a high rating because it had "a point".

Good cast and a believable story line made CS an enjoyable film to watch.

with it's fast paced action scenes and meaty story line you wont be disappointed.

wait here" in pretty stereotypical emotionally empty clichés.

It is downright boring.

What a sad waste of talent and public money.

Hadi Hajaig weaves his story in a most engaging way that uses back story to fill in the blanks and even has time to throw in a helping of tongue in cheek humour ( look out for the rolling news ticker and you will see what I mean).

You should enjoy 'Cleanskin' if you like British action-thrillers and if you wish to go more intense, go 'Unthinkable'.