Click (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Frank Coraci
Stars: Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 125 out of 740 found boring (16.89%)

One-line Reviews (331)

During the second half, things really come together to create an intriguing story line.

Not great comedy - but a fun, lightweight movie that serves its purpose and is thoroughly entertaining .

In conclusion, 'Click offers some HYSTERICAL, I repeat, hysterical, moments in the first half that were just priceless according to me (that Asian family had me dying), but the second half is just, well, stupid and cliché.

Click is a very mediocre and boring movie with a pathetic last half hour.

He demonstrates that without the constant, violent hysteria that is his mainstay and seems to pass for comedy in the US, he is really just an empty shell.

Immediately the device becomes a prevalent part of Sandler's life as he is able to fast forward through mundane parts of his life and also make potential difficult feats go by in a matter of seconds.

This movie is worth the watch.

With Click, I expected another great comedy with a quite intriguing plot.

Scenerio is so cliché.

Adam Sandler does a great job and as usual he's entertaining.

It's all threadbare, formulaic hackwork and (dopey) 'high' concept over substance and inspiration.

Yes, the ending is a little predictable and cliché, but it gets the point across and the movie is still really enjoyable.

It felt like hours of slow torture and after a painful few minutes, I simply had to stop, or I would surely have de-evolved back into a single celled amoeba.

Christopher Walken of course steals the movie with his increasingly unexpected and hilariously oddball appearances as Morty, the mad scientist style proprietor of the universal remote.

Click is an seriously enjoyable, emotional and heart warming movie.

Sometimes we do need to slow down and make sure we truly appreciate what little time we have.

Skip past all the boring stuff, pause and rewind all the fun stuff.

From the director of The Waterboy, Click is far from disappointing, but far from rational and exciting, either.

Boring .

Unfortunately, the plot is so predictable and obvious, that it would have been nice if he had put an ironic spin on the age old morality tale.

instead, with him, it came off as syrupy, trite and heavy-handed, eliciting no audience empathy at all.

Click is a very intense movie.

The ending is pretty much the final nail in the coffin, but thankfully it also pretty much sums up the entire movie for me: good story with lots of potential, but Hollywood turns it into a boring, predictable, risk-less snoozefest.

intense and hits the mark .

Adam Sandler does his usual obnoxious runs, Kate Beckinsale looks bored and Henry Winkler is stuck playing the movie's heart.

The entire movie was premised on a giant cliché: you shouldn't work so hard.


It was entertaining.

Micheal soon finds out that with the remote he can go to any part of his life and skip all the boring parts.

And so we should see it for what it is; that life is about good and bad times, happy and sad, exciting and boring etc.I recommend it as a entertaining comedy/drama.

Another fault the film bears is the main character Micheal is nowhere as entertaining as Morty.

What a waste of my life.

You actually feel for Adam in this movie, and I give him two thumbs way up for his stunning performance.

Routine setup is followed by predictable formula where the remote overrules his life where the remote overruns his life and causes chaos where he eventually learns hard lessons about life, fatherhood, and being a husband.

it was much better and fast paced then Punch Drunk Love.

But even if you like him a little bit, you'll find this film quite enjoyable and I highly recommend it.

A predictable plot?.

A film that could have continued down the path traveled by countless doofus comedies before it took a sincere, unexpected and heartfelt bend away from the stereotype.

So go and see this compelling and kind of deep movie.

Another fault the film bears is the main character Micheal is nowhere as entertaining as Morty.

Predictable happy ending and not one of the funniest comedies.

I may sound angry right now but this is seriously one of the worst movies I have ever seen I feel it is my humanitarian duty to inform you all about it.

By skipping all the illnesses, all the arguments with his wife, and all the boring moments spent with his Family, kids and parents, Michael created an accidental automatism that was kept in the remote's memory.

Now I understand about his demise from incredibly funny, amazingly caustic comedian to a boring, boring, 'regular actor.

Enjoyable .

The dialogue is corny and forced, the acting is terrible, the plot is utterly pointless, and the characters are completely unbelievable.

Highly entertaining, surprisingly sad ending.

ZZZZZZzzzz .

Others will compare it to previous works and it does use a central character who is allowed to use introspection, but it is presented in a new way that made it fresh and entertaining.

A story about one mans struggle to balance his work life with his family life but gets his priority's all wrong and is given a chance to redeem himself with a technological advancement that is a remote control that controls the universe, doesn't sound like an epic movie thats what i thought at first but it really is,I really was surprised with how enjoyable the film was and would recommend it to anyone.

Once he has possession of this toy he's able to fast forward through life's boring moments, turn the volume down on people he doesn't want to hear, pause the good times, and so on.

Firstly, the story is engaging throughout and fairly original.

Overall some funny parts with a predictable ending, 6 out of 10

Every scene was exactly what you thought it would be, every phrase as 'cliché' as the one before.

In short: this is a very good product .. it is totally underrated, it becomes totally enjoyable, entertaining, fun and dramatic .. the protagonist is planted and does not become boring.

In brief: -Too predictable -Too long -Too stupid -Bad acting -Bad jokes -Tries to be a drama -Tries to be a comedy -Adam is in it -Kate is hot -Only Adam can fastforward, you can't!

I'm not going to ruin its but kinda like in the family man, where the movie involves choices and its really entertaining to watch those choices fall through.

" The comedy in the film was entertaining and the emotion was very powerful.

It is hard to describe how poor and predictable this movie is.

First of all it was very predictable.

Not only did Walken do a better job of acting, he is overall more enjoyable to watch.

It is very, very predictable.

It was pretty predictable toward the end of the movie that he would "wake up" back at square 1 to get that classic Hollywood ending.

Surprisingly Unexpected Movie from Adam .

And everything about the movie takes an unexpected twist.

But it is certainly worth watching!

What starts out as a basic, yet toned down, goofy, predictable comedy evolves into a nice and touching story about family and life.

After spending nearly the half of it, with sketches that showcased the remote control's abilities and (Sandler)'s delightful joking, it immersed in loud melodrama (that called for Indian remake !

Derivative and repetitive .

They have lots of bland jokes throughout and then try to form some sort of genuine heart and emotion right near the end.

Incredibly entertaining, with some very funny moments...

There are some genuinely entertaining moments, all of which come from both Christopher Walken and David Hasselhoff.

I highly recommend it and I can't wait until the DVD comes out.

A Predictable Film That Pulls The Heartstrings .

It was just quirky and funny enough to be enjoyable.

My friend had the same reaction, but intense.

It's humorous, emotional, engaging & memorable.

The script is mundane and watery-a very processed looking, you've seen it all before, ho hum affair.

In fact, I rather enjoyed it.

This movie really is a good movie and its very entertaining to watch.

His formulaic comedies have spawned a generation of die-hard Sandler fans expecting nothing less than the pervasive wit and guile of Adam Sandler in full swing.

The functions of the remote get boring after a while.

He can pause, fast-forward, rewind, slow down, and listen to audio commentary on his life (from none other then James Earl Jones.

The change of the set and location make the make more exciting.

This film is uncomfortably not funny, disjointed and pointless.

In the end, this highly recommended "Click" is a big surprise, leaving the important message that family comes first and many entertaining moments.

Okay we all know the trend of adam sandler movies..the plot is predictable and sappy, his humour is outdated and he tends to recylce the same cast.

Enjoyable movie with a good message .

Basically this is a very entertaining movie, its perfect Sandler Comedy.

It shows how life would be if you could fast-forward, rewind, play, pause, etcetera.. Very funny, enjoyable for family and suitable for all ages.

This movie is very entertaining, and will make you think long and hard about your own life for many hours after you leave the theater.

Worth watching nonetheless.

Entertaining and touching .

The jokes that were used were tasteless and crude, and the action got annoying and slow at some points.

Being promoted with the super bowl as an Adam Sandler comedy makes the second half of this movie rather confusing.

I can't believe that a comedy actor like Sandler can make you cry, I mean in the good way; to think that you will see an usual comedy with boring remarks and average dialogs, was a terrible mistake from me, I almost missed this movie, tired of comedies with easy scripts based on the qualities of a comedy actor in the main character.

I was also glad to see Christopher Walken and Henry Winkler rounding of the edges with simple but entertaining comedy.

The writing is so predictable at times you can almost say the line before they do.

Outstanding, Fast Paced, and Great Story .

however, as the movie progressed, the jokes/gags became repetitive, and the 'comedy' died out.

The story isn't gripping, but very exciting.

what a waste of time.

It's mostly unforgivable and unfolds within a world in which most of the women are jaw-droppingly stunning, as well as Arabic businessmen from the Far East whom exist to be mocked, imitated and have their names pronounced incorrectly for easy laughs.

Not the best Sandler vehicle, but somewhat enjoyable .

And for the first 45 minutes to an hour, it does this more than successfully - it is actually amusing, it is fairly sweet without being saccharine, and it is extremely entertaining with superb performances all round, including Walken as a crazy inventor and Hasselhoff in a role he was born to play as a hedonistic boss.

Overall you can really connect with the character and the movie is highly entertaining.

I left after 60 minutes and got a refund.

This movie's message will stay with you when you leave the theater.

However, the next hour of the movie is more like a Lifetime TV propaganda drama emphasizing that husbands should spend less time at work and more time with their wives & family or the wife will find somebody else.

Utterly predictable, this Christmas carol-esquire story leaves much to be desired.

Other than those two, the comedy is pretty bland.

And – what if all this fooling around with the present will have some unexpected and vast influences on the future?

They made it so predictable.

But nothing is compared to the ending scene, that last walk to redemption is by far one of the most intriguing and best-directed(realized) scenes i've ever seen.

Completely Unexpected .

It's such a contrived piece of "garbage".

You should treasure the mundane things in life; cherish them, because you only get to experience them once.

I went in to this movie expecting the same Adam Sandler jokes used in every other his movies, this movie used some of them but a lot less, the first half of the movie was a typical Sandler movie, but after that, it turns more into a drama type movie which I liked, and a lot of what happened was a lot more unexpected than usual Sandler movies with their more or less dumb endings, this ending will actually satisfy you making you happy inside.

The second time i saw this movie i was with my cousin and her boyfriend and i thought this movie was really really boring and i think they did to.

He is an architect employed by a tedious boss and Micheal must work extra hours to bring home enough bacon.

The movie works, it will affect you, disturb you and stay with you after you leave the theater; what other movie can you say that about lately?

Well, the movie is boring, NOT funny.

Anything that the film was lacking in the beginning was made up for by the slightly predictable, but nevertheless entertaining and fresh, plot.

And then you get the biggest cliché of all at the end ...

It's one of those movies where it meets your expectations - you can tell exactly what it's going to be like from the commercials, and if you think watching a lightweight Adam Sandler comedy for 90 minutes is a waste of time, I wouldn't recommend this to you.

It's just that banal and awful, all the way through.

Right, now for the film, I really enjoyed it, Imagine you could control things in your lives, smart eh!

It was entertaining.

Not only did Walken do a better job of acting, he is overall more enjoyable to watch.

Totally Unexpected.

The remote that brings about all the problems and the joys, is unpredictable and often makes no sense.

Adam Sandler's movies are usually predictable and quite funny.

So, I was looking forward to the rental, because let's be honest, this movie was one of those you'd save your money for.

Then out of no where, it transforms into a heartfelt inspirational story that is relate-able, unpredictable, and all the while entertaining!

However that assumption proved to be incorrect after I had finished watching it, because not only does it provide humour in a number of cases (which I personally found very funny), but the story within the film was very powerful and compelling in that it gives a man a look at his life the way it is heading.

I fast-forwarded the latter half of the picture, because it was unbearable.

Problem with most people is that they try to play a role all by themselves of heavily gifted movie critics, and thus this movie has been greatly underrated for its wonderfully entertaining, attention keeping and tickle funny creative concepts.

All i'm saying it, why let it drag out so much, when you could have beefed up the funny parts in the beginning of the movie.

Adam Sandler continues to be very entertaining in very entertaining films.


By the time the inevitable "Tug at the heartstrings" moment arrives, it's impact is dulled by the ponderous journey it took to get there.

This movie is amazing in every aspect and teaches us the true riches in life in the most entertaining and ingenious way.

I really enjoyed it , it is Adams best act , Kate Beckinsale is beautiful as always and the story in general is not bad too...

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

He can focus on past events, slow down and pause time, change the color of his skin, and, most importantly in this movie, fast forward through the boring bits of life.

Absolute waste of time .

Missing points to maximum due to the typical Hollywood ending, which makes the movie too predictable, and the totally outworn "I dreamed this all only"-method.

Control Freak film is remotely entertaining .

Though the movie seemed boring to me at the first look, it captivated me immediately.

Id recommend this movie to a lot of people that enjoy comedies and dramatic movies, its worth watching..very good movie

Outside of the fact that Sandler demonize's the NY Mets in the brat next door, I can forgive him (a Yankee fan) this one time - outside of that - "It's a Wonderful Life" 2006 style, we enjoyed it!

Wonderfully clever, well-executed, entertaining and life-affirming, "Click" is one of the more pleasant cinematic surprises of recent memory.

"Click" is sort of cute, and sort of clever, but it's getting tiresome to watch Adam Sandler continue to age within the midst of an endless slew of potty jokes and other juvenile humor, while the music cues of his films may suggest a more sentimental moment.

This movie is all about a work-oholic man who when gets a remote to control his life he just keeps forwarding the boring part of his life until he realises that the remote starts to malfunction.

i thought i would get it all by just see the trailer, as usual, but this movie really surprised me, it shows the important parts of life in a good mix of humor and sadness, and for my previous movies, this one had a clearly message, good acting, good plot, good work, you won't find the usual Adam Sandler movie here, and it also contain quality and class, some of my favorite actors did their job well, i definitely recommend this movie to anyone that don't expect a revolutionary movie, but a entertaining movie!

It was entertaining nonetheless.

It is a shame to waste one's time on watching this, it could be better spent on shoveling manure, the end impression is the same.

I went to see this with my friends as a typical student, we just want to laugh because we're bored, kind of film.

But instead of dying full of regret he's given another chance and wakes up in the same place he fell asleep at near the beginning of the movie.

It's got a very intriguing and sufficient plot, that will keep you hung until the very end.

In spite of the fact that there were stupid and boring, overall I enjoyed this film.

it is so original and waste of money.

He finds Morty, played by the always entertaining Christopher Walken, who gives him a universal remote control.

This was no doubt, hands down, the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

By the end we all walked out crying.

This was probably the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

But the last thing 'Click' should be referred to is predictable.

Enjoyable formula flick for Sandler quickly becomes tedious .

This film is one more in a long history of idiotic, empty, Hollywood-Churned-Out garbage that seems to let through the veracity of how the single purpose of making an Adam Sandler film is to encourage imbecility on the population that is dumb enough to still keep on paying to be reduced to no more than rubbish- consuming morons.

probably no one will believe it, I would consider it as a science fiction movie, but it works perfectly as a dramatic and humorous film, it does not become boring and engages the viewer totally, the characters are very well and those approximately 97 minutes of duration are enjoyable.

Recommended for anyone who thinks that the repetitive playing of scenes involving a , well, lonely dog and a toy duck is hilarious, and that films like these represent the very pinnacle of freedom.

And it's this conventional method of entertaining which keeps the viewer in it from beginning to end, letting us never miss the message the producers, writers, and directors wanted us to see.

Still, once I gave into that, I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded, and though it was predictable, I thought it was entertaining, and ultimately, a very well done update of the above mentioned stories.

However, while she looked stunning, Kate Beckinsale is wasted as the long-suffering wife.

and these days, any movie that will make you think is worth watching!

I'd watched that movie a couple of days before renting Click, and that movie too helped me appreciate Sandler's compelling energy.

I thought overall it was enjoyable and entertaining, a good time waster if you will.

) Predictable, boring, obvious, overdone, and unfunny.

Directing in this movie is so bland and boring.

Indeed, Islam's message is very identical to the movie's , but to see it demonstrated in a great, funny, exciting and REAL movie gives another dimension to real application in real life.

It even has repetitive storyline, so you'll end up watching the same things two or three times in the same movie.

And there were so many other characters in the movie that make it enjoyable from Henry Winkler's father role to David Hasselhoff's boss role to Rachel Dratch's secretary.

In 30 years I have walked out of two films, this film and Dirty Work.

Mostly for Adam Sandler fans, has some entertaining parts.

Oh My God what a waste of time, thats the only significant event in the whole plot its not even a worthwhile message to put out, rule number 1 when making a story, never and i mean NEVER have the ending as and it was all dream and everyone lived happily ever after, If you value your time do not watch this pitiful film for morons, Damn!

Adam's character, "Michael's" work, life, and family events with the remote, is so disjointed and disarrayed that while the viewer is left with some good ideas about how a character might react to advanced technology, the execution of events is weak in too many scenes.

Don't waste your money unless seeing this sheep-haired putz farting in people's faces turns you on.

The cornflakes at the end of the rainbow was a little confusing for the children.

Profound and entertaining .

This movie was both cliché and silly at the same time, and never really went anywhere.

Overall a very fine job from the actors and a very enjoyable film.

All throughout, 'Click' is wonderfully entertaining, and it managed to pull me into it like few films this year have.

This movie is worth watching and I am sure that you will never be disappointed.

The movie bored me and the last half hour has a lot of cheap sentimentalism.

"Click" plays with different genres and it aims at different targets, but it ultimately gets confusing and it ends up playing the audience…Badly.

Don't go to see it expecting to fall out of your chair laughing, but you will leave the theater touched, and being reminded of the important things in life.

Aside from some slapstick humor and comedy, like the scenes where Michael makes the baseball hit the bully neighbor and him slapping his boss in the face, much of the humor is overshadowed by the excessive cliché and tasteless sexual innuendos (especially involving the dog and the toy), which I thought weren't even remotely funny.

This Movie is funny, instructive and entertaining at the same time.

Worst movie of the year.

i mean, it was good at the end.. but throughout the movie it was a snore fest, if i could you exclamation points i would ha ha.

We end up with a plodding second act that meanders and quickly loses steam.

Loooooooong, predictable, tiring.

I saw this one at the $2 Theater mainly out of boredom.

At this point it is so marred by formulaic elements that it becomes a Hallmark movie, desperately pulling at the collective heartstrings of the audience.

I also like the fact that it has also some unexpected touching moments towards the end.

Here's how the movie basically plays out: fart joke, fart joke, cliché about spending time with family, fart joke, Adam Sandler buys a remote, fart joke, fart joke, fart joke, cliché about spending time with son, fart joke, David Hasselhoff cameo, fat joke, fart joke, fat joke, people crying in the rain, happy ending.

The silenced dog, hitting the boss, etc. becomes tiresome at best.

Sandler's long past the days of "The Waterboy" and "Happy Gilmore," when he could create and inhabit a character so goofy and watchable and walk him through a cliché-ridden story that you could throw any pretty woman next to him.

I couldn't wait for this movie to endMan it was long, boring and...

I give it 9/10Its worth watching at the cinemas

Click is highly formulaic and as such, highly predictable.

Don't waste your time .

Personally, I left the theater wanting to be a better person, as did the other movie-goers.

As for performances, as always, Beckensale is stunning, and delivers a good performance for the given character.

It was predictable and painfully so.

As I read the numerous reviews of people who love this film I am blown away by the emotional and touching comments - "I cried" "I really cried" The single theme in all of these comments is the reviewer's statement that the film taught them about life and how they need to slow down and appreciate their family.

The story of a man finding his way to reconnect with his family is a compelling and heart-warming one.

There were some unfunny dumb things having to do with dogs, etc. (no one in the theater laughed much) and some cheeseball stuff, but the emotional core of the movie delivers a wallop that is unexpected.

Well, I can confidently say that this is one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

It actually got to me eventually, after seeing enough of "A surefire box office flop" and "Sandler's worst movie", I was swayed, to put it lightly.

It was sort of what I got, but in an unexpected package.

It is for the summertime crowd looking for a break from work and the mundane.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

i fell asleep.

It's disjointed and feels like it's moving too quickly for us to care much, despite a touching scene near the end.

A few people walked out of the theater during the matinée I saw: I wish I had joined them.

It kept you on the edge of your seat when Michael, an average hard working man, receives a "universal remote" from a man located in the "way way beyond" section of a Bed Bath and Beyond.

It is very enjoyable from the first minute to the very last!

Worth watching for Chris Walken's and the Hoffmeister's appearances alone.

I had high expectations for this movie, since I have found other Adam Sandler movies to be funny, but this movie was unwatchable.

***********************SPOILER HERE************************ The only drawback I really found was that the basic formula of the movie was pretty trite.

Anyway a predictable plot which was spoilt with an ending that the audience could cope with.

It's basically about workaholic Michael Newman, who has no time for his family as he is trying to get a promotion but after visiting a local store for a Universal Remote he comes across a guy named Morty who gives him this remote that can Fast Forward, skip, slow down and even pause time!

Worst movie I've ever seen.

And as the movie dragged on and he never woke up I was getting worried.. when is this movie going to end.

(Yep, that was sarcasm) This movie might have been OK as an SNL skit, back when Sandler was funny, but instead is drawn out, relies way too much on its gimmick, and is downright mean in tone for most of the movie.

Stars the usual Cast of Sandler films, and included Sean Astin who starred in Sandler's last movie '50 First Dates' (2004) I would highly recommend this film to anyone to watch, it is highly enjoyable and one of the most funniest films i've seen.

Even the ever-so-slightly predictable ending works and even adds to the charm of the movie.

The run up to the ending is unexpected, be prepared to need a tissue.

It's completely predictable from the first few scenes, the plot and the characters are all utterly contrived, and the jokes are childish, insulting and lame, unless your idea of good humor is watching a fat woman with hairy pits acting like she's having sex and then having someone comment, "What is this, Animal Planet?

Christopher Walken and David Hasslehoff were effective, but were utilized in completely predictable ways, missing opportunities to play off-type for greater effect.

Very Predictable .

This film is predictable and is carried by Christopher Walken .

The only reason this movie got a 5 was because of the story, the idea and plan of the film was beautiful, i teared up at the end, it was really quite unexpected, i loved how it all worked together.

I enjoy most of Sandler's work and have grown accustomed to his low-brow brand of humor, but this time the jokes were way too lame and predictable for me.

It makes my list of 10 worst movies, which is now populated by at least 4 Adam Sandler movies; "Little Nikita", "Big Daddy", "Happy Gilmore" and now "Click".

Yet, unfortunately, while the creative spark and special effects are fun and entertaining, this movie was stuck in the summer fun category instead of Oscar award quality.

But, I was dragged along to see Click with one of my friends that loves him.

Comedies can be much much more intelligent and entertaining.

Eventually he uses the remote so much to get out of the 'boring' parts in life that the remote starts to overrule his choices, leaving him without a clue what is going on.

Hands-down the worst movie I've seen in years.

But, since we found "Punch Drunk Love" somewhat entertaining, we took a chance on "Click".

Yesterday's local sneak preview viewers had the misfortune to bump into this dramatically predictable, boring, 13-in-a-dozen Groundhog Day clone.

An unexpected surprise.

However, that's apparently what the makers of "Click" thought, since Hasslehoff's character is extremely uninteresting.

All Adam Sandler movies seem to have no story and lots of dull humor.

) The only thing I guess was enjoyable in this 'movie' was watching Kate Beckinsale and her 'rockin body'.

A waste of time.

Then, after about an hour of repetitive, sitcom-level silliness, the film takes an abrupt turn into Capra-esquire sentimentality, of the you-never-know-what-you-have-until-you've-lost-it variety.

Total waste of money...

Gorgeous women, cute kids, of course Christopher Walken is totally enjoyable.

The connections between each of them were very compelling.

But, Sandler's sometimes overbearing acting was a bit of a turn off and the mediocre acting by Christopher Walken was a bit boring.

worst movie I've seen in years .

That'd be a waste of my time and yours.

I saw the previews for Click and figured if it had Christopher Walken in it that it might just be worth watching.

The real ending was so predictable it was funny,i could heave told you it was a dream from the part when Sandler is mourning his father's death.

But, there comes a time when your so bored, and no one is around to witness it, that you will give the stupid and nonsensical a try.

Click was a surprisingly entertaining movie.

With this premise in mind, most people would surely think this film will be funny occasionally, but in the end it will be predictable and sappy, and lessons will be forced on us that we've already heard a million times before.

Some Good Moments Hurt By Slapstick and Confusion .

The film ultimately comes up empty-handed as a yarn of its own.

Every "joke" manages to be banal, insulting, tedious.

This is by far the worst movie ever created.

The humor and the drama mix fabulously, it is totally entertaining and the actors are very well at all times, besides the good songs and the makeup, it manages to laugh in the majority of scenes and also manages to excite to the spectator, whose thing does not you wait The story is fine ...

The story floats along well with more light-heartedness and comedy earlier on in the film but gets darker and there's even a little twist at the latter part which is quite predictable.

But to my surprise, it turned out to be a very dull affair.

However, I have some friends that said it was just a waste of their time, I think they are ignorant because their ideal movies are the classics.

Worth watching!

I think his films are yawn worthy and often crass, though I did love The Wedding Singer and Punch Drunk Love.

Right before the movie started, I said to myself, "This movie is going to be awesome since Adam Sandler plays the lead" but after the same joke was shown in, literally, every other scene, I realized that this movie is boring, depressing, and not funny at all.

After a slow start, this movie really packs a wallop!

Just when I thought the movie was about to be boring.. many things came crashing and hitting my conscious, bringing laughter and tears and finally taught me a lesson i won't ever forget.

This clever story is a little unexpected coming from Adam Sandler, who gives one of his best performances.

Don't waste your time to watch this garbage!

The idea of the movie was good; the message (that we all waste our life at meaningless jobs rather than doing something we'd really like) made a lot of sense to me.

Overall, this is an enjoyable film with a relevant message that deserves a look.

I highly recommend it.

worst movie i ever saw .

It's one big cliché with meaningless dialogue and predictable turns at every corner.

In Stine's "Click" story there is a kid named Seth Gold whose dad (not surprisingly) brings home a universal remote that allows him to replay, fast forward, mute and slow mo' real life at his home, school and with his friends.

It just goes all over the place in time line and tone, that it made for an un-enjoyable film to watch.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen; I guarantee disappointment with this one.

The concept is intriguing, the only problem is that the material was not used to its full potential.

The supporting cast is competent and believable, and the scripting is crisp and engaging.

In Click, he combine his hilarity and his heart to create a character named Michael Newman, a family man who has a gorgeous wife named Donna (Kate Beckinsale, stunning as ever) and is a struggling architect trying to get up in the ranks.

This drivel encompasses every cliché in the family comedy repertoire, the writers did not even bother to recycle the lines!

If you want to find a really great way to waste your life too, watch this movie.

The story is compelling, deep, mature and funny.

We got bored and he suggested that we watch an Adam Sandler movie.

The only reason I saw this movie was because I walked out of Superman, which was even worse than this movie.

When I was watching it, boredom got the best of me in the second half of the movie.

The boring of the guy was disgusting (I have been eating my lunch while watching the film), thus, 9.0 point remains.

Still the movie is quite enjoyable and it has nice dramatic elements in it.

Yes, even though I find fart jokes to be a major cliché in modern comedies, and not usually funny, for some reason, that one made me laugh!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This movie is very entertaining, fun and funny and will make you think long and hard about your own life too.

That said, my 7 year old enjoyed it immensely.

Absolutely stunning...

And there are some unexpected bits in a kind of unspoken way in Sandler's films that do spark up some laughs from the practical one-gimmick.

To get past all the fights and uncomfortable things, he procures this universal remote from Walken so that he can fast forward, pause or slow down his life as he chooses to.

While the concept is highly intriguing – and the reason I set out to see "Click" – its execution makes me want to weep.

A cliché, predictable ending, minimal character development and dry humor make this movie one to forget.

Waste Of Time .

If you are looking for cleverness and wittiness, don't waste your time.

if u are considering to buy this, i would strongly say that this is a waste of money and you gonna to be disappointed

This was clear from the beginning, but it is an entertaining idea as is any idea with magical wands and movies such as Bruce Almighty.

wrong this film is a waste of time as pretty much none of the events actually happened, it was a dream and the message is simple there's this guy with a "perfect" family and a nice job, he basically neglects his family for success in his work has a dream about his life falling apart because of his attitude and wakes up and has a revelation.

Although I would not call this movie a crowning achievement, It was quite enjoyable for the most part.

ugh this movie dragged on...

A light, fun, humorous enjoyable comedy/drama with a little message to share to us.

He is as self indulgent as one would imagine the real guy is.

Yeah the drama scenes were quite intense.

Why o why did I waste my time with an Adam Sandler movie.

"click" tries to be more than a comedy sometimes, and these are the most boring moments of the film.

It's different, and definitely worth watching.

The formulaic plot and structure also detracts from the film.

Just silly, boring, dreadful, etc, etc. I've never felt so cheated out of 2 hours of my life before watching this film.

It takes a concept that is very entertaining and doesn't go anywhere with it.

"Click" is truly an excellent, amazing, entertaining, fantastic film!

The story was interesting, even if the ending was predictable.