Climax (2018) - Drama, Horror, Music

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French dancers gather in a remote, empty school building to rehearse on a wintry night. The all-night celebration morphs into a hallucinatory nightmare when they learn their sangria is laced with LSD.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Gaspar Noé
Stars: Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 74 out of 243 found boring (30.45%)

One-line Reviews (190)

As I left the theater to mixed reactions (a couple talking through out gave the credits the middle finger and booed, such rebels) I felt disoriented "is this a dream?

To get into this, the synopsis is French dancers gather in a remote, empty school building to rehearse on a wintry night.

However, the film could develop a little slower.

With fast scenes and sometimes slowburn, but intense and unforgetable for sure.

The first half of the movie is super boring and after that it's just weird.

All of the dialogue felt utterly pointless and added nothing to the film.

Terrible and boring .

Along with the lesbian couple, there are also some gay men as well, which their plight I found intriguing with the other men around.

intense, uncomfortable and kinda gross .

Now with that said, during the set up of this film, I found myself bored and wanting to get into it.

Literally nothing happened in this movie besides a bunch of dancers who spent the first 30 minutes complaining about each other and then everyone had a bad trip.

You've got all kinds of shots here -- dutch angles, long cuts that contribute to the chaos, even slow inversions that make you feel as if you are in a fun house at the Jersey Shore.

Red backdrops are now boring, I get it, red means danger, love, sex, blood etc etc. pumping pulsing soundtracks are there to disorientate and unsettle, boring, next, move along.

Waste of time .

It was like a low budget, student film effort attempting to combine some Reefer Madness era "cautionary" propaganda fueled hysteria with extremely far left Social Justice ideas...

Was waste of time that left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

No plot whatsoever, no tension, very poor acting.

step up boring french version .

As far as crafting an intricate psychological thriller this movie falls flat and will leave many bored and scratching their head wondering what the hype was about.

Making the experience all the more intense, while, in retrospect, for the rest of the film not adding much more info about the story and development as I had already picked up.

Unfortunately, in Climax Gaspar Noé has no story to tell, no message to deliver, just a poor, weak excuse of a remotely imaginative concept to let loose on the screen an increasingly annoying collection of sexual graphic scenes, violent imagery and deranged acts that feel out of place even in the context of the movie.

lots of dancing, there is not much dialogue, really no plot instead it's all based on character interactions.

In some weird way it feels as though Climax could've gone further with some of its half-baked scenarios, plot-threads and horrors as you keep expecting the "big" moment to come but with all that had come before, including its quite thrilling opening segment, Climax ends with a whimper not with a bang.

This is a meaningless movie with no Plot.

If you're a fan of film as an art form, or simply put, really INTENSE movies - you NEED to go see this ASAP, in the theater.

Very crappy movie made by a hand held camera with poor lighting and no story line absolutely.

If you hate yourself and you want to watch something that is going to make you feel terrible and empty then watch this movie.

This movie is ridiculously stupid and pretentious.

Well, it went nowhere.

Pointless .

Queasy and chaotic; one of the most intense I've seen .

We can clearly feel the hell ambiance but I didnt like it because it is too intense and not for everybody.

Granted, there's nothing here to rival The Butcher's sickening attack on his pregnant wife from Seul contre tous (1998), or the near-unwatchable rape or fire extinguisher scenes from Irréversible (2002).

Long videoclip boring with a few distressful touches .

For me it was the most excellent and entertaining movie experience in 2018.

There is a lot of information given about the characters within the first 20 minutes or through dialogue which can be a bit confusing considering there is a lot of them and we do not immediately learn all of their names.

Equal parts horrifying thriller, a modern musical and a visual lsd trip, it's incredibly innovative and engaging, without evwn a dull moment.

Bored to tears .

70 mins of erotic n repugnant gossips, unnecessary dance movements, loud music n the last 20 mins of headache inducing flickering lights, upside down shots of bizarre stuff n weird camera angles makes it a boring n abysmal film.

Bad acting, no plot, nothing really happens.

The dialogue was horrible and slow.

Low budget uninteresting and pretentious .

Climax is dance-inducing, dizziness-causing, headache-giving, nauseating, annoying, exhausting, musical, breathtaking, unharnessed, excessive, inhuman, filthy, harsh, bloodstained, colorful, high-contrasted, noisy, thrilling, crowded, torturing, revenge-seeking, nightmarish, abusive, intruding, shameful, horror, inverse, obscure, frosty and hot; it takes you to death.

It's not my favorite film by Noé, but I enjoyed it.

Except dance scenes I didnt like first part of movie, it is just empty.

However, as enjoyable as its best sequences are, the lack of nearly any thematic depth imbues much of the film with a subtly nagging tediousness.

Concluding, an pretentious avant garde art experience (whoever has had a fair share of art and experimental cinema will know that it doesn't deserve that title) that doesn't even deliver at least that experience while failing in all the rest.

The long tracks played in the dance scenes are super repetitive and become tedious.

It was a tedious and mind-numbing experience just to make you feel uncomfortable.

Incoherent and tedious .

I don't know what movie all these people giving out 6,7,8+ star ratings were watching, because this movie is one of the dumbest, most idiotic, pointless exercises in stupidity that I have had the unfortunate displeasure to have seen.

It is the kind of ultimately pretentious content that will have critics raving.

The camera work is so bland and uncreative it doesn't allow you to get interested in the dialogue.

If you like your horrors full of dull (in my opinion) street dancing, this is the one for you....

When I wasn't mesmerized by the insanely beautiful dance scenes, I was bored to tears by the characters explaining the plot each other or trying to cover my laughter in the theatre.

I found it insulting that someone would create such a monstrosity and expect other people to waste their time to see it.

Don't be fooled by the title or tagline of "Horror", there is nothing scary, suspenseful, or rewarding.

I guess people give high ratings for boring movies as long as they're foreign?

After a long and tedious introduction the film descends into a nightmare fever dream that is designed to provoke emotions and make you as uncomfortable as possible.

Couldn't even finish it, left the theater.

more anti-'drug' propaganda to steer you away from activating a higher mind and realizing these people in hollywood are actually secretly all transgender.

I was anticipating to see Gaspar Noe's view of such an intriguing story.

Climax, for me, was dull and predictable.

The story is slow and pretentious.

Loved: -the claustrophobic feel of an actual lsd trip -the incredible dance sequence -the unexpected "twist" -The parallels with contemporary french society (although perhaps unintentional)

Utterly disgusting and sheer waste of time!.

You can rewatch this movie many times just like you would in a terrifying rollercoaster because of the adrenaline.

haha, what a complete and utter waste of money.

The last 45 minutes are long, slow and obtuse.

Some of the snippets of the conversations between the characters went on for far too long.

Climax it's a meaningless movie about a bad LSD trip and even that's not so believable as Noé's intended to, the cast sreams (literaly) amateurish from every pore and with that comes unbearable overacting.

Three times during the movie he blasts boring, asinine, glib phrases onto the screen, like "death is an amazing experience" or "birth is a unique opportunity" -- oh really, Mr Noe?

So pretentious it made me write a review after soooo long .


This shit is unwatchable.

We are watching a troupe of mid-1990's French dancers rehearsing in a large, otherwise empty facility on a snowy night, and we too are unprepared for what's about to unfold.

There appears to have been no script whatsoever.

The audience is thus placed in the same position as the characters - the absence of closing credits and the inverted image create a sense of confusion and discomfort, just as the film is depicting the surviving dancers coming out of their drug-induced mania and back to the real world.

Incredibly dull .

Most boring Climax of my life .

The characters were all over the places and it was hard to follow them.

Boring Boring Boring!!.

The worst movie ever seen in my entire life.

An hour later into this plotless extravaganza, those same 'dance' routines are replayed as death throes in an, admittedly very well filmed, modern version of Dante's Inferno.

Shock for the sake of shock, and a dull, slow, drag of ugliness.

we get no pretense to who the hell these people are, other than some boring "interviews"; that amount to nothing.

We are introduced to the dancers in sequences that go on way too long.

Mind blowing cinematography with a cult feel .

Believing something more sinister was at hand, it kept me on the edge of my seat for s few moments.

Critics out there are as pretentious as this film.

More than half the movie is spent with these characters just talking, and their conversations are dull.

Climax is an intense and hallucinating experience.

If nothing else, watch this film for the impressive visuals and choreography and because this is technically stunning!

We were both really shocked how bad and boring it was.

more anti-'drug' propaganda .

This is by far the most intense movie I have ever seen It's brilliant.

I found the first third to be entertaining.

The supposed upcoming "climax" was an empty promise; you would see better drug trips by drawing circles on paper.

Every scene is drawn out Acting is not believable Upside down camera work at the end was annoying No conclusion Was NOT a horror Boring.

This film is utter garbage, two of the dance routines last a combined 25 minutes, it should come with a warning that this film will only appeal to pretentious modern art lovers.

With Climax Noe injects all his trademarks with good effect, such as 'out of the comfort zone' themes and stunning cinematography and effects.

Super boring .

From start to finish the film was thematically impeccable but perhaps too uninteresting.

Conclusion: piece of flaming garbage, don't waste your time.

There's no plot and certain scenes go on for way too long.

Then nothing happened.

absolute waste if time ....

Just no story line and no real point to the whole thing!

Lot of dancing, sometimes was good, most of the times was boring and waited to see where it was leading.

The excitement and exuberance that you feel during the first dance sequence which is shot entirely in one take will change and evolve throughout the film into sequences that are much more frightening and intense.

it's a waste of time to even watch this movie.

CLIMAX or how long can you stand watching boring dancers and average at best actors pretend to be on drugs?

Don't waste your time, do something else like watch your screensaver for 90 minutes....

Don't waste you time on this "movie" unless you enjoy subjecting yourself to poorly produced attempts at suggestive "programming".

Most Boring Movie I've Ever Had To Sit Through .

I liked the reference back to the beginning when we see somebody drugging herself through her eyes, something another character has described very early in the movie and yeah watching it is far more intense than just hearing it.

A group of young people who subscribe to an underground dance culture meet for a three-day weekend of intense rehearsal.

No message.

Choreography, camera, music, lighting and story meshed in perfect harmony to drag you into a thrilling horror-trip.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone for the simple reason that the first half is boring and the second half is so disturbing that it's impossible to go through without cringing to the whole craziness of it all.

2 - Theres no plot whatsoever.

It's that engaging.

When the movie ended I got in a fight with my girlfriend because I thought it was boring.

In the beginning you put your seatbelts on and you see the thrilling ride (opening scene in the snow) and you get frightened.

So I get the premise because I've seen many of of Noe but this was just was too pretentious and trying to neglect character building with the justification of artistry...

From the opening dance sequence (which might be the best in moviemaking history and by itself warrants a 2nd viewing) to the great acting and engaging script, the movie feels real and manages to balance humor and horror with actual emotional heft.

Dont waste your time .

Lacks an intriguing story in my opinion.

If you think thats "edgy" then you may like but if you just find it tedious trying to read upside down or backwards then head for the exit because it just gets worse,way worse after the credits roll.

Arguably his most accessible film yet (not a hard task when up against Love, Irreversible and Enter the Void) but also entirely the opposite to mainstream film-making, Climax may be billed as some type of horror experience and while there are horrific moments of shock value and unexpected occurrences, Climax is more of a fever dream of a film, that when combined with its off-putting structure and often dizzying feats of camerawork, creates an experience that is hard to pin down in words.

The first half of the movie is dance music and tedious dialog.

I was looking for something intense to watch, something scary and disturbing that would make me think and I wouldn't forget as soon as the credits rolled.

It's kind of a slow burn the first 30-45 min I felt indifferent & bored.

But the way it makes them act doesn't really make sense) to kick in, and when it does, it's still tedious and just silly.

Simply a waste of time.

One of the worst movies i watched.

It actually feels like you are tripping along, knowing things will get worse and more intense with no chance of coming down.

Their reactions to the situation felt so real that it made the film so much more engrossing and hard to watch.

No storyline.

To me it was simply boring.

Don't waste your time.

Its basically aimed at a pretentious audience who believe they have superior taste to others because they think "enjoy" things the majority rightly ignore or that because the movie is in French its somehow above critique.

The film has a very bad thing to put the human being on the edge of the limit.

Every little story in this sloppy and gross pastiche is the most simple take on every LSD cliché ever told.

The thing is the pace is terrible and by that I mean that the first half of the movie is so unbelievably boring and meaningless, full of scenes of people dancing and talking about sex, drugs and gossip that it makes you angry.

The dancing was cool, but gets tedious after awhile.

This film definitely takes some will power for sure and the end result might also not be there, but its deff worth watching.

Not a lot of people get Gaspar's style, it's often mislabeled and it sometimes comes across as pretentious, none of that is true, his work is fascinating and captivating, I dare you to find a dull moment in this film, it's an exhilarating EXPERIENCE that will most definitely take your breath away, Incredible film.

Unwatchable .

The chapter titles were pretentious.

Overall, this movie is just a pretentious attempt at making an art movie, but really it's just a waste of time and money.

Nothing happened except some freaked out to the point of insanity and some just kept dancing even though other people were running around hurting themselves or attacking others.

boring .

I mean, I guess if you're into the whole artsy thing then watch it but it was IMO a very pointless movie.

But script was just boring.

Utterly boring and untolerable .

Sitges Film Festival ReviewAfter Love and the amazing but way too long Enter the Void, I feel like people where a bit concerned when it came to NOE.

Don't waste your timeThis film made me write a review for the 1st time in 8 years and my last review was driller killer.

The second half of the film is incredibly boring.

At the end it was a waste of time and only one question: why?

That's how boring it is .

This movie is unwatchable, boring and annoying, pretending to be something more than it really is.

Just an awful, pretentious movie trying to be something it's not.

The movie is extremely dull and drags on and on and on with close to nothing happening and no forward motion in the plot.

Lots of pointless screaming.

This leaves us with a film that is more empty than it seems.

Just more pretentious crap from Gaspar Noe.

"Climax" is right to the point for the most part and starts of with a breathtakingly engaging dancing performance.

it was all just pointless grunting, screaming and crying...

This part is so pretentious and so "made to shock" and "made to discomfort" and trying to make a difference, that it actually turns out to feel baddly thought and fake.

The first 45 minutes are plain dull and just portraits people talking and mumbling.

Loads of pointless dialogue in the beginning that once again led to nothing, no correlation whatsoever with what followed in the movie.

The performances were intense and expressive, as expected of dancers.

dosen't matter and is a waste of time.

The soundtrack was nothing short of perfect, but after two visually stunning first two "parts", the third part is somewhat bland looking.

) in place of any actual characters or psychological avatars, and some relentlessly boring shots of the same group of people doing the same thing over and over and over again.

The only other Gaspar film I had seen was Enter the Void, and while I thought that was a worthwhile experience, it went on for far too long and is not nearly as enjoyable as this.

The initial dance sequence is shown in full and it is quite stunning in its energy and physicality and athleticism.

Hypnotic, beautiful, thought-provoking, silly, and a bit boring .

Lots of stereotypes, falsely provocative with mainstream and empty matter.

Chaos takes over, and everything quickly becomes a blur as everyone regresses back to their most primal and animalistic state as they become enwrapped in confusion, desperation and perversion.

After which, it is simple and easy to grasp it and yet to offer a compelling drama to that specific audience- which is usually when you encounter it the second time- is one tough job.

Pretentious and unpleasant.

Overall, Climax is an experience that's worth watching.

Fantastic, nearly unbearable.

After a slow start, the movie takes its grip on you and doesnt let go after the credits roll!!!

An intense, exhilarating, exciting and terrifying experience.

What I got was a poorly paced, repetitive, and above all painfully tedious soup of mediocre and messy choreography, bad acting that was neither compelling or 'authentically' real, some very lazy stereotyping (now with extra by-the-numbers racism, misogyny, and homophobia!

Pretentious and a waste of time

It looked like someone had a camera and filmed the most boring, pointless conversations that come out of the mouths of adolescents....