Cloverfield (2008) - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A group of friends venture deep into the streets of New York on a rescue mission during a rampaging monster attack.

Director: Matt Reeves
Stars: Mike Vogel, Jessica Lucas
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 280 out of 1000 found boring (28%)

One-line Reviews (831)

It was laugh out loud funny at the right parts, had great characters, and was just as thrilling and scary and captivating as i had expected it to be.

But the movie was the worst one I have ever seen, too much of it was shot with the hand held camcorder, My wife and I were bored stiff with this movie.

At this point turn the movie off thats the best bit and it just gets boring for the rest of the movie.

And, second, it ends after seventy-one excruciatingly boring minutes.

Intense has been said a lot in other peeps reviews its exactly that.

At least, it does manage a couple of lingering images: the disembodied head of the Statue Of Liberty tumbling to the ground and an empty horse-carriage eerily wandering by night on a practically deserted city street.

This, however basic or mundane, Cloverfield achieves during this segment.

Absolutely nothing happens in the first 20 minutes.

It begins in suspense, and it slowly but surely shows more and more of the monster, getting more and more intense.

Worst movie ever.

On the contrary, if you watched this film unwillingly, this film would make you so bored.

From Central Park, to the subway tunnels, terror is everywhere, making this movie about 6 friends trying to survive, the most excitable, and most enjoyable film of 2008.

They tell you the first 15 minutes are slow, no the whole movie is slow.

20 mins of that is spent at a party you would leave after 10 minutes if you hadn't paid to get in--a going away party for some loser that looks like a guy from your company's mail room.

If reality TV is so cool, then a reality Movie, even though it is fictional and full of breathtaking effects, is a breath of fresh air for Hollywood and I for one think it's one of the coolest takes on Sci Fi in Hollywood's history.

Worst Movie, EVER!!.

Because they're so pretentious and annoying you want them to die and they eventually do, I suppose the idea is to focus on the whole global catastrophe and the thrills and special effects rather than getting emo over death.

Even my cat fell asleep during the film!!!


What a waste of my time.

It kept me on the edge of my seat.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen in my 38 years of living.

My Son and I went and saw this a couple of weeks ago and by the time I left the theater I thought I was gonna puke and I had a headache.

And again, like most suspenseful movies, they left us hanging in the end with no sequel.

After 18 minutes of mindlessly banal banter at a party before anything remotely suspenseful even happens, I was also wishing the same fate on the director and screenwriter.

IT had fast paced action with quite a good horror/monster movie premise.

I was so bored, I could not even pay attention to the DVD after the first minutes it was so lame.

Entertaining post-modern horror movie.

The movie was really breathtaking!

These aren't really appropriate questions for Cloverfield, which is a film without answers, but a clever one that subverts a lot of the cliché's of the monster movie genre, without any pretensions(save its advertising campaign).

While deciding to see this movie, I thought it was going to be a waste of money and time.

Seriously bad & totally predictable.

" Had I been at the theatre, I would have walked out.

The central characters themselves come across as selfish, unfeeling, pretentious and narcissistic.

And let me tell you I was hanging on the edge of my sit the entire movie.

Worst movie 2008 award.

Everything that is seen is filmed by a participant of the party, who is quite uninteresting as a person, hence in my eyes numbing the film a little.

We're supposed to share in the characters' confusion and panic.

Despite the fact that I'd read EVERYTHING about the movie prior to watching it, I was still on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Basically a short, very boring teen movie, with a lot of running and shouting, with bad-quality imaging.

Needless to say I'm beyond disappointed that it turned out to be nothing more than a typical, mind-numbingly predictable, utterly boring monster thrash & bash.

It starts slower than a snail thats been nailed to a wall.....

It's a great combination and the effect was very compelling.

The more unique and intriguing thing about this new creature is that we know nothing about it since the story is all coming from one herky-jerky camera lens.

The truth is that Cloverfield is always enjoyable.

The first half hour is pure nonstop dreck-style talking and yammering about pointless nonsense from these mostly annoying characters and then even when the monster attack finally arrives, "Cloverfield" has caused us to lose interest.

The effects, due to the filming in this fashion, are appalling, the story is lacking and boring, as well as downright unbelievable in places.

This is not a great film, just a terrific, thrilling and terrifying experience that will last long after you leave the cinema.

People took way too long in dying and the only sad part is some good people got killed that should have lived.

Worst Movie of the Decade .

" It was a horribly long, drawn out, and completely ineffective way of introducing the characters that really didn't need to take place.

Action packed horror movie 8 out of 10

I agree with some of the other people on here about it been slow to start off and certain parts of the film could have been explained in more detail i.

Reeves--and bless him, he's already planning a sequel--is a director who makes it all look and sound different, constant, non-stop, and intense.

As such, it's quite an absorbing ride.

This segment lasts long enough to make the initial arrival of the monster genuinely surprising whilst being kept short enough to get dull.

Well worth watching if you appeal shaky cameras , such as : ¨Blair witch project¨, ¨28 days/ Weeks after¨ or the classic Italian ¨Holocaust cannibal¨; and recently ¨Rec (2007)¨ by Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero and its American remake ¨Quarintine (2008)¨ by John Erik .

Although Cloverfield has a high rating here on IMDb, I honestly believe it to be one of the worst movies I have recently viewed.

The effect and good use of the Video Camera makes the whole movie seem realistic and very gripping to the audience.

You feel like you are watching something fresh, new and exciting.

If you want to save your money, shake your head a lot, scream, and bang it from time to time against the wall.

This is honestly one of the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

Good acting, a suspenseful plot, and Great special effects.

Cloverfield - 8/10, I appreciated and enjoyed it very much, and it will probably end up in my top 10 of this year.

Now for the movie, the plot is actually quite entertaining and besides the first boring 20 minutes that show the characters, it is actually a solid, intense film with many dramatic and thrilling scenes.

Overall, the movie was worth watching film.

For me, it was about as exciting as watching a dog lick itself where the sun don't shine...

The pacing is what makes this film- I remember watching for the first 20 minutes nothing happens and then once the carnage begins it's a roller coaster.

Thrilling with a slow start .

I had no idea what the film was about before I started watching it and I was so bored by the inane beginning, I got up and walked out after ten wasted minutes.

The film really feels like you're right in the middle of the disaster area amidst the chaos and confusion.

I felt that the first 15 minutes were just too long, bordering on boring and I nearly gave up watching because of this.

I highly recommend it!

The story is compelling, a giant monster attacking Manhattan, it is introduced with a huge explosion in the middle of New York, as Jeff Wayne would put it, "This was no disciplined march it was a stampede without order and without a goal, two million people unarmed and unprovisioned, driving headlong.

Beginning of the movie is little boring.

Yet, this situation gives a widespread confusion for the atmosphere.

stunning visuals overcome narrative weaknesses .

I had my doubts before watching it but I was surprised of how entertaining this movie was.

The only thing that even interested me was the head of the Statue of Liberty crashing on the street, after that it seemed to be one cliché piled on top of another.

) Then the film-makers pretend like they're blasting out on the edge of originality when they have all our stars die at the end.

It's more exciting and entertaining than it is scary and it's a great twist on the old monster movies.

There are some scary moments and good terror scenes with our ominous monster and enjoyable characters even.

waste of time .

At one point I found myself holding my breath when dust engulfed the characters and gripping the seat when several memorable shocks presented themselves, the most notable instances involving a tunnel and later a helicopter.

I think this is actually one of the more interesting and creative found footage movies out there, but the characters were pretty boring and I didn't feel the tension due to not caring about what happened to them.

And even if it's in a hackneyed monster movie genre, as a native New Yorker I was at the edge of my seat, eating up every second of it, call me cliché.

The DVD case quoted a review that said it was 'truly terrifying' but despite enjoying it as a gripping thriller I didn't find it particularly scary; I certainly didn't find it anywhere near as frightening as that other found footage film 'The Blair Witch Project'.

I like a movie to be unpredictable and as unique as possible.

Even though there are a lot of action/attacks scenes it was still boring.

Very orginal.. lots of action, it was a little hard to follow with it be 100% found footage, my only complaint with it is the movie was only and hour 13...

I was genuinely "on the edge of my seat" and I haven't felt that way watching a horror movie in quite a while.

if you didn't watch this movie yet, i recommend you strongly DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

Even with the minor pratfalls noted above, this is an interesting and entertaining film to watch.

It actually is a little boring.

A yes, I would recommend it to others or a no, don't waste your time.

Unpredictable and original plot.

Still, even on the television, its really intense.

If this was shot in the traditional style as an all out American action film it would have just fell into that boring genre where you pay in and check your brain at the door.

The pacing is what makes this film- I remember watching for the first 20 minutes nothing happens and then once the carnage begins it's a roller coaster.

I am a huge movie fan and will put up with some bad movie but this took the cake, My friend fell asleep and her husband said he wished he would have!

The result was CLOVERFIELD, an exciting and frightening modern monster movie.

The setting is also great to make New York look as empty as everyone is trying to flee.

Dozer-field .

'Cloverfield' isn't the most profound movie out there but it does have some fine, intensive and exciting scenes.

Imagine how dull this would have been if it had been directed by Michael Bay.

Abrams, the man who created compulsive but confusing TV series Lost, Cloverfield has been described as The Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla, a summary that proves to be very accurate: utilising hand-held POV camera-work (video footage supposedly shot by one of the characters) to achieve a sense of naturalistic realism, the film follows several 20-something New Yorkers as they try and escape from Manhattan after it is attacked by a huge and very destructive monster.

All in all the only thing on the DVD that is worth watching is the "Clover fun" found under "Special features", the rest is a complete waste of time.

It was completely boring, and not at all exciting.

Very enjoyable .

Anyhow, after the first excruciatingly boring 20 minutes of drama between some rich kids, this film really takes off and never lets go.

The acting in this movie was pathetic, with all the heavy breathing and every scene being predictable.

The story is very intriguing and all the characters have enough detail that you feel you know them and that the movie seems even more realistic.

I thought it was a great love story, an exciting monster movie, and had a memorable ending.

A Very Exciting Movie That Lives Up To The Hype .

Overall this is an original take on monster movies, albeit with a dull plot and the only original bit (wobbly camera) gets annoying after a bit.

The first 20 minutes to me are unbearable, and one reason I love being able to watch the film at home, is that skipping the first 17/18 minutes is a trivial thing to do and very little of the feel of the film is lost.

Also the movie is incredibly slow off the get go.

Maybe one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

something else, also terrible), an impossibly good looking but largely unknown cast who all give very plausible performances, and superb special effects that merge seamlessly into the live action, and the result is a surprisingly enjoyable experience from start to depressing finish (like REC, Cannibal Holocaust, and The Blair Witch Project, which also used the documentary style to great effect, Cloverfield ends on an extremely downbeat note).

First off it took way too long for it to develop.

But I guess any other ending would have made it clichÉ.

So overall, in the time of cliché'd and stupid movies like Sex And The City, Shutter, Meet The Spartans, and 27 Dresses, we get a very tight and fast paced film that is very No-BS, has your heart racing, your adrenaline pumping, and your blood rushing.

The story was weak, furthermore, the ending of the film was really empty and left the viewers with full of questions without any answers.

Standard template predictable monster flick .

After the slow start you spend the next 90 minutes on the edge of your seat totally engrossed and grossed out.

The characters were possibly the most mundane, hate-able, stupidest, most unbelievable bunch they could find in a city of 8 million people: They screamed when there was no reason, didn't scream when there was, ran through subway tunnels in shiny high heels, had inane dialogue for supposedly 7 hours, magically healed themselves when they were mortally wounded.

Not quite the genre-shattering event it maybe could have been, but certainly worth seeing for an entertaining Friday evening in.

Why spend so much time on a boring party?

well-done and absorbing .

Mostly it's accompanied by a lot of noise and screaming people, making it all confusing and pointless.

" The first 15 minutes of the film are so boring, I nearly gave up on the film.

Too many questions left unanswered for my taste but some will find it enjoyable.

When the head of the statue of liberty went flying across the street was so awesome and breathtaking.

How thought-out and snappy do you think conversation is during a natural disaster/terrorist attack etc.?????

It was stupid and pointless!

It's one chase scene after another, with a trite love story and so many holes in the story that it leaks like a sieve.

Sure, it may have one clever cinematic scene but in general the film is boring.

(Cliché alert: the decapitated Statue's head lands directly in front of our heroes?

A science fiction monster film at its best, with suspenseful action and a tremendous sense of urgency.

This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Otherwise don't waste your time

The title of the movie 'Cloverfield' set in New York was a bad sign from the start and the bland poster art absolutely screamed mediocrity.

I laughed at the various deaths which, while not frightening, were entertaining.

Exciting, tremendous and splendid.

Don't waste your money on this!!!

Until we saw how mundane the terrorist actually was -- a huge crustacean that spits meteors and sheds man-eating cockroaches.

Despite actually taking place on a sound stage, I felt the filmmakers did a great a job at faithfully recreating New York, as I was totally immersed in the world.

Still, an enjoyable enough, if slightly pointless hour-and-a-half of film, with some nice and pretty well achieved aesthetic ideas.

Don't waste your time with this film unless you have little else to do, its not even a popcorn film to fill an afternoon.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

The point is that it creates a unique and absorbing tone.

The first 30 minutes is dull, very little action in relation to applying common sense to how people would really react and the first scene of the Monster attack was a sickening copycat of 911 when the Towers dropped...


In some sequences the camera appears to be running as it is being dragged along the ground.

Nearly everything he says is either unhelpful to other people, repetitive in remarks (Oh my God etc...

However, the film was entertaining and definitely pleased me.

It is now just another cliché.

And yet, whenever parts of buildings are falling down for (still) unknown reasons, "Cloverfield" is a tremendously boring film!

very tedious and not worth the effort to watch it .

Pretty intense from the get go!

However, even the visuals are lacking, unoriginal, and bland.

The action was fast paced, there were no long periods of time with nothing happening.

Sadly enough, but hardly surprising, a sequel is already in the works; the film, then, is no masterpiece but very well done nonetheless: smart, exciting and highly effective – in essence, what the much-hyped Hollywood remake of GODZILLA (1998) should have been in the first place!

It's a gripping, emotional, and disturbing ride that quickly becomes so much more than your typical monster flick.

Visually stunning, overall a great monster movie.

I saw this in the TV listings with 3 stars so thought it must be worth watching.

While Godzilla had an ecological message and criticized the experiences with nuclear power, I believe this one is a metaphor of the unpredictable world where we live, when from a moment to another the thousands of people may die in an airplane crash, in a tower hit by an airplane, etc, etc...

I understood the painfully slow start as character development for the movie.

this film isn't perfect, the obvious flaws are the pretty boring, elongated beginning of the movie.

If you like some action packed movie that is brutal, wicked, unforgiving, sadistic, merciless and ruthless, then Cloverfield is just for you.

The unoriginal tragedy movie "Cloverfield" is a boring combination of "Godzilla" à la "Blair Witch Project" style.

The only time I actually felt anything other than bored and annoyed at the whole affair.

Over-rated, bad acting and no plot .

To be fair, people truly are that tiresome and annoying.

One of the worst movies i have ever spent my time watching.

Every moment of this film is boring and pointless.

No story, no evolvement, no thrill no tension, no nothing?

The story is incredibly intriguing and the fact that it only runs for 84 minutes, just makes it even better.

However, this film has no real plot.

The entire dotcom viral marketing for this movie was very intriguing,and the hype and build-up were quite widespread.

Even more so, there was only 20 minutes worth of the boring crap, and the rest was pure action!

I think everyone gasped at the most intense scenes.

There was nothing here that was original, fresh, unexpected or interesting apart from....

What a waste of time.

This movie really feels more like a pretentious film school project disguised as an actual movie by big budget special effects.

Soon enough, the monster becomes uninteresting as well.

Cloverfield is a very intense movie and the first person view really makes you feel like you are in the middle of something that you would try to avoid in real life.

The style in which the aliens are photographed makes the film all too more exciting and scary.

Suffice it to say, I enjoyed it, and would watch it again.

Actually, I need really say something There was no plot.

Amateur footage of the unexpected attack taking place - check.

Waste of my time.

You can EASILY Fast-Forward the 1st boring 20mins of the movie as the characters/acting have no real appeal to waste my time caring about them or there lives - due to bad acting + bad scripts.

There is no plot except for: Alien monster destroys New York and people freak out.

It gets boring after a while.

I really like how the film ended, very clean, quick, un-Hollywood like and unexpected, similar to I Am Legand.

Cloverfield: Shaky but suspenseful .

The story is disclosed through the viewfinder of a hand-held video camera, and the dialogs and situations in the farewell party are silly, uninteresting and tiresome.

My Take: An exciting modern take on the old-fashioned monster movie.

because it very enjoyable.

I think it worth watching and definitely one of the best horror movies around.

This was really just a better version of Godzilla in that the story was very personal and engaging.

Weak movie with silly plot, pointless actors and the usual American bs where everything happens right in the centre of New York City.

This movie however uses monster movie elements that were not original, but that's acceptable because no story is original.

The characters are completely uninteresting and unconvincing.

But i guess that 60 minutes of static noise from a lost camera would be pushing it :-)But hey, if you only like movies that are predictable and with happy endings and heroes, this is not for you.

Though, I did find the movie a bit boring, despite it was trying so hard to be frantic and portray a feeling of a great urgency.

Cloverfield was so boring for me, i lost interest from the 35th minute.

Makes sense to me, and gives the characters more than enough back story to make them more engaging.

And like Chinese food, it will leave you feeling empty two hours later.

The ending is predictable and abrupt.

Personally, I would have used some A-list actors, so they could bring the tension across more effectively but with that aside, I still enjoyed it the second time around.

This movie is the worst movie me and my friends have ever and will ever see.

It was totally engrossing and fast paced.

It's one of the worst movies I have EVER viewed.

Compelling, Emotional, Epic.

Cloverfield was so boring for me, i lost interest from the 35th minute.

It would have been OK if they had not spent so much time "setting" up the movie with the poor dialog and acting, it bores a person to tears.

Awful dialogue, no story, just a monster, and entirely derivative.

So now the hype has died down and finally I've seen the film and all I can say is that I'm relieved I didn't rush out to see it because after spending barely seventy minutes on the film, all I really have to say about it is that it's boring!

No plot, no reason behind what happened, no conclusion.

There is a kind of death wish feel to this like you were standing on the edge of a cliff and wanting to jump off.

There was no plot to speak of, no reason for the beast, and no reason why it was in New York?

It worked in this film and not that Godzilla movie in 2014 because we already knew what Godzilla was, so keeping him in the shadows the entire movie is pointless, other than to save on the budget.

If one is bored, this is one of the movies to watch.

There are so many amateur aspects to this movie: Tiresome hand held video, bouncing in every scene.

I was immersed into this event and scream out loud every time something happened.

Having whipped up a burden of expectation with one of the most intriguing, effective and inventive marketing campaigns for many years, "Cloverfield" then does more to build up the tension by starting off with some of the most annoying characters for many years.

Here on Planet Earth, all I saw was an incredibly dull and poorly made rehash of a Godzilla movie.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

This is when the adrenaline begins to rise.

But other than this fact it was an immensely entertaining film!

Any first year film student could easily make a movie as compelling as this one.

I think Cloverfield is a good movie that kept me on the edge of my seat all the way.

All in all, I'd say it has a decent story-line and is worth watching if you have a nice HD TV.

82 minutes waste of time!

Cloverfield yearns to be something new and exciting, and I was disappointed with the full package.

I thought the camera use was pointless, the 9/11 type sense a blatant attempt to try and evoke those thoughts and memories when it really did not pull it off as good as Godzilla does for japan.

A total waste of time.

Awful ending, awful story, there is really no story in it.

Overrated, pretentious artsy-like project that shouldn't have been greenlighted from the start...

Intense and Thrilling .

It was totally engrossing and fast paced.

I just saw Cloverfield, and I will start off by saying that it is the most intense thrill ride you will ever have.

Unwatchable .

Equally predictable, the nasty foot-soldiers it drops look like big spiders – contact with which will make you feel ill and eventually reduce you to an Alien-plagiarism.

Touching upon real life horror, plus creating characters that we can relate to and care about, and assaulting our senses with incredible sights and sounds leads to entertainment worth watching many times over.

Cloverfield 6/10 The opening twenty minutes of the film might hold the dullest scenes in any movie I've seen.

The most intense Monster film I have ever seen.

My guess is that they were put there to "flesh out" the characters, but apart from being mind-numbingly boring, all they succeed in doing is to irritate.

It succeeds in setting a relaxed atmosphere, and lulls the viewer into a state of comfort, and provides just enough light emotional interest that the sudden twist really does come as an unwelcome intrusion.

It's also a pulse-pounding ride through a devastated cityscape as seen through the eyes of the principal cast and while the introduction is a tad slow, once things kick off, they don't let up until the finale.

I understand that it was specially filmed this way, but for my own eyes it appeared to be unbearable.

Unlike Alien where the glimpses of the creature built to a stunning finale, when you get to see it then, oh dear, a bit of a let down.

Though, I did find the movie a bit boring, despite it was trying so hard to be frantic and portray a feeling of a great urgency.

Well, that plus it's painfully slow start makes getting into it, well, let's just say I'm glad the phone rang right as I started watching the movie.

An Absolutely Thrilling and Brilliant Film.

While you could compare it to something such as godzilla or other monster films, this is quite an intriguing film because the first twenty minutes or so everything seems so normal that you get drawn more into the narrative and then you get the unexpected shaking with an earthquake and a whole lot of other events that are never explained to us the reason for its cause, so the characters are just as confused as us.

It's always the extraordinary in the mundane, the ordinary.

For the first, maybe, 20 minutes or so, the only eventful happenings are rather dull, and only loosely connected with the main flow and story of the movie.

" Their is no plot, subplot, or other, the characters are as shallow as the movie's concept and the theme is tired and redundant.

I watched this film a few weeks back and all i'm going to say is that this is such a poor, uninteresting film.

And why do we have to write 10 lines IMDb, because I cannot be bothered to waste my time dissecting this film, I just wanted to rant!

The slow reveal of the monster leaves viewers paying attention almost always.

In the beginning you see some lamers at a party (it takes about 20 minutes, and you're already bored out of your mind), and then, for the rest of the movie, you see people running.

Odette Yustman and Lizza Caplan are simply stunning.

Boring, Manipulative, Unconvincing, and Dull .

The movie absolutely have no story line and only features a bunch of stupid teenagers wondering around New York City.

I know five year old kids who would find this a bore fest.

Cloverfield is an engaging, intense and thrilling ride that takes about ten minutes to introduce our characters and set up the relationships between them before kicking off the chaos and never letting up throughout the remainder of the film.

Overall, Cloverfield is filled with people pretending to be actors, A boring story with little or no explanation of much of anything, and one indestructible video camera.

I realize that it's a cliché when I say that this movie could and should have been SO much better.

Don't waste your time or heaven forbid you paid to see this.

I understand the whole gimmick of having a hand held camera capture all the action but the screenplay gives us four rather bland characters and none of them are more interesting than the actual monster and destruction of the city.

A thoroughly predictable rampaging monster sci-fi.

I was on the edge of my seat most of the time and the total running time of 80 minutes was perfect for this flick.

I personally enjoyed the entire movie-- I found it scary, thrilling, funny at times, and thought-provoking.

The film starts off quite boring and remains so for approximately twenty minutes.

For the love of god, save your money 3/10

'Cloverfield' is a smart and engaging found-footage monster horror that will keep its viewers on edge.

These clips are irrelevant and inopportune; therefore, they produce confusion.

Yes, there were questions all along but that made it even more suspenseful and intense.

The monsters and the special effects are cliché, the production is average, and view point annoying.

So its a exciting to see up and rising great actors/actresses.

What a waste of time and money.

Cloverfield is a very interesting film, the idea of ​​using the Found style footage was seen in the movie Blair Witch , more documentary style works well in this film , the idea we not see well the monster gets too tense, the director Matt Reeves hit full in this film , the script is simple , even more so works very well , the first act is slow more is needed , the cast works , the acting is good the media, no one compromises the film, the production is very well done , the last few minutes are very tense and full of questions , has great moments , some are kind of boring , the dialogue is not quite the strength of the film, Cloverfield is a cool movie , full of good times , it is one of the best Found footage films.

Even though the movie by itself lacks a lot of originality, the documentary style perspective really draws you in and makes all the movie's used elements seem serious and engaging.

When it comes down to the classical Monster Movies, such as "Godzilla" and "King Kong", "Cloverfield" deserves an extreme appreciation for its adaptation of a cliché subject(giant monster attacking a city, and it can not be stopped) into a masterpiece of suspense because of its "borrowed" idea from "The Blair Witch" project.

Waste of time movie.

It's also a very intense movie that grabs your interest near the beginning, seeing how the characters act before the Clover attacks New York City.

It was intense and exciting.

wee "But thank god they died, just wish it happened earlier before all the traded comments" So Cloverfield is a weak and boring movie and the first person view really makes you feel like you are in the middle of bad soap opera that u can' avoid.

Good: It is tense (especially the scene in the subway) It is quite scary (girl who get's bitten) Special effects are awesome (Brooklyn Bridge getting smashed up) Acting is pretty good Bad: The characters are lifeless and boring.

Very Intense.

Before the movie begins it will come to an end, yet it still had some great visual effects, it was suspenseful and it was unique, a type of movie that you probably have never seen before.


This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life!

I say this because there is no real plot, no characters, no story, put it another way if you were to convert this film to the theatre it would consist of an hour and a half of 4 people standing on the edge of the stage screaming at the audience.

So often these scene-setters are pretty dull, and Cloverfield's is no exception, save for a couple of funny moments and the introduction of Marlena.

Just like Blair Witch - another boring no-brainer) It takes ages to get to the action, the party scene a complete snoozer ,,, And when something *finally* does happen, you're wondering if it's aliens, terrorists or monsters (I was hoping for something more original).

Really enjoyable .

Now, just to make this clear, I'm not saying the sun rises and falls with this movie, I'm saying I think it's well made, has a great and engaging plot line, and likable characters that you can root for- which, I believe, is what anyone would want from a film; "Cloverfield" does exactly what any good film should do: it entertains the audience.

Beginning of the movie seems to me quite fascinating as I'm not familiar with the movies which were shown as if they were recorded like a home movie.

The special effects are mind blowing and the film fortunately doesn't destroy itself by using typical clichés like we have seen in so many other comparable movies.

Since there is a premium on audience fear,confusion and apprehension in any scary film,the objective of the filmmaker is to make that fear roundly and emotionally real.

This is a massively entertaining, thoroughly enjoyable thrill ride that seeps innovation and free thinking from its every pore.

I just obtained this movie from the local library, so it cost me nothing but some gas to pick it up and return it, but it sure was a waste of my time.


The action was intense.

Nothing is cheesy, nothing is bad, everything is thrilling to the bone.

the rest of the movie was a waste of time.

No plot, no action, camcorder all the way through.

I allocated time this film until it is finished but it is waste of time.

Hardly any decent monster action, simply boring characters and neutral plot with no surprises.

Story-wise, it was fun to watch but if it was supposed to be "thrilling" or "scary" it wasn't.

the most monster movie as i known can easily predicted how the story goes, but i think 'Cloverfield' is made audience wondering how the story end, because in a panic situation, the unpredictable thing brutality attack new york in the middle of the night.

He created a sense of confusion, claustrophobia, panic and excitement in a clever, creative way.

In conclusion, I would rather watch paint dry.

i also just did not find the movie exciting,or even engaging.

Such a waste of time .

What a waste of time and money .

All these doubts prevented me from going to a theater, and so I only rented "Cloverfield" on a particularly dull evening.

Let me put this as simple as I can:I just saw the movie, spent enjoyable 1 1/2 hours (or so), it was good.

Why on earth do we have to wade through bits and pieces of somebody's life and then go to some completely uninteresting party for some character who never shows up?

After a few minutes the camera work stopped being obtrusive and just became another element in the whole exciting movie experience.

Though it is the first movie (from what I have seen) that they presented it from a victim's point of view, the plot was slow and not understandable, such has how the monster got there, and why did people burst from a bite from a parasite?

Also the awful & incredibly predictable scare when the monster hits the helicopter?

It was entertaining and thats all you can ask for in movie like this.

I cannot be, of course, considered an expert in cinematography, but from my POV it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The movie was pretty funny considering it is an intense apocalyptic movie probably because of Hud.

If one can stomach the overactive camera work (a bone of contention for many who've seen it), "Cloverfield" does manage to be a solidly enjoyable thriller.

Really cool and creative entertaining movie.

Don't waste your money on this one.

I could feel the emotions and the adrenaline almost as if I was there.

The story is entertaining and fits well within the framework of the film.

In the beginning, we're presented for about half an hour some sort of introduction, or better said a series of irrelevant and boring events, which were supposed to present the characters, their relations and their feelings.

There is a complete absence of macho men and women trying to be heroes; instead the people are real, expressing their fears panic and confusion just like you and I.

Ho hum.

85 minutes are enough for a sickening motion picture with little to no story and lots of illogical elements.

Abrams co-produced work was a tremendous success in the spring box office at its time and astutely centers on a firsthand POV of a group of average Joes, facing an unknown monster ravaging Manhattan, in order to keep the DV on the spot, leading by a tacky individual heroism, four friends goes back into the danger zone to rescue another friend in the name of love, clearly casualties are inevitable, but the viscerally thrilling involvement is the chief payoff owing to the vivid participation out of the shaky disturbance along the entire excursion, say the night vision adventure in the metro tunnel is a highlight.

Massive coincidences ensure this feels more clunky and obvious than it should and, outside of the most intense scenes, you do feel it.

The adrenaline, the special effects are so realistic.

If one can stomach(Literally and figuratively)the bouncy,disjointed and shaky filming process--which seems fairly credible given the circumstances--then the movie's creators have done a fantastic that said viewer will be impressed.

The first-person camera did make me queasy for a bit, but the film was still enjoyable.

To be honest, I found that whole thing a bore (and some of the rather unimportant material introduced in that opening kept seeping into the rest of the movie unfortunately) but once the monster is introduced (by way of what seemed to be a sort of earthquake that rattled everything and even made me jump) it becomes a very entertaining and at times rather frightening movie.

We also saw a lot of good humor during the slow scenes, which kept me in good spirits.

Yes, I sat through the whole thing, but it was a complete waste of an hour and a half of my life.

disjointed, which was the point.

But yeah cloverfield worth watching.

Other than that a really interesting, tense and entertaining movie - at least for fans of Godzilla vs.

This movie is definitely worth watching and hopefully you're not put off by the camera holder like I was.

Anyway, Cloverfield is very exciting and the special effects are fantastic.

This is just another movie in a long line of movies that have been horrible lately but this one definitely takes the cake for worst movie of the year in my opinion.

This movie was such a waste of time.

I like a movie where we have to make up our own minds and having all that intensity during the monster attack was a great adrenaline rush {the helicopter crash was the best part for this, it works even on the small screen for me}.

One word: Breathtaking .

A really absorbing movie .

The story line was slow and long then it was over.


Despite the stylistic similarities to the much more engaging "The Blair Witch Project," this marketing monster just doesn't have the same legs.

The difference here is that "Cloverfield" isn't about awing audiences with tremendous special effects, but locking them into a thrilling point of view.

Overall it was a very thrilling, exciting and entertaining movie and you just don't know what's going to happen next.

I loved the film thoroughly, though the staring was a bit dull and gloomy.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a while.

Nauseating, but still engaging.

It's both boring and scary at the same time, even though such thing should not be possible.

Pointless and poor .

A huge waste of time.

People that fault this film on the basis of shallow characters or lack of plot are missing out.

This makes the film much more gripping and psychologically tense than other films of the genre.

It's the most awful, boring time you ever have to spend.

This was painfully boring and didn't really tell us much.

But there must have been people like me in that 75% who stayed because they enjoyed it.

The cinematography itself is intense, but interesting - some may find it hard on the eyes, but it does offer the viewer a unique firsthand experience of a monster attack and I highly recommend it.

It was well filmed and the scenes were exciting and easy to see.

Its engaging and very entertaining.

Afterwards we slip into the regular Hollywood action/thriller movie with predictable plot and mediocre acting.

It's been a while since I've watched a Horror film that felt like it ended too soon for me (not because it did, but because I enjoyed it so much).

The worst movie ever!

its too predictable.

Confusion gives way to panic as the partygoers stumble through the blackout and into the streets.

Following ,it was really cool that people encounter each other in confusion.

A thoroughly good watch, some genuine jump-in-the-seat moments, enough cleverness and allusions for the movie geeks amongst us and just plain enjoyable, which is rare enough in any year.

They're so dumb, so annoying, so damn pointless.

'Cloverfield' is boldly portrayed, tensely gripping and since its release in 2008 has been a monster movie unrivaled (arguably until Abrams returned with 'Super 8' in 2011).

This was an absolutely thrilling and truly terrifying ride!

This movie has to be taken as an entertaining affair, extremely hard filmed and not for those who are easy to faint.

It was actually scary and quite intense, it is a faced paced movie not an excruciating and long horror movie of some creepy baby attempting to murder someone for two hours.

Like I mentioned earlier, characters are just as bland as a plain yogurt you can find at your nearest grocery store, with the addition of being total unlikable d-bags.


But instead i was faced with a terrible story, 'ohh i must save my girlfriend from the rampaging monster, and get us both killed in the end underneath a bridge'And the choice of filming, where do i start, it was in all sense of the word, BORING, i didn't feel as if i was there at all, it was just like a terrible home movie, like the ones of that party you had when you were five years old.

The major player here is the cinematography, its point of view vision which we're confined to so that we become immersed into the devastating chaos that the survivors finds themselves in.

Overall, it's very well done, definitely draws you in after that slow start and maintains the atmosphere of panic all the way through.

I know the filmmakers wanted to make a unique film that captures the tension and atmosphere of the people with the camcorder's viewpoint; however, this film did have several flaws: The story was confusing to follow - just a lot of mishmash and running around; the character developments were non-existent; visual effects were bad (you can hardly see the monster); and the acting was below average.

And then the chick Marlena who Hud likes (Hud is the one with the camera(and he is like serious friends with Rob (Hud is like so funny, man, because he's like slow and dumb!

The director seemed intent on doing every stupid cliché about people filming themselves.


Instead of the smooth almost creamy give away aspect of computer generated images, Cloverfield uses the technology brilliantly and the special effects it's artists create are mind boggling.

I LOVED how all these unexpected events kept happening throughout the movie making it so exciting and so eager to see what was gonna happen next.

it seemed more of a thrill ride with a slow beginning, a few spots of excitement, a slow ending.

It really is an enjoyable, well made, original piece of cinema that I will never forget.

Okay, this doesn't have to be Hostel, and I understand the producers desire to make it PG, but then JJ Abrahms said he wanted to make a thrilling, exciting monster-movie.

I found it incredibly dull on first viewing.

After a while I forgot that the movie was shot differently to the norm as I was so immersed in the chaos and terror of what was happening.

Fantastic acting with realism that makes this movie Gripping and very Intense.

No plot.

That's a big fat "NO", in my humble opinion, because all I saw was an overlong (at barely 85 minutes, can you imagine), preposterous and pretentious blockbuster with very few redeeming qualities.

There are scary, exciting and enthralling moments throughout.

The monster was awesome, and the special effects were amazing for a budget of only 25 million, and Cloverfield also had some really effective moments that were genuinely emotional and gripping scenes.

I'm convinced that's all it would have taken to be a really watchable and much more enjoyable film...

Interesting and thrilling.

The entire film was predictable and every scene was called in advance.

I do have to admit that the overall monster presence was pretty thrilling, reminding you of a Godzilla-like creature.

The film opens and we are lulled into a sense of security and the mundane as we explore the lives of our main characters, a relatively well off bunch of normal American 20 somethings.

To me it seems like Manhattan got empty of people rather quickly.

The characters in the film were boring and not interesting.

The characters were boring and lifeless and I'd have rather the monster gotten hold of a steady cam and run amok with it, us getting his viewpoint of the action.

Waste of time .

Truly Brilliant Technical Film-making Applied To A Usually Dull Class Of American Cinema .

These factors really make this movie exciting and intense.

Only two words suit this movie: "thrilling" and "unique".

I hope my review has persuaded you to watch this movie I very much enjoyed it and you probably will too.

Plus, the storyline was so bland that it would seem the movie was primarily for showcasing the impressive graphics and simulation technologies at the time.

Particularly when the surviving members of the group randomly come across a white horse and cart causally making its own way across now deserted streets, only in such a stunning journey of pandemonium and brutal violence would witnessing a white horse and cart become a disturbing absurdity.

Shocking camera work for one round the entire movie with that alone but the fact that the characters just get on your nerves, there is no real plot, no answers as to what the "thing" is or wants and the stupid things the characters constant do and say is just beyond a joke.

To me, it was sort of a waste of time.

Watching a giant monster destroy a skyscraper is enjoyable as a mindless spectacle.

This movie starts out so slow, I'm looking at my watch and thinking, "Okay, I get it, a kid with a camcorder!

I found it to be very entertaining, for both dramatic effect as well as action.

I did not find them annoying, but I thought they were bland.

First, camera work aside, it is a fresh, engaging, well-done creature feature.

What brought me to "Cloverfield" was the most compelling TV trailer I'd seen since "A Fistful of Dollars," over 40 years ago.

I hope the sequel of this movie is already on Matt reeves mind and launch in 2009..and more SHOCKING and SHOCKING UNPREDICTABLE !!!

This keeps us on the edge of our seats until the big payoff.

Ultimately, however, the exploits of those who attempted to unravel this enigma seemed more entertaining and fulfilling than the film itself.

The most thrilling and horrifying film ever made since 'Donnie Darko'.

He is also just as bland as either of them.

Godzilla meets Blair Witch and continues to bore some more .

Cloverfield is probably the most intense monster film I've seen and keeps you right at the edge of you seats with several HOLY CRAP moments.

One the most entertaining cam coder found footage films of all time .

An original, fun, intense, brilliant experience.

boring stupid horrible crap, people yelling and screaming and the guy is really going to really keep filming this whole thing?

It's just so much rubbish, and perhaps one of the worst movies I've ever had the displeasure to see.

There was a lot of completely pointless 'background' setup which could have been cut so easily and the plot brought more swiftly to conclusion.

And when the it does attack, it is as exciting and intense as it can be.

but for today's audience a monster movie is more of a cliché, corny spectacle rather than a truly scary experience.

A well done film, but slow to start .

This is because Cloverfield coats itself in the banality of an authentic home-movie like a seal coats itself in the Arctic Ocean.

The Alternate endings were just as boring as the original ending of the movie.

Now don't get me wrong, it was pretty intense, and defiantly new way of looking through the ideas of if there was a giant monster terrorizing a major city, this is what you would be like if you were in the mess, and lived that long through it, while trying to save a love interest/friend.

I was fully immersed in the action, and I surely enjoyed myself.

This is by far the worst movie I've ever seen.

The special effects were excellent, the characters were pretty believable (despite several disappointing, cheezy lines), and the experience itself was totally thrilling.

It was a fairly standard monster movie whose central conceit, while compelling in theory, fell into so may traps as a result of that conceit it became frustrating.

This movie makes my top ten list of the worst movies ever made.

This was by far the most exciting movie that took an event in life and showed how monstrous it was.

1) 75mins - JOKE 2) "shaken" camera - JOKE 3) stupid and predictable plot - JOKE 4) copy of Blairwitch, Starship troopers, Mist and Aliens - JOKEActually this movie ends right at the moment I was expecting it to begin!

moreover, "Lost" getting boring as hell shed a dim light on the whole J.

Waste of time .

A complete waste of time in the end.

Pretentious Pap .

Intense .

a really bad, boring home movie.

the attack is completely uninteresting ...

Most of the movie was boring, like watching a home film movie without any editing.

Finally the nice unexpected gem: the acting.

I wanted to turn it off sooo many times it isn't even funny.

Primarily I have no complete idea of what would be the central cause of the stories major conflict, it was indeed exciting and makes you sit still on your couch and expect the unexpected.

After watching it on DVD I must say that the film was nearly worth the money spent (paying 10,- to 20,- Euro for a DVD is a lot anyway) and after a long initial farewell party the monster proved to be quite entertaining until the end, and yes, it's a bit strange that the camera keeps running after all "incidents".

It is telling that Director Matt Reeve's previous claim to fame was Under Siege 2 (straight to video) and writer Drw Goddards credentials revolve around being a producer on TV Bore fest "Lost".

No characters, no story, just a bunch of gobbledygook that tries, weakly, to pass for a movie.

There is simply no story!

The good thing about this banal ripoff is that it is never explained.

But here, the shaky camera made it even more intense.

Due to the above mentioned, the atmosphere is dull and not interesting, caring about the characters is out of the question while the finale simply can't do anything in terms of good.

I didn't mind the shaky camera business too much, but the whole exercise seemed rather pointless.

Also, although the film itself is not exactly mentally taxing, it has some fascinating trivia etc. which I would recommend reading after watching the film...

Abrams and writer Drew Goddard create a great horror flick that is surprisingly unpredictable and one of the tensest films I have seen in a while.

Overall, this is an intense film that fans of horror movies will like.

the Special effects where pretty good but all up the movie was something different and very entertaining

It is preposterous for any consumer camcorder to endure past a 300-foot drop as it eventually does here, but nevertheless this technical device does so many wonders for this riveting monster film.

The 'found footage' aspect gave the special effects a more realistic and intense feel to it, which I loved.

An Intense Ride.

Worst movie of the century .

It has a terrible plot, awful characters that you couldn't give a toss about, wooden acting of the "scream and run" variety, takes an interminable 30 mins to get going (said 30 mins taken up with incredibly boring scenes from a farewell party for upwardly mobile brats - out of frustration I fast forwarded to the good bits) and has an annoying shaky cam for the entire duration.

I don't feel qualified to either criticise or applaud this movie (except, perhaps, to say that the "pre-monster" footage is way too long) so I'm not going to either encourage anyone to watch it nor am I going to warn them not to.

It ranked among the worst movies I have ever seen.

Sorry my opinion about this movie is simple, this movie sucks and don't waste your time like I did, granted I didn't have any thing better to do.

After the initial 15 mins or so of characterisation, this movie is utterly gripping .

It's suspenseful and scary, and a must watch for EVERYONE!

He put a video camera in the hands of one of his rather uninteresting yuppie characters and pretended that the whole film is a documentary starting with a good-bye party in Manhattan and continuing with a monster attack that plunges into pure horror, sometimes looking painfully similar to the amateur shots of the terror attacks on 9/11.

Director Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard took something that should have been terrible, but gave it enough style and substance to make it a fun and entertaining thriller.

For example Rob Hawkins(whose name I had to look up since he was so boring I forgot), makes it his mission to find some girl whose his girlfriend or sister (I really don't know), whose in trouble at her house.

Each is expendable, however painstakingly they are established and it's this anti-Hollywood, anti-cliché attitude towards a very Hollywood idea that gives Cloverfield it's uniqueness and entertainment value.

20 minutes into the movie - we get something happening, until then it's just shitty camera work, uninteresting plot buildup, no character development - not even bad character development.

Presented as the footage of a cameraman who comes to a nasty end, film has its moments, and some effective sequences, but dramatically it is confusing and unsatisfying, though there are some good ideas here, and an ironic closing scene.

Really, It is worth watching film...

in the top five for worst movies ever madei don't know what else to say other than stay away from this movie if you enjoy films and do not want to waste over an hour of your life like i did.

The first 10 or 15 minutes of this film are almost yawnsome, as an attempt at some character establishment takes place, but after that, the film is non-stop heart in the mouth slap my face seat gripping material.

The first twenty minutes started off well and then when it started to get intense I was so tense , I was on the edge of my chair in the cinema and so was everyone else.

Intense .

Everything starts with a celebration that goes downhill after the city collapses because of an unexpected and brutal attack that will leave deadly marks for the future of all the involved.

Very exciting and at the same time dramatic.

It also had a slow beginning.

Can there ever be anything more boring than movies of other peoples' parties?

Without a doubt, the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

I do also need escape, but escape becomes boring quickly.

The whole guy meets girl, guy loses girl, girl & guy get separated by monster attack, guy try's to save girl from monster attack thing is fine, but the story elements within it are quite cliché.

extremely boring .

Unfortunately due to the acting more than anything it doesn't always feel realistic, despite the visuals being stunning and very apocalyptic.

You can make a boring movie about anything....

From the camera surviving a nuke, to the cliché lines, the statue of liberty surviving being used as a bowling ball by a monster, a helicopter crashing and only the main characters surviving (of course the soldiers die and the idiots survive?

Madness and horror surrounds this strange beast from the depths, no one can tell what it looks like, what it is, it's an unspeakable horror going on a furious rampage on the city and if you're a Lovecraft fan, I'm sure it'll sound familiar and exciting for you.

Jason was also boring and when he dies, probably one of the best scenes.

In many ways, Cloverfield is brilliant, becoming on of the most intense monster movies I've ever seen, without the use of these grandiose cinematics and overblown action.

Sure, Manhattan has its share of young party-goers, but now we know all New Yorkers are in their 20s, allowing a photogenic cast (whose characters lead boring lives and are annoying enough to have you hoping they die deaths that are as excruciatingly painful as their farewell party -- an exercise in human drabness -- that the film opened with).

It's been a while since I watched a movie and wanted to leave halfway through and because I decided to finish it, I had a headache from the "Blair Witch" shaky camera view.

I felt as though the characters were normal people, and not heroes; that helps the film, I think, to refrain from being predictable.

The initial strike launches us into the same confusion, desperation, and disorientation that 9/11 did to us, and it's a film like this that proves how fresh those terrible memories still are.

This has to one of the worst movies I have ever had the great misfortune to watch.

It makes for quite compelling viewing.

Boring .

that is what makes the movie more exciting and scary.

But ,despite all the uncertainties , it is a movie that worth watching.

The hand-held thing makes the movie very intense.

Waste of money.

I found it unique and enjoyed it, made me feel like i was right there with them at moments into the movie.

It's thrilling, tense, and runs for just as long as it needs to.

The main characters are so boring, annoying or moronic (or all three) that you may well be rooting for the monster to chomp them in half.

The worst movie ever!

Really well made, I really enjoyed it.

Please save your time and money, and even if it is free save your money and stay away from this clunker.

By the end of the movie I thought they had all showed some unexpected sterling qualities.

;)Don't waste your money or time on this uber-moronic, un-intelligent piece of over-hyped crud.

perhaps the very worst movie ever made, including in the future .

If you have not watched this movie, Please don't waste your time.

Save your money and buy something really frightening instead of this bore.

I expected to see astonishing monster action with exciting plot twists, unique characters and overall great plot.

it's boring).

23 or so minutes of uninteresting film.


in a word - Predictable .

Very intense, very disturbing.

Unfortunately it was let down due to the appallingly formulaic, and apparently deliberate unoriginality of writing.

His agenda takes an unexpected turn when a jolt shakes the revelers.

It is just a waste of time.

A "Godzilla meets Blair Witch" waste of time .

Fresh, intense, and exciting all around....

Furthermore, there isn't a disaster movie-stereotype to be had, each of them is a genuine human being and their fear, confusion and desperation is only too real in this post-9/11 world.

And that nothing was happening to a bunch of shallow, dull characters, all recorded by a guy, whose personality would make even Gandhi beat him.

Yet, you left the theater without a major let down.

But I forgave all this, despite the problems, this is thrilling stuff.

Then, why waste almost twenty minutes setting up normalcy before things go crazy when Mr. Spielberg used half the time and been twice as convincing with E.

Plot: A number of the most low-IQ, shallow, uninteresting characters in the history of fictional constructs have a video camera when ooooh, a monster, descends on the city.

The scriptwriter was clearly at the top of his game, the snappy dialogue keeps the plot moving at a good pace, and the set pieces in the film were genius.

This movie had the point of view of a video camera, so it is disjointed.

i wasn't disappointed, but rather bored.

There was absolutely no plot to this movie.

Think of the hordes of people walking around recording mundane events with their cell phones, or the thousands of people who visit sporting events, ceremonies and music performances, eyes affixed to their tiny camcorder or phone screens rather than the event itself.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Of the thousands of films I have sat through this is the second in my life I walked out of- JUST because of the camera-not the movie.

The action is intense and not lazily filmed, you are never bored, and thanks to the Cabin in the Woods writer/director, has some humor in it as well.

Not worth the hype, but entertaining all the same.

(And on the edge of throwing up) despite the taping looking like a little kid running around with a camera, it was interesting.

What A Thrilling Ride.

Don't waste your time.

Their is no plot, shaky camera, and the actors are horrible.

The dialog was interesting, the acting even I can say I liked, but the story is empty, devoid of any true depth and very predictable.

The beginning is SLOW .. so be prepared for that.

The topic was absolutely unclear for the first part of the movie, which got boring after a while and had to fast forward, and then the second half was just annoying.

To sum up, this is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's now one of my favourite films.

This has an obvious implausibility in that it is unrealistic that any person would willingly hold a camcorder throughout the ordeal but if you can forget this, its rather thrilling.

During a lull in the film's questionable dialog, the effects of the sustained assault on the senses and fatigue from the raw terror are spoken in one glazed look at Hud.

We are watching what seems a rather tedious party, when we hear noises - are they explosions?

what a waste of money we thought!?!?

An extremely enjoyable and tense affair .

It's an intense action movie with humor, horror and romance?

Well I just want to recommend it to all of u guys out there who love breathtaking effects and like a little kick in their movies...

I found it fast moving, occasionally heart breaking, and exciting, and it's something I would probably watch again.


The party itself at the begging was most likely expected to do that, for example by introducing the "secret" love theme, but I found myself yawning many times and looking around, because there was absolutely nothing real happening on the screen.

What a waste of time!

Dizzy and Confusing.

Complete waste of my time, and more importantly I'm sick of this kind of nonsense.

Unwatchable .

However,except for this way, this film is generally good and it is worth watching.

it sucks you into its plot and makes you totally immersed.

Boring and scary could have been a lot better .

Not really, for the rest of the movie we see the pointless search for their friends.

Abrams is a great creator and producer, and Cloverfield is something to make him proud of his success because he used a very low budget (25mil) to produce something intense in a so high level that Spielberg should feel ashame.

It starts with a boring and seemingly overlong party.

" to carting off Marlena to the burst to Rob and co being dragged off else where.

At the beginning I was bored a bit.

There is no story at all worth mentioning, if you've seen the trailer then you've seen everything that happens in the film already.

Still it's definitely a film worth watching.

Anyway, We enjoyed it and I think it's really a haste movie, intense enough and quite spectacular.

Super intense creature feature .

Except for that it's a damn good movie, mysterious, intense, fast, nice, etc...

Where another film would go for the gore and the jumps throughout, Cloverfield tempers its shocks with long periods of darkness, confusion and character development, letting us draw our own lines and conclusions.

Not bad, nice sound effects, acting administers the scenario may be called a movie worth watching.

Worst movie ever.

It was bored to death because of the characters and action.

This, aside from an exciting view of events and a more immediate sense of danger to the characters, creates a fresh view on a disaster movie (so unlike films like Godzilla, you aren't just following some stereotypical science nerd explaining where the monster comes from, followed by some stereotypical army dude trying to blow the thing up).

Pointless story poor characterisation no point to telling this story after watching it I felt cheated oh why did I not turn off earlier?

I know that this wasn't a great treatise on human nature, but it was executed with humour and the leads were suitably bland in a way that we didn't feel bad laughing at them.

The problem with this movie is that it's BORING.

However I could be biased on this review to because while in the theater I endured one of the worst movie experiences of my life.

I have been a fan of films such as 'Host' - for its cinematography and rolling shots combined with CGI as much as 'the thing' which relied completely on animatronics, then the psychological suggestive nature of 'Blair Witch', yet all these films create a cult of their own because they're unique - they manage to tap into a 'feeling' that involves you and offers up a new exciting dish to explore.

This movie has absolutely no plot/ dialogue what so ever.

I'd say the chances of coming up with anything even half as entertaining as 'Cloverfield' is about nil.

There was no plot.

Add to that the moron and his comments from behind the camera, discussing tramps being set on fire in the subway, it was all so formulaic I'm surprised the studio let them get away with it.

The film is short enough not to become boring - it keeps your attention, whilst at the same time thrilling and scaring you.

Cloverfield kept me on the edge of my seat at all times and I wasn't bored once.

Right, no, she'll be able to run and physically keep up with the rest of her friends, as though nothing happened.

Cloverfield is an exciting, engaging and humorous film which I really love and would recommend to everyone.

The pacing is what makes this film- I remember watching for the first 20 minutes nothing happens and then once the carnage begins it's a roller coaster.

It can be the best description of 'waste of time' in a dictionary.

The party which seems to be enjoyable and humorous is dropped out with an explosion like an earthquake and the electricity is cut.

I found it to be very predictable and reminiscent of any no name kid fresh out of Film School; no finesse.

It's all shot from the point of view of one of a group of (rather tedious) party guests, who tasks himself with capturing events as they occur on a camcorder.

In some sequences the camera appears to be running as it is being dragged along the ground.

A very poor script, which seemed to be "Oh My God, Oh My God" ad nauseum, or, at least ad boredom.

The shaking, hand held camera did little to enhance the "realism" of the story, probably because the dialog was so contrived and repetitive.

The opening is not too slow like a lot of films, the plot is simple but entertaining.

boring.. .

It was boring, annoying and the characters were stupid.

The opening scenes are unbearable: constantly moving, badly framed, hand-held camera work sure to make many cinema goers motion sick.

The characters themselves were bland with no personalities, they weren't likable, nor interesting.

This is the most compelling and original fantasy/SF/action movie of 2008.

because it is the key element of this film that makes it as thrilling as it is.

I was very disappointed by the bad acting, complete lack of storyline, and the fact that after a while, you just do not care what happens the characters.

People in NY being caught up in a sudden unexpected attack - check.

The Blair Witch style handy cam approach lends quite a bit of realism, and the destroyed city was portrayed to stunning effect.

Nevertheless, I regret to say that it is waste of money.

It's what kept the movie completely unexpected for me.

The first 17 minutes of this movie are excruciatingly dull.

too much praise but too little entertainment don't waste your time with it.

Kept me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole movie.

This movie is very enjoyable and done with a brain and a heart.

instead of yawning after 20 minutes, as i did when watching Blaire witch, i had to stop myself from looking like a complete retard.

Cloverfield- the worst movie of my lifetime .

Immersed in the crazy action.

This movie was a waste of time , i cant describe how disappointed i was when it ended like crap and had no sense of point in the movie.

Don't waste your time or money on this one.

It was probably the worst movie I saw.

Complete waste of your time, don't consider this as a film which is in anyway thrilling.

One of the most enjoyable movie going experiences I've had in a long while.

Don't waste your time - the Internet hype is the only reason this film was financially successful.

Sound boring?

Mildly Entertaining .

Abrams, Drew Goddard and Matt Reeves, respectively, offer up are so cliché as to make even the monster's spider-like spawn cringe.

Spoilers Boring because of the characters and action.

While watching the film you feel immersed in the action and it really is a good survival guide for disasters, so long as you're single.

Yes we keep bound up on our chairs and thrilled watching that appalling escape of the youngsters through New York while a monster is attacking the city and giant spiders attack the fugitives to bite them.. All is filmed supposedly by the portable camera of Hud, one of them, that's why the thrilling images go up and down all the time.

But if we ignore those aspects a little bit while watching the movie you have a very enjoyable monster feature.

What I liked about this movie so much was that it was just the camera, a few people, and some monsters, and it was gripping stuff.

What a waste of time!

Those who know that they do not like seeing monsters or some other kinds of creatures should not watch that one because you will probably get bored till movie ends.

By the fourth and fifth time however, i was starting to get bored.

However, when I first saw this movie in 2008 I enjoyed it.

lets turn it back to the pointless other 2 people and film them walking down a slope instead, what would have really made the scene there would have been if the slope had given way and they fell to their deaths at least then they could have ended the film a bit earlier, with all the hype this film got and the rather teasingly good TV trailers it was a huge disappointment so all in all i,m giving this a 2 and believe me that is a generous 2

waste of time .

The writers attempted to have some character development, but it never really works, or for that case matters in a movie with such ordinary boring characters.

I do see myself rewatching the film sometime again as I enjoyed the setting, and the lore behind the Cloverfield universe is quite intriguing.

Overall cheesy, boring, and extremely predictable.

Mostly it's accompanied by a lot of noise and screaming people, making it all confusing and pointless.

It is worth a watch and its pretty entertaining.

The pacing is what makes this film- I remember watching for the first 20 minutes nothing happens and then once the carnage begins it's a roller coaster.

We are treated to a tiresome, hedonistic party of young people, getting highly sexed and pretty drunk, quibbling about their shallow little lives.

That very day I saw it, I was on the edge of my seat and felt like I was on a nonstop roller-coaster.

I don,t believe that this movie got 7.1 , it does not have any qualification as a good movie, No story , what is the story of this movie??

Cloverfield is without doubt one of the strangest films around, and gives a very particular perspective, but it is incredibly annoying and, from my perspective, boring.

A TV-spot for toilet paper is more exciting.

Its scary,its thrilling, and its a must watch for people who love Real life action/ horror flicks.

What a waste of time and money.

Take a worn-out premise, give it a modern spin and make it just as scary and exciting for today's audiences.

Transformers, another CGI wonder, was completely unwatchable for the exact same reason.

this film isn't perfect, the obvious flaws are the pretty boring, elongated beginning of the movie.

Where it's not happening is New York, in a party - which is like one of those New York parties you've heard about filled with exciting intelligent people who have interesting, insightful things to say, except that it's not.

The total absence of a music score and the expert use of a shaky hand-held portable camera give this picture a bracing, riveting, and above all extremely harrowing sense of immediacy and intimacy that basically puts the viewer in the thick of the terrifying action just like the hapless people in the movie; the acute feeling of blind panic and complete chaos is frighteningly well captured.

Anyway, they're all huddled together at a dull 'leaving party' when all of a sudden; Manhattan is shaken by an "earthquake".

What brought me to "Cloverfield," was not that it was an over-hyped, star-studded extravaganza, with a compelling storyline.

This movie was really thrilling.

Congratulations to JJ Abrhams and his entire crew for making cinema exciting again.

The location of this film and the confusing circumstances are not coincidental; Cloverfield is, in some big ways, a reference to the mass hysteria and uncertainty that the 9/11 terrorist attacks brought on the United States.

No story, no plot and terribly annoying characters and irritating camera gimmicks.

Uninteresting people, unless you are actually there at the party.

I watched this movie only once like when I was 14-15 and it was the most boring horror movie I've ever seen.

An very good, intense monster movie.

you've seen it all before the list could go on and on and you would agree once/if you watch this movie that it really was a waste of your hour and a half, definitely a waste of movie makers money, although i'm sure they made a buck on the hype.

But regardless, though, the movie is still mostly entertaining.

Terrible acting , poor camera work, Hard to follow never knew where it heading.

A total waste of money...

It's incredibly slow to get started, with no action until your 20 minutes into the film & that's where they jump the shark.

Now moving onto the budget of this film, it is an astonishing 25M, the last time I saw a film this action packed and well… realist (effects wise), was probably never, maybe The Matrix or District 9 (I saw District 9 before Cloverfield), although even then Cloverfield feels more real despite having a lower budget.

The romance and comedy are great blankets that keep you tucked from the horror of the monster(s) and everything else has you on the edge of your seat just wondering what will happen next.

worst movie I have ever seen.

For the first time in 17+ years I was on the edge of my seat inhaling when the windows blew in holding my breath as the dust settled twitching my leg as the distance between point A and B was being covered.

Lastly, this is one of the most engaging movies ever.

Despite this, the hand-held camera realism is enough to make it unique and well worth watching.

With the exception of the last 20 minutes of film, this movie is a complete waste of time.

This part is very boring and could not hold my interest.

straight up waste of money .

Unwatchable .

After the initial sequences, the film moves at a very quick pace, with plenty of action and some very suspenseful moments.

So, I found that this movie is interesting and fascinating.

They're paid enough money to entertain people, and all this film did was bore my cat to sleep and give me a dead foot!!

The movie was boring, watched the first 30 min and lost interest with other shiny things.

And here's what I saw: The movie starts off slow and fairly boring, main characters are introduced and its basically a home movie documenting Rob's going away party.

i had seen it at a run down movie theater with my ex girlfriend and two of her friends,and i was the only one that enjoyed it.

The result is partly unique, partly hilarious, very unexpected and 100% terrifying...

It takes this usually worn-put genre and makes it just as scary and as exciting as such classics as KING KONG, THEM!

That is why the dialogue is as banal at times as it is.

I mean what is the sense in having to slow a scene down frame by frame in super slow mo just to actually work out how a particular character dies???

Matt Reeves (the director) got it as close to realism as humanly possible with the movie still entertaining.

Realising the danger they rush downstairs into the street and are stunning when part of a very familiar monument crashes into the ground in front of them!

Boring and scary at the same time....

One of the most compelling things about this movie was the fact that you didn't get to see the 'thing' that was attacking New York City, for about half of the movie, this really kept you on the edge of your seat.

lots of great and intense scenes.

I felt that the first 15 minutes were just too long, bordering on boring and I nearly gave up watching because of this.

Cloverfield is an exciting film with a core idea that brilliantly succeeds: you really feel like your seeing an apocalyptic event take place.

About as intense as watching paint dry.

It was very long and very dull; also very pointless.

At only 80 odd minutes this moves along like a rocket & after the first fifteen minutes never lets up, I thought it was pretty gripping & intense & I liked the downbeat ending as well, far too many Hollywood films take the easy happy option.

The reason I say worst movie ever is because, did these people (director, producers, writers, etc.) not learn anything from "The Blair Witch Project" fiasco?

If you have not seen this film before, I do recommend it, it's an enjoyable monster movie which I'm sure you'll get a few kicks out of.

No plot,no high point ,no finish,no real story here.

After all the mundanity of a monster knocking over buildings, they dial it down to the level of boring chick-rescue movie, then dial it down further with the deplorable acting when we find the gf with a REBAR beam through her shoulder and in the next scenes, she is raising her arms as if there isn't a gaping wound through her torso.

Waste of time

Very entertaining, and even works on the small screen.

It is quite simply a pointless piece of trash and a waste of anyone's time.

----------This is the worst movie I've seen in 10 years.

this film is utterly boring the story is rubbish and non interesting at all the characters are boring and you couldn't care if they live or not in the film its a real struggle to sit and watch all this movie.

I was really quite unnerved during the first 30 minutes of the film in which next to nothing happens.

Original and thrilling .

I have worked in a bureaucracy for over 40 years, yet the most uninteresting people I have met and worked with, I would place in Cloverfield and make you a better film for their quirkiness, and certainly their innocence -- they are totally who they are.

That it was pointless because it didn't explain anything.

did i just watched ?..this movie is nothing but a biggest time waste, there is nothing in the movie except a disaster which comes and destroys everything, NO STORY!

It's just pretty damn boring and irritating.

I remember seeing this movie in the cinema and I was really on the edge of my seat while watching it.

As far as the technical information goes, I'm no expert, but I can easily tell that this movie was filmed wrong (in terms of style - video camera), had bad scripts with bad actors, and was just stupid and pointless all the way through.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

However, the start of the movie is very slow.

Stupid Waste of Time.

I am not generally into horror or disaster movies, but this was very innovative and compelling and had me hooked the whole way.

I have to say that I belong to the former group having found it extraordinarily innovative and exciting.

They're shallow, emptily up-to-date, going nowhere.

Figured I could at least fall asleep if it made even good background noise.

All in all, it was a short action packed film with good visual and sound effects without score, except for the "Roae" theme played at the credits.

This movie is a bit slow for, say, 15-minutes.

Cloverfield is about a monster attacking NYC without any purpose and explanation, the first 20 minutes of the film is about a boring party, and then the attack begins.

It's at times confusing - and deliberately so, since it's attempting to draw you into the absolute chaos and terror that has suddenly engulfed this group of people.

So, the interesting story and characters and kick-ass special effects make this film worth watching.

Overall I wouldn't call this a much see film but it is worth watching if it is on TV or picking up if you see the DVD in the bargain bin.

When 'events proceed', the camcorder style filming instills a genuine realism to events, and the films definitely feeds off the mass concern and shock at global events/terrorist attacks/disasters, and the disjointed way news feeds through.

Rip-roaringly entertaining .

The monsters are intense and frightening.

From the point when the monsters began attacking, the film showers with fantastic special effects and CGI with building collapsing and numerous explosions that leave the city devastated with massive debris, hencing a highly intense atmosphere with plenty of action that resemble the Godzilla movies to polish it.

save your money .

We get to know the core characters well, their thoughts and quirks and feelings, and we mourn when they're abruptly taken from us in the confusion.

Anyway, back on topic, this film isn't perfect, the obvious flaws are the pretty boring, elongated beginning of the movie.

The first 20 minutes to me are unbearable, and one reason I love being able to watch the film at home, is that skipping the first 17/18 minutes is a trivial thing to do and very little of the feel of the film is lost.

Great Marketing campaign, exciting, thrilling, and original.

And it was pointless to make it sound and seem like really life when it most obviously was not!!!!

In the beginning you see some lamers at a party (it takes about 20 minutes, and you're already bored out of your mind), and then, for the rest of the movie, you see people running.

I'd rather watch paint dry if I knew this movie was this bad.

It's scary, clever and ever so enjoyable.

I always think it's a tad predictable that the experts in charge are always the ones in the movies with an alien attack.

Bad acting + tired story plot = BORING!

Then by all means waste your time and money.

A Fun and Exciting Different Approach to A Familiar Genre .

Its complete waste of time and money.

This is a pointless film because there is no context for what occurs.

But overall, if you want to see a movie that is finally different then the usual pile of typical cliché-filled Hollywood-movies then you should definitely watch this.

It definitely plays on one of my biggest fears in general — some kind of outbreak where there's CDC in hazmat suits all around — but imagining her utter panic and helplessness as they rush her away from her familiar group is intense.

In the first 15 minutes and side lying outside the building to rescue scenes quite gripping and makes a great job, occasionally had stage Gala film.

Slow start...

worst movie ever .

alas my work is complete,take what you will from this comment,but don't waste your time like I did.

Unfortunately, from a personal perspective, this was one of the worst movies I've experienced in a while.

worth watching .

Mega mega, Yawn.

It truly is a movie worth watching, personally, I was hooked to the screen the entire movie, it was, without a doubt, something else.

We're along for the thrilling and haunting adventure, knowing nothing more or less than the characters whose shoes we inhabit.


I just thought that the beginning was boring and the ending was bad.

Cloverfield got me really immersed, at the edge of my seat hoping for the characters' success and love's victory over disaster.

Excellent direction from Matt Reeves, very entertaining screenplay from Drew Goddard and fantastic production of J.

So it makes this film more enjoyable and fluent.

Instead, it is a riveting, superbly-crafted action film, fully deserving of a second look.

Or even The Bay which, tho not as good as The Host, has a far superior plot, engaging characterisations and better acting than Cloverfield.

BORING blair witch meets ufos .


Ironically, the more engaging the story was and the more you cared about the characters, the more you'd probably get annoyed and angered at the hand held video stuff getting in between you and the story.

The acting is poor and the film could be done in 20 minutes, id rather watch paint dry its that rubbish.

Can you say boring?

It did hold my attention for the first 40-50 minutes, but then I realized how boring this was.

Hereafter all is running - with no suspense á la "Alien" whatsoever - or trying to avoid dying, which is boring.

It's not that bad really, especially thrilling parts.

and this is so boring * it doesn't make any sense .

It's so easy to get bored with a film and lose interest in it these days.

Well after I watched Cloverfield I was obsessed with the thought that maybe there are some specks of intense originality still left in Hollywoodland.

for me if a movie is going to be good then it has to have something positively happening within the first 10 -15 minutes otherwise its gonna be a load of crap well the first 25 minutes of this crap film is made up of a going away party - yawn to add to the boredom of this film all the camera work is done with a camcorder to apparently give you a blair witch like experience - YAWN oh my god, i like horror, and action films but this movie is worse than a soiled diaper.

It begins with the familiar concept (which is starting to become cliché) that the following events actually happened and video tapes were discovered.

And the political subtexts may be many; but the main thing about Cloverfield is that it's so unique and so incredibly thrilling - a must-see for any cinema fan.

This provides the movie with an uncomfortable feeling and also makes it an unpredictable to watch.

First person filming in this way creates confusion and disorientation as to were you are like, "is the camera on the ground" or "against a wall" very disorienting.

Very enjoyable.

The crab-spider creatures were totally unexpected, and very real.

no make that incredulous, the acting was so forced and stiff - it was like everyone involved in making of this mess of puppy poop was so aware of the "groundbreaking" cinematic achievement they were a part of, that they forgot that a movie is supposed to give the viewer something more than a headache and a drastic drop in their brain cell numbers before they leave the theater.

Although I understand the need for character development, I felt that the opening 20 minutes dragged on a bit too long.

I am supposed to fill 10 lines with critics about this movie, but it is so boring and bad that i really have problems to write something about it.

Please, don't waste your money.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The whole deal was total B*LL*CKS, a waste of time, even at around an hour and ten minutes, 65 MINUTES FAR TOO LONG.

Cloverfield is just empty.

But it does so in a way that creates an incredibly entertaining and intense experience.

It held my interest by the unexpected turn of the plot and the action.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I admit that this film does corner itself by only using the hand-held camera but it was very entertaining.

Just a pure waste of time.

It was horrible, awful, a waste of time and money!

Oh, about the finale, I won't spoil it for you but I have to mention that it is as sudden, as pointless and as predictable as the entire movie.

A gripping and surprisingly immersing movie.

People are complaining that they were "cheated" out of their hard earned (I'm sure) $9.00. And I find it fascinating.

With this in mind, Cloverfield's straightforward story makes this movie quite enjoyable because it engrosses me with the impressive visual effects and the danger that the protagonists are being exposed to without keeping track of the dialogue or the story sequence.

Boring field.

Maybe there is still a little bit of competition left for worst movie of all time that was still a box office producer...

Had it been filmed the way I just described then it might have been a good movie and it might have been well worth watching.