Clown (2014) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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A loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to realize that it's cursed.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Jon Watts
Stars: Andy Powers, Laura Allen
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 123 found boring (21.95%)

One-line Reviews (85)

Scary and enjoyable .

We're just stuck following a bland wife and her bland child trying to stop the evil clown from killing other bland children.

Entertaining ...

Non of the acting convince me and the writing is dull, also slow pace.

Anyhow, the movie follows any rule of the book of horror and therefor is truly predictable to the t, it also takes itself way too seriously while not having the competent direction or acting to back it up.

That was an enjoyable movie !

This movie has every horror cliché in the book.

It was fun and worth watching.

you get to see it develop throughout the movie, which is a nice slow burn.

Entertaining and pretty original .

Especially the mother and her son.. a prime example of dull, lifeless and shallow acting.

Even if it didn't make complete sense, it was undeniably engaging and disturbing throughout the entire scene.

Slow and constant.

Clown has an intriguing premise.

The gore is top notch and there is enough of a slow burn into the transformation that you can really enjoy the character shift.

Instead, the first part of the movie seemed very slow to me.

Entrenched from the off to progress with the plot rather than loitering a slow-burning build for character development, perhaps the narrative rushes into causal linearity too quickly as most of the protagonist's brood are rendered depthlessly lean and subsidiary (or less) to the macro and could have helped in filling a few plot potholes.

And as most of the action is as predictable as your average informercial, oh they do walk the walk and talk the talk.

Nothing happens for a loooooooooooong time.

Entertaining clown slasher...

Jon Watts manages something that very few directors are capable of doing, creating movies with unpredictable outcomes.

Then everything gets totally predictable, and everything goes right out the window, and after watching this I was totally disappointed with Eli Roth because I thought that would be good by the look of it and now that it is a week after watching it I question why people call him the "Master of Horror" after producing a total piece of cinematic trash like this, I mean after the beginning of the movie the whole plot goes downhill and takes the movie right down with it, the screenplay makes the movie predictable and boring to the point where we don't even care about what kind of trouble that the characters happen to be in, and the performances are just plain terrible.

This film is Intense and just all out cool!

It isn't scary at all, but it is very entertaining!

it really feels like a bad dream that you'd wake up from, only to be unable to fall asleep again out of sheer discomfort.

After that this is where things get really boring even though I was expecting to bite my nails and scream like a little girl even though I did none of that throughout the course of the movie.

Boring not good one kill all kid really.

Pretty enjoyable movie with some special clown outfit.

its a slow progression.

don't waste your time by watching this movie PERIOD.

In the hands of a lousier director, this movie would have become one giant cliché.

We do know that something is wrong with the clown suit but to figure it all out and to watch for the transformation it took way too long.

Told a good, engaging and, gasp, original story.

And yet I enjoyed watching this film (despite the linear storyline with a predictable ending).

The character development hides a few fascinating twists, they adapt to the malady with surprisingly convincing reactions.

Andy Powers (unknown to me) manages to show the creepy clown in a convincing manner and with its various facets : entertaining, sad and desperate, resisting, fighting and finally sneaking around as a maniacal killer, looking for victims to satisfy his hunger.

A very underrated grim and intriguing take on Clowns.

This movie has a nice premise seeing as the main character begins to transform into a clown demon, and slowly begins to lose his mind, there's a lot of very creepy and gore moments, that are sure to disturb people with fear of clowns, however the ending missed a lot of opportunities to create a more disturbing experience and ended up being cliché, which ruined the whole experience the movie was offering...

However, just about ALL of his subsequent movies are genuinely involving, VERY well constructed, scary, and fully entertaining.

I was expecting a boring, typical horror movie, instead I was really surprised, in a good way, by this film.

Very Original and Enjoyable .

The most predictable one was Hostel, and that still wasn't entirely telegraphed.

The premise of the movie: 100% predictable.

It was entertaining, much like a clown.

Of course this is just my opinion, seems like a lot of people enjoyed it, I'm just not one of them.

It was just boring, unenjoyable, and honestly stupid.

the only bad things I can say at this movie was, there really no need for the sub plot, Which is only mention twice, as it was pointless and did not add anything to the movieAlso I felt, that some of the script felt a bit weak, in some places , mainly in the calm scene.

It has all the codes of a classic horror movie and I enjoyed it !

Probably part of it is that I was never a person who had any fear of clowns, so it doesn't touch on any nerve for me, as it may for some, but it's become so cliché and overused that I just don't want to see evil clowns anymore.

It was very well done and I really enjoyed it.

Predictable horror fare that seems amateurish .

I fell asleep .

For me "Clown" was very entertaining, just don't read the reviews with the spoiler for the greatest enjoyment.

Are you looking for ways to waste your time?

I enjoyed it.

It doesn't offer beyond the total horror, but then, all of its scares already made it enjoyable enough.

What follows is a slow journey as he slowly looses his mind and people around him loose their lives.

A pretty predictable plot and almost every cliché is also on board, myself got pretty annoyed by all the irrational choices the cast does.

" But surprise surprise, it takes some very dark turns and becomes a very enjoyable out and out horror storyI don't think I'm giving too much away by saying (This all happens in the first 10 or so minutes) Son loves clowns, Father running late for birthday party.

Most horror fans will say that the transformation unfolds way to slow and that they rather saw Kent appearing as a bloodthirsty killer clown much sooner.

Other than that, it's a pretty entertaining 'fright flick' experience.

I really tried to like this and give it a chance but it was just too boring.

Don't waste your time watching this crap.

I highly recommend it.

Wow I was impressed of how boring it was .

The part that takes place in the indoor playground was extremely thrilling and creepy.

It does have 2 slow spots, it rolls pretty fast.

Clown delivers a compelling horror tale by turning an elementary subject into the stuff of children's nightmare.

In the end, it was a predictable movie without a whole lot of substance and just too much focus on those fake "jumpscares" where they set up an atmosphere of "You're going to be spooked in a second" where after it's a main character jumping OUTTA Nowhere to scare the main protagonist for no reason WHATSOEVER.

enjoyable .

Though the ending wasn't exactly a great one, the film as a whole is pretty intense!

'Clown' is actually a very engaging, quite unique horror movie.

Reviews said that this movie was boring, predictable, and awfully acted.

I really enjoyed it.

Clown is a fast paced solid grim possession horror with a splatter/slasher element that never takes it eye off the story.

We're just stuck following a bland wife and her bland kid trying to stop the evil clown from killing other bland kids.

It is a one-of-a-kind film and I highly recommend it to anyone.

For problems with the movie I have some like: The characters in the movie are mostly forgettable and I'm not talking about Laura Allen or Andy Powers characters, I mean the other supporting or the background characters that always seem to get screen time which they shouldn't because they stupid and dull to watch.

After studios realised they'd ruined the slasher reboot into submission the space was open for some creative old fashioned spook stories like 'Babadook', new takes on the classic home invasion flick like 'You're Next' and suspenseful chase movies like the wonderful 'It Follows'.

Don't waste your time.

I had enough and seen too much violence against kids/babies from sick and unwatchable films like A Serbian Film and the abomination, The Human Centipede II.

A waste of time.

Others are Strongly Cautioned to Contemplate the Value of this Type of Entertainment as Enjoyable.

Clown, tends to poke fun at the cheesy horror clichés, almost banging us over the head with the Stereotypes and Archetypes of the horror genre, but I have to admit those moments do make the movie more fun during slow paces when you realized that some one made a feature length movie about a guy stuck in a clown suit.

The reveal of the clown suit and its horrible purpose is fairly flat, but I'll take it over any of Stephen Kings 'it was a thing from another dimension' cliché.