Clue (1985) - Comedy, Crime, Mystery

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Six guests are anonymously invited to a strange mansion for dinner, but after their host is killed, they must cooperate with the staff to identify the murderer as the bodies pile up.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Stars: Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 29 out of 351 found boring (8.26%)

One-line Reviews (151)

The plot and story by Jonathan Lynn and John Landis, with solid direction by Lynn, are fast-paced and exciting, as this movie constantly reminds you that there is a murderer on the loose and there are obvious suspects on screen for you to decipher!

Campy, silly, clever and endlessly witty, it is one of the most entertaining comedy films of all time.

Quick thinking fast paced humor .

I highly recommend it.

All in all, a thoroughly entertaining film.

It's also fascinating to note the movie holds our attention within this set because the whole movie takes place at this castle-like home.

With a hodgepodge cast, including Rihanna, Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch, it was pretty much unbearable from beginning to end.

It gets a lot of bad reviews, but it's incredibly funny, it has loads of entertaining set pieces and the cast are awesome.

Michael McKean's Mr. Green and Madeline Kahn's Mrs. White are particularly dull.

It's a shame that it's shot like it's on a stage with bland direction and photography.

But if you just want something to watch on a slow day, get a "Clue".

I went into the movie expecting it the plot to be thin, the characters one dimensional and a slow pace.

In the end, the strong performances and the enjoyable, if silly, overall vibe of the movie make this one worth watching.

One of the most purely enjoyable comedies ever made .

About half an hour into the movie, I was so bored and so "not with it" that I did not care who got killed, who killed them...

It is a little bit confusing, I mean it could be done in another way if they wanted multi-ending.

C, are lured to the secluded Hill House for a night of humiliating revelations and unexpected confrontations.

Based on the classic board game, Clue is a snappy Whodunit comedy, that moves very fast and takes a while to understand.

Anyway, this is a really good, funny, memorable, entertaining movie that sticks closely to the board game.

In between all this, several unexpected visitors arrive, lending more comic frenzy to the search for the killer.

An entertaining and funny comedy of murders .

Then there is the most compelling part of this type of movie.

The women were stunning in their evening gowns and all had different personalities.

Even Christopher Lloyd, playing Professor Plum, is rather dry and boring.

Everyone likes it from the start, its thrilling, it's awesome and funny, funny, funny!!!

The dialogue is very fast paced and incredibly witty.

If you can make Christopher Lloyd boring you've really done something.

Lively plot, though sometimes too lively as it can be hard to follow at times.

So not only is the movie uproarious, but it's actually a very intriguing mystery!

Miss scarlet uses her sexuality to get what she wants and Mrs white keeps her mysterious poise and personal assumptions quite blank which could be considered intriguing or openly hostile.

It's enjoyable the first time.

It's tiresome both mentally and physically.

Pleasant comedic farce that's enjoyable without requiring much thought.

The mystery aspect is fast-paced and engaging.

Where else can you watch something so incredibly stupid/funny but so entertaining you can't keep your eyes off the television.

But boy was this movie extremely entertaining.

I used to play the board game and enjoyed it, so when I learned of a film adaptation, I was looking forward to it.

I do like the who dunnit mystery, it really is intriguing and just like the game it keeps you thinking.

a fun frolic, but the boardgame is far more entertaining .

Colleen Camp was entertaining as Yvette, the clingy French maid.

Just the actors and actresses in this movie made it worth watching!

i highly recommend it, 10/10.

Although the film is not nearly as good as "Murder By Death" (1976), a similar spoof, "Clue" is still an enjoyable film, especially for the fine performances of Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, and Tim Curry.

It's really left to Curry, playing Wadsworth, to inject some life into the movie.

Boredom has limits.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

However, if you know nothing about the game, this movie will probably be a bit of a bore and your patience will be put to the task time and again.

Each time you find yourself laughing at jokes you hadn't noticed before, and new clues that make repeated viewings just as enjoyable as the first.

Tim Curry displays enormous, very entertaining energy near the end trying to explain what happened(choreographed to music, very funny) while the rest of the cast shout unison retorts.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout this whole movie wondering who was gonna die next, who was it, and what was gonna happen.

If you like funny suspenseful movies you need to see it.

John Morris' score is exciting and fun.

Despite some potential, film just isn't that funny as a comedy, nor intriguing as mystery, though is directed and acted in a frenzied fashion that becomes tiresome.

It's a rioting adventure for the whole 86 minutes with nary a dull moment in sight.

Silly, boring, corny movie .

Characters like Lesley Ann warren (playing miss scarlet) makes the film sexy but deadly, Madeline Khan (Mrs white)keeps it mysterious and and intriguing which makes the pair nearly opposites.

I know for a fact that it saved me from numerous otherwise boring afternoons with distant relatives and the offspring of my parents' friends.

I enjoyed it then probably a bit more than I do now.

This is a silly, boring and corny movie.

This movie is really enjoyable and fun.

That being said, this is still a sporadically entertaining mystery movie and one which uses all the ideas in the game well.

It's well written, well acted movie thats worth watching a few times (or maybe 200).

This is excessively confusing(again, MBD wasn't).

It's fast paced, side splittingly funny and beautifully acted.

But the effect is that bland characters make a bland movie.

Aside from the very spirited performances of the cast, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the film are the very funny one-liners.

I wasn't expecting great art, but I was very impressed to see a zany, high-speed black farce full of excruciating puns and snappy dialogue ("...

The alternative endings, too, are an enjoyable gimmick.

Original, interesting and entertaining movie, based on the Cluedo boardgame.

Very very very funny, but kinda pointless.

The twists are sometimes so unpredictable for the first-time viewer that they'll leave you gaping.

This is a great movie, brilliantly produced, acted, directed, mixed with an engaging Whodunnit.

The lines are fast and funny and though it is very silly, it is most enjoyable.

Tim Curry is energetic as Wadswsorth the butler and the rest of the cast are enjoyable to see as well with names like Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean and Madeline Kahn.

The film is overloaded with witty, snappy dialogue and super corny jokes (80's style).

As said before it is a slow film which won't be liked by people who are not aware of the famous broad game.

If you are bored...

I don't know who could have guessed the ending, ,because I thought it was completely unpredictable (all three of them).

"Clue" is cliché ridden, hammed-up, over-acted in spots by some of the characters, and a bit confusing at times.

There is no story at all, just some bad one-liners and the hectic feel of an improvised skit put on by 3rd-graders.

The set is dark, but definitely engaging as it seems that the viewer is literally watching this chaos in a live theater or perhaps engaged in the activity on a personal level.

It results to be an entertaining and bemusing spoof of Agatha Christie novels , though it is in fact a pale imitation of the earlier , much better and more satisfying sleuthing spoof ¨Murder by death¨ by Robert Moore with Alec Guinness , Truman Capote , Elsa Lanchester , David Niven , Nancy Walker , James Cromwell and Eileen Brennan too ; as this movie was followed by hammy spoof ¨Clue¨(1985) an inferior but enjoyable imitation of the previous parody .

The end is a little hard to follow (Mr Boddy was really the butler, Wadsworth was really Mr. Boddy) and it is annoying watching Wadsworth retell the events in a fast-forwarded version with all three endings.

It all adds up to a very confusing plot (which, in fairness, the movie pokes fun at itself over) and ultimately the movie offers three scenarios as to who the killer is and why the murders took place.

*Slight Spoiler Ahead*Some classic comedic moments and a great ending (three endings, actually -- END OF SPOILER) really make this movie enjoyable.

Tim Curry is perfect in his role, in fact all the characters are entertaining and most are hilarious.

The great cast makes this movie a must, but the script is what makes it an entertaining ride where other star studded films fall flat.

It's hard to follow and about 1/3 of the way through, you simply don't give a damn.

Instead of finding the killer, more bodies start to pile up "Clue" is a genuinely hilarious comedy AND a truly compelling murder- mystery at the same time.

Wadsworth's energetic explanation(s) of the murders is infectiously entertaining.

Nevertheless the creative team on clue puzzled something out that was rather inventive and moderately entertaining.

And that's where the similarities end for unlike the other tie-in duds this film is a very enjoyable and original film.

The film is slow and takes a long time to get its point, only the penultimate 20 minutes with trilogy endings work big time.

The beginning is right on the money as well, with creepy music, dark and stormy night atmosphere and nice, slow shots introducing the house to us.

Highly Entertaining .

This is a very entertaining movie full of frolics , killings , antics , capers and suspects .

It was wickedly entertaining throughout!

It is exactly the kind of story and film that seems to be, it's a briliant interpretation of the game, and more than that a enjoyable comedy movie

_Sleuth_ alternated between fast and slow sections, and I think the pacing contributed to its success.

Up until the ending (the three different endings, that is), "Clue" is one hell of an entertaining ride that doesn't bore you for a second.

Well, what do you know, "Clue" is one of the most fast paced and wittiest play-like comedies ever committed to film!

I cant say I'm a fan of that board game (although I sometimes play it on the quiz machine in pub), but I am a fan of murder mystery - and while this film is more of a joke than anything, it generally plays it's cards right and what we have here is a very entertaining little flick, that really does deserve your time!

If anyone wants a movie that's funny, smart, and suspenseful (who in their right mind doesn't?

You have a great comedic cast, even if there is not much of a story and the entire film is focused on the characters really doing nothing more than running all around the creepy mansion, engaging in a few amusing miscalculations.

It is an entertaining and fun comedy of murders in which the laughs pile up before your eyes , director has got success in keeping the bizarre and grotesque appearances of the actors in hyperactive movement , shouting and frantic running around , principally from Tim Curry .

Clue, based on the game Cluedo which I've played but don't really remember the rules, is an interesting and entertaining attempt for the most part.

The cast is fantastic in playing each part as a cliché, even when the lines are far from it.

It's hard to imagine how _Clue_ could slow down, though, as the audience would have to think about how insane and unbelievable the characters and the overall plot are.

They are uniformly uninteresting and unsympathetic.

The main problems are a boring plot, lame acting, and corny humor.

Exceptionally quick witted, abundantly creative, and constantly engrossing.

Naturally, just the idea of a film being based on a board game is somewhat intriguing and compels one to watch...

Hilarious, intriguing, and down-right addictive.

T'was Quite intriguing and thought provoking, my brain was spinning inside my eyeballs...

Enjoyable comedy .

Every character in the movie is brought alive by the actor playing him/her and it's just so entertaining.

Clue is a superb story, with an entertaining cast who brings it to life.

However, aside from "buttling" he holds the secret to a highly confusing and deeply secretive blackmail scandal that ends with the death toll at six ghastly murders.

Even after numerous watches, I feel like the writers went for fast-paced and confusing on purpose.

A surprisingly enjoyable dark comedy.

What follows is an exciting and intriguing series of events of finger-pointing, revealing secrets, and motives - all leading to the thrilling investigation of the entire house for clues and Butler Wadsworth's reenactment of the night's events.

In any event, the most enjoyable part of this movie was watching Yvette's (Colleen Camp) bountiful cleavage jiggle for 90 minutes.

Fast Paced With A Sense Of Fun But Very Confusing .

Yes, there are some clever lines but, in truth, there is quite a bit of repetitive action, especially at the finale, where "alternate" endings are provided and details are hashed and rehashed.

It was still pretty unbearable the second time.

There is a very light and comedic tone throughout the film and the dialogue is snappy and witty.

A hilarious, cheeky, wickedly entertaining murder mystery.

Based on the board-game of the same name (also known as Cluedo), Jonathon Lynn's snappy film is a hybrid of classic whodunnit and black farce.

Yes, there are jokes and gags that despite being quite predictable and still funny in the sense that the cast is laughing along with you.

Evocative and colorful cinematography by Victor J.

There are some amusing moments here but the film drags much of the time and it is usually slow moving.

It has an intriguing mystery, with many twists and turns along the way.

There are three alternate endings just to let you know and its kinda confusing too.

I thought it was a waste of talent, and it was awfully boring considering how funny the cast COULD have been.

Tim Curry and Madeline Kahn lead the delightful cast with surprisingly entertaining turns by underrated Martin Mull and Colleen Camp.

But cable did funny things to me and "Clue", opening my eyes to the slow-burning cleverness of Lynn's well-presented concept and a cast that, perhaps because it had no A-list stars, felt more need to dig into the material and get every last bit of funny out of it.

The mood in the film is thrilling.

So this weekend, go out and rent Clue because with extremely solid performances and a great story and intriguing mystery, Clue rates at 9/10 and is clearly an 80's classic.

Clue is a great film of comedy and is highly entertaining.

As for the plot, it's uninteresting and ultimately pointless.

A boring board game has been turned into a surprisingly funny movie.

I still enjoyed it.

The plot line was so well-developed and intriguing, which is not something I expected to be derived from a kid's board game!

Overall, it was a bit too fast to follow, and unfortunately while it was fast, there were large parts of the movie that were, quite frankly, boring.

It's an utterly brilliant plot, so confusing in detail (don't worry it's not you, they did it on purpose!

board game can be adapted into a wonderfully entertaining murder mystery/comedy with a stellar ensemble cast including Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd and Michael McKean.

It is in fact an amusing imitation of Crime Story including enjoyable and sympathetic performances by the entire cast .

He is dry and quick to a level that I have never seen topped, and with an all star cast to support him, this is easily my favorite pun filled, fast paced comedy.

Despite the ridiculous and unnecessary camera movements , Jonathan Lynn manages to maintain a coherent and compelling plot plenty of twists and turns .

Original, interesting and entertaining .

I know this film has some good reviews here but I found it sort of trite and boring.