Clueless (1995) - Comedy, Romance

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Shallow, rich and socially successful Cher is at the top of her Beverly Hills high school's pecking scale. Seeing herself as a matchmaker, Cher first coaxes two teachers into dating each other.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Amy Heckerling
Stars: Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 22 out of 283 found boring (7.77%)

One-line Reviews (93)

A surprisingly enjoyable and highly funny movie that has rich L.

Funny and very entertaining movie from the director of "Look Who's Talking (Too).

This movie is fun, easygoing and absolutely worth watching it!

The pretentious highly classy and fashion orientated central person outlines the foundations of her existence in a few brief scenes.

Entertaining teen parody is ode to penetrating, clever use of American language .

I can see how some people would call this an irrelevant and pointless movie to watch, though fact for me simply remains that this movie is a good watch and therefore alone is worth checking out already.

When I first saw it in the theater, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

All together they successfully manage to present one of the strongest side of this movie - a rich gallery of various and very exciting characters.

It's is highly quotable and highly entertaining.

It is as if he is trying to be boring.

I've seen this a good few times now and I still find it enjoyable.

Back in the mid to upper 1990s, I first saw Clueless and as much as I laughed hard and thoroughly enjoyed it, I knew right then, as fresh as it was, it was going to be a dated movie.

Smart and enjoyable updating of Jane Austin's Emma.

It's so boring I've never made it through the whole thing.

Fortunately, that was not the case at all, it was actually quite enjoyable and heartwarming with very well written characters, a surprising Brittany Murphy and an Alicia Silverstone as her peak.

This film is a flawless Gem with an amazing, enjoyable, fun plot & amazing characters, a witty sharp script that makes this one of the best teen movies of all time!

An original and enjoyable enough movie within its genre!

+ Funny+ Great script+ Great characters+ Good dramaA bit slow in the middleScore: 8

Overall, a fun, engaging and well acted film, that I would definitely watch again.

I found the film extremely entertaining, being well-written and well acted.

The plot is pointless and the scene where Cher gets mugged is completely unrealistic; or maybe that's the point?

It turned out to be quite entertaining.

Or, string of random events (if you can call them that) stuck together into an hour and a half composition of boredom.

I went into the theatre, expecting another boring, meladramatic teenage flic, with no real story or acting involved.

It is a terrific film - funny, bright, fast-moving, full of little gems of humour which come zinging back and make you chuckle to yourself a few days later!

The classic mix of modern late-C20 upper class American life acting the classic literature of Jane Austen's Emma make an intriguing aimiability.

They all seemed to develop a boring one dimensional character for the full movie (I say full, with so many random plot lines, most characters probably got 2 minutes collectively on screen.

It's an enjoyable journey into the life and mind of `typical' teen girl, with lots of money to spend and a to-die-for wardrobe, who sets out to make good deeds and find a mate for everyone besides herself.

However the movie is also enjoyable for a wider age group, due to the humour built on top of the book's storylines.

I hadn't seen this movie in a few years, but I can for sure it's just as enjoyable and relevant now.

But if you look past the acting the movie is actually enjoyable.

For what it is, what what it sets out to do, it is a really good and entertaining movie.

My girlfriend at the time dragged me to see it.

The overall corny cliché feel to movie may lead some to take the film less seriously than it should be, but it succeeds in entertaining without the swearing or nudity, and in this genre thats worth applauding.

The plot (inspired in part by Jane Austen's Emma) involves a very upper-middle class girl named Cher Horowitz played by Alicia Silverstone in her breakthrough (Jewish with a touch of Cher nameness) who wants to find the right kind of man, but is left with a bunch of slobs (duh), wants to do anything she can to get good grades, and try to keep an empty head while trying to drive.

It's consumately likable, funny, sweet and sharp- the script is a killer, and the acting is fun and enjoyable.

It is a movie worth watching more then once...

Beyond this, Cher looks for romance and finds it in an unexpected person.

All in all, a waste of time.

Slow Times .

It offers a satirical view of the rich Beverly Hills teenagers, which was in its time, fresh and exciting.

Both were named for great singers of the past who now do infomercials, and they share an intense interest in boys, shopping and clothes.

I think this film was a great way to combine a coming of age film with a comedy instead of just a regular drama.

While this film did have some enjoyable moments, that isn't enough to warrant it all the great reviews it has gotten.

I think the whole family can enjoy this movie and I was extremely surprised with how much I enjoyed it.

" This is an endlessly entertaining film filled with great laughs that introduces an entire new facet of "teenspeak" which I won't spoil by getting into here.

Very fun and entertaining movie and I can see that it was very inspirational for Mean Girls.

(/SPOILERS) Totally unexpected.

While it is true that both stories had very similar plot points, uneventful structure, and settings, the main characters, themselves, were fundamentally different in a few ways, as this essay has shown, and therefore shows that that is really all that they had in common.

Its funny, stylish, cute, and entertaining.

The movie is 90 minutes of almost never funny,and entertaining stuff.

His angry, random, and hilarious nature was well done, and quite entertaining.

Lame and contrived.

Definitely worth watching!

This movie is a great coming of age film about a girl finally realizing that there are more things to life than shopping.

Slow Times At 1990's High .

The love stories were unpredictable.

Alicia was very boring and the only twists it had was what guy Tai would settle with.

It was so odd seeing Brittany Murphy as it is only seven years since her passing and she just looked so stunning in the movie.

Also there is a really great soundtrack to the film, which is always enjoyable.

The movie was a bit predictable but still very enjoyable.

If you haven't had a chance to see this movie I would say to check it out, it is worth watching at least once.

All in all, "Cluless" is an enjoyable fare, though a bit silly at times.

One of those films that's infinitely more enjoyable than it should be.

Kind of funny but also kind of boring.

Dash is utterly stunning and both Walker and Murphy are competent.

I could go on for so much longer about it's many travesties against the film community but I'm bored of thinking about it.

The situations provide lots of laughs and the film is packed with snappy, eminently quotable dialogue.

Nor would Amy Heckerling, who gave me and millions plenty enough to be sick and bored about in the "Look Who's Talking" movies.

The first half hour is the best part, and it is really enjoyable.

Sure this movie was kind of funny but it was also kind of boring.

Enjoyable, but nothing happens.

The other characters are very entertaining and tend to end up looking a lot deeper than what a viewer might think of them when they are first introduced.

Enjoyable .

Boring movie with no real action .

Other movies on the power of pop culture, especially in the high school level, like Never Been Kissed at most end up feeling cute and at worst are, frankly, unbearable.

CLUELESS is a breezy and entertaining teen comedy that follows a group of rich, spoiled California teenagers through their version of teen angst (we should all have had teen years this difficult).

The characters are stupid, contrived, silly, and downright unlikeable.

It features downright stupid performances and writing featuring a story that is, even with its "clever" spin on it, cliché and downright 90's.

When the movie first came out, I was dragged kicking and screaming by a friend into the theatre to see it.

A young teenage girl coming of age in of all places, Beverly Hills.

I've seen this teen movie countless times, and it's still enjoyable to watch.

That's all, there's no message except to being a better person.

It's a highly entertaining satire and it's a nuanced teen comedy with a subtle social comment.

Much like Mean Girls that would follow nine years later, Clueless has a lot more beneath its pastel coloured surface than merely High School coming of age froth.

It actually has some good writing to it, even though the movie in essence is still being a formulaic one.

Silverstone is backed up by a truly talented support cast, including the always engaging Breckin Meyer and Stacey Dash, who's Dionne always perfectly complements Silverstone's Cher.

It depicts the "Beverly Hills airhead" reputation perfectly (with a little exaggeration) to complete a funny, and entertaining story.

I just watched it again and I still really enjoyed it, almost as much as I did when it first came out (when I watched it oh probably like ten or twelve times, I used to love this movie when it first came out on video, never saw it when it was released in theaters though).

The last time I saw it was 10 years ago and today I enjoyed it just as much.

This will always remain a compelling move about teens up to the present moment especially with the way it provides a social insight on teen-agers.

All in all, "Clueless" is an engaging and genuinely hilarious film, which, with "Reality Bites" and "Empire Records" could well become earmarked as a symbol of its decade.

On the plus side Silverstone and the gorgeous Dash (my God she is stunning) have amazing chemistry and Dan Hedaya is simply superb as Silverstone's no nonsense lawyer Dad.