Coach Carter (2005) - Biography, Drama, Sport

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Controversy surrounds high school basketball coach Ken Carter after he benches his entire team for breaking their academic contract with him.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Thomas Carter
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Rick Gonzalez
Length: 136 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 25 out of 224 found boring (11.16%)

One-line Reviews (120)

What I found most distressing about this 135 minute cliché is the whole inner-city, gangsta culture.

Every conscientious high school educator ought to watch the new hoops movie "Coach Carter," (*** out of ****) an inspirational but formulaic, true-life sports saga about a messianic basketball coach that recycles elements from the 1987 Gene Hackman netter "Hoosiers" and the 1989 Morgan Freeman classic "Lean On Me.

"It was the worst movie ever...

May have been good to see some more behind-the-scenes relationship stuff but as a whole the movie is enjoyable and impacting.

However I think parts of it were slow and that Jacson's role carried it through some parts, not all, were boring.

Don't waste your time with this one.

The success in overcoming the formulaic accusations, and perhaps the basis for those accusations, probably lies in th fact this is based on a true story.

I mean that's fine, it's just way to predictable.

It's just a plodding, pretentious, and ultimately preposterous rip-off of Hoosiers.

These elements work well together and make the film engaging enough without ever being anything particularly inventive or original.

I suppose it is to this picture's credit that, for a story so familiar to us all, it manages to be reasonably entertaining despite an overblown running time and some seriously broad strokes when it comes to the characterisation of the boys in the basketball team.

The side plots throughout were very intriguing considering it was based off of a true story.

Jackson provides a performance that keeps the audience engaged and affected by many of the movie scenes, as well as the message brought about by Coach Carter that separates Coach Carter from many other cliché sports movies.

Entertaining movie about the virtue of diligence .

he took these this value to a Richmond high school, where he and the team had life changing experiences.. I totally recommend getting it on DVD, this is by far, MTV's most realistic movie IMO.. 9/10, i enjoyed it a lot..

The basketball action is quite exciting - especially the alley oops.

This is also a film about basketball, and had this portion of the film been exciting then perhaps it could have made up for the glaring weaknesses in the story-telling department.

Waste of Money, Film & Time .

If you're sick of inspirational-type movies, then don't go see it, but otherwise I highly recommend it.

If i were you, i wouldn't waste my time, and good money on a movie like this!

But things do get off to a rousing start until coach gets their progress reports from the teaching faculty and shuts down the gym forfeiting two matches 16 games into the successful season.

For the few of you who are knocking this film (or intend to), saying things like "it was a snore fest" or "Samuel's worst role", you are by far in the minority and your pointless comments are quite simply falling on deaf ears.

a plodding, pretentious, and ultimately preposterous rip-off of Hoosiers .

A great entertaining watch for fans of sports dramas.

The film was just too long for a predictable story and it also lacked compelling characters.

A fantastic movie, even if a bit cliché.

But in doing so they created a relatively pretentious view of a "rough" neighbourhood, with teens who don't act hard and don't speak hard.

The screenwriter has to share equal responsibility; the characters are spouting his banal dialogue, and this drama sputters at an alarming rate.

Worth watching more than once.

Solid and enjoyable if somewhat unremarkable sports movie .

Although the formula is secure in the land of sports clichés, having attractive young people and a bankable tough guy actor play the lead parts results in an enjoyable experience.

Overall, a fair film with some good scenes and good acting but to predictable and sometimes less interesting.

The movie is very enjoyable, educative and witty so it deserves 10 out of 10.

However, Coach Carter remains entertaining throughout.

The messages sent through the movie were very serious and moving, yet entertaining.

Worth watching!

The true story of Coach Carter is easily a must-see movie because of its eventful plot, exciting climax, and the connection it makes to its targeted audience.

Sentimental plot stretches Hollywood manipulation , but is still entertaining .

The film is enjoyable enough, the music blends well with the urban drama and there are a few future stars in early roles in this film.

I found this film totally absorbing and while it is a long film it was even longer for me as such was the emotional impact of some of the scenes I found myself watching them again and again.

Jackson plays a well meaning man, with the affect of nobility you find in intense, well- meaning, stupid people have.

On the field, rink or court, the team that does the most unexpected thing or who tries the newest strategy doesn't necessarily define the game being played.

It's capable filmmaking, decent acting and a worthwhile, if predictable story.

On the plus side, this does have plenty of exciting basketball action, and they usually really are shooting when we see them do so, it doesn't cut to cover for them.

The sport moments are great to watch, the camera work is good, sometimes great and the story is intense and involving.

, and they had their shirts off for a lot of the movie, so of course i enjoyed it.

Sentimental but very entertaining .

(4) "Movie was boring...

Jackson undoubtful again was the most stunning,excellent and superb actor of all time.


As a sports/basketball movie, I would say that it is as predictable as "Hoosiers" or "Rocky".

The screenwriter has to share equal responsibility; the characters are spouting his banal dialogue, and this drama sputters at an alarming rate.

Yes, there are elements of this movie that are very predictable, bordering on standard formula.

It might be mundane in some people because not everyone has knowledge in all the technical terms that's in basketball so if you're watching the movie for the drama and inspiration, please bring along a manual called "Basketball for Dummies".

Pleasantly surprised and my wife enjoyed it too so one for the men to choose on movie night.

The story is so rich and greatly drawn out.

I also taught Physical Education in a school very similar to Richmond, and found that my students really did want direction, but they were slow to accept this direction.

^^^I don't know what they mean, but I enjoyed it and I think a lot of other people will too!

A Sports Movie that is both Inspirational and Unpredictable...

The fact that it is based upon a true story makes it more compelling.

However, Coach Carter does prove to be inspirational and the basketball game footage and camera angles are maybe the best ever filmed to represent the fast paced sport.

Coach Carter is a very formulaic sports film that follows every rule in the rulebook for sports film.

Predictable, but thoroughly enjoyable .

It offers food for thought about the state of education in America today and Jackson's performance makes it worth watching.

I expected to see the typical predictable underdog movie where a bunch of misfits end up coming out on top and afterward feel like I just wasted over two hours of my life.

The most compelling story was of course Cruz.

They could of created a decent film, but it was predictable and boring.

, it was quite engaging).

It is solid across the board and an easily enjoyable film based on quite an inspiring true story.

I think everyone plays basketball because it's very enjoyable

This movie is so predictable.

It is predictable though and full of cliché situations.

They have the cliché ending in the end as well.

It embodies all components of an entertaining and attention-grabbing movie.

Both of us enjoyed it.

Thanks to his inspiring performance, this movie is worth watching.

Other than basketball, there are many sub-issues that are entertaining such as the players relationships with their girlfriends, the coach's life outside the court as well as many other things.

But upon viewing this movie, I found that I liked it and enjoyed it.

Ultimately, however, it gets dragged down by a sub-par and cliché' ridden script, boring pacing, average-at-best character development, below average acting (except Sam Jackson who turns in a pretty good performance and makes it at least watchable), extremely poor basketball choreography, and choppy editing.

Good messages make it through a predictable story .

Regarding the story, it's pretty formulaic as most sports themed movies are, so the value is in the messaging mentioned earlier.

Aided by the exciting, and authentic looking on-court action {well done director Thomas Carter} Coach Carter, and especially Sammy Jackson, manages to deliver more than enough interest to make this one of the better sports movies of the last decade.

A lot of the dialogue feels recycled and trite.

A great sports film, entertaining and meaningful .

Some have criticized this movie as one being too formulaic, following the pattern of other "disadvantaged community sports stories.

Coach Carter is one of the worst movies of 2005!

But these are small nitpicks for what is overall a very enjoyable and moving experience.

Enjoyable tale based on real deeds of Coach Ken Carter, a controversial high school basketball coach .

But overall I think that Coach Carter is a god sports-themed movie and I enjoyed it.

) and you have this predictable mix.

It's the predictable plot twists that make you consider checking this one out when it hits the DVD stands.

In deciding to watch this movie, I am not going to lie, I expected to be watching another predictable inspirational sports movie.

It's similarity to lower class neighbour hood high school was absolutely stunning.

The main focus is centred around Coach Carter and the gripping sports scenes is enough to satisfy any sports fan especially those who love basketball.

It succeeds in being engaging, inspirational and uplifting.

COACH CARTER is an inspiring and richly entertaining film, based on a true story.

I do recommend this movie to any teenager who is looking for a funny entertaining movie to see with friends.

The emotional aspect of this movie leaves student athletes on the edge of their seats.

Though the movie was mostly predictable I still enjoyed watching the characters and the basketball games.

It also helps that the Basketball action is very exciting to watch.

Overall, a nicely made film that was both engaging and motivating.

Coach Carter made for quite the riveting watch.

It's a great movie, and it's enjoyable for ALL ages.

Cliché much?

This film is just another entirely ponderous exercise in star power fizzling and prestige film-making gone pretentious.

The film was entertaining and convincing for me though.

It's way to long and unnecessarily drawn out.

She is introduced like a hip-hop sassy girl, then turns into something much deeper and more unexpected.

It's also (to be honest) entirely formulaic.

It's predictable.

This film worth watching over and over, the story line is very good and the acting is even better.

" "Will be thrown in the worst movie ever pile...

There's chemistry between Jackson and his twentysomething co-stars, and the Mark ("The Perfect Score) Schwahn and John ("Varsity Blues") Gatins screenplay provides us with many suspenseful moments off court as well as on the court.

Jackson joins the ranks of excellent cinematic coaches/instructors including Gene Hackman in HOOSIERS and Edward James Olmos in STAND AND DELIVER as the coolly demanding Carter with an equally efficient screenplay by Mark Schwahn and John Gatins and skillfully filmed by TV vet Thomas Carter makes this familiar tale fresh and consistently compelling, even for those who don't care for the game (including yours truly).

Jackson delivers an engaging acting as is backed by a good supporting cast such as Robert Ri'chard as his son Damien Carter , Debbi Morgan as his wife , Rick Gonzalez as Timo Cruz , Antwon Tanner as Worm , Vincent Laresca as Renny , Ashanti as Kyra, Texas Battle as Maddux and Channing Tatum who a bit later on would become a first world star ; in fact , Tatum had never played basketball before making the movie so he had to have individual training with the coaches to get up to speed with the other actors.

The movie relies heavily on sentiment and cliché to drive its point home.

A mostly predictable sports underdog story ensues.

Jackson Makes The Intense Coach Carter Come To Life.

'Coach Carter' milks its two advantages and turns out to be a highly entertaining, if unoriginal, pot-boiler.

As so often happens at films like these, my thoughts turn towards logging a film in the "worst movie of the year" category.