Code Name: The Cleaner (2007) - Action, Comedy, Crime

Hohum Score



An amnesiac wakes up in a hotel room next to a dead FBI agent and $250,000. Is the sexy lady in the lobby his wife? Is he a spy or a cleaner?

IMDB: 4.6
Director: Les Mayfield
Stars: Cedric the Entertainer, Lucy Liu
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 8 out of 29 found boring (27.58%)

One-line Reviews (23)

The only thing that could have saved the movie is if her lingerie mysteriously slipped off her stunning body.


Waste of time and money.

As some of the other folks commenting on here have already mentioned, the storyline is both contrived and in many ways superconventionally executed -- so much so that it risks becoming one long cliché.

The tell tale symptom of this miserable collapse is that the most entertaining part of the movie are the outtakes at the end.

I found "Code Name: The Cleaner" to be a harmless, entertaining little spy comedy-mystery, and was somewhat surprised to find so many negative reviews about it.

Hands down this was one of the worst movies of 2007, and certainly one of the worst comedies I have ever seen.

A contrived plot can be forgiven if it is the springboard to a good movie.

sat down to watch with my daughter aged 9 complete waste of 90 minutes so slow untrue only 1 highlight the totally irrelevant dance scene Cedric disguised as a member of a dutch clog dancing troupe.

also confusing flashbacks to what i presume was some American special forces operation.

Probably worst movie ever seen...

I could think of so many funnier, more entertaining things to do with Lucy Liu and Cedric.

Worth a look only for those having a slow night with their cable choices.

This contrived plot did not deliver.

The plot is contrived.

The year has just started and already I have a candidate for the worst movies of 2007.

The plot is intriguing enough to keep your attention and adds up quite well, Cedric The Entertainer is more often funny than not, Lucy Liu and Nicollette Sheridan are both very sexy (no James Bond film since "Goldeneye" has had such a dynamite female combo), and the action / martial arts parts are surprisingly solidly handled: Mark Dacascos and Lucy Liu are in top form, and even Cedric and Sheridan get to perform some moves!

More precisely it was going to be one of the worst movies.

Waste of time .

As for the comedy, expect your usual assortment of bland, crude, sitcom-style gags.

Complete waste of time...

Cedric the Entertainer is certainly a talented comedian, but with a script this boring and stupid, even he couldn't breathe life into this horrible mess of a comedy.

This movie is well made, has good actors doing a great job, interesting (but somewhat predictable) plot!