Coffy (1973) - Action, Crime, Thriller

Hohum Score



A sexy black nurse takes vigilante justice against inner-city drug dealers after her sister becomes their latest victim.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Jack Hill
Stars: Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 79 found boring (12.65%)

One-line Reviews (48)

It delivers high style entertainment for an engaging hour and a half.

Otherwise, Coffy is a waste of time.

Scenes of black man being tied and dragged by car make a modern audience VERY uncomfortable!

And try to contain yourself during the film's absurdist high-point, when a shoddily-constructed dummy is dragged behind a car, I dare you.

In fact, Pam is so charismatic on screen, that these sorts of films are unwatchable, without her as the main character.

Only Pam Grier makes Coffy worth watching.

The plot was decent and very problem free, and the intense action scenes put you on the edge of your seat.

Even so, Pam Grier is exciting to watch under almost any circumstances and she doesn't disappoint this time either.

On the other, it's so gosh-darn entertaining that you can't stop watching!!

"Coffy" does have some flaws but it is an trashy enjoyable action flick to watch.

Where else can you see a man get dragged to his death while tied to a limousine, or Sid Haig stabbed in the neck with a sharpened hairpin, from the main character no less, who also happens to be a nurse.

With fabulously far-fetched plotting married to a knowing sense of humour (Coffy's Jamaican act is a keeper), punctuated by tub-thumping speeches and spasms of deeply significant violence (thugs beating a black cop; a "lynching"; a shotgun castration), Coffy is a hugely enjoyable and meaning-packed movie, and a milestone in black cinema.

With that said, images like the rope being put around a black man's neck and then him being dragged from a car, as well as a rich white guy getting off on using slurs and denigrating "exotic" women are pretty meaningful in addition to powerful.

Then Hill wrote and directed 'Coffy', a hugely entertaining revenge thriller that really showcases Pam Grier's talent and charisma to the max.

All the action sequences are well-shot and entertaining.

In Coffy, every woman loses her top and all the bad guys meet suitably nasty fates (gruesome deaths including being dragged behind a car until a bloody pulp and blasted in the balls by a shotgun!

"Coffy" is not an overly impressive movie in itself, but it is interesting that it still passes as a movie worth watching alongside many other Hollywood productions today.

It's just meant to entertain: it makes people laugh – like in this movie, when Coffy gets in a fight with some hookers and throws a bowl of salad onto one girl's head -, shocks – the best example being the killing of a man by tying a noose around his neck, attaching the rope to a car and dragging him around town -, and features a lot of female nudity; but it has many flaws – to give just one example, some of the supporting actors' performances are bad, but in a funny way, and the movie is sometimes boring.

Grier is the titular "wild cat from the tropical jungle", spitting her lines with thrilling viciousness, and wielding a gaze that promises pain.

The film is very entertaining as well with some tongue in cheek humor, action and serious boobage.

Pam Grier is a babe though and she makes it worth watching.

By the time the climax rolls around, the film has become deliriously exciting, building continuously upwards until you think it might collapse in on itself.

This is one of the funniest, raunchiest, most enjoyable films I've ever seen.

I guess what I am saying is that this is not bad for your average 70's film, but it's just a tad too slow does not have enough entertaining value to be enjoyed nowadays.

Grier is certainly one of the sexy black woman's out there, certainly back in the 1970's, she was absolutely stunning.

Be prepared to this entertaining and funny ride with the biggest star of the genre, Pam Grier.

Written and Directed by Jack Hill (The Big Doll House, The Big Bird Cage, Foxy Brown) made an entertaining, action-thriller with sense of humour.

The action packed scenes- Every other scene!

However, to be fair, it's highly unlikely that there was any sort of sociological message in the minds of the film-makers, because judging by the fast pace and near-lack of character establishment beyond set-ups of carnage and carnality (even Coffy's romantic scenes with her "man" only serve to add to the viewer's thirst for revenge when he's later revealed to be a villain), the only underlining theme of Coffy seems to be that nudity, violence, and action forge an entertaining trifecta.

The violence will satisfy aficionados: a shotgun blast to the head, a brutal gangland execution in which the victim is tied up and dragged behind a car, and a show-stopping all-female brawl in which Coffy single-handedly takes on a crew of prostitutes at a party -- ripping the tops off of each one who comes within range and even hiding razor blades in her hair for the unlucky girl who dares to pull it.

As always, Pam Grier is as sexy and engaging as heroines get in this classic bit of 70's blaxploitation.

An entertaining genre film if you accept it for what it is .

This measured, involving and exciting.

It's a cheesy action film with bad acting and a recycled story, but if you keep that in mind when you watch it, it's actually enjoyable, at least on a few meager levels.

Lots of gratuitous T&A and Pam Grier is absolutely stunning, but watching a drug dealing Pimp get a noose out around his neck and dragged behind a moving automobile just made me have to turn it off.

and Coffy's friend who wants to be more than that, is bland and doesn't make any kind of an impression.

Entertaining, sometimes intentionally silly, action-packed thriller.

Old but entertaining...

The first ten minutes of the film are probably the best--with an amazingly silly but highly entertaining pair of killings.

She is a stunning dark skinned goddess that is equally capable of being seductive and kicking ass.

The hokey dialog and noble underpinnings of the plot are easy to take given the exciting action packed into this film by Hill.

The King George Character ended up dragged by his car & in Jasper, TX an re-enactment of the scene in 1998 is now termed as "Hate Crime".

And while you already know exactly how the movie will end from the very beginning, then it does still prove entertaining enough.

Right from the start where the guy's head gets blown off, it only gets better with a logic that works like such- the more over-the-top, the better, the more stylish its more appealing, and for every ham-bone acting performance (albeit with a great deal of talent) there's an exciting action scene or fight.

She, just 24 when she made this, certainly was one of the most beautiful and exciting women ever put on celluloid, and while I also love both Hill's short film 'The Host' and 'Switchblade Sisters' (viewed on one DVD as part of Quentin Tarantino's 'Rolling Thunder' reissue series), here his pacing and filming are on an entirely different level altogether.

Blaxpoitation at it's most entertaining!

The flawed story is entertaining and full of action.

When George is dragged to death behind the car, for example, it was obviously a dummy being dragged but the fact that hate-crimes like this have been so notoriously committed against blacks, the emotional impact made it much more effective.