Cold Pursuit (2019) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A grieving snowplow driver seeks out revenge against the drug dealers who killed his son.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Hans Petter Moland
Stars: Liam Neeson, Laura Dern
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 153 out of 660 found boring (23.18%)

One-line Reviews (408)

This movie had so many pointless subplots and extended scenes that it was painful to watch.

It was So Tedious.

Native American group makes room for humor by engaging into battle with the former group.

with unpredictable story

The punching is slow and he gets tired easily.

A thoroughly enjoyable film.

It's worth watching at least once.

Yes, Nels goes after the persons most responsible for his son's death, but then things slow down and we see a more complete story with the bad guys, the police and the Indian tribe.

Surprisingly entertaining action crime movie .

Hilarious Spoof, Don't Listen to Critics; It's Fun, Funny, and Suspenseful .

So give this movie a chance if you want to see a entertaining crime movie with a few bloody gunfights.

However, what develops is a pretty entertaining dark comedy.

Don't waste your time or money.

I did fall asleep before the ending and I love Liam.

But for all that the movie is highly entertaining.

Yes they can be cheesy and mostly unbelievable but he is a great actor and makes the films watchable & enjoyable.

All the charters are cold, boring & forgetful, with the exception of the little boy.

I feel like Hans Petter Moland knew that audiences were getting bored with your average Liam Neeson vengeance flick and instead gave us a parody to every Liam Neeson action movie.

Just like Neeson's last 10 movies (or so) this one is also highly predictable.

There are several scenes that are pointless like the focus on the small dog pooping or the two henchman making out.

No Story .

Cold Pursuit is dull, predictable, annoying and disposable.

The premise was intriguing, as was the setting; not many movies in Denver.

The film is well-crafted and engaging, bolstered by some excellent moments of dark-comedy.

I found it engaging and I also like how the two kingpins were almost like polar opposites in terms if character (one is talkative and sarcastic whilst the other is calm and silent, it's a great contrast which I liked, they also have significant cultural differences).

Slow at first .

Tom Bateman played the wily villain you love to hate, and made the film a thrilling ride, and was itching to see him get his due.

Not a must see, but enjoyable if your interested in it.

Waste of time .

The whole movie was fun escapism with gratuitous violence, and hyper-exaggerated cliché portrayals of Native Americans, crime bosses and average men being local heroes, etc. Not to mention an exponentially growing kill tally.

Boring .

Comedy: The movie is actually a dark comedy - humour through characters (especially villain), dialogues etc. Thankfully, this helps to sail through the otherwise dull and blunt movie What didn't work well?

Using stunning copious snowy vistas against the spectacular Colorado mountains is as much a character as the warm (and cold) bodies.

It was kinda amusing and then it took too long to wrap up and was full of obnoxious subplots and I found myself totally bored.

Hands down it wins the worst movie award.

it's definitely more enjoyable than expected.

Absolute waste of time.

Don't waste your money in this movie better to go for lunch

This movie is to long, to boring and just another piece of crap in the "bad ass old man Liam Neeson" wave on trash movies.

It's not as funny or quirky as it should have been, and because of its minimalist approach to storytelling and dialogue, it's a bit boring at times.

The tone of this film shifts widely from revenge thriller to black comedy to out and out nonsense but there's something absurdity entertaining about it all.

Certain scenes were enjoyable.

Horribly boring!.

Almost poking fun of his action movie persona, Neesen plays a father whose son was killed by drug dealers and he goes on a mundane killing spree to seek vengeance.

Cold Pursuit is an intense, blackly funny action drama!

), the soundtrack sucked, and even the acting was dull!

However, for people who are expecting that and yet not looking forward to the same old conventional (and therefore boring, predictable) black and white plot, you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Don't waste your time .

I had been enjoying the movies Liam has starred in the past years (for example, "The Commuter") , but this one is really bad and slow.

This was a pretty enjoyable movie with a very simple premise that was delivered in a new and unique way that helped break it up as you go.

Watch only if really bored.

Good editing down to 90 minutes would have made an exciting film.

This is just a waste I thing it like more of marketing and making some more money

There is no story line to give things a purpose.

The backdrop is stunning and it's perfect for hiding the crimes.

Very boring and rubbish movie .

The film is at times really difficult to follow.

Fairly enjoyable action/thriller .

Slow and dull .

Then a Native American mafia shows up, and you think maybe this has some politically correct agenda to push, but they too, are pointless.

Don't waste your time with this "thing"...

What a waste of time this was.

The good news is they don't waste any time to show you that this is going to be a really stupid film.

You know the story already but its done in a very different way, I was half hearted when I started to watch it thinking its just going to be another 'Taken' ,but its no t, the principle is there, you harm his family, and he'll find you, but the way that plays out is very different and, IMO, a better film than 'Taken', more entertaining and one you will need to watch until then end.

Watching Neeson juggle the two-cuff links uselessly in his hands after his wife has left him later is compelling stuff.

Automatically goes to the list of 10 worst movies ever.

A complete and utter waste of time.

Compared to Hollyweird churning out the same superhero movies over and over, Cold Pursuit will take you on a fun, unexpected ride.

Complete waste of time.

An unexpected gem.

Only thing saving this from going down the sewer was the stunning backdrop scenery.

Hard to follow, rediculously absurd plot points.

The storyline is trash boring and ridiculous.

More boring than movie '' Rubber '', where tire is killing people and animals whole movie .

The thing with most Liam Neeson actioners these days is that their screenplays solely depend on his tough guy demeanor to keep the proceedings engaging.

A waste of time and actor's talent.

Cold Pursuit has some structural problems (too many tangential subplots going nowhere and two characters - police officers John Gipsky (John Doman) and Kim Dash (Emmy Rossum) - serving very little purpose beyond providing amusing banter.

Random plot points and boring characters .

A total waste of time .

The story was shallow and uninspiring.

Quirky villains, interesting cast, surprisingly entertaining revenge film.

It is consistent on one point, it is super, duper slow.

The plot was a refreshing break from the normal clichés and the characters were intriguing and enjoyable.

And to think of how bad this movie was and how boring is that the only element that really saves this flick is the comedy factor.

Bad and boring .

He has made the film more entertaining for fans of action thrillers.

At times disjointed .

Enjoyable, undemanding schlock remake of 'In Order of Disappearence' with fun gallows humour death scenes throughout.

dont expect liam neeson movie, but it was really funny and unexpected laughable!

The ones were very predictable.

There is some genuinely great dialogue as part of that which combined with Petter Moland's sense of style make it enjoyable viewing.

Based on the Norwegian movie "In Order of Disappearance", it is an entertaining vigilante film with most of the usual enjoyment that can be had with Neeson in the lead.

A very entertaining movie.

This movie is a huge waste of time, its plot & structure implausible even for a movie-- the writing is terrible, the blood is overdone in a supposed attempt at humor, love is a rather forced concept and the laughs are in the wrong places for reasons beyond understanding.

In this movie realm of faster than light cgi battles it was nice to watch a film that is just as visually stunning without cgi and paced well.

Makes the movie cringeworthy and unwatchable.

This movie is a low and slow boil that is all about the journey and not the destination.

This mundane life is sort of lost in the violence.

It made me laugh, it made me grimace, and it was thoroughly entertaining.

What bothers me, was, that there is a huge gap between comical deaths and brutal thrilling killing.

I don't want to keep going on about it but it really does prevent you from getting on-board with the story, highlighting its other issues and resulting in a rather dull time overall.

The dialogue is snappy and Tarantino- esque at times, but entertaining?

The type that you messed with the wrong person and then for some weird alignment of the stars, what that person did created confusion within the drug organization thus creating the perfect chaos.

Hard to follow story that just became one senseless murder after another.

Very entertaining, and it's over now :( .

Quite boring and dragging .

Worth the watch.

A very entertaining take on a group of bumbling small town gangsters.

This film is a total waste of time.

It is quite nice and entertaining actually.

An example of a film holding the audience with action mixed with a good story and may I add a streak of dark humour very enjoyable watch worthy of a view!

Worth watching

At the start a film review is about the art product before the reviewer and not about any external distractions that detract from a fair review, any other approach is wholly self-indulgent and should be avoided.

Put it this way, probably six or more people walked out of the theater during the movie.

In the original the bad guy decks his annoying ex in the most hilarious way, just thinking about it now makes me laugh, it's completely unexpected and the way it is done is comedic gold.

Dark sense of humour, white backgrounds and well written dialogs and enjoyable characters.

A complete waste of time, avoid at any cost...

There are some twists, but most are very predictable.

It is awful, predictable, boring snoozer.

The slow quiet burn of action is quite fitting to the backdrop of a small ski town where people go to relax and smoke weed, and to make up for the lack of things getting blown up or dudes getting blasted in cool gun fu like sequences, the absolute humor that Neeson goes after these dudes with is absolutely fantastic.

This movie is entertaining with usual humor.

I found this film as entertaining as any I've seen lately.

I loved all the silly characters, the hilarious one-liners sprinkled generously throughout, and the simplistic yet entertaining plot.

Where the first 30 minutes or so are thrilling and surprisingly funny black comedic satire/revenge, the rest of the film is a convoluted ensemble with ties to drug cartels and an overall war among gangs, with Neeson just caught in the middle of it all.

LET ME CONCLUDE WITH THIS: More than several people walked out of the theater in the first half hour, & those who stayed were using words like "awful", "terrible", & "waste of time.

It was funny and sarcastic but still totally entertaining.

The first half an hour of this film is unremarkable stuff but certain plot developments after that mark make the narrative much more intriguing, especially as the dark humour and more absurd elements kick in.

It was just a slow movie with nothing special to excite the moviegoer.

I watched the original movie: "Kraftidioten" (In Order of Disappearance) and I liked it a lot: Intelligent, funny and quite entertaining.

When I started watching it ,it was awfully boring.

Acting looked pretty dull since the screenplay is mixture of black comedy and revenge all looked pretty stiff might be due to the climate.

Horrible Movie very Boring .

Dont waste your time....

So, if you watched the original, don´t waste your time on this one.

They should have stuck with the formula that works every time with Liam Neeson - keep it fast paced and action packed - and ok with some comedy thrown in.

So boring.

I also liked that it was fast while being slow.

I am impressed with how entertaining this is- after some duds from Liam, it's nice to see him cast in such a smart film.

The film starts out predictable enough, this time he is a family man who's son is killed by local gangsters, and good guy Neeson must ensure the Homicide Detectives of Colorado stay employed.

it was an entertaining piece of work...

I mean I know Liam Neeson is a good actor, but this movie is boring already, it had names of characters getting killed off, and it had some humor, some.

A slow burning revenge feast.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a while, and I am extremely disappointed Liam Neeson chose to act in it.

Most of the material for the first half hour prior to this moment made it seem like it was a standard revenge movie, but this was the first really confusing and subtle hint at comedy.

But nevertheless, this is worth seeing in a theater, if only to experience the unexpected absurdity of the whole thing.

Slow, uneventful, strange movie.

Very entertaining .

Worst movie I have ever seen!

It starts off that way, but then gets bogged down with enough side characters and plots that are so uninteresting and boring I found myself looking at my watch a few times.

Its attempting to be a Tarentino style quirky shootemup, but it's just a messy bore.

Though what's happening in the scene is a bit confusing.

Don't waste your time and money .

His sleazy, unhinged performance was so unpredictable that it was always intriguing to see what he would do next.

Excellent suspense plot and many murders, intelligent, engaging, the little boy, Nicholas Holmes, very charismatic ...

The older couple in front of me said that it was the worst movie they have ever seen.

The last death was insanely idiotic and pointless.

This movie was a very unexpected breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant movie industry.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

I actually find it rather flat and boring.

A Entertaining Liam Neeson Thriller Movie That's Better Than I Expected .

Trying to be a moulding together of genres hurts Cold Pursuit's chances of connecting on any real level with the humour more forced than natural, the violence more grizzly than entertaining and the splattering of characters barely getting a chance to breathe or evolve as the run-time wears on meaning we are always finding it hard to care about their various plights or activities even if you know somewhere deep down lies a truly entertaining and oddball delight.

But it was quite entertaining,with bits of humor, good dialogue and several small plot twists along the way.

3 of 5 of us fell asleep at some point in the cinema.

Revenge/action packed with some dark humour.

But it's an enjoyable one time watch.

The stunning landscape visuals were the best part of the film.

That being said this is a slightly different take on the story and I found it entertaining and refreshing.

A light and enjoyable revenge story .

Most people will go into viewing this looking for the usual, overdone, redundant, repetitive, Neeson revenge flick that has been coming out about every January for the past ten years.

A well written, well acted action/thriller well worth watching.

It's a much more nuanced role than the Taken movies ( really after Taken 1 the rest are boring).

Some may want an action with a more engaging story and some may want a comedy with more jokes.

Cold Pursuit is boring but slightly entertaining with some comedy in it.

A bit boring .

I love Liam Neeson but this just feels like a cheap budget movie dragged on for way too long.

Really Entertaining .

Keeping the audience on the edge of their seat, giving them a few good, sometimes racially based laughs along the way ("Do you have a reservation?

Sadly just another crappy American remake, maybe the director got bored remaking it again?

I guess if you walk into it knowing that it is a weird/comical movie then it wouldn't be as bad, but when you are expecting a typical Liam Neeson good plot, action movie, don't waste your time or money.

Entertaining on all fronts.

This was intriguing and kept our attention!

Cold Pursuit, as a whole, is an entertaining action drama that talks a lot about revenge without being too loud.

I reccommend you not to watch this, until you want to bore yourself to death.

Really disjointed.

The middle half of the movie could've been improved, but it was still funny and enjoyable.

Boring copy .

Surprisingly entertaining revenge flick .

Sloppy/Dull/Rushed/Stagnate Storyline with Terrible Character (If any) development.

poorly made and pretty pointless .

I have seen most of Liams\'s action spectacles and liked a few quite a bit but this just struck me as so tired and predictable.

He stars alongside other great actresses and actors like a particularly emotional Laura Dern and a versatile Tom Bateman who incarnates an unpredictable psychopath.

I usually like most movies of Liam Neeson but this one is just bad and boring in every way possible.

The story is unpredictable with twists and turns and nice side story diversions to lesser characters.

Cold Pursuit is a drama of intense, dark and funny action.

The movie is so predictable and the storyline is like the other movie he's been just it's now his son.

It's terrible movie, not to watch in cinema or to your home cinema, without a start and end with no story, sorry Liam but it your worst movie ever.


Except I was disappointed for two things, first Liam looked bored and didn't put his efforts properly.

Tarantino wannabe glorification of gun gore, plotless, pointless, stupid storyline, unrealistic characters, mediocre acting, etc. What was the point of the angry Thai bride for example....

This was one of THE WORST movies I've seen in some time.

However the satire was humorous and entertaining.

As with his typical films, he displays both a vulnerability and grizzledness that makes his characters enjoyable to watch.

Suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat!!

I enjoyed it and if you want to see Liam in his last action role, then you will probably enjoy it too.

Overall this is worth watching especially if you enjoyed the original film.

Quite possibly Liam Neeson's worst movie ever, and 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

This movie has nothing to do with the action packed thrillers Liam Neeson has done in the past, it's just a boring, slow, no plot, no action, nonsense, dark humor piece of dong.

The story goes from Taken format to Guy Ritchie format with black humour comedic attempts and no plot logic.

this was one of your worst movies.

The whole impresion is tragically tedious and not funny.

The black comedy is forced and predictable, and again reminiscent of a Cohen Brothers movie.

Nothing is in sync, don't waste your time.

Worst movie .

It's just killing for killing, no plot is really developed.

But all of the actors/characters in this movie played into the story and made it so enjoyable.

Don't waste your money on this.

overall I think this remake was pointless since the original was just awesome and subtitles worked out just fine too.

The movie has some atmosphere, I admit, and it's far from the worst movie I've ever seen.

The direction by Hans Petter Moland was just boring and stupid.

Very enjoyable story and characters.

Another nice touch was the introduction of Native American Indians into the script , quite unexpected and frankly quite novel.

Cold Pursuit is still predictable and its not like this movie was an original concept thought up by the director and the screenwriters.


Perfect dark humour, thrilling and exciting, and perfectly filmed and performed.

The plot is paper thin and very predictable and I lost interest long before the credits rolled.

So slow, depressing and weird.

Expecting the same old Liam hard core action film- I had low expectations, but I started watching this is so excruciatingly boring- maybe it gets better....

It becomes tedious.

The movie mostly takes place in a snowy Colorado resort town and the parts out in nature are just breathtaking.

Like watching paint dry.

it is not funny it is not dramatic, every character is a cliche and the plot is so ridiculous as to border on madness.

A cool action drama that's definitely worth watching on the big screen.

With a nod or two to Quentin Tarantino, he has fashioned a bizarrely entertaining homage to violence, gangsters, and heavy snowfall in the Rockies.

Boring, slow, .

Mindnumbingly boring .

"Cold Pursuit" was a teriffic film, which was visually stunning, with a bit of a surreal view of the snowy days and nights in Denver and the fictional ski resort of Kehoe, Colorado.

Don't waste your time watching this, you will regret it.

Boring .

Probably why I fell asleep and that's the gist of it.

Waste of time.

This movie has nice acting, some personal drama, lovely music choices, forgetable action and ultimately an enjoyable story.

By the same token, the villains are also quite entertaining.

The movie, for one thing, unfolds at a really slow and casual pace, making it too long for its own good.

I was glued to the screen from start to finish, and that is saying something- it's saying that it's purely entertaining.

Too slow : Nelson starts to kill the villains in the first 15 mins.

But I'm finding this movie slightly disjointed.

An entertaining vigilante film with most of the usual enjoyment that can be had with Neeson in the lead .

Slow and bad movie expected better, what a disappointment

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

As it is, "Cold Pursuit" is just a pale and disappointing reflection of the film it is extremely closely based upon (not quite a frame-by-frame remake, but close enough and bad enough to be a total waste of time).

worst movie ever

The Moland's joy of carnage and black humor keep the film intriguing from start to finish and it is always entertaining, even when it seems unsure what it's aiming for.

Very entertaining film.

Bad writing, mediocre acting, *super* slow moving story line.

I like the plot and how it connects one thread with another, but it was too slow.

It was probably the most entertaining movie I've seen in the last 3 or 4 years.

What a boring movie.

Clever, intelligent, witty and suspenseful.

With Liam Neeson as his typical one-man-army self, Cold Pursuit is a fast paced action fare with an interesting enough story to move things along nicely.

Although it was entertaining to some degree, the plot was really very predictable and nothing special.

However the young boy actor was endearing and entertaining.

A total waste of money and time.

Beautiful setting and an ending that is just unexpected and will bring a chuckle.

Worst movie of 2019 .

Plot was very generic, and very bland.

it's worth watching.

It's certainly not what I expected but as other reviews have said, once you understand what they were going for it becomes very enjoyable.

outright bore fest .

Then Liam goes on a killing string where person A leads to person B leads to person C, fairly linear and boring, honestly.

The kills are boring again there are no build up he just showes up and kills them, left the movie half way since i knew what was going to happen.

Enjoyable, if predictable, caper that Liam Neeson fans will enjoy.

The plot was confusing, the locations are especially boring (I HATE SNOW!

Very entertaining, great plot, and humorous at times.

Enjoyed it!

It had that Insomnia feel to it.

I couldnt believe that Liam would sign up to be in this horrificly boring movie.

An over-the-top cliche crime lord.

Liam neeson had to let go of this genre , revenge drama is becoming predictable of him.

You'll get a great movie instead of a soulless Hollywood ripoff with political propaganda mixed into it.

Cold Pursuit is cliche-ridden, but entertaining nonetheless .

Really enjoyed this film and the scenery is just stunning.

Nels' actions ignite a turf war between a manically unpredictable gangster known as Viking (Tom Bateman) and a rival gang boss White Bull (Tom Jackson).

Unbelievably boring...

Don't watch this movie, waste of time .

boring .

Thoroughly entertaining, plus send up of political correctness .

But very enjoyable because many other entities are brought into play.

Liam Neeson is as reliable and formulaic in his latest action movie role as he is enjoyable.

Strange but enjoyable.

but it went nowhere and got worse as it went on.

But, the exception is, the unexpected comedy sequences & dramatic deaths that remind one of the 90s classics such as pulp fiction and reservoir dogs by Tarantino.

Initially you have to concentrate a bit but soon you will realise you are in a very well constructed black comedy with lots of laugh out loud unexpected humor and situations.

It follows that movie's plot very closely and has the same mix of extreme violence and dark comedy to see it through, which perhaps gives it an edge over the more mundane thrillers that Liam Neeson has been churning out lately.

Slow, nonsensical at times.

Ridiculously violent and completely pointless at every turn.

It was full of clichés, a very boring script and a story that went on like a bad winter.

The movie comes with a fair share of drama, action and comedy, definitely worth watching.

The placement of the title cards signifying each cast member 'in order of disappearance' was a nice touch, and as always, Liam Neeson provides the adrenaline for a well paced story, even if he's getting a little long in the tooth as they say.

I was losing hope up until this after having to sit through the pretentious, boring, low talent tripe Hollywood spits out and pretends to be "Oscar-wrothy".

Meaningless movie .

Don't waste your time with this exact copy and go for the original instead as the original is actually realistic and believable.

Boring .

I fell asleep 3 times.

I love the aging action hero Liam Neeson & I've enjoyed nearly all his later in his Career action films, such as his Taken Trilogy, The Grey, Unknown, A Walk Among The Tombstones & Run All Night, so I'm a fan but here in "Cold Pursuit" Neeson seems lost amongst a stupid dark Comedy that wants to be a Clever, witty, weird & Cool like a "Tarantino" film but it just comes off weird & boring!!.

Good performances all round together with stunning location photography, a sharp script and smart direction make this an all-round pleasure to watch.

Just plain boring .

Its so boring characters have no story and who ever the guy was that wrote the original score should be fired and never used again the music is so corny and comical which again didn't go with the movie.. When will Hollywood stop using washed up old men as tough guys in movies?.

Neeson's worst movie very disappointing and boring this is an honest review I actually fell asleep twice after trying to keep my eyes open.

But felt more like a dark comedy mixed with boring character development.

The movie was boring , very predictable and terribly acted.

White Bull is also a dull character who just walks around staring at things and sighing.

Liam Neesons worst movie...

His direction is rather stylish, there are a few entertaining moments, and the script by Frank Baldwin (he's a rookie) provides a few juicy one-liners.

Cold Pursuit, on the whole, is an entertaining action drama that speaks volumes about revenge without actually being too loud.

a pointless movie made.. real shame!

Top 5 Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

Liam Neeson cannot save this snooze fest.

waste of time and money .

Script is way to predictable the family and son has no connection his death brings barely any sadnes, the father finds out what happened to his son like out no where theres no build up.

No properly character development which makes u feel uninterested in 95% of the characters or what they do, predictable and boring revenge plot, the acting is poor, even the humor which is the new thing here is average, really not worth going to theatre for it, just wait till it comes to DVD if you really likes Neeson.

Poor acting- so disappointed- I'd say one of the worst movies I've seen.

This movie is long, stupid, and boring.

Here I've been for the past month catching up on all of the pretentious, boring, and frankly-dull, Hollywood tripe up for "Best Picture".

The plot is boring with Liam Neeson killing any drug dealers responsible.

The repetitive gags are sometimes effective: we look forward to the next synthetic tomb stone message.

The plot was interesting if a little cliche.

Stay home dont waste your time watching it

Really enjoyed it.

Way too long .

If you're a fan of the unexpected, watch it!

This is really a surprisingly good and entertaining movie.

The worst movie I've watched in a while .

Once I knew what I was getting into, the movie got very enjoyable.

So everything is slow.

Horrible Waste Of Time .

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen - and I've seen Frank.

The casting was ok with Neeson being great (but a little bland in this one) as usual.

Gorgeous scenery and the plot is intense.

Boring and a Waste of Time ❄ .

The dark comedy reminded me of my all-time favorite "Fargo," a very enjoyable roller coaster ride right out of the gate, artfully combining action, gore with humor.

Very entertaining...

It's a slippery movie, zigging and zagging between genres with an unpredictable plot, idiosyncratic characters, and a tone that veers wildly as the macabre content is often portrayed in a humorous manner.

The worst movie I have ever seen .

Boring at times which was quite a shame because it could have been so much better.

Don't waste your time and money.

Predictable .

Painful to watch, with no story and no emotion.

Terrible acting story and lots of confusing dead ends.

Very bland.

Enjoyed it from start to finish.

Very disappointed, this movie competes with one of the most boring and bad movies I've watched along with "Dr.

I can easily say that it was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Cliché filled action movie, filled with plotholes .

Some scenes were dragged too long, or had little meaning in the whole plot, seemingly done just to waste screen time.

Absolutly boring and the gangsta boss isnt a good actor :-(

Liam Neeson gives a very enjoyable performance playing his staple character of a father out for revenge on a wrongdoing that was done to his child.

The writing is complete garbage but enjoyable film .

I really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time watching this movie

Because in his catalogue of bonkers and violent revenge-adult flicks, this is one of Neeson's more entertaining ones.

The revenge plot is beaten to the grave at this point in Hollywood, especially in Liam Neeson movies but this was a little different which made it a tad enjoyable.

nice filmo and edit work,and the score are intense.

It was a little slower than I thought it would be, a little darker and a little more dark humor than I expected too.

OK, while this movie may be formulaic to some, to me it's what I go to see movies for...

Enjoyed it!!

I spent the entire movie looking for something I could place as actually being in Denver, but I came up empty.

Excellent movie, thoroughly enjoyable .

Utter waste of time.

The scenery is breathtaking.

This movie is so boring.

This movie is another cliche filled actionmovie, with a sloppy storyline, plotholes and bad acting.

Even the runtime is exactly the same, so you can only wonder how much thought went into this pointless exercise.

The plot and direction are long and boring.

Extremely disappointed of spending my money for 2 hours of boredom.

It is a boring, slow, unfunny, stupidly written movie.

The 2 hour length felt like 3 hours with the long dragged out (and a lot unnecessary) scenes and slow pacing.

Well this summed up the entire waste of time watching this.


Mind you, it's not that "Cold Pursuit" is a bad movie per se, but when you get down to it, it's yet another case of a Hollywood remake that really feels pointless, given that the original was perfectly fine ("The Upside" vs.

With a hefty dose of black comedy it is an entertaining romp, though, naturally enough, it lacks the originality of the first film.

It's dry and witty and completely unexpected.

But good thing is that there are few funny things, it is very real, meaning like in our real life, no special events or extreme stuff or anything to expect, and movie shows us much negative bare reality like winter, killings, ignorance, revenge, ordinary jobs, and unfortunately boredom.

This is what he does best, playing the vengeful lone wolf character, similar plot lines to all the others, but who cares it's formulaic stuff that works.

What you get is a fun and entertaining film.

It also suffers from having too many uninteresting characters, including Neeson's protagonist himself, who are given no real room for development.

The time flew which is another test of an engrossing movie.

Worth a watch if you want a slower action movie.

2/10 Action 8/10 Boring .

Incredible one liners, unexpected twists and a perfect ending.

She just stopped appearing in the film about 1/2 way through-no storyline to explain...

Very entertaining if quite dark.

If you enjoy revenge thrillers with a touch of humour then this is well worth watching.

A bleak copy of the Norwegian original, a waste of money and talent.

There is enough violence, style, and dark humor to make this worth watching.

The pace is just so slow and jumbled.

Dolittle 2 and Open Water" Made me wanna leave in the middle along with my friends and all people around me in the theatre were discussing how bad and boring of a movie it is!

The most boring, predictable, cliche I've ever seen.

The result is a pastiche without, colour and without with, with bored actors moving around.

Solid cast meets disjointed story with a lack of direction .

The previews of this one made it look like yet another entertaining one of those.

As a crime thriller, it's pretty standard stuff; as a comedy (notably of the gallows persuasion), it's pretty enjoyable, though it lacks either the grace or the audaciousness to really pull it off one way or the other.

Since I haven't seen that version, I can only measure this one at face value - and I enjoyed it.

There are too many unrealistic and too many predictable moments that it was frustrating.

I like Liam Neeson and his movies are usually exciting and entertaining.

PROS:Liam Neeson's Lead PerformancesTom Bateman"s Scene Chewing Villian RoleHans Petter Moland's DirectingThe Dark HumorWell Helmed Action ScenesReally Good CinematographyCONS:Laura Dern Was WastedThe Pointless Police SubplotThe Middle Portion Doesn't Have A lot Of Action

Having recently watched 'The Commuter' which I vaguely enjoyed and often had some compelling moments, I was expecting something similar in Cold Pursuit.

Well worth the watch!

Insomnia was a classic Hollywood killing of a good Norwegian film.