Colors (1988) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An experienced cop and his rookie partner patrol the streets of East Los Angeles while trying to keep the gang violence under control.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Dennis Hopper
Stars: Sean Penn, Robert Duvall
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 8 out of 66 found boring (12.12%)

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But after all the hype I've heard, I was expecting to see something more captivating and thrilling.

An intense, powerful movie...

It's weird, hearing Jaynett's 'Sally Go Around the Roses' & Willie Nelson 'Bloody Mary Morning' with the intense rap songs of Ice T's 'Colors' and Big Daddy Kane 'Raw'.

There is also a few scenes of Action that keeps the story moving and even an exciting car chase that gives the movie an energy.

In a more melodramatic film, Penn would've told the story flawlessly and the pretentious mood music would rise in the background.

But for me as an ordinary citizen I just see poverty, drugs and endless series of pointless crimes in which innocent bystanders get killed.

And certainly it may sound as a bad thing the word generic but pretty much while the film has a formula it still delivers interesting things and exciting moments.

It is pretty flat, predictable, and very outdated in its portrayal and understanding of gang violence.

Penn's younger guy isn't a crooked cop or corrupted, but he's a hot-head, a junkie for adrenaline, while Duvall's been around the block way too many times (and even admits that he had a higher post before and is still on the streets for reasons not totally made clear) to put up with being "like a gangster" as he says.

It's pretty much just a boring watch now as there is nothing new about it and everything in it has been done bigger and better in over the last decade.

This somewhat excellent, powerful and gripping crime drama is still worth checking out.

It was an engaging two hours or so for the most part, and kept my interest throughout.

Colors is movie that combines elements of not only Crime Drama but also Action film,Gang movie and Cop drama into fascinating study of Gang life and violence seen from the points of view from both the cops and the gangs from the LAPD to the Crips and Bloods in South Central to the Latino gangs in East LA with tons of characters getting enough screen time.

It was great, the family scene, where Duvall invited Penn and his new date over for lunch after a quite thrilling car chase, where their squad car has just upturned.

90% of the film reel is spent on repetitive incidents (split between drive-by shootings and interrogations) interspersed with clichéd conflicts between Old Wise Cop and Young Smartass Cop.

The tragic finale is memorable in a great slow zoom upward shot, where not every cop tale ends well.

When Penn goes too far, like a cop having a bad day with these nemesis's, Duvall's retaliation, knocking Penn back in line, was truly something unexpected.

Seperate endnote: Policing these neighbourhoods in the violent way it is done right now, is totally pointless and only aggravating the already grim situation of violence in these poor neighbourhoods of L.

It's somewhat slow in paced.

This is an exciting, powerful film that works on many levels.

I could have done without the drawn-out, and pointless lovemaking scene with Penn and Maria Conchita Alonso.

The first half is enjoyable for what it is, a buddy cop romp through the barrios where now and then we stop to mingle with suspect characters.

this film needed a big shot of adrenaline to keep it going, duvall's character seemed just to be going through the motions, sean penn had his usual scowl on his face, it just seemed all too dull.

Colors is an excellent,powerful and gripping Crime Drama that combines great direction,a fantastic cast and a memorable score.

Color this Cliché **1/2 .

The whole rookie cop (Sean Penn) clashing with the older mature cop (Robert Duvall) aspect of the film was a bit trite and could have been avoided.

There are tons of pointless boring filler, in this film.

Two great performances from Robert Duvall and Sean Penn, and some great direction by Dennis Hopper gives "Colors" an engrossing quality that's still alive and well, 25 years later.

The movie, however, is still worth watching although not in the same 'class' or 'league' as MenaceIISociety.

Sean Penn and Robert Duvall make a formidable acting team, playing two LA policemen battling each other as well as the gangs, each of them bringing a measure of depth to their stereotypical macho cop characters with typically intense performances.

it's a good and entertaining Hopper film.

Viewed this film a few years ago and enjoyed it the second time around.

Dennis Hopper has acted vastly more than he has directed, but even his stunning success with Easy Rider would make me expect more than this from him.

In final word,if you love Dennis Hopper,Sean Penn or Robert DuVall,I highly suggest you see Colors,an excellent,powerful and gripping Crime Drama that you will never forget.

An Excellent,Powerful And Gripping Crime Drama.

), so three guys start beating on him, as is the standard Hollywood cliché.

His character is supposed to be a kid and an outsider here, so you would think his bad acting and bland presence could work here; it does not.

*************SPOILER AHEAD******************The ending, in which Duvall dies, is sad though somewhat predictable.

But like those films it is an intense, powerful movie that takes you to the streets in an extremely realistic way.