Come and Find Me (2016) - Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



When his girlfriend goes missing, David must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she's not who she was pretending to be.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Zack Whedon
Stars: Annabelle Wallis, Aaron Paul
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 53 found boring (20.75%)

One-line Reviews (42)

The script goes the same way, it is probably supposed to convey a sense of realism, while actually it is just boring.

An original and suspenseful thriller with a bittersweet ending.

It's part romance, part mystery, and part thriller, and all good and intriguing.

Towards the middle of the film, the plot gets confusing.

Then the second half gets under way and things start to pick up a bit, all leading to what turns out to be actually a very well written ending, both entertaining and moving all at once.

The way the film is directed is dull as are the main players.

There is a McGuffin (role of film), Gang Members, Intriguing Photographs of Unidentified, Creepy Looking Types, and so forth.

The pace was way too slow for this genre.

Enjoyable, engaging, captivating, suspense film.

does have a low budget feel, but entertaining for a one-time-watch, was never bored (1 viewing) SPOILERS there is a possible huge plot hole.

When something "intense" happened in a moment in the film, it felt real, because (due to the subtle cinematography) for a moment you caught yourself realizing "Wait, is this actually happening?

The mystery element is admittedly simple, but it has the potential to be very intriguing with a plot twist or two along the way.

not bad, semi entertaining.

i watched this movie when i was sick, and i had to pause it an hour in cause i was starting to fall asleep.

The movie never answers these questions, and just fades to black with a very predictable ending.

Still, the film had an intriguing premise and kept up the interest and suspense throughout.

All in all, very enjoyable movie for the first viewing.

Enjoyable, if somewhat formulaic .

See it if you feel bored or have those winter movie blues.

The ending of the movie was pretty cool, it was predictable but at the same time unpredictable which made me want to keep watching.

I'm sorry, but this was so confusing, unbelievable and mind tripping...

I found this a very interesting and absorbing film.

A fine example of economical and suspenseful filmmaking!

So confusing at points...

Watching Aaron Paul stutter on the phone, disjointed scenes of him talking to friends "have you seen her?

After the First Few times this happens it becomes Tedious, Repetitive, and Stops the Films Momentum Cold.

The kicker for me is that it aims for, and achieves, a rare commodity these days - genuine slow build understatement.

Entertaining .

Suspense is great, and suspenseful it was to the end.

That's the most intriguing part of this film.

This is literally the worst movie I've ever seen!

It is done with a Dull Regularity and the Story has to Gain Suspense all over again.

It's suspenseful throughout, and of course the charismatic Aaron Paul did a really good job in making you sympathetic to his WTF IS GOING ON mindset.

Boring with a non existent story line.

It's because, watching this, I felt more like I was watching a very boring post-series look into what happened to Jesse Pinkman.

What begins as a run of the mill girl-gone-missing story, turns into a thrilling mystery pretty quickly and David soon begins a deeper journey into finding out just what happened to the love of his life.

It gets off to a very slow start, and early on it puts more emphasis on the drama side of things than the mystery element.

)I was also lost when the boyfriend was walking in the street of that empty Canadian neighborhood from "something" to that house.

This movie has an intriguing story idea,namely, girl goes missing and her besotted boyfriend searches for her.

A surprisingly enjoyable experience .

I found this movie so confusing at times, trying to figure out if the main character's "dead" girlfriend was actually alive or truely dead.

Otherwise very entertaining.