Computer Chess (2013) - Comedy

Hohum Score



A 1980s-set story centered around a man vs. machine chess tournament.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Andrew Bujalski
Stars: Kriss Schludermann, Tom Fletcher
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 14 out of 38 found boring (36.84%)

One-line Reviews (36)

The scene at the beginning with the panel of experts actually shows the audience falling asleep as the experts speak.

It's just flat out boring.

Two unexpected encounters at the end of the movie wrap it up very well.

What started out as a well-shot, well-acted mockumentary akin to Best in Show but for nerds turned into a dreary sludge with absolutely no narrative.

I can sit through the most ponderous Joe Swanberg film, the most ridiculous thing ever directed by the Duplass brothers Jay and Mark, respectively, and can even tolerate monotony bestowed upon a talky independent movie in terms of my affection and devotion to the mumblecore movement in cinema.

Every second is enjoyable - the attitude of the characters, the geekiness of a haircut, the strange goings-on.

Definitely not for audiences wanting to be dazzled by theatrics, visuals and fantastic plots, "Computer Chess" is a very minimalistic yet highly entertaining step back in time, giving us the rare opportunity to appreciate the absurdity of "hi-tech" in hindsight.

Completely discombobulated and pointless .

A thoughtful, intriguing film .

It was just plain boring.

Both aren't very ideal, one leads to alienation, loneliness, and confusion.

If you are out of sleeping pills or have insomnia.

Did i mention it was mind numbingly boring and not at any time do you care about what is happening.

Slow-moving, meandering and technically unpolished (to put it mildly), it might be of interest to anyone who has a fascination with computers, chess or possibly both.

Dull Dull Dull .

Overall it presents the rather ho-hum reality of technology in the 80s, and the humor is that 80s technology sucked!

On the other hand, some of it starts to get a bit repetitive and meandering.

Chess is not a topic that is easily portrayed on screen but perhaps a stronger focus on the game would have improved things and "spiced things up", but unfortunately that seemed to take a backseat to the dull subplots of a man with no hotel room, a couples therapy session and a kid who doesn't get laid.

One of the computer chess entrants is a sociopath that looks and speaks oddly like Chevy Chase, giving this movie unexpected authenticity.

--Computer Chess is very much so an insiders game, and in all fairness, while it may have it's audience, it's as inaccessible and boring a film as they come.

I was anxious to watch this movie, it seemed like an awesome retro indie film that was going to have some style, personality, substance, and real panache to it, but instead it was a lifeless portrayal of an earlier age of computers that I find hard to believe was THIS boring even among it's most intellectual and socially awkward; and if in fact it was this way ( since I conceit to having no experience with a hobby like this before viewing this film), then why make a movie about individuals who are in no way interesting and who are trying to create the perfect program to beat each others computers at chess?

Don't waste your time watching this movie, it'll seem like several hours you'll never get back.

The realism is also one of its shortfalls, because at times it's a bit boring.

Anyone else will likely be bored to tears by this static tale of a group of early '80s nerds attending a tournament designed to determine which tech team has come up with the most effective computer chess program.

When admiration for the history subsides and fascination with aesthetics simmers, what you have is another film with a tiresome story.

The main joy of the film comes from how it sidesteps the problems involved in trying to make a compelling film about chess by avoiding chess scenes for the most part.

Dialog is laborious, tedious, and just about any other '-ious' that comes to mind.

" I felt deeply disappointed and bored by the way things played out and found myself saying something along the lines of "There's plenty of material in the early computer chess/computer nerd theme for a light, funny mockumentary without having to go the lowest-common-denominator route of throwing in a bunch of new-agers and off-the-reservation nutbars.

One look into the history books - or this film, in particular - and you see their equipment was clunky, slow, and unreliable.

The competitions themselves lacked any tension and the climax was tediously anticlimactic, wet and dull.

Initially, this gets distracting as to what is the proper Point of View, but, in a strange way it becomes compelling.

Unwatchable .

For example, despite the nuts & bolts visual presentation, the director achieved a degree of surrealism by using quirky edits (unexpected, disorienting jump cuts) as well as deliberate audio synch mismatches.

And any comedic value that could be gained between these conflicting worlds was totally lost and played for pointless, irrelevant laughs.

However it's surprisingly entertaining and funny for the average viewer too.

This film contains just about every cinematic cliché popular from the 1970's.