Conan the Barbarian (2011) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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A vengeful barbarian warrior sets off to get his revenge on the evil warlord who attacked his village and murdered his father when he was a boy.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Marcus Nispel
Stars: Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 115 out of 349 found boring (32.95%)

One-line Reviews (285)

The real fly in the soup though is the fight sequences, they are mostly so poorly filmed and edited that all sense of what the hell is going on is lost and it just gets boring to watch.

I'm sure I would have enjoyed this film in 2D, I nearly walked out half way with the intention to swap my ticket.

Another bad thing is that the entire movie is extremely predictable.

Expect lots of action scenes (which are pretty standard for the genre, but not at all unnerving), some nudity (it would be a sin to make a Conan movie without a pair of boobs, and Rachel Nichols provides a set of perfect ones), pretty cliché ending (what would we do without them??

Not very good, but moderately entertaining .

Entertaining Adventure .

It is entertaining, though...

Conan the Boring.

Throw in a predictable ending to finish and you've got one of the most unnecessary movies of the season, and maybe even the year.

But one thing that Nispel proves is that you simply cannot score a compelling action piece just throw in one gruesome action scene after another after another without dedicating some time to construct the plot and characters.

But in the end, Conan is an entertaining movie, and that's what really counts.

However, the level of blood is adequate, and the action scenes are moderately well filmed, with the exception of the final battle, which possesses the classical confusion and visual chaos from the modern action cinema.

Serious lack of story.

Don't waste your time with this one...

Queue some thoroughly uninspiring sidekicks, plenty of bouncy foam rocks, balsa wood walls/floors/furniture.

Save your money.

I'm not really bothered by all the naked people (okay, naked women) in the film, as people were generally not that concerned with wearing clothing during the (albeit fictional) time period represented in the film, but I would argue that spending so much time on the long, extremely boring uber-pornographic sex scene was totally unnecessary and added nothing worthwhile to the movie.

Just like the new Conan was shunned, the new Witcher was more than an unexpected choice.

Plus, all this is pointless in this case.

That's how we wind up with so many carefully crafted art house flicks that bore the pants off the general public and big budget blockbusters whose storytelling ranges from sub-mediocre to downright atrocious.

At almost 2 hours, it is way too long.

Some of the landscapes were intriguing and very creative.

You will get what you paid for and will enjoy it the same way the Fast and Furious films feed your need for adrenaline car-racing.

apart from CGI affects there is no story, no character worth following and really this movie shouldn't have been called Conan the Barbarian as it holds no contrast to Conan the character himself.

Stephen Lang has the main bad guy is just an annoying cliché, and Rose McGowan has the daughter of the bad guy, and a evil Sorrecer, does not bring much to the film.

The abundant action proceeds briskly and the film looks stunning.

The bland music doesn't help, either.

It is entertaining, and unlike movies like The Mummy and The Scorpion King, it does not shy away from showing violent scenes, Jason Momoa is as far from Arnold as it gets which to me is not a bad thing.

Shades of the original Planet Of The Apes throughout made it doubly entertaining.

So, if you're in for two hours of such banal nonsense - with no redeeming social or moral justification - feel free to part with your hard-earned cash and enjoy this movie.

The world they created seemed bland and unbelievable.

this might be the worst movie I've ever seen .

It's overly dependant on CGI, kinda derivitave and the pacing is just weird at times, but it's still pretty enjoyable.

Just very gruesome violence and nudity, but the plot and direction is just boring.

Riveting action in places, story line predictable with clear goodies and baddies definition.

Visually stunning, decently performed, epic fail.

The first few action sequences were serviceable, but they quickly grew tiresome.

A worthy remake: Very Strong start, entertaining middle and.......

The reason for this poor review is because what it could have been, and the severe waste of money on CGI which could have been better spent on a good writer.

This is the worst movie ever made.

On the bad side, this in an intensely, crushingly dull film, and that's probably not what Howard had in mind.

when i seen a trailer for this Conan film i thought maybe it would be better than the original but i failed totally after the first 55 mins i was so bored there was no decent storyline and it was near enough all blood and gore i expected the monster also to show itself more cause it was pathetic for a nearly 2hr film i thought it was the worst film i seen in ages i will never buy this film it was just blood gore and one sexual scene and the film itself made no sense to me at all it failed totally i think the very original Conan film in the 1980s with Arnold in was far better and it at lease had a half decent story line but this one was a total joke i would never have gone to watch it at cinemas for the price of films today is was crap i think they should have put more monsters in it and more passion into the film i also think films these days are made far to fast and are literally knocked in and out the cinemas in a few weeks and films these days just bore me i think film makers should put more passion and worth into there films instead of just thinking about profits the film was that bad i might as well just sat looking at my fish tank i have at home and watch my fish swim about for 2 hours i would get more enjoyment out of that than see this film again it was a total wash out i suggest to all people who are expecting a better version than the original film well don,t bother watching it cause its a total waste of time there are many words i could say yo describe this film but i can not because it would,nt be good reading for other readers anyone expecting this film to be good don,t bother wasting your money and time watching it its worthless junk

Conan and the rest of the supporting characters were dull, one-dimensional and lacked any motivation.

Nothing memorable here, just a bland quest that will simply be forgotten shortly after watching it.

I recommend this film, it is very entertaining, funny, action-packed, romantic, nice Gore, and a couple parts are frightening and sad.

Jason Momoa gave a very uninspiring performance.

This is the kind of movie that has you yawning and makes you go get snacks without pausing the movie if you're at home, or checking your watch if you're in the theater.

Which makes him completely boring.

The story was pointless.

Pointless remake .

If you are looking for an action packed sword and saucer movie pass this up and delve into the archives.

Enjoyed it.

but the story ( ohhhh , the story is very very old and boring ) , fight scenes are good , just good , in fact they made it better in ( Spartacus ) ...

) and then the first shot of Ron Perlman as Conan's father looking like he just walked off the set of Quest for Fire, I almost walked out.

It's a real shame that this movie ranks in the top 5 worst movies of all time because it has such great potential.

Looks great - is boring.

Both were anything but scary or compelling.

Stupid, predictable and boring.

This new one, its tacky but its a entertaining tacky!

Still, it's not all bad, and often I found it mildly enjoyable, even if it was a far cry from what I'd initially hoped.

Conan 2011 is violent, blood-soaked and action packed on a suitably large scale, with tough mono-syllabic talk, furrowed brows and heaving bosoms of all kinds.

It's just yet another pointless remake that relies on the name to sell the film, rather than trying to produce anything new.

The action keep you on the edge of your chair.

It was expected to be, but did they really have to put every cliché they could find in it?!

Every swing of the plastic sword was digitally accelerated, making it difficult to follow and much less dramatic.

Finally a remake that is worth watching...

The scene with the serpent was one of the most boring sequences ever, and just seem to drag on and on.

What a complete waste of time.

We don't have a hardcore anti hero that kill without blinking, we get a boring, charisma-free barbarian straight from the bottom shelf of the grocery store.

But nonetheless I personally found it very entertaining and exciting.

No plot, bad casting, awful acting, and terrible effects make this one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worth watching .

Don't waste your time in this movie

Action packed, loved Jason Momoa as Conan .

Also predictable.

The producers had every option of developing one of Howard's brilliant short stories for the screen but instead come up with another bland origin story, the type of which was done better in the Schwarzenegger film anyway.

The pitch of the movie is dull and not even appearances of Rachel Nichols and Rose McGowan fragrance much stimulation this time around.

For instance the violence which occurs throughout makes the movie more enjoyable.

But, with no story, at least none that is told in a coherent way, no character development or motivation and no sense of culture or the world the characters (caricatures) inhabit it not only fails as a Conan movie, it fails as a movie.

The plot was ridiculously contrived and each scene just jumped to the next - "Conan go here.

Schwarzenegger's version was more entertaining - this one looks better.

He's in nearly every scene, and while many scenes don't add up to a whole heck of a lot, watching Momoa kill and be barbaric is more than entertaining.

Conan The Bore.

At least that way they could have sold it as an action packed adventure for the family.

Arnold had such acting talent like a Pine Tree, the story was nonexistent and pretty dull parts.

Those who come for to snack on some intense swordplay and graphic carnage will by mildly satisfied, while those seeking for a compelling story will be drenched in disappointment.

The worst movie ever .

In fact, this struck me as the quintessential bloody video game movie complete with repetitive action and boss battles every ten minutes or so.

Given that it's based on rather pulpy fantasy source material, I can't really say that I walked out of this flick sorely disappointed.

Entertaining and original .

In case no one's told him - which they obviously haven't - fast cutting doesn't make scenes more interesting or exciting, just more boring and confusing.

Arnold's character was everything that the real Conan IS NOT - a slave, a gladiator, a lumbering idiot who is as slow as a snail and is barely able to speak.

Nobody seemed to really give a flip about their job – set designers dragged the same lousy columns and stryofoam ruins from set to set, not even bothering to change their appearance, the mundane sound design was played really LOUD to create a sense of action, the editor cut together fight scenes like he was late for a dentist appointment and couldn't be bothered with continuity.

Howard (1906-1936), and I liked its shameless abuse of sex, violence and absurd manifestations of macho heroism very much, which I now interpret as a possible parody of a genre which is famous because of its stylish excesses and repetitive formulas (even though there is quite a big debate on that subject).

Finally a movie worth watching about my favorite Conan books.

In short the film looks great, is decently acted, has a Morgan Freeman sound-alike narrating, offers plenty of imaginative action scenes and is just altogether entertaining, which is the most important thing.


Citing this movie as an abhorrent disaster may be saying a lot, but it is nowhere as fun, exciting, or even intriguing as it sets out to be.

The dialogue is cliché-ridden and as much as I am starting to dislike using the term anachronistic the term applies to me here, the story is dull and sluggish and the characterisations feel little more than stock stereotypes.

The filmmakers tried to cram too much of Hyboria into one movie and the result is a fast paced mess that never really finds itself.

Though I keep hoping for another Avatar moment - where I'm totally blown away by something new and thrilling - This is NOT it!

Bottom line, too many pretty people (which is not bad in itself), the wrong kind of people, no story, crap direction, sound scoring was crap, Morgan Freeman sounded nice, costumes were crap, I am sorry I wasted a part of my life watching it, though I did watch it till the end always hoping it would have some redeeming moment that never came.

She succeeds in finding her, but Conan soon rescues her after a string of confusing action sequences.

Nispel creates a very banal movie.

Incomprehensibly boring action sequences: BIG CHECK!

If a great hero makes an action movie enjoyable, a kickass villain makes the confrontation, and hence the movie, memorable.

There's no story, very little dialogue, pathetic action scenes, not one likable character...

Should never have been remade, waste of money 😶😱

I've just picked myself up off the floor, after rolling around in hysterics at the pretentious, self-serving waffle that characterized several of the user reviews that I read here.

This was a waste of time.

It got very tiresome from early on, I am afraid.

Although the camera work is not very great at some points, still some of the action sequences are pretty thrilling.

Conan lacks myth - it truly lacks that sense of myth and wonder that created a whole new genre, and it lacks cinematic vision, it lacks what makes film rather than TV, and while entertaining after a decade of Xena and Game of Thrones we deserve more than this in our big budget movies.

A entertaining remake of a really bad movie .

The villains quest was clear at first then confusing and then pointless.

A terrible way to waste your time, even if you are looking to waste time.

films like these are made for sequels and for the genre I was quite surprised and enjoyed it.

I would say any genre fan will be into this and anyone seeking a riveting time at the movies as well.

Point goes to the "OLD"Music: For S*** sake the music is boring in this movie.

Don't waste your time.

The plot is pretty much rubbish, none of the characters get enough characterization for them to be interesting and as a whole it's not very memorable, but I could have enjoyed it for the action and the visuals.

like many other reviews the plot was missing there was a lack of story telling, and character development seemed absent.

Pretty entertaining film.

Of course Conan doesn't make it easy for them, resulting in a string of violent fisticuffs, intense moments of swords hacking into human flesh and overly digital monsters to be fought, basically the ingredients most spectators would have expected.

) on his magical mask, which turns into an octopus/face-hugger/Starro the Conqueror, why does nothing happen?

The R rating was at least a hope, but I left the theater with a bitter taste in my mouth.

On the bad side - the movie is predictable and very simple.

Derivative, mildly entertaining fantasy flick .

The movie is above all boring, which is one of the highest criticisms you can pay a film in my opinion.

Which makes the movie boring.

At best it ties with other worst movies ever made.

Casting is fine, plot is a little dull, action is half-way to OK - it's just that overall there is nothing to really put life into this - where is the wow!

So because of this the characters were boring and this made the movie boring.

The Bad: The final act of the movie was just as boring as could be.

Worthless remake and a huge waste of time .

Still, there is something there and when you see Momoa dance with the blade, you will forget the bland backdrop of a story, the cartoon character of a villain and the unimpressive damsel in distress who plays his side (Rachel Nichols).

The plot - was a total SNORE!

So overall this was a bad movie about a guy who liked swinging his sword, with bad structuring, boring characters and a way to basic plot.

I was actually bored half way through of the fighting and wanted some damn character scenes, of which there are none of note.

The entire movie was pointless drivel.

As a film it's also superior to such bloated and underwhelming projects as "Prince of Persia" and "Gods of Egypt" which were little more than boring big-screen video games with non-existent or nonsensical plots.


The Conan the Barbarian remake is a sometimes flashy, competent but dull reboot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies which truth be told was not too special in the first place.

But, man, overall this is a huge bore.

It was filmed using very fast paced cuts and it was very confusing to keep up with what was happening on screen.

What a waste of money...

It is the most Dramatic and the most intriguing.

The boring plot, paired with forgettable/annoying characters and cheap, poorly done FX/ bad CGI (especially on the blood) leave you almost falling asleep.

Fast paced action ,violent,great effects makes this a winner.

Howard's legendary sword swinger: star Momoa lacks Arnold's charisma as well as his muscles, the plot is a turgid mess of fantasy clichés, the film relies heavily on mindless CGI set-pieces, Stephen Lang's villain isn't a patch on James Earl Jones's Thulsa Doom, and Marcus Nispel's handling of the action is utterly banal, the director having not improved one iota in this department since his utterly painful Pathfinder (2007).

This recent adaptation is an exciting picture with plenty of action, thrills, chills, roller-coaster ride , violence and breathtaking fights.

At least see it,before you say anything and see it for what it is-an entertaining sword and sorcery action flick.

Brutal fun and very entertaining ...

This film is pointless and should be used only as a torture device to show to people that you hate.

It's not more menacing, threatening, scary, intriguing, mysterious or mystical - you just wonder why they spent so much on production if you can't see it.

A teenage boy's hero, exciting adventures.

So dumb and repetitive that it's actually DULL .

This addition ponders around with repetitive and many comparable dog fights between Conan and his foes.

Nispel isn't the only problem with this movie: the screenplay is also disappointing (the presence of three separate writers is a giveaway), a vapid exercise in cliché and formula.

The plot is not very strong, and there are numerous other flaws in the movie, but still it is enjoyable.

There are numerous, meant to be exciting and pseudo-realistic, battle scenes with lots of lost limbs and loss of blood painting the Screen.


I went in expecting little or no story and that's what was delivered.

Jason Momoa hired after playing his savage role in ¨Game of thrones¨ , enrolled in an intense six-week training program at a stunt and martial arts academy in Los Angeles for his part, while still finalizing negotiations for the film .

But this type of thing has become so saturated in our Culture that it barely stimulates any adrenaline.

It was actually pretty enjoyable.

Lord knows, the CG work is amazing, if pointless.

It appeared as though the entire purpose of the thief was to be dragged around by the serpent.

The people who gave this bad reviews are either little old ladies or boring egg heads with a bug to bare.

After about 1n hour and 20 minutes I got up, walked out and got a refund.

However, as the movie goes further the story is getting boring and all the actions just lame.

Once again Conan needs to be done in a slow, dark, realistic film by a director with a greater resume then remakes of bad movies and music videos.

All I know is that I left the theater, before the movie even ended, completely disgusted.

The storyline is boring,the characters lacked credibility in their roles,Arnold was much more believable in is role than Momoa who clearly can't act.

I grew bored with the movie and couldn't wait for it to end.

It's a case of violence for the sake of violence, which gets dull by the 90-minute mark, plus the last act is just comic booky overload.

Why is the action sequence where Conan fights an octopus and an ape man (who receives a Mortal Kombat-style "Evironmental Fatality", with appropriately Mega Drive graphics) so boring?

Save your money, folks..!

Even if you, like I go for the fighting you will find it uninspiring and unimaginative.

One was horribly trite and drew laughs from the audience and the other was rather elementary and bookends the film, rather weakly at that.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

The 3D effects were totally disappointing and a total waste of money.

), living in their nomadic village on the edge of nowhere.

He is quite uninteresting, he is stale compared to Arnold, Arnold at least had charisma, in which Momoa seems to lack.

-Tamara (who plays the female protagonist, and Conan's love interest) is unbearable.

Conan comes across as a bland guy and not much of a barbarian.

Either way the scene was pointless and could have easily been mentioned later in the story.

The actors pulled off their parts as well as they could with the sub-par character director (there are only a handful of experienced actors who can create stunning performances without the help of director).

The most remarkable thing about Conan The Barbarian is how boring movie it manages to be.

Then she leaves early in the morning only to get lost and eventually captured.

Despite all this, it is sort of entertaining with the large number of action sequences one expects from this sort of film.

I also found it hard to follow and had to read the first part of the synopsis on Wikipedia.

And the movie soundtracks of the originals where so beautiful and full of life,compared to the lifeless and boring musical themes of this version.

The imagery was gripping and original--holding the baby aloft in the beginning battle scene and the image of the skull mountain.

Another month, another pointless, Hollywood, cash cow remake.

So when it boils down to it, This movie is and will always be far more loyal to the original source material that E Howard wrote than the Conan that came out in 1982, the film was decently made and the enjoyable to watch and really helped revive Conan to the big screen in the 21st century, is the film perfect?

The filmmakers are so afraid that if some big action sequence doesn't occur every ten minutes, that we'll be bored; and of course, this quickly has the opposite effect, as we instead become bored from so much pointless, poorly shot and edited action unsupported by character or story.

Pure Adrenaline .

Terrible, boring, bad.

So if you decide to watch it save your money and watch it normal only.

This was a summer filled with pointless sequels and remakes, Conan the barbarian was just another one of them.

But here, Nispel just decided to fore go the saga and just went (yawn) with your popcorn flick that ran under 120 minutes.

Conan the Boring .


Sure it's not Arnie swinging a broadsword into his enemies face, but if you take it for what it is, it's nowher near as bad as what some of the "great action scenes" of the 21st century claim is exciting.

But regardless, the first half of the film is good - Slightly cheesy plot and nothing that's not been thought of before, but convincing enough that you go with it and executed with enough unique moments to be thoroughly entertaining.

The rest, is confusing, unnecessary, and did I mention?

It needed more details and to slow down a lot to build tension instead of feeling forced and empty like a spielberg movie.

The story is so average why out of all the Conan adversaries would you choose some boring warlord.

Fast forward many years later to 2011, news started to grow of another Conan the Barbarian movie and I was very excited to see which direction it was going, Honestly the final result of this movie was that it was a very enjoyable, incredibly violent, beautifully made and 100% loyal Conan the Barbarian film.

It's boring!

I'd say when people complain about lack of action in other summer tent pole films this movie should be sited as an example as one where too much mindless action makes a movie dull as anything.

Entertaining .

Gus Van Sants Gerry was more exciting than this, as this is just plain stupid, and very, very boring indeed.

If you look at the sequence of events, it can seem rather contrived (maybe you're not supposed to do that).

"Conan the Barbarian" is an entertaining adventure, full of action, fantasy and special effects.

The leviathan/giant squid or whatever was under water was as pointless and useless as I've ever seen.

Conan meets a woman and they fall in love and its very cliché, almost cute, and it doesn't really work.

The story is rushed, cliché, bad, misses almost every major point of the original and upon rescuing 'slaves' (beautiful naked women for the sake of making people give it a 5 Star rating) it feels like a terrible surf comedy.

Yet as enjoyable as that film was it was not 100% Conan, it was just a movie that had his name attached to it and completely inaccurate to the stories Robert E Howard wrote so many years ago.

Unwatchable insult to Robert E Howard .

Brilliant fast paced action movie .

OK, now that we know Jason Momoa is the hottest male actor on the world stage, it's worth watching him at an embryonic stage in his career (measured in Hollywood gestation).

Sloppy, half-assed and bland.

There are too many battle scenes and they are all dull.

I mean there is so many sword swinging action but it goes in a direction where it's just boring to watch.

Then, while seeing this dull flick, I can't stop wondering why this is a big-budget movie, I mean, for television it would be O.

For casual fans of fantasy and action this is probably a bit of a bore.

He's so freaking dull and has absolutely zero charisma.

What a waste of a wildly compelling actor.

He has real presence, proper depth and, as with his lower budget films, is the only reason this film is worth watching.

Other than the first scene the beginning of the movie was quite enjoyable.

Whereas Schwarzenegger inspires thrills and cheers, Momoa inspires boredom and indifference.

Conan fans will be delighted with this breathtaking and bloody epic .

I picked this DVD up from the $1.00 bin to add to the "Worst Movies Ever Made" part of my DVD collection.

Actually, I felt more sympathy for Lang's hammy villain since he actually made an endearing effort to do the cliché'd villain's ultimate goal.

I usually tend to enjoy a cheesy action flick, but "Conan the Barbarian" bored me a lot.

That 1982 Conan was mystic,plot was developing slow,it really captured your attention.

Conan, absolutely owned by relatively unknown Mamoa, stands over this movie like a chiseled 6'4 surfer (which Mamoa is) on a beach full of short, fat, boring people.

you'll find that the movie is surprisingly good, and very entertaining.

When I watched the movie, I had the impression that it is going to be a waste of time like many other movies with similar rating.

Yes, the imagination is extremely minimal, and goes almost completely against the original movie, the film is still enjoyable.

The poor acting, directing and music all play a part in why the movie is so dull obviously (maybe the screenplay wouldn't be so bad in the hands of better filmmakers, here it just doesn't work).

All in all, it's OK enough popcorn material, something to sit through on a bored evening.


Brutal, thrilling action throughout with convincing swordplay (unlike the contrived '82 version).

Confusing, disturbing.

The sand warriors were pretty cool but there was too much CGI which looks fake and is boring.

Don't waste your time with it.

Still, the trailer did look intriguing, the special effects upgrade is usually a good thing and quite honestly I liked Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

There's an epic score and great costumes, that said as the running time passes the more derivative Conan becomes, amongst the disjointed flash backs the script has an abundance of clichés and stereotypes which stomps on the strong opening of Conan's youth - where Leo Howard notably plays the young Barbarian.

This is sword and sorcery in 80's style epic proportions, I loved it it gripping and over the top from the start everything it should be with the title Conan the barbarian.

It's purely entertaining and exactly what it should be.

Story was rubbish and boring, didn't feel a thing for any of the characters and couldn't care less what happened.

So, if you are a fan of those B-grade fantasy flicks (I know I am) you will probably find this at least enjoyable enough to watch once.

As a stand alone movie I can honestly say that it REALLY didn't want me to be bored by it, but it kind off did get boring in parts because of its constant action and noise.

Hell, get any personality at all for Conan, because this crapfest was a waste of my time.

I actually fell asleep twice while watching!

They really lead nowhere and sometimes are just pointless.

If you reduce it that far, of course it's going to sound empty and trite.

Although this film does not live up to expectations of the original Conan, it has many aspects which makes this film enjoyable.

It was very tedious to watch the main actress character, a person with no battle experience, no hardships go through the scenes like if there was no battle at all.

sparing the empty time to sleep is much better than watching this junk.

For the 1st half of the movie I actually thought the lead villain was the guy from the Beastmaster TV series (lol) As a fantasy movie like "Krull", or "Beastmaster" or even "Willow" it would be tolerable, because it has every sword and sorcery cliché in the book (from side kicks to the mandatory cliff jump into the ocean).

Verdict: (Snorefest) Such a waste of money.

Jason Momoa portrays Conan like he's imitating his favorite sword and sorcery hero from a cable TV series – which this entire mess is reminiscent of, save for the big budget effects that, with little to no story backing it up, means nothing in the end.

I knew that the script bore only passing resemblance to the Conan from Robert E.

Im just surprised how amazingly uninteresting this movie was.

This is the biggest waste of money since the Iraq war.

To conclude, the characters/locations/scenarios are straight out of the Conan stories of yesteryear (again, something you should have probably wrapped your head around in advance before stepping one foot in the theater), it's perfectly paced, the action is literally nonstop, the costumes and set pieces are as good as any fantasy movie not associated with Tolkien, and it looks and sounds absolutely stunning.

Just as thrilling and fun as it is gory and violent .

This latest iteration of Conan is predictably predictable, which is not such a bad thing.

What it is, is a very enjoyable action film, fast paced with lots of action.

Fun for a short while but gets tiresome very quickly, .

In the right hands and the right team this could be storytelling at its best, instead we get a film that thrives on the cliché of its genre.

It feels stretched out, and too slow in many parts of the movie.

Marcus Nispel's Update Version Of "Conan The Barbarian" is Truly One Of The Greatest Action Packed Remakes Ever.

After a while, even with all the blood and bashing, I grew very bored.

After a pointless introduction by none other than the narration king himself, Morgan Freeman, we have Conan "born into battle" – his dying mother literally giving birth on a battlefield, and his father, played by log-jawed Ron Perlman, in no danger whatsoever as swords clack and blood sheds all around him – thus lifting his baby like "Kunta Kinte" and proclaiming him "Conan.

Waow that was boring.

I never liked the original Conan, I thought it was boring, and plodded along at an unearthly slow pace.

It moves at such a pace that I found it impossible to get bored.

It's like the filmmakers just got bored and did 'whatever' just to finish the project and collect a paycheque.

I mean, it was the most boring thing I've ever seen.

Overall this movie wont change anything, and has an extreme lack of imagination but for a movie to enjoy, or pass the time its worth watching.