Coneheads (1993) - Comedy, Sci-Fi

Hohum Score



Aliens with conical crania crash-land on Earth.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Steve Barron
Stars: Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 9 out of 85 found boring (10.58%)

One-line Reviews (22)

The special effects stand up pretty well and the film still has plenty of laughs and enjoyable situations.

Here is one of the few movies that I have ever walked out on in the theater.

As others have said, it's not just a laugh-a-minute surprise, there's actually a clever little storyline, some thoroughly engaging characters - human or otherwise - and some quite decent special effects.

There's absolutely nothing - not a single thing - in this movie that can be taken seriously, which is probably why it's so enjoyable for the most part to watch.

Most entertaining!

Worth watching time and again, because something new will strike the viewer with every re-watching.

It is, however, entertaining enough to keep you from getting bored and you do grow some sympathy for some of the characters.

From a funny sketch a good comedy but with a slow rhythm .

However, it was decidedly entertaining all the way through, never boring and pretty tame profanity-wise.

Accept it for what it is and it will provide an overall very enjoyable 90 minutes.

The cameos and bit parts are worth watching for, and there's genuine empathy built for the Conehead family.

Not the best work of Dan Akyroyd, but it's still enjoyable.

In fact, the most reliable source of amusement is the pretentious-sounding conespeak (and the additional paraphernalia of gnarls, hisses and snores that accompany their emotions) employed by Beldar and Prymaat to express their wisdom and interact with inferior humans.

Stupid but entertaining.

The depressingly tame and repetitive nature of Coneheads grows maddening after a while, and what we're left with is an empty shell of a film that doesn't live up to thematic potential and just kind of flounders when it should be flooring its audience.

For the most part, "Coneheads" is just boring.

Coneheads (the movie & as seen on SNL) was wacky, a bit Sophomoric, but, for me completely entertaining.

Another Yawner Based on a Saturday Night Live Sketch .

Dan and Jane do amazing things to keep their limited characters extremely entertaining.

The plot is contrived...

They talk in monotone voices and spew out complicated alien jargon without missing a beat, and they use the film's special effects to their advantage.

It provided us with : real funny sketches, a thrilling hunt for those aliens, and then the fight at the original plant.