Cop Car (2015) - Crime, Thriller

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A small-town sheriff sets out to find the two kids who have taken his car on a joy ride.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Jon Watts
Stars: Kevin Bacon, James Freedson-Jackson
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 38 out of 133 found boring (28.57%)

One-line Reviews (122)

The pace is relatively slow, it follows one path without trying to overly complicated things.

We are treated to an exciting 86 minute white knuckle thrill ride similar to those old 70s films like "Parallax View", where it is just plain fun somehow made way better without a sermon.

No confrontations, everything is low key and slow paced.

Added in a couple of more realistic and frightening characters/situations, and the film takes you on a suspenseful joyride of its own until the end.

With a B grade idea, Cop Car is the type of film you wish John Carpenter had made in his heyday and while it does entail some pretty hefty violence and dark humour that was prevalent in Carpenter's most revered films, Watts film just doesn't have the style or the characters to pull off a successful sustained run and Watts finds himself under increasing pressure to keep us glued to our seats, especially after a slow start and the annoyance levels of the two aforementioned 10 year olds.

They're forced not only to deal with Bacon, but a sleazeball who they find bloodied up in his trunk, played by the ever entertaining Shea Wigham.

Its a simple story of a couple of kids hays wellford (harrison) and james freedson-jackson (travis) who find and steal a sheriff's car and take it on a adventure that is gripping from start to finish.

Very good entertaining.

Watts and Christopher Ford's screenplay carefully moves its small band of characters into place (including a nosy bystander played by Camryn Manheim whose good intentions seem to be destined for tragedy) for a thrilling finale that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the very last scene.

This was the worst movie that I've ever watched.

The beginning is slow as the movie spends a bit of time trying to set up the improbable event that leads to the main narrative.

Their boredom is soon relieved by the sight of an empty police car, parked suspiciously with keys still in the ignition and an empty beer bottle on the hood.

nothing happens.

Cop Car is incredibly boring.

I would have edited this movie differently; I guess I would have changed the entire look and feel of the movie to make it more fast paced.

This didn't really bother me much, because I enjoy suspenseful movies.

Cop Car is quite an interesting movie that carries a gripping atmosphere.

Worth watching, maybe...

The bored expression on the drivers face for most of the half hour was a giveaway.

This was 1 of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This movie dragged on and on and got nowhere really fast.

This had as a result for the movie to become a bit boring.

I definently reccomend it, it's short fun and keeps you on the edge.

The movie is surprisingly unpredictable, and beautifully uneven; the way it bounces back-and-forth between a suspenseful (and very disturbing) thriller, and a lighthearted (and very humorous) coming-of-age flick!

In this movie the director did a great job in creating a vast and seemingly empty world in which a scenario presents itself to these two little players (the child stars).

'Cop Car' is engaging, unpredictable & also darkly funny.

The cinematography and editing are utilized to include slow movements, few cuts and long takes.

Stupid, poor script, poor acting, no storyline .

A waste of time.

Kevin Bacon (lead star from recent TV series "The Following)" stars in this new (B Grade feel) thriller "Cop Car" The basic plot: two teenage boys are walking around a bush talking trash, breaking anything they can find & basically being bored out of their brains (as you would!

Cue the bad cop trying to get his car back with lots of silent non dialogue drawn out scenes that will make you want to fall asleep.

The rural setting is all "Badlands" in its open fields and depiction of how boredom and the absence of anything positive to occupy time can lend itself to a dark road of violence and danger.

You'll like the early after/before trick of story too, and it's a darn sight intriguing, trying to piece Bacon's involvement with the early deceased and his intentions.

I would call it intense in some places.

The story is interesting and raises fascinating questions early on.

All this seemed a waste of screen time in my opinion.

Before that, a scene in which Travis and Harrison play with a shotgun and rifle found in the back of the car is as close as the film gets to tense or thrilling.

don't waste your time.

However, it does feel like the film is constantly trading stories between its characters rather than just having one thoroughly explored, but Cop Car has personality in all its aspects to give it enough fuel for enjoyable viewing.

It's extremely intense, and involving, all the way up till the very end (which doesn't wrap things up nicely).

An intense, straight to the point thriller.

Boosting this quirky, assured, and unpredictable road movie are its performances - everyone is fantastic in their roles from Shea Whigham as the bumbling, frantic drug dealer who uses innocent kids as bait to Camryn Manheim in a bit role as a no- nonsense passerby with a strong moral compass to James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford as the pair of ten-year- olds.

Compelling in how it alternates between what Bacon is up and the kids: the knowledge that the cop and kids will eventually meet is certainly frightening.

One of the Worst Movies I've Ever Seen .

The Movie is Full of Empty Movements with Little Dialog Filmed in Wide-Open Empty Spaces.

The wide open locations provided a peaceful feeling amidst a gripping thriller of a movie.

Cop Car manages to tell an extremely engrossing story with a cast of only 4 people.

Oh my what a waste of time ,in my opinion one of the worst movies I have ever seen and I've seen a few.

Worth the watch!!

Skepticism would possibly come after the confusion/wonder and the questions, not out of the gate.

Suspenseful thriller deals with juvenile delinquency .

Good film with slow start -- Not a "Feel Good" film .

It is quite entertaining for the most part and has several comedy aspects to it, like at the start when the two boys have run away from home and they take the opportunity to say every bad word they think of just because they can get away with it.

Just like a roller coaster the start is a slow climb up then the action starts.

Enjoyable action movie...

The movie is brilliantly shot and the soundtrack lets you know when to be on the edge of your seat and when it is okay to smile.

What I particularly like about Cop Car, is how the story manages to be entertaining throughout, by not working from much.

I just found it to be a very dry and boring watch.

The scenery of Colorado is breathtaking and the empty landscape adds a certain atmosphere to the film.

I'd be fine with that if it was more eventful - this was one of the least thrilling or eventful films I've seen this year.

I was extremely impressed with this film all the way through it, it was a slow move into the scenes as it kicked into high gear, highly recommended movie.

Worst movie ever watched .

Kevin Bacon does it again with this suspenseful, short film.

The good ratings on here are very deceiving and i can only imagine they are easily pleased at watching paint dry...

The camera sits on the driver for what seems like half an hour, and then nothing happens.

Cop Car is a fun, intriguing ride that left me wishing there was more gas in this tank.

Slow paced brilliant thriller .

This is a fine bit of cinema - simple, fast, suspenseful - and only 4 main characters to concentrate on.

It is slow burn of a thriller and had me from the first scene to the last.

But, the simplicity of the story of two stereotypically preteen runaway boys who stumble upon an empty cop car and worse backstory, is engaging and my mind went into overload with each revealing scene.

Intriguing and to the point.

great movie for those suffering from insomnia.

Watts and Ford definitely crafted an interesting and clever script, and Watts also proves himself to be a fascinating director to watch out for.

The viewer is on the edge of their seat wondering if each decision will lead to their demise.

It feels slow and boring in some times.

I enjoyed the retro feel of the film and elements of it reminded me of 'The Guest' or even another film I saw recently called 'Slow West' which has that similar patient/low key feel.

The story is very much predictable even from the very start.

This is a thriller of the true sense - hints of what will happen but the unexpected creeps in.

I admit that it's a dark movie, but enjoyable to watch due to the way which Kevin Bacon portrays in his own unique style and makes it tasteful.

(contains very minor spoilers) The pace of this movie is simply too slow.

The action throughout is fast paced, and everything feels quite real.

It's still a little tense and unsettling, but it moves far too slowly to be really thrilling, and it doesn't really capitalise on the really dark ideas brought in earlier on in the story, which was a little disappointing.

Throwing a spanner into the works and completely altering the structure of the plot, this finale is extremely dark, action-packed and hugely exciting all together, and it keeps moving at a great pace with huge unpredictability throughout.

Clichéd, But Fun; Predictable, But Entertaining .

It honestly doesn't have much, just a few character and open road, but it feels entirely engaging.

Although it may feel like he sometimes doesn't live up to the terrifying dark secret that the man is hiding, he's still pretty intense to see on screen as he manipulates his fellow officers and the boys for his own means.

In keeping the characters backgrounds a mystery, they come unpredictable, and the film becomes increasingly intense because of this.

This is an intriguing indie.

The second thing I feel about the movie is that the overarching meaning of this gripping tale is is a bit visceral.

Pretty exciting movie!

An exciting feature, hard to believe they packed so much in under 90 minutes.

Cop Car is an example of humor in irony, it's gripping in execution and still manages to let audience chuckle at the dire situation.

Misleadingly advertised as a thriller, Cop Car is actually a road trip/coming of age story about two young boys who get in way over their head.

Daring each other to go TOUCH the empty car (REALLY?

That is how much I find this movie confusing.

A high concept set up with a limited running time can provide the perfect template for a really decent, exciting thriller.

Kids + bad cop + drama + thriller = enjoyable ride .

'COP CAR': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)An intense road thriller flick, starring Kevin Bacon; as an obsessed small town sheriff, determined to retrieve his stolen cop car, from two ten-year-old kids (out on a dangerous joyride).

There is a particular long, continuous shot at the start of the movie that lets you know you're in for a visual treat on top of an original, compelling story.

From feeling like I'm watching "Stand By Me" to on the edge of my seat heart racing to the end!

The film is slow, and there's an attempt to build suspense.

"Cop Car" is a terrible and overrated film with a boring story and annoying boys.

The plot starts off simply enough - two kids have run away from their home and stumble upon an empty cop car, which they decide to take for a ride.

Yes it starts on a positive note but slow screenplay and unnecessary scenes spoil the movie!

The suspense is carefully build up through slow paced scenes.

Very boring.

Unexpected and entertaining .

Definitely worth a watch if you like(d) movies from the Coen Brothers "edge of the seat slow thrillers" genre

Pilotless and Pointless .

The film's premise is a bit "too much" but even if you can get past the plot holes you're still left with a "glass half empty".

It's a slow burner for sure, Bacon is as wonderful as he always is, and there are enough little twists in the film to keep it interesting.

If for some reason you were a brilliant child that never made stupid decisions then this is your warning - you're not gonna get this movie, don't bother watching it and also you weren't smart, you were just a boring wuss.

It culminates in a tense, firefight-focused finale that makes the movie's stakes especially clear, ultimately being a relatively entertaining experience that leaves you with mixed emotions; while it's well-made, it lacks the impact to really stick with you.

Snore fest .

It's a movie that lives entirely in the moment, and it's one amazingly gripping thriller.

it's like life, unpredictable, simple, complex, serious, light and demanding.

Towards the end, however, it starts to get a bit more thrilling, especially when the boys are stuck in a standoff between two hostile forces.

Slow growth of tension that culminates at the end and a BUMP just before the final credits roll down.

I find the whole thing unexpected, full of humour and surprises while dramatic.

Overall, it is not a bad film, it is incredibly engaging given how little is actually going on.

The coming of age of two boys.

Intriguing Indie Ride .