Corpse Bride (2005) - Animation, Drama, Family

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When a shy groom practices his wedding vows in the inadvertent presence of a deceased young woman, she rises from the grave assuming he has married her.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Tim Burton
Stars: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter
Length: 77 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 80 out of 496 found boring (16.12%)

One-line Reviews (359)

It started in the boring living world and never seemed to get away from it.

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was breathtaking.

lots of slow music dull colors.

, "dead right", and the end is predictable thanks in part to an obvious foreshadowing detail.

In all, I would say that The Corpse Bride is a little bit of a disappointment after seeing any of Tim Burton's other movies, yet Burton comes through, and the movie is still entertaining with all of the imagination and creativity put forward.

Also, this movie is darker than "Nightmare" and not as funny, so kids under 10 might find it too intense and probably not as interesting.

Regardless of how visually appealing a film is, what makes a film great is an engrossing story.

because it is a love story who has, in the perspective of Tim Burton, fascinating nuances.

"But the most beautiful and fascinating part of this film is of course the animation.

If I want something to complain about I might just say that it overuses "neat" transitions, but overall it's just one stunning image after another, moving with seemingly magic editing and pace.

The color palate was dismally and needlessly dull.

Corpse bride is thrilling .

His cliché use of colours and musics, to contrast the living world and the dead world, not to mention the subtle difference in animations of characters themselves, is very effective.

Boring, uninspired and dull .

Plus It takes a lot of talent to make mutilated and decayed bodies to be the life of the party, entertaining to children without being scary and not a curse word in either movie.

Corpse Bride is a dull and boring movie made by the great Tim Burton; which is surprising due to how great some of Burton's work is!

" More than ten years after "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Burton revisits this painstaking animation technique, and delivers a sweeter story, with funnier characters, and even more stunning visuals.

Hollywood churns out more trite garbage- Nightmar b4 xmas redux .

He not only succeeds, he takes this 77-minute dramedy and spins it into a wildly entertaining macabre musical that's nothing short of genius.

)The style is quite appealing, but the angles, spirals, and dark alleys of Halloween Town were that much more effective because of the far more intriguing characters that inhabited it.

A poor, poor rehash with tricks taken out of the same hat as his magnificent, stunning stop-motion puppet animation Nightmare Before Christmas - with nothing more or fresh to add.

In terms of story, maybe this one is less "different" and original, but equally gripping and smart.

This way of making films is very time consuming but worth it because it is entertaining to watch.

Trust me, the characters are so compelling, and the writing so crisp, the audience would not have minded sitting there another hour.

I know Burton fans will come out for it just like every other Burton film and praise it never-endingly, but the movie was merely enjoyable; not great.

This movie is a movie with a bad, boring story line thats nice to look at.

Kids younger than 8 may find this film scary, but I personally enjoyed it.

Tim Burton's first worst movie was '' planet of the apes '' .

The songs were very entertaining and the little jokes here and their again were good fun to watch.

Though its lead character is in fact dead, "Corpse Bride" is inspired dark comedy and an unexpected touching love story.

While Elfman's songs for Nightmare Before Christmas were charming, well written, and integral to the story, the songs in corpse bride are uninteresting and unmemorable.

While his connection he has to the plot is really well written, his personality was very boring and he really didn't stand out compared to Oogie Boogie from "Nightmare" and Aunt Sponge and Spiker from "James and the Giant Peach".

However, CORPSE BRIDE proves to be Tim Burton's best film in years as it combines an outlandish visual style, a crazed storyline, blatant caricatures, and a very genuine emotional storyline to make a highly entertaining film.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Thus there is something worth fighting for, something worth living for, something ripe with possibility that grows amidst the drab, dark despair of this supposed life.

This quasi-musical-comedy-horror tale of a betrothed man accidentally married to a corpse gets off to a somewhat stodgy start as it gets its somewhat slim story underway - it might have been suited more for a short story than a movie - and although leaving most of its cast for the movie's credits rather than the posters, even in Britain, is a welcome move (because it gives the movie itself the centre stage, not the cast), it has to be said that Johnny Depp is almost bland as the voice of Victor; maybe it might have helped if he sang.

Still, these are relatively minor objections, and on the whole The Corpse Bride is one of the most unexpected, interesting films of 2005.

When things take a turn for the weird it is in a clever and entertaining way, and the three principals are all such nice, likable people.

How Victor inadvertently weds a skeleton (albeit a curvey one) and gets dragged to hell is yours to find out.

True, I would have loved it to be longer, but only because I, and my friends, enjoyed it so much.

I really enjoy the songs by Danny Elfman, especially "Remains of the Day" preformed in the movie by Bonejangles and his "bone boys" in the colorful club down in the Land of the Dead, which is also the home of many enjoyable characters such as Bonejangles, Miss Plum and the rest of the kitchen staff, and who could forget, the Corpse Bride, beautifully voiced by Helena Bonham Carter.

Also when she told her family that Victor was dragged off by a dead woman no one believed her and she was even locked in her room with the windows boarded up.

Quirky and Gothic, he's cleverly depicted the land of the living in near monotone and the land of the dead in vibrant, almost electrifying colour.

The storyline was excessively simple, the composition was not nearly of the caliber we know Danny Elfman is capable of, and the characters were frankly boring and under-developed.

As for the songs, Remains of the Day is quite entertaining and upbeat while serving as a backstory to how Emily became the way she is.

The total lack of logic in the plot began to annoy me--there was a twist at the end that I thought was particularly contrived.

Entertaining movie, won't disappoint those that want to see it .

Corpse Bride was cute, nice, cliché.

It would seem that given the cash cow that The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandising has become, the powers that be would make sure that this film contained enough highly recognizable characters to plaster on t-shirts, lunch pails, etc., but other than the three leads, the dog and an annoying worm, one would be hard pressed to distinguish one character from another, in fact most of the characters seemed like bland Nightmare Before Xmas rejects.

In every other respect it is ponderous (in the extreme) in fact I fell asleep.

It's very visually entertaining, especially for the six to twelve year olds.

Probably the thing I loved most about it, though, was the breathtaking stop-motion animation.

The living and dead are almost vice-versa, because the living world is boring and the dead world is colorful.

Even his worst movie, Planet of the Apes, is not a sell-out, it's just plain bad.

The characterizations are dull, the plot is nonexistent, and the music is derivative (again on Danny Elfman's case -he's recycled an Oompa Loompa tune here, as if we wouldn't notice!

It's also very predictable, and contains the usual Tim Burton cheap-shots at family and religion (you'd swear he'd been injured rather than pampered as a child).

When in the living world, the story is dull, dark and monotonous.

Although some people can found, joyfully brilliant animation and wonderful music are unfortunately muddled by a boring plot and depressing and empty characters.

Victor is dragged to the underworld where people are having the time of their lives, always having one hell of a party in the taverns, while in the world of the living things are dreary and depressing.

The plot is as follows: Victor (Depp) is a very shy but very spirited young man living in a dreary city populated by stuck-up rich snobs who care about nothing other than money, rules, and manners.

The living characters acted wooden and dull, while the dead characters seemed alive and active.

If not, then their is plenty of great slasher flicks out there for you to watch again and again till you fall asleep.

You might not be surprised or totally blown away, but masterful handiwork like this is to be encouraged in these times of repetitive CGI children's movies.

Very touching, Very enjoyable and I would be very surprised if this weren't remembered as one of those animation classics in years to come that you sit kids down to watch.

His nifty little songs are really quite enjoyable, the highlight of them being a song titled "Remains of the Day", a pure, jazzy number Elfman clearly enjoyed composing – he even sang the song himself.

There are not a lot of colors, it's very bland and kept to a dark color scheme.

 Now coming to technical aspects, the visuals are stunning and the screenplay is designed to be a little scary in some places.

The rest of the cast range from bland like Victor's family, to weak and petty like the antagonistic Barkis Bittern, to even rather annoying like the comical reliefs.

It's funny because the new Wallace and Gromit's a bit overrated too (but a lot more entertaining and far better scripted than this.

Many visuals done to positively stunning effect.

otherwise,though, enjoyed it.

The mysterious corpse catches him, and brings him to the underworld, which is depicted as a snazzy, funky-colored, lively and entertaining place, much unlike the "upstairs", which is gray, bleak, bland, and boring- much like the people in it.

The characters all look stunning and there are so many wonderful new characters in this movie that will keep your eyes glued on the screen.

Very dull.

It's probably the worst score I've ever heard for Danny Elfman; just one drab, interminable tune after another.

Tim Burton's second worst movie!.

With a simple yet clear & engaging plot full of great moments Corpse Bride is a unique work of art as well as a fantastic film that I thought was excellent in every way & can't recommend it enough.

It has a boring ending that totally doesn't make any sense, like Burton's "Planet of the Aches".

Completely entertaining and is just what you should watch every Halloween night!!

It is a visually stunning film with an enjoyable script that is voiced perfectly by an A-list cast.

i went to this movie with my mate, who is a girl ;) and she enjoyed it, I'm asking, HOW!!??

the story was interesting and engaging,in my opinion.

The only problem I had with this film is chemistry between Victor and Victoria felt cold and bland.

What sets bad and good films apart is the the filmmakers' ability to switch things up so we see these familiar things as new and exciting.

The animation and effects were fantastic and entertaining.

From the master Craftsman (watch every ounce of extras) to the amazing actors and Danny Elfman—who crawls into Burtons head for another rousing opus—every bit of Corpse Bride is a product of sheer admiration and love of the craft.

(Right, so it is a little bit predictable in places, but it has enough to be thoroughly enjoyable.

Gone was the mystical, otherworldly glow you got after watching one of his films, which was replaced by a feeling of either short lived glee (Mars Attacks) or utter confusion (Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes) This summers movie season was one everyone eagerly anticipated.

Tim Burton's visually stunning debut into the world of stop-motion animation (otherwise known as "claymation") was 1993's "The Nightmare Before Christmas", a meticulously crafted masterpiece that re-invigorated the genre.

Characters in the real world have accentuated features, such as a depressed face or baggy eyes, portraying the town as a tired place suffering from boredom.

Don't get me wrong, there were many good moments, and parts where I was laughing out loud, but for the most part I was just plain bored.

The voice acting is well done, the story is good and interesting, its got many good jokes and its entertaining from beginning to end.

What it is, on the other hand, is a walk through the imagination of a non-standard man that manages to be entertaining and charming as it is also puzzling.

Emily was by far the most interesting and compelling creature.

The two boys were very good, although I was worried about them getting restless because of the pace of the plot, which I felt was very slow.

Stunning Performance by Emily Watson .

Interesting storyline and lively characters make the grim and strict atmosphere more enjoyable and loose.

It's probably still worth watching, although Tim Burton has done much better in the past.

It seemed boring to me.

It is a welcomed departure from the horror of the mundane.

Animated Death never looked so good, but felt so dull.

I found it slow...

But the end is well drawn out and not overly dramatic.

And stop-motion being as difficult as it is, it's entirely incomprehensible why Burton would throw it all away on such a wholly mediocre story with such dull, unattractive characters.

I saw this movie over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This too, is awkward, as in the midst of his rehearsal, Victor places a ring upon a corpse's poking finger (just the place to rehearse a wedding, a cemetery) thus rousing the title character (Helena Bonham Carter), who leads Victor on a voyage through life and death and an unwitting quest to figure out what he really wants.

I am going back to see it this weekend, and am sure the movie will be just as enjoyable.

What truly makes the movie great is not the brief comedic moments, or intense action scenes (which it had none of).

I got bored and it was the most dragged out film I have seen in a really long time.

The film is full of thrilling moments and unexpected tums.

Here they just slow things down and call attention to themselves.

The good news is that the lack of story hard to notice because the movie does a good job of distracting us with such visual richness.

It seemed to be going that way at first, but this time it was actually a nice little story as WELL as visually stunning.

I'm about as big of a Tim Burton / Danny Elfman fan as anyone else, (sans freakish obsessions or those who think Jack Skellington is some evil bad ass I need to buy on a t-shirt at the mall so my parents will see what a rebel I am), but this movie was little more exciting than Frosty The Snow Man.

And it took chances - Beetlejuice ate bugs and vomited and even farted a couple times, while his Goth Earthling friend expressed her contempt for the boringly routine lives of her parents.

"Corpse Bride" looks slow and short, and tries to fill in the little story it has into 80 minutes.

The fact that the death world was lively and the living world dull, made it quite quirky and gave a good change in setting, as well as contradicting the modern worlds ideas about death.

However, it's still worth watching.

The characters are uninteresting and really lifeless; even the living dead are really and truly dead.

The story is quite original, yet oddly predictable.

The ensuing drama is highly entertaining and can be watched over and again.

Plus, it had an unexpected lesson to be learned; don't take what isn't yours.

Only Tim Burton could come up with something so original, so abstract, and so entertaining!

There are also a lot of heart-warming and funny moments, all carefully crafted, which make it an enjoyable movie.

While the design was spectacular, the script was altogether predictable.

THE CORPSE BRIDE Warner Bros 2005 color 83 minutes Musical/Fantasy featuring the voices of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter Directed by Tim Burton Rated PG for adult themes Hot off the creative gem remake Charlie and the Chocalate Factory Burton returns to his artistically drab Nightmare before Christmas roots for a pleasant if over hyped excursion into the after life.

for instance, compared with Edward Scissorhands, this movie was much more enjoyable.

This is an enjoyable drama with comedy and Tim Burton has indeed done it again.

If I must compare this movie to Nightmare Before Christmas, I admit Corpse Bride was, at least, much more visually stunning.

I felt this movie began slowly (not surprisingly, since the animation style of the "living" world is less vibrant than the animation style of the "dead" world), but it was very enjoyable once the main character Victor transitioned to the world of the dead, and I was surprised when the movie came to an end because I would have liked it to go on longer.

The dead inhabit a fun, friendly, colorful place where song and dance are encouraged, as apposed to the living, whose world is cold, dreary, desolate, dull, and, ironically, dead.

Confusion reigns as Victor tries to tell the Corpse Bride that they cannot be married ...

Even the music score is very similar, again having well written lyrics and entertaining beats.

The idea of making the Victorian city more downbeat, grey and dull while making the world of the dead bright, colorful and upbeat is especially clever.

A very entertaining engaging animation movie for both adults and youngsters - Very sweet and funny despite the title.

It seemed dull and a bit lifeless (no pun intended).

Burton cranks up the machine again to poop out this formulaic product ...

The Corpse Bride can be safely assured of a spot in the canon of clever, funny and entertaining animated movies, although it probably won't get any further than that.

The detail to the gruesomeness of the two worlds is amazing and breathtaking.

If you're in the mood for a good Halloween themed film then I highly recommend it.

But let me not denigrate this to an extreme; the film is playful, colorful and all-over an enjoyable second-helping to "Nightmare" fans, even if it falls short of its predecessor.

The opening song, "According to Plan," is such a boring piece of exposition with such un-engaging and workman-like lyrics!

Some parts of the film are a real bore and some parts are exciting.

Given an opportunity to recreate the Land of the dead as a completely realized world unto itself, one would expect Burton to really give us a world we should like to visit (even if we also want to sure to leave anytime we wanted).

Corpse Bride, a great film, not as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, but still entertaining.

However, as I was bored one day I decided to slide in the disc just to satisfy my curiosity.

Corpse Bride follows the unexpected journey of groom-to-be Victor Van Dort (voiced by Johnny Depp), who is spirited away to the underworld on the eve of his wedding when he unintentionally betroths himself to a dead bride.

it's boring.

The movie starts out with an annoying and dull musical number about how Victor (Johnny Depp) is about to be wed to Victoria (Emily Watson) in a marriage arranged by both of the parents.

Maybe it was just plain dull.

His first idea is almost always cribbed from somewhere else, and has been weakened over a century to the point of cliché, by the time he finds it and shouts "Eureeka!

And that's just the beginning of a new exciting tour through Burton's original visions, which completely subvert the usual stereotypes about life and death:our world is pretty grey and monotonous, while in the underworld corpses and skeletons spend their endless time singing and dancing all night long(Danny Elfman's score and songs are not as memorable as the ones he composed for Nightmare, but still quite fascinating).

Which is stunning and beautiful.

I think that the story felt rushed and at times a little too predictable.

One can't help but love how Tim presents the world of the living as this dark, dull, and, yes, dead, place, and the land of the dead as so jazzy, vibrant...

I'm honestly tired of a lot of the "safe" and cliché children's movies that come out.

Unfortunately, this works so well that during the living world, we get tired and bored.

In both "Nightmare Before Christmas" and this, I found Elfman's lyrics to be terribly juvenile and predictable, and I believe the great composer is capable of much more, though it's hard to tell because the production quality of the songs in this and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was awful…the vocals in the songs was drowned out significantly by the music, rendering the words almost indecipherable.

The film is entertaining.

" The Corpse Bride uses amazing technology and stunning visual mastery to do...

If the whimsical story, derived from a Russian folk tale, doesn't charm the pants of you, the stunning puppets, sets and stop-animation imagery surely will.

The music and songs felt mostly forced, and I left the theater not having any of the tunes left lingering in my head.

Danny Elfman's lush, melodic score, the divinely rich and vivid 19th century Gothic atmosphere, the incredibly catchy and funny songs, and Pete Kozachik's often stunning cinematography are all terrific as well.

Death is a party, and life is dull, so "sign me up for a swig of poison!

Truly worth the watch .

But they left the house 15 mins into the movie.

However, this motion picture had stunning animation and a musical grip that left me in awe.

Ridiculously short, but understandable for a movie that uses a filming process so excruciatingly slow and painful.

Well thought, very entertaining picture, done much the same way as Burton's smash, Nighhtmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride will get applause everywhere it's watched.

With only about 3 musical scenes, that do nothing but bore and annoy, except for a couple exciting lines by a skeleton from the underworld, Bonejangles.

It seems the motivation of the main character, to fall in love with this corpse is a little hard to follow.

The sets are great too, from the dull & grey land of the living to the colourful land of the dead which is much more vibrant as the dead no longer have to conform to the rigid constraints of the living.

As Victor reels in horror and confusion at his 'corpse bride', he is whisked away to another world of people who have died.

It's very typical and predictable for a handsome prince to end up with a beautiful princess.

But this film fails to deliver anything near as entertaining or witty as NBC.

After a clumsy meeting they have the wedding rehearsal in an old cathedral on the edge of town.

Also, I am a huge Burton fan, and have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to his work.

Very entertaining, missing something though

I must say that the dancing skeletons can be alluring and even exciting.

it's a pure waste of time for everybody who is over 10 years old.

It is technologically, of course, a novelty, but I've seen dozens of stop - motions made in my own country that are visually just as compelling ...

A concept worth mentioning, made into a highly entertaining watch.

The animation is pure magic, stunning in every way.

The story is far from engaging, the pace is slow, and Danny Elfman's musical infusions fall flat.

This movie is perfect for getting you into the Halloween spirit, but is honestly enjoyable anytime of the year.

The plot moves along fairly predictable turns.

I enjoyed it and you should see it regardless of what other people's opinions are.

It skillfully blends romance, humor, and music into a memorable and gripping story that is up there with the great "Casablanca".

Don't see this film because you want to see a great story -it is a predictable one.

Wait for a bit happy and a bit sad ending with unexpected turns.

The colors of the Land of the Living are gray and monochromatic, while the underworld is lively, multi- chromatic, and bright; this is contrary to what one might expect (the underworld being dark and dreary and the living world bright and colorful).

Tim Burtons work is something worth watching 1000 times over.

And as enjoyable as the cinematic ride was, I guess I would prefer to ride down the cult cinema of Nightmare, not The Corpse Bride, any time.

The entire scene was a complete waste of time.

Despite a few cloying characters (the Peter Lorre maggot being one) and songs of uneven quality, this is a movie worth watching...

i felt they were overdone and a bit repetitive.

The problems begin with how cheap and predictable the story was.

Where as the world of the living is portrayed as a dull, nearly boring place where characters live a monotonous life full of daily chores and concerns about money.

Really, the opening was quite gripping, and then after that it felt forced.

I have given a lot of praise to the film so far and I did enjoy the movie a lot but it seems a little bit empty somehow.

In brief, this unpredictable film is quite nice to watch.

I was just plain bored with all the characters in this film.

I found the plot a bit weak but still quite enjoyable.

Overall, an inventive film and fun to watch once you get past the slow first part.

For starters, the actual story is pretty simple and even kind of predictable, as it centers around the nervous Victor Van Dort who is soon to be married to Victoria Everglot through an arranged family marriage.

My friend said to me before I bought a ticket that she had seen both and preferred the latter to the former so far but, in her mind, they all were equally enjoyable.

Now while the animation is just as brilliant as "Nightmare Before Christmas" and the movie's two main characters are extremely enjoyable, this movie does not beat out "Nightmare Before Christmas" as my favorite Tim Burton film.

This movie, like life (or death), is not perfect, and as most fairy tales go it is a bit predictable.

After over a decade of waiting for something as glorious and fun as The Nightmare Before Christmas I walked out of the theater last night feeling like a kid at Christmas who got a new bike with no tires.

The story is very entertaining and it has so much heart in it and Gothic like background.

All in all, this movie is highly entertaining and very enjoyable and I recommend it especially to people with small children as it is a movie the entire family will find enjoyable.

Dragged down to the afterlife, where every day is a party, Victor finds himself caught in a love triangle which literally crosses the mortal divide.

For those new to Burton's whimsical style, the film is very appealing and enjoyable for everyone in the family, though not highly recommended for those whose preference in movies doesn't involve characters singing rimes.

I thought it was boring and the music was too Nightmare before Christmas .

The people who made this must have been bored out of their minds.

In such a dull time full of "new" movies that simply repeat the same plot-line in vaguely different ways, "The Corpse Bride" stands out, and in a very good way!

Life is dull and oppressive, cast in washed out grays and blues by Tim Burton in THE CORPSE BRIDE.

Granted, "Ed Wood" was an interesting, if slow-moving pet project which boasted knockout performances from Johnny Depp and Martin Landau.

there were also a few moments were i thought the film dragged a bit.

But, weird premise aside, the film is a bit predictable.

It was quite entertaining and moderately funny for a kids movie although it was the animation that astounded me.

There's a predictable conservatism to so many of these films in which an ordinary hero or heroine is offered a glimpse of some fantastic alternative world only to opt for everyday reality after all (Splash, the mermaid picture from the eighties with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks, is the only exception I can think of offhand to this general rule).

it just makes it that more exciting.

So if you are bored and this is in the cinema don't watch it .

Below-average for Burton, but still enjoyable .

The film is always consistent in grabbing the audience attention, the odd joke is really funny (with usually play on words and puns of the genre) the characters are interesting to observe and help make the story what it is and the animation is breathtaking, one of my all time favourite animations, after only one viewing.

With animate characters and all their expressions is even more slow than regular drawing animation (Repects also to them).

Slap in a number of forgettable musical numbers that merely seem to be an excuse to create even more on screen silliness and you have a bona-fide yawn fest.

Poetic, touching, funny and visually stunning, this film proves Burton has lost none of his talent and creativity.

A dreary, gray depiction of London tangled in Victorian values and bribery at the end of the nineteenth Century sharply contrasts with a bright, brisk representation of the great beyond animated with colorful, eccentric skeletons, living dead.

With seen the behind the scenes material you're starting to respect the slow process of animators.

Though a great movie to watch around Halloween, I highly recommend it for any occasion.

As far as problems go, the villain is a little bland.

Dull, dry and completely lacking in humour.

But the climax kept me on the edge of my seat.

People over 14 years old might find this film rubbish and childish and a waste of their money.

Altogether it made an enjoyable,clever and funny movie,that I think you will want to see over and over again.

Whatever he does to carve and style his work for each generation's wave of odd but commercially compelling target audience is a great talent for subtlety.

After over a decade of waiting for something as glorious and fun as The Nightmare Before Christmas I walked out of the theater last night feeling like a kid at Christmas who got a new bike with no tires.

I could watch this more than once as the attention to detail made this very enjoyable eye candy.

Elfman's score and songs are mind blowing and save the film from being a bad Burton film.

Hilarious black comedy with stunning visuals, perfect for any Burton fan .

Well, the cliché of the "perfect" girl, at least perfect to the eyes of the basic redneck man.

Are they worth watching?

It was entertaining, but again, predictable.

because, at the first sigh, all seems predictable.

This movies ending was so cool but so predictable as soon as you saw the shadow of the man who killed the corpse bride you knew who it was and that he was going to marry the living girl.

Funny, innovative, and highly entertaining.

This is matched by the dark clothing, mundane lifestyle, and pale complexion of the citizens.

The songs in this movie are good and enjoyable.

That, and the film seems more trite and sentimental.

It's not hysterically fun, but the way Burton uses irony to get the message across is thrilling.

looks stunning .

While the movie is actually pretty good and it is entertaining I think aside from letting expectations get in the way this movie suffers from two glaring faults; The songs and the lack of charm.

enjoyable movie .


Those alone make the DVD alone worth watching.

Corpse Bride, sometimes looks and feels like The Nightmare Before Christmas, because of similar animation, style and music but on it's own this is still a good film which is visually fascinating and has a sweet story that I think will appeal to those both young and old.

This is an enjoyable movie one that i would recommend to anyone although it might not be to everyone's taste.

There was no emotional value, and the entire film felt empty and underwhelming.

On the other hand, it was inane, predictable, and boring.

The plot is somewhat clichéd and predictable.

A very enjoyable movie .

There's something so sad and wistful about this gray-colored film, as it plods along wishing that something exciting would happen to it.

That notwithstanding, it is a very entertaining movie with several very funny lines and situations.

While the life of the living is dull, monochromatic, and vivid less the world of the dead is boiling with song, color, and excitement.

Although this movie was beautifully photographed, the art direction topnotch, and I can appreciate the wonderful animation - this film was about as dull, boring and uninspired as it gets.

I began to just get a little bored.

If you are handy with the fast forward button you can see some funny musical bits.. but mainly this is dull and reminiscent of many movies that came before it that were much better.

Each and every puppet that shows up on screen is so entertaining and detailed in their own way they each could have warranted their own movie.

The attention to detail in the backgrounds of some scenes alone is breathtaking.

It isn't better than the more recent Coraline or 2005's Wallace and Gromit film, but it's still enjoyable with great colors and designs.

If the hope of the world of after life could bring more light, I don't find it poetic but ridiculous, tidy and boring (i don't like big band jazz).

At just the right length of 76 minutes, this could have been dragged out, but would have quickly become boring.

Animated Death never looked so good, but felt so dull.

Well perhaps it's because, there practically IS NO PLOT!

The chuckles and giggles that came from the predictable sight gags and puns petered out to silence halfway through.

The introduction of this movie was dull and confusing up until the climax.

Now my summary may seem like I am about to bad talk this movie, but in actuality I enjoyed it.

Yes , I didn't like this movie at all , i thought it was boring and basically crappy !!

I didn't like the villain much either, and not in the way you're supposed to dislike a villain either, I just thought he was tedious and once again, annoying.

I'm no big fan of these quirky, Gothic stop-motion animation type films, but I have to say that CORPSE BRIDE is a darn sight more entertaining than that overblown '90s film, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE Christmas.

Not the best thing out there, but it was quite entertaining.

The story is slow moving while the characters do not particularly garner your sympathy.

Though its vintage recycled Burton material, i have to say I very very much enjoyed it.

The combined efforts of Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and the other talented voice actors make this a highly enjoyable movie.

Usually songs in musicals just go on so long, or the music is so repetitive that you want to poke your eyeballs out.

What could've been a tedious exercise is still worked fittingly into a stop-motion film from a director that has proved in the past he can deliver a brilliant one.

But the voice-overs are terrific and the whole thing is thoroughly enjoyable.

However, where W&G had a lackadaisical wit about it that pretty much left an emotional story on the sidelines in exchange for endlessly entertaining stupid humor...

The voices of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are amazing, and music score Danny Elfman is great and I highly recommend this stunning animation.

The plot is entertaining and the script was written very well.

In the scene of the final wedding, where the dead rejoin the living, the touching moments where the little boy found his dead grandfather and Gertrude found her dead husband I found most enjoyable.

Most enjoyable (from my perspective) were the miniatures and the way the "claymation" flowed.

dumb story, bad characters and predictable plot.

The visual and sound is stunning.

This is a very enjoyable film although not as magic as the nightmare before Christmas.

I found it very very dry and boring.

The characters all look stunning and there are so many wonderful new characters in this movie that will keep your eyes glued on the screen.

, Edward Scissorhands, and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, he creates movies that are visually stunning, weird, funny, touching and heartwarming.

I found this movie dull, bland and boring.

While the movie is actually pretty good and it is entertaining I think aside from letting expectations get in the way this movie suffers from two glaring faults; The songs and the lack of charm.

The movie starts rather slow (not King Kong-slow so don't worry ;) ) but keeps a very nice pace.

The reason I loved this film was the slowness and gentleness of the plot.

I understand this is a children's movie, and being an adult may have something to do with it, but as hard as I tried to love The Corpse Bride there was just something dull about it that I can't put my finger on.

So, why are we talking about him and this pointless story?

My heart bled for all the hard-working animators who put countless hours of work and effort into this film, only to create an embarrassing, ridiculous waste of time because the writing-directing team was so shamefully lazy.

The plot is well-written(if somewhat predictable) and thoroughly interesting.

If there's one petty complaint, it's that even at a slender seventy-three minutes the film starts to become much of a muchness and the drab look does wear on the eyes.

Second, the film's villain - a lame, predictable stereotype - if you have seen a couple Disney cartoons made after WWII, you could probably write all of his lines without seeing this film.

Beautiful but Predictable .

I thought Corpse Bride was visually stunning and really funny--I really liked the overall feel, and I think I fell in love with Emily, despite the maggot and all.

Thought it was interesting how the world of the living was dark and drab, while the world of the dead was brightly coloured.

The story is very entertaining and it has so much heart in it and Gothic like background.

Even the singing seemed muddled at parts, making it hard to follow along with the seemingly clever words.


Visually stunning in all respects and there are some good visual jokes, my favourite being a characters jaw literally dropping off when he is surprised by some news.

It is a tragedy with mixed ending, with totally unexpected love story.

On the other-hand, the corpse bride has an intriguingly tragic backstory, but also falls victim to bland dialogue.

Whilst the land of the living is very dull and dark, the land of the dead is a world of vibrant colours.

It looks gorgeous (albeit exactly the same as Nightmare Before Christmas), and has some fantastic ideas very cleverly realised, but the story drags and ultimately bores, and Danny Elfman's songs - as fantastic, if somewhat generic, his scores are - do not have the strength of those by, say, the Sherman Brothers or Alan Menkin, to keep us sufficiently engaged.

The voice casting is very good, the animation is splendid, there are some alright songs, and the dark atmosphere is still very much poignant, it may not be as inspired as Nightmare, but it is certainly one worth watching.

The plot is dull, the characters are dull, the music is dull, but it is mostly captivating in the theater, simply due to the visuals.

Finally completing them, Victor's life takes an unexpected turn when he inadvertently marries himself to the long since deceased Emily (Helena Bonham Carter in the title role).

Though his use of Claymation, Burton is able to exaggerate the character's physical features as well as make the living world seem dull and dreary while the world of the dead is colorful and fun.

Victoria's escape serves no plot purpose at all and carries no consequences: subsequent events would have transpired just the same had she spent the whole time locked in her room.

Some movies develop very slowly, sometimes too slow.

The ending is confusing as Victor and Victoria haven't really gotten to know each other at all.

The story takes place in a small town during what might seem to be late-19th century Eastern Europe, where everything and everyone is as boring and life-less as a stone grave.

With no story to feast on, no characters to care about, it got boring.

Visually it really is stunning.

The songs work well, being entertaining while still remaining part of the story rather than having the plot stop for a big musical number and at 1 and 1/4 hours the film never outstays its welcome.

Also, I love how they made the "land of the living" very dull and straight-laced, with tones of brown and grey, while the "land of the dead" is filled with bright colours and welcoming in every area.

"Assuming nothing happens that we don't really know,/That nothing unexpected interferes with the show.

The movie goes downhill from there, though it is boring from beginning to end.

I rewatched it after around six years, and it's still as fun and entertaining as when I first watched it.

So did my kids and they thought it was boring too.

Well worth watching - great for the Halloween Holiday.

to entrust $40 million to Burton for the production, but it's clear that Burton is right at home in this disarmingly stunning film.

The kids in the audience were bored, confused.

Burton's film was unexpected in so many ways, which we can see through the ironic differences in colors of the living and dead worlds, as well as the vibes and togetherness shown among st the characters.

What saved this film for me was the ending, which, while predictable, was so heart-warming and honest...

Also the ending was extremely predictable.

On top of the storyline being crazily predictable, the characters, as you can probably already tell, are paper thin and horribly clichéd.

I was bored.

'Corpse Bride' is an enjoying 77 minutes of an enjoyable romp through the world of the living and of the dead, full of a cast of endearing and not-so-endearing characters and occasional wit and humor.

The dialogue was just a bit bland and boring.

However, the story was quite predictable (at least for me as I watch a lot of films).

A Visually Stunning Disappointment .

With creative screenplay and thrilling music or sound effects in addition to its beautiful visuals and adorable characters, this animated feature is certainly one of the best dark, Gothic musical fantasy film out there.

CORPSE BRIDE : Visually Stunning, Outlandishly Funny, & Emotionally Honest...

Financial trouble in the family has forced two somewhat dull and unhappy people to be wed.

Some of the death puns were a little overbearing, but the spoof sequences were quite enjoyable.

Infusion of some sepia tones for the "upstairs" characters might have provided the exciting transition we loved in the Wizard of Oz's fade from black (and white).

Good: Visuals, some good songs (even if there are only a few), funny at timesBad: Only a few good songs, seemed boring, similar to "Nightmare before Christmas"Feel free to send me a Private Message regarding this comment.

The songs are dull, obviously meant to stretch the movie to be an acceptable length.

Characters just stand around, repeatedly explaining how very little is going on; stretching things thinner and thinner, until you're looking at 100 percent concentrated boredom.

The Corpse Bride is oddly compelling, because she's deadly beautiful and moves with a strange grace throughout.

You'll have a much more enjoyable time.