Counterpart (2017) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A hapless UN employee discovers that the agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension that's in a cold war with our own, and where his other self is a top spy. The war slowly heats up thanks to spies from both sides.

IMDB: 8.1
Stars: J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 33 out of 195 found boring (16.92%)

One-line Reviews (121)

The execution is stunning.

While the beginning was very confusing, and that because of the lack of explanation, you just have to sit through the first episodes to slowly start understanding what's going on.

This series has everything I love - great acting, riveting story, gripping drama, mysteries, spies, love, revenge, action...

I was still on the hook after the first episode, but they lost me due to boredom after the second.

This was an interesting, compelling drama.

A lot of empty unnecessary scenes.

The pilot episode gave a taste of everything you can expect form the series, whereas the series has settled into a slow reveal as it answers the questions posed in the first episode.

I little bit complicated/difficult to follow.

Just another Formulaic TV Show .

Absorbing, original, always want more.

On top, the setting is just as dull as the storyline.

I have heard lot of people say that it's a slow burn, not for me it has the right pace strikes the right balance between sci fy, drama and action.

A great first season of this fascinating drama series.

Then nothing happened for 15 minutes, then it reminded me of Fringe, then it was just bad and dull till the end.

Interseting idea, boring & poor everything else .. .

The show seemed promising at first, gripping and the suspense was there which did not feel forced.

Forget the hypothetical infinite number of possible permutations of every living thing & their infinite number of actions all existing in the same space as fanciful mathematicians being bored.

Enthralling, captivating, riveting.

After the first two episodes however I find that the pace is deliberately slow, as the whole series stops here, at the concept, without anything interesting to be further added.

Etc. I watched Counterpart twice through because, honestly, it was so perfect on my scale, I figured I was too caught up in the thrilling storyline to catch the other failures.

ensures that what we see of him is fascinatingly rewarding, and in any case there are several sub-plots lead by other brilliant actors that are equally gripping.

An extremely engaging show that makes me wonder if this is what you'd get if the likes of Len Deighton or John LeCarre had written science fiction.

Pacing is too slow and most of the episode is filler, characters are not likable and storytelling is boring.

The concept of Counterpart is gripping, and J.

Reminded me of Fringe (2008), but smarter and better acted with more intriguing, involving and believable (if one can use such a term in regard to a sci-fi show) story line.

Fringe, dragged down to the bottom and beaten with experience .

Counterpart is a compelling story with an excellent performance from j.

Intriguing, but confusing .

The acting is good, the story is good, but it's also drab.

The story is fascinating!

It makes you think about the nature of existence, has enough drama to keep you engaged and feel for the characters and it's just unpredictable and exciting.

In the meanwhile, a genuinely well-made series, both gripping and thought-provoking.

To me, it was truly thrilling and full of deceit and backstabbing and politically manipulative incidents.

I agree with so many of these negative reviews that harp on how slow it is; slow tempos are the Barnum & Bailey version of gravitas (and why people crave the latter always escapes me,) or the cynical screenwriter's way of stretching 8 minutes of plot into an entire episode.

Counterpart (2017), a series which has interesting applied conspiracy theories, fictional science, love, romance, action, thrilling contents, suspense, sorrow, hardships, difficulties and what not.

The first episode's tempo and mood are a good sign for what's to come as far as the story, very well approached, mystifying and might branch to the unexpected.

But, that said, I'm picking holes because I enjoyed it so much.

After watching the abomination that is Brightburn, it was refreshing to find a serious well written, well acted, original, gripping, juicy, hanging, hookingEveryone associated with the show should be applaudedPut a few nights aside because you will bingeHomeland, The Bureau (french), Counterpart.

Screenwriters did absolutely mind blowing job here.

I wish they had filmed this in Paris and not in rigid Berlin, but I guess it's clear who financed this dull torture.

I like intelligent dramas, and Counterpart has engaging characters and good commentary on how life's choices can set one's destiny, and even personality.

The more you learn about the world the more contrived it all becomes, the conflict is entirely forced, doesn't feel genuine.

It was so unique and so entertaining that really irritates me that it was cancelled.

Slow burn, worth the wait .

The counterpart world essentially stuck in the 80s is as uninteresting as it is a standard dystopian cliché.

Unexpected .

Well, only if the journey is enjoyable.

Besides bland dialogue the acting is just as boring.

I find the languid pace adds a dreamlike quality, yet the dreary palette of Berlin grounds it in realism.

Wanted so badly to like this, but it is just too slow .

However, after watching seven, yes 7, episodes the only conclusion to be drawn is someone tried to sandwich an interesting idea between two extremely boring alternate realities.

The cast is brilliant and with every episode a new twist or unexpected outcome occurs.

Interesting, well done, entertaining .

The writing can be a bit cliché here and there, the budget shows occasionally, and the direction can be bland.

Really intriguing .

I highly recommend it.

1st season - liked it, but too much energy had to be used to strain through the swamp of confusion.

Thus far though it just strikes me as an enjoyable Noir twist on the classic parallell world plot with a spythriller mixed in.

Boring as hell.

I watched other episodes and it just turned boring cold war style shootings and the story .

After 2 episodes i already find this show tedious and mundane.

just boring .

'Counterpart' is gripping drama from the opening moments of each episode till the end when the credits roll allowing you to breath a bit more easily.

Great story, characters, directionSuspenseful, exciting, sci fi spy dramaCompelling use of coldwar spy thriller themes & toneExcellent acting!

Counterpart Confusion .

Confusing who's who in the zoo .

It's an exciting espionage thriller with an interesting sci-fi based premise and one of the most refreshing crime/sci-fi hybrids we have seen in years.

It is deep and thoughtprovoking and fun and thrilling and just the best spy show, I can remember.

Boring ...

Everything is bland in Counterpart.

Whilst a fascinating premise, the show gets bogged down early on by the stupidity on display by the security agencies (which appear to employ NO security of their own).

The characters are uninteresting, J.

Cinematography is excellent, writing is imaginative and allows the characters to interact in a fascinating manner.

It does require intense concentration to keep on top of the many twists and turns and many characters.

All go together to create a show that draws you in, from a simple idea that intregues you, to the 80's Cold War setting and intriguing characters that build interest, this is a great story.

watched several 2nd season episodes, the same mind draining confusion of bad script, repeated themes.

boring there is no a clear SCI-FI in this show...

This bothered me some, but thanks to the beautiful visual style and dedicated actors it was easy to overlook that (especially as I tend to like slow-burning dramas and thrillers).

I didn't understand everything fully, but it was one of the most engaging shows I'd ever seen in my life.

Just walking through the tunnel is banal and simply not enough.

Each of the five episodes that I watched were akin to a glacier moving down a valley in that they were incredibly slow.

It's a somewhat confusing cloak and dagger tale with spies and the like moving between the two worlds which the majority of both worlds' population are not aware of.

Intriguing Pilot Sets A Nice Hook .

Second, things progress really slow.

This was an intriguing and interesting show!

It is a slow burner so if you like action packed escapeisum this is not for you.

So are the two parallel worlds be cut by an unpredictable transversal consequence.

K/ Simmons delivers two (Yes two) very engaging performances.

Too many boring scenes where they were just talking about nonsense things and nothing was happening.

After all the episodes I've seen, I'm bored !

Every twist is unexpected, the shows concept and setting makes it unpredictable as well which is a good thing.

As I said earlier, this may not be for everyone, but if you like good acting, great locations, good production values and a slow burn, solid story then this is for you!

Also the stupid, bland dialogues, and soap opera reactions of the characters didn't help either.

I think Sci fi fans who appreciate the action thriller genre may be somewhat put off by the pacing but I enjoyed the slow burn in this character based drama.

Dark, thrilling, evocative...

Outcomes usually an excess of bloody killings that seem pointless other than to spice up a bland script.

Highly absorbing.

It builds up in a fascinating way and thankfully has just enough of Looper and not too much so as to make it genuinely unique.

It's unbearably slow and tedious, and repeats empty scenes.

The dialogues seem to be dull, while it should give you a new sense, an idea or a philosophical insight, especially in this kind of a show.

Intriguing .

So this show is very intriguing and fresh feeling I will say that.

Waste of time .

A first rate television sci-fi series, but what makes it worth watching more than once is the remarkable career crowning performance of J.

The rest of the characters are very boring, at best.

Parallel lines can be cut by unpredictable transversal and .

I enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this show, utterly compelling and I loved it.

The script is thrilling as well, making you ponder on and over and wanting to see soon what happens next.

It's slow, brooding and pretty cold.

If you don't need a happy ending for everyone and shallow entertainment with useless dialogue but instead appreciate deep characters, complex plots and unexpected outcomes, go for it.

This is a very fascinating show with a great intricate plot and terrific acting, Unfortunately, STARZ saw fit to cancel it after 2 seasons.

It had potential, the lead is a good actor, even if it is confusing at times which side they are filming from because the differences outside his characters personal demeanor are so indistinct.

And, clearly, if it has passed, that's only because the rest of our immune systems have defended us - making dystopian paranoia pointless.

Smart, compelling!

The pacing is a bit slow and while we know some of the reasons for the "other side's" action against "our" side.

Not in this case, unfortunately: empty script, filled with some action left and right but no real plot unfolding.

However, the longer it goes on, the more depressing the dull grey/blue/black sheen becomes.

This looks like a bland episode of Colombo set in the 40's mixed with the two-world scenario completely lifted from Fringe.

Simmons gets to play with multiple aspects of his character, making for an enjoyable viewing that revolves around many acting nuances.

Visually stunning, well acted, and full of unexpected surprises.