Crash (2004) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Los Angeles citizens with vastly separate lives collide in interweaving stories of race, loss and redemption.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Paul Haggis
Stars: Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 242 out of 1024 found boring (23.63%)

One-line Reviews (665)

" There seems to be some confusion about this aspect of the film which I will clear up for you.

Maybe he purposefully made the characters as blatant and cliché as he did to frustrate and confuse people.

' The events all come full circle and everything that had been unpredictable throughout the film now makes perfect sense.

The only character that was semi entertaining was Ludicrous a guy that plays a guy that robs cars, he is entertaining because he says some funny comments here and there and that is about it.

But, this movie actually is pretty enjoyable movie.

A truly awful, moronic, super-PC, formulaic Spike-Lee-Robert-Altman wannabe.

Instead, in a trite twist it later reveals that his daughter bought him a box of blanks for ammunition to go with it.

Considered as an entire film though, it comes across as very contrived and rather uninvolving by the end due to the script.

Simply put, this thrilling drama is a solidly played out film from start to finish.

The main part of this movie that made it worth the watch have to be the actors, they all play very real, convincing characters, there's not a single weak performance here, and I'm surprised more of them weren't Oscar nominated.

Crash has excellent, gripping performances (Dillon, Bullock and Howard shine above all), and that's what really keeps the movie together, especially in the epilogue where the script's weaknesses begin to emerge: as talented as he is, Haggis' decision to end his directorial debut with a string of coincidences is a partial disappointment.

A smart, thrilling movie with a satisfying ending and great performances from all actors.

This dialogue is painfully obvious and predictable, and the scenes themselves seem determined to reinforce the stereotypes they present rather than debunk them.

I've been lucky enough to see all this years nominees for Best Picture, and I had to say I was pulling for Capote, until tonight… Crash is one of the most fascinating movies I've seen in years.

I do humbly share with Haggis the detachment of being born abroad and moved to the States in my early 20s and not having had my nose glued against the window of America, and that is the beauty of having "outsiders" bringing a mirror and telling you: "well, this is how you look" and still remaining compassionate and most of all entertaining when dealing with matters that could bore you to death.

If you can stop believing in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, then why cant you see this movie is the worst movie on racism ever produced?

The sequence with Phillipe's and Tate's characters was the most contrived of all the scenes, contorting itself like a Cirque de Soleil performer to create a tragedy that completely makes no sense except to create the completion of a plot arc that I saw coming from the beginning of the movie.

This is by far one of the very worst movies I've ever had the displeasure to view.

It is confusing to understand if one has not read any of the reviews as to the purpose of the film.

This movie is truly a cinematic masterpiece, a thrilling rendition of how complex peoples' lives really are.

Each character is introduced in a situation staged to create one type of perception, and then later contrived circumstances show us that our first impressions were wrong.

All the stories are so boring, if you want a movie with good alternate stories watch Traffic.

I liked some of the cinematography and music, but other than that it was unbearable.

Crash is manipulative, didactic trite.

Long, boring, lacks drama and stupid .

It is entertaining, just as is the television show "24".

contrived, racist melodrama ...

If you are looking for an intelligent movie with intriguing characters and an unforeseeable plot, you can not find a better movie in the 21st century.

"Crash" consists of one stunning moment after another that wrenches both with its realness and its artistic merit.

Fearing for his life, an intense split-section decision based on racial ideas causes him to accidentally shoot and kill his black friend.

This film's supposed outlook on racism as well as the human condition is so long and drawn out though it has its occasional moments.

It's contrived.

It's a crime that the real moral and aesthetic hire-wire act of ''Brokeback Mountain' had to suffer the ignominy of being bested by that far inferior, far shallower film and its self-indulgent crocodile tears.

The cast is excellent, and although the performances are quite good, the story itself is so riddled with preposterous racism and negativity, the movie as a whole becomes forced, frustrating, and highly predictable.

But it's even more pretentious on second viewing.

It is the most boring thing in the world when you don't care about a character or watch them for 2 hours and they don't change.

Though the story is focused on racial issues, the dramatic events of the film are really driven mostly by a series of contrived coincidences, leading to carefully orchestrated moments of tragedy, all of which lack the ring of truth.

It was mildly engaging, well shot and had an enjoyable musical score.

This movie has no plot.

For me, this movie was literally unwatchable.

"Crash" is a provocative film with many riveting sections - both scenes involving Newton and Dillon are astounding - and the encounter at the locksmith's home has one of the most frightening moments you'll ever experience.

It's a beautiful film both visually and emotionally, with well rounded characters, an outstanding script, and mind blowing performances all round.

Will you experience this film in the same intense way that I felt?

Many emotional situations are existing as well as thrilling and pulsating moments.

It was also exciting movie i liked it so much.

worst movie i've seen all year .

Very predictable, very contrived and very far-fetched, it was like being spoon-fed every stereotype that exists.

There is a lot of drama & meat hung out here through the story lines, but the movie just sort of ends which in a way is like the real world but since there is obviously some contrived stuff here, that ending is not satisfactory for this film.

The editing and music are so intense that I was mind blown all over the place.

excellent screenplay ,mind blowing performances and finally a movie with a message and one which gets through too.

"Crash" was completely predictable.

What I love about This movie is that it will leave you so far on the edge of your seat that you might just go ahead and stand up!!!

However, in Crash, this becomes tired and repetitive very quickly.

I found the characters to be unrealistic, and the intertwining themes to be contrived.

OK, this movie has little to no plot, way too many characters I don't care about, and it is a knock off of one of the best movies ever, Pulp Fiction.

This movie was formulaic; plain and simple.

The editing looks amateur, yes, but the acting and storytelling are very engaging.

one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The acting is great and the flow of the story keeps from boring its audience.

How did her husband manage to survive being hit by Ludicrous' car, after the two men dragged him out from under it and dumped him out so roughly onto the pavement, he could have bled to death from internal injuries alone?

Save your money .

Let's also spend 1/2 hour talking about the protective cloak, which obviously will come into play in the most predictable way possible.

All we see are stereotypes and predictable surprises.

In total, Crash isn't just unworthy of its Academy Awards, it's actually one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I will confine myself to what I consider the most egregious problem, which was the contrived nature of the whole thing.

And once they are angry they vent these feelings of frustration and start to boast why the film is wrong and why they are above this kind of clichéd and predictable film.

All the characters here are "connected" in such a contrived way, one has to wonder if any thought went into it.

i am still ticked off about this waste of time.

There is no third act, it becomes a music video--which explains part of its popularity--it must be confusing if you grew up on MTV to tell the difference between that and a real movie.

But if you are looking for an entertaining story that grips and touches you deeply, this is highly recommended.

Alas, the rest becomes trite and predictable with questionable acting.

(The whole narrative is way too episodic to convey in words, in a review such as this; I could write 5000 words on this film, but that would bore you.

involving police officers who become hardened (Matt Dillon), Persian store owners, a black detective struggling to keep his family together, an upper class, black movie director, and a pair of thugs who seem to be on the edge of knowing right from wrong.

This film is arrogant, trite, and simply bad.

For example, the plot line concerning the locksmith and the Persian shop owner is compelling whereas the one about the black cop and his mother is not well developed.

However, excellent ensemble acting by all makes this worth watching.

The screenplay is intelligent, funny, tragic, gripping, and naturalistic, depicting lifelike characters who speak and act in believable ways; each is noble and ignoble by turns.

Moreover, as film making goes, this is pure manipulative opera bordering on propaganda.

All in all a technically well crafted film with high-quality performances that suffers from a contrived plot and mostly one-dimensional characters.

The dialogue was wretchedly contrived, and the movie had no point to make except, Racism Is Bad, You Shouldn't Be Racist, Everyone's A Little Bit Racist, Mmmmkay?

While this is a good intense drama which tries to look realistically at racism in a modern diversified LA, it does get too melodically preachy towards the end of the film.

There's great acting, great dialog, and a mastery of cinematic statement, then in the next moment there's trite scriptwork, flat cardboard characterizations, and ordinary visuals that could be topped by a TV production.

This movie was offensively PC, predictable and clichéd.

Offensively poor writing, contrived performances, endless clichés make this simply an unwatchable film.

The story predictable and cliché.

'Crash' is partly astonishing, partly bland.

Self-indulgent garbage.

While the camera angles are varied, there are several scenes with long intense lingers on the character's face.

I was bored to tears seeing this racism theme hit from all angles in predictable clichés.

There is no story in this movie, yes.

The style of the film is amazing and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

The script by Paul Haggis becomes tired and dull, with nothing more important to say than "racism is bad".

Many of the scenes are predictable and the movie comes off as contrived.

" It's like it was written by some pretentious high school student trying to show off to the teacher.

I saw myself in many of the characters and I laughed, cried and sat on the edge of my seat all 3 times that I saw it.

Its an exciting time to be alive because basic notions of narrative are being reinvented.

Paul Haggis applies a fine cast to challenge many issues and dilemmas successfully, whilst crafting an entertaining viewing.

I quote "Sugarspheres": "It was indeed thought-provoking--all throughout the movie, I kept wondering how in the world can such a horribly pretentious, unrealistic movie get so many raves?

Those of you who do tend to enjoy emotional films, in other words films that rely on your emotional attachment to the characters and intense emotional reactions to the plot, who enjoy complicated and profound themes and can handle depressing concepts, I have one thing to say to you:"Crash" will stop your heart.

It might not have been great ART, but it certainly was entertaining.

Absolutely pretentious in every way - it's not a good thing when you hate every single character

There's constant battles between doing good or bad and overall, this film is definitely entertaining both on a superficial and mental level.

the characters are one dimensional and their story arcs incredibly predictable.

Whether it be the racist white cop, the screaming and incoherent Chinese crash victim, the two African-American men who rob people (and I'll get back to that in a second), the police partner with a heart of gold, the Latino man who everyone mistakes for a gangster, the cop who has to sacrifice his ideals to get ahead, or even the fat Italian mechanic, they are ALL shallow and predictable characters.

Crash is not really a good film, it's a slick film with a lame story executed in a disjointed manner with characters so shallow you can barely relate to them.

Pretentious and over-hyped .

"Crash" tries to be realistic and striking but the dialogue makes it cliché and pedantic.

) But overall, I thought this film was worth watching.

Very touching scenes from this slow, heart-warming and astonishingly perfect movie.

The situations were highly contrived.

Instead, Haggis reaches into a bag of vapid tricks honed through decades of writing pap for the small screen and assembles what is basically an excruciatingly long episode of one of his dreary television soap operas.

It was a preachy, contrived and manipulative story about racism.

However, "Crash" is a well-merited film that is definitely worth watching or keeping.

The two cops are similarly contrived.

Needless to say that much of the racism in this film is incredibly contrived and relies upon prejudices in itself.

It's in many ways formulaic, it's manipulative in parts, sentimental in others, and very unsubtle.

" The storyline was predictable and contrived -- not far from being a soap-opera.

Lazy and trite .

Another Hollywood issue movie: trite, poorly written & not even remotely believable .

Sandra Bullock is amazing and compelling as the seemingly unsympathetic rich bigoted wife Jean.

The most intriguing to me was the true statements the Black men made -- which were so true.

Overall it lacks Altman's energy and offers up gross cliché characters instead of quirky originals.

Ones that terrified and frustrated may find his peace in a most unpredictable way; the most faithful boy died with god in his hand.

Trite Dishonest Garbage That Gets Cheap Laughs Off "Ironic" Racist Jokes and Stereotypes .

I also find it really confusing that Paul Haggis gave his film the same title of another contemporary American (well Canadian really) film, though certainly not widely seen, nonetheless with a very distinctive reputation.

I liked how the film played with our preconceptions; setting up a character one way then having them do something unexpected.

It combines a gripping plot, a lot of breathtaking cinematography, a though-provoking script and some of the best performances seen in years.

Quite frankly, and I know people will get more annoyed here, but I thought the plot entirely contrived and manipulative.

Instead, I watched laughable dialogue and cliché nonsense, and frankly, couldn't wait for the abysmal and snotty Ali MacGraw character to die.

If your head hasn't been buried in the sand for the past 10-20-100 years, however, you may be bored by the story and the plot twists (many of which you will see coming).

I felt like it was a total waste of time.

One of the best aspects of this movie is how unpredictable it is and how it breaks stereotypes .

Worst movie I've ever seen .

All of it is just so carefully set up and contrived.

Other than that, it read like a propaganda pamphlet for an overzealous activist group with no real aim or solution.

the first 40 minutes of the film was boring to tell you the truth guys i couldn't understand where the plot was going...

Crash is a socially compelling film where Paul Haggis's portrayal of cultural diversity and the communication is profoundly moving and frustrating.

Character development is polarized, making each sequence more predictable than the next.

Check Shyamalan's Unbreakable, where the same scene delivers to the top thanks to the slow and accurate developing towards it.

I thought the script was too contrived and having grown up in San Francisco and being Chinese-American, I would like to think I am "color blind" to such issues.

and though we may all have the same needs, what we do to fulfill those needs are the things that make life so exciting.

Course of events was quite gripping.

The pace of the film is slow at times (particularly in the second half) and often labours the 'racism' point.

In conclusion, Haggis created a very critical film, which deals with a very actual and intense topic.

The stories come together in unnatural way, using to many coincidences, making it look false and predictable after some time.

This fast paced, thought provoking film may very well change the way you see the strangers you encounter on a daily basis.

This is a great film that's marred by its absurd amount of contrived moral "incidents" in its finale.

Intriguing and often quite powerful.

OK, this is a film about racism, so it's natural; but all this kind of thing gets boring and all the characters loses a bit of their humanity with this stuff.

But again, some coincidences come off as contrivances (so long I don't read the screenplay writer's thoughts, I am OK with it but when I can read them, then to me they are contrived for a purpose and that takes away from the movie).

Watch Cronenberg's Crash if you want to watch some bold filmmaking, skip this trite dookie

, I can't comment on whether this is an accurate depiction of everyday tension there, however I simply found the situations that director Paul Haggis has concocted overly contrived, tiresome and improbable.

Too set-up, too contrived, too condescending, two stars .

A riveting look at the tension between human beings...

boredom 4.

Too Intense For Young Children With Little Meaning .


It was a waste of my time, and a waste of perfectly good actors' talents.

And do those who complain how trite it is that everyone is redeemed in the end really think that Sandra Bullock's character is going to continue being best friends with her maid once she is again up and around and off the painkillers?

The movie whether it is predictable or boring still evokes out of people emotions that many may not be willing to accept.

It's a piece of art that it's really entertaining and a slice of real life .

It starts promisingly, with Matt Dillon taking the acting honors, but the movie relentlessly sets up a number of short stories that are all contrived to the point of ridiculousness, with each having a twist at the end.

Zero Stars (out of 4) By Aaron DumontAmong the countless slew and turgid veil of the garishly safe, self-satisfied PC-indulgence fests released within the past years, Crash, a monstrous, clunky culmination of the very, very worst of Altman-wannabes and the most tired and bored of overused conventions, stood among the most confoundingly successful of them all.

don't waste your time.

I liked the actors, but thought that the dramatic situations were just too contrived and the ending was too sappy - There were too many story lines to really get into feeling anything for any of these characters.

In dealing with themes of repression and desire that are universal, it struck much more of a chord, certainly with me and with everyone else I know, than the reliant-on-coincidence, parable/fable atmosphere created by "Crash", which at times seemed fake, contrived and almost ridiculous.

Too formulaic.

A compelling disappointment .

And by powerful, I mean extremely boring.

I think the people who hated the movie wouldn't hate it as much if the people who loved it would not herald it as the greatest, most compelling, social commentary since Sarafina.

For plot, it was confusing and often lengthy and boring.

Too many of the social situations seem too contrived and it's as if Haggis put the actors in front of the camera and instructed them to act as pig headed and racist as possible and it's okay cause it's Hollywood and i'll make it look heartwarming buy adding a warm fuzzy soundtrack and throwing in an ironic plot twist to boot.

They interact in a highly contrived plot made up of preposterously unlikely coincidences.

It's  surprising how the development  of the plot and the interaction of the characters is absolutely unpredictable.

The music was unbearable!.

They tackled the issue with a crappy predictable uninspiring laughably solemn film.

An outstanding film that grips you from the start, Crash is a riveting story that addresses the polarizing issues of race and separation in modern America.

Several Stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles involving a collection of fascinating characters:A black police detective (Don Cheadle) tries to deal with his drug addicted mother (Beverly Todd).

The subject matter here is interesting, but it's handled in such a preachy and pretentious way.

It was entirely composed of contrived nonrealistic scenarios designed only to please uninformed idealists.

The setting adds to the films element of suspense because of the intense racial interaction and hatred that LA is riddled with.

"Crash" is a dishonest, manipulative film that gets cheap laughs off racist jokes and stereotypes, while at the same time, makes "heros" out of its racist characters through contrived "redemption".

In 'Crash', it's just contrived.

While the concept is a compelling one, the movie struggles throughout to make it stand because it's full of stereotypes, desperate dialogues & perverted meaning.

I apprehend that the characters were meant to be stereotypical, so that each of them would represent a general example of each kind of people, but these characters went rather cliché-kind than realistic or objective, especially the nerve-racking goofy black guy one (this goes off pretty bad for this movie, doesn't it?

To purport the ideal that minorities are weak minded enough to allow victimization, white people righteous even in their abuses and all ethnicities are empty bitter stereotypical marionettes, it's just awful.

How this pretentious little montage of contrived melodramas ever pulled off a Best Picture Oscar is positively beyond me, particularly considering the infinitely superior films there were to choose from.

so all what they said was completely pointless, and i lost respect for the film in the very beginning and even more as its passed by, it gets so stretched that i didn't even feel any sympathy at the end.

Sounds intriguing?

Every cast member is stereotyped, every character is cookie-cutter and the directing and editing is stolen from a highly superior film, Magnolia, which is underrated and unappreciated compared to this pretentious crap.

Don't waste your money.

"Brokeback" was long, slow, boring and depressing.

Even with dedicated performances from a barrage of different talents, Crash connects their characters' stories in such a contrived and facile way it's distracting, is plagued by levels of sheer incredulity, and occupies an end scene of complete and total folderol.

Crash is the most contrived film I've seen in years.

This movie about people succumbing to or overcoming racism strikes a chord a couple times, but only if the viewer is willing to suspend judgment for very long periods of contrived plot machinations that get you to these key points.

Nothing is interesting or thought-provoking, everything is stereotypical, vapid, predictable, spoon-fed, and obtruded, the scenes and dialogs are flat, so there's nothing to highlight about this movie, which is compensated by attitudinizing on such an enormous level that is unequaled, it's horrible!!

At the same time there is tenderness and humanity, the twists and curvatures turn back on themselves as the characters begin to relate to one another in unexpected ways not always with the best of results.

e stereotypical) and too many of the scenes are unrealistic and contrived.

"Crash" has been called a film about racism, a description which nails its leitmotif but fails to do justice to an engrossing film about a variety of people loving and hating in L.

It was so pretentious and contrived I don't know where to start.

However, this film was CERTAINLY contrived, and that was its biggest flaw.

This is just really corny and such a cliché.

All of the characters are flawed and fascinating to observe, as we know that there will be someone almost exactly like them somewhere in the world today.

Waste of time .

It is alarming how naive and dull 'Crash' tries to depict and handle a topic that can hardly be more uninspired: socio-economic and interpersonal problems of Afro-American and white people.

It's not at all perfect, nor would I say this is a spectacular movie, but compelling enough for me and my colleagues to discuss the issues with one another.

The rest of the film eschews a muddle of trite old racist stereotypes and shows us examples of what the film makers think are examples of this.

utterly unwatchable .

Crash is a very engaging and original film that I think deserves much of the praise it has received.

It's especially so, considering that a bumper sticker would have sufficed to convey its trite message.

Crash is a cinematic milestone and breathtaking to behold.

Beyond predictable from start to finish.

To narrow the realities of the situation to a bunch of predictable comments by pretty actors is just not very respectable.

Totally contrived.

Intense drama .

If you find this boring, stern or limiting, then this movie is indeed not for you.

'Changing Lanes' succeeded by having a more compelling plot and a tighter focus on two primary characters.

In a ridiculous, self-indulgent and obvious scene, a white woman and her husband get their car stolen by two black men.

Contrived and propagandistic .

It is smug, pretentious and has more ridiculous and heavy handed plot twists than any major movie I ever saw.

Save your money.

Overrated and dull...

The interlinking does seem over contrived, the attempts at humour are pathetic and some of this analysis of people and characterisation is a little off.

And the reason why Crash won, is because the concept of racism is still more intriguing than homosexuality.

How any thinking person could have selected that piece of garbage for a Best Picture Oscar -- completely unbelievable situations, contrived and manipulative dialog, amateurish camera work not even good enough for an SVU episode, and the feeling that I had been repeatedly bashed over the head with hate by means of a sledgehammer?

Very good film-making and great acting but with a contrived script.

Its too contrived to be real.

This movie is entertaining, if you want to relax on a Sunday afternoon and stop thinking about work and important stuff, watching this film would be a good option.

a poorly-written, racist, unintelligent, pretentious lecture on racism .

He does a classic job behind the camera and weaves a gripping tale of inter connected stories.

The film is entertaining enough and the tone is pretty much what you would expect from the above description - empathetic, serious, dramatic conflict and self discovery.

I went to the theater expecting Oscar material,with affected storyline and make believe drama and found a very intriguing and moving story about a handful of characters who's lives collide(or rather crash into each others' like the title suggests) which results in a story which is as thought provoking as it is subtle.

An Indy movie that actually IS pretentious.

One particular example of this is shown through the gripping scene where the store owner stands before the locksmith, pointing a gun.

I was offended because the characters and story were so contrived and absurd.

The words "cliche" and "redundant" can not be used enough to describe the racial representations in Crash.

Thank god for the connections of that "King Kong" was a horrible waste of time and money.

I once counted myself among those duped by "Crash," but I hope that with time and contemplation, more people come to see how superficial and uninspiring this movie really is.

This movie has a very complex and incoherent plot (if any), and is hard to follow from beginning to end.

I also found the plot situations somewhat implausible and contrived, particularly the subplot concerning officers Ryan and Hansen.

Why did that Korean woman say "blake", instead of "brake" - another hackneyed cliché right out of WWII propaganda movies (just substitute an "evil" Japanese character)at the sight of the accident with Jennifer Esposito?

Crash is littered with these contrived moments, seemingly written to force characters into situations of racial tension to remind the audience that the film is, in fact, about racism and tolerance (as if by some god-forsaken chance we'd forget!

The most intense story is about a black man and his not-so-black wife.

The ending with the black-pride carjacker who "saves" the truckload of Asian slaves by releasing them in Chinatown while spewing racial epithets at them wraps up this horrific turkey quite nicely in the absolute most pretentious manner possible.

Some have argued that the movie is contrived.

Wildy over-rated, contrived, lots of noise .

Taking place in the span of 24 hours, the film does do an excellent job of telling a story that is quite moving, and at times very intense.

Even worse, the characters criss-cross each other's paths over the course of a day until the whole movie becomes a pretentious bore.

This 2004 Best Picture Oscar winning crime drama from director Paul Haggis tells many tales about racism, crime, families, affairs and love in an intriguing if somewhat exaggerated film with a brilliant cast of actors.

If you can't bear tragedy and abuse on the screen, this movie above all will be a waste of your time and money.

After you've predicted the third plot 'twist' fifteen minutes before it arrives, the whole thing becomes quite dull and tedious.

Contrived to the point to where it was actually physically making me ill I thought every thing was going to fly at the TV like in the cable commercial because it downright sucked so bad.

) were great but I must single out Matt Dillon who stunned me with one of the most intense ensemble performances I've ever seen and the chemistry of all the people working together was great.

And in one absolutely brilliant moment I was literally sobbing at the expectation of horror unfolding, only to be cathartic-ally released in a most unexpected way.

Nonetheless, even though the movie is totally predictable, it is not shallow or thin, in fact it's thick and fat with reality.

the passion which this film is hated by the minority is mind boggling.

I cannot understand why the academy bestowed such a high honour to a film as ham-fisted, poorly written and pretentious as this.

This film is as big a politically correct propaganda film as anything by that windbag Michael Moore.

It is subtlety which would have made the story much more realistic, powerful, significant and enjoyable to those of us with more than sub-human emotional intelligence and, by extension, much less insulting to that same fraction of the audience.

"Crash" is an awful, terribly contrived film that dumbs down its audience, filled with one dimensional characters that are as clichéd as the film's plot.

Worst Movie Since "Firewall" .

Predictable because it follows standards – and doesn't dare to take enough risks.

The worst movie in decades .

This is an ultra-contrived, overly-crafted, stylized work of fiction.

This movie is a compelling work.

From the heart thumping scenes of molestation based on the grounds of racial profiling, to a bigot cop's redemption, to the persistent diatribes of of an affluent white man's wife, to the immoral actions of two unstable black men, the medley of emotions one feels during and after the play are ineffably intense.

I understand that he wanted to show how people's lives can intersect in fascinating ways, how sometimes it takes a great shock in order to jolt us out of our patterns of thinking and reveal our common humanity.

All in all, I actually enjoyed the film for what it was: it thrilling.

As for the fact that this movie deals with racial subject,I forgot it the instant i heard the opening lines by Don Cheadle and I found the movie to be a fascinating story about people and their insecurities and how their different backgrounds just provide a let out for their feelings,and no matter how trivial different backgrounds of people may appear in the big picture,it does indeed play a big part in our opinions about people.

The whole plot is so uninteresting it will put you to sleep.

In the most intense moments of the film, which there are a plenty, swelling music DROWNS the viewer and even as corny as it sounds, it absolutely works.

Oh well, the Oscars love playing it safe and giving it to the cliché's.

After seeing it a second time I could see that while the cast was amazing the screenplay was utterly contrived and while rooted deep in the soul it is baseless in realism.

Crash is a nice try to open people's eyes to the racism that exists around us, but the story is unrealistic and confusing.

Directed by Paul Haggis (Screenwriter of "Casino Royale", "Flags Our Fathers", "Millon Dollar Baby") made an terrific drama with absorbing vignettes and excellent performances by the cast (Especially by Cheadle, Dillon and Howard).

The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly, at times it makes you angry, sometimes it makes you melt, other times it makes you laugh.

The way it was filmed was stunning, so was the editing.

While the theme is often force-fed at times, the powerful music, suspenseful plot, superb acting, thrilling cinematography and vivid character development make this a prized film of our time.

All these things were good on their own but when you put them all together it is a mess and hard to follow.

A pretentious little montage of contrived melodramas.

Not to say it was a thriller, but there are points in which are incredibly intense and entertaining, and I'd say a watch is worth it for that.

This was an entertaining and thought provoking film with terrific acting.

Farhad gets mad at the man for some plot contrived reason which he responds with 9/11 and terrorist slur.

The acting was superb and the story was emotionally gripping.

The style is gimmicky, and the content is unrealistic and contrived .

What a horrible Oscar night and a horrible year to end with in 2005 and another boring year in 2006.

A primary set piece where Haggis sacrifices what little credibility he has for creating a modestly produced, small scale drama about race, is far too contrived and manipulative to engage the viewer further—at that point, in a scene involving a little girl and some blank ammunition, Haggis reveals precisely his superficial interest in these issues; he merely wants to entertain.


Can Hollywood get any more heavy-handed and contrived than this?

The biggest one is: How did this manipulative, preachy, patronizing and pretentious mess win best picture?

I am bored with the ppl that think they know who they are, and therefore would not like this movie.

It's so frustrating when everyone is so excited over such a cliché' piece of crap.

This formula becomes repetitive and even predictable.

Ludicrous' character is an example of this confusion.

Some scenes are very intense in the movie that even you are not part of the system you feel the pain and specially the scene when the Persian guy shoots the little girl.

It was exciting to observe how such a large group of people winds up weaving their lives together in a period of 24 hours.

Featuring a star-studded cast including Don Cheadle, Brendan Frasier, Sandra Bullock, Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges and Matt Dillon, Crash is a complex and riveting tale of a group of individuals that face colossal changes and choices that will put their strength to the test.

Every plot-turn was predictable to the nth degree.

I think what bothered me most about the film was not just the simplistic resolutions of each subplot and the manipulation, but that each character, with the possible exception of the profoundly banal "princess" played by Sandra Bullock, could have been the vehicle for a truly authentic examination of character and conflict.

Unbearable music, simply bad movie...

"We are all racists" they said, in an attempt to mask their glossy pulp with banal condescension.

The problem is that it is contrived as an ensemble cast portrays these actions.

Preachy, contrived, ludicrous, heavy-handed, self-serving .

Heartbreaking, unpredictable and shockingly real .

it's enjoyable to see how all the stories are brought together.

Compelling Plot and Strong Acting Provide .

People say Paul Haggis is a hack because this movie is manipulative, trite, lacks subtlety, and has no character development.

crash is pretty f'n trite, overdone, and entirely made for white suburbanites so they can feel 'gritty' and 'real' like they understand something about people.

It has no plot and it's pretty pointless dealing with crap that people don't really care about like life and bullsh\t like that.

it was by far the worst movie i have ever seen.

From the stupid "angelical" new age soundtrack, to the excess of slow motion and situations "to make you think" and "to make you cry", this movie is so pretentious, pathetically preachy, and intellectually immature that I don't want to waste my time analyzing it.

When I was sitting down in the movie theater to watch this film,i was glued to the opening sequence(probably one of the most exciting ever).

When I was sitting down in the movie theater to watch this film,i was glued to the opening sequence(probably one of the most exciting ever).

Blatantly contrived racial situations that at least from an acting point of view lacked substance, and depth.

The movie was worth watching.

It's like being beaten with a racist cliché message for two hours, no thinking needed to understand the message.

If Brokeback had its boring points sparked with fabulous performances, Crash has problems with its realism.

A ridiculous waste of time.

It's one of the worst movies i remember seeing, a shame that it's in the top 250, this weakens the authenticity of IMDb stats as well.

a reconstituted pastiche of clichéd stereotypes and mini-vignettes of pseudo-redemption aspiring to be Robert Altman, but the filmmaker clearly lacks the imagination and talent to create a compelling whole that is more than the sum of it's substandard parts.

The way it is talked about by other characters feels very serious and you can feel sorry for some, none more so than Pena's character who has to deal with a whole lot during his story, and his is the best to watch because in all honesty, his protagonist is by far the most intriguing and the one character in the film that was given the most depth and understanding.

Emotional, gripping, and one of the best.

Paul Haggis wanted to give a moral lesson about racism so he made a movie which is simply a collection of situations with no plot, inside which are characters acting in a racist way.

Each performance is stunning, perfect, moving.

Lots of slow pace filler scenes to fill in the run-time.

The script was absolutely terrible, the drama was laughable and the tension was yawn inducing.

Once the script becomes predictable (almost to the point of being clichéd), it is difficult to care much for the characters.

Additionally the whole movie was highly predictable.

among othersFor a movie preaching social truths its funny how every situation in this movie was completely contrived and un-realistic…It will appeal to all the pretentious Hollywood types out there...

emotional drama - intense topic.

Strong characters can sometimes save a weak plot, and a compelling plot can sometimes support weak characters, but no story can succeed when both of these elements are dysfunctional.

Besides the clunky, pretentious dialog, the screenwriters overuse irony to a degree I can't remember seeing in any other film.

Quick and engaging .

CRASH was a breathtaking and undeniably powerful motion picture that moved some, angered others, and has probably caused more impassioned debate than any film of the last 10 years.

"Crash" is a creative, formulaic, FICTIONAL film that stabs its ideology at the guilty white middle class who embraced it.

It fits the movie by being such a huge musical cliché!

Action shifts between the various characters, whose lives collide with each other in unpredictable ways as each faces their own moral dilemma, and tries to cope with the consequences of their resulting decision made or action taken.

Overall I found this to be a gripping slice of LA life; just don't expect everything to be resolved by the time the credits roll.

A Stunning Film .

Truthful, honest and admirably entertaining film-making which takes risks .

The main problem was it has no substance, it was empty, it was laughable.

There are side stories, including solid performances by Matt Dillion and Terrence Howard, but all in all the scenes are so contrived the meaning is laughable.

The connection with all characters in this film that I find really intriguing, and that almost got the film into trouble, is they all deal and theorise with issues in society about racial and social tensions.

I was so bored when I saw it that I would have left is the ticket didn't cost so much money.

Viewed under this premise, I would say that it is an intense, sensible drama with deep emotional twists: the film does evoke empathy.

What a preachy, transparently didactic and (yes, indeed) pedantic waste of time.

Excellent movie but predictable .

What is fascinating is how every character is seen as both good and bad and that we can all do one or the other until a tragedy occurs that open our eyes to the important things that we drive by.

The script is contrived to the point of being ludicrous.

The direction is also dreadful, and on a cinematic level this is totally uninteresting.

It is a contrived, unrealistic drama, full of characters that embody every stereotype imaginable, and its Oscar win is a victory for fabrication over genuine poignancy.

The various stories were gripping with moments of tension, moments of humour, some shocks and an ending that was happier than I'd expected.

Despite this I simply cannot congratulate a film which provides superficial and contrived resolutions to the problems of racial relations (for e.

And I also left the theater wondering how Officer Hansen was ever going to explain the torching of his car.

NO plot, no point, no climax.

The music was slow and depressing, and the entire movie seemed to crawl at a snail's pace.

And still, Crash has some of the dullest, forced dialogs that I've ever heard, and often they involved racism.


Sounds help to heighten the intense moments in film.

I would say the plot was very inventive and absorbing.

This strange, "We are championing fairness and equality, using predictable and utterly embarrassing plot and character personalities, while mashing all these random people in a barely plausible explanation on how they all relate to one another as a so-called thoughtful and dramatic film" is really a sad, unrealistic failure.

Utter waste of my time.

The film starts with a car crash and ends with a car crash and sandwiched in between is a mish-mash of scenes that I found difficult to follow.

Her work in this more than makes up for the banality of her MISS CONGENIALITY franchise.

Pretentious Drivel .

Its lack of narrative subtlety prohibits Crash being a truly great film; there are great performances and breathtakingly captured scenes, however, the scriptwriter's immense confidence, in an admittedly clever concept (however crudely executed), appears to be to blame for the contrived feeling of the resulting film.


During intense action scenes the camera angle is farther away to give the audience a clear view.

All in all, this film is over-rated, the effort behind it was good but the end result very disappointing and dull.

" We see a white cop pulling over a couple that were engaging in a sexual act while driving and feeling up the wife, and afterward, the wife screams at her husband saying that the only reason it happened was because he thought she was a white woman, and he didn't like the idea of her fellating a black man.

the aspirations of this film towards inspirational racial commentary are retardedly pretentious given the un-original melodramas presented.

The writer covered EVERY scenario possible and still made it unpredictable.

Possibly the worst movie to ever win best picture at the Oscars.

i went back to try to get into Crash and watched it for another 10 minutes wooden and pretentious ..and i think only someone who had no real life experiences could slightly enjoy.. maybe it was made for deluded folk by deluded folk........

Alas, here is a film mired by its excesses; one that comes so curiously close to moments of cinematic brilliance that all but embody the captivating possibilities of film-making, before disappointingly devolving backwards into a predictable, hammy and unbelievable preaching session.

The pace of the film is slow at times (particularly in the second half) and often labours the 'racism' point.

It's really a miracle, how he could pull together such a great film with real educative values, tons of interesting personalities and stunning fate interconnections.

But it is a pretty good film to see if you want to waste 2 hours of your life.

All of the actors/actresses delivered their best - the sound was ponderous and crisp, the cinematography was excellent - the stories were believable which one could relate to, perhaps too easily if you live in Los Angeles - all of this made me yearn for the sweet story of "City of Angels" - does anyone remember its quiet revelations, or believe it is - or could be - that way?

One of the worst movies I have EVER seen .

Contrived Hollywood drivel that tries to have depth .

I left the theater feeling offended and indignant.

However, in applying the Joe Queenan theory-—that the truly worst movies ever made are the ones that shot for the moon and offshooted; the movies that bugged you; the ones that stuck with you for a long, long time - Crash is really the worst of its year.

It is entertaining, there is action, there is suspense, there is some overtly-manipulative tragedy and a general comic undertone to ease the supposed 'blows', a great little concoction I'd say...

admirable goal ends turns into a contrived TV movie on racism .

Mark Isham's horribly contrived Zimmeresque score does nothing to detract from the brazen theatrics of Haggis' direction either.

Pretentious, preachy and intellectually immature .

Each story of every man or woman in that film is as intriguing as the concept of the whole movie itself.

Even though none of the characters get much screen time (this is a real ensemble movie) you do get to care about them, especially during some very intense and emotional scenes.

He writes 'Contrived, obvious and overstated, Crash is basically just one white man's righteous attempt to make other white people feel as if they've confronted the problem of racism head-on.

The plot seems to me to be a little too contrived.

A very bold and entertaining movie is just the start on how to describe it.

I couldn't help but feel like I was being beaten over the head with the film's message every ten minutes; such is the unnatural, repetitive nature of Haggis screenplay.

It's unrealistic, it's boring, it is crying out for plot or real story lines.

It's a well crafted and thoroughly enjoyable drama that I highly recommend.

In random order: The accents (I think I did not understand one-third of the dialogue) in BM, its slow pace, and the fact that I have seen enough closeted men up-close so that I look at most of them with a clinical detachment.

So it was mildly entertaining and there are some moments of reality.

During this year's Academy Awards, "Crash" took an unexpected victory for the "Best Picture" award over the expected winner "Brokeback Mountain.

Instead, it was preachy, boring, and predictable.

Which I guess was an attempt to make the most predictable shooting in movie history unpredictable at the last minute.

However it focuses well on the issue in hand, there are great moments of drama involving Pena and Newton's character, Bullock should have been in the film more, it was well directed and despite it's faults, I couldn't tear my eyes away, a watchable and intriguing issue driven drama

The film is fast paced and so I think it would be liked by many people.

Horrific Politically Correct Propaganda Film .

Shockingly bad and formulaic .

Crash is predictable, stereotypical (again, no pun intended), and a drawn out bore.

Very contrived, unnatural and manipulative.

We have the standard white bigot (Dillon) who frankly is more uninspiring than Jennifer Lopez is Maid in Manhattan.

A series of Robert Altman-style interwoven stories reel the viewer in with some compelling scenes.

It's a bleak but intelligent and riveting vision of how, despite its success at being a multicultural melting pot, racism has entered into the very DNA of the USA and will continue to play havoc for as long as the country exists.

Each suffers through their own brand of racial bigotry and in turn allows the viewer to see themselves in this fascinating mirror of life.

Extraordinary situations make for a gripping story.

Truly engrossing.

Crash is recommended for those who love intense movies.

The movie is very intense and it sure does have a great flow in the story from the beginning till the end.

Crash deals with such a fascinating subject.

Mind Blowing.

Instead, Crash is a by-the-numbers film about America being a melting pot of racists, waiting to be set off in a cliché set up, and appears to be more of a stock lecture instead of a truly eye-opening film.

The film is a cliché from the beginning to the end.


Throughout the movie these different lives crash and collide with each other with unexpected results.

However, some of the talk appear very pretentious and...

Bottom line: Crash was boring!

This sequence of coincidences is so contrived and artificial that, after just a few minutes, you can clearly see the pattern established, you can predict the "surprises" and, as the film goes on, you then automatically expect the "unexpected".

Its an engineered risk, because it confounds itself in unexpected ways.

Screechy and bland...

, its pretentious self-righteousness and its need to justify itself in the face of objectivity and honest intentions.

She gets to be the angry, rich, bored wife of DA Brendan Fraser, and her racism peaks after their car is initially stolen by Ludicrous.

The movie was worth watching.

An unexpected moment of fate ever.

Contrived .

Even though Crash is a well done film, it still contains some predictable scenes which take away from it's power.

Fascinating drama with excellent performances and vignettes.

it fully deserved its Oscar for best picture and was intriguing from 1st to last minute!!!

Anyway, this is writer/producer Paul Haggis's ( Casino Royale(2006); recent Clint Eastwood films) first theatrical film that he directed and his co-written screenplay is one of the most complex, yet extremely intriguing concepts ever put on film.

'CRASH' is a gripping tale of real-life.

Yet, I can't help but recommend it for some viewers, at least those who can stand/look past the cheesy dialogue and heavy-handed message - there are parts worth watching for, at least for when I saw it.

Crash is contrived and predictable and its message about racism rings hollow.

All coming from various ethnic backgrounds, these characters are confronted with intense racism both directed at and emitted from them.

It was really worth watching.

Each story's build-up and development makes the whole movie exciting.

It is the most boring thing in the world when you don't care about a character or watch them for 2 hours and they don't change.

Crash is a stunning and powerful depiction of modern day life in Los Angeles under the racist LAPD judicial system.

Compelling and Powerful Like No Other Film of 2005.

Really intense and breathtaking.

The White's (Bullock, Dillon, and Fraser) are incredibly dull, phobic, uneducated and stereotypically shown as the "we are the dominant race," because of course Crash would not be much of a movie without a "bad guy.

There are enough interesting elements and good scenes to make the movie a decent viewing experience, however not a particularly worthwhile, satisfying, or greatly entertaining one.

As far as Best Picture winners go, it lacks originality, there's not a single story that we haven't seen in another movie, or a character that feels fresh, it's too dedicated to being realistic that it forgets to offer something exciting or different for its audience.

And though it had a clear message of the importance of journalistic integrity and press freedom, "Good Night and Good Luck" was a brilliant work of political noir which achieved contemporary relevance without trying to in any way, given its unerring focus on the events of the McCarthy era; again, its bravado and punchiness made it a far more powerful, engaging and meaningful film than "Crash".

Having missed the film in theaters, I was inspired to view it after all of the intense debate among critics, some claiming it as an A+ masterpiece, others claiming it as F-grade garbage.

Misunderstanding each other due to our different languages,given us by the ones who created us in this confusing world,is another thing.

Very worth watching.

It is the most boring thing in the world when you don't care about a character or watch them for 2 hours and they don't change.

Still Entertaining...

The script and acting was as predictable of the sun rising.

Self-indulgent Hollywood at its worst.

By it's end it was rather tedious, and I can't believe that this film won Best Picture unless the other candidates just stank.

As mediocre as it is pretentious .

This movie was a complete waste of time.

It was quite shallow and contrived.

Contrived, pretentious, and over-rated.

I started to watch a DVD of this movie in a dull weekend night, and just 10 minutes later I was fully attracted by it.

The ill-judged early comic relief scenes with the two carjackers are unfortunate and don't sit well with the generally sombre tone, but at least they're entertaining in their own right.

There are the aforementioned moments that actually start to amount to something, and begin to captivate – but are unfortunately dragged to a halting stop whenever Haggis tries to nail the point with a sledgehammer.

I have no remorse whatsoever in saying this is one of the most ridiculous, pretentious, un-entertaining pieces of film work I have encountered in my short life.

It's fascinating how the movie works as a fantastic essay about contact and communication, and how it conveys its meaning perfectly.

It has a mundane plot and dialog that lacks subtly.

That condescension and obviousness turns the film into a racist, unintelligent, pretentious lecture on racism.

The story of the movie was very gripping.

Hammy because it is stiff, simple and suspiciously empty.

Crash takes a hold of your emotions, and tosses it around on-screen, making you fear the worst for the radically unstable and unpredictable film.

To make everyone talk about racism so much it's just a completely fake, boring, and preachy.

An engaging film involving ethnocentrism, xenophobia and racism.

The story was so contrived that the movie was unbelievable.

I read the user comment that accompanies the movies statistics (actors, directors, awards etc.) and the user commented that this was the worst movie ever made and that it handled the subject of racism in a childish manner.

One of the officers molests the wife, but nothing happens to him, because neither her husband, nor the non-racist officer, helps her.

Oh, and every character was a stark raving bore.

The slow pace of enhances the intensity of the movie and helps audience get closer to the characters.

Any faint merits or respectable attempts for greatness made it seem all the more heartbreakingly terrible—this pretentious, cheap disaster seems so wasted.

compelling drama .

The final third of the movie also seems to comprised entirely of this, so it gets tiresome, when it feels like the movie just had an "end movie on this note" scene literally 10 times prior to the current scene that also feels like an "end movie on this note" scene.

This movie was OK but never should have one Best Movie, is this all there is to offer, even Hollywood had gotten boarded and dull with the rest of the world.

While I had mentioned that most of the exaggerated situations work well for the screenplay, many others seem contrived.

I was bored silly, as were my friends, and I would rate this the worst waste of talent in motion picture history.

This film is the most didactic, contrived, trite piece of trash I have seen in many a year.

The dialogues are superbly cliché, with more howling than speaking.

Not subtle, not a work of art, but plenty of adrenaline and action around a hot-button issue.

Haggis has created a film which provocates to think about the conflicts everyone is involved in, but also is an intense criticism of the actual situation.

The promise of 'Crash' makes its outlook very compelling, good cast in a movie about inter-twining lives against the backdrop of a big city and all its problems.

I felt the film was obvious, contained every cliché in the book and suffered from such predictable plots that I couldn't believe it was being raved about by the people who had raved.

There are some intense scenes especially at the beginning of the movie that made me feel very nervous with the racial comments!

The combining story lines and even some plot twists made this movie really enjoyable and it got you thinking.

A CRASH 2 sequel should be made which would include other groups of people -- not portrayed in the film-- who are being victimized by many Americans' existing, slow healing and often denying--"social cancer".

Take a look at this engrossing film, which from the get-go latches onto your senses and even pulls your conscience along with it so that you--well, I did, anyway--are continually having to relate to situations which shed a sobering light and a hideous shadow upon that place in your soul which attempts to separate right from wrong, that corner of your psyche which can't always distinguish good intentions from calloused self-righteousness, can't always make sense of why things happen the way they do to seemingly average everyday people.

Like political discussions, though tiresome, they keep even the most intelligent minds coming back for more.

At times the dialogue can be stilted and unnatural, but the overall film is engaging and thought provoking.

The characters were predictable one-trick ponies, the dialogue was preachy and unrealistic, the situations and coincidences were preposterous.

He goes overboard with ponderous music, slow-motion, and shots of agonized, crying faces.

But by giving the film too much of a grim tone set aside by spectacular and inspiring and breathtaking scenes, it just doesn't feel right.

That happens when he tries to shoot a man with it but nothing happens when his daughter accidentally gets in the way.

worst movie ......

It was very predictable, for me at least, especially when the characters are "forced" to interact with each other trying to show how they have changed, or not changed for that matter.

The construction is so predictable that the only thing that didn't surprise me was what happened with the little girl.

This movie provides easy emotions to hard problems, and everyone can leave the theater talking about how much they have learned, and nothing changes.

Too Complex To Be Entertaining .

After further consideration of the film, however, I realized the scenes needed to be intense in order to really show us how racism, stereotyping, and discrimination thrive in our society and the damaging effects that these actions have on everyone.

This movie is filled with every single cliché that is out there about race.

slow mos, lots of swearing, money scenes, spiritual music...

The fact that the two characters personified rugged, "gay", cowboys, I found to be cliché and this made it incredibly hard to relate and understand these characters personally.

Reviews calling Crash as "unwatchable" are simply out of range.

But, what is most enjoyable is seeing Walt demonstrate that people can change and become a positive factor in the lives of the people that he misunderstood early on.

With 'Crash' we have a movie which deals with racism but each character is so stereo-typical who makes decisions we all expect them to make that the whole story becomes predictable and at times boring.

To those folks I'll report: movies *are* contrived.

is a super-charged racist forever on the edge, ready to blow his or her top at any moment.

but because of phony dramatizing by the stupid, ill-informed cynical writers, there's additional, contrived dickering between the husband and wife.

The script is well written and there are only a few parts in the middle of the movie where I felt like it dragged a bit.

I thought it would provide me with an experience along the lines of when I watched Falling Down, a breathtaking portrayal of societal arrogance, where I was riveted and infuriated for much of the film.

It's contrived, it's poorly put together, and it was a complete waste of an amazing ensemble cast.

The movie makes you think, but it is entertaining and approachable, emotional and thinkable.

Don't waste your time on "Trash"!

It is intense all the way through.

Especially fascinating is the rapper Ludicrous, who recently gained limelight acting in major films ("Hustle & Flow"—The characters Terrence Howard have played beat up Ludicrous in both movies).

The situations are contrived; the characters too stereotypical and the results too pat.

but it is really a cliché in disguise.

But compared to Third Person (2013), the grand theme in this movie is much more serious and engaging.

But I found it to be heavy handed, contrived, and drawn in broad stereotypical strokes.

It was a very exciting moment when the little girl jumped into her daddy's arms just as the gun was fired.

Great film and I highly recommend it.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie.

But much like this season of Lost, it all becomes ho-hum when you see this happening mostly because you see it coming a mile away.

Contrived, self-conscious, obvious, repetitive, manipulative, heavy-handed, pretentious--apparently these qualities do not count against a film today, at least as far as critics and major awards organizations are concerned.

Predictable and convenient......

How do the sense of touch raised various incidents in a short period of time(just 2 days, it also remind us that there are many unexpected things happened all around the world in every second.

The fact that a movie this trite can win an Academy Award speaks volumes about Hollywood's understanding of race relations.

Filled with every single stereotype and cliché known to mankind, this film stumbles through its 1:45 minute run with poorly written dialog and half conceived subplots.

I have seen this movie at least 10 times and I still cry every time, just because it is so intense and moving.

An intense cinematographic experience .

Others have compared _Crash_ to _Magnolia_ - but for me, _Magnolia_ is stale, ponderous, and far too long.

The actors might as well be reciting a newspaper column, one written way back in the 60s, a decade when this pretentious, self important piece of tripe might have managed to fool even the wisest among us that it had some relevance.

The story introduces many characters with different ethnicity and slow brings these characters into each other's life.

Nothing happens in this film, it just follows the lives of people from different backgrounds and how they deal with life.

Every 15 minutes had one or another suspenseful act.

Al the slow moving scenes, the bad use of sound and the still camera in angles that lack interest are useless.

A sensational victory of a passable, pretentious, and plainly boring picture.

I promise to use every cliché, every stereotype, every hackneyed plot device and I will make sure that you get the message loud and clear.

The writing is contrived, and the whole way through it feels as if a room full of rich white guys were sitting around eating Chinese food, writing about other cultures and pretending they relate to them.

The result is that a bigger drama involving these people is created in the form of an intriguing web of lives.

So it needs a lot to stand out, but a ludicrously contrived plot and ludicrously contrived characters put paid to that.

Better save your money on the DVD and rent American History X.

It was an OK movie but the first half was classically boring.

This powerful and emotionally charged masterpiece is gripping, perceptive and often terrifying.

c) -- The minus i can see in this film is that the start is 2 boring i am sure the couldn't have done something better at start so every1 could watch this film from start with interest.

What ultimately prevents the movie of being more than "solid" is that the storylines are obvious, although often well-intentioned, the ambition is just too much to make it unpredictable or even exciting.

This film is incredibly contrived.

It is the most boring thing in the world when you don't care about a character or watch them for 2 hours and they don't change.

Empty .

Granted, it is intense.

Their performances (as individuals and as a whole) are stunning and inspired.

Many of the negative reviewers seems to find it akin to soap opera or like a Lifetime movie; I disagree, though it does resort to some cliché in parts, the effect of the film rises above any simplistic notions of happy endings or trite messages, and tries to state and explore, nearly always with great success, the current state of race relations in the US.

While I am getting in my two cents here, MILLION DOLLAR BABY is the same cliché-riddled mess.

I found it intriguing that director Paul Haggis (Walker Texas Ranger) wanted us to view the scope of L.

Predictable for me and positively the cause of a migraine I suffered.

" I might add that this was only the 2nd time in my life that I have actually walked out of a movie because I was so upset.

Misunderstandings and feelings of rage and prejudice froth and foam and at one time create an ensemble of characters the viewer grows to like and, at the same time, creates an atmosphere of unexpected twists and unpredictable characters who just may let the stress of their lives overwhelm them in the heat of the moment.

I couldn't believe it ended when it did, nothing happened, I could of looked out of my window for 2hrs to see something better.

Don't waste your time.

This is a kind of intense view of racism and all its implications.

A slow progression downwards.

the dialogue just feels so contrived and so unnatural.

Due to the unforced impact of its wide variety of characters, perfect performances and both stunning direction and writing from Paul Haggis, Crash is an exceptional, gritty and personal film.

The scene takes place in the racially disjointed city of LA.

The strong and fairly comic 'open your eyes to the world theme' which runs throughout makes it incredibly tedious and unchallenged.

Its a horribly written, horribly contrived, horribly pretentious piece of cinematic trash; that I wish never to experience again.

I certainly don't think Crash deserved a Best Picture Academy Award as its too flawed, but it's a very well acted drama, certainly worth the watch if you ever see it on television or Netflix.

This movie was incredibly tedious - the cinematic version of confession.

And it earns that through engaging storytelling, good characters and steadfast neutrality.

In many ways, this is strained in its plot coincidences, and repetitive in its thematic structure, slipping towards nihilistic random acts in which character can flip instantly to opposite roles.

Powerful and emotionally-gripping Film-making .

The storyline is predictable, the performances a little bit to forced and, from my point of view, in the end Crash feels like a dull, cheesy and over dramatic film....

He's free to open a diner while Morgan Freeman drones on with his insipid narration.

The individual stories in the film were excellent and it was quite entertaining to watch.

The film's characters are horrible cliché caricatures of every race in the world - the white racist cop, the black honorable cop, the black robber, the Latin with tattoos, the Asian guy who practices traffic of Asian woman and children, the Arab shop owner.


So when you get a pretentious movie like this that uses two dimensional PC characters combined with the worst of contrived situations to try and artificially generate a powerful message, it ends up feeling silly and fake.

Crash is the biggest cliché in movie history to win the Academy Award for the Best Feature Film.

No "plot", that is, no story, is necessary.

Several completely absorbing stories run parallel with each other,moving along towards a conclusion filled with hope,despair and a deeper understanding of oneself.

Don't waste your time with this movie, unless you want to be preached to and if you want that go to church so you can at least have some decent stories.

Bravely taking on a difficult topic, the movie resorts to banal clichés and bad writing to make its point that, yes, all of us are racist at some point.

You know who I mean: the latte sipping crowd that brought you such critically lauded trash as The Hours, which plumbed every arts cliché imaginable; Monster, which revealed Feminazism's worst side (i.

"Crash" reeks of pointless solemn sentimentality.

Even the beginning of the movie seems boring, it is not the final idea you had at the end.

It believes its saying something powerful but it just comes off as pretentious.


It is not, however, a dry, abstract exercise in social or moral philosophy but also a powerful human drama with a number of emotionally gripping scenes.

I was going to use the word 'moving' to describe this, but it doesn't say enough, I found the film in places breathtaking.

The soundtrack makes you want lay inside an empty bathtub and down a bottle of aspirin tablets.

These cliché characters wander through a story propelled by increasingly contrived and unbelievable coincidence.

Over the top, literally unwatchable .

Plot Outline: For two days in Los Angeles, a racially and economically diverse group of people come together in unexpected incidents.

Paul Haggis, the writer of the Academy Award Winning "Million Dollar Baby," makes his directorial debut in the year's most compelling drama, "Crash.


And the scene with the husband and wife getting pulled over and groped is so contrived!

For this, and other reasons, the Oscar voters have become a pointless and arcane clique that is easily swayed by multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.

The musical score is compelling and makes me want the entire soundtrack.

Unfortunately I what i ended up with was overrated, frustratingly predictable and biased.

So pretentious .

This was a compelling and realistic portrayal of racism and the seedy side of life in modern Los Angelee.

Paul Haggis is an insulated millionaire TV writer and a fraud, pasting third-hand ideas together with cliché and coincidence and baking the inedible treacly pie in an emetic marinade of overblown music and sentimentality.

I do like to give credit where it's due, so I will say Crash had some very winning scenes: the intense moment where bad cop Dillon pulls Newton out of the flaming wreckage of her car and she is forced to entrust her life to him, and the story about the little girl protecting her daddy from the bullet.

) somehow this manipulative- pretentious-after-school-special (actually that's insulting to millions of students) got nomination after nomination.

It is melodramatic, but has actual depth and conveys an evocative message- that lives are the shapes of cause and effect.

Stunning performances by Don Cheadle and Matt Dillon, and that's just some.

Worst movie of 2004 .

The characters were poorly developed and, for the most part, uninteresting.

It is Didactic Bombasity that makes the Aforementioned Travel Around the Circle a Pretentious Chore.

As a result, Crash feels a little underdeveloped, and pretty contrived.

Well, I sat down to watch 'Crash' expecting something new - after all, racial division has already been addressed in many films - some very good ('In the Heat of the Night'), some with an interesting spin ('Guess who's coming to dinner'), and some tacky but compelling ('24 Hours').

Yes, contrived, overwrought, and largely unbelievable.

If you are one of those people (and you probably don't know it if you are), you might enjoy this pretentious, self indulgent, steaming pile.

Crash wove at least seven stories with multiple characters into a coherent and fascinating FICTIONAL story about racism in L.

extremely dull .

Just breathtaking.

But again, "Crash" was outshone even as a technical achievement by the gritty urgency of "Good Night and Good Luck" or the sweeping, heartfelt and achingly empty landscapes captured so well in "Brokeback Mountain".

Entertaining, yet completely contrived.

" "Make a movie my son and bore the living hell out of every viewer out there and all will be forgiven.

The result was that the movie came across not as being edgy and truthful like people are pretending this movie is, but rather ignorant and contrived at best.

PS- The movie won't offer anything to people who are looking for entertainment..(Though, I found it highly entertaining).

I would say CRASH is very entertaining no doubt about that but as a film that makes a strong social statement as so many have claimed, it falls flat on it's face due to the contrived nature of the screenplay.

Crash is a gripping tale told over multiple incidents that speaks louder on terms of character's perspective but as soon as one cracks the equation, the sub-plots goes repetitive and mundane.

It is never, ever dull and at times is immensely gripping.

If it would have picked maybe 2 or 3 main aspects and really developed those ideas then I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

The most important, the interface between their lives happens most of the times in an unexpected way.

However, this film has some huge flaws, making it one of the worst movies ever to win an Academy Award for best picture.

You could waste 2 hours of your life on this dull, seen it all before film, or you could watch something interesting like paint dry.

This self-serving, self-righteous, contrived piece of crap served as nothing more than a vehicle for Hollywood to 'pat itself on the back' for seeming to address long-standing racial issues.

Their subsequent meeting, and the interaction between the characters during a life-threatening moment, is gripping.

Boring after school special .

Entertaining, but a contrived and unrealistic examination of life and race in LA.

Don Cheadle, in a similarly small role (from a cast of seemingly dozens), manages to convey exactly what the film needs in the form of a very human (and therefore very flawed) man from a shaky background who is struggling to maintain his image whilst dealing with a turbulent family situation – all of which comes to a breathtaking finale that doubles back on itself to the very beginning of the film.

it'S pure life, but to see life on TV whereas you have the real one, is somewhat boring isn't it ?

In conclusion, I enjoyed it when I saw it.

There is maybe only one truly intense scene...

The movie was entertaining, and for that is a watchable movie.

I tolerated the usual bore.

Cliché abounds as we are forced, rather quickly, through the series of events that eventually leads us to a muddled and self-righteous conclusion.

Later, in what is one of the most contrived scenes I've seen in a movie that has reached this status, the officer has the chance to save the same woman he victimized from possible death due to a car accident and an impending explosion.

I can well imagine the members of the Academy thinking they were all so very "hip" for having nominated this tedious bore as best picture.

Overall, I really enjoyed Crash and think that it is well worth watching!

I found it gripping entertainment right through to the second half of the film when sadly, it collapses like a pack of cards.

The movie is incredibly pretentious in its preachings and the dialog is so predictable you want to shoot yourself.

While I found it very watchable and never boring, I thought, like many, it had contrived extreme situations in an effort to beat us over the head with the message that racism is bad.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

It's hard to fathom just how this ho-hum movie beat out so many good candidates for Best Picture.

It's pretty boring in most parts and the moral is weak.

Dramatic, but confusing too.

(2) The dialogue seems really contrived to the point that I'm really surprised this movie won for Best Original Screenplay.

But no story.

The message of the movie helps people stay superficial and reinforces their confidence in their immature moral views, because it belongs to those movies that make narrow-minded people think about unimportant banal things, which makes their urge for thinking about what really matters fulfilled.

And note to everyone: Besides Ludicrous, Larenz Tate and the Arabic guy, what were the object of desire for these pretentious characters?

Condescending, contrived, and trite, this is the work of hacks.

It's a horrific use of film and waste of time for anyone who needs some sort of structured plot in their movies.

It's amazing, actually, but so intense that I don't recommend it to kids or folks with a weak heart (I am serious).

To think that the complex problem of racism in America could be examined by throwing a dozen characters together into contrived situations and have their story threads smash into each other (or....

But it also lacks credibility as a drama about race, is contrived to the point of trivialising the very issues it appears to want to illuminate and drowns in the bathetic nature of Haggis' script, whose weaknesses as a writer were obviously reigned in by FX Toole's source material for last year's Million Dollar Baby, a film that, unlike Crash, had a director, Clint Eastwood, that knew the power of its story was indelibly linked to his ability to control its emotions.

This movie just slides from one intense scene to the next and it wont stop.