Crawl (2019) - Action, Drama, Horror

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A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a category 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Alexandre Aja
Stars: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 76 out of 535 found boring (14.2%)

One-line Reviews (346)

If you are looking for a simple, fun and entertaining thrill ride, this is for you.

To make a film work like this as a horror thriller is really hard especial when you have alot of alligators it tends to take away the fear, but with this film they did a very clever thing in only showing the alligators when needed and keeping them out of sight for the most intense parts of the film.

When something so vital as this fails to hold on to its promises, the drive or the dive that makes these characters keep jumping or sacrificing or saving is like an empty gun fired across the room for attention.

Thrilling and dramatic.

The pacing is excellent, and the ending is good even if a bit predictable.

I awaited for this film really excited and walked out disappointed.

My ultimate suggestion: save your money and wait until this gets on a streaming service instead.

But it's mildly entertaining nonetheless.

Slow start, some questionable decisions, still somewhat thrilling and entertaining with good acting.

Definitely on the edge of your seat many of times.

A real suspenseful, gory, creepy, claustrophobic man-eating alligator flick!

Nevertheless, it is entertaining even if it is ridiculous.

Watched this with my friend and we both enjoyed it very much!

Barry Pepper who was troubling familiar (I later realised I knew him from Saving Private Ryan) was generally sound as the dead-beat (and nearly beaten dead) dad, again pushing out trite lines that wouldn't have been out of place in a daytime soap opera.

It's simply shot with a minimum cast and it still manages to put you on the edge and tell a solid story.

Pointless supporting actors/extras who we know are gunna die are on screen for a few mins then get gobbled up.

Most of the times it was easily predictable what was gonna happen.

Fairly boring .

In brief pure entertainment and adrenaline!!!

After so many dumb, cliche, and horribly performed jump scare sequences in previous horror flicks from this year, I finally got to watch a movie where the director knows how to truly scare people, and make them jump out of their chairs.

Nothing happens, except a few gash bite marks.

Although the hero and heroine of this movie are probably immortal Gods that seemed to survive any loss of blood from being viciously attacked by the gators, it was an exciting movie all in all.

This movie is so predictable, and the acting is the worst I've ever witnessed!

It is truly shockingly suspenseful, amazing acting and like most of the comments on here say.

I mean, sure, there are a couple of rare moments of extreme survival, where we might think "he/she should be dead", but it's such a fun and entertaining time at the theater that we can let go of one or two over-the-top scenes.

Was well worth the watch very tence on edge through it all when you think their safe then .....

A well done story that is both realistic and exciting all the way through.

I would have enjoyed it even more if it was just a bit longer.

Fast paced never falls off .

Crawl surprised me at how tense,entertaining and terrifying it was.

Nothing new, bad acting, characters without character, illogical as hell, boring set/location, no story, no development, no scare, no nothing.

Waste of time .

Waste of time, and money.

Intense, fast paced, and just plain fun.

Very entertaining little flick .

Not a complex film, but pretty entertaining.

It's a very cool and entertaining horror flick, I recommend it.

But seriously, don't waste your time.

Thus, Alexandre Aja has managed an effective film that successfully fulfills his objective: to keep the audience on the edge of the seat during 90 minutes.

Alexandre Aja (director of the underrated Maniac and overlooked Pyramid) offers a excellent exciting creature feature flick.

It's all a bit repetitive and doesn't provide much in the way of constant tension or excitement.

And the kills are all enjoyable.

Perfect summer, enjoyable, popcorn film .

This is where the film is at its strongest and intense with some seriously graphic scenes, one including a wrench.

Thrilling and exciting.

Predictable plot with unrealistic drama.

The film is fast paced with sufficient kills.

Predictable, painful (to watch), and pumped full of nonsense.

Riveting on the edge of your seat monster thriller.

Director Alexandre Aja has given us a pulse-pounding, edge of the seat, immersive & thrilling experience, that makes you feel that you are trapped in that house with Haley & the alligators.

This is the northern hemispheric summer blockbuster we've been waiting for and saves these dull months, from being completely boring.

Then, it picks up the pace with more intense thrilling scenes.

Thrilling exciting experience .

You want to see a great movie and sit on the edge of your seat...


Horror movies are becoming so complex now, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, so it was nice to watch a simple, straightforward, entertaining movie.

I was bored and had nothing to watch on tv...

There is is good scenes, but there is a boring scenes too.

The movie has plenty of the typical tropes but it's still entertaining.

Which he builds the intense suspense throughout from the jump scares.

Crawl was corny, plotless, pointless, and pretty unbelievable...

A well-made suspenseful thriller about surviving a storm while being attacked by the most bloodthirsty alligators you can imagine.

3 times gator got her, in last he even perform death roll on her and she still was able to swim like nothing happen.

Very intense suspense thriller!

Ever since it exploded in the mid-late 90's, I always found them to be more gaudy and exploitative than legitimately compelling.

Ridiculously good and jaw gripping, no pun intended.

What a utterly waste of time.

But saying all this, I was admittedly glued to the movie (except for the boring pathetic father-daughter moments where you're supposed to have a little bit more "storyline" to a movie than just a few crocs eating people).

Entertaining thriller if some what predicable .

This was the most boring movie I've seen in a long time.

I'm a huge Alexandra Aja fan I have been since I was a mid teenager because of High Tension, (I don't understand how one of my sisters watched that because it disturbs me every-time) anyway Crawl is unexpected terror that creeps in perfectly!

The entire house is not only used, but the gators get access too, and it makes for some very entertaining and thrilling scenes.

Shockingly suspenseful .

The daughter and dad bonding here is top notch, the action is precise and entertaining, as I said the atmosphere is fantastic, overall it's definitely good overall.

Great effects and action packed.

I went into this film with an open mind and overall I found myself invested in their efforts and gripping in to my arm rests.

This film had me on the edge of my seat.

Going back to the roots of creature features, this movie is very entertaining and a good popcorn film to watch during the hot summer days.

Alexandre Aja, who directed Don't Breathe a while ago, a movie that was incredibly claustrophobic, tautly directed and well acted, although did have a slightly convoluted villain and build a bit too much for a weird sequel, but great set of performances and screenplay to keep it exciting.

Barry Pepper is the stand-out performer here even if he has limited screen-time - annoyingly Kaya Scodelario's character is pretty bland, not a good thing when she's the main character, she can actually come off as pretty unlikable at times.

Worth the watch.

Very intense .

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The entire film was incredibly suspenseful, nail-biting and knows what it wants to be.

Very intense.

Nevertheless, Crawl is a widely entertaining film from beginning to end and ranks as one of the best creature features in recent memory.

For me the dialog and main formula of the movie was tedious and cheesy.

From cheesy looking performances to special effects straight out an 80's film, the only hope for Crawl was for it to have the unexpected reception of films like 47 Meters Down or The Shallows, both were surprising hits.

Intense, Scary, Solid Movie .

This is dull, boring and uninspired.

Well worth a watch, enjoyable cinema.

fast paced I was waiting for a happy after disaster father daughter moment.

If you are looking for an entertaining movie for a hour and a half then go watch it.

The cliche-filled script doesn't help.

While I ripped on it there this is still enjoyable.

A simple movie with no hidden agenda and no preachy undertones, it was just straight up entertaining carnage.

For a B-movie, the visual effects are quite compelling.

Fun and entertaining .

Suspenseful and entertaining in equal measure.

Like all stomach-churning chillers, "Crawl" knows when to spring unexpected jump scares on audiences.

Dont waste your time or money worst hour and a bit of my life

Other humans just die so easy but the father and his daughter survive life threatening injuries and on top of that swim like nothing happened lol.

Waste of money the 1950 creature from the black lagoon was more believable

You do see people's bones sticking out of their body and you do see a gator rip a guys head off and it's incredibly intense to watch.

It's really intense, scary, and overall fun.

Exciting, intense, and a fun thrilling ride.

Of course this is to make the movie exciting, you're supposed to be scared for what will happen to the characters next.

The plot is pretty predictable.

Wow they have great vision, great smell, so how come they are all blind and dull on smell in this "great" movie.

So I will say this is a great film, well writen in most parts but a few flaws, but well worth watching for the most intense and brutal moments you possibly see in a film, that should've been Rated R because some scene is seriously brutal.

The cgi effects were great intense.

You'll be gripping into your arm rests.

Crawl is an intense, exciting, and bloody for a disaster horror film that might as well be the Jaws version movie about alligators.

This atmospheric, white-knuckled, nail-biting yarn will keep you just as paranoid, poised on the edge of your seat, while you wait for the next gator strike.

An entertaining B-movie you want, an entertaining B-movie you get!

) The whole father-daughter thing is probably needed to add some plot, but it's all trite and predictable.

Predictable and clear in where it got its inspiration from, but enjoyably entertaining nonetheless.

In the time of ultra realistic horror and gore films, deeply demonic plot lines, and super intense psychological thrillers, Crawl is a reminder of why we all got into horror in the first place.

Towards the end of the film, some of the action scenes start to get repetitive.

The 5 stars is for Kaya, the movie is ok as far as croc movies go, and most of it even being far fetched is still entertaining.....

Yet, they've all been entertaining in their own (brutal and frightening) right.

Mindblowing CGI / Boring writing .

Terribly cliché lines as usual, tough daddy giving the daughter pep talks, all the stupid choices people couldn't possibly make (which makes you question if Americans are actually that slow), all the impossible scenarios like outswimming those beasts and plastic banana and palm trees.

My closing advice, do yourself a favor, save your money and wait until this is on Showtime.

Upon arriving at his apartment, it's empty except for his dog.

Felt like a deja vu movie and very predictable.

I found the film to be really enjoyable.

Save your money.

but in some part, especially on act 1 its so boring, and the ending its damnfully flat.

But overall it is a well made movie and is worth the watch.

Boring parts were right in the beginning and acknowledged the main characters ability to swim well.

We also get some eye rolling decisions made by our characters, mostly Haley, who goes on to do typically cliche things that get people injured or killed, like following the scary noise.

On the edge of my seat until the very end, which came quickly because the time flew by!!!!

really slow start and then it got stupidly ott, the main characters should be tested on as they are clearly bionic or something, with an abnormally high pain threshold!

a waste of time.

Otherall this movie is predictable.

It also helps that the film is consistently thrilling, putting you on the edge of your seat near the entire film.

A Zed category movie, no plot, no logic, no nothing in it.

Enjoyable with great special effects.

Literally every minute is used to its full potential, making for an engaging thriller that has enough bite to thrill many.

I thought much of it was unpredictable which was nice for a scary movie.

Overall pretty good summer horror movie, sure it has a few mistakes here and there but overall enjoyable.

Entertaining fun movie .

Sadly the very mundane truth is that the dad is in the crawl space under the house rather than in another dimension or mutated into a giant moth and so down we go to what will essentially be the setting for the rest of the film.

From tense moments to great character building, Crawl cements itself as an enjoyable horror flick that I would definitely re-watch and highly recommend.

And it is predictable.

It was very intense!

I probably will not watch this movie again, however it was entertaining because I saw it with a few friends and we laughed the entire time.

Waste of Money & Time .

Overall, really enjoyable tense movie & superb scenery.

There are basically only 2 characters (besides the alligators) but it still is interesting, suspenseful and you care for the characters.

Stuffed to the brim with predictable clichés, brain dead acting from its lead protagonist, and CGI that rivals SyFy channel quality, it's difficult to stomach.

While it requires a suspension of disbelief, Crawl is a great horror that's well paced, scary and thrilling throughout.

But the movie is not so terrible, in fact, the characters have some personality and as predictable as the movie manages to entertain you once in a while about the conversations of the protagonists about their personal life or see how the crocodiles devour brutally to the secondary characters.


How she outruns some alligators in scenes and staying underwater for long periods of time is kind of unrealistic but it made for some suspenseful scenes.

Overall this is a good movie, it is just short and simple but still good and enjoyable.

This is by far one of the most suspenseful movies I've watched in a while.

I went to see this movie out of boredom.

I enjoyed it!!!!

Crawl was an enjoyable survival/horror romp.

Don't waste your time watching this so called movie.

Definitely watchable and entertaining.

Intense from start to finish amazing unexpected .

Tense, claustrophobic, and definitely worth the watch.

I really enjoyed it .

This is by far the best Alligator movie I've seen, no, this is the most competent and somewhat realistic alligator movie that has come to cinema in a long time, it was really engaging and entertaining to watch.

Predictable at best .

"CRAWL" is a very intense survival horror film of the summer.

The two main characters were both enjoyable to watch and I felt the chemistry between the actors.

But it was entertaining, and that is what mattered.

Their relationship is enjoyable, much more so than what I had expected.

Nonetheless, the film is enjoyable with great special effects, go watch it now!

Given the short run-time, the film is a slow exposition burn to the threat, from there, well it goes downhill in terms of story, sense and logic.

Entertaining throughout!

I felt no suspense watching this,it was very predictable ,girl could take brutal strong bite from crock and left with small arm wound lmao 🤷‍♀️😂.

Has some good scares and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It was a pretty entertaining flick.

I enjoyed it so much from the start to end!

Quite a bit of blood which I loved and lots of intense moments (mostly involving the dog).

Fortunately "Crawl" has a fine balance between the realistic and the stupid, all in all it was damn entertaining from start to finish.

I see this in so many American films and it just bores me to tears.

We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Stupid but entertaining mix between Lake Placid and Into the Storm.

Prioritizing neat effects over character development, these movies always leave me emotionally empty and uninterested.

This movie is a total waste of time.

Entertaining an enjoyable .

The film is very fast paced.

This movie is so entertaining if you don't think too much about the situations or events and just try to enjoy it.

A suspenseful and thrilling movie of the year for audience.

Crawl grabbed the viewers attention as soon as it begins and keeps you on the edge of the seat until the very end.

In fact, it's a tense and enjoyable affair throughout.

Enjoyable watch .

Crawling on the edge of their seats!!


Also the relationship between her and her father is boring.

A slow start story with a hardship of competitive swimming.

The actors all did fine, the main actress stood out above the rest and the dog also made the movie more enjoyable.

For the most part, although the premise sounds rather dull, the movie is very exciting and well-made.

Was I on the edge of my seat the whole time ?

It had some solid jokes, decent gore, great jump-scares and intense sequences.

This movie is an entertaining way to spend 90 minutes.

Actually entertaining .

Crawl is the typical movie with protagonists with a divine shield, that is, nothing serious can happen to them even if they are not injured, the plot is quite simple and repetitive two people trapped in a place that have to work together to be able to Get out of there, and that's exactly what Crawl is.

Extremely boring and ridiculous.

But the most entertaining use of the house was with the bathroom where the glass in the shower was used very cleverly to trap the alligator.

With compelling leads and a simple concept, Alexandre Aja delivers an entertaining, suspenseful, claustrophobic, and technically creative movie.

Surprisingly entertaining.

It may not win over critics or much of the mainstream audience, but if you know what to expect from a B-movie, Crawl gets its act going pretty early with stunning hurricane imagery followed by alligators out man-hunting.

If you're wanting an engaging horror natural disaster thriller, then this film falls a bit short.

Totally this movie is keeping the audience on the edge of the seat.

As someone said, if you read this and would like to watch it, just forget about reality and watch this with empty head, just try, otherwise you will write 1 star comment too, I couldn't help it.

But well this movie fails in what many movies and series fail favoritism to the protagonists, with this I mean that they manage to survive successfully without any ability especially to situations that secondary characters failed to survive for example if you saw the movie you will have Noticed how crocodiles brutally devour the secondary and when one of the crocodiles manages to bite a protagonist this simply waits for the protagonist to be released, as I said we saw how that crocodile brutally ate the others and the protagonist it is simply bitten in very convenient parts to which it can survive, but that is all, we do not see those aggressive crocodiles that we saw previously, or we also have situations in which they manage to save themselves from ridiculously crocodiles and everything else is More of the same, and to tell you the truth, that's all I have to say about Crawl, it's not like the mu movie What to talk about, in conclusion this is a movie with characters with some personality, a simple and repetitive plot, passable special effects, in a nutshell it is 5/10 meh.

Add alligators who want nothing more than meat, it gets more thrilling and suspenseful.

Annoying, awful, but if you are bored watchable .

The movie was an amazing thriller I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

This movie is trash how the Gators gonna kill everyone else they come in contact with bite these ppl many times and yet they survive waste of money to see

It was intense, claustrophobic, filthy, bloody and wet.

Predictable plot with unrealistic drama.

It doesnt matter if the movie is straight to video or a big blockbuster, a good movie,it doesnt even have to be great, will make you immersed in the happening throughout.

Wot a movie, Super thrilling at its best 👍👍

A lame backstory with the girl being a top swimmer so she can out-swim a gang of patrolling alligators and the father and daughter's pathetic sentimental conversations in between their boring as hell attempts to evade the naughty alligators.

It also had some pretty gruesome deaths which made it entertaining.

Unexpected and entertaining .

As entertaining as it is to watch, it's hardly believable they're in the shape they're in when all is said and done.

On the plus side, there are some moments of genuine tension, Kaya Scodelario is pretty solid, she can pulls off the American accent effortlessly and makes some of the weaker, predictable dialogue work for her.

Anyway if you want to be one of those "it was stupid and predictable" viewers that hate everything, don't go see this.

Never once did any of the effects here look poorly rendered or embarrassingly amateur (see 2007's Lake Placid 2 for some of the worst crocodile CGI to ever disgrace a movie), and the level of practical effects on display here result in a pretty engrossing ride.

What starts as a fairly routine creature flick eventually becomes a film that's far more entertaining and suspenseful than it has any right to be.

A waste of time.! Very predictable, lock of common sense.

Intense and Fun, and not too over-the-top .

Laughable yet thrilling .

Starring that bloke who could have been famous but then he was in Battlefield Earth, Crawl should fail on every level, Deemed by some as 'Jaws with Alligators' or 'Snappy', I had some trepidation going into this, especially as Aja directed the awful Piranha remake.

(The budget was a mere 13.5 million) The action comes from the intense hurricanes and alligators.

We both wanted to leave mid way through.


Suspenseful and well made.

It's fun and entertaining.

Very Intense!.

You will be on the edge of your seat.

No story.

It's an entertaining thrill ride from start to finish with some genuinely shocking moments.. Never been so scared by a tree in my life!!

It has a decent story, the action and intense direction with the music score.

Too predictable .

And they swim slower than humans under water.

Suspenseful, claustrophobic sequences, straightforward plot, and set in (mostly) just one location.

you'll likely feel this movie is a formulaic repeat.

For the most part an exciting movie.


I like the gore, blood and thrilling effect that the movie brings.

Intense, Suspenseful and Gory .

Crawl is very entertaining.


It was suspenseful and intense throughout!!

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Though critics raved for this film I disliked it very much due to its very slow pace.

Still, its grounded tone, convincing visuals and compelling central performances keep it from feeling silly.

If you want to deliver an entertaining and captivating story, you have to write an enthralling screenplay.

Boring throughout the middle and then more impossible things like the only trap door had furniture on top of it, it would have been funny if it was a grand piano and Liberace was playing it so loud he couldn't hear her scream.

But Aja keeps the running time slim and the tension at a relative unbearable level, that you forgive the jumping of the Alligator every now and again.

Summation Pros: strong, connected acting (actors work well together), believable story that's easy to follow, keeps the drama at a lowCons: some cliches, bland small rolesVerdict: a pleasant surprise that'll have you gripping your seat throughout the movie

Watch that instead, its a lot more engaging.

Multiple things in this movie work very well, and some things that may be flawed are only hearsay because it could be said that the characters were packed full of adrenaline.

So boring.

Man vs nature is always an exciting premise and this movie doesn't fail in that sense.

I highly recommend it.

I enjoyed it and would probably buy it on DVD.

Directed by Alexandre Aja (Haute Tension), the setup is quick, the execution is slick, and Aja does well to keep things taut, gripping & nail-biting once the main plot kicks into action.

A breathtaking movie!.

In fact one of the few problems I had with the movie (which isn't really a problem at all when you think about it) is that because the movie is so intense throughout, it struggles to raise the stakes for the final sequence.

It was entertaining to watch.

Once the conflict begins you are on the edge of your seat with worry for the protagonists it is when they waste screen time with unnecessary dialogue that have nothing to do with the dangers at hand the movie appears campy.

It may be far fetched but hey, it's a movie and it's very entertaining.

It was just too predictable for me.

There are plenty of moments through this film that gets really intense with a few jump scare moment, some being so intense as you have no idea where the alligators are under the water, this gives the film a frightening and intense nature.

it's not supposed to be real, it's supposed to be entertaining.

The movie was fast paced and bloody fun.

Very suspenseful, not cheesy, well done, zero superheros.

Yes some of it seems unrealistic to happen but still exciting.

Absolutely loved it , really well done , I was definitely on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The action comes from the intense hurricanes and alligators.

If you were expecting GatorNado.. you are in luck, because every dumb monster movie cliche of the past decade is nowhere to be found here.

Entire film full of intense action and scary scene!

This movie was a entertaining under 90minute thriller!

(SPOILERS AHEAD) While this story is predictable and too coincidental for its main characters (Haley being a fast swimmer, her father being a tools man), there are still some thrilling moments - and of course, plenty of blood and jump scares.

The acting was good, the cast was good, the story was simple and straight forward, the pace was ok and it was exciting!

Overall, it was a decent movie that is worth watching if you like being kept on the edge of your seat.

Really enjoyable.

Many critics called this an entertaining albeit farfetched movie.

Like all stomach-churning chillers, "Crawl" knows when to spring unexpected jump scares on audiences.

But it is definitely entertaining and enjoyable for what it turned out to be.

The ending reminded me of pet sematary, a very quick and fast phased ending to a slow phased movie.

The movie is surprisingly gory, with enough thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Very exciting movie with good cgi I wish more shark/ croc movies were like thisMust watch

Finally got to see this film after it was realized in the US, and in all honesty, this was an absolute Brutal and vicious film that involves one of the best CGI animations from Alligators film ive seen in years, giving them a dark vicious Apex predator hunting anything that moves really give the film that intense and frightening tone.

Boring .

Stressful and entertaining at will .

I went in expecting a cheesy horror movie with a lot of jump scares, this was actually quite entertaining.

I'm not gonna lie, this was a solid movie, I really enjoyed it.

Intense, suspenseful, action packed!!.

It had loads of jump scares and kept you on the edge of your seat until the end.

But that said, this movie is entertaining if you throw logic out the window.

This was single handedly the worst movie I have seen in many years.

Intense realistic disaster monsters flick, well acted too.

I knew it would be an entertaining little popcorn flick, but quickly found myself on the edge of my seat, kicking my feet up (because don't you know that's how they get you) and my heart pounding.

I really enjoyed it!

Entertaining .

It wastes no time telling a concise story that leads into the action/horror, which keeps you on the edge of your seat the remaining 95% of the movie.

But outside of the thrilling Alligator sequences, there isn't much here.

Surprisingly intense, creepy and touching!

Suspenseful Little Horror Flick .

Crawl is an above average man versus wild movie with a predictable storyline.

than their is the dumb bimbo daughter who decides " OH HO HUM" im just going to drive 2 to 3 hours straight into the heart of a category 5 hurricane...

Super boring and unentertaining.

Solid acting, some beautifully evinced special effects, and alligators that are plenty realistic enough to make me jumpy, all serve a well-written, genuinely suspenseful movie.

Everything here is cliché, everything predictable one thousand miles ahead.

Highly Entertaining Summer Popcorn Muncher.

Aja knows just how to use this compact location with bricks, pipes and rat traps as unexpected weapons against the big bad.

it was everybodys nightmare to get trapped in middle of hurricane with them, my heart pounding all the times, the scenes was unpredictable, highy recommended movieeee!!!

Completely captivating and suspenseful the whole time, and time went by fast.

Don't waste your time with it.

Meantime, this atmospheric, white-knuckled, nail-biting yarn will keep you just as alert, poised on the edge of your seat, as you wait for the next gator strike.

Will have you on the Edge of your seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through illogical logic, okay acting, and pointless scenes this film goes down as a bad film to put in the book.

I have seen better intense dog bites of that magnitude ....

The movie doesn't makes sense, their decisions don't make any sense, the drama around the story is boring and too cliche.

There are of course a handful of characters introduced purely for the sake of being alligator fodder, resulting in some savagely entertaining kills inbetween the various efforts of the protagonists to escape their devastated home amidst alligator infested waters.

A very sharp exciting sequences of the characters fighting to survive.

Overall, the movie is surprisingly entertaining.

Content (sex, language, & violence): No sex, a few instances of harder curse words, but not for shock value, and violence is a bit intense though mostly quick from alligator attacks and people defending themselves against them.

Crawl, which I honestly expected just to be a cliche-filled silly horror movie, joins this last group, and it's on par with Long Shot as the best surprise of 2019, until now.

This film made my mouth very dry .. Fear and anxiety and rush All these feelings came to me together at the same moment

It just made the film so much more entertaining as they did not hold back or play it safe which they easily could of done, they went all out and it really payed off as i was thoroughly entertained throughout the whole entire runtime which was the perfect length.

It's well shot and acted, but the story is slow, crocodiles are rare, at least this far.

Funny in parts and scary in others def enjoyed it watch it and check for yourself

They are very beautifully and seamlessly done and that let's you be immersed in the world that the filmmakers have created.

That's the gist of the white-knuckled yet predictable and farcical, Crawl.

You can guess the story before the scene so the story is very boring.

I loved how the film was pretty much confines to just one house but they found new ways to find the film entertaining and to keep you interested.

Who goes to see a scary alligator film and expects it to be anything but entertaining??!!

Boring, formulaic, unrealistic, stupid, dumbed-down...

Surprisingly Intense!.

Ok so it's not going to win an Oscar, but this is just an enjoyable fun little horror film.

Such a waste of time!

Besides being super predictable, the writing of this movie is very lazy.

It is a little predictable but worth the watch.