Crazy Rich Asians (2018) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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This contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Jon M. Chu
Stars: Constance Wu, Henry Golding
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 269 out of 1000 found boring (26.9%)

One-line Reviews (676)

It is absurdly reassuring to witness a cliché-ridden and formulaic narrative of the genre be fully exploited in a wonderfully entertaining story that harnesses every angle available.

Constance Wu and Michelle Yeung delivers powerful performances and the cinematography of the film is breathtaking and showcases the best of Asian culture.

Coming from an Asian background, I've seen this sort of trite in Asian cinema before and done immensely better.

Fun, humorous, colourful, great cast, amazing costumes, vigorous dialogues, witty, extravagant, unexpected sets, lovely photography, well executed, emotional!

Overrated cutesy cliched film with lame comedy but still enjoyable as a romantic chick-flick that guys should watch with their girl to have an excuse to watch football all day Sunday.

Entertaining movie with breath taking opulent scenes.

Really, dont waste your time, even if you really, really like Singapore as I am.

This is a very entertaining romantic comedy that Hollywood has forgotten how to make.

My wife and I watched this movie at home on BluRay, we enjoyed it.

Predictable story.

It's the same old formulaic story.

Boring .

One of the worst movies of the year.

Boring, overrated, vulgar, spared by a few magnificent actors .

It highlights and challenges stereotypes in a very funny and entertaining way.

Predictable plot, nothing new.

" "Crazy Rich Asians" is certainly a rom-com at heart, with plenty of big-budget glitz and glamour, a gorgeous and engaging cast, spectacular costumes and sets to infuse it with energy and excitement.

The story is boring and unoriginal romcom without the com.

This movie was so boring.

A giant cliche on legs .

Boring, NOT funny at any point, and, again, not about Chinese people for they'll all very Banana...

Above Average RomCom or Propaganda.

Predictable 3.

When done well, they are highly entertaining and can be quite moving moviegoing experiences.

Just a hearfelt predictable movie, I was really hoping kim jon was going to be funnier in it.

It's a good movie with every bells and whistles which are required to make it entertaining for everyone.

More of a chick flick, my partner enjoyed it a lot, and i actually sat through it without hurting myself.

Predictable screenplay - think "Mean Girls" set in Singapore.

What a total bore.

Dont waste your time, if you watch pepa pig for the whole 2 hrs is more useful than this!

" Despite the energetic and talented cast, the message seemed mundane and shallow.

Otherwise this movie was a snooze fest.

Typical, cliche, substandard .

Possibly the worst movie ever...

what a boring movie, A waste of time .

Boring boring boring .

A highly predictable story and we were always hoping for a happy ending.

It's not quite as good as all the hype (and positive reviews) make it out to be though, because it's a cliched and predictable romcom obviously, but it's still decent and entertaining enough I'd say.

And you get this boring nonsense.

I love that Asia has turned its back on the Communist poverty-stricken past and is now engaging in Commerce instead, and it has created a societal infrastructure that we should all strive for.

It is an enjoyable one-time-watch.

I went into this movie not expecting much, I was just bored and figured it had good reviews and boy was it a good idea.

Cliché .

He consumes the cliché-ridden narrative structure of a romcom and transforms it into a cultural depiction of Asian traditions, juxtaposing the values of American immigrants, whilst still bashing the familiar beats of "boy meets girl".

Horrifically boring and cringeful.

But this film was dull.

Who bore no resemblance whatsoever to any of them.

Uninspired and derivative, but reasonably entertaining .

Don't waste time and money going to watch this pink movie.

this movie makes being filthy rich look boring.

This was truly awful, predictable, way over the top, and I really couldn't find anything to laugh about.

Towards the end I couldn't wait for it to end because I got so bored.

Overall it was truly enjoyable and I would for sure see it again!

, sterile, super police state Singapore as a sexy fun, exciting place to your dreams.

I believe a cliché is only truly a cliché if you notice it.

Bad acting, predictable, tiresome situations, shallow subject matter, lack of humor, and unlikeable characters.

Imagine 90 minutes of scene after scene containing obscene displays of wealth by obnoxious, pretentious, self-centered, condescending people who have complete disregard and utter contempt for anyone who's less than a centimillionaire.

It was predictable, it had zero laughs and the plot was pretty awful.

Boring, predictable, clichéd .

Thoroughly predictable .

10/10, they shouldn't have tried to pay the lead actress less than her male counterpart for the sequel, because I desperately want a sequel (all though the movie does end in a satisfying one-off kind of way)TL;DR: It shows a stunning display of Asian/Chinese culture incorporated into a recognizable frame of RomCom(Tragedy) while also showcasing its brilliant actors/actresses, not to mention the underbelly of a Rich life.

Worth watching.

Though its storyline is predictable, i think the director has put in effort in every details to make its baby excel an ordinary Cinderalla story.

Totally predictable .

It was juvenile and boring.

The plot was so cliche, it failed to create the right amount of drama or humour to engage the audience as a normal romcom would.

It isn't the most compelling or surprising picture I've seen, but it's an enjoyable and decently charming one that put a smile on my face on a couple of occasions.

I felt the movie was very slow moving and it was "just okay.

crazy but enjoyable .

Cons: Shallow, unoriginal film with an embarrassingly obvious promotion of Singapore as a tourist destination, embarrassing brand marketing, one-dimensional characters, predictable rom-com cliches, soulless attempts at humour, and insulting cultural stereotypes.

I fell asleep watching it.

I was dragged along to this and told it was a rom-com.

Boring and foolish story line ...

Performances - Michelle Yeoh transcends the material and her multi-faceted mother must be a construction of her own talent and craft, because the script and the direction offer no help whatsoever - Constance Wu is compelling, and sure as hell works hard to remain likeable despite her clunky dialogue and humourless jokes - Awkwafina is highly entertaining and manages to draw a characterless role in at least one fabulous dimension - same goes for Nico Santos.

A total waste of time .

A shallow RomCom with much cliche and little character building .

Know the difference Hollywood, this film was cliche and was on the same level as most Chinese soap operas.

To sum things up: Not funny, predictable.

There were incredible predictable moments.

Crazy Rich Asians was surprisingly good and entertaining than I thought.

Fun and enjoyable .

And oh what a cliche zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

But is still worth watching, and I give it a 7/10.

Don't waste your time watching the whole movie.

I expected the film to defy stereotypes and break molds, but was disappointed that it was just another predictable, formulaic rom-com filled with stock characters that we have seen a million times before: the lovers who come from different social classes, the mother who thinks no girl is good enough for her son, the kooky female sidekick; the nerd, the flamboyant gay guy, etc. The stock characters don't seem any less old and tired because Asian actors are playing them.

Still, it was entertaining.

I find it difficult to put into words how bad and predictable this movie is.

and quite enjoyable.

Boring rich Asians .

And the end was very predictable.

Seriously silly waste of time .

What makes it stand out of course is that it is specifically about this world and culture, and so there's more to chew on with that than if it were bland white people.

All the same mundane clichés that fail to exert the writing capacity to take those mechanisms and overload them with ferocious energy.

It has no story and the acting is terrible.

No Chemistry Between Leads, but Entertaining Watch .

It exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed it!

Had a few laughs and d'awws, and mostly the storyline was predictable.

It's too predictable.

Predictable and cliche .

Nevertheless, Crazy Rich Asians is a really entertaining movie that I can relate to btw I cried at the end pls watch it because it's great.

Predictable and boring.

Dull Asian Ballers .

It has every cliche in the Rom-Com book.

I enjoyed the movie, it was entertaining.

All in all, this film adds nothing novel to its predecessors in the romcom genre, but it is a lightweight moderately entertaining film that should not be taken too seriously.

The film is too long and it just sags in the middle.

However, without focusing on culture, this movie is a relaxed and entertaining movie, and I really like the song at the wedding.

The book was really enjoyable.

So no plot, no character development, what is happening..why did so many people tell me to see this movie?

Enjoyable .

To be honest, i expect more from this movie, but i never get it anywaythe opening of the movie is promising but as the movie roll out for about 10 mins, you will start to feel boring.

The only genuinely intriguing part of the story belonged to Gemma Chan's character Astrid, a welltodo lady trying to navigate a relationship with a husband that doesn't come from money like herself.

However, I didn't liked the twist at the ending, it was predictable and extremely cliche.

The cast is engaging and charming, the setting of Singapore is a fresh and interesting setting for a North American made film to utilize, and the visuals pop with color and life!

Cheesy predictable love story .

Thats the worst movie i' ve ever seen in my life!

I'm an Asian , actor trying to the best, but whole story so boring,I almost slept when I was watching movie.

Chu's stylish direction helps the slower moments, the soundtrack is toe-tapping, and the characters have unexpected layers.

Chi was born in Palo Alto, California and takes on the task of explaining Asian psychology and behavior in Singapore is this rather flimsy but overall entertaining trinket of a film written by Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim based on Kevin Kwan's very popular novel CRAZY RICH ASIANS.

Predictable at best .

Please don't waste your time; this lacked charm of any sort.

Watch the trailer, and you've seen the film, saving 1.5 hours of boredom.

Close ups on glitzy trappings of extreme wealth; stunning travelogue shots of Singapore's hyper-modern architecture; close-frames on mouth-watering Asian cuisine in exciting marketplaces and grand mansions; all combine to make this film a visual treat.

wall-to-wall clichés - worst movie I've seen in years.

Such family value also leads to more intense internal and external struggle between collectivity (what the family wants) and individuality.

This film is like a bad pop song that i should not like, but has some funny good jokes and follows the predictable poor girl meets rich man.

Stupid boring and irritating .

It's a chick flick , a romance , it's not a great piece of film that will survive the ages BUT it's well done , feel good and entertaining as anything out there .

Please create engaging scripts and stop trying to sell me garbage with great marketing.

Interesting and entertaining .

It's nice to have a film that has most of its cast and crew Asians or of an Asian descent in white hollywood, but if you are looking for a good film to watch that goes beyond touristic shots and mundane storytelling then this is not your film

Nice feel good movie, worth watching.

The characters are bland and does not make you care about them !

Thoroughly enjoyed it (even though it at its heart it is still a predictable romcom).

If you haven't watched it yet, do it, it is so worth watching!!!

My wife and I just finished watching watching this movie and we both really enjoyed it.

Predictable from the first 5 minutes.

Slow, boring, painfully unfunny - vast stretches of this film go by without anything happening, without any jokes, without anything.

Thought it might be fun as my wife is Asian, but she thought it was boring too.

One big cliché story supported with smaller cliché stories in the background..

Enjoyable and deep at the same time .

The story is a fairly conventional romantic comedy set-up - formulaic and predictable, for sure.

Watched last night knowing its the best comedy movie by Golden Glove but hance its a total disgusting movie I've ever seen, no story line no twist,how could this be a comedy movie ?

But it is the latter where his film truly scores - witness for instance how Chu and his cinematographer Vanja Cernjul capture the way Eleanor sizes Rachel up and subsequently regards her with withering putdowns as well as icy glares, and how Rachel and Eleanor face off in a penultimate segment over a thrilling game of mah-jong.


Lots of cringing - and yawning - throughout.

Movie critics may condemn it but believe me it's worth watching specially because of the last dialogue spoken by the girl in the climax of the movie.

Points for some very good performances, absolutely stunning images of Singapore.

The plot is dry and simplistic and boring.

Everything looks so outdated and cliche .

I wanted to leave the theatre at many occasions and found my self yawning at many other moments too.

Solid, happy film, but overly formulaic .

This is a fine and enjoyable film, even if the ending is never in doubt.

Just deeply unconvincing actors engaging in trite, dreary dialogue.

Overall a bit slow and boring with a few good moments.

The central thread is the most obvious but the few supporting ones are also fairly predictable and of-the-genre.

Rachel goes with Nick to Singapore and her whole journey is fascinating.

But even gross excess can be entertaining if portrayed like an art form, which certainly film director Chu has done.

A rom-com cliche done right.

It was so American, American, American, yawn, American...

The movie was soooo predictable that I hated the movie at the end.

I guess for me personally, I didn't like it because for me it was predictable.

The film was visually stunning.

Overrated and Predictable .

I went to this film expecting a rollicking good Martial arts actioner, what I got was a long boring drama thing.

Crazy Boring Asians .

And people think this is a film worth watching??

In fact the scenes where only the men were present, were so bland and boring, they could have cut and not impacted the story line at all.

A complete waste of time and money.

Crazy Rich Asians is a well made movie that successfully accomplishes the combination of romance and comedy; the movie is very entertaining.

Crazy rich boring!.

While a different culture shouldn't have too much of a bearing on whether a movie should be enjoyable.

Loved the leads and the side characters, nothing seemed out of place, the story was well constructed, and the landscapes were breathtaking.

I really enjoyed it, good to see an all Asian like this.

Frankly, I was expecting to either cringe in my seat or fall asleep - neither happened.

Totally contrived!

Absolutely stunning .

Everything about this movie was a cliche.

I wouldn't waste my time going to watch this at all!

But still funny and enjoyable.

Had a couple touching romantic moments but otherwise kind of boring

Stunning rom-com!

Very boring, predictable story.

Plain boring .

This movie is one gigantic, embarrassing cliche.

Predictable, pretentious, poor display of an entire culture.

Formulaic twaddle .

Entertaining look at wealth, identity and cultural tradition .


Be ambitious,stop complaining and just say the movie was boring because it actually was boring.

The story is a huge cliché.

I might as well use Marlon Brando's last line in Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 war epic upon witnessing Asian characters portrayed by Anglophone Asian and American-Asian actors engaging in piquant banter on screen amidst such scandalous display of opulence.

Constance Wu and Michele Yeoh steal the show with excellent performances, but Henry Golding's part as the sweet but bland Nick suffers in comparison.

Kind of boring.

Trite Story, with nice good production values, and racist in the name of diversity .

All the locations are breathtaking so you get to see the Singapore and the region at its finest.

Engaging romantic drama .

The film is a formula romantic comedy with the cliche ending used in every successful romantic comedy.

Very entertaining movie all around.

No plot, no good characters, nothing.

So predictable.

Long, Boring, 2 Dimensional .

Worth Watching!

Don't waste your time .

I thought it was really good, definitely worth watching.

It also seems very paint-by-the-numbers, plot-predictable as others have consistently noted.

I don't recommend this movie to anyone because I am sure that you are going to waste your time watching it and you won't enjoy it.

The acting cast is cold and empty.

I caught a tear rolling down my face a couple of times and that wedding scene was phenomenal, along with the stunning cover performed by Kina Grannis.

They do show you her perspective and while I was never on her side, it was a departure from a typical genre cliché.

The next thing is that while there are minor twists and turns, the big beats of the plot are predictable for Rachel and Nick.

Appallingly predictable script.

Very predictable Cinderella + Gold Digger story.

I think even if you take the plot at its worst - dreary, old garbage - and the inclusion of Asians as mere tokenistic market-pandering, I still stand by this film.

Cliche soap opera.

The film is quite funny and engaging.

This leaves the already cliche plot on its own with nothing much else to see.

Lame and predictable script tops the utterly talentless bunch placed together.

It looked stunning.

Still, it's better than most modern romantic comedies and the reliable trio of Wu, Golding, and Awkwafina make this film a moderately enjoyable ride.

Been meaning to watch this from a while, and I finally finished it and my overall reaction was why did I waste two hours of my life?

The direction of the film was very good along with the fascinating editing and good shots.

Pretty pointless time filler entertainment .

Cliche'd RomCom with no Com and predictable Rom .

No plot advancement.

Overrated cutesy cliched film with lame comedy but still enjoyable as a romantic chick-flick .

Don't waste your time or money.

Movies like this that glorify the hyper-rich are repugnant propaganda vehicles that must be shouted down by the people.

it was mild entertainment, sometimes even a bit slow moving also there were subplots that really did not really bring the movie forward.

A waste of time, stay away.

Constance Wu is charming as Rachel, Awkwafina is a scene stealer when she's on and Michelle Yeoh is as stunning as that blinding engagement ring she shows off while making dumplings (so Asian!

As to the main story, predictable trajectory notwithstanding, there are some mild twists.

Probably most pointless film I've ever watched.

There are also some interesting side plots which embellish the film and produce a well rounded and entertaining picture.

It's entertaining .

The film is very fast paced.

The strength she has is impeccable and exciting.

This film was so absolutely stunning.

The plot is the most cliché thing ever - romantic take about a couple where one is wealthy and the other is a self made person, which makes obviously bthe family of the former think the latter is inadequate spouse.

Some things that play a part in its success are its breathtaking setting, smooth transitions, appropriate cultural music score, and costumes that mimic the evolution of characters.

Definitely worth the watch if you are in for a laugh and a fun movie.

Nothing happened naturally.

I liked some of the performances but it was very predictable.

Such a waste of time, can't believe it was nominated for golden globe, must be joke or something

After watching the film, I'll say that while the story is familiar and not so innovative, the glory and wonder of the visuals costumes and actors really push the film and make it enjoyable.

The characters are compelling if only Ken Jeong can hold back a little.


One of the worst movies.

For example, as Rachel approached Nick's grand house, the music became quiet and slow to give dramatic effect.

It will dull.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In summary it's a fun and insightful movie, though you could still fall asleep, forecasting how it ends!

My problems with the movie was that it was very predictable.

Played enthusiastically by relative newcomers Wu and Golding, Rachel and Nick are the type of too good to be real movie lovers but that doesn't stop us from getting on board with their plight to overcome the odds and learn to live as one as Chu throws them into various scenarios and situations that will bring viewers a range of emotions from well-earned laughs through to equally earnt tears, all done in a way that will be loved by its target audience and more than tolerable for those dragged along by their other halves.

I also thought the ending (predictable as it was...

for me was 2 hours of boredom.

The ending is so utterly predictable that it's actually embarrassing that anyone involved in the production thought that audiences would be surprised or satisfied by it.

Superficially, it is just a simple love story with predictable events and predictable outcomes.

While it is interesting, it is pretty predictable and dull at times.

An unexpected masterpiece.

Overall, I felt super glad to have watched it, thank you for making such a fun and enjoyable film!

I really liked the slow reveal of gross wealth and the makeover scene was nice, though her final outfit is only so-so.

Yes it's a bit entertaining to watch if you don't have anything better to do and your idea of entertainment is getting one cliche after another rubbed in your face.

the rest 100 minutes are tedious.

Notwithstanding the pretty picture of Singapore aerial views, the movie was a rather tedious affair.

It is truly predictable since the beginning.

It's just so enjoyable, and I defy anyone not to have a great time watching it.

Even with the strong Chinese cultural pressure with parents and children, the film still feels a bit light hearted and is still entertaining.

I find it a little hard to actually ask for reviews, because literally no has the same view on movies, which is a kind of waste of time, some people say it's good, some say otherwise.

Fun and Entertaining Asian Fusion- Think Downtown Abbey with gold plated chop sticks or My Best Friends Wedding with Singapore Noodles.

The beautiful scenes, opulent locations and stunning cast create an overwhelming, thoroughly enjoyable experience.

If you know anything about the Chinese culture you'll understand this movie is very sweet very believable and very entertaining and enjoyable movie.

Especially when everyone else is so good and is already funny on their own, so it feels pointless to include this supporting comic relief that doesn't match the tone for the rest of the cast.

It was a waste of time.

Still Entertaining.

Jokes aside, it's actually a really enjoyable movie with a captivating story line.

I promise it's boring.

While I never really worried about the protagonists' fate and saw most of the plot turns coming, it was still an enjoyable moviegoing experience.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Finally, I have to say that "Crazy Rich Asians" is an average movie with a poor and boring plot, average interpretations and not good direction.

I thought, what the hey, summer movie, light, maybe funny, unexpected.....

This was hands down the most boring movie I have ever watched.

They were a relief from a predictable and stale production.

Just slow, predictable, and boring.

Fun and entertaining .

A really enjoyable film.

But, it is the negative reviews that I find particularly fascinating.

The character development is very poor,Awful comedy,Predictable Movie with Same old story line and the ending is Very disappointing.

Overall an overhyped bust and complete waste of time.

Instead it dragged through endless scenes of bad acting from Asian Ken doll Nick, and permanent sad face from sullen, cross-eyed Rachel.

Boring, predictable, mediocre acting.

So amazing, beautiful, brilliant, gorgeous, dazzling, wonderful, luxurious, funny, and entertaining!!.

Had me laughing so much, thoroughly enjoyed it.

One might as well approach this film as a story of an economics prof, Rachel, (Constance Wu), being introduced into the Singaporean elite crowd by her Brit-educated beau Nick (Henry Golding), and slowly be immersed and trying not to get lost in a "jungle" filled with posh jewelry, haute couture and designer handbags.

The characters are extremely flat and boring, displaying every trope of stereotypical snobbish and self-absorbed rich people, finished off with a heavy-handed doze of vaguely racist Chinese stereotypes.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp.

The movie is quite long for a romantic comedy, especially one that follows in step with the typical plot line of these films.

A stereotype and cliche .

Lots of the scenes are either pointless, tacky or not elaborate enough to capture our emotion.

Painful to watch at times, so predictable and stupid.

Vacuous and Predictable .

The film has bored us a lot.

Some characters are overly annoying, there is a fair amount of over-acting, but in sum it is a very entertaining movie and with a germane message about today's world vs the old world values.

Fun, Lively, Entertaining .

Enjoyable Film .

it's fun at the first then boring in the middle to the end and it has different story line from the books in some critical scene which made me walk away disenchanted.

Total waste of money.

From the cast to the scenery, this film is truly stunning.

Boring .

Very cliche...


Speaking of which, the movie acknowledges a lot of things, some may be cliche when it comes to race or how they are treated in America ...

Beyond boring .

Complete waste of time, painful to watch.

So cliche!

there is no message, no plot, no acting, the actors behave like idiots.

Good movie super predictable .

The story is one-hundred percent predictable at every turn.

For once a storyline which was unpredictable, especially the part where Nick proposes with his mum's ring.

(This reviewer found the film engaging enough to recommend despite its flaws.

Most boring and predictable movie ever, painful to watch.


Crazy Rich Asians is a rubbish romcom; it's not very often funny, it's written badly, paced badly, comes in too late and finishes too early, it's cringey, hamfisted, and boring and wastes every talent it has in it.

Chu's 'Crazy Rich Asians', based on Kevin Kwang's best selling book, is highly enjoyable and amusing.

I enjoyed it thoroughly to be honest.

The film was engaging & keep me interested until the end.

However, it was entertaining to see Singapore's landscapes and buildings.

I won't get into the details that make this a vile, cliched, predictable, absurdity.

Despite being in this real world, it brought me into it in an exciting, expensive and explosive fashion.

Yawn .

What I could not possibly miss is the nod to "Apocalypse Now" (1979), the rousing background music of "Ride of the Valkyries" against a flight of helicopters.

Surprisingly Charming and Entertaining .

Entertaining, clever and enjoyable film with much more deeper message than just superficial materialism.

The development of the plot is rather obvious and predictable, and there is not enough relationship-building to support the story.

Not to mention there was no chemistry between the Rachel and Nick characters which made every scene they were in stiff, boring and unrealistic.

Crazy, Stupid and Boring .

Its success proves for itself that Crazy Rich Asians is definitely a movie worth watching.

And so contrived.

Rather Standard But Still Entertaining .

Snore fest .

Over-rated - prepare to be disappointed and bored .

A stereotype and cliche old Hollywood romantic story with Asian actors and actresses.

Just too predictable and didn't satisfy.

With such a thin narrative, what makes this film so entertaining?

The whole movie was quite shallow, with very cliche plot, pointless showoff of extravagant life style, and very little/unbelievable character development (for example, what makes Rachel so good/likable?

So what makes this a more enjoyable pill to swallow than say something like "Meet the Fockers"?

Entertaining and lots of depth .

And it just feels empty and like a complete waste of my time.

Nice idea but predictably boring .

The story, dialogues, characters are all an outdated cliche...

Dont waste your time

Totally enjoyable and highly recommendable.

Worth watching again.


So, guys, unless you're a lap dog, don't waste your time.

Trite and shallow .

It's rather cliche, and neither the plot nor the characters are too complex.

PS am not voting low because of anti-Asian sentiments, am married to someone of Asian background, this was just a sad sad waste of money and talent.

Waste of time .

A surprisingly enjoyable movie for me.

It's so cheesy and cliché.

The movie lacks depth of emotions, the story is predictable and loose.

It is filled with enjoyable characters you actually want to spend two hours with.

Rich people and their stories have always been fascinating just because of the shenanigans they get up to with the kind of access they can afford.

Initial fourth-wall poking flourishes (including a zig-zagging coloured line jaunting across the planet, in the WeeChat equivalent of a 1970s telephone split-screen) punch up the playfulness, but quickly fizzle out - probably for the best, lest they grow obnoxiously overbearing, but still indicative of the film settling a mite too comfortably into cliché.

Creating a "Crazy" atmosphere which only presented through annoying characters with bringing a confusing character acting weirdly to appear sexy and all that stuff with awful performances along with the characters itself.

Boring .

But sometimes you just need a cliché rom-com.

The plot was as predictable as it could be, with unnecessary dialog where not needed, and no dialog where needed.

A simple or cliche story is often a good way to be able to bring something new to an audience; Avatar's simple plot to push its groundbreaking technology and third-dimension or Black Panther's adherence to well-worn Marvel formula, or how Uncharted on PS3 takes the tropes of Hollywood to move videogame cinema forwards or how The Last of Us takes the beats of post-apocalyptica to craft characters that move you.

It is just a verry predictable cheesy love story.

Genuinely unbearable .

Leaving out all the politics and that other crap, thoroughly entertaining and well executed.

This movie is STUNNING with a display of traditional Asian culture, which doesn't get much exposure to begin with, not to mention an (as far as I could tell) ALL Asian cast?

The wedding sequence is simply breathtaking and many other moments are filmed with a rich visual dazzle as well.

Although a typical plot it was an amazing movie..beautiful people,funny..stunning scenery..even cried the wedding Asian men with British it 3times so far

However, luckily we get taken in every right direction, even with moments seeming quite predictable even in rom-com standards.

Movie ending was bit predictable.

By all accounts, this was a rehash of a movie that has been made countless times in the past, but it was a good example of how to work with something that is familiar yet finding a way to make it still entertaining.

Visually Stunning RomCom needs more Com .

One of the worst movies I've seen this year.

Boring movie .

So predictable!

Production-wise, the Singapore Tourism Board's usual apparatchik signature all over the film was as heavy-handed as it was predictable.

It's been years since I've seen a more predictable, formulaic movie.

Stop being cliche and marginalising the most populated continent in the world.

Disappointing, not funny, predictable .

It was somewhat entertaining, but it never felt deep, dramatic or engaging enough for me to be really sucked in here.

Worth watching despite the oh-so predictable Disney princess ending.

The first act felt very slow paced because nothing was really going on.

Quiet the contrary, I believe it to be rather stronger in the romantic-comedy drama, and most definitely a breath of fresh air into one of the most routine and now boring genres.

For those who said that it is boring, predictable, and not funny clearly do not understand the writing of this film.

Unlike Asian food the movie is bland .

Inconsistent in its tone and plot, but an overall enjoyable experience .

It's extremely predictable and hits all the same beats as any mainstream romantic comedy released in the past twenty or so years.

Stereotypes flying all over the predictable script .

I gave it a 6 just because I left my guard down in the end and it got me emotional somehow, even though it was sooo predictable.

pleas read spoilers and don't waste your time watching this

Looking at the reviews, I find it fascinating that people either love it or hate it, without many in the middle.

I was less concerned with the main plot of a young woman trying to fit in with rich in-laws, but overall, it was entertaining.

It has a lot of cliche characters and scenes.

Why they want to make old movies in new time this was very predictable

The cliche story of the love between the rich and poor and the family in between.

so if you are looking for a movie being set in singapore this is the movie for you overall I really enjoyed it.

"Crazy Rich Asians" is a film that mostly suffers from poor directing and a formulaic story that lacks any sort of originality.

Decent and entertaining enough I'd say.

If you are into those cliche romantic movies though, you have come to the right place.

On an overall scale, Crazy Rich Asians is the rom-com of the year and is definitely one of the most enjoyable, entertaining & endearing films of 2018.

Crazy Rich Asians is a delightful and enjoyable movie.

If you answered "A Cliche'd Yawn", you have answered correctly.

It's stunning.

The movie was very entertaining while showcasing perfectly that wealth does not equal brains and how it was Rachel's intelligence that puts her on top at the finale of the movie.

Terrible, boring, not amusing, poorly written, vapid, glorifying everything horrible about money grubbing and being "crazy rich".

I enjoyed it .

Also the pacing is off, parts just drag on.

We find that out in the first 5 minutes, but it gets drawn out into an hour trying to get the point across, and even though the clue is in the title.

Boring .

A young Chinese American professor goes to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's filthy rich family and attend his brother's wedding with inevitable clashes with the family around gold digging, purity of the line etc.Whilst none of this romantic comedy is exactly novel, it's handled with panache and the leads are engaging.

Movie was funny and entertaining.

Just a very well made and entertaining rom com that will leave anyone with a sense of humor smiling.

Average and predictable romcom .

Enjoyable, important stepping stone, not perfect .

Got dragged to this toad by my wife.

The spectator was lured by an unexpected person, and then they threw the latter out of the window.

Yet it's such a dull movie that it leaves you with a bland taste after watching it.

Eye candy wrapped around a formulaic story .

I thought it was irritating and boring.

A lot of good actors are given cliché after cliché to speak into the camera.

The plot was predictable.

Yawn .

Chu's film boasts some truly stunning locations and set design, resulting in an endlessly bright, dazzling looking film.

I just saw it today and really enjoyed it.

So waste of time!

Gorgeous cast, shallow and pointless movie .

It's not as funny as I hoped it would be, but the formulaic plot has a familiar, comfortable feel that I appreciated.

Underneath the stunning cinematography, color palette, and attractive cast is a real solid story about family and self preservation, even when faced an impossible choice.

Ignoring this aspect of Singapore and instead just using it as an exotic backdrop for a bog-standard love story feels naive at best or purchased propaganda at worst.

Henry Golding definitely fit the role of Nick Young and it was entertaining from start till end.

Some of it is predictable.

Indeed it's extremely formulaic; there's nothing here you haven't seen a hundred times before, a two-gag movie, the gags being, you guessed it; they're rich and they're Asian.

But the actual reality is that it is a propaganda piece.

Why have pretty women and they are just boringly attired.

Cardboard cut-out cliche characters .

Everything is just formulaic and predictable.

Cliche story well executed, celebrating inclusion over filmmaking .


I thought the movie did a great job condensing all the details from the books into a standard length movie but you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it.

the storyline and comedy are very entertaining.

All others are embarrassingly tedious and contrived.

As for the movie, even though the plot is predictable, I still think it does well in addressing some of the old/traditional values in Asian family and how they play out when challenged by those from Western countries.

This movie is sheer enjoyment by being a purely silly, fun way to experience GREAT MUSIC, the beauty of Singapore, great comedy, stunning people.

Predictable .

Please, to others, do not rent or buy this "film", a waste of your life.

There are quite a few unexpected plot elements, and their resolutions were done well.

Even the most formulaic films must do something to help us understand our protagonists.

Cliche upon cliche upon cliche, and so predictable!

Nevertheless, the storyline is entertaining to watch and perhaps fresh to many in Hollywood.

This searingly dull 2hr movie will make you pray for death.

A waste of your money and time.

One teeny tiny flaw of the film is that, it's predictable like almost every other romantic comedy.

Continued to watch as I was trapped on an airplane and curious as to the what level of absurdity could be attained here,This threadbare,numbingly predictable plot was some Asian mashup of girl meets rich boy(Sabrina,Fifty Shades of whatever,Pretty Woman,etc.

Pure Trump Style Propaganda.

This point develops further and further (probably more than it needed to)She meets his family and there's some predictable conflicts.

It is very entertaining in a 1970s type of way .

The plot failed to develop, so got bored and walked out on it.

Entertaining, and deep in places .

It was an enjoyable movie that I would highly recommend.

Modern romcoms follow the same formulaic narrative structure and embed the same interpretive clichés.

So boring .

What was interesting was how the movie was always emotionally engaging, whether we were meeting Awkwafina's nutty family or carefully understanding Michelle Yeoh's excpetional delivery.

Most of my criticism that's directed against Crazy Rich Asians is stuff I would say about any formulaic romantic comedy.

Too many predictable lines like "oh my mom packed us 3 tupperware containers b/c we're asian" or "how much more asian can I be - i'm an economics professor whose lactose intolerant" (haha?

This is shallow and boring.

It's the typical cliche rich partner poor partner movie that has been repeated ad nauseam.

Formulaic, Predictable Film That Actually Works...

Its really boring story.

Boring corporate-sponsored tripe .

But, after watching it, I realize that it is such an enjoyable movie.

Along with the setting, the cinematography in this movie is quite breathtaking.

I'm sorry to say, but come on, this is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I was looking forward to seeing this film, as it appeared to be something I wouldn't mind seeing at the theater, and was pleasantly surprised at just how enjoyable it ended up being.

The story as written in the book is too cliche, of course, it was then adapted in the movie.

it is a boring movie .

Don't waste your time and money seeing this.

Very enjoyable flick with great acting, sensible well placed dialog, inherited empathy and lessons learned about respect for the commoner, loyalty and looking beyond excess.

An enjoyable movie.

Nice but dull .

It's boring, predictable and full of stereotypes.

It is the stupidest and worst and waste of time and money!

it is sooo boring!!!

I enjoyed it.

Perhaps, immersed in its visceral parody of excess, "Crazy Rich Asians" runs a tad long.

I enjoyed it and I know the sequel isn't far behind.

The film is so predictable, the script poorly written and quite putrid, with acting at a level to match!

Total waste of time.

Those characterizations were all equally predictable and a pretty tired caricature at this point.

Henry Golding was very bland as Nick Young (well, maybe he's not entirely to blame, as Nick Young was a very shallow, bland character).

Don't waste your time .

A boring narrative with absolutely no plot whatsoever.

Slightly predictable, througholy enjoyable .

The party scenes were well choreographed and filmed and were visually exciting, even if the actors were not themselves convincing.

The scenes of Singapore were stunning.

Predictable glitzy fun .

Trite and Dull .

I went to see the movie and i was so bored, not funny at all and its nothing we didnt see before.

Cliche' movie .

I find "Crazy Rich Asians" too ham-fisted, boring, and sparkless to anything more than a waste of perfectly good two hours.

Predictable rom-com with no com .

Incredible wealth and jewellery and costumes that are both at times breathtaking and vulgar.

For anyone else it's unintentionally like a propaganda movie for building anti-elitist sentiments, as it shows rich people at their most despicable (and not in a funny way, it' just sad perfect fascade).

Annoyingly predictable.

Even if this genre is not one you typically have patience for, I found it surprisingly enjoyable, and certainly worthy of the praise it has gotten so far.

There is no development to the characters (at all), stereotypes and characters with no back story fill the screen for 2 very long, dull hours.

The acting is awful, the story is a terrible cliche, the characters are ridiculous, the directing is dreadful.

Sure it has funny moments and is well choreographed but it is so cliche and fake and in many ways horrible how they are portrayed in this movie.

Seriously it's one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

Went to Union Sq and worth watching.

If you're looking for a romantic comedy with an Asian cast and fascinating insights into a different culture, I recommend skipping this one and watching a South Korean film instead.

Crazy Rich Asiains is a great pop corn movie, with an enjoyable cast.


Could you have at least written a unique and engaging story along with it, even if it included traditional tropes and stereotypes?

Well acted, but kinda bland and predictable.

I am tired of this cliché.

The performances make this film enjoyable enough to not cross the boring territory.

Predictable is an understatement .

We were hoping to see a good, entertaining romance-comedy geared toward the over 18-set.

don't waste your time anymore

It was most displeasing to see that all the progress made by Rachel in maintaining self respect, dignity and autonomy, is jacked in because a plummy marionette delivers a boring, hollow and unfunny proposal to her on a plane, presents her with a massive sparkly stone and somehow this intelligent woman is overcome with the ROMANCE of it all.

Complete waste of time, i wish i could tell myself i didnt watch it.

However, the film itself falls short in a number of categories that makes it feel drawn-out and trite.

Definitely worth the watch.

(And love is great, blah, blah, blah lol) *Be on the watch out for the most breathtaking wedding scene.

My wife is the type of person who falls asleep if the movie is boring or uninteresting.

No plot.

A predictable movie that can't be seen as anything more than just a typical romantic comedy.

probably the worst movie ever.

The soundtrack was excellent and the wedding ceremony was breathtaking.

Predicable plot, uninteresting characters.

I took my old lady to see it and we both enjoyed it.

Enjoyable movie .

dreary, overrated mush, and long .

I am not sure to which extent acting was the problem here, but honestly he may be super rich, but he is also as bland as it gets to be honest the way he was written.

This film choke-full with cliches, with bad acting and a sooooo predictable story got awards?


Truly enjoyable!

It does work though, but it works not so much because it is brilliantly written, but because the total package is appealing and engaging - so by extension you feel engaged in the rather thin characters and their join-the-dots story.

Following the fish out of water story of Constance Wu's working class Asian/American economics professor Rachel Chu and her relationship with Henry Golding's filthy rich Asian property tycoon heir Nick Young, as the two look to win over Nick's family in his homeland of Singapore, Chu strikes an engaging balance between examining this luxurious high society, old school traditions and the growing relationship between Rachel and Nick.

) the film was filled with every cliche in the book.

Viewers will be immersed in the movie rather than their drink, and will not forget the vibrancy and sophistication of the film.

You'll leave the theater smiling and feeling good.

If you are into fancy people who are just self indulgent bougouis nouveau riche - this is your flick.

Predictable, over the top & waste of time

An extreme dose of boredom was inflicted deep into my bones by watching this movie.. The only reason I kept watching was that maybe something interesting would happen at some point.

To try to cram them all into a single stereotype is pointless, it's the equivalent of "earthling.

I was bored the entire time.

Nine stars, with a deduction for a poorly written and staged confusion.

Rest was mostly cliché, although nothing radically different than the mainstream American rom-com stuff (Sweet Home Alabama, Pretty Woman, all other rich dude vs poor girl films).

I enjoyed it a lot.

Singapore is really as exciting as this movie shows.

This movie was so boring!

Instead, I got a cheesy love story, not much fun and not much new, with usual cliché you are waiting from the genre.

What a complete waste of almost two hours of my life.

This movie is directed towards a certain demographic - the leeches who live in the bottom of the pond and feed off scraps other people throw at them .. a cliche in every way that shows the lifestyle of the rich and famous Asians , in this case Singapore .. it also shows the lives of the nouveau riche who have no class, manners or filters and are as tacky as they're obnoxious (btw some of the "classy old rich" are equally nauseating") ...

"; excuse me while I empty my stomach) whose duality runs only as deep as his inability to forsee the entire plot of the film, spawned by the idiotic decision to keep everything about himself hidden from the woman he purports to love and truly wish to marry.

Your usual boring Rom Com, didn't connect with the characters so could not care less about the outcome.

Nicks's disapproving family, especially his mother, has great hesitations about Rachel (unpredictable right?

One of the worst movies i've seen in years.

It's a rather classic poor-girl-done-good meets rich boyfriend's family tale, told in the exciting setting of glamorous Singapore.

Save your money!

Awkafina was entertaining.

And while the end is predictable, the joy is in the wonderful journey of the two characters, which do not follow the typical norm for this genre.

Meaning they obviously knew how to edit some good formulaic heart tugging moments.

Boring mundane attempt .

Overall, I think this film was entertaining while also being educational and relatable.

I am neither rich or Asian but felt that this was one embarrassing cliche of a movie.

The film proves that love conquers all and that you can make tourist advert for Singapore out of a cliché film.

Offers very engaging and relatable characters, good at delivering emotion aswell as genuine humour.

Cliche, yes.

Cliché love story and just all hyped .

Acting is mostly poor with a few exceptions and the main plot is terribly cliche.

Though a story about meeting the parents is nothing new, Crazy Rich Asians is likable and charming enough to be enjoyable .

Entertaining, not particularly deep .

From the grand parents, moms and children's it is totally accurate and very entertaining to observe in this movie.

More like Crazy cliché British asians .

I see myself watch it as I do with other similar movies when I am bored and don't want to watch anything heavy.

A plotless movie .

They make the story pretty slow, cheesey and predictable.

I am giving this film one star because of propaganda during a scene which basically promotes israel as a normal government and not an apartheid state which is actively killing children, stealing land and spitting UN resolutions.

Waste my time to watch it .

Plot wise, it is extremely predictable.

Sure you could watch it, but it's so boring that you shouldn't .

All in all, Crazy Rich Asians is an enjoyable romantic dramedy with mostly solid performances, a respect for Asian culture, and a great step forward for proper representation of minorities onscreen.

Absolutely lousy dialogue that would cause yawns in real life.

Very slow and not very good.

What a waste of time.

The songs are from 80s, the style are 80s, everything looks so cliche.

I think of these movies as the equivalent of a bubble bath with soothing music or a beer in the balcony feeling the good weather, meaning I do not, by any means, expect to be blown away by the depth of the plot, the thrill of the unexpected or unforgettable acting performances.

Worst movie ever!!.

One of the most predictable films created in recent years.

The movie doesn't portray everyone like that, for example Astrid, the couple that wed etc.It was cliche in the sense that it followed the standard structure of a rom-com.

However, the story was predictable, the movie not funny enough and sadly there wasn't any vulgar display of wealth to leave us flabbergasted.

We found this movie to be trite, predictable, unoriginal, and utterly forgettable.

Uber Predictable .

I should just repeat "formulaic" until the page is full.

About the movie, though: way overhyped, super cheesy (typical Hollywood cliché lines), not that exciting, next to no character development etc. Rarely been so disappointed.

Don't waste your time.

Plot is predictable and there are lot of empty spaces in the movie.

First of all, you claim the movie is "predictable".

It's a good job, then, that Wu is a compelling screen presence who convinces you of both her naïveté and strength all at once.

Everything is predictable and terribly written.

Two, the film is soooooo visually stunning.

the movie start to feel boring start when Rachel and Nick meet Araminta and Colin in Hawker centre.

So it is enjoyable - the ending is somewhat predictable, which you'd expect - everyone goes home happy, more or less.

Otherwise, entertaining B movie adaptation.

Very boring.. no comedian no romance.

It's kind of fitting in a way, too, because these type of movies themselves are a complete waste of time and money to see.

The plot is really overly predictable because we get the old happily ever after type of plot solution at the end.

Besides writing, the cinematography was fantastic, the shots of the wedding were breathtaking, especially the one when the bride is about to walk out.

Apart from the addition of the attractive Singapore locations and the sociological context of Chinese family obligation, this is utterly formulaic, and largely predictable from about 5 minutes in.

Crazy Rich Enjoyable Fun .

Over hyped and cliche .

Plotless, valueless and uninteresting .

But knowing that fact did not make me care for most of these superficial characters, their empty and self-absorbed lives, and their selfish impulses.

This world is completely uninteresting to me, therefore - this is a well-deserved minus.

On a technical point, the plot is quite boring and unentertaining.

Completely unoriginal and boring.

The whole movie was so boring and overall dumb.

I like romcoms, but I don't waste my money seeing them in theatre, because they're pretty much all the same and Crazy Rich Asians is no exception.

Maybe the worst movie I've seen in the last decade.

After that things slow way down and we tediously crawl to the end.

This is definitely a summer, entertaining movie that ultimately avoids the harder, real choices that underlay this relational and cultural density of this movie.

Mundane direction.

You'll probably be able to call out the story points before they land, but there's just so much effort and energy thrown at the mediocre narrative that it's practically impossible to be bored.

This is no ordinary romantic comedy that borrows off of countless, past rom-coms either memorable or cliché, it's a type that supplements this genre rather than diminishing it.

In many ways as important as Marvel's Black Panther was in the early parts of the year, Chu's film is a great example of transporting a story that at its core is rather cookie cutter into a fresh and exciting world that in turn makes the familiar narrative beats stand out much more than they had any right to do.

His pacing is cleverly canny, starting with a slow ingratiation into the architectural (Merlions, Marina Bay Sands, and Botanical Gardens, oh my!

Great performances and snappy dialogue lift this original rom com far past most of it's competition, only slightly hindered by it's familiar presmie

There were no like-able characters at all, the plot was predictable and in no way inventive or clever.

Crazy Rich Asians was a very enjoyable take on the romantic comedy from the Asian-American side .

The cast is well selected and the music is overloud but the idea of looking into the traditions of family wealth in Asia is an entertaining one.

I will say that this film is better than I expected, but it is just so bland and boring and predictable.

Initially intimidated, Rachel regroups and receives a rousing makeover courtesy the gay cousin Oliver (the makeover is strictly for fashionistas of the highest order!

It may be a predictable romcom...

Got bored of the same people in American films.

Stay away, total waste of money.

This movie is beautiful but predictable with a fun side cast of characters.

Touching and Stunning .

All in all, the movie was enjoyable, lighthearted, and definitely worth seeing.

It is the most wholesale formulaic rom-com I can remember seeing in the 21st century...

I fell asleep halfway in the movie.

This movie was very entertaining.

What I found most enjoyable was the scenery, the music, most of the acting and some of the characterisation (eg.

This is the first time I ever walked out of the theater in the middle of a movie.

It's an enjoyable fictional movie not a documentary guys .

We also had stunning visuals of their lavish lifestyles in Singapore which were also fun to watch.

A cringy bland twist of a Cinderela and 50 shades of grey movie for Asians.

I have watched this several times since..just give it a go ..the lead man is stunning

It's not perfect, but it's still very entertaining and worth checking out.

It's a 2 hour challenge to stay awake....

I felt like I was in a rich vacation watching this movie, Singapore is breathtaking.

The characters were each unique and entertaining, especially liked Astrid and Rachels best friend Goh.

It was so formulaic and basic, I knew how it ended.

But this movie is just so incredibly predictable and boring that it's almost beyond belief.

We watched it because it had good ratings but, man, what a waste of time.

Boring, predictable, unromantic, American and not Asian...

The main characters are so totally dull that I found the secondary characters much more interesting.

I highly recommend it, especially to couples.

Unless you're crazy rich, save your money and skip this film.

Cliche .

Otherwise, we have a fairly formulaic romantic comedy, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Very boring.

Vapid and Pointless.

Overall Crazy Rich Asians was a fun and enjoyable ride that is almost surely setting a precedent that Asian actors can sell at the box office and is bound to be the beginning of a new era of Asian actors in Hollywood films.

This wonderfully rich and crazy film is manna to a romcom lover's heart as well as a thoroughly entertaining film for most everyone else.

Crazy rich Asians is definitely the best movie you must watch you will find it funny and intriguing .

I was not amazed, just bored....