Creed II (2018) - Drama, Sport

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Under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa, newly crowned heavyweight champion Adonis Creed faces off against Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Steven Caple Jr.
Stars: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 144 out of 662 found boring (21.75%)

One-line Reviews (388)

Directed by Steven Caple Jr, his treatment of the scripted material is very much by the books, for the story lacks any element of surprise and is predictable.


The film is pretty formulaic.

Solid 8 to Light 7 - Entertaining, a Lot of Heart, Definitely Rocky/Creed .

Corny and Predictable.

Still an enjoyable movie and worth the watch if you want to continue the Creed story

Slow paced, no build-up, no surprises, predictable outcome.

Pretty Good but predictable .

The training and fight sequences are intense and brutal.

Jordan), Creed added an unexpected gravity to the consequences of the former's reckless lifestyle, mixing family tragedy into what was otherwise a traditional sports movie.

When you strictly follow a predictable formula it drags when its this long.

Had a lot more fights than normal, an epic training montage and an intense final fight.

Shots like the underwater pool scene is stunning and the director certainly knows how to sell a punch.

The film stays smoothly slow throughout as Caple Jr. allows his cast to freely take reign over the material.

Predictable .

Now many Rocky aficionados find Rocky IV the most entertaining of the original Rocky boxing franchise.

Creed II is boring and just bad.

Boring and predictable .

I enjoyed the entire thing, even the predictable parts.

Creed packs an intense punch from performances and an inspiring story.

Even though the plot is pretty predictable I found myself cheering during the last fight without even thinking about it.

Great sequel to Creed, very predictable but really enjoyed it

Too predictable .

The fight scenes had me on the edge of my seat and the theater was cheering!!

), it's always a joy when an old franchise has something new to offer, much like an unexpected visit from an old friend.

Fan of the series or not watch this it is a great entertaning, high quality, action packed, inspirational, emotional, heartwarming movie almost anyone can enjoy.

It's totally predictable and doesn't take any risks.

Cure for insomnia .

Maybe the most boring movie i've ever seen .

Don't waste your time or $2.00.


Boring one.

Sure, it had an exciting young actor at the center and an up and coming filmmaker in Ryan Coogler at the helm.

The training montage here, was a lot more intense than the 2015 version.

Also, since it's so predictable, there was too little thrill or suspense.

The movie was so predictable, at one point i was talking with my friend how we taught the end will be - we were right-.

In this movie pacing is slow and the plot is formulaic.

people lost respect for Ivan Drago, he lost power, his wife kicked him out and son i don't know what reason, and scene with Rocky and Ivan where Ivan was in rocky restaurant at Adrian's Restaurant it looked intense way how Ivan looked at him looked full of rage anger to Rocky, Rocky was like what is he doing here ?

Jordan's role in Creed Two was more exciting and better than his role in Creed.

From beginning to end it had me on the edge of my seat, tissue in hand, waiting to see how it would unravel.

Stunning .

With Adonis now having dealt with his personal demons over his father's neglect and untimely death, Steven Caple Jr.'s follow-up Creed II faces its own battle in keeping the young fighter's story interesting, as well as delivering an exciting boxing movie without bowing down to cliches.

99% of the movies and especially this one are so predictable.

While he does stick to some clear formulaic character arcs with the protagonists, the thing that makes his writing good is the way he handles the Dragos.

Every scenario, every cliche, is the same save for the trainer dosen't die.

Guys in my showing were hooting in delight, sometimes batting their hands together during the high adrenaline moments.

The film is nonetheless a stellar and really enjoyable sequel with a lot of amazing things happening all-round.

Then there are the tedious rocky monologues .. I know sly considers himself deep and all that but rocky saying serious philosophical stuff just gets a bit boring.

It is so boring that I can't summon up the energy to discuss it.

The script is simple (in a bad way) and predictable.

The high ratings here and on Rotten Tomatoes as well as the comments, made me feel this was an exciting, must watch film.

They just had the issue of the slow paced scenes and a weak disappointing villain.

Boxing scenes are quite intense.

Made them look weak and as predictable as a punching bag.

Shockingly boring .

And the movie becomes very much predictable as it proceed towards climax.

This has the effect of making the fights seem repetitive, even when the story being told is different (which isn't helped by the fact that Ivan tells Viktor to "break him" about 153 times).

In the end Creed 2 is a exceptional film with a lot of intense drama and truly impactful moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Predictable, cheesy, over the top, ridiculous and disappointing.

I was really hoping for something different but it was the same old rehashed predictable stuff.

Both of them, really put out a realistic intense match with their choreography.

Predictable but Entertaining .

Story is so predictable and disorganised.

As far as the action is concerned, both Jordan and Munteanu has done a bravura of work, it is surely a more gritty fight than the previous one but then these are empty punches.

Seeing Stallone and Lundgren share scenes together is every bit as intense as you would hope.

By deconstructing the Rocky template, Creed found its way to unexpected thematic depths, whereas Creed II exists entirely on the surface.

The movie then dragged on after Donny's first fight and his trying to find a purpose for himself.

The warmest moments, for me, were when the movie departed from these predictable outcomes.

Dull editing and uninspired music round out this so-so film.


) of the series for it's perfect combo of drama, exciting fight scenes, maybe the best training montage (and workout music), and cold war camp, not to mention one of the best messages for peace at the time ("If I can change, and you can change, we all can cheagghhh!!!!

And the boxing was exciting.

Boring boxing movie with little boxing .

Really disappointing, just dragged and dragged.. lame rip off of Rocky IV.

The danger with these type of films is that when the dramatic beats take over, time ticks ever so slowly, audiences impatiently waiting for the next bell to ring and the punches to fly but after Coogler's film set things up so nicely, Creed 2 feels like a natural and well-earned progression of the story, that despite not surprising you in any way, shape or form, remains an engaging and likeable experience from start to finish.

Definitely worth the watch and I'd rate as one of the best entries into the Rocky series.

Gripping story, rich and beautiful cinematography with well rounded characters that make you feel as if you know them in a personal manner.


Creed II is a hugely exciting movie.

Never liked Bianca either, it just didn't feel like she's supposed to be in the Rocky franchise, she's quiet boring.

You see, when Rocky IV was released, it wasn't just a boxing film, it was practically a propaganda film about the superiority of American values and ideals.

This movie is filled with uninteresting characters doing uninteresting things.

it's way too formulaic and predictable.

It was really intense.

Creed is so caught up in his confusion that he doesn't really know why he's doing things, Rocky is a bit muddled on his choices, Tessa Thompson's Bianca has her own problems with her hearing and the threat of their child inheriting their condition, and even Ivan Drago and his one-dimensional son don't quite know what they're fighting for after they've achieved it.

While corny in parts, Creed 2 delivers a compelling narrative, some great characters, montages, fights, and for the first time in Rocky history- a sympathetic villain in Victor Drago.

That accompanied with the soundtrack is adrenaline-pumping enough to recommend.

The story was far too predictable and felt like a teenage movie.

DISLIKES:A Little Too Aggressive at Times: For me the in your face, high adrenaline moments were sometimes perfectly executed.

The follow-up chapter to Creed does lack the freshness of the original but Creed II still manages to deliver an adrenaline-fuelled ride that's fun, rousing & rewarding for the most part, and features a story that's 33 years in the making as it pits two second generation boxers against one another in a match that's equally personal to both fighters.

Very predictable.

I also loved what they did with Drago's son and the end where you see Drago throw in the towel and telling his son that it's okay, was perfect and really gripping.

It's the most predictable movie of 2018.

Predictable & uninspiring .

Long and short of it is this film meanders around the slow paced relationships between Adonis, his wife to be and Rocky.

I'm on the edge of my seat muttering "come on!

Awesome music as well and some very intriguing entry's before fights - they really nailed that for this one!!

The movie was predictable and unticlimatic but I love Jordan so I enjoyed it.

The final fight is boring and doesn't bring the typical climax.

Predictable, boring and untruthful film .

The fights itself are boring too and lack any clear line.

Overall, this movie is grand and it's very enjoyable.

" With so much going against the anticipated sequel one could come to believe that Creed 2 had a shot at becoming one of the worst movies of 2018 or at least the most disappointing.

A stunning sequel to one of the best films of 2015.

Some parts of the film are a bit slow but overall an entertaining movie true to its legacy.

However, overall a good entertaining movie.

A thrilling sequel not just about boxing.

The fight scenes are also poorly choreographed and edited it looks uninteresting.

This definitely lacked a solid story line and was too predictable (which I know is a notable trait of all rocky films).

The other thing was how they took the most absurd story in the series (Rocky IV) and followed it up with something relevant and interesting - in fact, Drago's storyline was the most compelling part for me.

Allowing for ample intense boxing scenes (and a stand-out desert set training montage) to keep the long-term fans satiated, Creed 2 is just as much a family drama as it is a boxing expose, as Jordan's newly crowned world champion Adonis Creed comes face to face with demons from his family's past in the form of Dolph Lundgren's Ivan Drago and his boxing protégé and son Viktor (seemingly one of only a handful of male Russian names if you are to believe the movies), as well as coming to terms with fatherhood with Thompson's up and coming musician Bianca.

cheap Drama very boring.

But, the plot is predictable.

The music was as dull as the script.

While the death of Carl Weathers' Apollo Creed was shocking and unexpected, it was followed by an air-punching victory for the Italian Stallion underdog during which he also won the Cold War for the U.

Totally waste of time.

Very boring movie .

Boring .

The director Steven Caple Jr. knows how to take the story very well, even with the predictable that it can be, because he has adequate handling of the rhythm and the dramatic conflict.

Very very predictable movie.

This time around, the most compelling characters may well be the Dragos.

Creed II is undeniably formulaic, sticking to the formula established by Rocky movies of the past and sequels in general.

Predictable, emotionless no expression, for me this looks like Rocky and Creed are competing who has less expression in their face.. Main protagonist is winning althought Rockys face is full of botox and has no expression at all anymoreno Heavyweight.. this guy is 182 cm/75 kg max...

Wonderfully Entertaining.

I found myself on the edge of my seat during the matches and in emotionally invested in the surprises throughout the course of the film.

Total rubbish and completely USA Propaganda.

To further compound his confusion, Adonis and Bianca (Thompson) are about to become parents, and have to face the prospect that the baby might inherit deafness from Bianca.

Still, it was entertaining enough.

The movie is boring, it is slow paced, it is 2 hrs and 10 mins long.

The sequel makes you fight to stay awake, and cross your fingers that there will be a payoff.

To be completely honest, I actually think that this angle could have been played up even more over the course of the movie, as it was fascinating to me how Viktor's journey compared to that of Adonis's.

The problem with all of this is that the Dragos' story is by far the most compelling one in the film.

Boring and pointless .

It has deep drama and story, incredible action and intense performances.

Solid Performances, from all the cast, the fight scenes were done really well, I felt however it was a little slow and the story kind of not realistic enough for me.

It is so intense and entertaining.

A lot of this likeability and entertainment stems from the interactions between Jordan and Thompson, who share an easy going and believable chemistry, while it's a joy to once more see Jordan and Stallone interact together, with the later showcasing that his Oscar nominated turn in the first Creed outing was no fluke, with Creed 2 giving the aging action star another chance to show off his more vulnerable and down to earth persona and if reports of this being Stallone's swansong as his Balboa character are to be believed, we can be thankful the classic cinematic creation has been given such an enjoyable final hurrah.

Predictable story but extraordinary and exciting fight scenes.

My one issue is that it was highly predictable.

Perhaps the most obvious similarity to "Rocky IV" was the desert training scenes that mimic Rocky's (Sylvester Stallone) intense preparation for the Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) match in the Russian countryside.

In the end, Creed II's only true weakness is the fact that it does feel formulaic at times.

Pretty Bland .

it looked like you wanna watch entire scene great performance by Stallone and lundgren in that scene of movie it looked intense feels intense as well when you watch scene you can't never take your eyes of screen.

rocky 4 also great but was slightly boring at the biggening ...

I feel it is worth watching as my rating of 6 fits the film, not those above that, as it has a lot of talk going on.

Go see the movie if you are a fan of the rocky franchaise, i can highly recommend it.

Which does not quite reach the heights of the first Creed, but still is quite enjoyable.

The fights are decent enough but it's all too predictable.

As generic as they come, but incredibly crowd-pleasing and, ultimately, enjoyable.

Predictable script means boring movie unless at least you get good action scenes.

The only thing I can say about this movie that might be negative is that it was unbelievably predictable.

The fight scenes are very short, and very formulaic.

The storyline is quite compelling, only things lacking are more colorful training montages and the 80's soundtrack.

Great and credible sequel with a good story even if predictable.

The first "Creed" film was an entertaining surprise that was able to be both fan service to the "Rocky" franchise and a great standalone story filled with rich characters and relationships.

The last 30 minutes is the best, the other 1 hour and 40 minutes is boring and so predictable.

You know what to expect, there is no thrill, the director failed to capture the antagonist in a compelling angle.

And it feels like this entire fight is contrived and relies more on the DRAGO shock factor rather than building unto the character of Creed instead they kept him stagnant until certain things happen.


And the boxing fight with Adonis and Viktor is intense and brutal.

You are better off watching Rocky 4, a better movie with real music and a movie that is far more entertaining than this predictable trash.

Predictable .

Boring boring,all the time i was playing with my mobile

I really enjoyed the first film, but this one is so predictable and derivative, they've clearly run out of ideas.

An attempt to remake Rocky 4 falls flat and predictable from miles away.

And Caple Jr mounts impressive fight sequences, using slow mo sparingly and a great use of POV shots - the light of the doctor's torch will stay with you.

The story isn't particularly compelling-in fact it's more of a retread of various elements seen in previous installments-but it maintains your attention thanks to some intensely moving dramatic scenes, and (not surprisingly) thrills you with its intense, adrenaline-pumping training scenes and ring bouts; an acceptable (if unremarkable) follow-up.

Creed II has the finale you wait for, filled with the high adrenaline special effects, sound editing, high energy shots magic that studios craft.

They are just boring people without interests, without friends, without any life.


It seemed a bit too fast paced.

The dialogues are also trying way too hard to be meaningful but in reality are plain dull and pseudophilosophical because we've already had the same problems and the same dilemmas in Rocky IV.

In short this was a long drawn out soap opera with predictable and unbelievable fight aspects thrown in to boot.

But ultimately, i found myself bored throughout the film.

Bad writing, bad acting and just completly boring A.

And I don't mean the overused "going the distance", I mean the truly unexpected ones with an emotional impact, narratively, these are knock-out victories.

Predictable, boring, awful story.

All in all, Creed II is directed by Cleveland, Ohio native Steven Caple Jr. Caple avoids adding too many stentorian fight sequences and instead opts for a dragged out situation drama that goes off into non-sparring tangents.

And incidental contrived drama.

The script is the dullest part.

Seriously Viktor Drago is an intense, menacing force in every fight.

As predictable as it is enjoyable .

Sure, he hits some old tires and gets beaten up by a guy with lots of tats, but all in all the training sequence is boring and hardly convincing.

I really enjoyed watching Sly bcuz it wasnt cliche like in Rocky Balboa film.. He acted normal and naturaly.

Yeah, the movie takes you in and is very entertaining.

It was comedic how cliche it was.

Predictable and over acting .

The film was solid there, but dragged in other areas!

While the predecessor had a tighter story and a better build up to its fights, this one has an equal amount of exciting moments, beautiful story beats and humor.

The fight at the end of the movie was so gripping that the audience cheered out loud with every punch, blow, and knock down.

That being said, all Rocky films are enjoyable, this one is no exception.

The whole movie made you get on the edge of your chair.

Acting was good for some parts other moments was bad , the score was boring , so overall Creed 2 is inferior to the first one.

It's very predictable and while the first Creed was a great Rocky successor, Creed 2 is basically a remake of Rocky 4.

It's highly enjoyable and packs heart where it counts as a drama long before it should be considered a sports movie (and that ending...

I enjoyed it as I've enjoyed all the Rocky films over the decades.

I almost walked out 2 or 3 times.

Great acting and excellent direction makes this an engaging film .

Is this film formulaic?

Save your money and just watch the original from 30 years ago.

Aside from two unexpected cameos, Creed II never once caught me off-guard, doing nothing original, unexpected, or in any way daring.

A disgusting, stupid propaganda...

The story is a waste, completely predictable and at no moment one would feel any sympathy or whatsoever with any of the characters.

Instead the story drags, it's predictable, and even the montages suck.

Slow and Predictable .

borderline boring.

While this film is the eighth in the Rocky franchise, it is very predictable from start to finish.

It was risky because of the whole "son against son" thing (sounds like a damn monster movie, as would Apollo said, 'rest his soul) but it works because as the movie progresses, we start to understand Drago's motives and they're interesting, then we draw parallels with Adonis' own motives and they're fascinating.

Waste of time.

Retraces past footsteps with the tried and tested Rocky formula which makes this film a little too predictable but its still an entertaining movie.

My friend was the lucky one, he fell asleep.

The soundtrack is enjoyable.

What a waste of time and money

As we live in a day and age of endless remakes, I doubt that another franchise is ever going to able to give you that amazing feeling that you get when you hear the Rocky theme again, and the fight choreography looks more staged than intense like the olden days, which is why this average movie didn't meet all expectations.

How did Drago junior manage to get into suvh stunning form....

It is also anticlimactic, as quizzically, Adonis wins the heavyweight championship belt in an uneventful bout against Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler (Andre Ward) very early in the movie.

The reappearance of old characters such as Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and Ludmilla Drago (Brigette Nielson) is entertaining.

And because of that, for large portions of the runtime, particularly the middle section, the film is interminably boring.

For while it's essentially as generic a 'boxing' story as they come (franchise elements aside) and, therefore, quite predictable, it's just incredibly crowd-pleasing and, ultimately, enjoyable.

The adorable awkwardness of Adonis and Bianca's interactions and the innocence of their relationship is unexpected and refreshing in a film like this, subverting the expectations of a cliched, boring "jock and R&B star" love story.

Story was bland.

I have found Creed II disappointing, with a simplistic and predictable script, full of cliches.

But of one overlooks these things I take flaw upon, It is still a very strong and highly enjoyable experience.

After watching and liking the first Creed I was looking forward to this sequel but I got was a dreary predictable soap opera that happened to be about a boxer.

So much for a rousing pandemonium packed payoff.

Boring, terrible fight scenes .

Another issue, and this one seems more pressing, is the confusing struggle that Donny has to find his motivation for the fight against Viktor Drago.

"Creed II" is the compelling narrative of the 'Sins of the Fathers'.

Was it predictable?

I thought it was slow, a movie that lingered on the moody pouting Adonis Creed and his fiancé who is dealing with her hearing loss.

Cliche some times, but highly enjoyable and entertaining.

The story is adequately engaging.

Sly seems bored; actually Dolph was the best actor in this movie, go figure..

For me, it's a big disapointment, cause you watch the movie that is so predictable, and has no emotion at all.

Uninspiring .

Overall this is a great entry in the series and I highly recommend it.

The only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is because it is a little predictable.

Set against the complex and fascinating Drago family drama, Creed and Bianca's story is pretty insipid.

but sorry it's shocking, very predictable , very obvious .

Completely unexpected.

Another useless and terrible American propaganda.

Surprisingly emotional, exciting and joyous .

Please just stop this kind of sequels, this one is the same Rocky IV, even more the training part is bored and mediocre

Enjoyable movie that brings people together .

It's boring.

Replacing Ryan Coogler at the helm, relatively unknown director Steven Caple Jr. brings the requisite flair to proceedings both visually and aurally; his in-the-ring camera placement and soundtrack choices equally adrenaline pumping.

a tad Zzzzz.

While it does fall into "Rocky IV" esque melodrama at times, Caple Jr.'s film finds the right balance and knows when to strike and when to let back as it sports some thrilling fight scenes along with some touching human moments.

Because of this, I believe that the plot was too predictable although it was entertaining to watch two fights.

for 30 seconds, then it's getting repetitive...

So predictable .

It was slow, boring, full of cliche and melodrama, even for a rocky film.

Then why did I leave the theater so overwhelmed by emotion?

Both fighters(Adonis and Viktor) were dealing with family issues and somehow this were affecting their performance as a fighter due to which story line of the movie becomes dramatic rather than action which bored me a lot.

I didnt want to see this film as i found creed boring.

It also makes this film utterly predictable.

Boxing films and most sports films in general are predictable.

It is very predictable and unremarkable relative to the screenplay of the first Creed.

Maybe it's because he focuses on the one thing that matters most in storytelling: compelling characters.

Despite being formulaic, this is the first in the rocky franchise where both sides are represented, that of creed and that of drago.

Great production and engaging story .

Predictable .

This is, in essence, a regurgitation of ROCKY III and I was somewhat bored by it.

I had goosebumps the entire final fight due to my adrenaline levels being so high.

That is the case again even though this sequel is more formulaic.

Stallone seems bored and just going through the motions as Rocky (its no wonder he has hinted this may be his last film on the Rocky franchise.

Of course he has a kid.. how predictable.

It may not be as fresh as before, it is a little predictable in parts, and the dialogue is somewhat clichéd, but you do root for the characters and get involved with the story, it has a well-made (and necessary) montage sequence, and the often hard-to-watch and emotional fights are gripping, a most worthwhile spots drama.

I love rocky but this movie was slow and predictable, and it made me feel old...

Your adrenaline will be at its highest peak from start to finish.

Creed 2 was a great and enjoyable film.

What we got was a very small glimpse into the life of Drago's son, and Drago himself, and a bland story about Creed's son and his girlfriend and having a baby with some hearing issues to try and pull at heart strings.

I was dissapointed in the movie really just for the laziness of story because there was no story as the story was already there in rocky IV.

Formulaic and predictable...

I did find the movie quite slow, from the beginning to the end, and the fighting scenes weren't as dramatic as the earlier Rocky movies.

Predictable but entertaining; not as good as the first Creed .

Way too predictable .

Nice film until that predictable end.

The end result is a brilliantly entertaining movie with tons of heart.

A enjoyable movie with good acting.

but,with that aside very intense and inspiring

To clear the air: it was absolutely formulaic, completely predictable, and not quite as good as the first.

The film just joined the dots and was so predictable.

Still worth watching YES!!!!!!.

He writes Ivan Drago with this intense perfection that honestly left me wanting more.

Apollo is rolling in his grave over this very predictable, over the top Hollywood film.

its pretty boring.

Waste of time

Creed 2 is another huge disappointment, boring af and not even one (!

I tried to like it, but it's quite boring and predictable.

Just like all the other Rocky movies this is just as predictable.

Predictable .

While, all the familiar schmaltzy tropes & callbacks may make this somewhat of a predictable rethread.

And Caple Jr mounts impressive fight sequences, using slow mo sparingly and a great use of POV shots - the light of the doctor's torch will stay with you.

It was so predictable, unrealistic and truly undeserving.

There is nothing new in movie, just the old repetitive story , rocky comes to rescue.

It was long, predictable, full ofcringeworthy scenes but gave me some unexpected laugh out loud moments.

Enjoyable movie with some nice touches.

Creed II a great time at the movies, even if it's a predictable one.

If it stays as entertaining as the first two, I'd go watch it.

For what is essentially a remake of Rocky IV, the fact that Creed II manages to be emotional, exciting and joyous despite embracing genre cliches is a monumental achievement in itself.

The drama between creed and wife felt boring and unessasry.

An okay movie at best , it just tried to go for different things and didn't work , which got boring so fast unlike the first one which focused mainly on boxing and training montages and worked really well , it got really little of that here and to be honest not at the same level as the first one as well.

As the eponymous pugilist Jordan is as riveting as ever, his superb physicality matched by his dramatic heft to give another well-rounded portrayal with more layers than expected in this type of flick.

There's something about boxing/combat movies that are so compelling and this was no exception.

A Rousing Sequel That's 33 Years In The Making .

We kind of expected it to follow a formulaic plot where the hero loses and then wins in the end.

Typical Rocky Formula but still entertaining .

A few years since stunning the boxing world with an against-all-odds A few years since stunning the boxing world with an against-all-odds performance in the ring (in 2015's awesome Creed), Adonis 'Son of Apollo' Creed (Micheal B.

Without spoiling the film written by Sylvester Stallone and Cheo Hodari Coker, too much, this motion picture was action packed from start to finish.

Boring .

Anyways, throughout the movie, I was kept at the edge of my seat as all the boxing sequences were so realistic and the music added so much adrenaline!

The movie will be entertaining to some, mostly teenagers, who will most likely enjoy the awful singing of Creed's girlfriend in the movie along with the awful rap music, and the overuse of street slang throughout the movie.

The script is tired and retreads plot elements and dialogue from previous movies and except for one surprise was utterly predictable otherwise.

It's predictable, and the fights, along with the Drago sidestory, are merely interesting asides.


Quite predictable with the Hollywood ending.

Pathetic and predictable...

In terms of plot, the film is an amalgamation of Rocky III and Rocky IV and while some outcomes were fairly predictable, there are still the occasional surprises to keep the audience on their toes.

Reminiscing the repetitive melodrama of his personal life, Stallone is completely out of this ring.

It's infectiously entertaining, and the reason for that is due to the astute focus on Creed as a character.

They look real & intense.

The only reason it scored a 3/10 is because the story of the "bad guy" was riveting and I found myself wanting to see more of Victor's story and less of Adonis.

Writing unoriginal and predictable sequels has been done before, by Sylvester Stallone, in the Rocky Series.

He felt far more realistic than Adonis with his predictable background.

However it did appear that Viktor's resolve to continue the fight crumbled when he noticed the empty arena seat vacated by his mother (Brigitte Nielsen), who left early rather than endure the despair of her son's defeat.

The subtraction of all that Cold War propaganda bullshit doesn't hurt either.

Predictably Entertaining .

All the talk and faces filled with pain or mischief was just boring the heck out of me.

Although there are some laudable elements here, Creed II is a disappointment in almost every way, from the dull and soulless domestic scenes to a dénouement that goes beyond suspension-of-disbelief, with not a hint of unpredictability.

The first Creed Movie had a good story, this second movie is a complete waste of time and tries to get people to watch this movie because we all loved watching Rocky fight Ivan Drago.

Worst Movie From Rocky Franchise .

And if you think this came as predictable, wait until you see the filler scenes where characters are busy talking about everything.

A Thrilling Movie .

It is extremely satisfying to watch and will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

When I watched the movie, it was so predictable.

On the whole, the picture is an entertaining and engaging one that maintains the focus on character so vital in making movies of this ilk work.

They're good but predictable and the occasional slo-mo punches don't hold a candle to the style Ryan Coogler brought to the first film.

Very cliche sort of movie.

However, the cathartic ending, coupled with a predictable yet unrushed narrative make Creed II an overall enjoyable experience, so this is a recommended film.

The loss of her hearing subplot was very compelling.

Underwhelming and boring .

So Enjoyable.

A entertaining movie worth seeing.

Enjoyable if you are a fan of the franchise.

Creed II Is Exactly What I Wanted It To Be , Such A Powerful Sequel , This Movie Is A Fast Paced Roller Coaster Of Emotions , That Furthers Us Into The Timeline Of The Franchise We All Love!

This Cred is unwatchable and unhearable person who cant even propose his girl.

Boring .

However, the one criticsim i have for this film is that it is very predictable, if you have seen a Rocky film you know exactly how this film is going to play out.

Truly fitting and enjoyable sequel .

Damned w/slow feet (2 hr.

The movie is cool but too boring.

Also the "Rocky life lessons" speech felt similar and cliche.

Copy of rocky 4 but still I enjoyed it .

Poor acting predictable script and as usual Stallone mumbling his way through the movie.

If you suffer from insomnia then this movie is for you.

For instance, it's predictable.

Story was very slow and the fights were short and did not have enough build up.

Everything about this movie has been said in the reviews Ok to watch but boring, 5 minutes after the movie I forgot 80% of it And really Ivan Drago is living in the past 😃

You will be on the edge of your seat for this one.

Jordan's character for the first and enjoyed it.

Fight scenes are filmed differently - it was just lots of quick cuts so hard to feel immersed.

) Sadly there's the lack of a score throughout the movie at times where I found myself thinking on more than one occasion, "Man, this is boring.

So slow paste that I had to do other stuff while watching this s#¤t...

The characters get the development needed and the fights are more intense than ever.

I guess since Drago's still a cliché, i could not be bothered with the fight.

Autistic acting, banal script, predictable plot, disappointing action, retard humour & a complete yawnfest...

But the movie uses a lot of clichés, and most of the events were highly predictable.

To further compound his confusion, Adonis and Bianca (Thompson) are about to become parents, and have to face the prospect that the baby might inherit deafness from Bianca.

Drago Jr. idea had so much more potential than this boring, depressing and dragged out cash grab.

The only truly entertaining aspects of this movie were the fights, which were actually orchestrated very well, as well as Michael B.

It may have been the silliest of Rocky movies (any Rocky movie with a robot is jumping the shark), but it embraced its tone enough that I still recommend it as an entertaining film.

The soundtrack made the movie more exciting and fun to watch.

Don't waste your time watching this, was a very slow predictable watch.

The story seems rushed and boring along with the fights.

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It was boring at times, and never made you want to cheer for creed to want to fight.

the film was boring in many parts and it was predictable all over.

But then, something happens, it goes from boring to ridiculous/insulting.

Slow, very corny and very predictable.

Creeds life seems so empty.

Predictable .

predictable .

Bored .

The early part is predictable due to timing and it never really makes you buy into it emptionally.

Boring af .

And has a couple of musical sequences with her singing career which was stunning.

Predictable with no emotion .