Creep (2004) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Trapped in a London subway station, a woman who's being pursued by a potential attacker heads into the unknown labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city's streets.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Christopher Smith
Stars: Franka Potente, Sean Harris
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 82 out of 303 found boring (27.06%)

One-line Reviews (202)

Disgusting, pointless AND dumb .

(ultra tiny wee spoiler included) Less "Bridget Jones meets Alien" (said director Chris Smith) than Lola runs underground from a deformed in circles, the movie starts promising, still not surprising: a jet-set girl, falling asleep in the London underground waiting for the last train, wakes up to find herself alone and locked up in the tube system...

When the guy is suddenly dragged off and mauled by an unseen attacker, she understandably freaks out and runs off into the maze of tunnels.

" and just take the disc out, return it, get your money back, and buy Monsters Inc, because that is 100 times more believable than this contrived mess.

The story started off quite good about a party girl Kate (Franka Potente) who just made it in time for the last train in the London underground but fell asleep & missed it, the station is shut down and something is after her.

Not only is it gory beyond belief, but has no story line and leaves you with many questions that would have put the movie together.

It starts well in a creepy location ( yes we all hate the London underground )The tension is built from the start and for the first 30 mins you are on the edge of your seat.

I quite liked it, although it was predictable in some places, it was enjoyable, although not quite as scary as the TV advertising makes it out to be!

No real plot, no storyline.

The director's scare tactics are predictable so you will know when something will be jumping at you.

Gory bloodfest with no plot .

Slowly I became more bored, and wanted to shut the thing off.

or any other recent horror-related remake) and I even enjoyed it more than supposedly celebrated horror films like Night of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I watched the movie by myself and I really enjoyed it.

" The third key scene I think is when Kate and George decide that Maggie must be dead, and leave her with predictable outcomes.

Whilst this is a short movie (85 minutes) it is too much time to waste of your life.

The movie is stupid, unnecessarily gored; the scary moments are SO predictable.

All in all, this kills time easily enough, even if it is ultimately too predictable in the end.

waste of time .

From my point of view,"Creep" is a horror movie which is worth watching, because it includes enough gore, slash and scares to give viewers a great flow of the adrenaline rush.

After a mildly atmospheric set up, this turns into the usual dull cat-and-mouse game between heroine and killer, with extraneous characters being messily murdered (and worse) and even a bit of torture porn thrown in to sicken viewers.

What a tremendous lost opportunity: frankly, if I wasn't watching with a group of friends I'd have walked out two-thirds of the way through, and that's something I've never done before even with the worst train-wreck of a movie...

) after her friend leaves a party without her Kate decides to take the underground & catch up, however waiting for the last train she falls asleep & awakes to find the station empty & herself locked in.

It's fairly entertaining, when bored, to fill up 120 minutes of your time.

An opening disruption stars up with Kate (the heroine which also ,in this case applies to the "Final Girl Theory"),who gets trapped in the empty underground while missing the last tube home ,from this point the audience is aware the something major will be revealed.

The movie is very entertaining and tense.

SPOILER** For example why is Vas Blackwoods character lingering soooo long in front of the empty doorway of the Creeps lair after he smashes the windows, would it be waiting for him in the darkness?

There pointless scenes that didn't seem to go anywhere (the medical room – I'm sure anyone who has seen knows which part I'm talking about).

At times it got a little boring and you feel that you could have gone to the toilet and not missed anything.

The acting was poor (but not as bad as SAW), the supposedly shocking bits had the entire audience in fits of laughter, the outcome of each scene was utterly predictable, the protagonist was a stuck up cow, who had multiple chances to easily kill the big bad guy, who screeched like a little girl...

Turned into a needlessly gory, empty, trashy, poorly directed JOKE.

I gave this a 4/10 based on the films needless grotesque scenes, its lack of character explanation, a sense of ill-fated provocativeness towards the main character and its dragged out annoyingly slow climax.

It was laughable and, for that reason, entertaining.

Being from London and living near these parts few years ago now was one of the reasons why i watched this film, watched it twice now and still cant grasp or work out the background of the killer, i come to the conclusion it was some sort of hospital attached to the underline station, confusing as to why some walls were bricked up, a bit gory in some parts, the homeless couple were very convincing and played there part well, to be honest first time i watched it and Kate fell asleep after drinking something out of a bottle and smoking a bit of something at the party i thought she fell in to a deep sleep and she would wake up having dreamt the whole sorry saga, then i think viewers would have crucified Chris Smith, still a watchable horror that i would not watch alone in the dark lol.

The one thing that stands with the film Creep is that its strikingly mundane and familiar premise come strangely close to feeling like it's something you've never seen before in a film.

This is the worst movie i have seen.

Intense Ougadadougou .

I'm Sure Its Original Title Was " Cliché " .

There some parts at which I rolled my eyes - like the fact that she fell asleep in the tunnel with the last (noisy) train coming in 6 minutes.

She awakes to an empty subway station, and it appears she's trapped down there for the night.

It's a jolly decent performance, a snappy script that keeps things moving without patronising the audience, and her mounting terror is ably aided and abetted by predictable if effectively pulled off scary music and failing lights.

The weakest side of this movie is undoubtedly the storyline: dull, unsurprising, not satisfactorily detailed.

I got the impression he was effectively walled in, and only the unexpected opening into that tunnel section let him loose...

The film does suffer from a slow opening that doesn't deliver anything new.

Whereas a story such as Clive Barkers "Midnight Meat Train" from "Books of Blood" makes a lot of sense and is utterly stunning and brilliant the story of "Creep" makes no sense.

Painfully predictable .

What an engaging, atmospheric and, yes, terrifying movie that was!

I'll say that's the only enjoyable part of that movie.

It's very intriguing.

Saying it has a good atmosphere, but it's semi-elegance is lost half the way, is a point of view of how to get bored with an innuendo of Hitchock's suspense and Argento's gore.

However, that aside, the film is fast paced and easy to follow.

The killer is a scrawny, bald guy who looks so feeble that a slow breeze might knock him over at any time.

Somehow she finds an unexpected ally that helps her, only to die twenty minutes later because she doesn't tell him that the killer is behind him and she watches him die without doing anything at all.

It is a fast paced thriller that left me shaking due to the reality of the film.

This film makes me appreciate a movie like the Ring even more: the way the director succeeds in creating scares at often unexpected moments and the fact that the scary part is not so much bloody creeps as fantastic tension throughout the movie that has more to do with your own imagination taking over.

The first half of the film was quite slow and admittedly i was getting a little bored (being a hardened extreme horror fan does this!

It feels like I fell asleep and missed out the 45mins of build up.

There is so much tension in this movie even when nothing happens!

As soon as the horror hits, you are on the edge of your seat, praying this young woman finds some way out of the tube - before the terror begins.

The fact that it's only on for eighty minutes will ensure that you wont get bored in spite of it's thin premise, and if a short running time isn't good enough for you; the gritty gore certainly will be, as this film features lots of grappling, stabbing, gutting and many other such things.

On the other hand, the location where the narrative is set - Undergrounds, is so typical to horror genre, because it is dark, isolated/empty and there won't be anyone to help you out.

I would liken CREEP to the other big "buzz-worthy" Brit film - THE DESCENT - in terms of the claustrophobic atmosphere and quick pacing (though THE DESCENT starts off a little slower...

His character is really enjoyable.

Slightly uneven but still somewhat enjoyable .

The gloomy, translucent setting is superb, there are plenty of stunning scenes where you just feel completely entangled in the atmosphere.

The fact that this train is completely empty doesn't deter her!

The climax of the film is perhaps less successful than the main body of the film, but it is punctuated with a nice moment of unexpected social commentary which provides a satisfying conclusion.

Unable to get a taxi, she decides to head for the tube, however, when Kate accidentally dozes off while waiting for the last train, she awakes to find an empty platform, in an empty station, and all the exits locked off 'till morning.

Ah, I see, writers have to fill time with empty moments.

No plot, almost no dialogue, and a distasteful preoccupation with female mutilation...

The setting could have made quite an effective piece but its scooby doo menace and its bland script ensure that it does not grip the audience in any way.

Pull yourselves together, BFC - don't waste taxpayers money on CREAP!

Not a great deal of sense, but reasonably entertaining .

It's got some problems, but it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time - I was either covering my eyes, saying "don't go in there, Kate!

Trashy and tedious horror in the familiar style that should have been retired long before this was made.

The early horror scenes are dripping with atmosphere, but as the killer begins to pick off the characters one by one in pursuit of the leading lady, things begin to get predictable, routine, and sloppy.

Some parts are just stupid (she has plenty of opportunites to kill the beast, but instead opts to run down another dark tunnel and leave him alive) and at the end I was left feeling slightly empty and un-satisfied.

If you want a great film in the same vain as this monstrosity, save your money and go and purchase the fantastically dark and disturbing 'Irreversible' from Gaspar Noe….

The scares become repetitive and predictable without any variation except precise location.

"Creep" is a well-made horror film that's definitely worth watching.

Most of the horror films that come out these days bore me, so already in that regard "Creep" has to be a cut above the rest, because flawed as it may be, it didn't bore me.

The scenes in which he goes about his "business" in an abandoned underground medical facility are, for me, the most fascinating (and disturbingly beautiful) scenes in the entire film.

Guy is attacked, and dragged off.

An incredibly enjoyable, if only slightly flawed, makes this quite an entertaining effort.

The best part of the film was the first killing but after that it just got boring and dragged.

Kudos should go to director Christopher Smith for leaving a lot of the narrative loose ends of this film to the viewer's imagination, so that unlike the vast majority of these empty popcorn horror movies, we actually end up with a film that leaves us with something to think about, long after the final credits have rolled.

On the plus side it is nice to see more British based films with a high number of British actors but sadly this film lacks in all aspects, it really needs to Creep of into a corner and die a slow and painful death.

Other than that, the characters' behaviour is completely contrived and forced, the plot is full of holes large and small, and the tension is defused by entirely predictable scenes, which is a capital crime for a horror movie.

Creep is a great concept, the underground is a great cavernous, lonely, confusing backdrop.

There are one or two genuinely chilling moments involving "Craig" but they seem somewhat disjointed from the rest of the film -- like the screenwriter had shoehorned in bits of ideas for other movies.


i really enjoyed it and although obviously not a perfect movie, definately should have better ratings.

Potente is riveting in anything, and she seems to seek out more intense fare to star in, always taking her performance to the extreme without ever losing that gravity that I love so much in her work.

Money Spent on blood and scary music : $ coupla million Cost of getting some bloke from Casualty to get attacked: $ coupla quid and a biscuit Possible outcome to a movie that starts so well : endless Making a movie that is so disjointed with a general air of ...

As soon as the killer was exposed however, we begin to see the confusion in the writers mind.

For horror fanatics, its worth watching and it can hold its own in the genre.

In my opening paragraph I said Creep is 'strikingly mundane and familiar' which is true because although on the surface it seems original the fact they're down in a closed tube station, it's really just a substitute for a haunted house whilst something creepy and evil chases them around.

I love horror, but this is pointless .

Don't waste your time or money.

It's not perfect, but it was perfectly enjoyable.

Suspense was great (albeit, a little slow) until about halfway through the movie when you get too actually see the "attacker".

Don't waste your time or money please.

Another example is in that little hut room where George was strangling the creep, how slow was was she to hit him?!!?

She finds herself locked in an empty subway station ...

Although I can appreciate horror even when it follows the classic scare pattern, if that is done correctly it works after all, in this case everything was so dreadfully predictable that it only resulted in a couple of disappointed sighs.

save your money and your time.

generally speaking though, this movie is entertaining and disturbing and what's not to like about that?

'Horror' requires a certain level of intelligence to the plot and filming style in order to generate fear; 'mystery' implies there is an actual plot with some depth giving the audience something to decipher and 'thrillers' are supposed to be tense, exciting and suspenseful which Creep isn't.

But it turns into a nasty, uninteresting gore fest populated by a not-very-sympathetic or smart heroine and a real mess of a monster.

The movie is totally irritating and boring from start to finish and it has put me off watching any U.

The first half is ingenious, tense and gripping, the second half a bit silly, and it's down to the same reason -- the "monster"!

So why waste the time and who really cares and when the bad movies became that important.

He's nauseating, hideous and primitive but in a strange way fascinating.

Just boring and well not worth the money.

All in all I thought it quite enjoyable and I was genuinely "creep"ed out for at least parts of the film.

But even with it's semi-predictable plot line, it should definitely make you look around warily next time you're down in a subway station, and will make you think twice about taking a little nap while you wait for your train.

F/X are graphic, gripping and sustains unimaginable panic.

Utterly predictable, virtually no characterisation, no real scares, unbelievable situations and a plot with more holes than a string vest.

It really kept me on the edge of my seat.

It is scary in all the right places, fast paced, well edited and has a great, eerie soundtrack .

That said, I liked it a lot and found it very enjoyable, with the exception of the surgery scene.

This is particularly surprising considering it's a British horror film, and they are usually quite dull and forgettable.

Girl at party decides she wants to sleep with George Clooney, leaves the party to catch a tube train and ends up falling asleep and thus getting locked in the underground system.

Writer/director Christopher Smith adroitly builds and sustains a substantial amount of nerve-wracking claustrophobic suspense, makes inspired use of the dark, dank, and dingy subterranean setting, relates the gripping story at a constant brisk pace, and delivers a sizable smattering of grisly gore.

What a waste of money.

No, of course not, that would leave us with half an hour of empty space at the end of the movie (which would have pleased me no end, thirty minutes of black would be better than the movie as released), she just runs away to let him kill more people and track her down.

) and love to be scared, but the villain was so poorly unbelievable, I just got bored and wanted it to end.

Worst Movie I Ever Saw .

After being locked in a subway car that travels half-way into the tunnel, she finds her co-worker that she spurned at the party has followed her & he pulls his pecker out & proceeds to assault her, but before he can do it, he's ripped off of her by an unseen assailant & as he pops up with parts of his anatomy ripped off, begging for her help, she runs into the tunnels & from there this film, Creep becomes an intense horror film, & in my opinion the best horror film the UK's produced since Dog Soldiers a few years back.

Some movies are just boring and not because they have pieces of other movies.

Tube stations late at night are big, empty, echoey and have large patches of light and dark and I can't think of anything worse than being locked in one overnight.

I wish they wouldn't do that, it's done so many times, it's boring and gets predictable.

Creep review " Creepy, Cunning yet fairly constant" (7/10)The movie starts in a comforting setting, confusing you as to what is to come.

If I could sum this film up in one word I would say "Boring".

The premise of the film is very scary and intense.

An excellent example of a simple idea developed into a compelling 90 minute script.

I can think only of two reasons why this horrible, boring film received good reviews from UK subscribers to this site - personal affiliation with the people who barfed up this nonsense, and money for adding good comments.

Boring .

) Gollom is super fast but only when he is running cos the rest of the time he is incredibly slow like a zombie.

Yes it lacks a storyline, and you can see it had so much potential to be better, but it did have some good scares, and what storyline it did have was kind of intriguing, albeit confusing.

Ok, so she fell asleep and missed the train.

She wakes up in the empty underground - alone.

Well the entire film was about as entertaining....

Mostly boring, only worthy of a footnote in the annals of horror films .

Now we have seen her drinking quite a lot at the party & she drinks some more on the platform so yes she might have been quite drowsy, but she fell asleep in 6 MINUTES?

it's just that when you think all the clichés have been used up in this film another cliché comes along to raise its ugly head

By the third act it starts to wear a bit thin with predictable jumps and wearisome clichés.


It's a cliché, and so is the fact that it's a semi-helpless woman being chased around.

The gore is enjoyable, what there is of it; apparently a truly uncut version of this is available overseas.

It's got some great ingredients; an empty London underground, a semi-creepy villain, a knockout leading lady and some gory showstoppers.

Not wanting to give too much away, but special credit should also go to Sean Harris as the enigmatic "Craig", who gives a great deal of depth to a character that could have quite easily become a stock cliché by approaching him from a similar standpoint to that of Klaus Kinski in Werner Herzog's version of Nosferatu.

So add Franka Potente stupidly falling asleep past the last train, a few homeless people and a dog, and surely you have the premise for a great horror film.

Despite all these problems, I still really enjoyed it.

The tube stations look fantastic - empty and creepy a la An American Werewolf in London and the whole design is very effective.

Her performance was dull and frequently unconvincing.

This film has no story, plot or hint of purpose.

This is a relatively low budget but enjoyable horror from a promising director.

Boring, predictable, modern Hollywood horror.

Can you say "waste of time".

Another train arrives, Kate boards, the train pulls to a halt & Kate is confronted with work colleague Guy (Jeremy Sheffield) who attempts to rape Kate, luckily something opens the door & drags him out, he manages to tell Kate to run before being dragged away completely.

You need a really tight script to pull through this type of flick and make it work and here it's just one dull chase scene after another; filled with some huge loop holes to top off everything.


Very gross kinda pointless .

I would predict though you might be bored if this is watched in your scared weekend night time leisure hours.

It has genuine suspenseful moments, there are some totally unreal moments and lots of gore.

A daring, suspenseful peek into the everyday subways, slashed by the creature "Creep" and it's story, a lonely farmer's fantasy of designing costumes.

Much more violent than scary and much more confusing than any good.

And yet, by the end, it's turned out to be a disappointing experience, and the reason for that is that it's oh so painfully predictable.

note to director you have to have some sort of suspense before each character is killed off or it is boring.

A thwarted suitor attempts to rape her and is himself dragged off into the darkness and mutilated by an unseen person.

Otherwise, this one turns out to be quite entertaining.

I don't like metros anyway and i thought this film might scare me because of that but all in all there wasn't enough suspenseful moments, was unrealistic and it dragged.

The plot makes it interesting and the motivation of the killer is only partly revealed, which makes it compelling to watch.

Creep is a strangely disjointed horror film.

Potente is no stranger to bloody horror (Anatomie, Anatomie 2) but here she is simply required to run around screaming whilst occasionally delivering lines of total banality.

I was already prepared not to be scared too horribly, after reading many reviews, but I have to say, I found it highly enjoyable.

To conclude, I think that 'Creep' is a very enjoyable film, although nothing special.

The director was a really decent chap and was quite entertaining during the Q&A session.

**** End spoilers ****I give it eight on ten because I really enjoyed it and wasn't bored for a second.

Perhaps as a "rule" I would say: if a horror movie has the word "Creep" in its title, don't waste your time on it.

it kept me on the edge of my seat, it was tense and had a great story to it.

Great at setting the scene, but was predictable and long winded.

The hour and a half of continuous tension and build up will have you on the edge of your seat.

The villain/monster's weird obsession with birthing remains completely unexplained & just seem utterly pointless as does giving him the name Craig (The director had a friend named this or something, either way its a silly reason to name the monster).

Smith is a compelling director who makes the most of the Underground.

My 4 *'s are generous and only for the fact that it made for a good way to waste a couple hours on a dreary afternoon!

As he attacks her, the train doors are ripped open and Guy is dragged underneath the train and attacked himself.

Then there is the non-existent plot.

I am surprised at the low rating of this film, I have seen far worse similar films and most people I know who have seen this film enjoyed it.

the most entertaining part of this film, was when the film ended and my house-mate and i decided to make up our own plot line, to fill in the gaps left by the original....

Guy is in the station as well and he tries to rape her, but even before he gets that far, he is dragged away and brutally murdered by a mysterious killer who lives in the tunnels of the subway...

Very quickly it descends into a rather silly gore-fest that I would probably have loved when I was 14 - unfortunately, being rather more discerning nowadays I must say that I found it tedious in the extreme.

The action-packed chases are quite fun, from the abandoned train encounter to the platform stalking scene and even the treks through the tunnels inside the darkness all create a thrilling, non-stop pace that moves this one along quite nicely and rarely letting up.

Not entertaining and not because it has a lot of other movies, but simply boring.

A waste of time .

The plot is simple and the film introduces some entertaining and amusing characters.

Pretty fast paced, action packed with a satisfying resolution.

Yet another example of the complete waste of UK Lottery money.

Independent scary movies shot on meagre budgets by enthusiastic amateurs are categorised as underground horror, but the same moniker could also be applied to a small sub-genre of films that take place in the dark, labyrinthine tunnels of underground railways, highly entertaining examples including Gary Sherman's Death Line (1972), Maurice Devereaux's End of the Line (2007), and Ryûhei Kitamura's The Midnight Meat Train (2008).

Overall a highly unsatisfying movie that leaves you feeling that the whole experience was completely pointless.

all in all don't waste your money on this rubbish,just set fire to it & laugh loudly in public-it's far more entertaining.